Late in her education, a girl moves to a new school

By Ricky Smarts

Missy’s mom, Denise Johnston, had just upset her daughter’s world. They were moving at the end of the month, two counties over, to a new school district; one well known for turning out well-behaved and productive graduates.

Missy’s dad had died eight years ago, when she was ten. He had handled the domestic discipline as needed until that point. At those tender years, all it took was the announcement of a spanking and two or three slight taps on her padded young bottom to bring Missy to tears. Even then, she was very free-willed and those spankings, by a loving father, had little effect. As she got older, her mom realized she was unable to give her cute and spunky daughter the attention she needed, and her misbehavior proved it. With working two jobs, as a secretary during the day, and a waitress several evenings a week, her time for domestic discipline was limited. She also dreaded having to do to her daughter what her parents did to her. Despite the unpleasantness of periodic spankings over their laps, Mom realized the immediate pain and embarrassment was far outweighed by its by-product; turning her into the proper woman she was.

Mom even remembered a few spankings she had received over her husband’s by the way he punished her as if she were a child; a very juvenile correction for her minor deficiencies. She was terribly embarrassed as he lowered her panties to her knees, baring her full bottom for her needed punishment. But when he totally forgave her for her misbehavior, and made passionate love to her afterwards (she being on top, of course!), she realized he did the right thing and truly loved her. She knew that heat in the tail was the best teaching tool for young girls, but she needed some help in delivering it to her undisciplined daughter.

Missy was naturally very upset with moving house. With Mom never home till late at night, Missy was free to do as she pleased. Homework was rarely done, nor were the chores her mother left for her. Missy needed some direction and control, but Denise realized she was not up to the task. Her daughter didn’t have to fear the periodic parental spankings that kept her friends in line. When they came home late, or received bad grades in school, they often got a trip over Mom or Dad’s lap and heard their cries drowned out by the strap or hairbrush on their tender bare bottoms. Missy laughed when she heard those stories. She did what she wanted with no fear of punishment. That was all to change soon, to Missy’s great discomfort.

Then Mom heard of the wonders the Middlesex High School was able to perform. Wayward and unruly teens were turned into good productive citizens. Whether on to college or the work force, they minded their elders, performed their tasks, and were thankful for their lessons.

Missy would join many other problem students, transferred there from throughout the tri-county area, due to their disruptive behavior problems. Strong willed young girls denied graduation privileges elsewhere until they proved they were ready to leave school and join the community. Although old enough to graduate at eighteen, they were sent to Middlesex High to smooth out their rough edges. Most learned to comply with the rules and eventually became model citizens. That is exactly what Mom wanted for her recalcitrant daughter. Spank some sense into her head, through her pert bottom, of course.

There were rumors that some form of corporal punishment was administered, but the parents never complained, as they were happy with the end result. Missy was very apprehensive over the move and new school but there was little she could do. She said good-bye to her friends and promised to stay in touch. One told her she had heard rumors that the school was tough on misbehavior and they had a very efficient way in dealing with it. When Missy asked what it was, the friend giggled and said she’d learn soon enough.

At Middlesex High, the students’ orientation came from the history teacher, Bob Perkins, who doubled as the Boys’ Dean. When Mom dropped Missy off that first morning, the school secretary had Missy wait outside while the school rules were explained to Mrs Johnston. She willingly signed the parental consent forms and told the secretary that was exactly why they chose this school. Mom was told that despite many students being eighteen or more, they would still be spanked as if they were half that age.

Mom kissed Missy goodbye and wished her a good first day at school. Missy was then put into a class of kids her age, mostly transfer students, and the strikingly pretty youngster quickly made friends. At lunch, when she asked about the “behavior modification” program she heard about, the others girls merely smiled, but said little. One told her the history teacher was everyone’s favorite, but on occasion visits to his office were not fun. Missy was told that she would meet him during her first week there. He liked to explain the rules personally.

A few days later Missy was summoned to the dean’s office. Apprehensive as usual when not knowing what to expect, she walked into the outer office. His pretty young secretary, Holly, asked her to wait until he was ready. The very nervous young girl squirmed about for twenty minutes, worried about this first meeting with the dean.

Finally, a hunk of a man, 32 years old and with a great smile on his face, opened the door and invited her in.

“Welcome to Middlesex High, Missy, great to have you in our family.” He was gorgeous and his good looks caused Missy to involuntarily tremble. She accepted his invitation and sat in front of his desk on a straight-backed, strong wooden armless chair. He explained the school rules to her and said he expected her to follow them. He said the school was a big family and any violations were disruptive to all.

