Two cousins learn the error of their ways

By Aleisha M Bright

When school ended for the year in 1986, I was invited to spend the summer with my cousin, Tiffany, and her parents, that is my Aunt Tina and Uncle Sam. They owned a nice lake house in West Virginia. My parents thought this would be a great way for me to spend the summer before I started my senior year of high school.

My cousin Tiffany and I were so happy to be together for the summer. As only children, we always enjoyed the opportunity to spend time together, and three months seemed like an eternity together. We always considered ourselves ‘twin cousins’ because our birthdays were only two days apart. We had both just turned seventeen a few weeks before school let out for the summer.

When my parents dropped me off, my mom and aunt Tina discussed how important it was for me to behave. I was informed that Aunt Tina had the right to discipline me, just the same as I was at home. That meant spanking. At my house, even though I was about to be a senior in high school, I still received a spanking when mom thought my behavior warranted it.

At my house, spankings occurred rather infrequently, but were similar each time. Mom would require me to bend over a chair in the dining room, the spanking generally involved my hairbrush, most of the time it took place on my panties, and only very rarely with my panties down. I promised mom and Aunt Tina that I would behave and that I understood Aunt Tina could spank me.

Tiffany and I shared her bedroom, which was in the upstairs of the lake house. The room was big, had two twin beds and an attached bathroom. Tiffany and I were both rather modest. For the first several weeks of the summer, we would change down to our bras and panties in front of one another but did not otherwise see each other naked, except for one time when I saw a quick glance of Tiffany as she got out of the shower.

One particular Saturday morning, Tiffany and I went to the lake for a morning swim. The public swimming area was about a mile walk through the woods from the lake house. We usually wore our shorts and t-shirts for the walk and changed into our bathing suits at the changing house. This day was no different.

Aunt Tina warned us that we needed to be home before noon because we were going to run errands for the afternoon. Unfortunately for us, we completely lost track of time. When we realized we were over an hour late getting back, we panicked. We didn’t even change out our one-piece bathing suits but ran home in them.

“Mom is going to be so mad,” Tiffany said.

“How mad? What’s going to happen?” I asked. In the back of my mind, I was afraid I was going to get a spanking. I know I would have gotten a spanking at home for this, probably four whacks with the hairbrush over my panties. Mom never tolerated me not following her directions.

“Probably we will just get yelled at and not be allowed to go out the rest of the weekend.”

“Okay, that sounds good. Do you still get spanked?” This was the first time we had discussed spanking with one another.

“Sometimes, but not very much. I don’t think she’ll spank us for this.”

“When you do get spanked, what happens?” I asked.

Just as I feared, Tiffany confirmed that spankings were on the bare bottom, either with Aunt Tina’s hand or Uncle Sam’s belt. Open-hand spankings were done over Aunt Tina’s lap and belt spankings were given bending over the bed.

“Don’t worry about it. I don’t think she’ll spank us for this,” Tiffany reassured me.

When we got back to the lake house, Aunt Tina was very upset. She met us on the porch.

“Girls, I know you know what time it is. Get upstairs to your room. I’ll be up to talk to you in a few minutes.”

As she said this, I noticed Tiffany’s demeanor changed completely. When we got upstairs to Tiffany’s room, she ripped open her dresser drawer, grabbed a pair of shorts, panties, and t-shirt.

“Quick, go in the bathroom and put on some clothes. She is going to spank our bare butts. Since we are in our bathing suits, we will be completely naked for the spanking unless we put on shorts and a t-shirt. Change fast!”

“Completely naked!” I gasped. “Why are we going to be completely naked?”

“Because she only spanks on the bare butt. She’s going to make us pull down our bathing suits and then we will be completely naked.”

“Do you think we can talk her out of it?” I asked. “Or at least talk her into letting us get spanked with our bathing suits on?”

“Not a chance,” Tiffany said. “Mom has always spanked me on the bare butt every time I’ve ever been spanked. Last time I had my bathing suit on, she made me take it off for the spanking and I was fully naked. This will be no different.”

At that, I ran to my dresser and got out clothes to change into. I figured it would be better for a bare butt than a bare body, but I was still hoping Aunt Tina would just lecture us, or worst case scenario spank us over our bathing suits. My Mom would never give me a bare butt spanking for this.

Unfortunately, a few seconds later, Aunt Tina came in the room and saw we were about to change clothes.

