A Head Girl learns she’s not immune from school discipline

by Holy Diver

It was the middle of December 1979. Christmas was fast approaching and Head Girl Jackie Melling was celebrating her birthday. Her parents had sent her the new Clash LP ‘London Calling’ as a present. Although a tough but brainy girl, Jackie was also a spoilt brat. Part of Jackie’s personality was shaped by the fact that her parents did not discipline her much. In fact, Jackie had not been spanked at home for at least five years. ‘Probably when Slade were still in the charts,’ thought Jackie to herself.

Jackie was a tall, beefy girl with red hair and known to both her peers and enemies as a fiery redhead. Throughout the academic year, Jackie had dealt harsh spankings to anyone who displeased her, most notably Hannah Anderson and Sophie Prior. Even the prefect Laura Chapman was not immune. Just recently, Jackie had disciplined fellow student Karen Hutchison for smoking. Jackie delivered a severe slippering to Karen’s panty-clad bottom before handing her over to the fearsome Headmistress Mrs Burke for a bare bottom caning. On this occasion, Jackie retained Karen’s cigarettes. Jackie had never smoked before, but was curious to see what the experience was like. It was Saturday, and the common room was empty. Jackie wanted to celebrate in style.

With the common room to herself, Jackie decided to play her new Clash record full blast and have a cigarette too. Jackie thought she was being so rebellious, smoking inside school property. ‘Who would stop her?’ She thought to herself.

Laura Chapman was walking down the corridor where the common room is. She could hear ‘London Calling’ being played at full blast. ‘I bet it’s that Hannah,’ thought Laura. ‘She’s going to feel my slipper hard.’

Laura quickly entered the common room and was surprised to see what she saw. Jackie still had the cigarette in her mouth, which she had not lit yet.

“What are you doing?” Exclaimed Laura.

Equally shocked, Jackie tried to quickly throw the cigarette away but it was no use.

“Nice try, but I saw that cigarette in your mouth,” gloated Laura.

Laura could still remember the incident earlier on in the year when she caught her friend Hannah trying to throw her unlit cigarette away in a vain attempt to avoid being caught in the act.

Laura then turned off the record, making a scratching noise.

“My, my! How the tables have turned,” exclaimed Laura, rounding on Jackie. “I bet you got those cigarettes from Karen, am I right?”

Jackie nodded, still too stunned that she got caught.

“What an abuse of power!” Exclaimed Laura. “That Head Girl’s badge is a privilege you know,” continued Laura, jabbing at Jackie’s chest. Laura was enjoying herself greatly. “I never had you down for a Clash fan, too. You certainly kept that quiet. Now, if I was to turn you into Mrs Burke, which is my right, she will give you a 12-stroke caning. And you’ll also likely lose your position as Head Girl.”

For the first time in her life as a schoolgirl, Jackie felt fear. Her face turned pale.

“Oh God, no! You can’t turn me in. I’ll lose everything!” Jackie went on her knees and pleaded to Laura. “Please help me!” Jackie had tears in her eyes, a rare sight indeed. It was such a change in character to see Jackie like this.

Laura considered for a moment.

“I don’t wish to turn you in, but you do need to be punished.”

Jackie was desperate.

“Anything, but Mrs Burke.”

“Well,” replied Laura. “I suppose I could spank you instead.”

Jackie instantaneously returned to her hot-headed self.

“What? You can’t spank me! You are a prefect. I outrank you!”

Laura was shocked, but not surprised at Jackie’s reaction.

“Well, unlike you, I don’t abuse my position. If you don’t want to lose your Head Girl position, you’ll let me spank you.”

Jackie thought for a minute.

“OK, I’ll take a spanking. But you better not tell anyone about this,” she added, rather threateningly.

“Don’t worry, I can maintain confidentiality,” replied Laura calmly. “As long as you would do the same.”

Laura paused for a minute, then spoke.

“These are the conditions. I shall give you 12 swats with the slipper, all on your bare bottom.

Again, Jackie was outraged.

“What, no. Not my bare bottom! Who do you think you are?”

“Look, if it was Mrs Burke who was disciplining you, it would certainly be on the bare. Besides, it’s not like I haven’t seen a girl’s bottom before.”

Jackie reluctantly agreed.

Laura told Jackie to stay in the common room while she fetched her slipper. Jackie knew it was unwise to attempt escape, as it would only be worse if Laura hunted her down. After all, Jackie knew only too well that she was merciless with any girls who tried to escape her wrath.

While on her own, Jackie complemented her misdemeanours. Also, it made Jackie realise for the first time how harsh she was with the other girls. Jackie had fallen into a false sense of security, thinking that she would never feel the slipper or cane on her own bottom. Now, Jackie realised she was not so above it all. Jackie also realised how extremely dangerous it was to smoke inside the school premises. If she started a fire, she could have endangered the lives of her fellow students and faculty and end up being charged with arson.

Laura returned with the slipper.

“Would you like to do the honours, Jackie?”

Jackie agreed to bare her bottom, rather than have Laura do it for her. As such, Jackie bent over, raised her skirt and pulled down her pants. Being a beefy girl, Jackie certainly had a good bottom. Laura was quick to notice this.

