A teenager finds things quite different when she moves from California to North Carolina and starts at a new school

by Kevan Masterson

“Shall we take my car?”

Donna Hendry looked round at the new red Mustang convertible parked in her neighbor’s drive.

“Okay.” The small auburn haired eighteen year old waited for Jennifer Mendelsen to get in, start the engine and flick the switch that lowered the soft top into its cavity.

“Put your bags on the back seat.” Blond haired Jennifer invited, as she twisted round and did the same with her rucksack.


“Hey, this sure beats my old heap of a car.” Donna looked around the car, admiring the fine trimmings and smart instrument panel all finished in a mixture of cream and red. She looked at her wristwatch. “Hey, we’re running late.”

“This is the third one I’ve had.” Jennifer checked the mirror before switching to the traffic lane to her left. “One advantage of having a father who’s loaded.”

“Are there any disadvantages?”

“Well, we get to move around the country a lot!”

“I guess this is quite a change from California.”

“Certainly is. North Carolina seems, well, all rather quaint.”

“Quaint?” Donna’s face puckered up. “How is it quaint?”

“I don’t know. Everything seems more rigid. Like the high school year book, for example. I’ve never seen so many rules and regulations. It’s like we were living back in the 1960s.”

“I suppose.” Donna leaned back in the comfortable seat. “So, how are you settling in at Palmerstone High? It sure must have been difficult switching at this stage of your education.”

“Fine, although like I said I find some of the rules rather tedious.”

“Yeah!” Donna looked down at the blue jeans Jennifer had on. “I guess those jeans might draw some comment from some of the staff.”

“What? What’s wrong with them? Everyone wears jeans!”

“Well, yeah, but they’re a bit low cut and those rips in the knees make ‘em look like they’re all wore out.”

“Worn out? Hey, these are just two weeks old! And rips in the knees are fashionable. I had to cut them with a knife to get them looking this way.”

“Right. I just hope the staff share your ideas about fashion.”

“Fashion’s fashion. Right?”


The two girls continued their journey in silence until Jennifer had guided the Mustang into the main parking lot at Palmerstone High.

“Jeez! It’s certainly crowded.” Jennifer swung the shiny red convertible into another lane of the parking lot as she searched for a vacant space. “I guess it’s going to have to be that grass verge there.”

“Hey, you can’t park there!” Donna exclaimed. “You’ll get a ticket violation for sure.”

“So what? What’s it going to cost me? A 30$ fine? My father will pay. Anyway, if I don’t park here we’re going to be late, and I bet that’s not going to be too popular either.”

“True.” Donna got out of the car once Jennifer had applied the parking brake. “But there’s something else you need to consider, Jennifer.”

“Don’t worry about it, Donna. Trust me.”


“Oh, just come on.”

The two girls left the car and went off to their classes after having arranged to meet for lunch.

* * *

“You are not going to believe this!” Jennifer stormed as she sat down at a vacant table.

“What’s that?”

“Some oaf of a parking attendant has got me a referral to the vice principal. A referral? For parking? Can you believe that?”

“Well.” Donna paused to finish a mouthful of the salmon salad she’d selected for her lunch. “I did try to warn you, Jennifer.”


“And?” Donna paused again with a forkful of salad poised.

“And Miss Hardiman gave me another referral for dress code violation.”

“The jeans?”

“Yes, and the low cut top.” Jennifer looked down at her firm round breasts, a few inches of which were exposed by the pink floral blouse she wore. “She said the blouse was too small for me and I should have had more buttons done up. Hell, I can’t get more buttons done up!”

“Because it’s too small for you?”

“Well, yes.” Finally, Jennifer started on her own lunch, fried chicken and a baked potato. “But Miss Hardiman? I mean, she can’t be more than 24 years old herself.”

“The point being?”

“The point being, she should know what I’m wearing is just fashionable. Everyone is wearing this sort of thing in California.”

“This ain’t California though, Jennifer.”

“It certainly isn’t.” Jennifer took a drink from a glass of orange juice. “I suppose I’m in for a suspension. That’s something I could really do without, just now.”

“You’ll probably get another option.”

“What, extra work? I really don’t need that either.”

“No, I was thinking you’re bound to get offered swats.” Donna finished her salad and pushed the plate to one side. “Five, I guess. Two violations on one day is usually good enough to get you five.”

“Five swats? What do you mean swats? Hey, you don’t mean….?”

