A young man finds his aunt’s paddle comes in handy

By Seymour Jay

I had just graduated high school in Columbus Mississippi. I lived at home with my parents as I planned to attend Mississippi State University in the fall. I had played football all four years of high school. Mt senior year of high school I suffered an injury to my right knee. The doctors told me I would be fine but would require surgery. Soon after graduating high school in late May, I went in for surgery in mid-June to get it done before starting college.

My surgery went well and I was well on my way to a full recovery. My parents were having a Fourth of July celebration and graduation party for me at our lakeside house. They were both in their late 40s and quite wealthy. It was a small party with 20 to 25 people present, mostly friends of my parents, family, and a couple of my friends.

My cousin, Zach, who was two years younger than me, was really my best friend and his mom, my Aunt Lori, also came. She was my mom’s younger sister by 13 or 14 years. Zach and I had grown up together and were more like brothers than cousins. Zach had never known his father. Lori had been a single parent his whole life.

We all had a great time at the party. There was food, fireworks, and a lot of fun with people I hadn’t seen in a while. The party lasted until about 11.00 pm, and then I went inside and got ready for bed. My knee was really starting to hurt. The doctor had prescribed pain medication to take as needed. When I got the pill bottle off my dresser, I found the bottle was almost empty. I knew I hadn’t taken that many pills, so the bottle should not have been almost empty. Someone had for sure stolen my pills. I went ahead and took one pill, then tried to go to sleep while still wondering who could have taken the pills.

The next morning, as I ate breakfast, I wondered whether our home security system had anything on film that would help me figure out who had taken my pills. I didn’t want to upset my parents about what had happened, so I didn’t tell them.

My dad had installed a fairly elaborate security system since we had a very nice house and nice things inside. Some security cameras were hidden behind some of the electrical outlets, although none were inside the bedrooms for reasons of privacy.

After lunch, my parents went to town to go shopping, so I went into the basement where the security system was and looked at the monitors. One screen showed a camera position pointing directly down the hallway towards my bedroom door, and actually inside the bedroom when the door was open. I fumbled around with the controls until I figured out how to replay yesterday’s recordings, and then fast-forwarded it from the start of the party. I could see people walking down the hallway to the bathroom and then leaving.

Then I saw Aunt Lori walk into the bathroom and then walk back out. She glanced into my bedroom and started to walk away, then she turned back and entered my room. About two minutes later, she exited my room and headed back toward the door to go back outside. I went ahead and fast-forwarded the recording up until the time of me entering my room after the party. I didn’t see any other person enter my bedroom. I couldn’t see that my Aunt Lori actually took the pills, but she was the only one that had gone into my room. I did see her putting something into her pocket while leaving the room. I took some screen shots of her entering and leaving my room with my phone.

Even though Zach and I were pretty much best friends, I had a lot of resentment towards my Aunt Lori. Over the years, she had shamed me a lot for my parents having good jobs, a nice house, and all the things we wanted when she had to work so hard just to make ends meet, her being a single parent. She would tell me how spoiled I was and how my parents never disciplined me.

About four years previously, when I was 14 and Zach was 12, I spent the weekend with them. Zach and I were outside playing. Zach knew we were not allowed to go over to the neighbour’s pond, but we did anyway. When Aunt Lori came looking for us, we were wading around in the water. She was livid. She called my mom and told her that she planned to spank Zach, and that I deserved the same. Even though, my parents hadn’t ever spanked me, my mom agreed we’d broken Aunt Lori’s rules and in all fairness I should get the same punishment as Zach.

My Aunt Lori marched us both to her bedroom and first gave Zach a spanking with her hand. It was fairly hard and he definitely felt it. However, when she was done with Zach she went to her closet and came back with a paddle about twenty inches long with holes drilled in it. It had ‘Lori’s Board of Corrections’ engraved on it. She paddled me about 6 or 7 times with it and it was the worst pain I had ever felt.

She said I was older than Zach, and spoiled, and definitely deserved what I got since I was never disciplined at home.