She noticed a large fraternity paddle on the wall behind his desk. She had heard he used that on the boys who were sent to his office. Girls, she was told in the schoolyard, had their deficiencies “explained” to them differently. His calm voice soothed her nervousness at the first meeting. He seemed like a very nice man and she just couldn’t believe he would do the things she heard hinted about. He wished her well and sent her back to class. But Missy, being Missy, it didn’t take long for her to be invited back.

Missy had not been turning in her home work, was late on a few occasions and was impervious to her teachers’ requests to comply, as well as being insubordinate when confronted with her poor behavior. Her friends knew it wouldn’t take long for Missy to meet Mr Perkins again, only this time under slightly different circumstances. She would be impertinent no more.

It was not surprising when at the end of class one day during her third week at Middlesex, her Home Room teacher, Mrs Williams, told her to report to Mr Perkins after lunch, the next day. He had been advised of her behavior and wanted to discuss it with her. After school that day, all her friends kept smiling at her. Not knowing what they meant, she kept asking. They told her that Mr Perkins had a reputation for turning misbehavior around and she would learn all about it tomorrow.

Insisting they tell her what would happen, one girl, a very pretty young classmate, just told her to make sure her hair was well groomed. The word groomed, got all the rest laughing. Most had visited Mr Perkins after some minor infractions. While they loved the one-on-one relationship with the good-looking young teacher, they always walked out somewhat stiffly, but definitely more compliant. A few, on occasion, waited a few weeks before being slightly disrespectful to their own teachers, which earned them a return for a “minor correction.” These visits had to be properly spaced though. The girls knew quite well there was only so much their cute buns could take, even when they wanted to lift their skirts for that thrill filled ride.

The rest of that day was very frightful for Missy. Anxious and fearful at the same time, Missy hoped that a spanking was not in order. She was eighteen years old and a high school senior! Teachers couldn’t do that, could they? In any event, she was too old to be spanked. That was for children, wasn’t it? He would probably give her detention or put her on probation. She doubted he would use that paddle on her.

The boys, she heard, had to bend over the back of his chair, hands on the seat, while he gave them ten good ones on the seat of their jeans. Their howls were heard three classrooms down the hallway. He wouldn’t do that to her? He seemed so nice.

Wanting to make a good impression for the stern lecture she hoped was the only thing she would receive the next day, Missy showered and shampooed her pretty blond hair that night. She selected a nice short skirt that showed off her attractive legs and butt, and a form-fitting pullover sweater. Looking nice will probably temper his actions, she thought. But what if he did want to punish her? Be it paddle or something else, she still wanted to look good underneath the skirt, in case it rode up a bit. She only had her white cotton panties, typical of girls still living at home, at least according to her mom.

On the way to the bus stop the next day, Missy stopped at the lingerie shop and picked up a pair of tiny black silky panties that barely covered her young bottom cheeks. If he did make her bend over, this might stop him in his tracks and not treat her as a little girl still wearing cotton briefs. She was an adult and should be treated as one! Missy took the hairbrush to school to give her hair a final tune-up at lunchtime, just before reporting to his office. Little did she know that her hairbrush would be doing most of the talking later on.

Missy couldn’t keep still all morning, fidgeting in her seat. Approaching her friends, she inquired what the day held for her and what she should say to Mr Perkins when he asked her to explain her misbehavior. During each break she asked them what to expect. All she got was: “Mr Perkins is a fair man,” and: “We’ll be here for you when you return.”

After barely eating her lunch, she went to the rest room and brushed her hair again. Placing the solid wooden hairbrush back into her purse, she straightened out her clothes, hoping she looked nice. Then she remembered the new panties and went into a stall and put them on. Knowing these offered no protection, she hoped they would win the day for her.

Missy presented herself to Perkins’ secretary, Holly, in the outer office. Holly, just 21 years old, had been a student at Middlesex and graduated three years before. Having spent considerable time in Mr Perkins’ office, most of it over his knees as a wayward student, she was thrilled when he hired her upon graduation. Perkins, on the other hand, wanted all to know what a lovely young lady she turned into; living proof of the benefits of “trips to the dean’s office.”

Holly always assisted him in his behavior modification therapy sessions with the girls. She knew full well what a good attitude adjustment could do. Holly told Missy to have a seat, as Dean Perkins was finishing up some important school business.

“How is he feeling today, Holly?”

“He’s just fine and will talk to you shortly.”

Holly was always amused at the way the girls acted just before meeting her boss. They knew what was coming but hoped against it. She was the same during her student days. To this day, she was thankful for the well-delivered brush strokes Perkins applied in her youth, and rarely needed them anymore.

Despite the fires they lit in her young bottom, Holly knew the point he was making and it worked; turning her into the well-behaved woman she was now. But when the need occasionally arose because of some minor failing on her part, her boss knew just what to do.

