Content of the

Delightful Disciplined Damsels

through the ages

Volume 1.

Miriam Sheafe is an accomplished Hungarian writer of erotic spanking fiction. The first in a new series of publications, this work combines three very different stories. All three tales in this book have a historical theme and feature personable female characters being punished by male authority figures.

SILVERY LIGHT OF THE WANING MOON: This story is set in ancient China, a province ruled by the powerful prince Gui Zu Long (Noble Dragon). A young widow is caught stealing food from the palace kitchens to feed her children. She is initially sentenced to death, a sentence then commuted to a public flogging of such severity that would mean that she would be unable to work for weeks or support her children. To save the family, the young and beautiful noblewoman Yin Yue Liang (Silver Moon) approaches the prince and requests that she be permitted to take the public flogging in place of the young widow. The story involves self-sacrifice and contains various surprising twists. These include unexpected support from the crowd and three gentlemen, a wealthy foreigner interested in punishing her, a wise old gentleman, and the prince’s son, all vying to support her afterwards.

ROSES OF GÜL BABA:  A story set in 16th century Hungary, then under Ottoman occupation. A young lady sneaks into a rose garden to steal flowers, the petals alleged to promote beauty. The garden belongs to the ‘father of roses’ Gül Baba; the fabled Anatolian-born dervish sage, Islamic scholar, and advisor to the sultan. The young lady is captured by the proprietor himself, who determines to punish her informally rather than submit her to the draconian punishment for theft. Again, there are interesting twists in the dynamics between the two principal characters.


LE CHEVALIER DU ROI: This story is set in northern France in the early 18th century. The title character, Pierre de Carteret, together with his young brother, Jean-Pierre, and Pierre’s longstanding companion at arms Jean-Baptiste (le Marquis de Villeneuve), is dispatched by the King to lead a force of Royal troops to take military command of the county of Saint-Simon. A rebellion supported by foreign forces threatened the region. He carries a summons for the Comte de Saint Simon to take up a position at court. The mission is complicated; both by the family histories of the various parties, and by the remarkable and resourceful female occupants of Chateau Saint-Simon, ‘The Three Graces’: The Comte’s teenage granddaughter and heiress, Desirée, her mother, Adelaide, and Desirée’s confidante and maid Rebecca.  This tale is full of surprises with three developing love stories set against intrigue and battle. The path of true love does not always run smooth, and the three gentlemen at times have their hands full; before, in each case, love triumphs in the end.

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