Her Ladyship settles in to her new role

By Duncan Wade

Lady Sarah Huntingdon-Ford was married to Lord Simon Huntingdon-Ford, a Member of Parliament who had given up his title to take his seat in Westminster only a few months before they married. Sarah was his second wife and, at the age of 39, she was a former model and actress. She was a whole world away from her 48-year-old husband’s first wife, who was very much a part of the ‘hunting, shooting and fishing’ community. The green-eyed blonde was a breath of fresh air at their country estate that included a 16-bedroom manor house, extensive grounds that were open to the public during the summer months, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts and a gymnasium, a far cry from her humble Essex housing estate upbringing.

Part of the estate included an equestrian centre, livery stables, and a small riding school. The centre was run essentially by Lord Simon’s personal assistant, Lisa Jones, and the head groom, Anna Olson.

In the two months since Sarah had moved into her new home and started a new life as the Lady of the Manor, she had to get used to a lot of changes. Due to several current political crises, her husband was spending much more time at the flat he owned overlooking Tower Bridge in London. Suddenly, Lady Sarah found herself in charge of running the house and gardens with some, frankly, patronising staff who were still loyal to the former Lady of the Manor. Lisa and Anna, however, had been wonderful to her, made her immediately welcome, and couldn’t have helped more with real practical help when she needed it most.

Anna lived in the staff quarters at the rear of the main House, where there was a small block of six one-bedroom apartments for household staff. Anna had a Swedish mother and an English father, and she had been brought up mostly in England by her father’s sister, her Aunt Jane, while her parents roamed the world as international ambassadors. Anna had no interest in her family’s business interests but did benefit by way of a substantial trust fund that she gained control of upon reaching her recent twenty-fifth birthday. She was a stunning beauty with long natural blonde hair and large blue eyes.

Lisa lived in a tied cottage located between the manor house and the equestrian centre. ‘Cottage’ wasn’t a very accurate description, however, as it was in fact quite a large detached property that had been renovated and improved and now featured a very modern high-tech kitchen, a large dining room, and a lounge with french doors opening onto a private patio area. Lisa had also turned one of the four double bedrooms into a study that housed her computer and work-related books and charts.

The cottage had soon become a safe haven for Sarah. Away from the prying eyes of the household staff, she was able to relax with Lisa and Anna and do just normal things like order take-away pizza, drink wine, and gossip about past lovers. It was early on during one of these girls’ nights that Sarah learned Lisa was a lesbian. She was quite relieved as she did slightly worry about the tall dark-haired late-20-something personal assistant spending so much time with her husband.

During the same wine-fuelled evening, Sarah also learned in some detail that half-Swedish Anna Olson was heterosexual, even though there was just a hint of something between her and Lisa, something that was maybe a secret, something she was keen to know more about.

Lady Sarah soon got into a routine of spending her mornings dealing with household matters and having meetings with heads of departments. She found it slightly tedious discussing such matters as where the visitors overflow car park should be located, and how many summer staff should be hired, etc. On the other hand, she looked forward to her afternoons as she spent most of her time at the equestrian centre improving her riding skills and helping Anna and Lisa with paperwork.

Once she had become comfortable at the cottage, and with Lisa’s full agreement, Lady Sarah often used the office there as her own. Lisa had provided her with a key to the french doors so she could come and go as she pleased, although in reality the front door was seldom locked. She made a mental note to try the key when she got an opportunity, just to make sure it would open. Lisa said the lock could be a bit temperamental at times. Little did Lady Sarah know that the key to the french doors would unlock a revelation that would revive a long dormant yearning.

After a particularly trying day and two very boring meetings with the household staff, Lady Sarah decided to take a walk to try to clear her head. Her husband was due home on the Thursday evening, but had called to say he would not be back until late the following day as Parliament was going to sit all night.

Pulling on the padded jacket she normally wore when riding, Lady Sarah stepped out into the cool early evening air. It was early October and it was already getting dark as she approached Lisa’s cottage. She had walked the long way round from the manor house and drew near Lisa’s hideaway from the small fenced-off back garden.

Lady Sarah hadn’t seen Lisa or Anna that day, and the last time she did Lisa had picked Anna up on a number of items she wasn’t happy with. Anna seemed embarrassed and didn’t rise to any of Lisa’s complaints which, to Lady Sarah, seemed rather trivial.

As she got closer to the cottage, Lady Sarah could see the lights were on and the curtains were drawn. She was tempted to call in and take Lisa up on her open invitation to visit at any time. Then, on second thoughts, Lady Sarah decided it might be best to head back to the manor house. However, as she drew level with Lisa’s garden entrance, she could hear voices and her curiosity got the better of her.

