A new headmaster finds his Head Girl particularly helpful

by PG

“If you’d like to practice caning a girl, you can cane me.”

James Simmons was the new Headmaster at Archdean Lodge House, a very prestigious girls only public school on the south coast. There had been hot competition for the post, but James had a superb teaching career to date. Graduating from Oxford with a First Class Degree in History, he had held three teaching posts and in his previous school he had been second master for six years.

Sitting before him on his very first day was Helen Brown, who had been appointed Head Girl in the last week of the previous term. She was a very attractive girl and the purpose of the meeting was for Helen to brief the new Headmaster on the Prefects system and how discipline was administered. She explained that punishments ranged from a few strokes of the slipper for relatively minor incidents to a caning for something more serious.

Helen had been a prefect for her lower sixth year and it was nobody’s surprise when she was chosen as Head Girl – a role that included being the first port of call for any girl deemed to have broken school rules. It was for Helen and the other senior prefects to decide if the prefecture could properly administer punishment, or whether the girl in question should be sent to the Headmaster. If it was decided that the girl’s punishment could be kept within the prefecture, it was normal for the Head Girl to administer the slipper or the cane with at least one other prefect present. All punishments were given across the girl’s knickers with their skirt removed.

If however the decision was taken to send the girl in question to the Headmaster, which was a rare event, it was normal for the girl to be given a minimum of six strokes of the cane across their bare bottom in the presence of the Head Girl and at least one other senior prefect. In an average term the Headmaster was called upon no more than three or four times, but these events were very important as they marked the ultimate sanction. Suspensions and expulsions simply did not happen.

James was fascinated as Helen explained the system that had been in place for many decades. The administration of corporal punishment was a long-standing tradition at Archdean Lodge House and it was fast becoming clear that on occasion he would be expected to administer the most serious punishment. Indeed at his interview with the Chairman of the Governor’s it had been made clear that the successful applicant would be required to carry on the tradition, and in any case it was a condition of admission for all pupils that their parents sign a form to accept that their daughters could be subject to corporal punishment. The only problem that faced James Simmons was that in his career to date he had never previously administered such punishment and as such had absolutely no experience and told Helen as much.

And it was this admission to Helen Brown that prompted the most astonishing response.

“If you’d like to practice caning a girl, you can cane me.”

James did not know what to say and eventually simply asked if she was serious. Helen responded by telling James that it was her responsibility to maintain discipline, and if she sent a girl to the Headmaster for a caning, she would need to know that the discipline would be correctly administered, and if the cost of that was that she should submit to a caning to effectively instruct him how to administer a thrashing, so be it.

Whilst it was an extraordinary offer, it would at least allow him to practice, as the last thing he would want was to ‘mess up’ when he was required to administer a real punishment. He again asked her if she was serious, to which Helen simply told him that yes she was serious and added that: “We cannot have our new Headmaster entering totally unknown territory when faced with his first real caning.”

James came to the conclusion she was deadly serious and asked her when she would like to proceed. Helen told him that she was on a free period and that there was no time like the present.

James said: “OK, take me through the process step by step.”

Helen then did just that, saying: “Step one would be a call from me, as the Head Girl, to your secretary requesting a short meeting to explain the circumstances of the particular girl’s crime and why we, as the prefecture, had decided to send the girl to you, as the Headmaster, for a caning. Step two would be for us to set a time and inform the girl in question. Step three would be for me as Head Girl and one other senior prefect to bring the girl to your study for punishment.”

Helen went on. “Step four would be us, as the two prefects, to move to one side whilst the girl is addressed directly by you as she is standing in front of your desk.”

At this point Helen stood up and went to the spot she was referring to.

“You would then explain to the girl that her behaviour was totally unacceptable and that she had pushed the prefecture to the point where they had to involve you as Headmaster. Step five would be your confirmation that you were awarding six strokes of the sixth form cane, which you should then fetch from the cane cupboard.”

Helen then stepped over to the cupboard and selected a three foot cane with a crooked handle and placed it in front of him.

“Step six would be your instruction to the girl that in the time honoured tradition of Archdean Lodge House, a caning from the Headmaster is given across the bare-bottom and that she should take off her jacket and remove all clothing below the waist.”

Helen then removed her jacket and, with the Headmaster looking on in awe, unzipped her skirt and removed it. Taking off her shoes, Helen pushed her tights down one leg at a time before facing him and, with absolutely no embarrassment, putting her fingers into the elastic of her knickers and pushing them down before standing tall and facing him completely naked below her waist with her shapely hips flaring down to her long legs and auburn public triangle at the centre.

“Step seven would be for you to tell the girl what position she was to take up. This is a matter of personal choice, but your predecessor had the girl bend over the stool in the corner.”

At this point Helen turned to fetch the stool, giving James the first sight of her superb bottom, adding: “That you would put the stool in the middle of your study and you would then instruct the girl to get into position with her bottom facing the two prefects and at the same time making sure you have enough room to swing the cane.”