Being the sweet man that he was, he very thoughtfully waited until after school ended for the day and when all were gone, before correcting Holly’s misdeeds. Holly was very appreciative of that, as well as for the fairness for the amount of heat that was to be imparted to her blushing mounds dancing on his lap. The severity of her spanking was always consistent with her level of misbehavior. Despite the smart slaps he always dispensed, Holly bared her firm round bottom for her good-looking boss with mixed emotions.

After each crisp bare bottom over the knee spanking, either delivered with her wooden hairbrush, or Perkins’ equally hard hand, Holly cried for a while, did the traditional post spanking dance and fanning of the flames in her bottom, and then always thanked him and kissed him for being so concerned about her development. It took her a while to appreciate, but the right attention applied to a young girl’s bottom went directly to her character building. The stinging pain in her puffy buns helped Holly remember the lesson for several days.

Eventually Mr Perkins opened his door and invited the terribly worried Missy inside. All she held was her purse, containing her hairbrush, the white cotton panties and a hanky. He smiled broadly and she almost swooned. He asked her to have a seat on the same wooden chair she had sat in before.

“Missy, I have been very distressed over what Mrs Williams tells me. No-one has the right to break the rules we all live by. You are almost ready to graduate. What shall we do?”

As she sat down on the chair, she pleaded: “I’ll try harder Mr Perkins, I’m very sorry, it won’t happen again.”

“Missy, I have learned over the years, that ‘sorry’ doesn’t cut it. What impresses young people is taking home a hot bottom. That talks to them for a few days, far better than I can. Also, I do not have the time to take away from my other duties at Middlesex to continually remind students what to do. Remember the chat we had when you first arrived here? That was your warning. Today will be your first lesson; you do not want a second!”

Missy was terrified. All the schoolyard giggles were starting to make sense. She got the chills and could not stop her tremors, hoping the paddle was not next.

“I see your hair is very well groomed, did you bring your hairbrush today?”

“Ye… ye… yes. Why, Mr Perkins?” She was barely able to blurt out.

“Well the paddle is for the boys who need it. I only use it on girls who keep coming back for additional instruction. It is unlikely you will ever taste its hot kisses. You seem like a bright young lady who will quickly learn what to do at Middlesex. Isn’t that why your mom brought you here?

“Please ask Holly to come in to assist us. I find it very helpful when she watches our discussion and records your answers. We then have a documented record of exactly what occurred here. Anyone with a need to know can then review it. I would normally have the girls’ dean discuss this with you, but she is out this week, and I believe we need to address this right away. You will also feel much better getting this over with today. Don’t you agree it’s better than waiting till next week?”

“I guess so, Mr Perkins,” she stammered as her face began blushing at the thought of the public record soon to be made. “Maybe it is better to discuss it today,” she offered, hoping to put this day behind her.

With that Missy got up very slowly and walked to the door. “Holly, could you please come in? Mr Perkins needs you.” Missy waited by the open door, twisting her hands not knowing what else to do.

Holly smiled and got up. She came into the office and sat on a chair off to the side, facing the chair in front of the desk. She sat with her legs together and her short skirt coming to about mid thigh. Holly was holding a small book and a pen. She knew exactly what Mr Perkins needed her for!

“Missy, will you please close the outer door but leave this one open. Then come back here.

“Holly, Missy here has told me she is very sorry for disobeying Mrs Williams. Will you please record that in your book? It has only been a few weeks since she was verbally instructed on our rules. Today we will try to instruct her in another way. Hopefully she will understand this method better.” Missy could barely walk, not knowing what “instruction” awaited her. As she came from the inner office door, Mr Perkins came around his desk, took off his jacket and sat on the same chair Missy had been sitting on, first pulling it to the middle of the room. It was about three feet in front of his desk, with no obstructions on either side. Holly was off to his left.

“Missy, please come over here so I can explain something to you.” She stood, still wringing her hands, and faced him. “You will not like what is about to happen, but I can assure you, you will thank me for it later. Now, take out your hairbrush. We will use it somewhat differently this afternoon.” Missy slowly opened the purse and took out the hairbrush. It was a small, smooth, oval shaped wooden one with a good handle, popular with the girls.

Mr Perkins had seen them before, and used them quite often. When she held the brush, her entire body began trembling. What could he possibly want with that, she thought, trying her best to suppress any idea of what she knew was probably going to happen to her sweet, young, and very tender bottom cheeks very shortly.

“Missy, this brush has two purposes. One you know about; keeping your top well groomed. There is another, I believe more important use it has. That is to teach young ladies to follow the rules. For that purpose we use it on your other end. I prefer to use yours, rather than Holly’s. Do you know why?”

Missy, still standing nervously in front of him and chewing on her lower lip, looked to her right at Holly, as if to ask for help. Holly just smiled at her. “Nooo, Mr Perkins,” she stammered.

