Making up an excuse for tardiness does three girls no good at all.

By Penny Morton

PE on Wednesday afternoon wasn’t the most enjoyable time of the week for the sixth form at St Mary’s and some of the girls had begun to arrive a little later for the class each week. The first lesson on Wednesday afternoon was double Maths Revision with Miss Howarth which was always a rather intense and stressful lesson for the girls.  It was followed by a 15-minute break usually spent in the sixth form common room with time for a welcome cup of tea before going on to PE.  During the break the girls flopped into the comfortable armchairs in the common room and the conversation turned to Miss Howarth’s lesson. This week, very unusually, nobody had been slippered during the lesson and nobody had been given a two-hour Saturday Maths detention.

“Thank goodness Maths is over. Madam seemed in quite a good mood for once.” Said Charlotte Miller. “I don’t really feel like PE and certainly not so late in the day. The changing room is cold and so is the gym and I bet Miss Manning will decide on some rugby training for the second half. I don’t really fancy rolling about on a muddy games field either. PE should be voluntary for sixth formers. I don’t think I’ll go!”

“Don’t forget she warned us last week that, in future, any late girls would be punished.” Said Alison Smith.

“Our Wendy’s too nice for that.” Smiled Charlie as she stretched and yawned. “I think her warning was just to scare us.”

“Well I’m not going to be late.” Said Alison. “She scares me! She gave Holly and me eight of the slipper and made Matron wash our mouths out with soap and water for swearing in the house rugby match on Old Girls’ Day.”

“Yes Ali.” Commented Holly, remembering both parts of that unpleasant punishment with a shiver. “She’s got a very strong right arm, Charlie, so I think we should all go and change now.”

Holly and Alison set off quickly for the PE changing room.

“See you later girls.” Called Charlie with another yawn. “Fancy another cup of tea anyone?”

“Yes please.” Said Stephanie Pickering and Liz Cooper. Charlotte busied herself with the tea.

After another ten minutes Stephanie suggested they really should go and change. When the girls joined the class in the gym the session was already well underway. There had been a brisk session of exercises followed by running round the gym and rolling forward over mats set at intervals. The girls had pink faces and were slightly out of breath.

“Come here, you three.” Ordered Miss Manning as the three girls arrived. “It’s Stephanie, Elizabeth and Charlotte, isn’t it?”

“Yes Miss.” Replied Liz. “Sorry we’re late.”

“Why are you late?” Demanded the mistress. “The other girls arrived punctually.”

“Sorry Miss, we got a bit delayed in Miss Howarth’s Maths lesson.” Said Liz.

“Perhaps I should speak to Miss Howarth and ask her to please release you punctually in future.”

“Oh, I don’t think that will be necessary, Miss. We’ll tell her, sorry, no, we’ll ask her not to keep us late.” Charlotte explained quickly.

“We’ll discuss this further at the end of the lesson when I punish you.” Said Miss Manning, looking rather annoyed. “I’m going to put my foot down to enforce sixth form punctuality.”

“We’ll do some rope work now, girls.” The mistress continued. “Let the ropes down Amanda. Up to the top and back three times each girl.”

Amanda quickly released the ropes and the girls began to climb.

Stephanie, who hadn’t climbed ropes at her last school, found climbing difficult.

“You need to strengthen the muscles on your arms and legs, Stephanie. See me at the end of the class for some special exercises.”

“Yes Miss. Thank you.” Replied Stephanie, wondering if Miss Manning would forget to punish them for being late.

“Elizabeth and Amanda, get the horse out and bring it to the middle.  Stephanie, fetch a landing mat.” Ordered the mistress.

The girls ended the lesson by vaulting over the gym horse. To everyone’s relief, Miss Manning decided against rugby practice because of the cold weather.  All except Stephanie, Elizabeth and Charlotte were dismissed.

