Two girls get on the wrong side of a new teacher

By Brian Melville

Eighteen year olds Annabelle Rose and Danielle Victor were best friends since they met in pre-school at the age of five. The two had been in the same class since first form straight through to upper sixth form at Dickson Grammatical School, right on the eastern border of London. Dickson Grammatical catered for boys and girls, with a strict disciplinary code whereby both boys and girls could get Friday detention, corporal punishment or both, depending on the seriousness of the offence.

Corporal punishments included the slipper, cane, and even the wooden spoon some female teachers liked to use on the palms of naughty girls. There were also some first form girls who got sent to the deputy headmaster who had apparently pulled them over his lap and spanked their bottoms with his big, right hand.

Dickson Grammatical School uniform consisted of a winter and summer uniform. The summer uniform for boys was grey school shorts, lime green short sleeve shirt, grey knee socks and black school shoes. For
the girls, the summer uniform was a dark green skirt, lime green short sleeve blouse, dark green tie, dark green knee socks, black school shoes, those with the strap and silver buckle across the top of the foot.

Winter uniform for the boys was, grey trousers, lime green long sleeve shirt, dark green tie, short grey socks, black school shoes. For the girls it was, grey trousers, lime green long sleeve shirt, dark green tie, short grey socks and black school shoes.

Both boys and girls had the option to wear a dark green pullover on cooler summer days, and either a dark green jersey or dark green blazer with lime green pin stripes during cold winter days.

Annabelle and Danielle’s story starts during a very warm summer’s day, during a severe heat wave in 1988, as the upper sixth form B class sat their way through a very boring double period of English, where Miss Michaels, a  new teacher who was standing in for Miss Harriot, their actual English language teacher, for the day. The two friends were seated at their desks in the middle of the class and, being bored to death, the two girls decided to write each other notes instead of trying to whisper to one another during the lesson.

The girls got so carried away in their note writing conversation that they didn’t even notice that the teacher had stopped reading the next chapter of Romeo and Juliet to investigate what was keeping the two girls so occupied. As she reached the desk of Danielle, she noticed the notes.

“What do you two think you’re doing?” She snapped, snatching the two pages from the girls’ desks.

Both girls got such a fright that they just stared at the pretty twenty-five year old blonde teacher with her sky blue eyes and  very attractive figure, especially for the boys in six and upper sixth forms, dressed in a white knee length skirt and white and pink blouse, with pink high heel shoes.”Come on, answer me? Either one of you two?”  Miss Michaels snapped impatiently.

After getting no reply from either of the girls, she snapped again: “Have you swallowed your tongues, girls? Answer me!”  She pointed her finger at Danielle.

Danielle Victor stuttered: “Uh, uh, oh, sorry miss, we were just discussing something, miss.”

“Discussing something, miss! So, while I am wasting my breath reading the story to you, you two are arrogant enough to have your own little discussion?” The teacher snapped, pausing to let her words sink in to the arrogant two senior girls.

“Anything to say for yourself?” The teacher snapped as she motioned to Annabelle.

“Uh, I am sorry miss! We will never do it again, Miss Michaels, promise!” Annabelle mumbled.

Miss Michaels lifted their story books and looked at their names on the front covers, before she sternly continued.

“So, Danielle Victor and Annabelle Rose, while I decide what to do with you, you can go stand by the blackboard in front of the class, facing it, with your hands on the top of your heads!”

The two friends looked at each other in shock and slowly got up from their seats, when the teacher, quite annoyed, snapped:  “You heard me! Get a move on, girls!”

Annabelle and Danielle almost leaped to the front of the class and assumed the prescribed position, so as not to aggravate the teacher any more. Once they were in position, the teacher continued to read from the book to the rest of the class, some of whom were smiling, especially the boys, at the thought of maybe witnessing them getting slippered in front of the class.

The two friends were no strangers to the slipper or cane, but felt really silly and self-conscious as they stood there, knowing the rest of the class were looking at them. The bell rang five minutes later to announce the end of the first period and the start of the second period of their class with Miss Michaels. About ten minutes into the second period, Miss Michaels gave the rest of the class instructions to start their summaries on the chapter while she dealt with the two miscreants.

“Right, you two, turn around and face the class!” The teacher snapped.

The girls did as they were told, with Annabelle blushing slightly. The teacher then moved her chair to the middle of the class with its back facing her desk, causing both girls to get cold shivers down their spines as they knew that the chair meant a dose of the slipper. Then the teacher addressed the girls in a stern tone of voice.

“I am not going to slipper you or send you to the deputy or even the headmaster for the slipper or cane, and I am not going to give you detention either!”

She paused to let her words settle in.

Danielle and Annabelle both almost loudly sighed a sigh of relief, thinking that they would only get a stern reprimand, but then the teacher continued.

“But, before you get all excited and think that you are getting away with it,” Miss Michaels paused again.