Aunt Lori immediately left the room and went back to watching television in the family room.
After about fifteen minutes, when I finally was able to get my composure back, I asked Zach what that was all about. Why did his mother have that paddle, and why did I get it used on me and he didn’t? He said his mom had threatened him with it but had never used it. Aunt Lori had told him she picked it up at a thrift store because she figured as Zach got older she would need it.
He said his mom often talked about how good my family had things, while she always struggled. He figured his mom was just taking her anger out on me.

I never went to Zach’s again when my parents were not coming along. I was a little intimidated by my Aunt Lori and definitely didn’t want to cross her again. I never disagreed that I deserved to be punished, although I felt Zach and I should have had the same.

After viewing the security video and taking screenshots of Lori entering and leaving my room, I was really mad that she would take my pain pills that I really needed. I assumed she stole my pills for herself to get a buzz off them. I decided not to upset my parents by telling them.
I texted my Aunt Lori and asked her if she had taken anything from our house that my parents should know about.

A text came back almost immediately: ‘Course not. What are you missing?’

I replied: ‘Oh, just about a dozen pain pills or so.’

Lori replied quickly again: ‘Why on earth would you blame me? I didn’t take them.’

I sent a couple of screen shots of her entering my room and leaving again, and of her putting something in her pocket. It was about ten minutes before I got a text back.

‘Okay, I took those pills. No big deal. I needed them.’

I sent a reply: ‘Yeah, no big deal other than I need them for my pain, and then there is the issue of you stealing from me. Since it is no big deal, I will forward these pics to my parents. They will probably enjoy them. Have a nice day!’

Lori immediately called me.

When I answered, she said: “Listen, I made a mistake. I’ll bring your pills back. Don’t tell your parents. Please forget about it.”

“I’m afraid it isn’t that easy.” I replied. “I think my parents need to know.”

“Please!” She wailed. “I’ll make it up to you somehow.”

I told her it was something we needed to discuss in person, not over the phone, and asked when we could meet at her house for me to pick up my pills and discuss what had happened. She said she could just drop my pills off to me and leave. I told her I thought it would be better if I came by her house and picked them up.

She said Zach was at a friend’s house for a couple of hours, so now would be a good time, but she didn’t want me to tell anyone about it. I drove a couple of miles out of town to my aunt’s house and went to the door. My Aunt Lori came to the door in a pale yellow sundress that came just above her knees. Even though she was my aunt, she was only about eighteen years older than myself and really attractive. She had an average build with a nice body, shoulder-length red hair, pale skin and freckles on her face.

She handed me a zip-loc baggie with abut 10 pills in it. I wasn’t sure I even wanted them back after she had grabbed them with her bare hands them in her pocket, but I took them anyway.
I asked: “What should the consequences be for stealing my medication and almost certainly taking a couple of them already?”

She just looked at me kinda dumbfounded. “What do you mean? I gave them back and said I was sorry.”

“Not good enough,” I said. “Everything has consequences. Swimming in the neighbor’s pond had consequences. Stealing my medication has consequences. But I am giving you an option on your consequences, unlike when I swam in the neighbor’s pond. I had no options.”

I took out my phone and showed her an unsent text message. The message showed pictures of Lori leaving my room while stuffing something in her pocket, along with the screenshots of the messages that she had sent me, admitting she stole my pills and telling me not to tell my parents. Then I gave her two options:

‘Option #1, I send this text to my parents, grandma and grandpa, and anyone else I can find in my contacts that I think should know.’

‘Option #2, You will get paddled, much like you did to me a few years ago.’

“That isn’t consequences, that is blackmail,” she said firmly. “You just wan to get even with me for something that happened years ago. Well, that isn’t going to happen, young man. I am your aunt. No way, you would ever think about paddling me! Why would you even think that is an option?”

“Okay, option #1 it is, I guess.” I turned and went back outside toward my car. “Have fun explaining your actions to my parents.”

“Come back right now! Let’s talk about this,” she yelled.

I went back inside. “There is nothing else to talk about. You have a choice; option #1 or option #2. There is no option #3.”

