A girl gets herself and her best friend in trouble.
By Brian Melville

St Johns Secondary School was situated in the east of England and was known for its strict discipline policy as it was the only school in the area where corporal punishment was still administrated to both boys and girls.

As Venessa Barnes  stood next to her best friend, Melissa Chase,  with the tips of their noses firmly pressed against  the  cream  coloured wall of the headmaster’s study, she couldn’t believe that she had  been so stupid to convince her best friend to not only skip  their mathematics  class earlier,  but they  also  skipped school the previous  day, and wrote  fake sick notes from their mothers.

Mr Patterson looked up from the reams of very important paperwork he was busy  with  and  saw  the  two navy blue  blazers hanging from the backs of the  two comfortable black  arm chairs, then  he  saw two girls facing  the  wall with their hands on their heads. They were smartly dressed in their sixth form uniforms, consisting of navy blue trousers, light blue long sleeve blouses, navy blue ties, navy ankle socks and black Mary Jane school shoes, with a one inch heel.

He then glanced at the wall clock above their heads and noticed that there was still twenty minutes till the end of the school day. He decided to let the two miscreants wait until then, before he’d deal with them.

“Stand up straight and keep your noses to the wall and your hands on your heads, girls!” The headmaster snapped as he returned his attention to the paperwork.

After about five minutes more minutes he snapped, again: “I will deal with you five minutes after the final bell of the day, so there’s about twenty minutes till then!”

Both girls shrugged at the thought of what their fate would be, but knew all too well that they would definitely be leaving school with very sore bottoms. As the time slowly ticked by, Venessa wondered what Melissa’s thoughts were, as she herself could not help become more and more nervous as their punishment crept closer. Meanwhile, Melissa was trying not to think about their prospective punishment as she realized they were in serious trouble and that the headmaster would be dealing with them severely.

Then the bell rang to announce the end of the school day, and the headmaster snapped: “Five more minutes, girls! So stand up straight, feet together, noses to the wall and hands on heads, till I tell you to come and stand in front of me!”

The headmaster got up from his comfortable black leather chair and made his way to the cabinet behind him. As he opened it, he looked at the four crook handled canes hanging from hooks inside, the two black size thirteen plimsoll slippers on the shelf below, before focusing on the punishment book, with its red cover, on the bottom shelf, which he took and returned to his seat.

There were two canes, both two feet long; the left one was a quarter inch thick and, to its right, was the second two foot cane which was half an inch thick. Then there were two three foot canes; the first was a quarter inch thick and, on the far right, was the last cane, also three foot long and half an inch thick.

Mr Patterson waited a full minute before addressing the two girls: “Right girls! Both of you may turn around and come stand behind the two arm chairs facing me, but keep your hands on your heads, please.”

The two friends complied without hesitation, but as they took the eight steps to their designated spot neither could help but notice the canes and slippers on display in the open cabinet behind the headmaster.  As the two girls settled in front of him, the headmaster looked at the two blonde eighteen year old, sixth form girls in front of him. The tall, slender Venessa  Barnes  with her big blue eyes, long ash blonde hair tied in a neat pony tail behind her head, stood on the left with the slightly shorter and slightly skinnier Melissa Chase, with her shoulder length dark blonde hair, and sky blue eyes on the right.

“You both know why you’re here, so let me get straight to the point.”

Pausing slightly, as he took the two fake notes from his desk pad, he continued. “This!” He waved the fake sick notes through the air in front of the girls. “This is fraud!”

Pausing, to let his words sink in, he went on. “First, you skipped school yesterday, then you bring fraudulent sick notes from your parents and then you skip your mathematics class today! I am very disappointed in both of you. As sixth formers, you should know better!”

He left a slight pause.

“You deserve nothing less than a severe dose of the cane!”

Another slight pause.

“Both of you!”

After another pause of over a minute, during which he just stared at the two culprits, the headmaster continued: “Six of the best for each of you!”

