A Look at how the future might be

By Wendy A

It’s September 2060 and I recently started a new job that I thought may be of interest to some of you.

I was brought up in the 40’s and 50’s, a period of utter chaos which just deteriorated from about 2050. There were riots most weekends and even the few demonstrations that started peacefully descended into full blown riots before the police and military began to gain control. Even when the centre of the disturbance was encircled and the flames doused, the fire was reignited a short distance away.

Life was chaotic, there were regular power cuts, buses and trains ran infrequently, our school was closed more than it was open, in short anarchy reigned. The centres of towns and cities were transformed into no-go areas and few older people ever went out after dark.

The police had initially tried to impose law and order but increasingly failed. The army was brought in, the appearance of armed soldiers on the streets did initially calm the situation but the gangs and thugs started using military type guerrilla tactics so that the situation became even worse.

There was an election in early 2060 and for once there was a consensus among politicians that drastic action was required. It was my first time to vote and I could but agree with the policy statements to clamp down hard on the gangs that had rampaged through the streets causing chaos. The police and army were going to be reinforced and they would have sweeping new powers to detain anyone believed to be involved in unruly behaviour. They would also be able to detain the ring leaders and hold them in types of “boot camps” to be set up in disused army barracks. The deterrents to be introduced included a reintroduction of corporal punishment at school and for anyone up to the age of 25.

After leaving school at 16 with minimal qualifications, as had many of my peers, I managed to be taken on by the local ambulance service. They were recruiting in order to cope with the increasing level of violence on the streets. After an initial few weeks of briefing I was allotted to an ambulance crew. At most times we had a police or army escort; amazingly ambulances were often the target of violent attacks. I worked four days a week on the ambulance and then one and a half days at college, in fact a section of a medical school set up for training paramedics.

The structure suited me and I worked hard both within the ambulance crew and at college. We lived in accommodation provided by the ambulance service and it was somewhat similar to what I imagined a boarding school to be like. I shared a room with another girl my age, Mary. We became inseparable.

About the time of the elections both I and Mary passed our final exams to become fully fledged paramedics. We had both expected to be promoted and receive a substantial pay rise. The commander of our ambulance unit however felt that we were too young to be given the extra responsibilities but would be considered for promotion after a further year.

For my part I was not that disappointed, at 18 and a half I had to agree that perhaps I did not have the necessary experience to manage my own crew. Mary on the other hand took it very badly. She was not that much older than me at just over 19. From almost the next day she started looking for another job.

We were somewhat protected from what was happening on the streets, we lived in our own little world of the ambulance service where everything we required was provided, our only exposure to the real world was when we were out on the streets with our ambulance and surrounded by our escorts.

One evening, Mary was late coming back to our room. I was wondering whether to go for dinner without her or just to wait. Finally she returned in what I can only describe as a bubble of excitement. “I think I have found an ideal job,” she said. “It’s at the Ministry of Justice in the young offenders unit. They are looking for recruits with a medical background.”

At dinner we sat in a corner by ourselves, in any case most of our friends had already eaten by the time we reached the canteen. It transpired that the Ministry was setting up a new unit on the outskirts of the city. Like in the ambulance service everything would be provided and even initially she would be sharing a small house with 3 or 4 other girls, she would have her own room. The pay was almost twice our present salary, 4 weeks annual leave, a 5 day week with only one weekend working each month. One problem was that their idea of weekends was Monday and Tuesday.

On asking her what she would be doing, she was rather vague, it seemed that she would receive a period of training lasting up to one month, only then would she be allocated actual duties. I pressed harder for more details and she finally opened up, her job would be within the juvenile detention and punishment area of the Court. Pieces of the jigsaw fell into place, there had been talk about reintroducing corporal punishment for under 25’s and they would require someone present with basic medical skills.

As I lay in bed that night I tried to imagine what would happen in such in such a facility. The salary would be attractive but also it may give me an opportunity to get my revenge on the bully boys who had wrecked my school life and my job prospects, it could be a way to get my own back.

The very next day I mentioned to Mary that I may be interested in changing jobs and her possible new job sounded more fulfilling than picking up young thugs with knife and gun wounds. We agreed that the very next Tuesday when we both had late shifts we would go to the recruiting office of the Ministry.

The Ministry was an imposing building and was surrounded by soldiers, security was tight. After being searched for weapons we were finally ushered into a large waiting room. The lady who escorted us indicated where we should sit and told us not to move out of that area as they were recruiting for many different jobs all at the same time.

Mary was called in first and was absent for about half an hour. Several others joined me in my area, one girl about my own age and several guys, most appeared to be in their late twenties. Mary returned and was overflowing with excitement. Unfortunately I was immediately called into the office before she could brief me on what had happened.

The lady conducting the interview would be about 50 and was dressed in a military style uniform. It was not one I had seen before, it was a dark blue jacket and knee length skirt and light coloured blue shirt, a little like a police uniform. She had a clipboard and fired questions at me. Initially she asked about my family life, school and then work experience. She seemed impressed that I had completed the paramedic exams in a little over two years.

After she had run out of questions she paused. “You are no doubt aware that there will soon be significant changes in the Justice system and the way punishment will be applied. Not least, it is intended to reintroduce corporal punishment for all those of 25 years and younger for a whole range of minor infractions.” She handed me a list and I glanced at it, disorderly conduct, malicious damage to property, looting, etc.

She continued: “It is not our intention to fill vast prisons with young hooligans but rather to give them a very sharp and unpleasant warning that such behaviour will not be tolerated. The job we are looking for you to fulfil is as a medical assistant. Given the number of “clients” that we expect, you will be working on a shift basis and in teams. Each team will be headed by a doctor, have two nurses and 4 assistants. There will also be warders and finally those that will inflict the punishments. The punishment unit is nearly complete and is due to open in one month’s time. The unit is next to a court and there is a detention unit on the same campus.”

With that, she briefly underlined the conditions, salary, accommodation, working hours, weekend working, holidays, etc. She hoped that if I were interested I would advise them promptly and be able to start within 3 to 4 weeks. She then showed me out of her office and I rejoined Mary in the waiting area. A secretary came over and explained that there would be a one hour briefing session later and we could go to the canteen if we wished but to return by midday. We were both thirsty and set off for the canteen.

Once settled at a table on our own I started: “Well, what do you think?”

Mary was bubbling over with enthusiasm, the conditions, pay, holidays, etc.

“But what about seeing kids getting flogged, I guess we would see that?” I enquired.