Danielle’s heart skipped a few beats as Annabelle forgot to breathe for a few seconds, not knowing what kind of punishment  the teacher had in mind for them.

“I am going to punish you like I usually deal with errant and arrogant naughty first form boys and girls in my class,” the teacher continued.

Pausing again, she made her way to a cupboard next to her desk, opening a drawer and taking out a small wooden backed hairbrush, to the shock and horror of the entire class.

“You will in turn go over my lap for a proper old-fashioned spanking with the hairbrush across the seats of your skirts!” Miss Michaels continued.

The entire class was now sitting at the edge of their seats in anticipation of what was about to happen to Danielle and Annabelle.

“So, Annabelle, you will go first! Come over to my left side and get over my lap, girl!” The teacher snapped.

Annabelle slowly made her way to the right side of the teacher and tried to plead for mercy, for a final time.

“Oh please, Miss, we are really sorry, Miss!” The medium built, brown eyed girl with shoulder length, slightly curled, dark brown hair muttered.

“You will be sorry once I am done spanking your bottom, girl! Now get over my lap, at once, Annabelle!” The teacher snapped.

Annabelle draped herself across the teachers lap, blushing bright red, her soft, snow white, fleshy bottom still covered by her skirt.

“Get comfortable there, girl! You will be in this position for a while! Danielle, face the board with your hands on your head. You don’t have to see, you can just listen until it is your bottom’s turn to feel the sting of the hairbrush!” The teacher snapped.

The blonde, tall, slender, blue-eyed, Danielle Victor turned and faced the blackboard as she nervously anticipated how her bottom would be feeling shortly.

“Annabelle keep your hands in front of you, unless you want me to hit your hands with my hairbrush. Now take your spanking like a big girl!” Miss Michaels said sarcastically.

Whack, the first smack landed on Annabelle’s left bottom cheek and she was very surprised at just how much that little hairbrush could sting. After ten whacks, alternating between left and right cheeks in no particular order, the sting got too much for Annabelle and she squealed: “Ouch! It stings, miss!”

The teacher ignored the girl’s comment and continued spanking the up-turned bottom with the wooden side of the hairbrush. It didn’t take long for the girl to start sniffing back the tears as the hairbrush continued its onslaught. Every now and then, there came an “Ow or Ouch,” followed by the kicking of a leg, from Annabelle as the sting in her poor bottom got more intense with every whack.

As the spanking continued, Danielle got more and more nervous as the anticipation grew, knowing that she would be getting the same medicine right after her friend. After six minutes the teacher stopped spanking the girl’s bottom, who was now softly crying as she laid across the teachers lap.

After a minute, the teacher snapped: “Right Annabelle, up you get and change places with Danielle.”

Annabelle slowly got to her feet as she gave her very sore, stinging bottom a good, hard rub with both hands for a few seconds before changing places with her friend.

“Over my lap, Danielle! Get your hands on your head, Annabelle!” The teacher snapped.

Both girls complied with the instructions, but poor Danielle, whose skirt was rather short, was really feeling self-conscious as her skirt rode up, just covering her bottom as she laid across Miss Michael’s lap, waiting for the spanking to start.

The next moment, without any warning,  whack, whack, whack, whack, the spanking started and the stinging pain was not like that of the cane, it was rather more concentrated to a specific area which made it more intense than a stroke from the cane. Danielle moaned and groaned as the spanking continued with the normal, “Ouch, Ow, Owwy, Oh it stings,” followed by a few kicks of a leg every now and then. After six minutes the spanking stopped and a minute later the pretty teacher addressed the blonde girl still laying across her lap, sniffing back the tears.

“Up you get, Danielle!”

Danielle leaped up and rubbed her intensely stinging bottom. After a few seconds the teacher snapped: “Face the board next to your friend with your hands on your head girl, and stop this silly rubbing of your behind!”

Danielle obeyed and, as soon as she was in position next to Annabelle, the teacher moved her chair back to its place and took her seat behind her desk.

Five minutes later, she addressed the girls again: “Let that be a lesson to both of you! Now get back to your desks and get busy with your summaries!”

The girls turned and blushed as they made their shameful way back to their desks as the class looked at them, some boys smiling at them. The two well spanked teenagers carefully sat back down on the hard wooden seats of their desks, and were silently squirming in pain for the last few minutes of the lesson.

There was the usual short bell before any announcements were made, then the bell rang for first break and the class made their way towards the door leading to the school yard. Danielle and Annabelle made their way to the bathrooms to inspect their damaged, still sore and warm bottoms. To their horror, their bottoms were bright red and had bruising that started to form and was sensitive to touch. During break, the two girls were teased by a few boys about being little first form girls. The story spread like a wild fire through the school and by the next day even the first form boys and girls were making comments and suggestive motions when the two friends were spotted.

The two friends just ignored the attention they were getting, with great difficulty, so as to avoid further punishment.

The End

© Brian Melville 2018