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Brayden James was raised in an extremely disciplined and formal household in modern-day England, on a private estate in the countryside.  Having been left Waldorf Manor in his parents’ Will, Brayden resides amongst only his live-in domestic staff.  That is, until he publishes a solicitation online searching for the right girl to live platonically under his authority in a very structured environment.  The story begins from the morning of the interviews where seventeen girls have been brought to Waldorf Manor for Brayden to see face to face and discern who, if any of them, will be the right match.

Brayden’s choice proves to be more than just a way to feed his love of formal living and discipline when it becomes obvious the girl desperately needs more than that. Not in any way against his expectations, Brayden finds the girl isn’t accustomed to living in such a formal and privileged environment and soon finds that she needs more than just a disciplinarian – she needs a father.  He also finds her ability to function as someone living in his household to be a lot younger than her chronological age, and mandates she will be viewed entirely as a ten hear old until he feels she can adjust properly.  Brayden wastes no time in legally adopting the ‘eighteen year old’ as his daughter and begins to raise her as his own child.

The Solicitation follows Brayden as he very rigidly raises his new daughter to embrace a formal lifestyle and all that goes along with it.  His corrective measures are always firm, but never cruel.  A gentleman through and through, Brayden will show his new daughter what it’s like to be raised by a father who both loves and listens, but also disciplines quickly and deliberately all the while providing a lifestyle Brayden has always desired and she more than needs.

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About Bella:

I started writing of my own accord when I was 13 years old; a fictional world of rules and discipline which I hid behind to escape a broken home and trauma. Now in my mid-twenties, I’m still writing but I’m not escaping anything . . . rather bringing to life beloved characters and plots that have been with me for a very long time. My first proper book, “The Solicitation,” was written during the first few weeks of living in the Mid-Atlantic region after my husband’s promotion moved us here to America from England in summer 2013.

My stories must have a direction and a guiding inclination of some kind. They won’t always be romantic or have happy endings, but they will challenge readers to look at themselves and reflect on their own behaviour, thoughts and belief systems. And I always include personal circumstances and memories in my writing, but those that are fact from fiction shall remain undisclosed.

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