Feeling about in the pocket of her padded riding jacket, Lady Sarah found the key Lisa had given her to the french doors. Maybe now was the time to try it and drop in on Lisa. At least, that’s what she tried to convince herself she was going to do as she silently approached.

Standing outside in the darkness, Lady Sarah was intrigued to see the curtains were not fully drawn, and that she could see Lisa and Anna inside the comfortable lounge. Lisa was sitting on the large Chesterfield sofa, and Anna was standing to one side with her back to the french doors. Lisa was wearing jeans and a roll-neck jumper, and Anna was dressed in a short black skirt, black opaque tights and black suede ankle boots. Sarah kept very still and listened as hard as she could. Anna was talking.

“Yes, I know. Yes, I admit that I’ve missed a few things this week, but I thought we were going out for a drink to discuss it.”

Lisa took a few seconds to reply. “I’m happy to go to the pub, Anna, but we haven’t finished our business yet, have we?” After a pause, she added: “Shall we get on with it?”

Lady Sarah stepped back from the french doors momentarily, feeling that what she was doing was very wrong and she should leave. She started to make her way back down the garden path when she heard Anna’s reply in her distinctive mid-Atlantic accent. She couldn’t quite make out what Anna had said, and she froze to the spot for a few seconds, torn between knowing she should leave, but really wanting to see and hear what was going on. She turned round and tip-toed back to the french doors. She peered in through a gap in the curtains and what she saw caused her to take a sharp intake of cold autumn air.

Anna was lying across Lisa’s lap. Her long blonde hair, fastened in a ponytail, almost touched the carpet. Her short black skirt was raised over her back and resting on her soft grey, no doubt cashmere, cardigan. Lisa was spanking Anna’s bottom vigorously over very brief panties, and Anna’s eyes were screwed tight shut as she suffered the numerous smacks.

Lady Sarah was riveted to the spot and couldn’t tear herself away.

Then suddenly Lisa stopped, but Anna didn’t move.

Lady Sarah darted back from the window, desperate not to be seen. Then she heard Lisa say: “Right, let’s make sure you can fully appreciate this lesson, Miss Olson.”

When Lady Sarah peered in again, she took another sharp intake of breath at what she saw. Lisa had taken Anna’s black tights down to her knees and with them Anna’s pale pink knickers, and was now spanking her bare bottom. Anna’s eyes were again shut and her mouth was wide open.

Almost gasping for breath, Lady Sarah couldn’t believe what she was witnessing. She smiled to herself as Lisa continued to rain spanks down on Anna’s upturned bottom. Anna was again crying out in pain.

“Right, I think that’s enough, Miss Olson,” Lisa announced as she suddenly stopped spanking Anna’s bottom.

Anna slowly got to her feet and, with her tights and knickers still around her knees, she once again stood in front of the seated Lisa. Sarah got a clear view of Anna’s red bottom as she bent forward to pull up her underwear.

Deciding it was now definitely time to go, Lady Sarah walked briskly down the garden path and this time out of the small wooden gate.

Lady Sarah found it difficult to sleep that night and, as she tossed and turned in her large bed wishing her husband was there, she kept thinking about what she had seen through Lisa’s French doors. seeing Anna being spanked by Lisa brought back a memory of nearly 15 years ago when she was a young model working in Paris. She also remembered this wasn’t the first time she had stumbled on a spanking.

Fifteen years previously, when she was a young model in Paris for an assignment with a large French department store. The owner of the store, Monsieur Clearmont, was charming and insisted Sarah stay with him and his wife at their apartment in the centre of Paris. It was a dream come true for Sarah who loved seeing Paris for the first time.

One morning, Monsieur Clearmont’s rather frosty wife, Juliette, came down to breakfast wearing a tennis outfit. She explained to Sarah that she was taking part in a charity tennis tournament her husband was sponsoring at the weekend and she wanted to get some practice in.

Later that morning, after a camera broke down, Sarah was told she was not required for the rest of the day, so she returned to the Clearmonts’ apartment. The large apartment was on three floors, and Sarah’s bedroom was on the top floor. As Sarah headed up the stairs, she was aware of raised voices coming from the drawing room on the second floor. Once again, she felt compelled to take a look at what was happening. Without announcing her presence, and peering into the luxurious drawing room, Sarah gasped at what she saw.

