Three girls and a boy are in trouble with the Dean

By Ricky Smarts

Bob Perkins, the Boys’ Dean at Middlesex High, arrived at work a bit early. He needed to clear his head for the full day ahead of him. Holly, his 21 year old secretary, came in shortly after him and gave him a big hello. She was at the age where she could take him on twice a day and still need more. Perkins was very happy to have her around, even more so to be able to accommodate her appetite a few times a week, but on occasion, even he needed a rest.

One of his duties was administering spankings to the wayward students. Holly assisted in any way she could and the experience excited them both. Perkins was very happy Holly had finally graduated Middlesex and was now his secretary. That made things a lot easier and much more legal. His willing assistant had spent considerable time over the dean’s lap as a student and it paid off.

Occasionally she still went over his lap, but Perkins came to understand her filing and clerical mistakes were intentional. Accordingly, those spankings were very tenderly given, and well received. She was a proper young lady now, that is, until someone’s hot lap dancing buns set her off.

Holly was very pretty, as usual, on spanking days. She always showed him her best assets and never knew when it would pay off. The last time she was over his lap, showing him her bare bottom, Perkins gave her just what she wanted. Holly loved the way Perkins did it differently each time. Today she didn’t care how he did it, so long as she was fully assuaged. With that in mind she wore some very sexy lingerie and a very short dress, all over her high heels and long sexy hose encased legs. Never knowing what to expect only added to the thrill of sex with the boss.

As Holly entered his inner office, Perkins told her to check for messages sent by some teachers via the principal’s office. He had some “administrative” duties to handle today, on top of everything else. Holly cheerily said OK, and called Julie, the principal’s secretary. When she returned a few moments later, she had the “record book” and a sly smile on her face. Days like this usually ended with her going home with a powerful afterglow.

“Looks like we have some business to attend to Boss; I have the book,” she announced with that cute smile she always wore when her hormones were raging.

Perkins read the notes. The two new girls, recent transfers, were easy; just a welcome to what happens when you fail to follow the rules previously instructed on at Middlesex High. He had done this a dozen times and it didn’t require much planning. The other two needed some thought; a difficult senior male student well known to him for insubordination and another female student, bright, but left back for refusing to follow instruction. Her well shaped bottom had been over his lap once before, but that visit did not change her ways. She was nineteen, the others, eighteen, but acted much younger; they would be treated as such today.

The notes said that the girls were told report to his office at 10 am, with their purses, the code word for hairbrush, and the boy was just told not to be late. Perkins asked Holly to remind him what the record book said about the two who had been spanked before and she did. He gave the cases some thought and told her to await their arrival in her outer office.

Most of the spankings Perkins delivered were routine over the knee hairbrush spankings to the girls, as the boys. After getting the paddle, they rarely returned. For some reason though, many of the girls kept returning after minor violations. It was almost as if they looked forward to having their skirts raised for another trip over the dean’s broad lap.

Having a busy day ahead, Perkins ran through the papers on his desk and made notes for later. He returned a few phone calls, and before long, Holly knocked on the door and told him the students had arrived.

Holly was told to usher them in and return herself after locking the outer door. Then, with Holly holding his inner door open, the three girls with very concerned faces came in followed by the boy who showed his disdain for the matter he was summoned for. The newer girls had their purses; the older one did not. Perkins would deal with that later.

Perkins sat behind his desk and looked at all four miscreants. Holly was directed to sit on one of the two visitor chairs off to the side. Perkins addressed the new girls first. Looking at the notes, he spoke softly to Carrie and Samantha, the transfers.

“Your teachers tell me you don’t pay attention in class and are always chatting. This causes a disruption. While this is not a major violation of school discipline, it must still be dealt with. As you both lie over my lap later, I will be asking you to try and follow our rules. Do you think you can?

“This is your first time to my office, after the rules were explained to you. Today, after being re-instructed, you will be expected to follow them strictly and I hope only to see you in the hallways and lunchroom from now on. Normally, I would instruct you and send you on your way, but we are fortunate in that we have two of your fellow students who did not learn from their last visit here. Consequently, I will have to “re-instruct” them. That will be very beneficial to you as well.”