Miss Wendy Manning, who had recently been appointed as Junior PE and Sports Mistress at St Mary’s, believed that sixth form girls should be both physically fit and punctual. In her view it was quite unacceptable for them to wander in late to her lessons.

“Right you three, I am going to punish you for being fifteen minutes late. I don’t accept your excuse of being kept late in Maths.”

“We’re really sorry, Miss. It won’t happen again.” Said Stephanie, looking rather worried.

“Charlotte.” Said Miss Manning. “There’s a plimsoll on the desk in the gym office. Could you run and get it for me, please?”

“Do I have to Miss?” Pouted Charlie.

“Yes, Charlotte, you do, and please be quick about it.”

“Oh Miss.” Commented Charlotte, realising she and her friends were about to pay the penalty for being late.

A size ten black plimsoll lay on the desk. Charlotte picked it up reluctantly. It was very flexible, had no laces and the sole was very smooth. She ran back to the gym and handed it, heel first, to the mistress.

“Thank you, Charlotte.” Said the mistress, flexing the slipper between her hands. “Right I am going to slipper you all, six of the best apiece, which I hope will remind you never to be late for my class again.

“Please Miss.” Began Liz, with a plaintive expression on her face. “Do you have to give us the slipper? We’re all really sorry and we won’t be late again.”

“You know my rules, Elizabeth, which I warned everyone about last week. Any girl who is late and doesn’t have a good excuse gets the slipper. In my last school the rule was one stroke of the slipper for every minute of lateness.  You three were at least fifteen minutes late and so I really should give you fifteen strokes of the slipper each instead of six.”

“Oh gosh Miss that would be awful!” Said Stephanie.

“Right Stephanie, we’ll start with you. Come and bend over the horse.”

Stephanie came forward with a worried expression on her face and bent over as ordered. Her long fair hair flopped over, almost covering her face. Her white shorts tightened over her bottom and rode up her thighs. Charlotte and Liz looked on knowing they would soon be taking Stephanie’s place over the horse.

Miss Manning took aim carefully but then paused in thought. She put her slipper down on the small of Stephanie’s back.

“On second thoughts, a change in plan.” She smiled. “I think I should discuss the punishment of senior girls with you before I punish you.”

Stephanie looked round, anxiously flicking her hair from her face.

“We’ll meet up again on Saturday morning at nine for an hour’s PE and then we’ll talk about your punishment before you actually receive it.”

“Please Miss.” Said Charlotte. “I think we would rather get our punishment over now, er, rather than waiting until Saturday morning.”

Liz nodded and Stephanie, still bending over, also nodded in agreement.”

“Yes, I’m sure you would but I may decide to use something more severe than the slipper for some of you. Anticipating your punishment will add to the effect of your punishment. You can stand up, Stephanie.”

Stephanie got to her feet, dislodging the slipper from her back.

She quickly picked it up and placed it on the horse saying: “Sorry Miss.”

“Go and put the slipper back in the office, Stephanie, and come back here quickly.”

“Yes Miss.” Replied Stephanie, feeling relieved that she hadn’t been slippered but knowing that they would all be punished in three days’ time.

“So I’ll see you all on Saturday, girls. Stephanie we’ll talk about your climbing on another occasion.” Said the mistress with a slight smile. “Don’t be late and I want you to think about what punishments are available for senior girls who think they can come to my lesson late. I shall speak to Miss Howarth to confirm why you were late leaving her class and what else you were doing to make yourselves so late. After our discussion I will decide on what punishment I shall give you. OK?”

“Yes Miss.” Chorused the three naughty girls.

“You may go.”

“Thank you Miss.” Replied the girls as they headed for the showers.

Saturday morning came round very quickly and the three girls went to change fifteen minutes before nine. They had already discussed what they should say about why they had been late and decided they would have to confess that Miss Howarth hadn’t really made them late.

“How about we say we got talking about a difficult Maths problem and didn’t realise we were running late?” Suggested Liz.