Juliette Clearmont was lying across her husband’s lap, still wearing her tennis outfit, but the short white dress had been flipped up above her waist and the matching white frilly knickers were around her knees. Monsieur Clearmont was spanking his wife’s bare bottom, all the time admonishing her about something Sarah couldn’t quite make out. Sarah smiled to herself as she saw and heard the stuck-up Juliette being disciplined, but she tip-toed quietly back downstairs and out of the front door.

Lady Sarah also recalled how much more pleasant Juliette Clearmont was to her for the remainder of her stay.

Simon Huntingdon-Ford MP arrived home the next day. So her husband could have a complete rest from the demands of Westminster, Lady Sarah had given the household staff the weekend off and cooked him a wonderful dinner that they consumed in front of the TV. Simon brought his lovely wife up to date with all the gossip from the Palace of Westminster, even though he knew politics bored her to tears.

Finally, he asked: “So, darling, I’m sorry I’ve not been around for most of the week. How is everything here?” Before Sarah could answer, he added: “I’ve been in touch with Lisa, and she says everything is running much better now you are helping Anna with the paperwork. I just hope it’s not too much for you?”

“No, of course not, Simon. I’m really loving it over at the equestrian office, and it gets me away from the stuffed shirts here. Sorry, I know not all of them are like that, but I do find it much more relaxed with the girls.” Sarah replied between sips of champagne.

Her husband topped her glass up and poured himself a generous measure of port.

He continued: “I’m pleased to hear it, darling. You are doing a great job and I must say Anna has improved no end since she first arrived. We were at one point thinking of letting her go. Lisa has really been able to motivate her.”

‘Yes, I saw Lisa’s motivation technique last night,’ thought Sarah, recalling in her mind Anna across Lisa’s lap having her bare bottom spanked. For a moment, she wondered if her husband knew what was going on between Lisa and Anna. Was he in on it? Had he spanked Anna before they had met, before they were married?

But Sarah soon dismissed these thoughts. After all, he had made no attempt to spank her, and he was very keen on all of that bedroom stuff. If he was in the slightest bit interested in spanking, she felt sure he would have had her over his knee before now. And how would she feel about such a request from her husband? She had never been spanked when she was growing up, and none of her former lovers had spanked her. One did have a thing about tying her up, but was that the same thing?

Suddenly, she realised that Simon was talking.

“Sorry, darling, I missed that. I was miles away,” she said, smiling and blushing at the same time.

“No matter, we are both tired. I was just saying it looks like I will be way most of next week again. I am sorry, the Prime Minister needs my support at the moment and I’m fairly certain I’m going to promoted in the next reshuffle,” beamed Simon.

“That would be wonderful, and you have earned it. Don’t worry, I can cope here. Maybe I should go on Lisa’s training course?” she joked.

Simon didn’t appear to pick up on her comment.

* * *

On Monday morning, Sarah arranged for breakfast to be served in her bedroom at 8.00 am, for both her and her husband. With no shortage of bedrooms in the manor house to choose from, Sarah and her husband each had a bedroom and a dressing room. Although Simon did some work in his bedroom, he also had a study in the otherwise disused north wing of the house. Sarah had only ventured there once.

As the good-looking couple enjoyed a sumptuous breakfast while still in their nightwear, Simon outlined his plans for the week ahead.

“Look, darling, I’m going to dash off this morning. I’ve got a Breakfast TV thing tomorrow, it’s PMQ’s on Wednesday, and I’ve got an all-day committee meeting on Thursday, plus another TV debate thing. So, I’ll be back as soon as I can on Friday.”

With a mouth full of blueberry muffin, Lady Sarah just nodded as her husband went on.

“I’ve been thinking, now that Anna has been taken in hand by Lisa.”

Lady Sarah choked on her muffin on hearing this.

“Are you okay, darling?” enquired Simon.

“Mmmm,” replied Lady Sarah, banging her chest with her fist. “Go on.”

Simon continued. “I was thinking that, maybe with your help, Anna could take on more of Lisa’s duties, leaving Lisa more time to help with the running of the manor house. You said yourself that you are more comfortable with the equestrian centre than dealing with the household staff, and Lisa could put a bit of stick about for you. What do you think, darling?”

“It’s a great idea. So, what you are saying is that I become more involved over at the stables, Anna and I work together more, and Lisa takes on some of the boring stuff here?” Lady Sarah tried not to sound too enthusiastic at the thought of not having to sit in another meeting about the visitor car park or deal with the local council.

“Yes. I’ll leave it to you, darling, to work out the details with Lisa. Now, I really must get going.” With a kiss on her cheek, Simon drained his coffee and got ready to leave for London.

