(a sequel to Monica Caught Red-handed)

By Pat Greenham

It had been almost three months since Monica had been caned at the Tennis Club in the most amazing circumstances. She had been caught red-handed stealing money from behind the bar by Roger Havant, the Chairman of the Club and a PE Master at a local Boys Private School. Obviously she should have been reported to the Police and expelled from the Club, but as she was one of the best female players at the Club the Committee had found an alternative punishment, which Monica had leapt at. After all, the tennis club was her life and the thought of the Police horrified her, and she was genuinely ashamed.

One of the Committee members made an off-the-cuff remark about giving her a thrashing which, once discussed, became a real option. As a result she was given the choice of having time to repay her debt if she submitted to a caning and was then given three alternatives of different amounts of strokes and different levels of undress.

She had opted for the minimum amount of strokes, and the minimum amount of clothes. As such, early one morning she received six-of-the-best with a three foot school cane to her bare bottom in front of the whole committee.

The caning had a very strange effect on one of the committee members, Sally Parker, who had been caned by her Headmaster nearly twenty years before for playing truant. She had falsified a sick note from her mother who had been absolutely furious and told the Headmaster that her daughter deserved to be beaten, which resulted in Sally getting six strokes across her bottom with only her panties as protection.

It also resulted in her getting an additional six stokes from her father with a riding crop that same day, bending over the dining table after her furious mother had pulled her pants right up exposing the marks from her earlier caning. She never told anyone about that fateful day, but watching Monica having her bare bottom thrashed had brought back all the memories.

Sally had, in the meantime, become a very successful investment banker in the City and had, in truth, always outshone her partners. She had chosen badly, always opting for weak men, and it was less than a year since her second divorce. She longed to find a stronger man that was more on her intellectual level. It was not only watching Monica get the cane that had excited her and had brought back memories, it was watching Roger completely take control of a situation and dominate as he thrashed the very deserving girl.

She decided that if an opportunity arose she was going to tell Roger about the secret she had kept to herself for nearly twenty years, and tell him all about being caned by her Headmaster and on the same day being thrashed by her father.

It was during the early part of the Club Championships that she had the first opportunity when, quite late in the evening, she was with a girlfriend in the bar and Roger came over the join them. Sally’s friend made her goodbyes and Roger offered Sally a nightcap.

Monica was serving behind the bar and Sally remarked that it was good they had found a way of keeping the girl within the club, however unconventional the answer had been. Roger told Sally he agreed, adding that it was a shame old-fashioned methods seemed to be being phased out. Sally had her opening.

She told Roger she herself had not been harmed by such methods and had learnt a very big lesson when she was seventeen. Roger was inquisitive and asked her what she had done, so Sally told Roger the whole story about playing truant, falsifying a sick note from her mother and the caning she got from her Headmaster in the presence of a female teacher and the subsequent thrashing from her father.

Roger was finding her story fascinating, as he could not quite imagine this very attractive and clearly powerful businesswomen being caned. Sally, however, had opened the floodgates and told of a secret she had kept to herself for many years. In the back of Sally’s mind was a ridiculous thought about experiencing the cane again at the hands of Roger, but this time on her bare bottom as Monica had received.

Nothing more happened that night, but over the following weekend Sally once more got into conversation with Roger and actually apologised for going on a bit too much about the incident at school. Roger, on the other hand, told her it was absolutely fine and he had enjoyed thinking about her experience. Sally took this to be a green light to talk a little further, and asked if Roger thought her old Headmaster had actually got any enjoyment out of caning a seventeen year old. Roger replied that he hoped not and that he was sure her Headmaster was simply doing his job, and in any case her Mother had suggested she be beaten.

After Sally had gone, Roger began to think if there was something a bit extra to his conversations with Sally and whether there was another agenda.

As the Club Tournament was in its second week, there were a lot of the better players around and Monica was through to the Quarter Finals of the Women’s Singles Competition. Ever since Roger had caned her she had been quite flirtatious with him and Monica was again working behind the bar. Quite late on, Roger was buying a final round of drinks and asked her how she was getting on repaying her debt.

