A wife has to confess to her past

By Wendy A

My husband arrived home from a trip abroad in the middle of the afternoon; he had been in Eastern Europe at a dental conference for several days. Earlier that day I had run the kids to his parents’ where they were to spend half term. It was strange being just the two of us; we had rarely been away from the kids.

George poured us both a drink and we settled down in the lounge. “Just like the old days before the kids were born,” he said. “Do you remember those days?” He smiled, it was one of those smiles from old and usually resulted in sexual bliss.

We chatted about the kids, school, his parents, friends and the dental practice where we were both partners. I then asked him about his trip. I noticed a guilty look on his face, it was very pronounced, the sort of look like when he had smashed the family car. What had he done? He talked about the conference, the colleagues he had been with and how he had met up with some French dentists that had attended a conference in Brighton where we had both been delegates. He went into some detail about new techniques that had been presented, all the while I could see that his mind was wandering to some event that had occurred during the trip and that he was desperately trying to blank it out.

“What about the evenings?” I enquired.

That naughty schoolboy look was emblazoned on his face. There had been a banquet offered by the Minster of Health and on another evening they had gone to a casino where, for once, he had ended several hundred pounds to the good. On the first evening he had gone out for dinner with the French dentists and some others. They had had a fabulous dinner; one of the French guys had chosen the restaurant. That guilty look was now like a flashing light.

I was feeling mischievous and teased him. “Did you go anywhere after the dinner?”

The red button was exposed and I was about to press it to explode an atomic bomb. He was flustered and started apologising; he had had quite a lot to drink and had just followed the others. He had no idea where he was being taken. His initial impression was that it was a sort of Playboy club with scantily clad females serving drinks.

The show started with a singer and then a striptease. At this point he paused; there was something else he could not bring himself to mention, had he been with one of the girls from the club? He again apologised and poured more drinks, Dutch courage?

Finally he found the courage to go on. “The club was not a strip club, the striptease was just an entree. A girl appeared on the stage in black leather and brandishing a whip, she swished it a few times and asked whether anyone would like to feel it’s sting. Nobody dared move.

“With that, a young girl was brought out by two guys dressed in military style uniforms. She was attached to some sort of frame and the first girl whacked her bottom a few times. The dress she was wearing was ripped from her and she was naked. Her bottom was whacked again and lines were visible on her buttocks.”

At this he again apologised for not leaving the club immediately. “I know that I should have left and said this to one of the other guys, but he was not moving. Next on stage was a guy dressed as a schoolmaster, he was followed by two girls in school uniform. After a lecture about bad behaviour they each received a whacking with a belt. Other similar acts followed. I feel very guilty, I should have left, but if I am totally honest I was fascinated, the show really turned me on.”

He stopped and sat silently waiting for my reaction. What was he expecting? Did he expect me to throw a tantrum or perhaps tell him to get out?

It was my time to feel guilty, my past came flooding back.

“Well it’s going to be confession time tonight. Remember back to our time at Dental school, you were two years ahead of me and were seeing Alice. I don’t know whether you knew about my Father’s death, it was at the start of my second year, your fourth. He had been suffering during the summer and died only 3 months after the diagnosis of cancer.

“A few weeks after his death I went to see my Mother. She was in quite a state. With my older brother she had reviewed her financial situation. The mortgage had been paid off with the insurance, there were some savings and this had been bolstered by the generosity of his company. The problem was supporting me through university. I had done some part time work in my first year, such as working on the bar at the Union two nights a week, but this only brought in a bit of pocket money.

“I really did want to continue my studies and qualify, how could I continue for another four years? The problem with dentistry is the time spent studying and the practicals, there was precious little time to earn enough money to keep me going. I started with listing all my expenses and considered how I could reduce my outgoings. Some savings were possible but nowhere near enough to make four more years at university feasible.

“I came to the conclusion that I had to find a job where I could earn good money without too many hours away from my studies. I was desperate. I even considered prostitution as a possibility.

“Every day I went through the jobs columns of the local newspapers. I was getting desperate. My eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when I saw an advert for young ladies to earn a minimum of two hundred pounds for no more than 4 hours a week. I know it sounded dodgy but I was at the end of my tether. That sort of money would go a long way to enabling me to support myself. I called the number, a young lady answered and a meeting was fixed for the following Saturday afternoon.

“I looked up the address she had given me in the A to Z and realised that it was on the outskirts of town. Next was bus timetables and I found that a bus passed nearby every half hour.

“That Saturday I took the bus and walked the last few hundred yards. There were a few cottages and a farm with outhouses. Next to the farm was what looked like a small factory building and a sign above a door, ‘The Orient’. I tried the door and it opened. There was a reception area and a young lady sitting at a counter. She greeted me by name and asked me to take a seat. Almost immediately a guy in a suit appeared and introduced himself as Rob; we went into his office.