Carrie, petite and pretty, and Samantha, a bit taller and with a fuller figure, were both starting to tremble with anticipation. They were not sure what was to happen, but their instincts told them it would not be nice. Samantha wore a dress stopping a few inches above her knees and Carrie had on some nice designer jeans; both wore loafers and white sox. They listened intently as Perkins and Holly discussed today’s business, wondering how bad their soft and tender young bottoms would feel later.

Their moms had enrolled them in Middlesex, after learning of the school’s highly regarded discipline program.

“Holly, please remind me what happened when Melissa and Jonathan were here before.” He made that request while looking at the two older students.

Holly opened her book and read a bit. Then she announced that Melissa had been originally instructed on the rules when she first transferred in, but was returned for a reminder just two weeks later.

That consisted of a simple hand spanking on her panties. Apparently that did not work. Her re-instruction was typical for new girls, but apparently she needed another reminder. Jonathan, on the other hand, had been paddled twice for rudeness to his teachers and fighting in the schoolyard.

Then Perkins looked at the entire group. “It appears that I have failed in my teaching duties with Melissa and Jonathan. As forceful as I was, I did not impart the intended message. Even though it was my fault, I will try again. It is good that Carrie and Samantha are here, so they can see what will happen to those who forget the rules.

“Jonathan, please take the other chair and face it away from the door, towards the middle of the room. Carrie and Samantha can stand by the door and Melissa will go to the other side facing the door.”

“Holly, please give us Jonathan’s history.”

“He’s been here twice, Dean Perkins. In his first year he received five swats with the paddle for fighting and two months ago you gave him another five for rudeness to his homeroom teacher. The note says they were over his jeans.”

Jonathan’s face showed some mild distress, although he wanted all to know he was not afraid to be here. He also knew he was getting more this time, just not how many or whether it would be before or after the girls got their ‘little girly hand spankings’. Whatever it was, he could handle it and he would try to keep it from the girls as they sat outside during his session.

“Jonathan, you have apparently not benefited by your previous trips here, but I think you will remember this one; so will the ladies. Drop your jeans and bend over the chair. Hold onto the seat and don’t let go, or the count starts again.”

“What, with them here? I’m not afraid of your paddle, but do it in private.”

“Do as you’re told, Jonathan. It seems your insubordination does need some immediate attention.”

The boy was shocked at this turn of events and stared at the girls, first the two behind him, and then Melissa, in front. His eyes did not miss Holly, sitting off to the side of the dean’s desk, with her lovely legs, long, black and shiny, one swinging over the other, and her sweet thigh fully visible under her very short skirt. She too had a very good view of what was unfolding, and loved it.

Resigned to the inevitable, Jonathan loosened his belt and tugged down the tight jeans, making sure to keep his ‘tighty whiteys’ in place.

“OK, Jonathan, you may assume the position you know so well.”

As he did, he heard, “Holly, please prepare Jonathan to receive the paddle.”

Starting to get the picture that today would be different, Jonathan cringed when Holly grabbed the waistband of his briefs and tugged then down to his knees. The three other students were equally shocked. Perkins doubted the two new students had ever seen a naked boy, but this too was part of their introduction. Jonathan jumped up and grabbed at his briefs.

“Jonathan,” said the dean. “Return to your position and hold the chair. At Middlesex High, we use the concept of graduated instruction. If the initial minimal dose does not work, we increase it to get the best possible return on our investment. You were going to get six swats with our ‘board of education,’ on the bare, as the previous methods did not work. Now, for your continued insubordination, we will increase it to eight.”

Perkins then looked at his three other students and asked Jonathan if he understood.

Carrie and Samantha were shocked at the naked backside of the older boy right in front of them. Melissa, having a front view, was a bit more interested. Holly, having returned to her seat, just sat there knowing her luscious thighs were fully exposed as the short skirt rode high on her lap. She was enjoying the entire production.

“Holly, will you please bring me the paddle from the wall. Apparently Jonathan is ready.” Holly jumped up and gave her boss the instrument of everyone’s concern so the show could begin. She then sat down again, slightly adjusting her legs, ready to record the instruction accurately.

The paddle was reserved for the most serious cases. Three feet long, four inches wide and about a half inch thick, the wood had been sanded and polished.  It bore the logo: “The Middlesex High Board of Education.” One end tapered to a handle large enough to accommodate a two handed grip.