“Yes, and we’ll give Wendy a groveling apology.” Added Charlotte.

“Yes, we’ll all grovel very hard even going down on our knees if necessary.” Added Stephanie with a smile. “We could say we were engrossed with the problem.”

“What about punishments for senior girls? What’s our Wendy getting at, Charlie? What does she want to talk about?” Asked Liz.

“I’m not sure.” Replied Charlotte, wrinkling her nose thoughtfully. “We could suggest all sorts of things like writing essays, collecting rubbish, detentions and perhaps say it’s best to reason with senior girls rather than resort to corporal punishment.”

“But in a way I think I would rather have the slipper than write a boring essay.” Said Liz.

“Yes, I would too.” Said Charlotte, and Stephanie nodded in agreement as the girls arrived at the doors to the gym.

“Good morning, girls. I’m glad you are on time.” Miss Manning breezed along the corridor and unlocked the gym. She was wearing a white blouse and black well-fitting tracksuit bottoms. “Come in and let’s get you warmed up.”

The next thirty minutes were spent running round the gym, climbing on the wall bars and vaulting over the horse before attempting press-ups.

“Right, girls, we’ll adjourn to the gym office. Come with me.” Said Miss Manning. She handed each girl a bottle of water, which they sipped gratefully while wondering anxiously what was going to happen next.

Miss Manning sat behind the desk and ordered the girls to stand in front of the desk with their hands behind their backs.

“Now.” She began briskly. “Let’s talk about your late appearance for my class on Wednesday. I’ve spoken to Miss Howarth and she confirms you all left on time. In fact, she was very annoyed you had blamed her and will talk to you about it at your next Maths lesson.”

“Oh dear, Miss.” Began Charlotte, anticipating an appointment with Miss Howarth’s slipper. “We really sorry we seemed to blame her, aren’t we girls?”

“Yes Charlie.” Said Stephanie. “We did leave her class on time but we were, er, talking about some engrossing Maths problems in the common room and suddenly realised we would be late for your class, Miss. We’re really sorry and, er, Miss, could you possibly explain to Miss Howarth we didn’t mean to blame her?”

“I think that would be better coming from you, Stephanie, and if you are very lucky she may decide not to punish you herself.”

“Oh Miss.” Said Stephanie quietly as a future confrontation with the young Maths mistress seemed inevitable.

“So I am going to punish you for being late.” Miss Manning said brightly. “The question is, what shall I do with you? What do you think?”

“Perhaps a good telling-off, stressing the importance of PE and punctuality for sixth formers, Miss?” Suggested Charlie with her colleagues nodding in agreement.

“But that’s not a serious punishment, is it Charlotte?”

“Well yes, Miss, it is if you get really cross with us.” Charlie said quietly.

“No I want to give you something to ensure you never come late to my PE class again. Stephanie! Any suggestions, girl? Stand up straight when I’m talking to you?”

“Sorry Miss.” Stephanie corrected her posture immediately. “Er, perhaps we should have some lines or a detention or, er, being made to pick up litter, er, or something like that, do you think Miss?” She added nervously.

“No, Stephanie, what you need is a deterrent punishment, one which ensures you never dare be late again. Do you know what post I had before I came to St Mary’s, Stephanie?”

“No Miss.”

“I was house mistress at a mixed boarding school where I was responsible for the discipline of sixth form girls and boys. Most evenings before bedtime I had to deal with a list of sinners who had been reported to me by the prefects. Do you know what I did with them, Stephanie?”

“Er no, Miss?” Stephanie blushed.

“I beat them, Stephanie. Do you know what I mean?”

“Do you mean, c… corporal punishment? Er, something like the slipper, Miss?” Stephanie’s voice was just a whisper. She and her friends did not like the way the conversation was going.

“Yes, the slipper, but there are other ways you can give a beating, aren’t there Charlotte?”

“Were you thinking of the c… c… cane, Miss?” Replied Charlie. “But with respect, I think only Miss Gregory and Miss Howarth can give the cane here, Miss.” Charlotte added bravely.