“He started by asking whether I had any idea what the job was, I replied that I had none. He did not beat about the bush and came out with the fact that it was a spanking club. He saw the shock on my face and asked me to hear him out before I took any decision. He explained that the club was open four nights a week from Wednesday to Saturday and on Sunday afternoons. They were recruiting both active participants and what he called stooges. He enquired whether I had ever been spanked to which I replied that I had had the slipper from my parents and the tawse at school.

“Stooges would be dressed provocatively and serve drinks to the clients (punters). They would not be spanked unless they chose to be. The active participants would usually work twice a week and take whatever punishment was expected although he did say that they could make some choices themselves. The pay was quite different, stooges would earn thirty pounds per session or up to one hundred and fifty pounds a week, whilst the “girls” could earn up to three hundred pounds a session, depending on how many times they were spanked and what they were spanked with.

“He explained that there would be no sexual contact within the club; what we did off the premises was our concern and he told me that some of the girls did meet punters after shows or on non-working days. The opening hours were 8.00pm till midnight. He added that taxis were arranged for the girls to return home after the show and would be back home by 12.30am.

“He stopped and asked whether I could be interested. I was so desperate for money and up to three hundred pounds a session or six hundred pounds per week would answer all my financial problems at one stroke. I told him that I was interested. He then called in a girl who looked a few years older than me; it turned out to be his wife. She asked me to strip to my underwear and somewhat reluctantly I did so. They chatted for a couple of minutes and Freda asked whether she could see my bottom, explaining that they were looking for tattoos or the like. Freda said that I would be ideal as a schoolgirl, given my 5ft 4 and slim body. They told me to get dressed again.

“We then went out of the office, through the reception area and into the main part of the building. The room was square with a stage at one end and a bar at the other; between them were tables and chairs set out. The room was tastefully decorated. Behind the stage there was what appeared to be a changing room and toilets and showers at the far end. This room was somewhat basic with full length mirrors on the walls. The only furniture was some small tables, stools and benches.

“Next they took me on the stage. The curtain was open and there were curtains on each side. Behind these curtains there were some tables and chairs piled up and various apparatus. They explained that these were spanking frames over which the girls could be restrained. They then opened a cupboard; there were canes, belts, paddles and a wide variety of spanking implements. We returned to the office.

“Rob took over and suggested that before either refusing or accepting an offer of employment I should attend a session as a stooge, perhaps that evening or on Sunday afternoon. He suggested that I wear a school uniform and could help wait at tables; he would pay me thirty pounds. He asked whether I had a suitable uniform, to which I replied that I had some short sports skirts and could buy any other items needed. He handed me ten pounds to buy suitable items, long socks or stockings and suspender belt and a white blouse and tie. As I had planned to work in the Union bar that night I agreed to come to the club on Sunday. The Sunday hours were from 3pm to 7pm and I should be at the club 30 minutes before opening.

“I was very nervous on the Sunday and almost rang to say I would not be coming. If it had not been the amount of money I could earn I would certainly have cried off. I got off the bus just before 2pm and several other girls also got off. One asked if I was headed for ‘The Orient’. We wandered the few hundred yards to the club and went in. They went straight through to the main room but Freda called me over. She asked how I was feeling to which I replied that I very nervous.

“She escorted me through to the changing room where the other girls were already in a state of undress. Freda asked to see what I had brought. She suggested the white knee-high socks with white panties, navy blue skirt and white blouse. All that would be finished off with black shoes and a striped tie. As I undressed I looked around. There were quite a few girls putting on school outfits, others were putting on tarty skirts and see-through tops. Other girls arrived and the room was a sea of girls in various states of dress.

“I was slightly shocked when Rob walked in. He saw my look and smiled. He told me not to worry as he would be seeing my bare bottom in the future. He introduced me to Angie, a girl about my own age and also dressed as a schoolgirl. She would be showing me the ropes and generally looking after me during the session. She took me to the bar, gave me a tray, pad and pencil. Each of the tables were numbered and I would circulate, take orders, deliver the chits to the bar and then serve the tables. I was to hover to one side of the room waiting for orders.

“The punters started coming in and within 15 minutes there must have been 50 or 60 in the room. Initially they bought their own drinks at the bar but quickly drifted to the tables and chairs. Once they were seated it was clear that there could be double that number. Angie explained that the club was usually full on Friday and Saturday nights.

“Freda appeared in front of the curtains dressed in leather skirt and jacket, and announced the first scene at Orient School. Rob came in with a black gown over a suit; he was holding a cane. Two schoolgirls followed and sat at two desks. He lectured them about being flirty with the boys and finally said he would spank them; if they repeated the offence they would be caned. Rob sat on the edge of a desk, pulled the first girl towards him and pushed her over his thigh. He lifted her skirt and gave her 6 hard slaps with his hand. The second girl was similarly punished. Rob exited, leaving the two girls centre stage. They then inspected each of their bottoms giving the punters a show of pink cheeks.

