A mystery thief is revealed, much to the owner’s surprise

By Seymour Jay

My wife, Lyla and I were happily married and have been for 5 years. We are both in our mid 30s. I own a retail business and repair shop in town. My wife works at the business full time. We were unable to have a child so we adopted a 3 year old recently. Along with both of us working and having the child now, we are both very busy, to say the least.

As time went on, my wife found that keeping up on the housework and laundry was more than she was able to do. I suggested hiring a maid. I was making good money and could easily afford a part time maid someone that can come 1 day a week or 2 half days and keep the house dusted, dishes done, laundry done and so on. My wife really didn’t want a stranger in our house. She was afraid of theft of belongings, money and so on.

So time passed and nothing was done about getting a maid. As time went on the housework kept getting further behind. A few days later I had seen my mother-in-law, Tammy, talking to my wife at our store. My wife then handed her mom some cash. After Tammy had walked out I asked my wife what her mother had wanted. She said that she wanted to borrow $20. She was between jobs and not quite old enough to retire and needed some money til the weekend.

Tammy was 55 years old, I believe, and hadn’t managed her money wisely throughout her life. She wasn’t married since her and Lyla’s dad had divorced when she was young and had since been remarried and divorced again. I asked my wife about having her mother clean our house once or twice a week. That would help us out and probably help her mom out. Lyla thought that was a great idea. Someone to clean that we could trust and relieve some of her burdens of having too much to do.

She text her mom and they agreed that it would work out. Tammy was going to clean 2 half days through the week. The next week came and she cleaned a day and started getting things back in order from a bit of disarray. Then, after the second or third day, the house was looking back to normal. She then continued twice a week doing normal vacuuming, dishes, laundry, and such.

I took in a lot of cash at my business. I would fold the daily cash and put it in a folded sheet of paper and stick it in my nightstand drawer with the date on it. I kept the totals saved in my phone. At the end of the week I would either put money in my safe or deposit in the bank. I was very thorough when counting and recording the cash.

One Saturday I was getting the weekly cash ready to deposit and I seemed to be off on my totals on 2 days. Seemed $90 was short one day and $100 another. I was never off. Much less two days in one week and off $190 was a lot. Never the less, I took it and deposited some in the bank and some to the safe. I had never mentioned this to my wife. I didn’t want her concerned about it.

The following Saturday I again was getting the cash together and $50 was off one day, $90 another and $30 another. I knew at this point something was going on. I had a pretty good idea where my money was going.

I had a small hidden camera that I had used at my store before I bought professional security cameras. I placed that camera pointing at my nightstand. After the next time Tammy cleaned I watched the footage. Sure enough, almost as soon as Tammy arrived to clean I could see her take money from the nightstand and place it in her purse. I really didn’t know what to think. I for sure wasn’t telling my wife. She would freak out. She had worried about theft and then her own mother is taking from us. I downloaded the footage to my phone.

The next day Tammy was to clean was Friday. She usually cleaned from 1pm to 5pm. I left work shortly after lunch and went home. We lived on 10 acres outside of town. I parked my truck in the garage and went inside. I stood in the closet with the door cracked open where I could watch the nightstand.

Within 15 minutes I could hear Tammy come in the back door. I could hear her putting her jacket up and put her soft drink in the refrigerator. She then came to the bedroom and went straight to the night stand. She removed some money from one of the folded papers.

At this point I stepped out of the closet. She let out a shrill scream from both being scared from me opening the closet door when she thought she was alone and from standing there with money in her hand. When she jumped from being startled the paper full of cash fell to the floor and scattered across the hardwood floor.

“Hello, Tammy. Looks like you are caught red handed!” I said.

“Well, um, well,” she fumbled, searching for words.

She then leaned against the bed and sat down because it looked like she could faint.

“I knew I had money missing for two weeks. I knew exactly what was there,” I told her sternly.

“I don’t know what to say,” she mumbled as she looked at the floor.

I took my phone out and walked to her.

“Before you say another word, I have a video for you to watch.” I said as I took my phone and hit play. It was the video from a few days previous when I videoed her taking money and putting it in her purse.

“Now it is your turn to talk, Tammy” I said.

“I just don’t know what to say. I needed money and this looked too tempting,” she mumbled. “It is no excuse, I know. Please don’t tell Lyla. I’d prefer her not know her mother is a thief. Don’t have me arrested either please.”

“Did you raise your children to steal?” I asked angrily.

