Stealing from the tennis club gets a girl a well-smacked bottom

By Pat Greenham

Monica Jarvis had been caught red-handed stealing money from the till of the bar at The Tandhall Tennis Club. Money had been going missing for a few months; small amounts, but at least twice a week more than ten pounds was missing. It was late one night that the Chairman of the Committee literally caught Monica with the till open putting money into the pocket of her jeans. She had thought she was alone and had not heard him walk into the bar, but the game was up and Monica now found herself up before the Committee of three men and three women the following evening.

The Chairman told her to stand before them before asking her if she had any explanation. Monica did not have one, of course. She had been taking money for a few months and had thought she was simply getting away with it. But now, standing before the Committee, she wondered what was going to happen.

Asked to at least say something, Monica decided that she had no choice but to admit her guilt.


Prior to summoning Monica into the room, the Committee had met to decide what options they had. Clearly this should be a Police matter, but there was doubt that it would be taken that seriously, with a total of only about £300 being involved. The Committee had also discussed another problem in that Monica was one of the most promising young players, having recently turned nineteen, and was a regular in the Ladies First Team. Apart from the criminal element, there was also the potential loss of a very fine player if she was expelled from the Club.

John Robson, one of the members of the Committee, said, almost as a joke, it was a shame they could not just give the girl a good old-fashioned thrashing, but as they discussed the idea it was clear that others felt the concept was not such a ridiculous idea. Judith Smith, herself a rather severe looking lady, was particularly keen on the idea and reminded the others that whilst the cane was no longer using in the state system, it was still widely used in private schools.

The Chairman, Roger Havant, was in his forties and the PE Master at a nearby boy’s school and said he had a number of canes in his study at the school if they were seriously going to suggest to the girl that a beating be offered as an alternative to being reported to the Police and expelled from the Club. The other members of the Committee, Joanna Robins, Sally Parker and George Barratt, were soon brought along with the idea being put forward, but it was agreed by all that, whilst they could not insist, a thrashing in front of the committee could be offered as an alternative to her being reported to the Police and expelled from the Club.

The conversation moved onto the punishment itself and Judith Smith asked Roger Havant if he had experience of administering the cane, to which he confirmed he had, adding that he had actually caned a boy in the previous week for smoking. Secretly he was hoping that he would be asked to be the one to administer the beating if it came to it, but also felt that for ‘correctness’ he should at least ask if any of the ladies present had any experience of delivering corporal punishment. He was pleased when Judith, Joanne and Sally all said they did not have such experience and that they would all prefer, if such a punishment was to be given, it at least be administered by someone who knew what he was doing.

Roger Havant then said that before Monica was summoned back into the room they had to agree the details of the punishment that was to be offered, to which Judith asked for his suggestion. Roger, having caned many boys’ bottoms, was starting to relish the situation as secretly he had admired Monica’s round bottom in tight tennis shorts under a short dress as well as in her typically tight jeans that were her uniform off the court. Being careful to seem rational, he replied that if Monica was going to learn a very big lesson and that stealing was totally unacceptable, the caning must be severe and exactly as it would be given to any boy at his school for stealing. As such, he told the rest of the Committee that he would recommend a classic six-of-the-best, and as stealing was a very serious matter the caning would have to be delivered to her bare bottom in front of the whole Committee. Joanna and Sally were both shocked by this proposal, but Judith told Roger that his suggestion was good and that she agreed this had to a very big lesson.

George and John both agreed with Roger and also quite fancied the idea of seeing Monica’s bare bottom being caned. Joanna, however, was the voice of moderation and asked the rest of the committee if it was really necessary for her to receive a caning to her bare bottom, and it was clear that Sally was equally horrified by the prospect.

Knowing that Judith, George and John agreed with his bare bottom proposal, Roger said that maybe there should be some options and Monica could be offered a significantly longer caning of eighteen strokes with her jeans and knickers retained or a medium length caning of twelve strokes with just her knickers retained, adding that these would be in his view fair alternatives.

Joanna and Sally were still of the view that a severe six-of-the-best with some clothing retained was preferable, but they realised that they were in the minority and that at least there were some options on the table.