“And I thought Hannah had a firm bottom,” teased Laura, slapping Jackie’s bare buttocks.

“Enough, already!” Protested Jackie. “Get this over and done with.”

“Don’t you be giving me orders,” scolded Laura. “You may be the Head Girl, but right now, you’re the naughty student.”

Laura was enjoying her sense of power.

“Now Jackie, you know the drill. I expect you to maintain position at all times. After each swat, I want to hear a number and a ‘Miss’. Clear?”

“Yes, Miss” replied Jackie, reluctantly. This was incredibly humiliating for Jackie. Being bent over, bare-bottomed, about to be spanked by her subordinate and having to call Laura ‘Miss’ was all too much for her. However, if she was to keep her position as Head Girl, she would put up with it.

“Brace yourself,” advised Laura.

Laura took aim and struck Jackie’s backside with the slipper as hard as she could.


“One, Miss.” Called off Jackie. It was such a strong feeling to feel the slipper against her bottom. As Jackie had not been spanked in such a long time, it felt even more intense.

The second swat followed soon after.


“Two, Miss.” Counted Jackie.

Then came the third swat.


“Three, Miss.” Called off Jackie, her eyes now watering.

‘Gosh, Laura certainly uses the slipper effectively. I’m almost impressed,’ thought Jackie to herself.

The fourth swat came.


“Four, Miss!” Yelled Jackie, the pain now sounding in her voice too. Jackie’s bottom was turning bright red.

Soon came the fifth swat.


“Five, Miss!” Cried Jackie, tears now streaming down her face. Laura was satisfied that she could make the Head Girl cry.

The sixth swat came.


“Six, Miss!” Sobbed Jackie.

‘Good, the halfway point,’ thought Jackie to herself.

This false sense of security was soon broken with the seventh hard swat.


“Seven, Miss!” Yelled Jackie. “Fuck! Shit!” She exclaimed.

Laura was shocked.

“What did I just hear you say?” Enquired Laura loudly. “The Head Girl using strong language? You normally don’t let the other girls swear. You best watch your language, or I’ll wash out that foul mouth with soap,” ended Laura threateningly.

Laura, of course, would never wish to give Jackie a mouth soaping. After all, Laura personally considered it to be a barbaric punishment. However, Laura had to act as the strict disciplinarian, and Jackie was abashed.

Laura continued Jackie’s spanking with the eighth swat.


“Eight, Miss!” Bawled Jackie, being careful not to swear again.

The ninth swat followed soon after.


“Nine, Miss!” wailed Jackie. “Fudge!”

“What did I say about your language?” Warned Laura.

“I said ‘fudge’, thank you very much!” Retorted Jackie acidly.

“Well, I don’t want to hear anything other than a number and a ‘Miss’,” replied Laura, coolly.

The tenth swat came.


“Ten, Miss!” Howled Jackie.

‘Will this never end?’ she thought to herself.

Sure enough, Laura soon followed up with the eleventh swat.


“Eleven, Miss!” Cried Jackie. Tears were streaming down her face.

Before administering the final swat, Laura gave the usual, monotonous spiel about the last swat being the hardest. Jackie, of course, knew the words off by heart and wished Laura would get on with it. However, she didn’t dare speak up.

Laura took aim.

The loudest ‘Smack!’  you could imagine sounded as Laura struck Jackie’s bare buttocks with the slipper for the last time.

“Twelve, Miss!” Screamed Jackie. She was crying her eyes out and desperate to rub her sore bottom.

“Stay in position!” Barked Laura. “Don’t move, or touch your bottom until I say otherwise.”

Laura took a minute to admire her handiwork. Jackie’s bottom was bright red. There was some bruising, most on the right cheek and a little on the left cheek. Jackie remained in position, crying like a baby, but Laura did not relent. As customary, Laura gave each cheek a smack to ensure she was satisfied. Then she allowed Jackie to stand up and rub her bottom.

Jackie looked a right mess. Her eyes were puffy, her face was tear-stained, her face cheeks were bright red and her bottom cheeks were even redder. Laura took pity.

“Come here,” said Laura and she gave Jackie a hug.

“It’s alright, calm down now,” continued Laura, soothingly.

Once Jackie was calm, Laura released her.

“I think it will be the best idea for me to destroy the rest of those cigarettes,” said Laura.

Jackie handed over the remaining cigarettes, and Laura snapped each in half.

“This will be between us,” continued Laura.

“I have to say, Laura, that you deliver the slipper effectively,” Jackie said, humbly.

“Before the other girls come, let’s go to the dormitory,” replied Laura.

In the empty dormitory, Laura instructed Jackie to lie on the bed face down. Then Laura, rubbed cold cream on Jackie’s bottom.

“I understand you don’t want the others to know you’ve been spanked,” said Laura. “Hopefully, this will help.”

Jackie thanked Laura for disciplining her and for rubbing her bottom.

“Many happy returns,” said Laura. “Enjoy the rest of your weekend.”

The experience was a hard but important one for Jackie. She now realised she had to be kinder to the other girls.

The End

© Holy Diver 2017