Sophie trains as a Correction Officer, continuing the story

By Steven

It had been six months since Sophie had been given her caning at the correction centre. She had taken the advice of the officers and applied for a job at the centre. To her surprise she was offered the job immediately so now, to her clients (as she was encouraged to call them), she was now “Assistant Correction Officer Williams”. It was strange meeting Emma (Senior Correction Officer Rhodes) and Lucy (Assistant Correction Officer Todd) again but luckily they held no grudges. In fact they really took Sophie under their wing, in the first few weeks Sophie only observed the punishments, first via the CCTV link and then in person. Eventually she began to help Lucy prepare the chamber by cleaning the benches and checking the restraints and canes for damage. She then with the guidance of Emma and Lucy began reading the sentence, handcuffing, and then restraining the offenders.

She’d learnt a lot in her short time here but Sophie had ambitions; she wanted to administer the canings. It was exciting to count the strokes for Emma as she laid another stroke on an offender’s bare bottom but she wanted to be in charge and wield that wicked cane that had striped her own buttocks just six months ago.

Sophie asked Emma how she could progress to a fully qualified correction officer.

“Well you’re still very young Sophie, however I think you’ve got what it takes. Lucy wants promotion too. She’s practicing on the simulator now in fact.”

The simulator was an artificial bottom and thighs that was placed over the bench and restrained as an offender would be; electrical receivers would judge the stroke. Ideally the strokes should be of the same severity and evenly spaced. Only when Emma had seen three good mock punishments would Lucy be allowed to the next step.

Emma escorted Sophie into the chamber where Lucy was swinging her cane at the simulator; she had taken her light blue uniform blouse off and was wearing a light green lacy bra along with her regulation pencil skirt and stockings. “Oh, hi Emma, hi Sophie!” She said. “I hope you didn’t mind me removing my blouse, Emma, it gets rather hot in here!”

“No not at all Lucy, although I’d recommend choosing a more subtle bra when you punish real offenders, Lucy.”

Emma went to the lap top computer which was attached via cables to the simulator and reviewed Lucy’s strokes on the screen. “Very impressive, Miss Todd,” said Emma in a slightly sarcastic tone. “You’ll be ready for your assessment next week I think, Lucy”

“Thank you Emma, I won’t let you down I promise.” Lucy replied.

“I’m sure you won’t. That’s enough for today, Lucy. Go and have a shower, I’m going to demonstrate the simulator to Sophie.”

Lucy exchanged smiles with Sophie as she left the room.

“Ok Sophie,” Emma began. “Here we have our offender, who would have been strapped down by your assistant. Here are the canes, number 1 for female offenders, number 2 for males and 3 and 4 for repeat offenders. Is that clear?”

Sophie nodded.

Emma handed Sophie the number 1 cane; it was hard and flexible. Sophie wondered how many young women had felt it across their bare buttocks. Emma instructed Sophie to cane the simulator. “Start at the top and work your way down, apply the last stroke at this join between the buttock and the thigh. Leave 5 seconds between strokes; start with six inches. Emma smiled at Sophie,

Sophie placed the cane on the simulator, she ensured she had the right stance then swung the cane.

“TWHACK.” The cane landed on the simulator. Sophie felt a rush of adrenaline go through her.

“Good!” Said Emma as she monitored Sophie’s strokes on the laptop.

“TWHACK.” The next stroke landed perfectly below the other.

“Good Sophie, you’re a natural!” Said Emma enthusiastically.

“TWHACK.” The next stroke landed only slightly below the last.

“Good, little harder next time Sophie!” Emma cried from behind the laptop.


“Excellent Sophie, just two more!” Shouted Emma.

Sophie was sweating, this punishing was hard work!

“TWHACK.” Sophie took a deep breath, she wondered if this was a real offender would they be in tears?

“TWHACK.” Sophie stepped back from the simulator. She flexed the cane between her hands.

Emma came over from behind the computer. “Well Sophie, I think we’ll make a correction officer out of you yet!” She said.

“Thanks Emma, what’s the next step?” Sophie replied.

“Steady on, I need to see three good punishments before allowing your assessment.”