Roger said that for obvious reasons this meeting would not be ‘minuted’, but there should at least be a vote. First, was it agreed that Monica be offered a caning instead of being reported to the police and expelled from the Club? All six members raised their hands. Second, was it agreed that the caning should be to her bare bottom as the only option? George, John and Judith raised their hands and, whilst Roger could have also voted for the single option, he was keen not to seem too eager as it was him that would be giving her the cane and felt he should not ignore the views of Sally and Joanna. It was therefore agreed that Monica should be offered the three options.

Back to the present

Standing before the six of them having admitted her guilt, Roger asked if she wanted to add anything, to which she nodded and told them that she was ashamed of herself and was frightened of the consequences. Roger told her they had known for a few months that the bar till was often between £10 and £20 short, and they had concluded someone working behind the bar was taking the money. However they had no way of proving who it might be until Monica had been caught re-handed.

Roger told Monica she should expect to be reported to the Police and that she would have to return her locker key and membership card and never set foot inside the club again. Monica nodded.

He then asked her if she was interested in an alternative punishment that would keep the matter private.

For the first time, she saw a glimmer of hope and said: “Of course I would be interested as this club is my life and being reported to the Police would be awful.”

It was time for Roger to outline the conversation he had earlier with the committee. He told her that sometimes old-fashioned methods were still effective and although corporal punishment had been banned in state schools, it was still allowed in private schools such as the one he himself taught in.

It had been suggested in an ‘off the cuff’ remark that she needed a good thrashing, but after consideration the committee had decided this was indeed a possible alternative. It would mean she would have time to pay the money back but would remain a member. He added that he doubted she would ever steal again if she submitting to a thrashing.

Monica was naturally taken aback by the conversation but was of the view that anything was preferable and told the Chairman she would accept and asked for a little more detail. Roger paused before telling her that if she was a pupil at his school, for stealing she could expect to receive six strokes of the cane to her unprotected bottom, which the committee felt was an appropriate combination of pain and humiliation.

She was shocked about the prospect of being caned across her bare bottom, and Sally and Joanna felt uncomfortable, but Roger then told her that, as alternatives, she could opt for double the number of cane strokes with her underwear in place or triple the amount of strokes with two layers of clothing.

John and George were hoping that she would go for the six-stroke option.

Roger asked her if she still wanted to proceed, to which she nodded and asked when her punishment would take place. He told her it clearly had to be private and take place when the Club was empty, and proposed that she return at 7.30 the following morning when the committee would be present which would also allow for him to call into the school and collect a suitable cane. Roger added that if she failed to show up the Police would be immediately contacted.

Monica told him she would certainly attend and asked if she could make her mind up overnight about which of the three options she would go for. He said she was being sensible and was pleased they had potentially found a solution. Monica then left and the whole committee returned to the bar for a well-earned nightcap.

The following morning 

The committee all arrived just after 7.15, and despite Sally and Joanne’s concerns they were certainly not going to miss the occasion. Judith was there to see justice carried out, and John and George were hoping she was going to opt for the bare bottomed option, but in any case were looking forward to what was going to happen next. Roger had collected three canes from his school and, although he did not want to admit it, he was quietly looking forward to give Monica a caning. Both Sally and Joanne were fascinated by the crook-handled canes and how ‘whippy’ they were as they tested them through the air.

Monica arrived just before 7.30 and came straight to the Committee Room where the six of them were waiting. She looked her normal stunning self with a short jacket, under which she had a close fitting tee-shirt and her typically skin tight jeans.

With all Committee members sitting in a line, Roger asked Monica how she wanted to proceed. She replied that she would like to accept the alternative punishment and stay as a member and not involve the police.

Roger said: “Very good, and have you given thought to the three options put before you last night?”

Monica replied that she had confidentially asked her older brother for his thoughts, knowing that he had been caned during his schooling and had been interested to hear that he had actually been beaten by Roger Havant some seven years earlier for pushing someone into a swimming pool. Her brother had received six strokes with only his wet swimwear in place. He had also been caned twice by other masters and as such was a good person to ask about the options.

She told the committee that her brother had said she was very fortunate to have an alternative to being reported to the Police and expelled from the Club and that whilst being caned would not be fun, it would be a few minutes of pain that would go away. She added that he had told her in his view she should put her modesty to one side and take the bare bottom option as the alternatives were much worse; being caned over her knickers twelve times would be almost as bad as getting it on the bare, and eighteen was just too many.