“Very simple, Missy. Every morning, when you use it on your top, you will remember its other purpose, for your bottom. I find it a useful and daily aid in molding good students here. Are we ready?”

“Yes, Mr Perkins,” she could barely say. If he weren’t so gorgeous, this would be much easier, she thought. It would be much nicer if he were holding her, or dancing with her, or better yet, kissing her, but to be over his lap, was not what she wanted.

“Please hand Holly the brush. We will use it later, but first we have some preliminary matters to discuss.” Missy walked over to where Holly was sitting and very gently outstretched her hand and gave Holly her sturdy oval headed hairbrush. Missy then returned to Mr Perkins and he instructed her to stand on his right side, facing Holly.

Having a female witness was legally necessary when punishing a female student, even though the mothers had all signed a “loco parentis” consent. The school was currently Missy’s “local” parent and could administer reasonable punishment, and having a female school staff person as a witness cut down on spurious allegations from female students unhappy with the state of their bottoms, usually blazing red and throbbing after a ride on the dean’s lap.

As the dean slowly rolled up his right sleeve, he told her: “OK, Missy, you know the position. Your Mom said Dad spanked your buns when you were younger. I am Dad now.”

Missy couldn’t believe this was happening. Closing her eyes in fright, she was frozen to the floor. He could have taken her hand and led her closer to his lap, but having her assume the position herself would add to her indignity. Missy took in some air, scrunched up her face and slowly approached him. Then, all by herself, she leaned across the lap and awaited her chastisement, hoping her short skirt covered up what was important. She hoped it would offer some small protection.

She got comfortably balanced, hands on the floor in front and feet straight out behind her. Her feet were out, rather than on the floor, as Mr Perkins kept his right leg about a foot off to the side. He preferred it this way as he had his target just where he wanted it, front and center, smiling up at him!

Missy looked right at Holly, who again, smiled back. Missy was instructed to keep her hands on the floor, or the count would start again.

“I will spank you on your panties. I don’t believe in ‘doing it on the bare’ the first time. But if I have to invite you back again, your panties will be around your knees, and you will be very soundly spanked, Young Lady. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Mr Perkins, I appreciate that.”

However, when the short skirt was lifted up and laid on her lower back, they both realized that, panties or not, this spanking was going on the bare! Missy couldn’t have gotten a smaller pair. The little triangle at the top was only three inches wide and covered nothing. Then there was a fine black strand of silk almost hidden between the alabaster twins of her lovely butt cheeks, with another tiny piece covering her private parts below. Her beautiful, perfectly rounded orbs were on total view to a hunk of a strange man staring right down at them.

Missy was bare from the tops of her cotton sox to the black silky string above her waist, claiming to be a panty top. She couldn’t have been more embarrassed. This hurt more than any spanking would, she foolishly thought. Her firm twin sparkling ass cheeks began quivering in anticipation of what she had hoped was not going to happen; two beautifully shaped and trembling milky white globes on display, soon to develop a lovely robust and shinning color. Their creamy sheen would soon be gone, as would the school’s newest behavior problem. At least, that was the plan.

“Missy, I hope you realize you brought this upon yourself. You need this as part of your education here at Middlesex High. Are you ready for your attitude adjustment?”

“Yes Mr Perkins. Please be gentle, I haven’t been spanked for a long time.”

“I know Missy, that’s why you are over my lap. It is long overdue.”

Perkins was in no rush. Having her wait, while over his lap with skirt up, only added to her fears about what was to happen to her cute little bottom. Missy did not want to be spanked, but having her half nude body in his face was no fun either. Knowing the sooner it started, the sooner it would be over, she almost wished he would begin. Just lying there with most of her trembling bottom cheeks and thighs exposed was not accomplishing much other than adding to her humiliation. It was also not the position she favored most for having a conversation with her dean. After an unnecessarily long wait, Perkins felt it was time to warm her up.

He placed his right palm on her cute round quivering ass cheeks one at a time, as if to measure the distance. Of all the firm young bottoms he saw in his office, Missy’s was by far the finest; two perfectly shaped globes, already trembling in anticipation. The contact sent tremors through both their bodies; only he did not blush with shame. After a very long, lingering moment he lifted his hand high.

“Are you ready for your spanking, Missy?”

“Ye… ye… yes, Dean Perkins,” he barely heard.

With that, the first crisp slap fell on her right cheek. “Ooh!” She spit out; at least it had started.

Then another fell on its beautiful and quaking twin. This one went unanswered as Missy tried to maintain some dignity. Perkins wished she could see the outline of his hand and fingers on her silken young and delightfully round ass cheeks. The dean had a steady but very slow cadence. Missy fully felt each hot kiss of his hand before it fell again. It didn’t take the poor girl long to realize this would be a spanking to remember.