“It would be great to see the little bastards getting flogged, it would serve them right for causing such chaos on the streets. I gather they use a cane and a tawse depending on the seriousness of the offence and whether it is their first offence, the more previous offences the harder the punishment.”

I got the impression that she would really like to be the one wielding the cane or tawse, perhaps she was hoping for a promotion to the job of flogger.

We returned for the briefing at midday. There were about 10 of us shown into a sort of cinema, just three girls and the rest were guys, some I had seen earlier in the waiting room. We sat near the front and the other girl joined us, she introduced herself as Sue.

A man entered from another door near the screen, he introduced himself as Mr. Prince, Head of Juvenile Punishment. He started by telling us about our training, it would be a 3 to 4 week course and include a whole range of subjects not the least of which was the new law. Our training would include practical aspects and demonstrations where we would each play the roles assigned to us. We would take turns to act out each aspect of the routine to be adopted so that we could fully understand what was expected of us and also appreciate how each and every one involved felt. In a flash I wondered whether the role playing would include a culprit and a flogging? I nudged Mary but she just smiled.

He then dimmed the lights and set a slideshow in motion. It started with a police van off-loading four youngsters, two boys and two girls. They were led to a row of cells, the boys in one and the girls in another. Their details were checked by the warders and the police left.

One of the girls was led off and appeared in court. An official read out her offence, looting a clothes shop. The judge, after hearing statements from the police and a couple of witnesses, asked her if she had anything to say. She just sat silently and shook her head, it would have been a little more realistic if she had let fly with a stream of expletives.

She was sentenced to 6 with the tawse and taken by the warder to another cell.

Next was like a Doctor’s surgery. There was a boy stripped to his underpants being checked over by a nurse, a warder stood in the background. He was passed fit and taken away by the warder in just his underpants. He was given a hospital type gown and reappeared sitting with several other guys on a row of seats. The next image included the same guys but also the two girls similarly attired and sitting on a separate row of chairs.

One girl was taken by a warder round a screen and next appeared naked on a bench, the girl had been replaced by a life sized dummy. She (or it) was then secured to the bench with leather straps, wrists, ankles and one over her back. A warder type arrived but wearing black instead of dark blue, he had a tawse in his hand and laid it on the girl’s bare bottom. 6 strokes were administered.

She was then released and next appeared wearing a gown and clutching her panties. She was back with the nurse, a quick check and she was led off.

The lights were switched on. “Well that is a very brief summary of what is intended. Your role is to assist the nurse, keep an eye on the convicted , help the warders when required, to intervene if you notice anything untoward like bleeding from a wound or someone becoming unconscious or the like.”

We were then dismissed and asked to indicate whether we would like to be offered the job or not, we were reminded that our decision should be communicated as soon as possible.

When we exited the Ministry, Mary was almost at boiling point. We found a cafe nearby and a cosy corner where we could chat without being overheard.

Mary started. “God I can’t wait to get started, just imagine the power, seeing those thugs being humiliated, seeing them being flogged, watching their reactions at each stage, I will call the Ministry tomorrow and resign as well from the ambulance service.”

She stopped, in all her enthusiasm she had not noticed that I was not as keen on her to work at the Ministry of Justice. “Although I share your wish to ensure that the thugs get their just deserts I am not really sure whether we will get the same satisfaction of a job well done, we don’t just pick up thugs off the street we also pick up and help victims and then there is the question of promotion.”

We chatted for a while and then had to leave for our shift. We arranged to meet that evening for dinner so we could then review our choices.

I had little doubt that Mary had made her mind up. I felt aggrieved that we had not been promoted after all our hard work. Then there was the pay and a room of our own. I was in a quandary.

To cut a long story short, I agreed to join the Ministry of Justice with Mary. Our boss at the ambulance service was sympathetic, particularly when it came down to salary, but did point out that the prospects at the Ministry might be less attractive. We both duly resigned, called the Ministry and were told to report to the Juvenile Punishment Section 3 weeks later.

After a few days spent with my parents, I duly arrived at the Juvenile Punishment Unit at 2pm on a Monday afternoon. I was shown into a large room a little like an assembly hall at school. I quickly spotted Mary and headed over towards her, she was chatting to the other girl we had seen at The Ministry, Sue.

As we chatted about nothing in particular I took a look around me. It seemed that there were about the same number of girls as guys, about 15 of each. Nobody looked more than thirty.

The lady who had interviewed us at the Ministry entered with several other people dressed in similar uniforms to the one she had worn. She explained that we would be split into groups of four or five and allocated to houses on the adjoining compound. Our little group was joined by two other girls who appeared to be amongst the younger element present. They introduced themselves as Faye and Zoe. Each group that had formed was called forward one at a time. When it was our turn we moved forward and were introduced to Mr Williams, we were allocated house 6 and he would take us there and show us round.

We headed off with our bags through a maze of corridors and the finally out into a courtyard. Next we went through a security check, we were told that we would soon be issued with badges that would allow us to pass through without a check except very occasionally for a random check.

After that we found ourselves in an open area with rows of houses, some small and in the distance some much larger ones. Mr Williams headed off and we followed down a row of houses, we soon came to number 6, he opened the door and we filed in. First there was a lounge then a kitchen area with tables and chairs. It was all quite spacious and brand new. There was also a small shower room and a storage area. Upstairs there were five bedrooms all with a shower room and toilet. They were quite small, rather like a small hotel room. Mr Williams announced that we would have to decide amongst ourselves who would have which room.

We returned downstairs and he said that the kitchen was fully supplied so we could have coffee and tea, he would leave us to settle in and return after about one hour. We agreed on the room allocation, unpacked our things and gathered in the kitchen.

Mr Williams was true to his word. He would take us on a tour round the communal facilities. After about 10 minutes we arrived in what looked a little like a shopping mall, there was a supermarket and several small shops. Then he showed us the main canteen, it was huge and must have been able to seat over 100 people. Next were a sports centre, gym, squash courts, and indoor area for football, tennis and other team sports. Off that was a swimming pool. There was also a hotel, Mr Williams explained that we could invite members of our family to stay for a few days. Outside there were football pitches, tennis courts, and an all weather football or hockey pitch.

As it was getting on for 6pm he suggested that we might like to have a take-away pizza or the like and go back to our house. We all nodded and he steered us back to the canteen. Our orders were placed and we sat while our food was prepared. He explained that no alcohol was available in the canteen but we could buy wine and beer from the supermarket. A quick discussion and Mary and I were dispatched to the supermarket for two bottles of wine.