As such, his advice was to ‘bite the bullet’ and ask them for six strokes on the bare, which she confirmed was the option she wanted to go for.

Roger told her that he thought she had been given good advice and produced a letter for Monica to sign which read:

To the Committee of the Tandhall Tennis Club,

I, Monica Jarvis, admit to my guilt of taking cash from the bar till over a number of months. I am aware that I should be reported to the Police and that I should by rights be expelled from the Club.

I am very grateful to the Committee for offering me an alternative of Corporal Punishment and apologise un-reservedly.

I confirm the options put before me are as follows, and that before signing the letter I will delete as appropriate.

Option One – Six strokes of the cane to my unprotected bottom

Option Two– Twelve strokes of the cane with my underwear in place

Option Three – Eighteen strokes of the cane with two layers of clothing in place.

Signed, Monica Jarvis

As Monica signed the letter deleting Options Two and Three, Roger told her that it was now time for her to be caned.

He told her to remove her jacket, shoes and then to turn away from the committee and remove everything below the waist. Her jacket and shoes were quickly removed as she went to the top button of her jeans and, facing away, pushed them down partially, taking her skimpy knickers down at the same time. Peeling the jeans off leg by leg, the committee were treated to the sight of her toned legs they all knew well from watching her play tennis. With her jeans now folded and placed on the floor, Monica peeled off her tiny knickers and gave the Committee the sight of her completely bare bottom.

As Roger stood up, Judith leaned over to him and told him to give her a really good caning. John and George were just admiring the view as Monica stood facing away from them showing them the most fantastic bottom.

Roger took off his jacket and rolled up his right shirtsleeve as he picked up one of the canes before asking Monica if she wanted a chair to hold onto or was she happy to simply bend over and touch her toes. Without answering Monica reached down to effortlessly touch her toes with her feet six inches apart and her legs absolutely straight.

He then told her that he would run through what was going to happen saying: “First, you must remain in position until after the final stroke and when I instruct you to stand. If you do stand up at any point, the previous stroke will not count. Second, you should not make any excessive noise whilst being caned and to help I will allow plenty of time between each stroke, probably about a minute which should allow you to absorb the pain of the previous stroke. Third, I know of only one way to cane, which is hard but fair and I will administer each of the six strokes to the centre of your bottom and I will try not to put a stroke on top of a previous one.”

He asked her if she was ready, to which she said: “Yes.”

The atmosphere was electric as Roger touched her bottom with the three-foot cane before taking it back slowly over his shoulder and bringing back down at speed, whacking it into the centre of Monica’s bottom with considerable force causing an immediate red line and a gasp from Monica who stayed absolutely still. In truth, just one stroke of the cane had shaken Monica by its sheer intensity but she considered she had a high pain-threshold and that she could cope as she remembered her brothers words; ‘it is awful but does not last that long’. She also wondered what they all thought about her bottom being so rudely on show and had to admit there was something quite naughty about being bent double, naked below the waist, in from of three men.

Roger touched her bottom briefly before again taking it right back and giving her the second stroke of her caning, causing another gasp and a red stripe just below the first. Again Monica stayed resolutely in position and was just trying to absorb the pain with her bottom on fire and she was again shocked by the sheer intensity of the pain caused by such a simple instrument. George and John had positioned themselves directly behind Monica and had a perfect view of her bare bottom with Roger standing to one side and, to say the least, they were enjoying the view and the proceedings.

Another minute had soon passed and Roger again touched her bottom just above the first stripe before taking the cane back slowly and giving Monica’s bottom a third ferocious stroke exactly where he had intended. This time Monica made not a sound and again managed to stay in position, although she had involuntarily parted her legs a little more giving George and John a view of the secret charms between her legs. Judith was pleased that Roger was giving her such a severe caning and knew Monica was learning a valuable but extremely painful lesson.

Sally and Joanna were simply watching in a combination of awe, horror and fascination. In truth, the caning was having a strange effect on Sally who was remembering a guilty secret that she had told nobody about in over twenty years. At the age of seventeen, Sally had got into terrible trouble after being caught playing truant after falsifying a sick note from her mother. Her year tutor had been suspicious and had spoken to the Headmaster who then spoke to Sally’s mother, who confirmed she knew nothing about her daughter being unwell. In fact Sally’s mother was absolutely furious and suggested that her daughter should be beaten.