Sophie and Lucy had been practicing on the simulator every lunch break and sometimes late after everyone else had gone home. Emma had been monitoring the young assistants’ progress on the computer and she felt that the girls where ready for their assessment.

The following week all three girls were finishing their last punishment of the day; a pretty blonde twenty-five year old drink driver was taking the last of her twelve strokes with Emma’s cane. Lucy counted the last stroke then helped Sophie to unstrap the trembling, crying girl from the bench. “I hope you have learned the consequences of your actions, Miss Sinclair!” Emma barked at the poor girl who nodded shyly back. “Take Miss Sinclair to Dr Cafferty please ladies, then come back and see me,” said Emma.

“Yes Ma’am.” Sophie and Lucy replied in unison. They handcuffed their prisoner and escorted her to the medical room.

With the blonde offender delivered to the doctor, Sophie and Lucy returned to the punishment suite. Emma was perched casually on the caning bench. She smiled as the girls entered the room.

“Ok ladies, we’ve a free day tomorrow and I know you’ve both been practicing hard on the simulator so how would you two like to do your assessment tomorrow?

Sophie and Lucy looked at each other.

“Err, what does the assessment involve Emma?” Lucy asked.

“A caning of course!” Replied Emma. “You will both take turns in administering a ten stroke caning to each other. When you are punished you will be naked and bound to the bench as an offender would be. When complete I shall judge the marks to ensure you have given a harsh but fair punishment. Any questions?”

Sophie immediately felt excited and nervous. She glanced at Lucy’s perfectly proportioned bottom. She would love to cane that! Lucy glanced at her, Sophie could tell that Lucy couldn’t wait to cane her bottom too!

Sophie and Lucy nodded in agreement to each other.

“Good!” Emma interrupted. “I knew my team would stick together! Get a good nights rest, girls, and both try your best tomorrow.”

“Thank you, Emma; good night.” Sophie said.

Sophie hardly slept that night. Not only was she submitting to ten strokes across her naked bottom in the morning, she also so wanted to impress Emma. She selected the underwear she would wear to her punishment, a pale yellow plunge bra with black lace edging, she pulled on her matching thong (no point in covering her bottom she thought!) and gave herself a lingering look in the mirror. She looked great; the caning practice had really toned up her already slim body. She pulled on the rest of her uniform and drove the short distance to the correction centre.

Emma and Lucy where already at the centre when Sophie arrived.

Emma smiled. “Ok girls, lets go to the suite.”

Sophie followed Lucy into the punishment suite. Sophie couldn’t help but admire Lucy’s pert, rounded bum as she walked. She could see the fine outline of her panties through her uniform. Emma sat on the edge of the caning bench and crossed her long legs.

“Ok girls, I think the fairest thing would be to toss a coin. Heads or tails, Lucy?”

“Erm, heads.” Lucy quickly replied.

“Tails! Looks like you’re first, Lucy.”

Sophie felt a wave of excitement surge through her, in a few short minutes she would be caning Lucy’s gorgeous bottom.

Lucy blushed and fiddled with her skirt. Emma smiled at Lucy. “Ok Miss Todd, go into the examination room and strip to your underwear. From now on we shall treat you as an offender. Do you understand?”

“Yes Miss,” Lucy meekly replied. Unlike Sophie she had never felt the cane on her bottom and she was about to receive what she had seen handed out to the many young men and women she had strapped to the bench during her service here.

Lucy left the room as instructed. Emma explained that she would act as assistant to Sophie and would strap Lucy down. When Sophie was happy the caning could begin.

“Ok then Sophie, let’s go and get her. Do you have your handcuffs?”

Sophie nodded and walked to the door.

Lucy jumped as the door swung open. She turned to face Sophie and Emma. Lucy wore matching dark red bra and panties. She pathetically tried to cover her large round breasts with her arms and was visibly nervous.

Sophie took the lead. “Miss Todd, it’s time for your punishment! Turn around and put your arms behind your back.”

Sophie snapped the cuffs around Lucy’s wrists, then leant forward and whispered in her ear: “It’s ok, just relax and it’ll soon be over.”

Sophie walked back into the suite, where Emma guided Lucy to the end of the caning bench. “I shall administer ten strokes with the cane to your bare bottom, do you understand?” Sophie said in the sternest voice she could manage, she had to admit she was loving the power of this situation!