“A paddling? Yes, that is what I was thinking, Jennifer. You’re bound to get offered them. Of course, you don’t have to take up the offer.”

“In 2009? They still spank eighteen year old students? You’re kidding me, right?”

“Er, no. But like I say, you don’t need to take that option. Okay?”

“Don’t worry, I won’t!”

* * *

“Hi, I need to see Mr Grant.”

The middle-aged secretary looked up from her computer keyboard, saw the two referral slips Jennifer was holding as she leaned on the counter and pointed to a corridor over to the left and behind her. “Honey, you go round there and you’ll see some chairs outside Mr Grant’s office. Sit yourself down and he’ll come find you. Okay?”


Once Jennifer had disappeared round the corner and was safely out of earshot, the secretary turned to another secretary and said: “Bet she won’t be so keen to lean over the counter in a few minutes, huh?”

Vice Principal Grant’s office was about twenty yards along the corridor, with a panel door and windows separating it from the corridor although all the windows were cream colored so no-one could see inside. Four chairs were lined up either side of the door, two of which were occupied.

“Hi, er… It’s Gemma, isn’t it?” Jennifer spoke to a small girl with her blond hair tied back in a ponytail, who she recognized as being in her English class.

“That’s right.” The small blonde girl looked up at Jennifer. “It didn’t take you long to get yourself outside the VP’s office, did it? Dress code?”

“That and a parking violation. I just can’t believe it.” Jennifer sat down next to Gemma.

“Two referrals, Jennifer? Boy! You’re in big trouble.”

“Yes, I know. After moving from California, the last thing I need is a suspension.”

“So, you’re going to take the swats too, huh? Me too. I’m with you. I can’t afford to lose grades either.”

“No, I meant…..” Jennifer shook her head vigorously, causing her long curly blond hair to cascade around her shoulders. “Hold on, you’re going to take a spanking? From the VP?”

“It has to be my best option.” Gemma answered with a glum expression on her face.

Any further conversation was halted by the door opening and Miss Hardiman, a tall slender young woman with her dark hair fastened into a bun, stepping out into the corridor.

“Miss O’Brian?”

The third girl in the corridor, a tall brunette with long flowing hair similar to Jennifer’s, stood up and ambled slowly into the vice principal’s office ahead of Miss Hardiman.

“You’re really going to let a male teacher spank you on the bottom? I really can’t believe that.” Jennifer continued, once the door was securely closed again.

“Better a sore ass than no grades, honey.”

Jennifer slouched down in her chair, stretching her legs across the corridor as they two girls sat quietly and waited. Muffled conversation could be heard behind them in the vice principal’s office until, suddenly, everything went quiet.

Bang! The muted sound of something being hit broke the silence.

Bang! That sound again.

“Is that what I think it is?” Jennifer asked.


“I guess so.” Gemma answered.

“Is it really that popular an option?”

“It is with most of the twelfth year students, honey. Like I said, it beats no grades any time. It beats having to explain away a suspension to your parents too.”

Before Jennifer had a chance to respond, the door opened and the tall brunette exited the office, one hand wiping away a tear from her eye, the back of the other hand gently caressing her dark blue jean clad behind.

Miss Hardiman’s head appeared around the doorway. “Gemma Knightley? You’re turn!”

Gemma got up and went into the office, leaving Jennifer sitting on her own.

As another muffled conversation continued in the office, Jennifer rehearsed in her mind yet again the speech she was intending to make for Vice Principal Grant to advise him of what was popular fashion amongst young people today and which therefore should be quite appropriate dress for his twelfth year students. A small additional lecture on the need for more parking spaces might not go amiss, too.


Jennifer’s thoughts were interrupted by that sound again.


Jennifer drew herself upright in the chair, and crossed her legs nervously. Somehow, the bravado of a few moments ago was disappearing fast.


‘This is ridiculous.’ She thought to herself. ‘I’ll just take the suspension. There’s just no way a VP is going to spank my behind. What will my father think, though? He wouldn’t take my car keys away, would he?’

As Jennifer continued to work through the various permutations of what a suspension might mean to her, the door opened and Gemma stepped out clutching the seat of her white cotton dress.

“Yeeouch! That hurt!” Gemma commented to Jennifer, before continuing back down the corridor.

* * *

Miss Hardiman came out into the corridor moments later. “Okay Jennifer, looks like it’s you.”