Sarah sat for a while, still unable to get the picture out of her mind of Anna’s pale Scandinavian bottom being spanked to a fiery red by Lisa. She made a mental note to find out more about those two while her husband was away. Little did she know this week was going to be an eye-opener in quite a few ways.

Monday was, as she put it, a ‘Lady of the Manor’ day, and the first meeting was with the various heads of department. Sarah did her best, but she was always relieved when they were over. Her last meeting that morning was with Captain Sweeting, the Head of Security. She found the dapper retired Captain quite dry, but she was aware that, while he couldn’t look her in the eye, he had no trouble gazing at her legs as he mumbled through his thankfully brief report.

“Thank you, Captain. It’s reassuring to know you and your team are keeping us all safe.”

Lady Sarah hoped that would be the end of the meeting with the very observant Captain, but he started again with: “Just one other thing, M’Lady. It’s of a slightly delicate nature, I’m afraid.”

“Go on, please,” replied Lady Sarah, crossing her legs at the same time.

“Well,” flustered the Captain. “It’s Miss Olson, M’Lady. Can you remind her that any visitors have to be signed in at the front gate, as she has a habit of bringing male guests back late at night and failing to do so.”

“I see. Well, thank you for bringing this to my attention. I will speak to Miss Jones about it. Is that all?”

Lady Sarah hoped it was.

“Not quite, M’Lady. It’s a bit delicate, but I have to make you aware that Cook has complained, not for the first time, about the noise.”

“What noise?”

“The noise from Miss Olson’s staff quarters, M’Lady, caused by the male guests. Cook says that some nights she hardly gets any sleep because of the goings-on.” The Captain stole another look at Lady Sarah’s legs.

“Oh, I see. Yes, well reassure Cook that the matter will be dealt with. Thank you, Captain.”

“Thank you, M’Lady.” The Captain stood and bowed his head.

After an hour-long meeting with a representative from the estate office regarding the on-going saga of the overflow car park, Lady Sarah changed into her riding clothes and dashed over to the equestrian centre, hoping for a quick ride out on her favourite horse, ‘Shades’.

While she was saddling up, Lisa and Anna came into the stable block and immediately came over to help her. It was the first time Sarah had seen them since witnessing Anna’s spanking. As soon as she saw the Swedish groom, Sarah again had the picture in her mind of Anna’s bottom being spanked, and of her mouth forming perfect ‘O’s as the repeated ouches filled Lisa’s lounge that Friday evening. If there was any animosity, it didn’t show. Lisa and Anna seemed to be on very good terms.

As she rode out into the grounds of the manor, Lady Sarah decided she would invite Lisa over to afternoon tea the following day to discuss with her Simon’s suggestion of her taking over some duties. She might even ask Lisa outright about what she had seen through the french doors. As she thought about it, she got. a zing of nervous anticipation that was still with her when she returned to the stables.

She decided she wouldn’t stop by Lisa’s cottage, even though she had been invited for a quick glass of wine. She wanted to keep things on a slightly more formal footing for the time being.

The next afternoon, Lady Sarah asked Lisa to come over to the manor house at 4.00 pm for a chat but, because of a last minute customer turning up at the equestrian centre, Lisa didn’t arrive at Lady Sarah’s floral- lined study until nearly 5.00 pm. Sensing rightly that this was a formal meeting, Lisa respectfully dipped a hint of a curtsey as she entered.

“Sorry I’m late, M’Lady. Did you get my text explaining?”

“Yes. Don’t worry, Lisa. I just wanted to run through an idea about how we could work together more efficiently. Take a seat, please,” replied Lady Sarah. She gestured to two low sofas with a coffee table between them. As they sat down opposite one another, there was a knock at the door. Maisy, one off the household staff, appeared with some tea, looking very smart in her black and white uniform.

“Thank you, Maisy. That will be all for today. See you tomorrow, and thank you for your help today,” Lady Sarah beamed at the teenage Maisy.

“Thank you, M’lady.” The maid blushed.

As Lady Sarah poured their tea, Lisa began to feel as if this was no ordinary meeting. Sarah seemed as if she had something on her mind. Lisa was relieved when Lady Sarah outlined the plan for her to take over some of her duties, and for Anna and herself to work more closely at the equestrian centre.

“It sounds a great idea!” Lisa exclaimed. “I’m definitely up for it, and I’m sure Anna will be too.”

Lady Sarah Smiled and paused for a moment, knowing what she said next was going to change things. The questions that had been racing around her head since Friday just had to be asked. She went for it.

“So, I will be Anna’s line manager, and you will continue to report directly to my husband.”