Right, left, right, left. First high, then low. A loud “Yoweee” or an “Ahhh” promptly answered each punishing blow. When she could blurt out the plaintiff words, Missy begged the dean to stop her spanking.

“Please Dean Perkins, my bottom stings soooo much. I will be very good, puhleese stop spanking my bottom.”

Missy’s bottom did more than sting. It felt like she backed into a stove, and the hairbrush part had not even started yet. Would she ever survive this very difficult spanking?

After the first dozen, her entire bottom was pink. The second dozen were also smartly applied and each spank was announced by the poor girl with a gasp or an “Ahhhh” or an occasional “Ouch, that really hurts, Dean Perkins.”

By this time, Missy’s legs were kicking wildly.

Missy could not see the bright sheen her twin orbs were developing, but her cries clearly indicated the dean was getting through to her. Usually her head was down counting the fibers on his rug, but every few spanks she would lift her head to see a smiling Holly. Having a witness to this humiliation only added to her feelings of discomfort.

Holly witnessed two or three such spankings each week. When she later saw those girls in the lunch or rest room, they diverted their eyes, knowing that Holly’s eyes had already seen too much.

“How does that feel, Missy?” The teacher asked. “It burns Mr Perkins. Can you stop my spanking now? My buns are very sore. I learned my lesson and it won’t happen again,” she said with a distinct quiver in her voice.

“Holly, please write than down in your book.”

“Missy, I plan to discuss this matter with you a bit longer to make sure you remember this visit to my office. We have to prepare your naughty bottom for the rest of your spanking. Your cheeks must be tender and tingly to fully welcome your nice wooden hairbrush. This time I’d like you to call out the next twelve. Can you do that for me?”

“I’ll try, Sir,” Missy squeezed out between sobs as she rolled on the man’s lap. This was starting to be a very difficult afternoon, and the hairbrush, her hairbrush, had not yet been introduced.

The humiliation of lying almost bare over this good-looking stranger’s lap with her skirt raised high, like a little girl being punished by her mom, was intense. Having to count out her own spanks overcame her with shame. At least when she was spanked at home, as a very young child, it was by a loving father who had seen her buns before.

Mr Perkins started the slaps again, still nice and slow, once again allowing each spank to be fully appreciated by Missy’s tender buns before the next one fell. These were however, a bit harder and caused her bottom to squirm. This added to her embarrassment, knowing Mr Perkins was watching the show being performed on his lap.

Upper right, upper left, then lower right and lower left, each as crisp and smart as the one before it. He covered all bases. This time she announced each loud spank, generally with a groan or a gasp just before the number. She interspersed her counting with “Please, Dean Perkins. No more, my bottom is so sore,” and: “I promise to be better, please stop.”

By the time she called out: “Eight,” she was grinding her crotch into his lap. With the next two, she pressed down as if to run from the hard punishing hand, but called out numbers “Nine” and “Ten” as best she could. Perkins gave her the last two quickly. Number Eleven was preceded by a loud “Owweee,” and Twelve, for which Perkins waited a bit before delivering, was barely heard after her very long “Yooooowweee.” She wanted to reach back and rub the heat from her hot young ass cheeks, but remembered his admonition not to.

With the third dozen handsomely administered and properly counted, he gave them both a short break. Her wonderfully rounded ass globes were an even brighter pink now, with a million hot pinpricks reminding her of what was occurring. He could almost see the steam escaping those full orbs rising majestically from her maturing thighs. Perkins knew exactly how Missy felt as he watched the twin spheres still shaking on his lap.

“Is Missy starting to learn her lesson?” He asked. “Just twelve more before we move to your hairbrush.”

“I can’t take any more, Dean Perkins, please stop spanking me. I’ll be better.”

“Holly, did you get that? She says she’s had enough. What do you think?”

“You haven’t used her brush yet, Boss. That’s what usually impresses them the most.”

Hearing Holly again, Missy looked up. She silently debated the merits of whether having Holly see her crying face or her spanked bottom was worse.

Break or not, Missy was still looking at the floor and trying not to imagine what the dean was looking at.

“OK, Missy, we still have work to do, break time is over. I still want you call out the last twelve, of this set.”

With that, he started up again. Each smart spank on her rosy checks brought out a squeal and the official count. Usually there was an “Oooh,” or an “Ouwwwweee” just before the number was blurted out. Missy was real sorry she bought the sexy panties. They didn’t do her any good; no protection and no compassion from her strict disciplinarian. She wondered if the threatened second spanking, with the panties around her knees, could be any worse.

The third slap of that punishing hand started the tears flowing and the legs kicking again. Perkins had to put his left hand on her right hip to prevent her from falling off.

