A simple account of a girl’s punishment

By H Davenhill

“Settle down girls, there is far too much noise! This is a history lesson, if you need reminding!”

Miss Hanson is being tested by the Sixth Form girls. She has been at the school for just one month and the girls want to see how far they can go, probing for any weakness they can exploit.

One girl in particular, Pauline Rowley, always pushes a new teacher that little bit more.

“Rowley, isn’t it?” Miss Hanson looks pointedly at what she regards as one of the main protagonists.

“Yes, Miss,” replied Pauline in a somewhat cheeky tone.

“Well Rowley, I’m keeping my eye on you, girl.”

“Which eye, Miss?” replied Pauline, with her tongue in her cheek, wondering how much further she could push it.

“Rowley, this is your final warning. Do you understand me, girl?”

“Yes, Miss,” said Pauline in a subdued voice.

“I hope you do. Now get on with those tasks I set you!”

Ten minutes passed and Pauline became a little bored with her task of researching the Tudors, so she turned to her friend Jane in the next desk and started a conversation about where they were going that evening.

Miss Hanson spotted her and glared through her dark-rimmed glasses.

“Pauline Rowley! Are you talking?” Miss Hanson demanded.

“Yes, Miss,” replied Pauline, in a confident voice.

“You’ve already had your final warning. Remain behind at break! I’m tired of warning you. Girls like you seem unable to understand I mean what I say. Are you totally stupid girl?”

“No, Miss, I fully understood what you told me.”

“So you chose to ignore me then?”

“Well, yes Miss. I suppose I did.”

The remainder of the lesson ran smoothly, with no interruptions.

Pauline thought: ‘I hope I don’t miss too much of the break listening to a boring lecture.’

The bell sounded for break and everyone with the exception of Pauline and Miss Hanson left the classroom. Pauline sat there wondering if she should walk to the front of the class or just remain seated. She didn’t have to wait long.

“Rowley, come here girl!” Miss Hanson said in a firm voice.

Pauline slowly stood up and walked to the teacher’s desk. Miss Hanson glared menacingly at her for a few seconds, then the silence was broken as the teacher spoke.

“I intend giving you the ruler. Have you anything to say, girl?”

“No, Miss.”

The teacher picked up a metre long ruler from the top of the blackboard and walked towards the girl. It was quite a thick and broad ruler, and it was obvious Miss Hanson had used one before when punishing girls.

“Right, Pauline. I want you to bend over please.”

Pauline bent over gripping the lower part of her knees. Miss Hanson then lifted the back of Pauline’s blazer, folding the back panel onto her back, then spoke sharply to the bending girl as she raised her arm, ruler at the ready.

“TOUCH YOUR TOES!” The teacher demanded.

Pauline extended her fingers and majestically bent right down and touched her toes. As her fingers settled on her big toes, Miss Hanson brought down the ruler onto the girl’s up-turned bottom with an almighty CRACK.

The teacher told Pauline to remain in that position as she raised the ruler a second time before bringing it down onto the seat of Pauline’s black trousers that were stretched tightly over her shapely bottom.

Pauline thought to herself: “Wow! My bottom’s really stinging. I wonder how many strokes I’m getting.”

Miss Hanson was full of confidence now as she swung the ruler and connected a third time with another sharp CRACK.

Pauline wanted to ask the teacher how many more whacks she was getting, but thought better of it.

Yet again Miss Hanson arched her arm high into the air and brought the ruler down a fourth time with another almighty CRACK that echoed around the empty classroom. Pauline’s bottom was now on fire, as Miss Hanson finally said the words the girl wanted to hear: “You can go now Pauline and I trust you will behave yourself in my lessons in future.”

“Yes, Miss,” came the reply.

Pauline walked out of the classroom, thinking about how embarrassed she will be when telling her friends she had been given the ruler on her bottom.

The End