The two naughty teenagers shrugged as they heard their punishment.

The two girls were no strangers to the headmaster’s study, and both had been on the receiving end of either the slipper or cane on various occasions. Venessa had found herself on the receiving end of the slipper about a month previously for chewing bubble gum in class; six whacks across the seat of her trousers. Melissa got two strokes of the cane for tearing a page from one of her exercise books about two months before.

Mr Patterson opened the punishment book and Venessa saw the last entry made the day before.

Wednesday,  1 April 1987,  13h25, Barnes, Natasha, 5B, Smoking in school bathroom, swearing at deputy headmistress, 8 strokes of the cane across trousers.”

This was quite a surprise to Venessa, as she knew Natasha, who was repeating fifth form as she failed the year before, and was known to be a real  miss goody two shoes. Natasha was Venessa’s cousin, as she was the daughter of her father’s identical twin brother. The blonde teen could only imagine her tall, pretty, red head cousin, Natasha, getting the cane, but then she was quickly brought back to reality as the headmaster swished his choice of cane through the air.

Venessa shrugged from a cold shiver down her spine as she saw the entries in the punishment book and the vicious looking half an inch thick, three foot cane in the headmaster’s right hand.

Thursday 2 April 1987, 15h40, Barnes, Venessa, 6A, Skipping school yesterday, Fraudulant sick note, Skipping mathematics class today, 6 of the best with cane over trousers”

“Chase, Melissa, 6A, Skipping school yesterday, Fraudulant sick note, Skipping mathematics class today, 6 of the best with cane over trousers.”

The headmaster made his way to about two feet from the wall behind the girls and snapped: “Turn around and face me!”

The two friends turned, but did not dare to remove their hands from their heads, even though their arms were aching by this time.

“Miss Chase, bring that stool and place it over here!” The headmaster said as he pointed to a pine wooden stool of about a foot and a half high, under a shelf filled with files, just below the window, to Melissa’s right. Both girls wondered why the headmaster wanted the stool to be moved to the corner, as they normally had to either touch their toes or bend over the back of one of the arm chairs in front of the headmaster’s desk.

Melissa  did not hesitate, and immediately did as she was told and placed the stool about a foot from the corner, exactly where the headmaster pointed with the cane.

As Melissa returned to her place next to Venessa, the headmaster snapped: “Miss Barnes, would you proceed and present your bottom for punishment, by placing both your palms flat on the seat of the stool? Keep your feet together and straighten your legs, please.”

Venessa Barnes glanced at Melissa Chase for a few seconds, as they realized why the stool had to be moved.

“Quick about it, girl! I haven’t got all day!” The headmaster snapped.

Venessa forced herself forward and, as she assumed the position, she meekly replied: “Y-y-yes sir!”

The ash blonde teenager felt her navy blue trousers stretch tightly across  her firm, round little bottom, with the seams of her pink full cotton panties clearly visible. Venessa was quite pleased that she decided on the full cotton panties rather than the thin, skimpy, lacy ones she wanted to wear to school.

The headmaster swished the cane through the air a good couple of times, as he addressed Melissa.

“Keep your hands on your head and stand up straight, Chase! You will have a front row view of your friend’s caning, so pay attention as you will be on the receiving end next!”

“Yes sir.” Melissa mumbled.

Then Mr Patterson turned his attention to the well presented target; the eighteen year old bottom of Venessa Barnes, placing the cane firmly against the girl’s up-turned bottom as he snapped: “Right, Miss Barnes, SIX of the best for you!”

Then the headmaster tapped the  cane a few times against her bottom, followed  by a swish, and a firm thwack, as the first stroke of the cane fell across the centre of Venessa’s bottom, causing the girl to bend her knees slightly as she moaned softly: “Ow!”