She instantly responded by saying she had got it down from £300 to £120 and then cheekily said: “If you thrash my bottom again, can you wipe the slate clean?”

Roger was taken aback by her question and, without thinking, told her £120 was too much, but he’d wipe half off if she submitted to the same caning as before.

Monica said: “You’re on, but can’t it be for the whole amount?”

“No,” was the answer from Roger, but then he suggested they continue the conversation after the Tournament had finished.

One more glass of wine, and Roger was leaving as Monica told him not to forget their deal. Then an idea popped into Roger’s head as he told her that if she won the Women’s Singles he’d allow the whole debt to be waived in exchange for some extra cane strokes at a 50% discount.

Monica wondered what exactly that meant.

The following morning Roger actually thought he had not acted properly, but as the day went on he persuaded himself that he wanted to cane Monica again and that in any case they had a deal.

As the week went on, Monica made it through the semi-finals and was to play the final on Saturday afternoon. The entire committee was present to witness Monica play brilliant tennis and quite easily win the final in straight sets.

Later that evening, with Monica having been congratulated by all, she asked Roger when and where she should come to wipe her slate clean. Roger had thought about this and, as this was currently a secret between them, he felt it was not appropriate to conclude their deal at the Tennis Club. He suggested Monica come to his school on the following Saturday morning, adding that it would be quiet and discreet.

For Monica, she had hoped that her second caning could be carried out sooner, but accepted she would have almost a week to wait.

Roger also felt that it would be inappropriate for him to cane Monica’s bottom without a female witness and decided the obvious option was to bring Sally into the plan. As expected, Sally was pleased to once again be talking to Roger about the subject of corporal punishment and instantly agreed to join him the following Saturday as a witness.

The week went too quickly for Monica and she was in two minds. First, she knew how incredibly painful getting the cane actually is but also, secondly, she had a strange, almost sexual, feeling about baring her bottom and bending over in front of the charismatic PE master.

All too soon, she found herself meeting Roger at the gates of the private school where he was in charge of PE. She was slightly surprised to see Sally at the school, but Roger explained that he would have to have a witness, preferably a female.

Roger had a room that was adjacent to the gym changing rooms, which was where he took Monica and Sally. As they all entered, Monica immediately noticed the two 36 inch canes on his desk. He asked if she was ready to have her slate wiped clean, to which Monica said she was and asked what he had meant by a 50% discount on extra strokes to completely clear her debt.

Roger told her he would give her six strokes to reduce her debt to £60, but to clear the debt completely she should, by rights, accept a further six. However, as she had now won the Women’s Singles, he would reduce the additional six strokes to just three whacks, thereby applying the 50% discount.

Monica thought about taking nine strokes and instantly agreed to the proposal. Roger had produced another letter for Monica to sign which read:

To Roger Havant,

I, Monica Jarvis, accept the offer made of nine strokes of the cane across my bare bottom in exchange for fully discharging my debt to the Tennis Club. I thank Roger Havant for offering this solution and thank him for carrying out my deserved punishment.

Monica Jarvis

The atmosphere was electric as Roger told her to prepare herself and remove all her clothes below the waist. Once again in front of Roger, she kicked her shoes off and removed her jeans so she now stood in front of Sally and Roger dressed in just a pair of knickers, tee-shirt and bra. Monica peeled off her knickers to leave herself naked below the waist with her toned legs flaring up to her hips and her neatly trimmed golden triangle at the apex below her very trim waist.

Roger told her to turn away and bend over his desk, reach over and grip the far side with her legs straight out behind her. Monica found this position more comfortable than previously when she had bent over to touch her toes but she again gave Roger a fantastic view of her perfect round bottom. Even Sally noted she did have a lovely backside.

Roger took off his jacket and rolled up his right shirt-sleeve before taking hold of the three foot sixth-form cane and lining it up against Monica’s bottom. Taking it slowly back, Roger thrashed her bottom for the first time causing a grunt from Monica as she absorbed the incredible pain caused by a well-delivered cane stroke.

