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The Fear

A normally well-behaved girl gets into trouble and has to make an agonising choice between detention and the paddle. (US setting)

A School Secretary Muses

An experienced school secretary has witnessed many things in the headmistress’s study, but then her curiosity gets the better of her. (UK setting)

The Texas Saddle

Two girls get into a little difficulty with the local Sheriff’s office, and then have to face their mothers. (US setting)

Order on a Greek Holiday

Two British women on holiday struggle to read a map, and that leads one of them into trouble with the local police and a most unusual resolution. (UK/Greek setting)

School Rules

Even for an Upper Sixth Form girl there are rules that have to be followed, and when she tries to evade her punishment the consequences become much more severe. (UK setting)

A Fine Deal

A girl takes her teacher up on an offer of always being there to help, but help comes in an unexpected way. (US setting)

Best of Enemies

There’s never a guarantee that two girls will be friends, but open animosity can have consequences for both. (UK setting)

A Moment’s Madness

Whilst many were involved in civil unrest, one girl managed to get caught. Now she has to accept the consequences. (UK setting)

Trouble on High

A teacher and a Twelfth Grade student have a good relationship until things get out of hand. (US setting)

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