“No” she said in shame. “Brittney, my younger sister, stole from my purse once when she was about 12 years old and I was livid, so I can imagine how you must feel.”

“Well, how do we resolve this?” I asked.

“I’ll pay it back,” she said.

“With what? You barely can survive as it is,” I questioned.

“When I get another job I’ll pay it,” she mumbled. It will be okay, right?”

“No consequences? That hardly seems fair,” I said.

“Just don’t tell Lyla. That is my main concern,” she reiterated.

“I won’t tell either of your kids. So, when Brittney stole from your purse, what were the consequences to that?”  I asked.

“I was beyond mad,” she said. “I really had a hard time with discipline. I was a single mom, you know. I took her to my parents’ house. I knew my dad would scream and yell at her and I wouldn’t have to. He was more mad than I was. He screamed and yelled at her until she was crying. No grand kid of his was going to be a thief. I remember it like it was yesterday. Then, much to me my surprise, he grabbed her by her arm and started dragging her to the bedroom while he was taking his belt off with his other hand. I then pleaded with him as much as my daughter was, telling him she had learned her lesson without a whipping. He shut the door and then within seconds all I could hear is him yelling, her screaming, and the sound of the belt landing. He came out of the bedroom putting his belt back on, and she was pulling her shorts back up sobbing in tears.”

“Consequences,” I said. “Consequences. Your Dad is 80 years old or so now. What would he think about his daughter stealing money from his grand daughter’s husband?” I asked.

“Probably much the way he thought of his grand daughter stealing,” Tammy said softly.

“I’ll make you this deal,” I said. “In order for you to keep your dignity to your family, I will not tell a soul about what you have done. The consequences of this are that you will take the same punishment Brittney did. Monday is the next day you are scheduled to clean. You come here and start cleaning as normal and I will show up sometime during the afternoon and give you the same punishment your dad gave your daughter. When I leave, nothing will ever be said about this again.”

“What you are saying is that if I take a butt whooping for punishment for stealing the money, nothing more will ever be said about it and no one will ever find out?” Tammy asked while sobbing for words. “A spanking is kind of punishment for a child, isn’t it?” She asked. “Can’t there be something else?”

“Well, I guess the more sensible punishment for an adult it to involve the police and so on. An ass whipping is the only punishment I can come up with that let’s you take responsibility for your actions and also let’s you keep this a secret from your kids and dad,” I said. “So, the choice is yours. All I care is you take responsibility for your actions. It makes me no difference what punishment you choose.”

“Looks like I have no other choice,” Tammy said with a hard spot in her throat.

“Okay, clean today as normal. I’ll see you Monday. “One more thing; go to your dad’s house over the weekend. Get a belt to borrow. You obviously don’t have to tell him what it is for. I doubt I have a belt to serve the purpose.”

With that, I left and went back to my store in town. Nothing was said to my wife about what had happened. I went home at the end of the day and the house was clean and no more money was missing.

My wife, daughter and myself had an enjoyable weekend. I was a bit nervous about what was going to happen Monday, but concluded that Tammy was the one that should be nervous, not me.

Monday came and we were busy as usual at work. I would come and go daily, often leaving to get supplies or materials. Shortly after lunch, I planned to leave to go get some materials and planned to stop by my house to teach my mother-in-law a lesson on taking responsibility.

After I had made my errands, I drove out of town to my house and parked in the garage. I went to the back door of the house and gently knocked before coming on in, to avoid startling Tammy. Tammy came towards the kitchen as I entered the back door near the kitchen.

Tammy was a really short woman, about 4 foot 11inches tall. She was a little overweight, not a lot but definitely pretty chunky around the stomach, bottom and thighs. She had really short, kinda reddish brown cropped hair and wore blue rim glasses. She was always fixed up nicely with her hair done and make up on. Today was no exception. She had a long, low cut red blouse and blue jeans on. She had on hoop earrings and a necklace.

“How are you?” I asked.

“Okay, considering the circumstances, I guess,” she said, trying to keep her composure.

“Were you able to borrow a belt like I asked?”

Without speaking, she went to her purse and pulled out a brown belt about two inches wide that was rolled up, and brought it and laid it on the kitchen counter.

“Well, we might as well get to it,” I said, and picked the belt up from the counter and kinda motioned for her to head to the bedroom.

She walked to the bedroom fairly slow without speaking a word. I followed behind her carrying the belt. I was looking down at her jeans and plump bottom, wondering what it would look like bared in a few minutes. As we entered the bedroom, Tammy headed towards the master bathroom.