Lisa nodded.

Lady Sarah continued. “So, my husband says you have had a very positive influence over Anna. Would you say that’s true, Lisa?”

Lisa appeared not to read anything into Lady Sarah’s smile.

“I hope so. She is much more focused these days, and more reliable. So, yes, I’d like to think I’ve trained her well.” Lisa nervously brushed her short black hair behind her ears as she always did when she felt under pressure.

Both women looked at one another for a few seconds, then Lady Sarah got up and walked over to her desk, where she poured them both a large glass of pale sherry.

“Yes, it’s your training methods I’d like to hear more about, Lisa,” smiled Lady Sarah, glass of sherry in hand.

Lisa began to feel even more nervous. Had Anna told Sarah about the ‘arrangement’? Or was Sarah just fishing for information? She took a gulp of sherry.

Thinking carefully, Lisa answered: “I’ve just encouraged her where I could and tried to concentrate her mind on completing tasks. I think she has responded well.”

“Yes, my husband is very impressed with your methods, Lisa. Could you tell me a bit more about how exactly you help Anna concentrate her mind?” smiled Lady Sarah as she gained in confidence. She was sure Lisa knew exactly what she was talking about.

Lisa said nothing, although she was certain Lady Sarah knew something. Her fears were soon confirmed.

“So, your training methods include spanking Anna on her bare bottom. Is that right?” Lady Sarah questioned, looking Lisa directly in the eye. She went on: “I was going to try the spare key the other night, but when I got to your french doors I couldn’t help but see what you were up to.”

Lisa felt very embarrassed and exposed, but she noticed Lady Sarah had a very high colour, shining eyes and although she was trying to come over in an authoritative way, really she was intrigued.

Feeling empowered, Lisa replied cautiously. “Well, yes, I do spank Anna, with her full consent. We are both adults. It was in our own time. Lots of people indulge in spanking. It’s not that unusual, Sarah.”

By using ‘Sarah’ instead of ‘My Lady’, Lisa was trying to test whether this was still a formal conversation.

Almost immediately, Lady Sarah got up and went over to the door of her study, opened it, and looked up and down the corridor outside. She closed and locked the door before coming back and sitting on the sofa next to Lisa.

“Tell me about it, please. I can’t get it out of my head. Does my husband know? Do you spank any other member of staff?”

Lisa took a deep breath, relaxing now she knew she was right about Lady Sarah’s interest.

“No, your husband doesn’t know about it. And no, I don’t have the same arrangement with anyone else,” explained Lisa in between taking large sips of sherry.

“Arrangement?” asked Lady Sarah.

“I’ll explain,” replied Lisa. “’Anna’s family are very wealthy, as I think you are aware, and she was mostly at school here in England; a private school of course. I think some spanking went on between the girls, but while Anna was staying with her Aunt Jane she got her first proper spanking when she was 19 years old. From what Anna explained to me, it really changed her, helped her concentrate on her studies. Then, when she attended a finishing school in Switzerland a year later, the preferred method of discipline was spanking; unofficial of course. From what I can gather from Anna, she was no stranger to being disciplined in this way. So, when she started having problems here, we had a heart-to-heart and we came up with our arrangement. If I have a problem with her not completing forms or accounts correctly, we discuss it and then I spank her. It seems to work well, as you can see from her staff records how much she has improved.”

Lisa began to relax as Lady Sarah digested this revelation, clearly deep in thought.

Lady Sarah then asked: “And does Anna spank you?”

“No, Anna doesn’t. I’ve been spanked by a couple of girlfriends, but not recently.” Lisa smiled.

Both ladies suddenly burst into laughter.

Lady Sarah roared: “I can’t believe the conversation we are having!”

“Nor me!” gasped Lisa. “Who would have thought a few weeks ago that I would be discussing spanking the head groom’s bottom with the new Lady of the Manor?”

After another round of sherry, Lady Sarah told Lisa about the complaint from Cook about the noise from Anna’s flat and the comment from Captain Sweeting about not always signing-in her visitors. Both ladies instantly knew what the other was thinking.

Then Lisa placed her empty glass on the coffee table, stood up, and said: “Well, M’Lady, now that you will be Miss Olson’s new line manager, I think you should be present when I discuss the security breach with her, don’t you think?”

Lady Sarah smiled. The sherry and the strange conversation were making her head spin.

She answered to the departing Lisa: “’Yes, I think so. Yes, I think that would be appropriate, and don’t forget the complaint from Cook about the noise.”

Lisa smiled as she unlocked the study door.