“Okay, you have blackmailed me, I guess. All you want is revenge. I get it. It really hasn’t anything to do with me borrowing your pills. I don’t have any way out of it. To be honest, I couldn’t live with option #1, so I guess it will have to be option #2. Let me go change out of this dress and put some blue jeans on, and I will give in and you can spank me, if that is my only way out of this.”

“No need to change clothes. That is a total waste of time, but I will need that paddle you have in your closet.” I said hesitantly.

“You mean you intend to use that paddle? That is going too far,” Lori said. “I am willing to meet you halfway and let you feel you got back at me by spanking me, but the paddle is too far.”

“It is my way, or I will send the text,” I said.

“Will you delete all your pictures and texts if I give in to your stupid demands and take the paddling?” Lori asked.

“I will delete everything before I leave here,” I reassured her.

“Well, I guess we should go to my bedroom, somewhere other than my kitchen that is surrounded by windows in broad daylight,” Lori said, sounding defeated.

I followed her to her bedroom and she shut the door behind me and went and closed the window blinds. She then went to her closet, grabbed the paddle and tossed it on the bed.

“Turn your back, please, while I put some jeans on. Please.”

I ignored her demands and pulled the wooden-backed chair from Lori’s desk and placed it in the middle of the room.

“Bend over the back of that chair and put your arms on the seat. Pull up the back of your dress, please.”

“This is going too far! You are making your point, trust me,” Lori stuttered.

“Do it!” I commanded. “Quit wasting time. I need to get back home before my parents start calling, or it is time for Zach to come back home.”

Lori slowly bent over the back of the chair. Her yellow sundress was barely covering her bottom. After bending over the chair, she reached back and lifted the back of her dress and let it lay on her back. I could see her light blue cotton panties covering her shapely bottom.

I grabbed the paddle from the nearby bed and lightly tapped her bottom with it.

“I guess there is only one other thing we need to take care of before we get down to business,” I stated.

Lori turned and looked towards me from around the chair back that she was bent over. I made a downward motion with my hand and fingers.

“Slide your panties down and we will get this over with,” I told Lori.

“Hell, no!” She screamed. “I am your aunt, not some high school tramp! I made a mistake. I admit it. All you want is revenge. I agreed to the paddling to make things right in your eyes, but not bare butt. That is not part of the deal. My eighteen-year-old nephew is not gonna see my bare ass! Now I know why you said changing into jeans was a waste of time.”

“Option #1 or option #2?” I asked firmly. “Decide now!”

“Ahh, god dammit!” Lori yelled, and slammed her hand down on the nearby dresser. She turned back toward the chair, put her fingers inside the waistband of her tight-fitting panties and slid them down to her thighs, exposing her round bottom. She then bent over and put her hands on the seat of the chair.

My Aunt Lori was fairly slender but her bottom was round and plump. This probably came with being nearly 37 years old and having a child. Her butt was almost pale white with several freckles. I’m sure she was embarrassed by me, an eighteen-year-old, seeing her like that.

I took the paddle firmly and touched her bottom with it, making her gasp. I pulled back and forcefully swung it, landing squarely on the centre of her backside with a loud crack. Lori screamed with pain and started to curse me. I pulled back and swung again, and landed a bit lower on her round bottom. Again, she screamed and this time jumped up. With that, her skimpy panties slipped from her thighs and fell to the ground, and her dress fell back down over her.
I pulled back and slammed the paddle down again, this time over the dress.

“Get your dress pulled up or we start over,” I said.

She pulled it back up. Her bottom was now more reddish than white.

“Tuck the dress in the back of your bra or take it off,” I commanded. “Don’t let it fall again.”
She tucked the back of it in her bra strap and bent back over.

I took two more swings at her, and each time she screamed in pain. My Aunt Lori’s bottom was starting to become all red.

“Are you done yet?” She screamed.

Without warning, I swung the paddle swiftly two more times, landing squarely on Lori’s round bottom as she again screamed in pain.

“Okay, you are done.” Lori stood up, pulled her dress out from her bra strap and let it fall.
As she turned around her face was covered in tears. I took my phone and deleted the photos I had saved. I took the paddle with me when I left.

The End.

© Seymour Jay 2020