“We’ll see about that, Charlotte. I might discuss the matter with Miss Gregory. Now, what else can you use for physical punishment? Elizabeth, you haven’t said much. Can you help?”

“The birch, Miss?”

“That’s a good idea, but I am not sure if that is used here.”

“Yes it is, Miss, but very rarely.” Said Charlie, who had been birched by Dr Mary Benstead for writing an anonymous letter with Jane Menzies to the school governors, protesting about excessive school punishments.

“Anything else, Elizabeth?”

“A strap, Miss?”

“Yes, a flexible leather strap. How is that given?”

“On the hands, Miss?” Said Charlotte, who had been strapped several times on her hands by Miss Mackenzie, the Scottish mistress.

“Yes, it can be given on the hands but I give it across a girl’s bottom because it stings more like that.” Said Miss Manning with another slight smile.

All three girls shivered anxiously wondering what was going to happen to them. They had thought they might get the slipper and hoped to go shopping in town after being punished.

“Would you like to tell me who decided to be late for my lesson on Wednesday? I think she should have the most severe punishment.”

“I think we all felt a little unhappy about PE, Miss, but we were worried about our Maths problem too, weren’t we?” Stephanie suggested.

“Yes Miss” Said Charlotte, and Liz nodded. “And we were worried that you would be cross if we were late.”

“I think you are making the maths problem up as an excuse to avoid punishment. I think this is what happened on Wednesday. You decided that PE wasn’t your favourite lesson and in any case you were too senior for PE now that you were all over eighteen. So you thought you would waste time in the common room and stroll along to the class later having missed some of the work. But let me remind you, ladies, you are all still schoolgirls with school rules to obey. Because you are still schoolgirls you are subject to schoolgirl punishments including corporal punishment, and that’s what you are going to get now.”

“Oh please no, Miss.” Charlotte put on her pleading face.

“Oh yes, Charlotte.” Replied the mistress brightly. “I was going to slipper all three of you but to make the punishment more interesting for you and for me I have a better plan. One girl is going to get the slipper, one girl will have the strap and the third girl will be caned.”

“But, please Miss, that doesn’t seem fair.” Began Elizabeth. “I think we were all equally guilty and it would be fairer if we all had the slipper, Miss.” The other girls nodded in agreement, conscious of the fact that Miss Manning’s black slipper was sitting on the office table and their bottoms had only their gym shorts for protect them.

“I’m not going to discuss the matter further.” Said Miss Manning, opening another drawer in her desk and taking out a crook handled cane and a supple leather strap. “I’m going to get a coffee from the staff room and when I get back in ten minutes I expect you to have decided which punishment you should each have. Remember it’s one for the slipper, one for the strap and one for the cane. If you haven’t decided who is having which punishment I will cane all three of you, possibly on your bare bottoms.”

“Oh, please no, Miss.” Began Charlotte.

“You have ten minutes, girls. I would advise you to start your discussions immediately. That’s if you don’t feel like having a bare-bottomed caning.” Said Miss Manning as she left the office.

“What a horrible bloody choice! “Said Liz. “It’s not bloody fair! Miss Manning really is a cow!”

“I suppose we are all to blame for being late, aren’t we?” Said Stephanie, conscious of tears in her eyes.

“Yes, darling.” Said Charlie. “But I was the ringleader, so perhaps I should be caned.”

“No, that’s not fair.” Said Stephanie. “You weren’t the ringleader, it was all our faults, Charlie.”

“What a horrible bloody decision.” Commented Liz. “But we’ll have to decide, otherwise she’ll cane all of us.”

“No, I am definitely having the caning.” Said Charlie bravely. She touched the cane on the desk with her finger-tips. “It’s thicker than Miss Gregory’s favourite cane, the one she calls a junior cane.”