“Hold up, girls. No need to change clothes yet. We’ve got some business to take care of first.”

At that, Aunt Tina walked out the room. Tiffany and I just looked at one another. Shortly, our worst fears were confirmed because Aunt Tina walked in carrying Uncle Sam’s belt.

Aunt Tina placed the belt on Tiffany’s bed, sat down on the chair at Tiffany’s desk and told us what was about to happen.

“Girls, you’ve earned a spanking for being late.” She looked at us and said, “At this house, spankings are given on bare butts.”

We first begged Aunt Tina not to spank us and promised we’d learned our lesson. This didn’t work. We next begged for a spanking over our bathing suits and promised we’d learn a lot from that. That also didn’t work. Our last case was to request to be spanked privately in the bathroom since we were almost adults, not children anymore. This, too, was shut down.

“You broke the rules together, and now you’ll pay the consequences together. Tiffany, you’re first. Take down your bathing suit to your knees and come over for your spanking,” Aunt Tina said.

Tiffany complied with her mom. She pulled down her one-piece bathing suit, still wet from our swim, the whole way down to her knees. I quickly glanced at Tiffany’s body and confirmed that she and I had very similar bodies, which, for some odd reason, was strangely comforting to me.

A moment later, Tiffany bent over Aunt Tina’s lap. The way she bent over, her feet were closest to me, and I had a direct view of her butt. This was like slow motion for me because I had never seen anyone else spanked before. I had hardly ever even seen someone else naked before. I knew I was next. I also knew that I had never been spanked over someone’s knee, much less naked over someone’s knee.

Aside from my mom, who sometimes walked in while I was changing, no one had seen me naked in a long time. I don’t think Aunt Tina ever had in my whole life and I don’t think Tiffany had since before I started puberty. I was so embarrassed with the thought of being naked in front of them and was so worried about how much the spanking would hurt.

I watched Aunt Tina’s spanking method on Tiffany’s round butt. It was slower and more methodical than my mom’s. Mom’s typical procedure involved wasting no time. She’d tell me to bend over the dining room chair, pull down my pants or shorts, and would give out a few quick whacks over the panties and then all would be over.

Aunt Tina was much different. Each spank occurred about five seconds apart. One butt cheek, then the other, then one in the middle of the butt with the palm on one cheek and the fingers on the other. I didn’t count, but I think Tiffany got about 15 spanks. About half-way through, I saw Tiffany begin to squirm and saw her start to cry. Her butt was getting very red.

When Aunt Tina was finished, she said, “Tiffany, we’re done for now. Keep your bathing suit down.” At that, she looked at me and said, “Kari, you’re next.”

I complied with Aunt Tina’s request. I pulled my bathing suit straps off my shoulders and pulled it down to my knees. There I stood right in front of Aunt Tina and right beside Tiffany with my body completely exposed. I’d never experienced this before. Even when Mom spanked my bare butt, my pants or shorts were lowered to my knees, but my panties were just below my butt low enough to expose my butt only.

Next thing I knew, I was bent over Aunt Tina’s lap. Before Aunt Tina even landed one spank, I was crying. I couldn’t believe this was happening. Then, the spanks began. They stung, but were certainly not abusive. Like Tiffany, it was about one spank every five seconds. Again, I didn’t count, but it seemed like I got a few less than Tiffany.

“Okay Kari, we’re done. Go stand with Tiffany.”

Tiffany and I stood side by side, one-piece bathing suits still at our knees, both crying by this point.

“Mom, why is Dad’s belt here?” Tiffany sobbed. “Can we pull up our bathing suits now.”

Aunt Tina walked over, picked up Uncle Sam’s belt and held it in her hand.

“Girls, I want you both to know that if I have to spank you again, it will be with the belt. I hope I don’t have to spank either of you again, but consider this your warning for the rest of the summer. Now, go get in the shower and get ready so we can go. We need to get going.”

With that, Aunt Tina left the room. Tiffany and I ran into the bathroom together, bathing suits still at our knees. As soon as we were in the bathroom, we looked at our butts in the mirror. They were so red. We showered together and got ready so we could run errands with Aunt Tina. We didn’t want to keep her waiting! Aunt Tina was very kind with us the rest of the day, not mentioning the spanking again and just going about the day like nothing happened.

From then on, Tiffany and I were less modest with one another. I guess once you see someone spanked almost naked, modesty can take a back seat.

The End

© Aleisha M Bright 2022