“Shall we say tomorrow, 7.30 pm, at the cottage, for our meeting with Miss Olson, M’Lady? I will explain to her the new management structure, and the security breach, and maybe you would like to discuss the noise issue at a later date with her, once you have fully acquainted yourself with the ‘arrangement’?”

With a giggle, Lady Sarah replied: “Yes, Miss Jones. I look forward to seeing you and Miss Olson tomorrow.”

The next morning, after a restless night, Lady Sarah was having a riding lesson with Anna, who was, as usual, bright and friendly. As they rode along together, Lady Sarah was fascinated watching Anna ride as she rose and fell in the saddle, her white, drum- tight jodhpurs clinging to her well upholstered bottom. Once again, Lady Sarah had in her mind the view of Anna being spanked by Lisa the other evening. She got a strange feeling in her stomach when she thought of what she might witness that evening at 7.30.

Of course, she said nothing about this to the lovely Anna, but as they returned to the stable block, Anna said: “That was a good lesson; you are coming on really well.”

“Thank you, Anna, you are a very good instructor.” Lady Sarah smiled as she removed her riding hat and ran her fingers through her short blonde hair.

“’Same time tomorrow then?” Anna replied. “Oh, but I will see you later at Lisa’s. She said we are all getting together for a glass of wine and a chat.”

Taken slightly by surprise, and wondering how much she should say, Lady Sarah simply nodded and replied: “Yes, see you later at the cottage.”

When Lady Sarah looked at her mobile phone, she had a text from Lisa.

‘Come over whenever you can tonight. I’ve told Anna there are going to be some changes to how we work and that we both need to talk to her.’

Lady Sarah replied: ‘OK, I’ll be over about 7.00. I’ll bring wine and nibbles. xx.’

Lady Sarah had only one meeting in her diary for that afternoon; a meeting with a local charity who were looking for somewhere to store some stock for their soon-to-be-opening shop. Her husband had suggested they could use some space in the old north wing that was mainly unused and almost shut off to save on heating costs. The charity were delighted with this offer and the meeting ended with the committee members being very impressed with the vivacious New Lady of the Manor.

However, Lady Sarah’s mind kept wandering during their presentation. She kept looking at her watch and thinking about her meeting with Lisa and Anna that evening. She had to force herself to concentrate.

By the time the last committee members finally left, making the most of their audience with Lady Sarah, it was almost 6.00 pm. As Lady Sarah was heading to her bedroom to change, her husband called on her mobile phone.

“Hi, darling, how are you?”

“All OK. The charity people were delighted with your offer of space in the north wing, and they have only just gone. They arrived at 3.00!” Lady Sarah sighed in mock annoyance.

“Poor you, darling. Anyway, the government is still in crisis and I’m on breakfast TV again in the morning. Have you got any plans tonight, or is it just feet up in front of the TV?” Simon laughed.

“Okay, I’ll make sure I record your TV appearance tomorrow. But no, no plans, just a boring night in,” she lied, as the butterflies returned to her stomach. Thinking better of it, and in case Captain Sweeting saw her walking over to the cottage, she added nonchalantly: “I might pop in and watch TV with Lisa later.”

“Good idea, darling. Have you had a chance to speak to her about what I suggested?”

“Yes, briefly, but I thought I would discuss it in more detail tonight,” she replied, thinking quickly.

“Yes, good idea. Anyway, must go, darling. The division bell has just gone. Love you. See you Friday,” and with that the call ended.

Sarah surveyed her vast wardrobe, trying to decide what to wear. Normally, an evening with the girls was a very casual affair, and Anna often turned up in her pyjamas. But tonight was different and Sarah wanted to be in ‘Lady of the Manor’ mode. It would help calm her nerves and give her more confidence.

She decided to have a quick shower and put on fresh underwear. Soon she was heading downstairs wearing a pistachio green calf-length pleated skirt with a white silk shirt worn open-necked with a string of pearls that had been a wedding present from Simon. In case the evening air was a little cool, she slipped on a long navy-blue cardigan on top. She picked up some light bites from the kitchen with two bottles of white wine, threw a long formal cashmere overcoat round her shoulders, took a deep breath and walked out of the front door heading for Lisa’s cottage.

By 7.45 pm, Lisa, dressed slightly more formally than for a normal girls night in and wearing a black pencil skirt and roll neck jumper, and Lady Sarah were half-way through their first bottle of chardonnay and waiting for Anna to arrive. Lisa had reassured Sarah that she would take control of the conversation as soon as Anna arrived. She intended to spank Anna in the lounge, the same way as Lady Sarah had observed through the window.