She screamed out the next few numbers between gasps for air. “Ooh, Seven, Owwh, Eight, Aaaahh, Nine, Yowee, Ten! That really hurt!!” Maybe it was better that he went so slowly. It allowed her time to fill her lungs with air for her next response. Missy sure did not like this discussion! She rolled and twisted as best as she could, hoping the punishing hand of the dean would hit a new area and not one so tender.

Although she needed to rub the fires out of her butt, she realized the only hand going there would be his. Two more sharp slaps followed, causing her legs to jerk back sharply. She didn’t announce them as her mouth was wide open sucking in air, but otherwise let Perkins know she received them. Perkins could see the imprint of his fingers at the outer edges of her firm, round, and burning bottom globes. He knew he was getting through to her brain, by a more direct route.

Mr Perkins allowed Missy a short respite over his lap. She needed it after four dozen smart slaps on her bare butt.

He needed it too. She cried silently for a few minutes as he tried to wipe away the heat from her beautiful and burning twin mounds of firm pink flesh, his smooth hand caressing her tender hot bums.

When Missy stopped trembling, Perkins directed her to get up and retrieve the hairbrush from Holly. Missy painfully lifted herself up from the humiliating perch she was on, quickly pulled her skirt down and took the few steps to Holly. She accepted her hairbrush back, the very same brush that made her hair so pretty that morning.

Holly presented it brush side first and told Missy to let her instructor take it by the handle, ready to be used. Missy turned back to Mr Perkins and he saw her face for the first time since her spanking began, tears running down cheeks, puffy red eyes and quivering lips.

Missy didn’t know how many spanks with the head of her hairbrush were coming, but she knew her sweet bottom couldn’t take too many. Embarrassment faded into fear. Mr Perkins knew this was one punishment Missy would not forget very soon, maybe never. Missy already knew that and dreaded climbing over his lap again.

“What is the hairbrush for, Missy?”

“I’d like to brush my hair and go home. Dean Perkins, I have learned my lessons well today. You don’t have to spank me anymore. My bottom hurts terribly. I will be very good in school from now on.”

“Holly, please record that answer and indicate that her bottom looks like it needs another two dozen, this time with her hairbrush.”

“Oh, Mr Perkins, puhlese, no more, my bottom is so sore, it’s on fire. I won’t sit down for a week,” she said, trying to rub the heat out of her burning twin orbs.

“Hands by your sides, Missy. I thought you knew the rules by now.”

“Yes, Dean Perkins, I’m sorry. It won’t happen again,” Missy said as she tried to shake the fires out of her butt. Her bottom felt like a thousand bees had stung her and she powerless to tend to it.

“Has Missy forgotten who the insubordinate student is and who the teacher is? I need you to feel this for a while, as a reminder. Remembering helps us comply; you understand that, don’t you?

Now hand me your hairbrush and get back into position. This is like an insurance policy. The longer your buns are sore, the longer you’ll remember to be good in school. That’s what will keep you out of this office and help you graduate one day.” He then took the sturdy hairbrush by its firm and stout handle and held it comfortably. He had clearly done this before, many times.

Missy very slowly complied and draped her shaking body over the dean’s punitive lap again. She didn’t know if she could take another twenty-four, but realized she had no choice. As he lifted the tiny skirt again, Missy’s face and ears began flushing; however Mr Perkins did not see that. His eyes were on the lovely, nicely coloring, pert buns looking up at him. Her panties covered nothing.

“Now, Missy, I want you to keep counting as long as you can. Sometimes I forget and keep going on. We wouldn’t want that to happen, would we?”

“No Sir, I’ll try my best,” she whimpered.

“I know you will, young lady. We at Middlesex know you are basically a good girl, who just needed a little extra attention today. We will teach you how a well-delivered hairbrush spanking can be a young girl’s most valuable lesson. You will thank me when we are finished. Are we ready, Missy?”

“Yes, Dean Perkins,” she said talking at the floor.

The brush went up, waited a moment for her to get ready, and bounced smartly off her blazing right bottom cheek. She winced out the “One.” Number “Two” followed a high-pitched “Ooohh,” and “Three” came after a very long “Aaaaaaaah.” Four, Five and Six followed several loud “Yowwwee’s.” Missy sang a very sweet song from that point on, every sound was garbled, as Missy’s wooden hairbrush danced from cheek to cheek, warming them evenly.

When Perkins hit one of his favorite spots again, Missy answered with a loud: “Owwwwwieeeeee, Ooooh, Oooh that hurts.”

