A young lady surprises her friends

By Julie Baker

My name is Lucy Chambers and I consider myself to be a fairly normal 23 year old living and working in London. I’ve spent my whole life in London, including a year at sixth form college studying for a level 3 diploma  to become a gym instructor specialising in Yoga and Pilates. I have never known my father and I was brought up as an only child by my mother who is a midwife at one of the exclusive private hospitals in the city. My Mum and I are very close and I owe everything to her hard work and dedication in order to provide me with all the opportunities in life. I now work for one of the well known private sports companies in south west London and live in my own flat in Putney which I bought with the help of some inheritance money when I left home. I have really been very fortunate!

Mum and I, over the years, have almost never fallen out. I didn’t have any disciplinary issues at school and generally was compliant with any instructions given to me at home. For most of my years living with my mother she therefore had very few occasions when she needed to discipline me. This changed a bit during my last year at home when I was on my gym instructors’ course. I had inherited my mother’s good looks with a pretty face and long lean body which gradually brought me to the attention of the opposite sex. I also discovered that I had a prodigious appetite for sex and my mother found it very difficult coping with my steady stream of full-on boyfriends.

At that time I also had plans in place to leave home after I had got my diploma so, looking back, I suspect the tension was more to do with the prospect of her ‘losing’ her daughter rather that any concerns about my sexual lifestyle. I think she accepted that I had become sexually active although she did lay down strict rules about what was permitted at home and that boyfriends were not permitted to stay over night under any circumstances. This felt to me like it was a bit old fashioned but I accepted her rules and therefore couldn’t be too upset when I was eventually caught out.

I was just about to start my exams at college and my Mum had gone away to see friends in Birmingham for the weekend. She had pre-booked her trains and I knew that she would be away from the Friday evening until late Sunday afternoon. I had a lovely boyfriend called John at the time and we arranged for him to come to my house to sleep over on the Friday and Saturday nights. For me, this was bliss and, as we had great sexual chemistry together, I could think of nothing better than spending a weekend of unlimited time with him in bed. Everything was going fine until my mother returned home early at lunchtime on Sunday due to a stomach upset and then found John and I naked together in my room. Unfortunately her arrival was so sudden that we had no time to react.

John was swiftly dispatched and Mum then went absolutely ballistic with me. By this stage I was in my dressing gown only and I got the full lecture about moral standards and abusing her trust while she was away. To my utter astonishment she concluded by saying that she was going to punish me by giving me six with her slipper on my bare bottom! I couldn’t believe it! I was 18 and had never been spanked by my mother or anyone else for that matter. The humiliation was unbelievable and I also began to think that with Mum in this mood it might also be an unpleasant, painful experience.

This scene was being played out in my bedroom. After her lecture she led me through to her bedroom, told me to take off my dressing gown and to bend over the edge of her bed. She then went to her wardrobe and produced a stiff, smooth-soled slipper which I guessed was soon to be applied to my unprotected bare bottom. I was not disappointed. Those six whacks with her slipper were unbelievably sore. The stinging sensation grew with every application of that shoe on my bottom and by the time that I was getting the last one I was crying out for her to stop. I couldn’t take any more and I was left sobbing face down into her quilt.

Eventually I could feel Mum rubbing some cream into my bottom to try to sooth the pain. She then gathered me into her arms and I could feel deep sobs coming from her body also. We clung to each other for several minutes and eventually she was telling me how much she loved me, that she wanted the best for me and that she was dreading the time when I would be leaving to live in my own flat. Suddenly it all made sense. I apologised for what had happened that weekend and the whole incident has never been mentioned again.

And that might have been it, apart from the fact that, despite it being my own mother spanking me, I had found the whole experience rather satisfying. At the time, I didn’t really know why this should be and I certainly wasn’t in a position to do much about it going forward. Over the next few years I would occasionally stand naked in front of the mirror, when I was alone in my room, and watch myself spank my bottom with my hand or a wooden spoon. But that was it really; I didn’t have any ideas on how I might develop this secret passion any further.

That was until a couple of years ago when I was trying to think of something to do to celebrate my 21st birthday. I had 3 close female friends at the sports centre; Jane, Bryony and Nikki. Jane has now left but she was our office manager at the time and five years older than my other two friends who were newly qualified like me. I hadn’t known any of them for long but we often did things together at the weekends and we quickly built relationships of trust and openness between us. I hit upon the idea of hosting an evening in my flat for my three friends and hiring in a male spanker to entertain us.