“Thanks, Charlie; you’re really brave.” Said Liz, giving her friend a hug. “Shall we toss to see who gets the slipper and the strap, Steph?”

“Good idea, Liz, but we haven’t got a coin to toss with.” Replied Stephanie.

“I know what we can do.” Said Liz. “We can toss Miss Manning’s bloody slipper.”

“What do you mean, Liz?” Asked Stephanie.

“We’ll throw it up and call either ‘top’ or ‘sole’ and then see how it lands on the floor. Whoever wins with the correct call can chose the slipper or the strap.”

“OK. Good idea.” Said Stephanie. “I would like to toss it out of the window though!”

“Charlie, would you like to toss it for us?”

“If you like darlings.” Said Charlie. “Steph, do you want top or sole?”

“Sole please, Charlie.”

Charlotte picked the slipper up distastefully saying: “I don’t like slippers or even touching them.” She said. “They look so innocent, so do the strap and the cane, but they can sting our poor little botties so much.”

The slipper was tossed and the first time fell on its side and Charlotte had to retrieve it and toss it again. The second time it landed with its smooth sole uppermost.”

“You win Steph, choose which you would prefer.” Said Liz with a frown.

“Could I have the slipper please? Is that OK with you, Liz?”

“Fine by me.” Replied Liz, secretly thinking she would have preferred the slipper. She had been strapped on her hands but not on her bottom.

The girls sipped water from their bottles and heard Miss Manning’s feet coming along the corridor from the staff room.

“Good luck everyone.” Said Charlie, and the three girls hugged each other briefly.

Miss Manning came in carrying her coffee.

“Right girls, what is your decision?” She asked, looking at the three attractive young ladies she was about to punish. She slowly rolled up the sleeves of her white blouse, exposing her muscular arms.

“Stephanie’s having the slipper, Miss, and I will have the strap, and Charlotte has bravely said she will have the cane.” Explained Liz, adding: “That’s if you agree, Miss.”

“Yes, that’s fine.” Said the mistress as she picked up the slipper and moved a low-backed chair in front of the desk.

Stephanie waited anxiously for the order to bend over.

“You may wonder why I didn’t beat you all on Wednesday.” Said the mistress.  “Anyone know why?”

“No Miss.” Came the quiet answer from all three girls.

“You may be interested to know that I am a student of corporal punishment. I made a special study of it when I was at training college. Although I say it myself, I think I’m rather good at giving corporal punishment.”

The three girls said nothing but listened nervously as the mistress continued.

“You should never beat a girl in anger, although it might be tempting to do so. Better to wait until you are calm and can concentrate carefully on what you are going to do and exactly how you are going to beat her to cause her maximum discomfort. Understand?”

“Yes Miss.”

“Also, it’s very good for girls who are going to be punished to have plenty of time to think about what is going to happen to them and to their bottoms. OK?”

“Yes Miss.” Three voices replied very quietly. Stephanie’s hands brushed against her bottom enclosed in her closely fitting PE white shorts.

“I prefer to concentrate on a girl’s bottom if I am going to beat her and I prefer to have her bending over a chair. You can use a table or, in the gym, the horse or the box but with a chair you can make her bend over properly to maximize her punishment.

“Come here Stephanie and bend over the chair.” Ordered the mistress.

Stephanie had more tears in her blue eyes. Her pale face was quite pink and she flicked her long blonde hair back behind her ears before she bent over.

“Stand very close to the chair back. Now reach forward and hold the front legs of the chair. Keep your head down near the chair seat and stick your bottom out.” Miss Manning patted Stephanie’s bottom and continued: “In this position, Stephanie can’t move forward as the slipper lands as some girls try to do to lessen the sting of the slipper. Her bottom is well presented and I will concentrate her punishment low down on her bottom.” Miss Manning pointed to the area where bottom and thighs meet with her slipper. “Because that is the most sensitive area with the most nerve endings and it’s the part she will sit on; that’s if she can afterwards.”