We spent a pleasant evening together and were in bed by 10.30pm, we were due to be on parade at 8.30 the next morning.

The next day Mr Williams was at our house at 8.30 and we followed him to the main buildings collecting several other groups on the way. We were ushered into a lecture hall where all 30 of us recruits were assembled. Mr Williams announced that he would be in charge of our training; he introduced us to Mr Jones and Miss Smallwood, his deputies, and two assistants about our own age, Henry and Lisa. First we were to be issued with our uniforms. Miss Smallwood and Lisa took charge of the girls and took us to what appeared to be a warehouse. The staff there measured us and we were issued with dark blue uniforms. Miss Smallwood explained that we would be issued with both skirts and trousers, skirts were to be worn at certain times and trousers at others, we would soon find out what was considered appropriate. We were also issued with underwear and told that we could change any item that did not fit perfectly. Next were shoes, black and chunky flat ones that were far from fashionable, I felt that they would make my feet look huge, particularly when worn with a skirt. It was explained that they were reinforced to protect our toes.

We then went back to our houses to get changed into our uniforms, we girls had been told to put on skirts. It felt very strange putting my uniform on, it was not like my paramedics jump suit, it was more like an army uniform. One by one we arrived back in the lounge, none of us were very happy about our uniforms, the shoes were too big, the skirts too long, the tights were almost the thickness of socks, there was definitely no intention for us to look cute.

Lisa came back for us after about half an hour and took us back to the lecture hall, we were not a little amused to see our group all dressed like a platoon of soldiers.

After coffee we went on a guided tour of the main buildings. It quickly became clear that everyone was dressed in similar outfits but different colours, dark and light blue, black, maroon, dark green, etc. We were split into two groups, guys and girls together, Mr Jones took charge of one and Miss Smallwood the other, Henry and Lisa joined us.

We were briefly shown the office block, all administrative services were located there including Human Relations. We were informed that the overall management of the Facility had offices on the first floor.

We were then shown the reception area where I had arrived the previous afternoon. We then went into the Court area passing through the inevitable security check. There were three courts, one larger than the other two. There was the usual raised judge’s seat and desk. To one side was the dock for culprits, rows of seats and desks, presumably for lawyers and finally a sort of balcony, we were told that this was for any family present and the press.

Next we went through a door behind the dock. Down one flight of stairs there was one corridor which split after only a few metres, one right and one left. Just before that was a room reserved for the wardens with chairs, tables and a small kitchen area. Opposite there were two other short corridors that led to flights of stairs, these it appeared led to the smaller Courts. The reason for the two corridors was explained, left for girls, right for boys. They were similar except there seemed to be a larger area to the right. There were rows of cells down both sides, some small for only one or two culprits and some larger that could perhaps take up to 10 people. In each cell there were only benches and these seemed fixed to the walls, all rather stark. It was explained that culprits only spent a short period of time in these cells while waiting to be presented in Court. Any that would have to wait for several hours were accommodated in the prison area a short distance away. At the end of each cell block there were double doors through which the culprits would be brought in.

We returned to the main Court and were taken through another door behind the dock. This was clearly the punishment block, it was just like we had seen in the slideshow at the Ministry. There was a desk at one end in front of double doors and down each side a row of doors, these led to small cubicles where the sentenced would have to undress. In each cubicle there was a small bench with a basket on it, a white gown hanging on a hook and a further door. Through this door was a corridor which led to the medical area. There was the usual apparatus for medicals between two stations separated by a screen about 2 metres high. This was to be one of our main areas of work.

Through further double doors we entered the punishment area, it was larger than I had imagined, there was firstly a screen, again about 2 metres high and two rows of seats, one on the left for girls and the other on the right for boys, in the middle was a desk with several seats behind it. Around the end of the screen we got our first sight of the punishment table. It was black and seemed to be covered in leather, we later learnt that it was synthetic but felt like leather, it could easily be wiped if it became soiled. There were the leather cuffs for arms and legs and a larger one for the waist. There was a balcony which could perhaps seat 20 to 30 people, we were told that this could be used by family if they wished to witness the flogging and also various officials that had to asses that punishments were carried out strictly according to the law.

At this a man entered in a black uniform, he wore an army type cap and the lower half of his face was covered by a black scarf. In one hand he held several canes and in the other two belts or tawses. He handed these to us and we passed them around. He took a cane and brought it some with some force on the punishment bench, it made a hell of a noise, a whoosh and then a very loud crack, my eyes closed as I imagined the effect that it would have on a bare bottom. He made a similar gesture with the tawse.

After the flogging the “clients” would be taken to a recovery room at one end of the punishment area then back to their cubicle to get dressed again. The recovery area was similar to the waiting area, a screen down the middle, left for girls, right for boys and in each rows of low benches in a similar material to the punishment bench. Here they could lie on their fronts and if requested would have cream rubbed on their damaged bottoms. After that they would be taken back to the prison area to be processed for release or retained depending on what the Court had decided.

I was beginning to have second thoughts about my new job, how would I cope when I had to witness a flogging and also see the “clients” before and after, how would I react as they went through the build-up to the flogging and then the aftermath? Would they struggle and have to be manhandled to the punishment bench? How would I cope with their tears, tears I was sure would be flowing?

After that it was lunch in the canteen and we chatted about what we had seen without expressing our reactions and feelings. At a quiet moment I suggested to Mary and Sue that perhaps we could invite the other girls round to our house that evening when we could have a real heart to heart, they agreed and we invited all the other girls to come round. The three of us went to the supermarket to get some wine and nibbles.

In the afternoon we started the class work, mostly the law, how it impacted on these new punishments, our rights and those of our “clients”, how much force could be used if some “clients” resisted, etc. We went over and over these and had regular tests to make sure we had all clearly understood the rules.

It was quite refreshing to be in an all girl environment, twelve of the girls turned up that evening. The conversation started with comments on what we had seen that day and how these delinquents fully deserved to be punished. From what was said we were all trained in some sector of medicine, there were a couple of other paramedics and several girls who had trained as nurses but not followed through to become fully qualified. By the time the second glass of wine was finished tongues were loosened. Several of the girls had not seen guys naked other than their boyfriends in darkened rooms. None had ever been punished at home other than the odd slap from their mother. The conclusion was that we all had reservations of one sort or another but all agreed that the job needed doing so why not us.

By the second week two boys and one girl had left our group, it was not clear whether they had decided that the job was not for them or whether they had not made the grade with the tests.