To say I was nervous about this plan would be a significant understatement. This was not the sort of subject matter that we would discuss when we were together; in fact we never discussed any matters to do with our sex lives at all. We all had boyfriends, so that put us broadly on the same side, but beyond that I had no idea what turned any of us on in that sense. However I was keen to experiment and an internet search produced three possible targets for a booking of this nature. Each divulged a limited amount of information on line but they all provided a mobile number to get in touch. I phoned all three.

They were all around the £200 mark for an evening booking, but one guy called Mark stood out as being particularly friendly with a good sense of humour. I also fancied him from his on-line photo! We chatted for around 20 minutes and I explained that we were four girls in our 20s who just wanted a fun evening. Nothing too serious and that he would need to feel his way a bit as I wasn’t too certain how he would be received by my other friends. He seemed fine with this and said he was well used to pitching his approach between a full-on spanking session and an evening where he just chatted about the world of corporal punishment and told a few jokes. I booked him for the Saturday evening closest to my birthday and he agreed to come for a couple of hours at 9.00pm that night.

This seemed perfect. I was comfortable with Mark and I was fairly confident that the others would join in the fun to whatever extent they were inclined. I invited them round to my place for 7.00pm which gave us enough time for a few drinks and something to eat before Mark came.

By 9 o’clock, we were all pretty merry and when the doorbell rang I simply said: “Oh, that’ll be Mark who is going to entertain us for the rest of the evening.”

They all looked somewhat puzzled but soon Mark entered with a fairly large holdall in his right hand. He placed his bag by the door and was soon sat amongst us chatting away and making everyone laugh with his jokes and funny stories. I could tell that they couldn’t see where this was leading to and Mark gave no clues. He had a couple of beers and, after half an hour, probably just at the point where everyone had forgotten that he had just parachuted in from nowhere, he made his first move.

“Can any of you guess why Lucy has invited me round tonight?” he ventured.

There was a brief pause.

“Christ, don’t tell me you’re a kissogram,” said Jane. “That is so 1980s!”

Everyone laughed and Mark dismissed this idea by saying that he would certainly not be removing any of his clothes that night!

Nikki wondered if he was there to mix cocktails and Bryony thought he might have been a magician. After a few more guesses he offered to put them out of their misery.

“Lucy has been telling me about your nights out on the town and some of the things you all get up to,” he started. “She feels that sometimes your behaviour is not quite up to the standards that young professional ladies should aspire to. And, given that you all live away from home, you all lack an authoritative figure to keep you in line. So this evening this is going to be my privilege and duty!” he concluded.

There were a few nervous giggles no doubt fuelled by the large amount of wine already consumed. The other two still looked puzzled but Nikki got it straight way.

“You’re here to spank us! How exciting!” she exclaimed.

“Whoa, hang on a minute,” piped up Jane. “You’re not going to be spanking me, matey! No chance!”

“Good girls take their punishment without complaint, Jane,” Mark replied. “However, there are alternatives,” he said mysteriously.

Meanwhile Bryony was sat on the sofa quietly, not saying much. However, I concluded that her body language looked OK with sparkling eyes and a faint smile playing on her lips. I was therefore already forming an opinion as to who was up for what and no doubt with his experience Mark was getting to grips with this also. He must have known that I was looking forward to getting my bottom smacked, otherwise I wouldn’t have booked him in the first place. Jane, I concluded, was up for a bit of fun but wasn’t likely to be volunteering for anything physical. Nikki was clearly happy to join in fully but Bryony was the hardest to judge, but on balance I think she was, at the very least, curious.

“OK, girls,” said Mark. “Lucy has told me a bit about what goes on during your nights out but I feel that I need to interview you all individually to hear your version of events, before I can decide on suitable punishments. I will go through to Lucy’s bedroom and I want you to line up outside her door and wait for me to call you in. Jane first, Bryony second, Nikki third, and Lucy last. Quickly girls, no time to waste!”

We promptly went into the hall and did as Mark had requested. Mark followed with his holdall going into my bedroom and closing the door behind him. A few minutes later, the door opened again and he called Jane in to see him. Needless to say the remaining three of us soon had our ears pressed to the door to hear what was going on. To be fair, we could only hear muffled voices punctuated by shrieks of laughter coming from Jane. She emerged after ten minutes with an A4 sheet of paper and was pretending to cry.

“I’ve got 100 lines for having too many glasses of wine,” she sobbed as she rejoined the rest of us. Soon Bryony was in seeing Mark. Again, muffled conversation but with less laughter, and eventually we heard Mark’s voice raised and clearly audible through the door.

