A neighbour helps a mother out

By Jo Green

Carl was a 24-year-old graduate who had a job in an estate agent’s office just outside Poole in Dorset, England. He and 2 friends had bought a small house on a large estate which backed onto the largest house in the development. Just after they arrived, the family of 5 moved out of that house and a family of 4 moved in. The mother and father worked in something to do with finance, and worked long hours. Their youngest child, Fran, was away at university, whilst their eldest, Bella, also aged 24, had finished university and found she never had to work, so she didn’t.

Carl didn’t really see much of the family until summer time came. Carl’s room overlooked their garden and Bella’s family beyond. He noticed that Bella was spending more and more time in the garden as the summer warmed up and couldn’t help occasionally lingering at the window as she sunbathed in the tiniest of bikinis. She would sometimes have people around, but did not appear to have anyone special.

One evening, Carl was out on the town with his two housemates, Mark and another guy, celebrating Mark’s birthday and also a huge sale that Carl had made that day, which would yield a good commission. In the local pub, ‘The Merchant’, Carl noticed Bella talking heatedly with one of her girlfriends, and things seemed to be getting quite heated. Bella, to Carl’s horror, slapped her friend’s face and stormed off.

“Are you OK?” Carl asked. “You don’t know me but I am Carl, Bella’s neighbour. Do you need some ice, or can I get the barman to order you a taxi?” said Carl to the young lady that he thought he had seen in the garden with Bella a couple of days ago.

“I’m fine, but thank you anyway. I’m Tina, by the way. Bella’s been in a strop for the last couple of days. Her father has stopped her allowance until she starts to at least look seriously for a job. I love her to bits,” Tina continued. “But she needs taking down a peg or two, that is for sure. All her parents do is throw money at her and that solves nothing. If I behaved the way she does, I would have had my bottom warmed over my mum’s knee dozens of times, but they are never around.”

Carl blushed deeply.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Have I shocked you? Yes, in this day and age a spanking is still the best answer sometimes.” Tina smiled, then put her hand to her face as she felt the heat of Bella’s slap as her facial muscles tightened. “A spanking never did me any harm, well nothing that lasted more than an hour or so,” said Tina subconsciously touching her well-shaped bottom at the thought.

“Oh dear, I am sorry to hear that,” said Carl, examining the red mark on Tina’s face. “That looks nasty. You had better get some cold water on it at least,” Carl suggested.

“You’re sweet, Carl. I wish my boyfriend was as cute as you,” Tina said, touching his arm. “I’d better be off. I’m meeting Mick, my boyfriend, down the road in a few minutes. Thanks again for your concern,” Tina added as she finished her drink and headed for the door, knowing Mick would not be best pleased at Bella’s actions.

Carl rejoined his mates and, of course, suffered 5 minutes of banter about his chat with Tina. The topic of conversation drifted through the evening, as did Carl’s train of thought back to his brief chat with Tina. After a couple more drinks, the lads headed for the local curry house and got a takeaway to take home.

Next day being Saturday, Carl slept in until mid-day. When he opened his thick curtains he was blinded for a moment by the harsh, bright June sunshine. As his eye adjusted, he could see Bella and her mother having words in their garden. Bella was waving her arms about like a windmill, eventually knocking a glass flying which then shattered in all directions. He could just about make out what they were saying.

“You are getting worse and worse, Bella,” her mum scolded. “That temper of yours will get you into big trouble. What on earth got into you last night, slapping Tina like that? Her mum was on the phone this morning saying you had slapped her for no reason. The sooner you get a job and spend less time just sitting about the better!”

“Oh yes, that will solve everything; slaving away, making money for someone else. Why can’t I just stay home and look pretty?” said Bella sarcastically.

“Get a dustpan and clean this up!” her mum insisted, but Bella just stormed off and slammed the house door as she went inside and, presumably, up to her room.