The stinging sensation of the first stroke was not as intense as the thinner cane of the same length, but it quickly turned into a much deeper and throbbing pain. Venessa straightened her legs quickly and felt the cane tapping her bottom a few times again, followed by a swwish, and a thwwack, as stroke number two landed just below the first. This was met with a rather loud sigh as she arched her back and got on to tip toes as the pain intensified across her already sore bottom.

The third stroke followed immediately after the second and right at the top of her bottom, with a swiisshh, thwaackk! The poor girl couldn’t help but to sneak a quick rub of her right bottom cheek where the tip of the cane was biting into the soft flesh with each stroke, to the annoyance of the headmaster.

“Hand back on the stool, girl!” The headmaster snapped.

Venessa complied as she replied meekly:  “But it hurts, sir!”

The headmaster didn’t answer the girl; he just swished the cane through the air behind Venessa a few times as he addressed Melissa again.

“Are you paying attention, Miss Chase?”

“Y-yes sir!” Melissa replied.

“Good! Because your bottom will be receiving exactly the same treatment as Miss Barnes, shortly!” The headmaster snapped as he turned his attention back to the bent over girl, who was swaying her hips in an attempt to ease the intense throbbing pain across her bottom.

“Keep still, girl!” The headmaster snapped as he placed the cane firmly against girl’s bottom.

“Sorry sir!” Venessa meekly replied.

Then Mr Patterson tapped the bottom three times with the business end of the cane and let it rip through the air with an resounding swwiiish, followed by an echoing thhwacckk, as the fourth and hardest stroke landed low down on the girl’s bottom, just above the natural crease where bottom meets the thighs.

This resulted in Venessa leaping in the air as both hands flew to her scorched bottom, yelling in pure agony.

“Ow, ow, ouch! My poor bottom! It hurts!”

As she hopped from foot to foot, vigorously rubbing the seat of her navy trousers clad bottom, in an attempt to soothe the pain, Mr Patterson gave the girl a full minute before he snapped: “Hands on the stool, Barnes!”

The stricken teenager did not respond immediately, so the headmaster snapped again as he used the tip of the cane to force the girl back in position, by pressing it against the back of her left shoulder.

“Bend over and keep your hands on the stool, girl! I don’t have all day!”

Venessa reluctantly bent back over and placed her hands on the seat of the stool again, as she sniffed back some tears.

“Two more strokes for you, girl, let’s see if you can remain in position, otherwise there will be penalty strokes!” The headmaster snapped.

As he tapped the girl’s bottom again with the cane in between where the second and fourth strokes landed, he snapped: “Are we clear, Barnes?”

“Y-y-yes sir.” The girl mumbled.

Then, without warning, the cane hissed through the air with a swwishhh, followed by another echoing tthwaack! Venessa’s knees buckled in pain as she swayed her hips while taking deep breaths, as she muttered softly: “Ow, ow, ow it stings!”

The entire time, Melissa stood directly behind her pain stricken friend, and all the commotion made the pretty dark blonde teen very nervous as she anticipated the prospect of finding herself on the receiving end of the ordeal her pretty blonde friend was suffering in front of her.

The headmaster waited a full thirty seconds, just flexing the supple rod between his hands and taking a few practice swings behind the bent over girl he knew by now would have a very sore bottom with a rather intense deep throbbing pain covering her entire bottom. Then he tapped the well presented bottom once and let the cane slash through the air with a resounding swwiisshh, followed by a thhhwacckk, that sounded more like a pistol shot than a cane stroke to Melissa, as the final stroke settled across Venessa’s bottom.

Venessa’s knees bent and her head jerked back while she howled in agony:  “Oowwwwwwwiii!!!”

After a few seconds, she straightened her legs again as she kicked back with her legs a few times. Mr Patterson waited a few seconds for the pain to really set in before he snapped. “Right, Miss Barnes, that was your punishment, which you did not take as well as other girls of your age did before you! You may get up and go stand next to Miss Chase!”

Venessa quickly got up and immediately started to rub her very sore and well punished bottom for a few seconds before making her way back to where Melissa was standing with her hands on her head. She continued to soothe her bottom as she stood next to her friend.