“Are you ready, girl?”

“Yes Miss.”

“Count the strokes for me. It’s easy for a mistress or prefect to lose count when she is concentrating on maximizing a punishment.”

Whack! Miss Manning landed a stroke low down on the right side of Stephanie’s bottom.

“One, thank you, Miss.” Gasped Stephanie. “Ow!” Her thighs moved involuntarily against the back of the chair. She struggled to hold onto the chair legs, wishing she could sooth and protect her bottom.

“It’s important to pause between strokes to ensure the sting is fully appreciated by a naughty girl before she is given the next stroke. You see?” The Mistress asked Charlotte and Elizabeth.

“Yes Miss.” Replied the girls, realising Miss Manning really was an expert.

Whack! Miss Manning gave the second stroke low down on the left side of Stephanie’s bottom.

“Ow! Ow! Please Miss. Sorry Miss. Two, thank you, Miss.” Stephanie struggled to get her words out as the sting of the slipper invaded her bottom.

“You said: ‘Please Miss,’ Stephanie. Did you mean you wanted more or harder strokes? I’m doing my best but I will give you more if you think you deserve them.”

Stephanie turned from her bent position and flicked her long hair from her hot tear-stained face.

“No, I’m sorry Miss, I didn’t mean that.” She sobbed. “Your slipper stings so much. Please not so hard and please, please don’t give me extra strokes.”

“Right.” Replied the mistress, landing stroke number three. Whack! It was  positioned between her two previous strokes.

“Ow! Gosh! Sorry, three, thank you, Miss.”

Pausing between each stroke, Miss Manning repeated the first three strokes, making a total of six.

“Get up girl. Go and stand next to the others with your hands on your head, and don’t let me see you trying to rub your bottom.”

“Thank you, Miss.” Said Stephanie quietly and tried to return Charlotte’s sympathetic smile when she rejoined the others.

“Right Elizabeth. You haven’t experienced the strap on your bottom before?  Come here.”

Liz came forward and stood behind the chair as Miss Manning picked up her strap which was about thirty inches long, very supple, and was divided into two tongues at one end.

“Bend over the chair.” Ordered the mistress, running her supple strap through her hands. “Get right over and stick your bottom out.”

Elizabeth got nervously into position.

“Count the strokes girl.”

“Yes Miss.” The reply was a whisper.

Miss Manning lifted her strap, holding both ends, over her right shoulder and turned slightly to her right. As the strap moved forward, she released the end with the tongues and turning slightly to her left lashed the strap low down across the whole width of Elizabeth’s bottom.

The strap landed with a loud Thwack! and the tongues at the end curled round the side of Elizabeth’s right buttock.

“Bloody hell, Miss!” Screeched Elizabeth as she jumped up and clasped her bottom and looked accusingly at the mistress. “God, that’s just too painful Miss!” She walked three steps away from the punishment chair.

“Bend over immediately Elizabeth! That stroke doesn’t count and you will see matron to have your mouth washed out with soap and water after I have punished you. I will not tolerate girls using bad language.”

Charlotte raised her hand saying: ‘Please Miss.”

“Get back over the chair immediately, Elizabeth, and I’ll start your punishment again. Yes Charlotte?”

“Please Miss, I’m sure Liz didn’t mean to get up or use bad language, did you darling?”

“No I’m sorry Miss” Said Liz, now with a tear-stained face. “Please let that stroke count, Miss.”

Stephanie had lowered her hands involuntarily during the disturbance with Elizabeth and was trying to sooth her scorching bottom.

“Stephanie! Were you touching your bottom?” Snapped Miss Manning.

“Gosh yes. Oh Dear. Sorry Miss, I forgot. It stings so much.”

“It’ll sting much more when I give you an extra stroke with the slipper after I have dealt with Elizabeth. Hands back on your head immediately. Charlotte, you will have an extra stroke of the cane for your impertinent interruption.”