“Young lady, that sort of behaviour is clearly unacceptable. Hold out your hands and you will be getting the strap. Six on each hand.”

We obviously couldn’t see what was going on, but we counted twelve slaps of the strap and soon Bryony was back with us holding both hands under her armpits and grinning from ear to ear. She was clearly happy with her level of chastisement.

Next it was Nikki’s turn. Again, we could hear the murmur of conversation and eventually we heard Mark’s raised voice again as he told Nikki what punishment she was getting.

“Six strokes of the slipper across your jeans for you, young lady,” we heard him say. Nikki is a beautiful girl with long slender legs which look perfect in skinny jeans. Her bottom is tight and small and I could imagine Mark was looking forward to seeing Nikki bend over and present her lovely bottom for a slippering.

“Touch your toes and brace yourself, Nikki,” we heard him say. You could have heard a pin drop on our side of the door. We could only imagine the scene unfolding in the other room. We counted six quite loud impacts from the slipper on Nikki’s bottom and by the end we could hear her letting out little cries of anguish. Again, she was soon back with us and we could see that her eyes were watery and she was rubbing her backside to ease the discomfort. She looked radiant, though, and I could tell that she was enjoying herself.

By this stage, I was feeling a bit nervous. The intensity seemed to be building and there was only me left to go.

Without much delay, Mark’s head appeared round the door and he was asking me to step inside his room. He was sat behind my dressing table, which he had cleared, and he had positioned a chair opposite to recreate a sort of school scene with headteacher and naughty pupil facing each other across the head’s desk. He gave me a few witty one liners about girls’ nights out, confirming that he had a great gift for making even feeble jokes hilariously funny. I couldn’t believe how much I was enjoying his fun personality and I was just beginning to feel that I might be fancying him just a little bit. He was obviously a few years older than me but we were connecting well.

“However, young lady,” he eventually said. “It is clear that you also have been misbehaving on nights out with your friends so you too will have to be punished. The only difference between you and your friends, though, is that you have arranged for me to come here tonight, something that your mother would certainly not approve of. As a result you will be getting a more severe punishment; the cane.”

On hearing this news, I sensed that my face was colouring up and I could feel my heart starting to race. I hadn’t expected a caning but there was no way that I was going to back out at this stage. I was wearing a white blouse and a short red tartan skirt over tights and knickers. I wondered if he would let me take the cane fully clothed.

Meantime, Mark was continuing to give me instructions. Suddenly he was deadly serious.

“Lucy, please remove your tights and raise your skirt to above your waist. When you have done this I want you to bend over the edge of the bed so that your feet are on the carpet and your upper body is laid across the bed. You will then receive six strokes of the cane on your bottom.”

I did as requested. Fortunately, I had on a pair of panties that fully covered my bottom although they were made of very fine material that was going to give me precious little protection from Mark’s cane. I was soon in position.

I could feel the cane tapping on my bottom. “Are you ready, Lucy?” he asked.

“Yes, Mark,” I replied. I was nervous, a bit afraid and quite excited all at the same time. He then gave me six pretty sharp strokes of the cane. The other girls said that they could hear the whistle of the cane as it passed through the air and the noise of the cane on my skin seemed pretty loud, but I would say that it was certainly manageable and not as painful as the slippering I’d had from my mother three years previously. I didn’t cry out and my eyes were dry at the end of my punishment.

“That’s you sorted, Lucy,” he said after the sixth stroke. “You took that well; looks like you’ve got a tin bottom!” Not a particularly funny comment but once again he had that way of making something much funnier than it should have been. I was helpless with laughter as I rejoined my friends in the sitting room.

The night meandered on in good spirits and it was soon 11 o’clock when the taxi had been booked to take the three girls back to their flats. It was obvious that they had all had a great time and they each gave Mark a hug as they left.

“Fancy one more glass of wine before you go, Mark?” I ventured.

“Why not?” he replied.

We chatted about nothing in particular for a few minutes and then I asked him about his unusual part time work.

“I’m an insurance broker during the day,” he confided. “I just do this for a bit of fun. I only get two or three bookings a month, but it’s a bit of extra cash and I meet some really interesting people.”

I told him a bit about myself and also about the spanking that I got from my mother when I was 18.

“You clearly enjoyed the experience at some level, Lucy,” he ventured. “Otherwise you wouldn’t have booked me.”

For the second time that night I could feel my face turning red.

I was looking into my lap as I said: “Yes, I suppose you’re right.”