The headmaster snapped: “Miss Chase!”

“Yes sir!” Melissa replied.

“Over here, girl!” The headmaster snapped as he pointed to the spot where Venessa  stood a few minutes  earlier.

Melissa slowly walked to where the headmaster pointed. Once she reached the spot, she nervously looked at the headmaster flexing the cane.

“Hands on the stool, Miss Chase!  Feet together and legs straight!” The headmaster snapped as he tapped the seat of the stool with the business end of the cane.

Melissa soothed her bottom for a final time by giving it a quick rub over her navy trousers, then she leaned over and placed the palms of her hands on the stool, feeling her trousers stretching drum tight across her fleshier than her friend’s, round little bottom as she straightened her legs.

“Feet together, girl!” The headmaster snapped as he swished the cane through the air a few times.

Melissa gave a rather loud sigh as she shifted her feet together, and closed her eyes in anticipation of not only the first touch, but also the first searing stroke of the cane, but the headmaster was in no hurry as he knew that the anticipation would add to the girl’s punishment. Mr Patterson just stood flexing the cane between his hands, admiring the well presented bottom of the young lady in front of him.

Finally, after two minutes, the headmaster placed the cane firmly against the girl’s cute bottom. He noticed that Venessa Barnes was still rubbing her bottom as she shifted her weight from foot to foot.

“Venessa Barnes! That’s enough of that stupid behaviour! Get your hands back on your head and stand up straight, girl!” The headmaster snarled at the ash blonde girl.

“Feet together and chin up!” He snapped again.

The teenager complied and once the headmaster was happy with her position he turned his attention to the job at hand, which was to administer a six of the best caning to the up-turned bottom in front of him. He tapped the target a couple of times before letting the cane whip through the air with a swish, and a firm  thwack, as the first stroke made contact with the girl’s bottom, just above the centre, causing Melissa to bend her knees slightly as she moaned in painful agony.

“Ow, ow, ow!”  Then she reached for her sore bottom with her right hand, giving it a quick rub.

“Hand in front!” The headmaster snapped.

Melissa quickly placed her hand back on the seat of the stool and straightened her legs, as she felt the cane tapping her bottom again. Then there was the familiar swiissh, and another firm thwwack, as the second stroke landed just below the centre of the girl’s bottom. The mixture of throb and stinging pain was too much for Melissa and she leaped up with a rather loud:  “Ouucchh! My bottom hurts!”

As she frantically rubbed her bottom. The headmaster snarled: “Get back into position, Miss Chase!” He tapped the seat of the stool with the cane.

Melissa pleadingly looked at the headmaster but to no avail as he forced her back into position with his right hand, snapping as he did so: “Bend over and stay there!”

Once back in position, the girl just felt a single tap of the cane followed by its hissing, swwiissh, and a cracking ttthhwacck, as the third and hardest stroke yet, landed right at the top of the poor girl’s bottom. It took all of Melissa’s willpower not to move and, although she pressed her lips tightly together in order to remain silent, she couldn’t help but to let out a muted: “Aargghh!” Fortunately, she managed to stay in position, except for her all her muscles tensing up and forcing her on tip toes for a split second.

The headmaster swished the cane through the air a couple of times behind the girl as he waited for the pain to thoroughly settle in across the naughty bottom of the teenager.

As Mr Patterson returned his attention back to the waiting target, he noticed that Venessa was rubbing her bottom with her left hand again.

“Barnes! How dare you disobey my instruction to keep your hands on your head?”

Venessa got such a fright she quickly moved her hand back onto her head and nervously stared at the headmaster, knowing that she might be in even more trouble.  The headmaster took a few seconds to decide on a suitable way of dealing with the situation, before he continued.

“Chase lift the stool, move three steps back and assume your position again, please.”