At this point Helen bent over the stool and reached right down to take hold of the front legs and, at the same time, stretching her legs out behind her giving the Headmaster the most extraordinary sight of her exposed bottom.

Helen added: “It is important that the girl is properly balanced, which means that her legs should be slightly apart, and then step eight would be for you to administer the caning. Take the cane slowly back and aim for it to hit the middle of her bottom as firmly as possible without losing control, and try to space the strokes out over three to four inches and certainly striking nothing below the crease or anything too high. Also make sure the tip of the cane does not wrap round the far side, so go ahead and practice on my bottom with six strokes and don’t worry about trying to go easy, I need to know that you can give a really firm caning.”

This was extraordinary and the Headmaster was very appreciative of the help his Head Girl was giving him in the most extraordinary way. He was also very taken with the sight in front of him with her exquisite bottom waiting for his newly acquired cane. He touched Helen’s bottom a couple of times before giving her the first stroke. Helen should not have worried; the first stroke was firm indeed and was right across the centre of her bottom and caused Helen to gasp. She was immediately reminded of the feeling of nothing followed by the searing sting of the cane, but made so much worse without the protection of her knickers. Ten seconds later he delivered the second stroke just below the first and caused another gasp. Leaving a slightly longer gap, James thrashed Helen’s bottom a third time in the gap between the second and the crease and she gripped the legs of the stool more firmly whilst at the same time parting her legs for better balance. Twenty seconds later he caned her for the fourth time higher up and he was pleased that he seemed to be doing OK with a neat set of cane lines nicely parallel. Helen meanwhile was being left in doubt of the efficacy of the cane applied to her bare bottom. There was a gap just above the centre of her bottom into which he caned her for the fifth time. Helen knew there was one stroke left and he waited for over twenty seconds before thrashing her for the last time right across the centre of her now decorated bottom. Without being instructed, he had delivered the last stroke as tradition should have it as the hardest of all. Helen then told him that he should tell the girl to remain in position over the stool for a short period until being instructed to stand. The Headmaster stood back to admire the very clear six stripes across her bottom.

Helen was impressed. He had caned her severely and her bottom was truly on fire.

Standing up, she faced him and told him: “Step nine is for you to tell the girl to face you and remind her why she had just been caned. You should take some time to explain things and ensure that there is an element of humiliation, as she remains naked below the waist in front of you with her pubic triangle on show. If she tries to cover her nudity you should tell her to keep her hands by her side.”

As Helen was explaining this final step, she was indeed standing as described and the Headmaster could not deny that the view in front of him was extraordinary. The Headmaster told Helen he was extremely grateful for the extraordinary way she had explained how a caning should take place and hoped she was not in too much pain. Helen’s bottom was indeed ‘red-hot’ but she told him that she was very pleased to have given him the opportunity to practice and that she was confident that he would deliver first-class canings when called on by the prefecture. Eventually Helen replaced her clothes and left the Headmaster to reflect on an extraordinary thirty minutes.

What Helen did not know was that the new Headmaster had been both a county level tennis player as well as having a single figure golf handicap and was very used to hitting a target with great accuracy, confirmed by the considerable throbbing within her bottom.

What the Headmaster did not know was that Helen had been caned once before and had ‘engineered’ that occasion as well. Helen was way too well behaved to have ever merited a punishment caning, but at the same time she had held a secret desire to actually experience a thrashing. As a prefect in the lower sixth she had watched several canings given by the previous Head Girl and previously had seen the results of many a girl’s caned bottom as they changing for games. She was strangely envious and inquisitive.

When she was appointed Head Girl in the latter stages of the previous term, she had asked the out-going Headmaster for a meeting to see if she could live out this strange desire to experience a caning with a plan all of her own. During the meeting she had discussed her forthcoming responsibilities regarding administering corporal punishment and told the out-going Head that, having never experienced a caning, she felt strongly that if she was going to administer the cane she needed to know first hand what a caning actually felt like, and asked him if he could demonstrate. Taking six strokes across her knickers bent right across the stool had been an extraordinary experience and, whilst she had not fully enjoyed the actual caning, the after effects had been extraordinary and had left her with erotic thoughts throughout the summer holidays and she wondered what a bare bottom caning would have been like. Indeed the idea became more powerful the more she thought about it and she wondered if she might ever experience the cane across her bare bottom.

As such, the situation that presented itself with the new Headmaster that had never administered corporal punishment and certainly not the cane, had given Helen an extraordinary opportunity. It was certainly not premeditated and it was completely instinctive when she said: “If you’d like to practice caning a girl, you can cane me.”

As it happened, she need not have worried about James Simmons ability to use the cane, and she knew that she would be feeling the after effects of being caned for a while. Again, like before, she could not say that she had enjoyed the caning itself, but she had achieved a strange ambition rather earlier than she might ever have imagined. And like before, that evening as her bottom positively ‘glowed’ she had erotic thoughts as she thought about being across that stool with her bare bottom presented to the new Headmaster.

She certainly never forgot this second caning which in any case immediately led to an excellent working relationship between the new Headmaster and his Head Girl.

The End

© PG 2016