One morning Mr Williams announced that we had all passed the first part of our training. “We now come to the practical part of your training. We need to go through the procedures one by one. The Court and punishment blocks are at our full disposal for the next few days so we can run through the whole procedure from start to finish. We need to set scenarios to see how you react and suggest ways that your actions can be changed to better cope with any problems that arise. We will draw up a rota so that each of you will play each role over the next few days. The roles to be played will include playing the role of culprits and that does mean being flogged. We feel that your training would not be complete if you had not suffered in the same way as our future “clients”. It will help you to better understand the sinking feeling of the sentence, the humiliation of being taken to the punishment block, having to undress and be examined by a nurse, waiting to be flogged, the actual flogging and finally being taken to the recovery room. Add to this the fact that other culprits are present, they may not be able to see the punishment but they can hear it. Also several others will witness each stage of their humiliation and witness the flogging. To conclude, I have a feeling that if this had been said during your initial interview, there may be very few of you in this room right now. You now have much more knowledge and can understand why we are here and what we hope to do, that is reduce the ridiculous level of delinquency we see on the streets of our cities and towns. I appreciate that what I am now asking is not easy, it will hurt. I will fully understand anyone of you who feels that they can not proceed to this next stage. If you do decide to back out, I will make every effort for you to be found a less onerous job within the Ministry or for you to be taken back by your previous employer. I will be in my office on the first floor this evening from 6pm till 8pm and again tomorrow morning from 8am till 9.30am, if you do not come to see me then I will assume that you wish to continue.” With that bombshell he turned and left.

Over coffee it was clear that a cloud had descended over our group, gone were the giggles and laughter, eyes did not meet eyes other than very fleetingly, any conversation was in whispers. I had a definite sinking feeling and wondered whether I should go to the toilet.

The haze was cleared by the arrival of Mr Jones and Miss Smallwood followed by about 20 others. Some of that group joined us whilst others sat in little groups at the front of the hall. Mr Jones explained that we had been joined by other recruits that had already had their first stage of training. The others sitting at tables would be interviewing us to ensure that we were ready to go on to stage two. Henry and Lisa then handed out sheets which gave detailed timings of the next few days. I noticed that my interview was not till the early afternoon. On glancing at Mary’s sheet I saw that she was due at the same time. Those that were due to be interviewed during the next half hour were requested to remain seated whilst the rest could go back to their houses or have lunch.

I headed off back to our house with Mary and we were joined by Sue and Faye. Zoe, we assumed, had an early interview. We settled in the kitchen and started going through the sheet. That day was marked for interviews except for the final session of the day when we were all to attend. The next four days seemed to be in sections, a half hour meeting for everyone, three sessions for training, a final group session and boxes at the end for individual discussion.

The practical sessions were all identical and involved the holding area, court, medical facility, waiting area, punishment area, recovery room, and medical/release. In all 8 sessions seemed to be planned but the boxes for each had been left blank. There did not appear to be any mention of the culprits, the spaces seemed only to cover the areas where we would be working.

Still with that sinking feeling, Mary, Sue and I decided to have an early lunch while Faye headed off for her interview. Our conversation over lunch was very mundane, none of us wanted to talk about what was foremost in our minds.

After lunch I headed off to the main block with Mary. There were four tables set up at the front and interviews were underway when we entered. We sat near the front with a few of the others. The interviewers’ conversations were muted and it was not possible to make out other than the odd word.

It was not long before Mary and I were called forward. I was called to the table where Miss Smallwood was sitting. She introduced the other three, one from human relations, one from the legal department and the last one a nurse. Miss Smallwood explained that the rota sheets would be filled in by later that day. Only the rotas for the medical, waiting, punishment, recovery and medical/release areas would be completed.

At present we were 40 in total with two more boys than girls. Between 4 and 6 assistants would be on duty in each area, that would leave 14 of us. Out of this group the culprits would be drawn, at least two girls and two or three boys. The others would attend the court and the punishment areas in the part designated for the public and officials. The culprits would only be notified half an hour before the start of court proceedings, be given a brief description of their crime and any previous convictions, and be taken to the holding cells.

The lady from the legal department handed me a form and asked me to read it. It basically stated that as part of my training I was to receive 6 strokes of the tawse and 6 strokes of the cane in the same way as anyone sentenced to these punishments. The sessions would be at least two days apart. I was asked to sign my agreement which I did but with a rather trembling hand. My death warrant was signed, there was no way to escape.

I returned to the house with Mary and found Zoe in the kitchen, she turned to face us and said: “Well it looks as if we will all have very sore bottoms by the end of the week.”

I intervened: “Well at least we will not know too far in advance when we are to be punished and the others will not know in advance who’s turn is next. What worries me is the number of people who will be in the punishment room when it is carried out, 5 or 6 on duty plus up to 14 in the public gallery. Add to that the number that will hear the strokes and for my part I doubt that I will not be screaming. It will be so humiliating, if we really do have to be beaten, could they not have done if without a crowd of spectators?”

Mary replied. “Well for one, it will give us a very first-hand knowledge of how the clients feel, and for two we are all to submit to two floggings and each of us will suffer the humiliation and pain.”

We chatted for a while over coffee and were soon joined by Faye and Sue. It was clear that all of us were scared witless of our fate, it seemed that the actual pain was secondary in our minds, what really worried us was how we would react, would we disgrace ourselves, would we end up like a bunch of blubbering babies. We decided to have another girls evening and Sue and Zoe were elected to get the wine and nibbles.

We returned to the main building as instructed. Mr Williams took charge and informed us that all those present had agreed to proceed to stage two of the training; apparently two of our number had dropped out. He asked for questions, there were no doubt many we would have liked to ask but felt too embarrassed to do so. Henry and Lisa came round with personalised sheets and we were dismissed. Over coffee we invited the other girls to our house that evening for a drink after dinner.

Back at our house I went to my room to change. I was half undressed when there was a knock at the door, it was Mary, and: “Can I come in?” She asked.

Despite being in my underwear I opened the door wider for her to enter, it did not strike me as strange to be almost naked in front of her after the two years of sharing a room at the ambulance centre.

“Have you looked at your sheet?” she asked. I replied that I had and had noted that no specific jobs had been allocated to me for sessions 2, 4, 6 and 7. “I am not allocated for the first session,” she blurted out. “Oh god, I could be the first one to be flogged.”