“Oh no, please Miss.” Pleaded Charlie. “That would be horrible.”

“Silence girl!” Snapped Miss Manning as she lashed Elizabeth again with her strap. Thwack!

“One, thank you, Miss.” Gasped Elizabeth, who had wisely accepted that her first stroke didn’t count.

Thwack! The strap lashed Elizabeth’s bottom and the sound resonated round the small office.

“Ow! Ow! Ow!” Gasped Elizabeth, struggling to hold onto the chair legs and moving her stinging bottom from side to side across the chair back. “Two, thank you, Miss.”


“Ow!” Gasped Elizabeth. “Ow! Sorry, er, three, thank you, Miss.”

As each stroke landed, Elizabeth tossed her head in anguish, loosening the neat ponytail holding her blonde hair.

Miss Manning continued with the punishment, skilfully aiming the supple strap across the lower part of Elizabeth’s bottom. After seven strokes, Elizabeth was allowed to stand and join Stephanie standing by the wall with her hands on her head. Her face was hot and tear-stained. Some of her hair had escaped from her ponytail.

Miss Manning placed her strap on the office desk and retrieved her slipper.

“Right, Stephanie. Come here and bend over again.” She ordered. “Bend over the chair. Quickly girl. I’m meeting my boyfriend shortly and I’ve still got Charlotte to cane.”

Stephanie got quickly into position and presented her scorching bottom for another stroke.


The slipper landed low down on Stephanie’s bottom.

“Ow! Gosh! Ow! One, thank you, Miss.” Stephanie whispered.

“Did I ask you to count, girl?” Asked Miss Manning. “Stay where you are!”

‘Er, no, Miss. But I thought you would want me to.”

“I think you were being impertinent and suggesting I couldn’t count up to one.”

“No, really Miss, I didn’t.”  Pleaded a tearful Stephanie.

Whack! The slipper landed again.

“That’s one more for impertinence. Now you can get up. Hands on your head. Go and stand with the others.”

An even more tearful Stephanie did as she was told.

“Right Charlotte. Let’s deal with you. Sorry to keep you waiting.” Smiled Miss Manning. “Pass me the cane, Charlotte.”

Charlie rather reluctantly picked up the cane and, holding it across both her hands, she passed it to the Mistress.

“What do you think of this cane, girl?” Asked Miss Manning.

“I think it looks horrid, Miss. It’s a bit thicker than some canes I have seen and been whacked with but…” Charlie didn’t complete her sentence.

“Go on, girl.” Ordered the mistress, flexing the cane between her hands.

“Sorry, Miss, I was just going to say, I try not to look at canes. I don’t like them because they hurt my bottom so much.”

“Hm. Yes, Charlotte, it is quite thick but still very flexible, but at least it won’t break when I am caning you. I hate a cane to break when I’m using it because the girl concerned can go and tell her friends how severe her caning was.  She would proudly say: ‘Do you know what? Miss Manning actually broke her cane on my bottom!’”

Charlie listened politely.

“Bend over the chair, girl.”

Charlie got quickly into the position she was very familiar with and presented her attractive bottom for punishment. Her white shorts were closely applied to her bottom and upper thighs.

“You’re getting seven, girl.”

“‘Yes Miss.” Whispered Charlie.

Miss Manning tapped her cane three times half way up Charlotte’s bottom, tapped it firmly three times, lifted the cane high and then lashed it down hard and at high speed across the target. Thwick!

Charlie gasped and said: “One, thank you, Miss.”

‘Thwick!’ The cane lashed her bottom again, just below the previous stroke.

Charlie gasped again and counted the stroke. Miss Manning continued the punishment, making Charlotte squirm in discomfort and squeak: “Owww!” After each stroke.

After six strokes, she wondered if Miss Manning would stop but the cane tapped again and the seventh stroke landed at the top of Charlie’s thighs.


“Ow, Miss! Seven, thank you, Miss.”

