New Girl

An interesting little story of a girl’s punishment. From the old website

By Fenton Creek

A new girl gets into trouble and gets very anxious talking to her classmates. She knows it will be the cane or strap – but will she be allowed to keep her knickers on?

“…I am going to consider your punishment, Camilla,” said Mrs Blackburn, the Headmistress. “One of the prefects will come for you later on today. Now, back to your classes.”

“Yes Miss.” I turned and opened the door through to the school secretary’s office, taking care to close it carefully behind me. Miss Jennings, the secretary, smiled sympathetically at me as I passed over the punishment chitty. She read it then said: “Right, you’ll get sent for later – probably this afternoon.”

Fortunately I had a study period and set off for the library. My friend Carla fell in step beside me.

“What did you get?”

“I don’t know. She says she’ll send for me later.”

“Oh! Trouble!”

“What does that mean?”

“Did you ever get the cane at your old school?”

“No, hardly anybody did.”

“Well, if she’s sent you away to come back later then that’s probably what you are going to get.”

I stopped in mid-step and turned to her. “Oh no, really?”

“Yes,” said Carla. “If it was detention or something then she would have just sent you and your parents a letter. If you’ve got to go back then it’s the cane or the strap.”

My heart seemed to miss a beat.

“So, what happens?”

“Well, sometime, and you won’t know when, a prefect or the Head Girl will come for you and take you to Miss Jennings’ office. Then they’ll ask you to take your blazer and skirt off.”

“My skirt!?”

Carla gave a grim smile. “You’ll get caned either on your knickers or, and I don’t want to worry you, but if it’s really serious then on your bare bottom with your knickers down.”

By now I had a bit of queasy feeling in my stomach. Carla carried on: “Probably make you wait for a few minutes, then call you in. Usually one of the other teachers is there as a witness.”

Carla paused, then: “Oh yes, another thing. Don’t try wearing your tennis knickers or, worse still, do what Sengeeta did last year.”

“Oh, why not? “And what did Sen…. Sengeeta do?”

“If you put thick pants on then she’ll make you take them down for sure. Sengeeta tried to be clever and wore her swimsuit under her clothes, then put her knickers on over the top.”

“What happened?”

“Got found out. Had to take her costume off which meant all her other clothes had to come off. She got caned in the nude!”

“That won’t happen to me will it?”

“No, you’ll probably keep your knickers on as it’s a first time, or you might get a couple on your pants then one or two with them pulled down.”

I couldn’t concentrate for the rest of the morning, and that nearly got me into trouble as well. During Chemistry, just before lunchtime, there was a knock on the door and then Julia Sanders, the Head Girl, walked in. I suddenly felt very apprehensive but she was just delivering a letter.

At lunch I didn’t feel like eating. My first afternoon lesson was French which I really enjoy. We were doing conversation practice and I’d nearly forgotten about my forthcoming punishment when there was a knock at the door.


Julia Sanders opened the door and came in …

It seemed like the slowest, longest walk of my life along the corridor, down the stairs, across the playground then up the stairs to the Head’s Office.

Miss Jennings buzzed the intercom. “Camilla Goodall is here.”

The Head’s reply was indistinct but seemed to end in the words “get her ready”.

Miss Jennings spoke to Julia. “She’ll be a couple of minutes. She says that Camilla can leave her clothes out here.”

Julia turned to me. “Could you please take off your blazer and skirt? You can leave them on the chair here. Then tuck the tails of your blouse up into your jumper.”

I took off my blazer and put it over the back of the chair. I was still not quite believing what was happening. “My skirt as well?” Julia nodded. I unbuttoned my skirt and stepped out of it, wishing I’d not put on my bright pink knickers that morning and that I’d worn some new tights instead of the ones I had on with a ladder down the left thigh.

The intercom buzzed and this time I clearly heard the words: “Send her in”.

Julia ushered me into the Head’s office and closed the door behind me. Mrs Blackburn sat behind her desk. A young woman whom I recognised as one of the teachers stood beside her.

Mrs Blackburn addressed me: “Camilla, we’ve discussed your behaviour already so I won’t waste time going over anything again.” On her desk was a leather strap, about an inch wide and two feet long. She picked this up and turned to the teacher: “Miss Newhart, would you please get her ready.”

The younger teacher pulled a chair into the centre of the room. “Hands on the chair, head down, stick your bottom out.”

Obediently I did as I was told. In the corner of my eye I saw Mrs Blackburn stand behind and just to the left of me.

“Three strokes Camilla. Get ready.”

There was a pause of about three or four seconds then I heard a tiny swish and the strap landed on my knickers. It didn’t hurt as much as I expected and I managed not to cry out.

The second stroke made me gasp and give a little “Ow!”

There was a pause of several seconds and Carla’s words came back to me: “..or you might get a couple on your pants then one with them pulled down.”

A few more seconds passed then I was actually grateful to hear the tiny swish and feel the last stroke.

“Camilla, you may stand up now.”

I stood up, rubbing my bottom.

“Don’t let me see you in these sorts of circumstances again. I won’t be so lenient. Get dressed and back to your classes. Dismissed!”

The End