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This publication contains two stories. The reader will find the ficticious spanking-related tales here that are quite unusual. These two very different stories combine the excitement of an adventure novel, the rich emotion of historical romance and the naughthiness of corporal punishment.

The first story, “LE CHEVALIER DU ROI & THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE”, takes place in late 17th century France. This is a period of unrest. Two friends riding together, Le Chevalier de Carteret and his comrade-in-arms, Le Marquis de Villeneuve, take over the defense the county of Saint Simon, threatened by an army of rebels, supported by a small force of Spanish troops.

Meanwhile, in unusual circumstances, they meet a resourceful but very mischevious young lady, who they later discover to be the Count’s granddaughter and heiress,  Mlle. Desirée de Saint Simon. During the story we meet two more ladies, both with secrets key to the unfolding events in the story. By the end of the tale all will be revealed.

The second story, “THE PRICE OF THE PHILOSOPHERS ‘STONE”, combines the mystery of fantasy short stories with the special thrill of spanking fiction.  Here is a rare combination in published fiction involving an an old dragon, Pendragon Supralex, who  gets to chastise not one but two delightful and corageous young ladies.

According to  legend, there is a mysterious object that multiplies the power of its user; an object that allows the owner to step over the boundaries between science and nature. It is a claret-coloured shining stone, whose secrets for centuries have been explored by the masters of alchemy: the Philosopher’s Stone.

Many have tried to create it, but no one has ever been successful.

Now, however, a young , talented and adventure-seeking girl, Cynthia, whose purpose is not personal power or fame, seeks to obtain it. She is convinced that by using the Philosopher’s Stone, all the problems of the world can be solved.

But this secret magic is in the hands of the tyrannical dragon. Who, after many years, has discovered that the unlimited power that Philosopher’s Stone, combined with the elixir of Eternal Life, aas made his life purposeless and boring.

The Dragon King  therefore  makes a surprising offer to Cynthia. He will give her the Philosopher’s Stone if she will overcome her pride and shyness by submitting to a spanking at his hands.

No adult fairy tale story would be complete without a prince, and here the story is completed by, who else but, the handsome and gallant Prince Wolfgang. But who will rescue who?

Two very different stories; which we trust you will enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing them

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