She burst into tears and I put an arm round her shoulder and steered her towards the bed. I cuddled her like a little sister and tried to comfort her, I tried to calm her down by saying that it may not be that session as the majority of the unallocated group would not be flogged, only four or five out of the 14 or 15 would be beaten. She slowly calmed herself down. Gone was the Mary who wanted to flog every hooligan to within an inch of his life, this was a new Mary.

That evening we sat around discussing our schedules and of course the sessions for which we were unallocated. Apart from Mary’s fear of being first, the general consensus was that it was best to be flogged sooner rather than later. By the end of the evening the giggles had returned and there were even jokes about whose bottom we would most like to flog.

The first session started the following morning and I was on duty in the medical centre. There were six of us on duty together with a nurse and assistant, there were also 3 warders, 2 male and one female. A buzzer sounded and the door to a cubicle opened, a girl came forward, she had been joking the previous evening but looked far from happy this morning. She went forward to the nurse and opened her gown. After a brief check she was dispatched to the waiting area. Another girl followed, also looking less than happy. Three boys followed. We sat around waiting to be dismissed. After a couple of minutes we heard the crack as the tawse struck a bottom and a shrill female scream. The screams got louder until after 6 they stopped. A short break and the process started again, another female shriek.

After we were dismissed we had to return to the lecture hall. The 5 “clients” were there standing in a huddle with flushed faces and watery eyes. As we came in they separated and the two girls came across to us.

“How was it?” Someone asked.

The first girl answered. “It was hell on earth, my bum is on fire, god only knows when I will be able to sit down, and the humiliation of being flogged in front of all those people. I will forever feel sorry for anyone tied to that bench and flogged.”

Mr Williams entered and there was a hush. “Right, we will start the second session in 10 minutes. Those that have been allocated jobs, go to your stations, the rest please follow me.”

With about 15 others I followed Mr Williams to the main court. He handed me a sheet with my name in bold across the top. He handed sheets to another girl and two boys. He dismissed the others suggesting that they sit in the public area of the court. He led the four of us down the stairs to the holding cells. At our approach there were knowing smiles from the warders. He indicated that the girls should turn to the left and the boys to the right. I noticed Henry who duly escorted the two boys with a warder, Mr Williams turned left and beckoned us to follow.

We were placed in a large cell and he told us to sit and read our sheets. I was 18, my name was Wendy Smith, and had been picked up for being drunk and in possession of drugs. Mr Williams spoke. “I want you both to play act as if you were really street kids, you can be belligerent, swear all you like, etc.”

He left and I turned to Katie. “OK let’s go for it, I have seen so many girls doing just as he suggests, I really feel like letting my hair down and hope it will lighten the burden of what is to follow.” She smiled and nodded her head.

A female warden appeared. “Wendy Smith?” She enquired as she unlocked the cell door.

“Piss off bitch!” I replied.

At that two male warders appeared, they came into the cell and grabbed my arms. “So you want to play silly games do you?” One said as he twisted my arm half way up my back. “We have ways of handling stupid little girls who don’t behave and show respect.”

With that I was manhandled to the stairs and half dragged up them and deposited in the dock, they let go but stood right behind me. When the judge came in we were told to stand, I sat. With that the two warders grabbed my arms and hauled me to my feet.

“Be seated,” the clerk called and I was shoved back down into the seat.

A police statement was read out and I continually interrupted. “It’s all lies, I was not drunk, the policeman touched my tits, he must have put the cannabis in my bra, he grabbed my bum and squeezed, he’s a pervert.” As I launched in to my tirade I looked round the court and could see a lot of amused faces, this only encouraged me more. “You’re all perverts, a bunch of stuffed shirts, talking with plums in your mouths and cucumbers up your arses.”

The judge turned to face me, a face reflecting thunder, had it not been part of the game I would have melted. “Will you please be quiet, Miss Smith?”

My riposte brought on the lightening: “Shut up yourself, you silly old fart.”

He grimaced. “Miss Smith, you will regret that comment. I have heard enough unless you wish to say anything in your defence?”

“Go piss yourself,” was my reply.

“Very well then Miss Smith, I had intended to sentence you to four strokes of the tawse. In view of your behaviour, I will increase the number to six, take her away.”

I was dragged out of the dock and through the door to the punishment room. In the corridor they eased off a bit. I was shoved into a cubicle and the female warder told me to strip. I was so worked up into my Oscar winning role by now.

“Why? Do you want to see my tits?”

At this a couple of assistant nurses appeared, it was Zoe and Faye. The warder turned to them. “She does not want to strip and she made a hell of a fuss in court.”

At that Zoe and Faye came into the cubicle and told the warden that they could cope. I explained that Mr Williams had asked me to put on an act and by god that is what I was doing and enjoying it. They looked at each other, smiled and ripped my blouse off me, next went my skirt. I let them remove my bra and tights without too much of a struggle but drew the line when it came to my panties.

“Bitches!” I shouted at the top of my voice and at that I was held by Zoe as Faye peeled my panties down.

“Right, put on that gown and sit down. If you don’t do as we say you will be taken out naked in front of everyone.”

When the door to the cubicle opened I had the gown on and was propelled by Zoe and Faye towards the nurse. They untied the belt and the gown hung open. The nurse placed a stethoscope on my chest.

“Want to feel my tits? Kinky outfit you have.” I could hear giggles behind me. “Go on, stick your finger in my bum.”

The nurse spoke. “OK take her through.”

As my gown was being tied two male warders appeared and grabbed my arms, I was propelled through the doors to the punishment room.

“Get your f…ing hands off me,” I shouted, hoping that there would be a few sniggers in the gallery. They sat me down and held onto me sitting either side of me.

I could hear Katie through the doors, she was putting on a good show, where did she learn all those words, she looked such a nice girl. The doors opened and she came through with two female warders encouraging her forward movement. “Bastards the lot of you, mother f…ers the lot of you.” She smiled as she caught sight of me and I joined her in her chorus.

The two boys followed soon after looking very dejected.

From behind the screen there was a booming voice. “Wendy Smith please.”

At that the two warders lifted me bodily off the floor and took me round the screen. With an audience again I started my tirade. “Get your filthy hands off me, stop touching my tits, mind where you put your hands you pervert.”

With help, they managed to drag the gown off me and get me on the bench. My arms and legs were grabbed and held fast as the cuffs were fixed. Lying helpless on the bench I could have given in but I was determined to complete my role. As the flogger moved into position at the side of the bench to my left I started again. “Piss off you bu…er! Think you are a big guy? Bet you have a tiny c..k. Bastard hitting a defenceless girl.