“Do you realise, Lucy, that I barely touched you with the cane when I dealt with you earlier?”

I continued to look into my lap and said nothing.

He continued to talk to me in a low voice, almost a whisper.

“If you want a proper caning, I can give you one before I go.”

There was a moment of silence before I replied. “Yes please, Mark. That would be good.”

“OK, we can do it in here,” he said. “I’ll go and fetch my cane and meantime I want you to take off all your clothes. You will then bend over the end of the dining room table and I will give you a proper six of the best experience.”

“Wow, Mark,” I stammered. “Hang on a minute. Is it really necessary to strip completely? I’m not sure I’m comfortable with that. Can we not do it as we did before, but maybe you hit me a bit harder?” I replied.

“Your choice, Lucy. You can pay me now and I’ll leave straight away. But part of getting a proper caning is the feeling of submission, humiliation and vulnerability, and I can only achieve this if you are totally naked. Also I need your bottom to be bare so that I can see how your skin reacts to the cane and I can therefore better judge how hard to hit you. I’m giving you the choice. I’m happy to stay if you want the full experience, otherwise I’ll get on my way home.”

Suddenly I felt totally sober and in control. I liked Mark and I wanted to feel that cane on my bottom again. So I nodded agreement and he got up to fetch his cane from my bedroom. By the time he came back, I had taken off my tights again and was unbuttoning my blouse. I have long blonde hair, quite small but firm breasts, a narrow waist and a shapely bottom with pale skin. I take a size 10 dress so I’m quite trim and my legs are long and slender. I’m proud of my body, so stripping off in front of others, when the circumstances are right, is not a problem for me.

My blouse was soon folded and placed on the sofa to be followed shortly afterwards by my tartan skirt. So at this point in time, I had on my bra and panties only. I turned my back to him as I unfastened by bra letting it fall to the floor. I then lowered my panties so that he got his first sighting of my naked bottom.

“Hardly a mark on it!” he exclaimed. I turned to look over my shoulder and I had to accept that, apart from a bit of redness, it did seem to have come through largely unscathed from the earlier caning.

“It won’t be quite so pristine after the next six!” he joked. “Now, get into position and let’s get on with it.”

I turned to face him and, as I moved across the room towards the table, I was very conscious that he was fully dressed and I was stark naked! I certainly hadn’t seen this situation coming when I booked him. I moved the chair away from the end of the table and lowered my upper body onto the hard surface. I could feel the table edge digging into my hip bones and my breasts were pressed into the cold table top. I could sense that my bottom was perfectly positioned for Mark to apply the cane.

“Once again, are you ready, Lucy?” he asked.

“Yes, Mark,” I replied, for the second time that night.

The same routine was repeated except this time I knew I was in for a proper caning. The first stroke confirmed that this was a considerable step up in intensity. It lashed into the middle of my bottom releasing an explosion of pain and emotions. My hands shot round to massage my fiery skin and, in my mind, to protect it from further attack.

“Do that again, Lucy, and I’ll repeat the stroke,” Mark said in a low but firm voice. “I’ll tell you when you can get up and when you can rub your bottom.”

I removed my hands and without further delay my bottom lay in wait for more strokes of the cane. They kept on coming with gaps of around 15 seconds between each one. After the third one I simply couldn’t avoid crying out after each stroke and the fifth one totally broke me. I was openly crying from the pain and I was dreading the sixth and last stroke but I dared not move in case he was going to inflict any of the threatened extras. The last one didn’t disappoint and I was left as a total wreck on the surface of the table. I lay there for several minutes while I recovered, unconcerned that I was in a room totally naked with a man I hardly knew.

Eventually Mark spoke. “Come and have a look at your marks in the mirror, Lucy.”

There was a full length mirror in the hall by the front door. I walked through with him and I was thrilled to see six livid red marks marching up and down my previously pale skin. My bottom is on the small side but with great skill Mark had managed to space them out so that none were overlapping. I could feel the little ridges on my skin from the impact of the cane and suddenly I felt so alive and happy. I turned to give Mark a kiss on his cheek. He took the chance to take me in his arms and then I could feel his hands exploring my naked bottom.

We made love in my bed that night and I would have to say that it was easily the best sex that I had ever experienced. Mark left the next morning but now, two years later, he is my husband! We got married this year and I agreed to his proposal on one condition; that he gave up his job organising spanking parties. He is so good at it that I can’t risk him going around spanking other girl’s bottoms any more!

The End

© Julie Baker 2019

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