“Freda was back and shouted that the prisoner should be brought in. Two guys that I had not seen earlier appeared in dark trousers and white shirts. Between them was a girl in a long evening dress. Her wrists had leather bands round them and she was hooked onto a rope hung from the roof. Freda picked up a whip; there was a handle and a bunch of thin leather thongs. She told the girl that she had been sentenced to 12 strokes on her back. One of the guys undid the tie at the back of her neck, unzipped the dress half way down her back and pulled the dress down so her back was fully exposed. She struggled and was at times face on to the punters who could then see her bare chest. The guys then knelt to hold her legs so Freda could apply the whip to her back.

“Next was Rob, again as a schoolmaster. Two girls entered, there was the usual lecture and they were sentenced to the belt. They each got 6 over their navy blue panties. Again they exposed their bottoms for the punters. Next was Freda with two tarty girls, she played the pimp and was going to teach them a lesson to learn that clients were always right and they should not back chat. Each was to receive 10 whacks with a leather paddle on their bare bottoms. A table was placed in the centre of the stage, one girl was bent over while the other held her wrists. Freda approached with the paddle in her hand, lifted the girl’s short skirt and pulled down her brief panties. She then applied the whacks, after 10 she was replaced by the other girl.

“Rob was back again with two girls, the two that had been spanked earlier. They were each to get 6 of the best with his cane. The first girl was draped over the desk with the second holding her wrists. Her white panties were already partly exposed but Rob lifted her skirt up over her back. He applied 3 strokes and then said he was giving her the second 3 on her bare bottom. He pulled her panties down and applied the next 3 strokes. Even from where I was standing you could see the marks left by the cane. The second girl was treated to the same routine.

“Freda again, the two guys with bare chests appeared with a girl in a long white gown. Freda announced 6 strokes of the cane. The girl was led to a frame, her gown was removed and she was totally naked. Her arms and legs were fastened to the frame, her legs were splayed so you could see her sex. Freda stood to her left and gave her 6 hard whacks. The final scene was with the whole cast, Rob and Freda took it in turns to apply four whacks to each girl’s bare bottom. The girls were called out one at a time to the front of the stage, had to drop their panties and bend over as they lifted their skirts and touched their toes. Bows and cheers ended the session.

“Several girls appeared to help clear the tables and the two guys washed the glasses. I went with the girls to the changing room. I could not help myself from looking at the state of the bottoms of the girls that had been whacked. Freda came in and asked if I had ever seen a caned bottom before. On replying negatively she called the girls over that she had whacked naked. It was clear that she would have some bruising and I was invited to run my hands over the raised lines, her bottom was hot and the ridges must have hurt as I ran my fingers over her bottom. On asking how long the bruises would last I was informed that one week was the norm.

“As we made our way to the reception the girl there announced that the taxis had arrived and the receptionist handed out the pay envelopes to us all. At that moment Rob came out of his office and asked me in. Freda was already seated. First he said that Freda would give me a lift back to town after we had finished. Rob ran through the tariffs ranging from fifty pounds for a spanking over panties to two hundred pounds for 6 of the cane naked. He explained that sessions usually followed the format of that afternoon but could vary depending on the girls present and to some extent the number of punters. Each girl could choose in advance what she would take at the next session with only one hard caning per week but a girl could agree to 3 different spankings in a session and up to 3 sessions in any week.

“They then turned to me with raised eyebrows. I replied by saying that I wanted the job. We then discussed when I would work, Wednesday and Saturday of the following week. They put me in for the less painful sessions, hand spanking and the belt with the paddle in the final scene. They explained that they would break me in gently. I signed their papers and Freda gave me a lift back to town.

“When I got back to my room, made myself a cup of tea and sat down, my head was spinning. That afternoon had filled me with a host of emotions. Apprehension of my upcoming performance on Wednesday night, would I be able to take the pain, particularly once I had progressed to the cane as I would almost certainly do for the sake of the money, would someone from the university see me? I also realised that I had become excited by the events of the afternoon.

“I appeared regularly at ‘The Orient’ for the next four years and I easily paid my way without having to call on my Mother for money. It also enabled me to have more spending money than before my Father’s death and I enjoyed shopping for expensive clothes and had some fabulous holidays. My Mother never asked me how I was managing financially. I think she feared the worst, and I kept clear of my Brother who did ask me several times what I was doing. ‘The Orient’ financed my dental degree and I will be ever grateful to Rob and Freda. I was approached a few times for private sessions with some of the regular punters but resisted the temptation.

“I have never done anything like that since I got my degree although I have to admit to sometimes having naughty thoughts. My secret has been a weight on me since we first started dating and even more so since we married. You have strayed once, I strayed for four years.”

I do still have my schoolgirl uniform and as a leaving gesture I have the tawse and paddle that Rob and Freda gave me. Our kids have since spent breaks with their grandparents on a regular basis and our arsenal now includes several canes.

The End