Missy was now like an old-fashioned claxon horn during her first six spanks. Every “Slap,” “Crack” or “Whack” sound at one end was answered with a loud groan or yelp at the other. Her pretty legs kicked out with each sharp stroke of the brush. Usually she kicked them back, one at a time. When the right cheek got kissed, that leg jammed out. When her hairbrush met the left rosy globe, its leg shot up. But sometimes they went every which way. If it weren’t for her thong, who knew what the dean might see!

Her final six, of this set, were sure to get her homework done. This time he gave her three sharp cracks on her right side, high, middle and low. The low one, where butt met thigh always got a different sound from the girls. Like a low moan.

Perkins then switched to her left side. Three more hot ones balanced out the set. Missy went wild. She flopped and twisted. Her legs went every which way and she cried out for mercy.

With only twelve left to be administered, Perkins stopped for a moment to address her. No sense talking as she cried, so he waited a few minutes, all the time keeping his eyes locked on those convulsing promontories. When she finally stopped shaking and her crying subsided, he said:

“Missy, please stand up. I want to see your face as I talk to you. You have taken your instruction very well so far. There are only a dozen left.”

“Please Mr Perkins,” she pleaded between sobs. “Please stop, I can’t take any more. I have never had such a hard spanking before. It feels like I am sitting on a hot stove.”

“Your hairbrush is doing a wonderful job, Missy,” he said as he helped her straighten up. Once on her feet, she danced a bit and then quickly shook her hips to drop the skirt.

“Every time you use this brush, it will bring back memories of this afternoon. Not the burning discomfort, just the lessons we learned with it. It should induce you to behave in school. I think it will, but if this is insufficient to teach you a lesson, you will be right back here for another lesson, over my lap. Even though my time is very limited I will do my job, you understand, young lady?”

Missy looked very sorry standing in front of Perkins with her puffy eyes and trying her best to keep her hands off those burning globes behind her. Pressing her fingers into her thighs, and still dancing from foot to foot, she begged again for the spanking to be over. “I am so sorry, Dean Perkins. Please stop my spanking. I know I deserved it but you have made your point. I will be very good in class from now on.”

Ignoring Missy’s request, Perkins simply directed her to re-assume the familiar and demeaning position. She shuddered, began sobbing again and very slowly leaned over to put her hands on his left thigh. Missy lowered herself the rest of the way over the punishing lap and prepared herself as best she could for the resumption of this last set, a series of hot kisses that was sure to re-ignite and fully engulf the fires still simmering in her very red and quivering ass cheeks.

Perkins again lifted the short skirt that kept getting in his way and exposed those fantastic firm, full and rather distinctively colored bottom globes. Missy’s uncontrollable shaking gave her cute buns a wonderful glowing effect. Missy was turning into an excellent student, but he hoped she would need a tune up every once in a while, until she was prepared for graduation.

The final twelve of Missy’s special introduction to Dean Perkins’ office were memorable. He was sure the other students heard her pleas and the accompanying brush strokes. The dean had heard that there was always a small contingent of students outside his office at times like this. That was why he left the inner door open. Their sharing of Missy’s experience had a beneficial effect on them too. One spanking could speak to several students at once.

Perkins started on her left thigh. He gave her one just over the knee and another right in the middle of the rear of her thigh. No short skirts for a few days!

He then worked his way slowly up to the top of her blazing left bun; four loud cracks, and then across and down the other side with four more on her right cheek. Top, middle, low and on the sit spot.

Perkins finished with two on the back of her right thigh, just as before, which stung much less as they were previously unspoken to and still white. Nevertheless, Missy’s rear felt as though a fire raced up one leg and down the other.

Missy’s right hand came up from the floor in a futile attempt to protect her sweet young, and very sore bottom cheeks from this painful therapy session.

Missy, please return your hand to the floor, as I must repeat the last two. However, I will put them where they will do the most good. Your failure to listen is what brought you over my lap and I see I must still address that issue with you.”

He then gave her two more sharp cracks on her flaming and swollen bottom, right in the middle of each luscious hillock. They caused her to scream out again and bang her fists into the floor. Despite the redness of her burning cheeks, a brief white outline of her hairbrush could plainly be seen on each shimmering globe.

The repeated two on her bottom caused her feet to kick so hard, her shoes went flying, reminding him that he forgot to have her remove them before. Perkins too, learned a lot from these classes.

The spanking over, Perkins stopped. But not out of sympathy for Missy. Missy didn’t realize her spanking was over, as she was still howling about the burning pain her hairbrush brought to her well beaten buns, now red and enflamed like they had never been before.

Missy remained over the pedestal of pain and cried uncontrollably, her legs still running from her spanking. Running, but nowhere to go! Her trembling shoulders told Mr Perkins that this was another success story and Missy would be a great asset to the school and community some day.