Melissa gripped the stool by its sides and lifted it a few inches above the grey carpet and moved back the three steps towards her friend. Then she placed the stool back down on the carpet and moved her hands back onto the seat of the stool with her feet together. Then she straightened her legs in anticipation of the final three strokes.

“Thank you, Chase! Now, as for you Barnes, come over here and stand in front of Chase with your back facing the wall!” The headmaster snapped, then he paused while the girl moved into position. Once in position, he continued: “Hands on your head, feet together, chin up and stand up straight!”

The girl complied as Mr Patterson started to tap Melissa’s bottom with the cane again, this time focussing on the bottom half of her bottom. A few seconds later the tapping stopped and swisshh, thhwackkk, the fourth stroke fell just below the second on a fleshier part of Melissa’s bottom. The girl’s head jerked back slightly and as she kicked back with her right foot, swaying her hips from side to side as the searing pain stung her bottom, she yelled: “Oww, ow, ouch, sir!”

As soon as the poor girl was back in position the headmaster slashed the cane down with almost all the force he had, and with a hissing swwwiiisshh, thwaacckk, the fifth stroke was delivered directly on target, just above where bottom and thighs meet, causing the young Miss Chase to leap almost a foot into the air as she yelled in a very high pitched voice: “Oooooohh, aaahhh, ouuuch!”

Within seconds, Melissa realized what she was doing and quickly reassumed her position.

The headmaster waited a full thirty seconds before he tapped the girl’s bottom again a few times before the final, swwiisshh, and a resounding tthhwacck. The final stroke landed right between the fourth and fifth strokes. Melissa gritted her teeth and locked her knees so as to not move from the position, with only a few desperate gasps of air slipping from her mouth.

The headmaster stepped back and watched the girl as she swayed her hips slightly in an attempt to deal with her tremendously sore bottom without moving from her position. Mr Patterson decided after a full minute to relieve the girl from her agony.

“That’s it, Chase! You may get up!” The headmaster snapped, as he returned the cane to the cabinet.

Melissa jumped up and frantically rubbed her bottom with both hands. She could actually feel the welts under her trousers and skimpy black lace panties.

The headmaster sat back down in his chair as he watched the teenager rub her bottom, then he snapped: “That’s enough, Chase! Go stand next to Barnes and get your hands on your head. Face me!”

As soon as the two girls were in position Mr Patterson continued: “DISMISSED!!”

The two friends looked at the headmaster, then at each other for a few seconds, before scampering towards the door of the study, and out into the corridor in front of the headmaster’s study. There they both gave their sore bottoms a thorough rub before picking up their bags and making their way towards the exit, passing Mrs Nash, the school’s junior secretary.

“Going home with sore, striped bottoms, girls?” The secretary asked as she walked by.

Venessa blushed as Melissa mumbled: “Yes Mrs Nash.”

The two girls made their way home in silence, as they just thought about their ordeal. Their parents were not impressed with the news that they were caned at school and both girls were sent to their rooms early. Melissa forfeited her pocket money for the next two months, while Venessa’s make up was confiscated for three months.

Later that afternoon, the two girls met at Venessa’s house and compared the marks on their bottoms in Venessa’s full length mirror in her bedroom. Both girls were shocked at how their bottoms looked as they were both covered with six angry red welts with the rest of their bums blushing in a shade of pink.

Venessa felt responsible for the agony her friend had to endure with her, and decided to apologize.

“Melissa, I am so sorry that I got you caned with me today!” Venessa said meekly.

“There’s no need to apologise, Venessa. I am a big girl and could have said no, but I decided to join you for the adventure which earned us these awful welts on our bums.” Melissa replied as she hugged her friend.

“So, you’re not upset with me?” Venessa asked.

“No! Never! Why would I be? We earned these stripes, girlfriend! And I would do it all over again, with you!” Melissa said, smiling.

Venessa smiled at her friend as they carefully sat down on Venessa’s bed and chatted about boys, make up and fashion.

The End

© Brian Melville 2019