I hardly felt the first whack, it only dawned on me after a few seconds as the pain reached my brain, I let out a yell. “Ahhhhh!! Go on, hit me again, hit me harder.”

I am not sure if he did whack me harder but I realised that if I kept up the tirade my mind could be isolated from my bottom. I had lost count and was quite surprised when they started to release me from the bench.

Something had happened as my legs were wobbly, it was difficult to stand and one of the girls came over to steady me. She was holding my gown and it took me a while to remember that I was naked, she held it out and I slipped my arms into the sleeves. She brought it round and tied the belt. I was in a daze and she started to lead me towards the recovery room. At this point there was spontaneous applause from the spectators. This brought me back to my senses, I turned and bowed before going through the doors to the recovery room.

Mary took over and led me to one of the benches. “What was all that racket about?” She enquired.

I explained what Mr Williams had asked and I was just playing to the gallery.

“How is your bottom?”

I really didn’t know, it felt numb but not sore, somehow I had blocked out the effect of the tawse. She lay me down and lifted the gown up over my back.

“Oh shit what a mess, you are going to have bruises for quite a few days.” At that she took a tube of cream and slowly applied some to my bottom, ever so gently she covered the whole area. It was strange, all sorts of images ran through my mind, the heat from my bottom, the stiffness of my legs, the thought of being humiliated by being naked in front of so many people, the applause, and finally Mary’s ministrations to my bare bottom.

I don’t know how long I lay on the bench in the recovery room, perhaps 10 or 20 minutes? Eventually Mary helped me to my feet and I noticed Katie lying on another bench, I smiled and winked at her and received a smile in return. Her bottom was black and blue, god my bottom must look the same. Walking was not too easy but I managed to get back to my cubicle unaided.

I dressed and made my way back to our house. Sue, Faye and Zoe were there. Sue spoke first. “How is our little Oscar winner? Everyone is talking about your performance.”

I was unsure whether I had overdone my performance and replied: “an Oscar with a very bruised bottom.”

Lunch was suggested, I readily agreed and then wondered whether I could sit comfortably. I went over to a kitchen chair and lowered myself slowly. It was not painful to sit but rather felt that I was sitting on a large cushion rather than my own bottom. “OK let’s go.”

As we left Mary arrived and joined us. Everyone we met clapped their hands and bowed to me. In the dining room there was another round of applause, every face was smiling.

We had just started eating when Mr Williams appeared. “When I asked you to play a role I had never thought about how deep you would get into the role. We have had a brief meeting and are thinking of making a film of a real caning in the hope of discouraging delinquent behaviour on the streets, would you be prepared to take a leading role?” There was a broad grin on his face.

As the euphoria wore off I realised that I had had a sound beating.

We had the usual meeting in the lecture hall after lunch and I found sitting more uncomfortable that earlier. My next role was in the punishment area. Mr Williams told us to go to our stations, about 15 remained, one of which was Mary.

It was ages before the first client appeared in the waiting area, it was Mary. She looked pale and frightened, why the hell did she not shout out like I had, if you can’t beat them shout insults at them.

Once all the clients were ready Mary was called. I quickly went to her aid, it looked as if she would stumble. I whispered in her ear: “Shout out, call them bastards, fight back.”

She seemed in a daze and just wobbled towards the bench. Her gown was removed without complaint and she was helped up onto the bench. Tears were flowing long before the flogger started.

He moved to the side of the bench and lined up the first stroke. He drew the belt back over his shoulder and brought it back down with force. There was a loud crack as the tawse buried itself into Mary’s bottom, seconds later she squealed, everyone within a mile or more must have heard her squeal, it seemed to echo round the room for ages after. I could see that she was having problems to catch her breath, I looked towards the doctor on duty, he had also noticed and raised his hand for the flogger to stop. The doctor went over to the bench and leaned over to whisper to Mary. I don’t know what was said but she was quickly released and helped into the recovery room. There were tears in my eyes, oh how I felt sorry for Mary.

There were two further girls and three boys beaten that afternoon. I hardly noticed what was happening, all my thoughts were with Mary. I remember that both girls were sobbing and needed help to reach the recovery room. One of the boys was also crying, and another seemed to be on the brink of bursting into tears. Only one swaggered as if he had been beaten with a feather, he seemed determined to show off his manhood before doing up his gown.

We had another meeting in the lecture hall. After a general summary on the day given by Mr Williams we were split into small groups and given an opportunity to give our own impressions. I noticed that Mary did not appear and asked Lisa about her. She told me that she had been taken to the hospital unit but should be back in our house that evening.

The hero worship was wearing off as I came to the realisation that I had been fully exposed for quite a long time with perhaps some 20 people looking on and in majority guys. The elation at winning was turning into embarrassment.

Mary appeared at about 7.30, she looked pale but otherwise in one piece. I kissed her full on her lips and held her hand. We had been about to leave for the canteen but I suggested that I go and get pizzas and that we would eat at home. We set off leaving Mary at home.

When I returned I found her in the kitchen with a glass of wine in her hand. I poured one for myself and sat down beside her. She turned and looked at me, there were tears in her eyes. She started: “Oh what a fool I was. I had been dreading the tawse, and I just couldn’t take it. That first whack hit me like a punch in the stomach, I couldn’t breathe, Oh Wendy what am I to do?”

I sat for a while thinking. “Whatever you decide we will always be close. I am not sure whether what I did is the answer but you have to fight, you must never let them think that they have won. Even if it hurts like hell you must think of something else, shout, swear, think of a boyfriend spanking you to orgasm, anything but don’t submit.”

We ate our pizza in silence and had another glass of wine. It transpired that she had been asked to see Mr Williams in the morning to give her decision, either leave or have another go.

It was difficult to know what to do or suggest. “Look, I have an idea, something that I know would work for me and unless I shout and swear, I will use it when it comes to the caning. Don’t dismiss what I am about to say straight away, think about it and maybe sleep on it. Imagine I am there next to you, imagine that I am playing with you, close your eyes and enjoy it, think of nothing else, concentrate your mind, block everything else out. I will be there for you after and for real, I will work you in to a frenzy, you will be screaming for more, you will have multiple orgasms, so many it will hurt yet you can’t stop. If it will help I will be happy to give you a foretaste tonight.”

At that the others returned from the canteen with a couple of bottles of wine. We sat and chatted, mostly about my heroics of that afternoon and my bottom was duly inspected. Mary was quiet and pensive, she only spoke when asked a direct question. After another glass of wine Mary said she was going to bed and asked me to pop in before I also went to bed, an invitation?