“Yes miss,” Lucy muttered.

Emma unlocked the shackles from Lucy’s wrists.

“Strip please, Miss Todd,” Sophie ordered.

Lucy unfastened her bra revealing her round, tanned breasts. Her pink nipples were erect and Sophie had the feeling Lucy was enjoying this more than she was letting on! Lucy then slipped down her panties and covered her neatly trimmed sex with her hands while she looked at Sophie with her big blue eyes for her next instruction.

Sophie picked up the cane and tapped the tip on the bench. “Over!” She barked.

Lucy bent over the bench and Emma moved in and fastened the straps over Lucy’s limbs.

“Her right thigh strap needs to be tighter,” Sophie told Emma.

“Well spotted, Officer Williams.” Emma replied; her mistake was not an accident.

Sophie took a deep breath and got into position. She placed the cane on Lucy’s rear. “Are you ready?” Sophie asked.

“Y-yes Miss,” came the shaky reply.

Sophie stood with her legs slightly apart and placed her left hand on her hip, while with her right hand she tightly gripped the cane. She gently tapped the cane at the top of Lucy’s buttocks.

With a swoosh and a crack the first stroke landed. Lucy let out a cry.

“One!” Emma counted.

Sophie lined up the next stroke and swung the cane again. Lucy gasped as another stripe appeared on her round bottom.

“Two,” said Emma.

Sophie was concentrating hard on getting the strokes as close together as possible and also caning hard but not letting the adrenaline get the better of her. Making a punishment too severe could be as bad as being too light.

“Three,” counted Emma.

Again, Lucy grunted and wiggled against the straps.


“Ahhh, fuck!” Lucy screamed.

Sophie looked annoyed. “We will have that stroke again, Miss Todd, I think.”

“Yes Miss, sorry Miss,” came Lucy’s reply.

Sophie looked to Emma for approval, who smiled and nodded towards her young protégé.


Lucy groned as the stroke hit. Five perfect red lines had formed on Lucy’s bottom


Another scream came from Lucy.

Sophie hoped she’d done enough to qualify. She was enjoying this!


Lucy screamed louder than before, her head kicked back flinging her blonde hair over her shoulder.


Lucy wailed at the seventh stroke. “Please no more Sophie!” She screamed.

“You shall address me as ‘Miss’ or ‘Officer Wiliams’ in this chamber, Miss Todd. Two more stokes, there’s a good girl!” And with that Sophie raised the cane again.


Lucy screamed loudly. She was starting to cry.


“Noooo!” Lucy screamed. Tears were running down her cheeks.

Sophie felt sorry for her friend but she wanted to qualify, plus Lucy still had to cane her!


Sophie’s last stroke landed at the very top of Lucy’s thighs. She let out a moan then began crying.

Sophie felt pangs of guilt as she viewed the damage she’d done to her friend’s beautiful bottom. Emma came over to inspect the marks.

“Very good, Sophie.” Emma said as she lightly rubbed her hands over Lucy’s bottom.

Lucy was quietly sobbing.

“All over now, baby.” Sophie whispered to Lucy as she brushed Lucy’s hair away from her face. Emma and Sophie un-buckled the straps holding Lucy to the bench and Sophie then helped her naked friend to her feet.

“Very good ladies, I’m very proud of you both,” Emma began. “Lucy, you took that caning very well apart from that potty mouth of yours.” She smiled at Lucy. “Sophie caned your bottom very hard so I hope you repay the favour when it becomes your turn to cane her! We shall delay Sophie’s caning until next week as I don’t think it would be fair on Lucy to have to cane today. Doctor Cafferty is waiting for you in the next room; she will attend to your welts. Take your underwear, and well done Lucy.”

Lucy picked up her bra and panties and left the room clutching her sore bottom the best she could.

“Ok Sophie, very impressive caning today and I have no doubts about making you a fully qualified Punishment Officer.” Emma held out her hand to Sophie.

“Thank you, Emma, I hope I can continue to impress you.”

“I’m sure you will. Now have a quick break then come and find me. We’ve got two girls and a young man over the bench this afternoon for twelve strokes each. That should give you some good practice!”

The End