Leaving thirty seconds between strokes, Roger worked his way up and down Monica’s bottom leaving a perfect set of red stripes. After the sixth, he paused and told Monica she could have a break for a minute or two and, if she wanted, she could stand and rub her bottom. Facing Roger, she told him he certainly knew how to cane a girl and she had no idea how she was going to take three more.

Sally was feeling very similar to when she had witnessed Monica being caned the first time and, in her mind, was taken back to her old headmaster. She again wondered if he had got any sexual gratification from caning her for playing truant. She was also thinking about again being caned, this time by Roger, but had no idea how to approach the subject.

After a minute, Monica once again took position as Roger continued her caning, trying not to put a stroke on top of a previous whack. The seventh and eighth came quite quickly and both got a gasp from Monica, but in line with tradition the ninth was a beauty right to the centre of Monica’s bottom in a gap he had purposely left.

Taking her time, Monica rose and stood naked below the waist in front of both of them as Roger confirmed she no longer had any financial debt to the club.

Monica was pleased; her caning was behind her and she could put £120 aside toward a new car that she was saving for. But she also realised there had been a surprising side to being caned and, in truth, whilst it had been very painful, there was some kind of strange pleasure in the exceptional glow now in her bottom.

Roger told her to get dressed and said he would see her later at the Club. He asked if she remembered the way out, to which she said she did.

Turning to Sally, Roger thanked her for agreeing to be present to which she replied she was more than happy to help and congratulated Roger on delivering a first class caning. Roger thanked her and decided that a direct approach to see if she had any interest would be the way forward. As such, he asked her if watching Monica’s caning had again brought back memories.

“It certainly did!” She replied.

Although they were not admitting it to each other, Sally really wanted to submit to a caning herself, having thought about little else all morning. She’d even dressed in jacket, white shirt and black knee length skirt, being the closest she could get to looking as if she was in school uniform.

Roger, meanwhile, was keen to see if his suspicions were correct. Sally was clearly hesitating and stalling for time and ended up making small talk about having lots of memories that one might want to relive.

“Does any stand out as the most memorable?” Roger asked gently.

“I’d say, being caned by my headmaster all those years ago,” Sally responded after a moment’s thought.

Roger decided to push a little bit more by saying: “It’s not unusual for people to want to revisit parts of their lives and if any bit of you would like to relive what happened nearly twenty years ago, you have only to ask.”

This was it and Sally knew it was now or probably never. Additionally, they were in a private environment and it would be very discreet, but it was still so hard to find the words.

She decided to ask what he meant as a ploy to, again, stall for more time.

Roger knew things were at a critical point and decided on an even more direct approach by saying: “You were caned by your Headmaster, and it is clear to me there is a part of you that found the experience to have been intense and personal, even though it would, of course, have been very painful. You told me previously that after you had been caned, your relationship with the Headmaster became more friendly.

“I suspect, in a strange way, a bond had been created by the personal nature of being physically punished. All I am saying is that, if I am right and you are attracted to the idea of revisiting the experience, I can easily help you do just that and, if you want, it can be right here and now.”

It had been almost a speech, but it made it easy for Sally to tell Roger he was very perceptive and, if he didn’t think her to be completely stupid, she’d like him to take her back in time, satisfy her curiosity and cane her bottom.

Yes, she had done it! The words had come out of her mouth; she had asked to be caned!

Roger answered carefully.

“Far from being stupid, you are simply being honest with yourself in a way that only a strong person can be. The vast majority of the population never admit to the many things they would like to experience, probably through a combination of the unknown, fear and a lack of confidence. Do you want to relive the exact experience, six strokes of the cane across your knickers? Are there any changes you would want to make?”

From Sally’s point of view, watching Monica get caned across her bare bottom had made her again ask the question; how much worse would it be without her knickers? If she was going to take another caning she would want that question answered as well as having a desire to show her bottom to Roger.