Carl came away from the window, disgusted by the girl’s attitude, but put it out of his mind as he made breakfast and then headed outside himself to cut the lawn. As he got to the top of the garden and the fence between his and Bella’s garden, he heard a faint “Hello there” over the sound of the mower. Looking up he saw Bella’s mother, Mrs Matthews, or Wendy as she insisted he called her on the odd occasion they met.

“Good morning, Wendy, lovely day,” Carl said politely.

“It would be if it wasn’t for that horror of a daughter of mine,” replied Wendy.

“Yes, I am sorry, but I couldn’t help but overhear you both this morning. I was in ‘The Merchant’ last evening when she slapped Tina. It was most unedifying, but Tina was very calm about it,” Carl explained.

“That’s more than poor Tina’s mum was this morning. I am at my wits end with Bella at present. My husband, Derek, is never here, so he’s no use at all,” Wendy said sadly, and walked away.

Carl finished cutting his lawn and tidied the flower beds, just as Bella came storming down the lawn glaring in his direction.

“What have you been saying about me, Carl?” demanded Bella. “I will not be talked about behind my back. Do you understand? As for hitting on Tina last night, that was pathetic. She has a boyfriend, a real man not a flipping estate agent leech like you!” With that, she turned on her heels and started to walk back to her house, just as her mum came out of the back door to sweep up the broken glass that Bella had point blank refused to do.

Carl stood for a moment dumbstruck, his face red with anger. Suddenly, he remembered back to Tina’s comment last night, and instantly knew what he was going to do. No one should be allowed to get away with talking to someone like that, and if her mother wasn’t going to do anything about it, then he jolly well was!

Acting on impulse, Carl vaulted the 4 foot high wooden fence and ran after Bella, who by now was level with her mum. Bella had no idea what was happening behind her, while her mum, Wendy, stood, dustpan in hand, mesmerised by what she was watching.

Carl came up behind Bella and caught her by the arm, pulling her to a stop.

“What the bloody hell are you doing in my garden? Let go of me this instant!” yelled Bella.

“Not until you have paid for your behaviour last night and again twice today. You can’t go around using and abusing people like this, and if your parents won’t do anything about it, then someone else will have to!” Carl said very sternly.

Still holding Bella by the arm, Carl sat down on a garden bench and pulled a struggling and thrashing Bella squarely across his lap. Bella’s bottom was perfectly presented for what Tina had suggested last night. Covered by just her bikini bottoms, Bella’s bum was ripe for the punishment he had in mind.

“Let me go! Get off me! I’ll call the police! Oww! Ouch!” Bella screeched as three firm smacks landed on her exposed posterior.

This was a total shock to the pampered prima donna who had clearly never been spanked before.

“Get off get off! Get off!” She continued to struggle and protest.

“Not until you say you are sorry for the way you behaved with Tina last night, your mum earlier, and last of all for talking to me like I am beneath you!” responded Carl as he landed three more perfect spanks on her rapidly reddening bottom.

Carl had never spanked anyone before, but he seemed a natural, he thought to himself, before wondering where things went when this was over.

Bella was furious, and her mum stood open-mouthed watching their neighbour spanking her eldest daughter. This could all go very wrong, he realised.

“Mum, mum! Do something, for pete’s sake! Don’t just stand there watching him spanking me! Call the police, do something! she pleaded.

Wendy then did something neither of them quite believed for a split second. As Carl continued his steady spanking rhythm on Bella’s bottom, Wendy put down the dustpan and brush, sat down and took off her right flip-flop shoe. Looking firstly at Bella’s bright red bottom, then at Carl who frankly dare not stop spanking Bella for fear of what came next, she then extended her arm towards Carl.

“I bet your poor hand is getting sore, Carl. Why don’t you use this?” Wendy announced, clearly pleased someone had the guts to take on her daughter.

“Err, thank you, Wendy,” he said, accepting the flip-flop and immediately putting it to good use.

“Oww! Ooh, stop it! Stop it, please stop it. I’m sorry. Alright, I’m sorry!” wept Bella.

After another 6 spanks with the flip-flop, Carl stopped for a moment.