With the wine making her feel braver, Sarah asked: “Will you take Anna’s knickers down?”

“Yes, of course. I always spank her bare bottom,” replied Lisa with a smile. Looking at her watch, she said: “I wonder where she is. She said she would be over at 7.00. It’s getting on for 8.00!”

Almost on cue, they both heard the distinctive rumble of Anna’s car as she pulled up outside the cottage.

“Here she is!” they both said together, and Sarah’s heart began to beat faster as she knew the evening was about to start.

Lisa opened the door and in ran Anna. From the lounge, Sarah could hear Lisa asking: “Whatever’s the matter, Anna?”

Sarah stood up and met them in the hallway. Anna was clearly upset about something.

“It’s my sister, well, half-sister, Ingrid, in London. She has just called me to say her flat has been broken into while she was away on holiday in Italy. She’s just got back and she sounds in a right state. I’ve got to dash down and help her.”

Anna was speaking so fast it was hard to take it all in.

“Yes, yes, of course you must go, but are you sure you are okay to drive?” Lisa asked the clearly upset Anna.

“Yes, I must go to her. I don’t have any lessons until the afternoon tomorrow, if you don’t mind skipping your lesson tomorrow morning, M’Lady?”

Anna kept forgetting that Lady Sarah was always just ‘Sarah’ at the cottage.

“Of course not, just go and look after her. We can cope. Just don’t drive too fast.” Sarah felt guilty as he spoke, knowing that she was disappointed that tonight’s events were now cancelled.

Lisa quickly grabbed a few things from her fridge, and a bottle of water. She thrust them at Anna saying: “A few things to keep you going. Call us when you can and don’t worry about anything here. Give Ingrid our love. Hope she is okay.”

With kisses all round, Anna roared off into the gloom of the early evening, clearly ignoring the advice not to drive too fast.

Lisa and Sarah returned to the lounge and sat down.

“Gosh, what drama! I didn’t know Anna had a sister. She hasn’t mentioned her before, I don’t think,” Sarah remarked as she reached for more wine.

“It’s a very on-off relationship. They have the same mum, but a different dad. Ingrid lives in London, I think. She works for the Swedish embassy, or something like that. She’s nothing like Anna,” Lisa replied as she let Sarah top up her glass.

For Sarah, Anna’s departure for London was a huge let-down, but she tried not to show it.

Lisa, though, was well aware of Sarah’s disappointment and again thought carefully before she spoke. Taking her time to weigh up her next move, all the while taking in the very attractive Lady of the Manor, Lisa sensed a slightly awkward silence as they sat sipping their wine.

Lisa suddenly spoke. “I’ve been thinking. You know, it’s a shame that Anna had to dash off, but maybe it’s given us an opportunity.”

“An opportunity? What do you mean, Lisa?” Lady Sarah blushed, and it wasn’t just from the wine.

“I was thinking you taking over the arrangement with Anna is all well and good, apart from one rather large gap in your knowledge, don’t you think?” Lisa replied with increasing confidence.

“What gap? I’m not following you,” Sarah answered in a slightly shaky voice as she tried not to blush any more deeply.

“You said yourself, Sarah, that you’ve never been spanked. How can you be trusted with spanking anyone else? They say before you give, you must receive. Don’t you agree?” Lisa sat back in the sofa and waited for the penny to drop.

But, Lady Sarah was already ahead of her, and suddenly it all came gushing out.

“I keep thinking about it. I now realise that I was deeply affected by seeing the French tennis lady being spanked by her husband, and then seeing you spank Anna, I’ve not been able to get the thoughts out of my head. I keep thinking I should speak to Simon, but what if he laughs at me? What if he thinks I’m some sort of pervert? I just don’t know what to do.”

Lady Sarah was now standing, waiting for Lisa to reply and unsure whether she wanted to hear the answer.

“I know what you need, and so do you, Sarah. I’m going upstairs to my study. If you want to, come up too.” Then Lisa stood up and held Sarah in her arms. She whispered in her ear: “If you want to go, leave and we will never speak of this again. If you do come upstairs, you can still say no, but once you are in position I’m in charge, understand?”

Lisa felt Sarah nod her understanding, so she let her go and headed upstairs to her study.

Once upstairs, Lisa quickly tidied up her desk and made sure the curtains were properly drawn. Downstairs, Lady Sarah’s mind was in overdrive. She knew she wanted to go ahead, but she was worried about how much it would hurt and, maybe even more, how it might affect her standing with Lisa, and even Anna. With another deep breath and a large gulp of wine, she smoothed down her skirt and joined Lisa upstairs.