Jennifer stood up, surprised to find her legs were feeling a little wobbly and not too supportive. She gave her blue jeans a tug upwards at the waist, trying not to make them look too low cut. There wasn’t much she could do with the blouse, so she walked slowly into the office.

Vice Principal Grant was a short stocky man with grey hair that was getting quite thin on top of his dome-like head. He sat behind a white wood veneer desk that seemed a little too big for him as he sat and watched Jennifer walk up to the desk and stand in front of it. He held a hand out and Jennifer leaned forward and passed him the two referral slips.

“Let’s see now, a dress code violation and a parking violation.” The VP read the two notes with the aid of heavy-looking dark framed spectacles. “And on the same day. Not doing too well here, are we Miss Mendelsen?”

“No sir.” Jennifer finally looked directly at the VP, taking her eyes away from the search around the room, looking out for whatever implement had been used to punish the other two girls and failing to find it.

“You might do well to pay attention to me, Miss Mendelsen!” The VP snapped as he became aware of Jennifer’s preoccupation with her search.

“Yes sir.”

“Is that as high as those pants go, Miss Mendelsen?”

Jennifer looked down at the top of her blue jeans and gave them another little tug upwards. “Yes sir.”

“And that blouse is way too small for you, Miss Mendelsen. To my way of thinking that’s two dress code violations.”

“Yes sir.” Jennifer replied instinctively. It took just a moment for her to decide this was the time to advance her argument. “I was wanting to say, sir, that it certainly wasn’t my intention to break any rules. It’s just that this style of dress is, well, fashionable where I come from. Everyone wears this sort of thing.”

“Have you seen the student yearbook, Miss Mendelsen?” VP Grant opened a drawer in his desk, pulled out a small book and held it up.

“Yes sir.”

“And do you recall reading something about not showing bare midriff?”

“Yes sir.”

“And do you recall reading about not exposing any part of the chest area?”

Jennifer sighed. “Yes sir.”

“And does your clothing show a bare midriff and any bare chest area?”

Jennifer looked down at herself, not that any reminder was really necessary. “Yes sir.”

“Then you’re in violation of the dress code, aren’t you?”

“Yes sir.”

“Okay. Now let’s see about the parking violation. It says here you parked on a grass area. Is that right?”

“Yes sir, but there was nowhere else to…”

“Remind me, Jennifer.” VP Grant interrupted. “Aren’t there some funny little signs around saying something like ‘do not park on the grass’?

“Well yes sir but….”

“Never mind the buts, Miss Mendelsen. Are there or are there not signs which forbid you to park on the grass areas?”

“Yes sir.”

“Okay, so that’s the parking violation.” VP Grant shifted in his chair. “Miss Mendelsen, I don’t like your attitude. You might think you’re some sort of celebrity for whom the rules around here don’t apply, having come here from all that sunshine, and surfing and so on, but to me you’re just another student. Okay?”

“Yes sir.”

“Just another student who goes around breaking our rules and who therefore needs to be taught that rules are there for a purpose and that they’re to be adhered to. Do you catch my drift here?”

“Yes sir.”

“Good. So let’s see now, I reckon we’ve got five days worth of suspension here Miss Mendelsen.” Vice Principal Grant looked up, eager to see the blond eighteen year old’s reaction.

Jennifer nodded thoughtfully, her eyes descending to the mid blue colored carpet. She sucked in her cheeks as she awaited what she just knew would be the vice principal’s next offering.

“Now I appreciate how inconvenient five days suspension might be to your education, Miss Mendelsen, so I am prepared to allow you the option of an alternative punishment. That alternative will be five swats.

Jennifer coughed. “You want to spank me?”

“Whoa!! Hold on there! I’m merely offering you an alternative, Miss Mendelsen. You have a completely free choice, that being five days suspension or five swats. Completely free.”

Jennifer looked round at Miss Hardiman who was standing a few feet away to Jennifer’s left.

“Five days suspension does of course mean you lose all grades for those days, Jennifer. It would be real hard catching those up.”

Jennifer gave the tall young teacher a curious look.

“Five swats would be over with in a couple of minutes, Jennifer.” Miss Hardiman continued. “Your call.”

“You think I ought to be spanked?” Jennifer asked, having carefully formed the question in her mind.

“It’s your call, Jennifer.” Miss Hardiman’s expression gave nothing away.