“And what are you sorry for, Bella?” Carl resumed, spanking more slowly now and allowing Bella the chance to come back with an answer. It meant he could keep going until he had what he was asking for.

“I’m sorry! Stop please! I am sorry for hitting Tina last night, for arguing with mum and for saying you were not a real man. I’m sorry for all of that, now stop, please,” she pleaded.

Carl landed two final spanks, then stopped and released his tight grip on Bella.

“Alright, I accept your apology, as does your mother. Now call Tina and apologise to her and we will forget this ever happened.”

“Yes, Carl. Sorry mum.”

With that, Bella gingerly dashed inside the house, no doubt to inspect her burning backside in the mirror and give it a huge rub to ease the soreness.

“I am sorry, Wendy. I had no right,” Carl started to explain to Wendy.

“No, I am sorry. Modern parenting, long absences and not paying her enough attention, it is I that should be apologising. Maybe if I had the courage to put her over my knee a few times while she was growing up, then maybe she would not be the monster you have seen today. My mother spanked my sister and me, so I always said I never would.” Wendy got up to go into the house, her summer dress clinging to her bottom in the heat.

Carl could not get the picture of Wendy’s bottom under her dress out of his mind. He imagined spanking Wendy just like he had just spanked her daughter. He shook the thought from his mind and turned to go back through the fence and home, but turning he saw Bella and Wendy both crying and hugging. Maybe he had done just what they both needed to happen.

Carl got showered and changed, then popped into town to get a few things he needed. While in town, he bumped into Tina, who invited him for a coffee. Sitting at the table, Carl felt a little awkward as Tina came back with the two drinks. It was Tina who spoke first.

“I had a call from Bella earlier. She told me what had happened. I didn’t think you had it in you!” Tina said with a smile and a sparkle in her eye.

“It was more spontaneous than pre-planned. I remembered what you had said about being put over your mum’s knee and made the connection,” Carl explained.

“My mum will love to hear what you did to Bella. I can’t wait to tell her. Better still, come over and pick me up tonight and you can tell her yourself,” Tina suggested.

“Oh, I don’t think Mick would like that,” Carl said hesitantly.

“Oh, don’t worry. I dumped him last night. He didn’t want to hear about Bella and me, so I told him to get lost and walked out,” she smiled.

“OK, you’re on.”


“Ah, so you’re the knight in shining armour,” Tina’s mum said as she opened the door when Carl rang the bell that evening.

“I wouldn’t say that, Mrs Hendricks. It was more a case of being in the right place at the right time, I guess.”

As he spoke, Tina came downstairs in a very short floral print summer dress, so short Carl was sure he got at a peek of her panties. He politely averted his eyes, and Tina beamed at him.

“I’m Janet,” Tina’s mother introduced herself. “Please Carl, do come in. Would you like a glass of wine or beer?”

“A beer would be lovely, thank you,” he said politely.

“You’re right, Tina, he’s lovely. Go and sit out back and I’ll bring the drinks through. Red wine for you, Tina?” Janet asked.

Tina nodded.

“Sorry about that, Carl, I may have given her too many details,” Tina said apologetically.

“Here we are, good health and thank you for taking care of Bella,” Janet said, sitting down. “Bella’s mum should have done that years ago. Tina knows what would happen if she ever talked to me like that. It’s only been a few days since I had to remind her,” Janet said bluntly.

Tina went bright red.

“Mum! Must you?” Tina hissed.

Carl was amazed at Janet’s frankness.

“Best to start as we mean to go on, Carl. I get the impression we will be seeing a lot more of you. I certainly hope so. If you ever feel you are not up to keeping Tina on the straight and narrow, just let me know and I’ll be happy to lend you a hand,” Janet laughed, gently smacking her own buttock.


Indeed, Janet was a good judge of the situation. There was obviously good chemistry between Tina and Carl. Tina moved into Carl’s house when his mates moved out, and they married a short time later.

The End

© Jo Green 2021