In a faltering voice, Sally told Roger: “I would like to be caned exactly as Monica was, without any compromise. Please don’t allow me any options, just tell me precisely what I have to do. I need to feel as though I am actually being punished. I am happy to take my thrashing immediately.”

It had been an awkward ten minutes, but Roger was delighted at the outcome. He now had the prospect of caning a very attractive but powerful woman on her bare bottom.

Sally, meanwhile, was both excited and apprehensive.

Roger understood exactly what she was asking. This powerful woman, who was used to giving orders, wanted the tables turned and wanted to be told, wanted to feel vulnerable, and wanted a proper caning.

He simply turned to her and said in a firm voice: “Remove your jacket.”

Sally removed her blue jacket and kicked off her shoes, even before Roger said: “Now your skirt.”

Undoing the zip, Sally pushed her knee length black skirt down and stepped out of it. Roger was right, being told in no uncertain way what to do and being in the control of someone else was exactly what she had dreamed about.

As she stood and faced Roger, he simply said: “Take your knickers off now!”

Apart from a recent doctors visit for an intimate examination, it had been a while since a man had seen her naked and she hesitated for a moment before pushing her skimpy knickers down and off. Now nude below the waist, she gave Roger a fantastic sight. He knew she was very fit and toned from watching her play tennis, but now he had the view any man would fully appreciate of this tall woman with a fantastic figure, trim waist, her frontal nudity and tidy auburn wispy public triangle at the apex of her long sporty legs.

Next he said: “Bend right over the end of the desk and stretch forward. Take firm hold of each side.”

As she bent across his desk, Roger took in her slightly more womanly bottom which was superbly round and an absolute peach.

Roger knew she had asked for no compromise, so simply said: “I am now going to give you six hard strokes of the cane. You are not to move in any way. In particular, your hands must stay holding the edge of the desk. If your hands move, the previous stroke will not count.”

The atmosphere was electric as he left her in position for a short while, taking in the amazing view. Sally, meanwhile, was in state of elation, being completely under his power and waiting for her caning to begin.

She also wondered what he might be thinking, and hoped he liked her bottom.

After about a minute, he said: “Here we go,” as he drew the cane right back over his shoulder and thrashed Sally’s bottom for the first time.

For a split second there was nothing, and then an explosion of pain. Sally instantly remembered getting the first stroke from her Headmaster all those years ago and the split second delay. She gasped, and was genuinely shocked; she had under-estimated the level of pain and thought she was mad to bring this on herself. As the pain sunk in, it was much worse than she had expected. Had she forgotten, or was Roger caning her more severely, or was being caned on the bare that much worse?

Roger knew that leaving a gap would allow for the pain to be absorbed. Sixty seconds later, he gave her the second stroke which was no less hard and created another line of pure fire. This time Sally knew what to expect as she took in the terrific impact created by this simple three-foot length of rattan, but again was shocked by the sheer extraordinary level of pain.

Taking the cane back for the third time, Roger struck her bottom lower, about an inch above the crease. Again, Sally gasped, but still did not move. This was much harder than she remembered, and she wondered how she could take another three.

But as Roger let another minute pass, something strange happened. Sally, having taken three vicious strokes, was actually wanting the next stroke.

Roger did not disappoint, taking the cane right back over his shoulder again and delivering another fearsome blow, slightly higher and just above the centre of her bottom.

As Sally lay over the desk, now with four red weals of fire, it was difficult to say whether it was more painful without the protection of her knickers but she was certainly in a combination of extreme pain and ecstasy, and she unquestionably would not have had anything but a bare bottom caning. The first three strokes had been very difficult to take, and she had questioned her sanity for those short few minutes with Roger leaving considerable gaps between each stroke. But now, she wanted the next two strokes and hoped they were equally as hard.

There were two gaps left for Roger to create the perfect set of six and, as he slowly drew the cane back again, he delivered the fifth with similar ferocity in the perfect spot an inch below the centre of Sally’s bottom. She gasped as she took in the pain, but this was less anguished and far more a pleasurable pant.

With one more to go, Roger decided to get her to spread her legs slightly as he touched the inside of her thighs with the cane. Sally knew instinctively what he was asking and was happy to oblige, giving him the extra view between her legs.