“Okay, let’s do it.” Jennifer said to Vice Principal Grant.

“You’re choosing the paddling?”

Jennifer nodded.

“Okay.” The vice principal opened a drawer in his desk, extracted a wooden paddle maybe eighteen inches long by six inches wide with one end cut down into a handle. “Move to the end of my desk, please Miss Mendelsen.”

As Jennifer stepped round to the end of the large desk, Mr Grant followed her round while Miss Hardiman moved to a position directly to Jennifer’s rear.

“You know what you have to do, Miss Mendelsen.”

“I don’t, actually sir. This is a whole new experience for me.”

Vice Principal Grant shrugged. “Bend over the end of the desk keeping your legs straight and about eighteen inches apart. I suggest you use your elbows for support.”

Jennifer bent across the end of the desk, resting her whole upper body on the flat wooden surface, stretched her legs out behind her and then separated them until they were somewhere around eighteen inches apart.

“No, no, Miss Mendelsen! You need to have your stomach clear of the desk. Show her, please Miss Hardiman.”

“Stand up again, Jennifer.” Miss Hardiman helped Jennifer get up off the desk. “Now, stand up straight with your legs apart. That’s the idea. Keep your legs vertical and bend over until you can place your elbows on the desk.”

Jennifer did as she was instructed and soon found this new position made her bottom stick out with her blue jeans molded around the curves of her buttocks. It also made the low cut jeans feel like they were about to spring off her hips and fall to the floor.

“You’ll do.” Miss Hardiman announced. “Just keep your butt sticking out.”

Jennifer looked round to see the young teacher return to her position at the rear where she had a clear view of Jennifer’s bottom.

“I take it you’ve nothing in your back pockets, Miss Mendelsen.” Vice Principal Grant asked as he looked down at Jennifer’s attractive rear end.

“No sir.” Jennifer answered smartly.

“Okay. Let’s get to it.”

Within moments, Jennifer felt the wooden paddle being placed carefully across the seat of her blue jeans. She flinched. The next sensation was of the paddle being moved around in a circular rubbing motion over the surface of the jeans.

After fully twenty seconds of rubbing, suddenly the paddle was no longer touching her.

‘Oh God!’ She thought to herself. “Aaaaaaaaahhhh!!”

Her ears filled with the loud bang as the paddle landed hard across the rear of her jeans, Jennifer’s bottom suddenly felt like it was on fire with a searing pain such as she had never experienced before. She bent her left knee and wriggled her bottom around as she tried to massage the pain against the inside of her jeans.

“Just hold quite still, would you please Miss Mendelsen.”

It seemed advisable to comply with the gruff voice, so Jennifer braced herself back into the position Miss Hardiman had got her to adopt. Within moments, Jennifer felt the paddle rubbing against the seat of her blue jeans, a motion she find quite helpful in dealing with the pain. After some moments, she no longer felt the paddle on her bottom.

‘Oh no! Here it comes!’ She thought. “Oooooooccchhh!!!”

Again, Jennifer bent at the knee and moved herself around to try and ease the fiery pain that once again spread across her entire rear end, once the paddle had slammed into her butt for the second time.

“If you’d care to keep still, Miss Mendelsen, we’d get through this much quicker.”

“I’m really sorry, sir, but that hurts!”

“Well that’s good, Miss Mendelsen. Let’s hope it hurts enough for you to learn to obey the rules. Meanwhile, you’ve got three more swats to take.”

“Yes sir.” Jennifer braced herself back into position and waited for the paddle to rub her bottom in that strangely comforting circular movement. She only had to wait seconds.

Baaaaaaannnggg!! The paddle suddenly crashed into her backside for the third time, low down, almost pushing the blond girl right across the desk.


Despite the previous warnings, Jennifer couldn’t prevent herself bending at the knee and wiggling her rear end around to try and appease the pain. Now her bottom was feeling really sore.

“If it helps, sir, I think I’ve got the message.”

“It helps, Miss Mendelsen, but you’ve still got two more swats to take.”

“Yes sir.” Jennifer braced herself again, but kept her knees slightly bent so she offered the higher areas of her bottom for the next swing of the paddle.

“Straighten your knees, Jennifer.” Miss Hardiman called from behind the bending figure. Jennifer complied, then felt the wooden paddle rubbing her butt again.

Within a few moments, another loud bang exploded round the room and a fresh bout of searing burning agony scorched its way across Jennifer’s entire backside.