Lisa looked up from behind her desk as Lady Sarah entered the study that was once a bedroom. Lisa didn’t smile though she wanted to, and maybe even cheer!

She spoke calmly and clearly. “Lady Sarah, I’m pleased you have decided to join me. I believe you will benefit from the same introduction to the way things are done here as Miss Olson received. Do you agree?”

“Yes, I agree, Miss Jones.” Lady Sarah whispered.

“Let’s make a start, shall we?”

Lisa stood up and took Lady Sarah across to a small sofa and sat herself down.

Looking up at the standing Lady Sarah, Lisa snapped: “I’m sure you know the position, M’lady.”

There was a momentarily pause when Sarah remembered Lisa’s warning that once she was in position there would be no going back. Sarah slipped off her long navy blue cardigan and threw it on a nearby chair. She closed her eyes and lay across Lisa’s lap. the upper part of her body resting on the sofa. Lisa adjusted her ladyship’s position so that her bottom was a bit higher, and then announced: “Right, M’Lady, instead of sneaking around watching other people getting spanked, now it’s your turn!”

And then Lisa started spanking Lady Sarah’s upturned bottom.

The shock of being spanked for the first time kept Lady Sarah silent for a good few minutes as Lisa’s palm repeatedly visited her bottom, but she knew things were going to get more serious when she felt Lisa pull up her long green skirt above her waist. Now she felt the spanking on her cream silk knickers.

As the spanks found their target, Lady Sarah found her voice: “Ouch! Oww! That hurt!”

Despite the cries, Lisa was amazed how well Sarah was taking her spanking. Indeed, she couldn’t quite believe she was spanking the New Lady of the Manor, and she was becoming slightly light-headed with the exertion. She decided to take a quick break.

“Well, M’Lady, now that you have had a quick introduction, I think it’s time for me to start in earnest and, pretty though they are, your knickers now need to come down.”

Before Sarah could say anything, she felt Lisa’s hand in the waistband of her knickers. She had to wriggle slightly as Lisa navigated them past her stocking tops and down to her knees.

She wanted to say something, but couldn’t, as her knickers reached her knees She was aware of the coolness of the study air on her now smarting bottom.

Lisa was captivated by the sight of Sarah’s bare bottom framed by the straps of her cream suspender belt holding up her lace-topped flesh coloured stockings. Lisa had only been spanking Anna for the last few months, and she was fascinated to see how the two women compared, Lady Sarah’s bottom still had some tan lines from wearing a bikini on her honeymoon, and her skin was not as pale as Anna’s, but her bottom was very toned from years of yoga. Lisa’s palm now started to make contact with Sarah’s bare bottom for the first time, and Sarah really started to feel the spanks. Lisa could see two bright red patches on each cheek and, with a flurry of rapid-fire spanks Lisa stopped and helped Lady Sarah stand up.

As Lady Sarah stood up, she felt for one second that she was going to faint. Her head was spinning, her short hair was out of place, her eyes were watering, and the sting from her bottom was like nothing she had ever felt before, but there was something else as well, something pent up in her for years had been released.

Lisa was high on emotion as well and, as looked at Lady Sarah rubbing her bottom, face bright red to match, Lisa knew this wasn’t going to be the last time she would spank the New Lady of the Manor. She decided she would push her luck just a little further.

“Well done, M’Lady, you took your spanking well, but we are not completely finished, I’m afraid,” Lisa announced to an astonished Lady Sarah.

“Not finished? My bottom is on fire!”

“That’s as maybe, M’Lady, but I intend to give you a quick introduction to the paddle, in line with Miss Olson’s first session.” Lisa tried not to smile as she helped Lady Sarah back over to her desk and asked her to bend over.

With just the slightest hesitation, Lady Sarah did as she had been requested. Lisa then retrieved a black leather paddle from the back of the small sofa and lifted Lady Sarah’s skirt over her back. Taking a few steps back, Lisa felt slightly sorry for Sarah as her bottom was bright red now. Nonetheless, she gave the bending Lady of the Manor four licks of the paddle, and her ladyship howled at each one. Finally, Lady Sarah followed Lisa back downstairs. She sat down very carefully, screwing up her face as she did so.

“Goodness! My bottom is sore!”

“You did really well, Sarah. Anna was crying her eyes out the first time I spanked her.”

As they shared more wine and nibbles from the manor house kitchen, Lady Sarah asked: “So, am I licensed to spank now?”

Lisa laughed. “Well, maybe a couple more lessons, M’Lady.”

The End

© Duncan Wade 2020

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