“Get up, girl,” Ordered the mistress, and go and stand with the others. Hands on your head.”

Charlie just managed not to cry but her face was hot and tear-stained, and her light brown hair was sticking to the tear stains in places.

“Right, I hope that will remind you girls never to be late for PE again. In future, I expect you to be changed into your kit and waiting for the beginning of class.”

“Yes Miss.” Replied three tearful girls.

“You may go and shower then change. Elizabeth, you will report to matron to have your mouth washed out after you have changed.”

“Yes, Miss. Thank you, Miss.”

The girls walked slowly to the changing room with their hands clasped to their bottoms. They carefully stripped off for their showers and looked at their own and each other’s bottoms. Slipper marks could be easily seen covering the lower part of Stephanie’s bottom. Marks from the double-ended strap were clearly visible on Elizabeth’s bottom and seven slightly raised red cane marks decorated Charlie’s bottom.

After their shower, they patted themselves dry carefully and changed into their uniform, taking care when easing their pants over their sore bottoms. Charlie and Stephanie went back to their dormitory and waited, standing, for Liz to join them. She came in ten minutes later.

“Bloody Matron!” She said, as she rinsed her mouth out and cleaned her teeth at the dormitory hand basin. “Matron enjoyed doing that and as for the cow Manning, she’s almost as bad as Bloody Howarth, and that’s saying something.”

“Shush, Liz.” Warned Charlie, still rubbing her bottom carefully.” Somebody might hear and we don’t want any further punishment, thanks!”

“I’m going to cheer us up.” Said Liz brightly.  “Anyone fancy a gin and orange?”

“That sounds super.” Said Stephanie, wiping the last of her tears from her eyes.

Liz rummaged in the top of her wardrobe and produced a small gin bottle and a little orange juice and three small plastic beakers.

“Thanks, Liz, that’s super and just what we needed.” Said Charlie.

“Are our little botties too sore to go into town?” She asked.

“Gosh, I think so at the moment.” Replied Steph.

“I think we all need a good dose of cold cream when we have finished our little drink.” Said Liz.

There was a sudden quiet knock on the door.

“Christ!” Said Liz. “Hide the booze under your beds, quick.”

The knock was repeated and Charlie opened the door.

Beakers of alcohol were pushed under beds.

It was Jessica Morgan, Miss Howarth’s PA and maid.

“Come in, Jess. What can we do for you?” Asked Charlie.

“You all look a bit downhearted, ladies.” Jessica observed.

“Well we all a bit sore-bottomed. Miss Manning has just walloped us all for being late for PE.”

“Poor you.” Said Jess. “I’ve got a tender bottom too. I got six of the slipper from Miss Howarth for allowing her toast to burn this morning. I probably deserved it but it doesn’t half sting.” Jessica rubbed her bottom and made a face.

“Would you like a drink, Jess?” Asked Liz.

“I’d love one but I daren’t. I’ve got to work in the office with Madam this morning.” Replied Jess with a smile. “Oh Charlie, I’m afraid I’ve got a note for you from Miss Howarth.”

“Oh God. What does it say?” Said Charlie as she opened the envelope with trembling fingers and read out the message.

‘Dear Charlotte,

I would like you, Stephanie and Elizabeth to report to me after school next Wednesday to discuss your allegation that I kept you late at the end of maths revision last week and made you late for your PE class.

You all know that this was not the case and I warn you that unless you have a good excuse I intend to punish all three of you severely.

Yours sincerely,

H. Howarth (Miss).’

“That’s all we need to complete a horrible morning.” Observed Charlie with a frown and a few new tears.

“I think we should go into town and have some fun this afternoon to cheer us up.” Said Liz. “We’ll have to stand on the bus and chose well-padded seats in the cafe though.”

“With a bit of luck we might run into some Grammar Schoolboys.” Said Stephanie adding: “Did you say you had some cold cream, Liz?”

The End

© Penny Morton 2013