Her butt continued to burn but the clue that class was over was that she no longer heard the staccato beat of her hairbrush. Slowly, she lifted her face and first saw Holly enjoying the show. Spanked like a little girl was bad enough, why did she have to have a witness to it?

Then she turned all the way around and asked Mr Perkins if she could get up. Perkins took a final long look at her majestic round globes and reluctantly agreed.

“Of course, Missy, let me help you up,” he said as he put his left arm under her chest, just above those pert little breasts. Missy very gingerly pushed up on his left thigh. Her skirt stayed on the small of her back until she was standing up, when it finally dropped and covered her still sizzling ass cheeks. It hid everything but the heat of the twin fires underneath and her terrible embarrassment at being spanked like a naughty little girl by a man she hardly knew.

Perkins told her to stand in front of him, but to keep her hands at her sides. He waited until she regained some measure of composure before speaking.

“Missy,” he told her calmly. “I have more important things to do than teach you to mind your teachers. Please keep your hands by your sides and tell me what we discussed this afternoon.”

Hoping to forestall any future unwanted trips over the dean’s lap, Missy planned her response very carefully. She looked to her right, at the smiling Holly, and then back to the man who just spanked her virtually bare butt.

“I learned many things today, Dean Perkins. One is to do my homework. Then you taught me the benefit of listening to my teachers,” she said between sobs. “I will always obey them, but if I do not, I hope you will remind me,” she said as the tears strained down her face. Her dancing increased as she tried to shake the fire from her butt.

“Did you forget about the insubordination?”

“Oh, No Sir. That will never happen again, I promise. You made that very clear to me.”

“Good, Missy. Is there anything you want to tell me?”

“I’m not sure, Dean Perkins, is there?”

“Does your hairbrush have to remind you of my busy schedule and how your misbehavior disrupts it?”

“Oh No, Sir!! I am so sorry I forgot that. My bottom is so hot my brain is not working well.”

“Well, will you be interrupting my work again?”

“No, Mr Perkins. I am sooo sorry I made you take time away from your important work to spank me. Thank you for taking the time to teach me what I should have already known. I hope all my squirming on your lap did not make your job harder.”

“And how about Holly, she had to sit here too.”

Turning to face the smiling witness, Missy forced out between sobs: “I apologize, Holly. I know you also have very important things to do for Dean Perkins. Please forgive me for taking you away from your duties to record my answers and witness my well deserved spanking.”

“Not to worry, Missy,” Holly replied. “It was truly my pleasure to sit in on your little class; you have no idea. Isn’t Mr Perkins a wonderful teacher?” Holly smiled at her boss.

“May I go now?” Missy needed to get out of there so she could assuage that fire behind her.

“Sure, now go with Holly to the outer office and make sure the door is closed. There is something there that will help. Be quick though, Holly and I have some unfinished business to attend to.”

Missy followed Holly back to her desk, as best she could, and saw her take a tube of salve from the drawer. After locking the outer door, Missy was told to bend over the desk and lift her skirt again.

Holly did what she could to squelch the fire in those bright red, throbbing, bottom cheeks. At least Missy didn’t have to drop those awful white panties. Finally Holly reminded her to go back and retrieve her hairbrush. A girl always needs her grooming tool to look her best.

Missy dabbed her eyes with her hanky and returned to the inner office for her brush. It was on Perkins’ desk and she politely asked if she could take it.

“Of course, Missy. Here is your brush. Use it to keep that head real pretty, but never forget its other purpose. Oh, you might want to go to the ladies room and change your panties. No sense letting Mom see what you wore to school today. Enjoy the rest of your day, Missy.”

Missy left his office, hoping she would not run into any of her friends. She walked very slowly and stiffly, the easily recognizable gait of a recently well-spanked young woman. Anyone who saw her would not need a scorecard to know of her recent trip over the dean’s lap, where her pretty red bottom was very recently addressed.

Upon finally reaching the rest room Missy brushed her hair out again. It had gotten disheveled hanging down to the floor. All her head gyrations didn’t help it either. Other than the red eyes, hopefully nobody would have to know about her special and somewhat public disciplinary session, that is, unless they heard her singing the past twenty minutes!

Still feeling the effects of her recently administered hairbrush spanking, Missy replaced her thong with the white briefs and tried again to rub the sting out of her young butt checks. She realized this would take a while, Holly’s salve or not.

The session was finally over for Missy. It would now continue for Perkins and Holly. They both silently thanked Missy for providing a wonderful appetizer for the main course they were about to now enjoy.

Missy returned to her class and asked to stand in the rear, to the titters of her classmates. When the students were not looking, she continued squeezing her bottom, trying to put the fires out.

Meanwhile, Perkins and Holly both silently thanked Missy for her contribution to a wonderful afternoon. Too bad she didn’t enjoy it as much as they did.

The End