As Jennifer writhed against the awesome pain, she both wondered how on earth she was going to cope with yet another spank from the paddle, yet at the same time felt comforted by the knowledge there was only one more to take. When the pain marginally decreased to the point it was just totally awful, Jennifer became aware of several tears rolling down her face.

“Could I have a tissue please sir?” She asked.

Vice Principal Grant sighed. “If you must, Miss Mendelsen. Miss Hardiman, would you?”

Jennifer stood up from the desk and waited while the young teacher went across to a side cabinet and removed several tissues from a box in the top drawer. She came over to Jennifer and handed them to the eighteen year old.

“Thank you ma’am.” Jennifer took the tissues and carefully wiped her eyes dry, then blew her nose a couple of times.

“There’s a waste bin over there, Miss Mendelsen.”

Jennifer staggered round to the other side of the desk and deposited the tissues in the bin pointed out by the vice principal. “Thank you sir.”

“Are you ready to resume your position, Miss Mendelsen?”

“Yes sir.”

“Then get back across the desk please.”

Taking her time, Jennifer placed her feet around eighteen inches from the desk and about the same distance apart. She leaned forward, feeling her blue jeans tightening around her buttocks which in itself caused her some pain now that her bottom was quite sore. Finally, with her legs braced straight and her upper body resting on her elbows on the desk, Jennifer waited for the paddle to be applied to her bottom.

She didn’t have long to wait. This time, the circular rubbing motion seemed to grate on the surface of her blue jeans making it far less comforting than before.

‘Oh God!’ She thought to herself as the rubbing went on and on, far longer than ever before. ‘He’s really going to let me have it this time.’

After another twenty seconds of rubbing, suddenly the touch of the paddle left her. Then, with an almighty bang, the paddle landed devastatingly hard across the seat of Jennifer’s blue jeans and the pain shot into her like thunder.

“Oh my God!!!! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeooouuuccchhh!!”

Jennifer shot up from the desk and her hands flew to the seat of her blue jeans whereupon she rubbed frantically at the burning agony that had spread all over her bottom.

“That concludes your punishment, Miss Mendelsen. I’ll sign your referrals and you can get back to your studies.”

As the vice principal ignored the writhing teenager and sat down at his desk, Miss Hardiman came forward and placed a comforting hand on Jennifer’s shoulder. “There you go honey. Far better to take a bit of a spanking and keep your grades, don’t you think?”

“I think…. that was….. rather worse…. than a bit….. of a….. spanking, actually…. Miss Hardiman.” Jennifer answered, still gasping for breath as she continued to rub her bottom.

“Come on, let’s get you out of here.”

Ignoring the blond girl’s suffering, Miss Hardiman propelled Jennifer towards the door, opened it and pushed the girl through. “It’d be a good idea to behave in future, don’t you think?”

“Yes miss.”

* * *

“You find Mr Grant okay, honey?” The secretary called across as Jennifer went past the counter.

“Yes thank you.” Jennifer replied, trying desperately to make her voice sound normal and failing dismally.

Rather than return to her lessons, Jennifer went to a ladies rest room at the far end of the school building which she knew would be relatively quiet. Once inside, she ripped down her blue jeans and underwear.

“My God!” The eighteen year old exclaimed as she half turned her back to the mirror and saw the mass of red and blue bruising that covered her entire bottom. She pulled a tissue from a holder, moistened it under a faucet, then applied the soothing coldness to her sore bottom.

Looking at her watch, Jennifer noted there was just twenty-five minutes before she was due to meet Donna in the parking lot. She decided to remain in the rest room and continue to apply cold tissues to her rear.

“Did you find the parking dues very expensive?” Donna asked as she sat down in the front passenger seat of the red Mustang.

“You know, don’t you?” Jennifer returned the question with another, as she sat gingerly behind the wheel.

“Word gets around.”

“Does everyone know?” Jennifer fired the engine.

“Most everyone. Everyone that counts, that is.”

“Which means, what exactly?”

“Which means you can expect your cell phone to be mighty busy tonight.”

Jennifer stretched across to retrieve her cell phone from a holder on the fascia. She pressed a couple of buttons.

“Twenty-two messages?”

“You’re going to be a popular girl with the guys for a few days.”


“Because they’ll want to have a look inside your panties and check out your sore bottom.”

Jennifer grimaced.

Donna laughed.

The End