“I better try to use the restroom before, before, well just before you,” Tammy stuttered, searching for words as she walked into the bathroom leaving the door open.

After about 30-45 seconds I hollered into the bathroom: “You might as well go head and just take your jeans off while you are in there.”

“Ummm, okay, I guess.” She hollered back.

I heard the toilet flush and then heard the water running at the sink. Soon, Tammy came walking out of the bathroom wearing her red blouse with it pulled down as low as she could in the front to cover her black panties, and ankle socks. She had removed her jeans just like I had asked.

I pointed towards the bed. “Go over to the bed, take down your panties and bend over the footboard of the bed. Elbows on the mattress.”

“What! I assumed you would make me take my jeans off. No problem. Please not my underwear. Please.”

“Listen here! I didn’t ask you to steal me blind. I tried to help you by giving you a part time job. You stole from me. I’m willing to let it go but you will take a whipping like we agreed.” I said boldly.

”I’ll take it, but over my underwear.” Tammy said.

“Panties off. Bare ass, or you can explain to your family why it was necessary to steal. Either way is fine with me.” I sternly said.

Tammy slowly walked toward the front of the bed and turned towards it. “This is really embarrassing,” she said.

“That’s the idea.” I said.

With her back to me, she raised her red blouse a little, took her fingers and inserted them in the waistband of her panties, bent over and lowered them to her knees, and then they fell to the floor. She stood to pick them up and place them on the dresser.Go ahead and bend over the bed, Tammy, elbows on the mattress and feet about a foot apart.”

Tammy turned and looked at me with tears welling in her eyes before she bent over at the waist and placed her elbows on the bed. She was pretty much bent at 90 degrees with her feet spread about 10 inches apart. Her ass was actually more plump than I would have thought. She had a really pale complexion and the skin on her ass was almost milky white.

“Tammy, here goes. Just try to stay in position and let’s get this over with.”

I held the buckle end of the belt and let it uncoil. It was fairly long and really flexible. I doubled it and laid the strap on Tammy’s bottom gently. I pulled back and hit her across both cheeks with medium force.

“Ohhh my god!” Tammy exclaimed. “I don’t think I can handle this.”

“Better get used to it. That was just a warm up,” I said as the next stroke came down a little harder. 2 red lines criss-crossed her plump ass. I now had my aim sufficient and pulled the strap back and swung much harder. She let out a scream. Then I started going much much faster, as fast as I could swing. I whipped her six to eight times repeatedly, one after another. She turned around and faced me, getting out of position, and put her arms outward to try to protect herself. As she faced me, she was fully nude from the waist down. She had tears starting to run down her face making her make up start to run.

“Turn around. Get back over the bed.”

She turned back to the bed and stood. I gently put my hand on her back and pushed forward to make her bend. I took my foot, placed it between her feet and gently pushed on them, telling her to spread them apart a bit more.

“Give me your arm, please,” I asked.

“What?” She asked.”

“Your arm.”

I grabbed her softly by the wrist and bent her arm behind her back, and then took a more firm grip and held her arm down against her back, effectively pinning her in position. I held her wrist with my left hand and raised the strap with my right. I swung 5-6 times, as fast and as hard as I could. I stopped for a second, out of breath. Tammy was screaming for me to stop.

“Well, that takes care of about 1 day of stealing. As soon as I get my breath back we will tend to the other 3 or 4 days!”

“Oh fuck! Are you kidding me?” She questioned.

“No, honey, we are just getting started. You did the crime, now you are paying the fine.”

I whipped her another six or seven times for each day she had stolen. She probably took 30 hard licks of the belt, total.  Once it was over, she had make up smeared all over her face and my sheets on the bed. Her ass and upper legs was a dark red in color.

“Okay”. I said.

I laid the belt on the bed and stepped back a few steps. Tammy just laid over the bed still crying uncontrollably for a couple minutes. She then stood up and turned back towards me. I stepped to her and gave her a hug and she give me a hug.

“Was that a better outcome than telling your kids and dad?” I asked.

“I had no idea you were going to whip me that hard or that long, but yes it was better than my family knowing the truth. Thank you for not telling. I never stole when I lived under my dad’s roof, but if I had I probably would have gotten a beating this bad or worse.” Tammy said.

Tammy took her panties from the bed and began getting dressed. I left the belt on the bed for her.

“Better wash those sheets before Lyla gets home and wonders what is all over the sheets.”

I walked out the door and headed back to work.

The End

© Seymour Jay 2019