Later on the same day, Sally, in the presence of a female teacher, received six-of-the-best bent over the Head’s desk with her skirt removed and only her pants between her bottom and the Head’s cane. At the time she had been mortified and found the cane to be unbearably painful. Things got worse when she got home and was met by her furious parents. She was told in no uncertain terms that whilst she had already been punished at school for playing truant, she was going to be punished further for bringing shame on the family, and that she should go to the dining room, remove her skirt and bend over the table where they would join her shortly.

Her father had previously fetched a crop from their stables, and moments later after her mother had pulled her knickers up tight exposing the clear cane marks across the centre of her bottom she was given six more whacks with the short whip across her already marked bottom. Apart from her parents, the Headmaster and the female teacher, nobody knew about her double punishment as she had been so ashamed, but watching Monica being caned was bringing back strange memories.

It was true that she often thought about the time she was caned by the Headmaster and sometimes wondered if he had enjoyed caning a seventeen year old girl across her skimpy knickers stretched over his desk. Sally quite fancied Roger and wondered what getting the cane on her bare bottom would be like. She quickly put the thought to back of her mind.

Monica, with her fingers still touching her toes, waited as Roger once more touched her bottom with the cane before giving her the fourth stroke, a little higher. This caused another gasp from Monica who was wondering how she was going to take two more strokes, and told herself she had definitely selected the right option. She reflected on her brother’s words about sacrificing modesty in exchange for the least number of cane strokes. The pain of each stroke had three stages; the initial whack, which was almost numbing, followed immediately by an incredibly intense pain where the stroke had landed, followed by a deep rooted pain as the effect of the cane was absorbed into her whole bottom.

It was soon time for the fifth stroke, which Roger delivered below the previous stripes just above the crease and was Monica’s most painful whack yet and caused her to make a louder aarrrrrr than any of the previous whacks. For John and George, they did not want this to end but knew the next stroke was the last – however they both knew that they would savour the memories and keep the picture currently in front of them imprinted in their minds forever.

Everyone knew the next stroke was the last and there was considerable anticipation as Roger left a gap of well over a minute before lining the cane up in the one remaining gap, taking it slowly back over his shoulder and bringing it back down at speed to strike Monica’s bottom in the exact place he had aimed for. Monica gave out a load gasp, but as instructed earlier she stayed in position as Roger stepped back to look at his handiwork. All six members of the committee had in front of them the sight of Monica’s bare bottom with six symmetrical red stripes.

After a short while, Roger told her to stand up and replace her clothes. They were all surprised when, instead of making herself decent, she stood up and turned to face the committee to give them a short speech. First, she thanked them for finding an alternative to being expelled and reported to the police. She told them that being caned had been incredibly painful and she knew that she would find sitting down difficult for a few days but that she had acted in a disgraceful manner and had fully deserved to be thrashed.

She remarked: “Last night you told me a thrashing had been suggested in jest, but I am very glad that it became a reality as I am not sure what would have happened if the alternative had been actioned.”

All this time, she was standing naked from the waist down without the slightest hint of embarrassment and making no attempt to hold her hands over the pubic triangle fully on show to all.

Roger told her the Committee were also pleased to have found a solution and added that she had taken her punishment very well and with considerable dignity.

Judith added that she agreed with everything Roger had said. Joanne was feeling awkward with the girl half naked but Sally kept coming back in her mind to her own double thrashing nearly twenty years previously and was have some very strange thoughts about submitting to Roger at another time to find out what being caned on the bare would be like. She also told herself she was having ridiculous thoughts when she remembered how painful being caned had been. But, none the less, Sally had profound thoughts going through her mind.

George and John had witnessed something incredible and were both surprised at how well the girl had taken the cane and how unembarrassed she was, being naked from the waist down as she stood in front on them. Roger was also pleased on three counts. First, he liked Monica and wanted her to remain a member; second, he knew he given her a first-class thrashing, and third; he had enjoyed himself enormously having had the privilege of caning a very beautiful female bottom, which having caned many schoolboys before was both a first, and a very pleasant change.

The End

© Pat Greenham 2014