As Sally lay waiting for the final stroke, Roger had stepped back to take in the view before him and wondered what her work colleagues might say to see this powerful beautiful women bent across his desk with five vivid red cane stripes across her peach of a bare bottom.

There was one obvious gap and, as Roger lined up the final stroke, he knew what was required. If it was possible, he delivered the hardest stroke yet with the cane actually bouncing off Sally’s bottom on impact, causing a long squeal.

After a short time, Roger said: “Stand up and face me. Don’t even think about rubbing your bottom.”

He was still in role-play and Sally loved it. It had been perfect, although she had her doubts during the first three strokes.

Roger decided to return to being her friend and asked her what she had thought.

Sally simply said: “Wow, wow, wow! That was extraordinary. The first strokes were a real shock, but I really enjoyed the last three strokes.”

Then she had a big surprise for him.

“When I was caned by my Headmaster, it didn’t end there.”

Still naked below the waist, she went to her large handbag and took out a riding crop that she had brought with her.

If Roger had any doubts this was pre-meditated, they were now blown away. It was clear Sally had only wanted one thing.

He asked her the obvious question: “Do you want me to give you the thrashing your father gave you on that day when you got home?”

Sally did not say a word, handed him the crop and simply returned to the desk and retook the position right across it with her bottom now resplendent with six red stripes.

Roger lined up the crop, which was about 24 inches long with a leather tip at the end, against Sally’s bottom and gave her a tremendous whack with the tip, striking the middle of her far bottom cheek. The crop was a different sensation for Sally, less severe than the cane and more stingy. On top of the cane strokes, it was a real added layer of pain to the throbbing feeling from the caning.

Roger continued, whipping her bottom every fifteen to twenty seconds, and Sally was not making a sound, just laying across the table taking what was, to her, the icing on the cake.

Roger had given her the first stroke with the crop quite low and was simply working his way up her bottom. It was no longer possible to find gaps, and most of the strokes with the crop were on top of previous cane strokes, which gave Sally a particularly intense sensation. It also appeared to Roger that he could strike Sally’s bottom almost as hard as possible with the crop and get no response.

It was soon time for the last two strokes with the crop, and Roger decided on a slightly different finish. He’d made her wait for the last cane stroke, ten minutes earlier, but with the crop he decided to give her the fifth and sixth strokes in very quick succession. The fifth was right in the middle of her bottom and got no reaction at all, but the sixth, less than two seconds later, to the exact same spot got a real shriek.

No longer in role-play, Roger asked her to stand up and face him, and he could not fail to notice a very naughty grin across her face. Sally had been taken through an amazing experience and, for the first time since she had been beaten by her Headmaster, and later her father, she had been completely under someone else’s control.

It had been liberating for Sally, not only to submit to a powerful man, but to undress and show off her body, which she was very proud of and no man had seen for quite a while. Bending right over with her bottom totally bare had been, in itself, wonderful. More than anything, she had been able to explore the whole world of pain and pleasure.

The first strokes of the cane given by Roger had been an ordeal, but once she had reached a certain level of pain she had wanted more and the last three strokes of the cane had burnt in her a deep-seated desire to explore an unknown world. She was sure Roger had caned her harder than her old headmaster, but she was grateful as the last thing she would have wanted would have been a half-hearted experience.

Roger, meanwhile, had an extraordinary morning. Giving the lovely Monica nine strokes of the cane to her bare bottom had been pure pleasure, and he knew that she was also grateful to get out of her debt. He also wondered if Monica had got anything more out of the experience as she had certainly suggested a second session. But it was Sally that had been the true revelation; more than reliving an experience, she had shown a real desire to explore the relationship between pain and pleasure.

Once Sally had replaced her clothes, they left together and went for lunch. Sitting on a hard wooden chair in the restaurant, Sally was constantly reminded of her morning and her still throbbing bottom.

Although nothing was said, they both wondered if there would ever be a repeat.

The End

© Pat Greenham 2014