I followed some 10 minutes later, washed and knocked on her door. I heard a faint: “Come in,” and entered. She was lying face down with her bottom exposed, there was a red weal across its width and some nasty looking marks where the tails had cut in. I realised what she was doing, lay down next to her and slid my hand under her stomach. I pushed her hand away and continued what she had been doing. I have no idea how many times she came to orgasm but it was nearly 7am when I woke still curled up next to her. I shook her gently and said that we should get ready.

I went with Mary to the main block earlier than needed, Mary had to meet with Mr Williams. “Have you made your decision?” I enquired.

“Yes, I will have another go and will hold you to your promise.”

After a brief meeting during which Mary returned to the fold, session four was announced. Both Mary and I were not allocated roles and so followed Mr Williams into the court. Mary was handed a sheet, how would she react today?

The rest of us took seats in the public gallery and waited. After about half an hour a girl appeared, at least Mary would not be going first. She did play act a little but did not use the sort of bad language I had used the previous day. She was sentenced to 6 strokes of the tawse. Next Mary was led in. It was difficult to judge what she was thinking or what she would do, she had a fixed stare that hardly moved from the judge’s seat. It became clear she was like in a dream, she was not in court and was totally disconnected from the proceedings. I hoped it would work. She was sentenced to 6 strokes with the tawse and was taken out.

After the boys were sentenced we relocated to the punishment area and took our places in the gallery. The first girl put up a good fight and her language had descended to the gutter, she screamed and swore at each stroke and was crying by the end, she had however fought a brave battle. Next Mary was led in, she was still in a dream, almost like she was high on drugs. She just let the others manhandle her, her gown was removed and she was secured to the bench. The flogger took up his position and started, she did scream but not the piercing scream of the day before, it was almost a scream of enjoyment, would the others know what she was doing? Would they understand that she was in a state of sexual oblivion?

She was released, helped into her gown and led away. She had taken her punishment but were we allowed to blank out the pain of the tawse in such a way?

Session five followed much as the others. Faye, Zoe and Sue were all flogged. They all managed play acting but were in tears when they reached the recovery room where I was on duty. I administered to Sue’s bottom while the others tended to Faye and Zoe. It was strange but I became quite aroused gently rubbing the cream into Sue’s bottom, judging by her breathing the feeling was mutual.

Back in the lecture hall Mr Williams announced that the cane was to be introduced at session six and subsequent sessions. This gave me quite a start, I had not calculated that everyone had been tawsed and that the cane would now be wielded, I had almost forgotten about the second flogging, or rather my mind had played games and blinded me from that awful prospect. I was unallocated for sessions 6 and 7.

The main body left to go to their stations, the remainder followed Mr Williams into the court. He gave out 6 sheets, 3 to girls and 3 to boys. It was with some relief that I took my seat in the gallery.

The first girl was led in after half an hour. The offences were now more serious, criminal damage, assault, and also previous convictions. Each of the offenders was sentenced to 6 strokes of the cane. Each had played a role, mainly swearing at the judge, none however reached my own performance.

We relocated to the gallery in the punishment room and waited. At least two of the condemned created a disturbance when they were brought into the waiting area, we could not see over the screen but physical force had been used.

The first name was announced. A girl was dragged round the end of the screen, she was shouting and swearing and even kicked out at one of the warders, at this other warders appeared and she was dumped on the bench. Two female warders removed her gown and she was secured in place, still shouting and swearing.

The flogger approached the bench with a cane in his hand, it was just like the one we had been shown. There was still bruising on her bottom from the tawse. He lined it up, raised it to the upright and let go. It seemed to bury deep in the girl’s bottom, then there was a loud crack and a second later a shrill scream followed by: “You f…ing bastard.”

The next 5 strokes were a carbon copy of the first, she did not seem to be crying but rather angry as hell. She was released, had her gown put on and was lead away to the recovery room, rather more meekly than she had entered.

The next two girls behaved in a similar way by directing their anger at the flogger, they were however in tears as they were lead away. The boys reacted as well in a similar fashion; it seemed that they had all been instructed to act in this way in order to reduce the effects of the humiliation and the pain.

Back in the lecture hall Mr Williams announced a free day and indicated that sessions 7 and 8 would be held on Friday. An extra day for us to ponder on the caning to come.

Henry and Lisa suggested having a mixed hockey match the following day. Henry asked all those who had previously played hockey to come to him and those who had never played were to go to Lisa, our names were then placed in two boxes. There would be 4 teams of seven. Names were drawn from each box, a girl then a guy with experience and then the same for those with no experience. On this basis the teams should have been reasonably well balanced.

Each team assembled and a captain was elected, I was duly elected and we decided to call ourselves the delinquents. The other teams would be the wreckers, the hooligans and finally the yobs. Henry took the guys and Lisa took the girls. We went to the store and any of us that did not have sports kit would be issued with suitable clothes. I had several sports skirts and suitable tops back at the house but needed some long socks. Some of the girls chose shorts while others decided on skirts.

After changing back in our house we made our way to the all weather pitch and had a practise session. It was clear that we were a very mixed bunch in terms of ability, 3 girls and four guys. Some clearly had little idea what to do with a hockey stick while others were moderately competent. After an hour we were making some progress and I allocated positions based on ability.

Henry and Lisa suggested that we should all go to the canteen. There was already a friendly rivalry building up between the teams and some not very kind jokes were made at the expense of others. Our behaviour attracted some comments from others in the canteen and it appeared that we may well have a crowd of spectators the following day.

True to my fears, there were about 100 spectators. We went first up against the wreckers, they had chosen the correct name, all they could do was disrupt any good moves that we put together. The result of 1:0 in our favour seemed fair. The round robin continued, we beat the yobs but lost narrowly to the hooligans. The wreckers and the yobs would play for third and fourth places after lunch with our team and the hooligans competing in the final.

The wreckers somehow managed to score two goals against the Yobs and won. Our match was close, at half time it was 1:1. Towards the end of the second half I picked up a stray pass from the opposition and ran the length of the pitch to score. The whistle went a couple of minutes later.

I had not noticed Mr Williams standing on the touchline. He called us over and presented medals to the winners and runners up as well as a small trophy. He then invited us to join him in the hotel for refreshments.

The refreshments were far more than a few sandwiches. Wine and beer was offered as we arrived and a buffet had been set out, the plates were piled high with enough food to feed an army. There was more wine and beer and again the ribald comments flowed.

I was a little tipsy by the time we returned to our house, as were the others, and it was not long before we were all in bed.

I woke at dawn. I felt stiff after the exertions of the previous day and realised that I had collected a few bruises on my legs. It was only when I got in the shower that I remembered that today was my day for the cane. That thought woke me with a start and the bruises to my legs were forgotten.

After breakfast we made our way to the lecture hall. With no duties I fully expected to be singled out and sure enough Mr Williams handed me a sheet. Sue and Faye had also been given sheets. As the others made their way to the gallery we were led down to the holding cells.

My sheet was brief, prostitution and drug dealing. The others had similar crimes on their sheets. I started thinking of insults that I could use and was determined to surpass my previous efforts.

My name was called and two warders, one male and the other female, came to our cell and entered. “Are you going to be sensible this time?” I was asked.

My reply was instant: “Get your fu….ing hands off me, you le…an bitch.”

At this two other warders arrived, grabbed me by the arms and lifted me clear of the floor. I started kicking out and they placed me face down on the floor. I could not see what they were doing but when I was raised to the standing position I found that they had bound my legs which made kicking impossible. Again my feet left the floor and they carried me all the way to the dock. I was enraged by this treatment and didn’t stop shouting out abuse. The noose round my legs was removed and I was shoved down into the seat. They quickly shut the half door and stood round me. My efforts to escape were to no avail, they just pushed me back. Eventually they handcuffed my left arm to a hook in the dock which restricted all movement other than kicking the wood of the dock. I soon stopped that as it hurt my feet.

We were told to stand. As I could not get to my feet they just ignored me. All I had left was to throw verbal abuse at the judge and the clerks. As my misdemeanours were read out I shouted out: “Lies, all damned lies, all the police wanted was a free f..k, they always do, bast..ds, we are always being stitched up so they can get their way with us, they are all a bunch of mother fu…ers.”

I was told to shut up continually but did not stop my tirade. The clerk’s voice was barely audible over me and when it came to one of the policemen who read his witness statement I started again. “You filthy pig, you tried to rip my clothes off, you were squeezing my tits, your filthy hands were all over me, you planted the drugs on me, you’re bas…rds the lot of you.”

After this the judge summed up, again I hurled abuse around the court, and then I vaguely heard the sentence, 6 strokes of the cane. Again every filthy word I knew flowed out of my mouth as the warders grabbed me. As before they managed to tie my legs together, undid the handcuffs and carried me out of the court still swearing at the top of my voice.

We reached the medical unit where they asked for help, two female warders came over with Mary. “Are you going to behave now?”

My answer was given with more verbal abuse.

“OK, if you will not behave it will be the worse for you, we will strip you by force and not bother with putting a gown on you.” At this I was again face down on the floor, two or three of them held me down while the noose was released from my legs. There were hands all over me and my clothes were unceremoniously removed and I was dumped into the cubicle.

After a few minutes I could hear Sue protesting, she was putting up a good fight at least verbally, I was not sure if they were forcibly undressing her. The area was quiet again for a few minutes before I heard Faye’s squeals, from the noises I guessed she was being stripped like me. There followed similar noises as the three guys arrived in the medical unit.

The door to my cubicle opened and I was met face to face by four warders and two assistants, Mary and Katie. “Are you coming quietly now?” I was asked and again my reply was a torrent of abuse, kicking in bare feet was not a good idea unless it was well aimed against a guy.

I was grabbed by the arms and propelled through to the punishment room where my arms were handcuffed to a chair. Mary stayed with me while the others went off for the others. Sue was next, she was also naked and was deposited on a chair near me. Next was Faye and she like us was naked and fastened to a chair.

By the time the first guy was dragged in we had started singing bawdy songs and were told to shut up several times, this only encouraged us to sing louder. All three guys were also naked. Given the heightened state we were in we cheered as each of the guys was dragged in.

Four male warders appeared in front of me and undid the cuffs, they took a limb each and carried me screaming abuse to the bench where they dumped me down and went to work fixing the cuffs and belt round my waist. Totally immobilised, all I could do was shout abuse.

I briefly caught sight of the guy in black and the cane in his hand.

“F..k off you bas..rd,” was the best I could as I strained at the cuffs.

He did not waste time and I soon felt the first stroke. Again I was so tense that I did not feel the pain, my brain seemed to be separate from my bottom. He continued, I was conscious that he was inflicting damage to my bottom but the pain remained there.

I felt the cuffs being undone and it was Mary who helped me on my rather shaky legs to the recovery unit. I did not turn and bow as I had done previously and there was no applause. Mary helped me onto a bench and one of the nurses came over to put cream on my bottom. She commented: “You must have annoyed the flogger, he does not usually hit girls that hard.”

I lay there for ages and was only just aware of the arrival of Sue and Faye. Finally the three of us were led to the cubicles where we found our clothes.

Back in the house we each exposed our bottoms to compare the damage. Our bottoms were well striped and the ridges were still evident. Again sitting was a strange sensation; my bottom felt that it did not belong to me.

Of the others Zoe was first back and asked to see the damage. Both she and Mary were due to be caned that afternoon. Zoe started setting out some salad for lunch. Mary arrived back and commented on our joint performance. None of us were hungry and we just picked at the food.

Back in the lecture hall Mr Williams announced the eighth and final session. The majority were dispatched to their posts and Mr Williams handed out the slips. 3 girls including Mary and Zoe plus four guys.

I went with the others to the gallery in the court but found sitting rather uncomfortable. A court official appeared at my side and offered me a cushion which I gratefully accepted with a smile. Mary was up first and as before she seemed to be in a trance, totally detached from what was going on. Zoe on the other hand was trying to win my Oscar, she was magnificent. The others also had decided that giving abuse was the easiest way to fight the coming pain.

We filed out of the court and headed for the punishment area, I took the cushion with me. There was already noise coming from the medical unit. First through the doors must have been Mary, there was no noise, but as Zoe was led in that changed, abuse flowed from her mouth. The last girl and the four guys let vent their feelings.

Mary appeared round the screen escorted by one warder, she was helped to remove her gown and onto the bench. Her arms and legs were fastened and the flogger appeared with the cane in his hand. Much to the surprise of those present she hardly made any noise and took her 6 strokes with minimal movement of her bottom. She was released and led away.

Zoe on the other hand was manhandled round the screen and was naked. She struggled to avoid been fastened to the bench but four warders and an assistant were too much for her. She verbally fought the assault on her bottom. The remaining “clients” were also naked and shouted abuse.

That night Mary and I were in heaven, a frenzy of lust.

The End