Perkins had seen many boys dance around the chair as they attempted to avoid the hot swats it delivered. Perkins held it with both hands and always delivered it on target.

“Jonathan, please count them out for me. Sometimes I lose count and I am sure you don’t want any extras. Do you hear me?”



“Yes, Dean Perkins.”

“Much better, Jonathan, and please hold on to the chair so we don’t have to start the count again. Understand?”

“Yes, Dean Perkins.”

Perkins looked at the audience knowing full well that they would not want to be in his position and would fully remember this session, impressed with his methods.

“Oh Holly, I’m sorry. Could you please get up and lift up Jonathan’s shirt. It seems to be hanging in the way.”

“Sure, Dean. Happy to help,” Holly chimed as her heels clicked loudly on the tile floor.

After lifting the shirt-tail far up Jonathan’s back, Holly patted his ass and wished him good luck. Jonathan was now bare from mid back to well below his knees. Being bent over the back of the chair, Jonathan’s butt stood out as if defying the dean to take his best shot.

Perkins took hold of the paddle, felt its heft, and wondered why this foolish boy was back for his third trip. Realizing he would never understand, he delivered the first swat, and a doozy it was.


“Ooooh, One,” said Jonathan.


“Aaah, two,” he added a moment later.

Perkins liked to drag it out so each swat was fully appreciated before the next was delivered.

About thirty seconds later, number three sharply bounced off the boy’s butt, answered by a grunt and the count. Jonathan started moving from foot to foot as the heat began building.

Perkins looked at the girls and saw they were horrified. He knew they did not need a spanking after this, but would get one any way.


“Aaaahhhh, Four,” came next, as the boy wriggled away at the pinpricks of heat being generated on his bottom.

“Jonathan, please tell the ladies why you are here, with pants down and your bare butt being plastered.”

“I didn’t listen to my teachers, Dean Perkins.”

With that, number five came crashing down, answered by another grunt and the count. The boy’s butt was red already and his legs were doing the dance, but his hands held the chair firmly. Both ass cheeks were starting to tremble and the boy moved his hips from side to side in an effort to cool things down.

The next four came slowly, making Jonathan feel each full cycle of pain.


First, the sound without feeling, then the heat of the swat a second later. The burn would last a few seconds causing the dance to begin. It would then slowly start to fade, but leaving a dull pain in its wake. The legs stopped jumping but the butt began to wriggle. Just as Jonathan was able to breathe again, and the stars in his eyes went away, the next swat landed, starting the cycle over again.

Perkins looked at the girls and asked if they thought one lesson was enough to teach them to follow the school rules. They couldn’t answer fast enough.

“Oh, yes, Dean Perkins, I know right now I will follow all the rules,” said Carrie, hoping to avoid whatever it was she was in store for.

Melissa, having been there before and knowing this time would be worse, began sobbing. “I’ll be better, Dean Perkins, please don’t spank me too hard.”

Samantha just shook her head, too scared to speak.

“Girls, do you think Jonathan will follow our rules after today’s lesson?”

None could speak as they were softly crying, but all nodded their heads in agreement.

Both sides of Jonathan’s butt shone brightly. The shimmering ass cheeks were a beacon to all watching his humiliating chastisement; its message very clear.

Perkins took a moment to gauge the effect on his next three subjects. They wouldn’t taste the paddle but their spankings would be memorable. He needed a little more from the boy though.

“OK, Jonathan, stand up and turn around. Tell our two new students why your butt is red and sore.”

Despite the terrible humiliation at facing the two young girls in his naked and publicly paddled condition, Jonathan managed to force out: “I did not listen to Miss Peabody even though I was previously instructed to treat her with respect.”

“Tell them how your butt feels, Jonathan.”

“It’s very sore, sir.”

“OK, you’re done. It might be a good time to pull your clothes up too!” The dean sniggered. “And, Jonathan, you may now replace the paddle on the wall behind my desk before you leave.”

“Nice cheeks, Jonathan.” Holly commented as she watched the boy pull up his white briefs. Then she joined with the others in watching the embarrassed boy every step of the way as he hung the paddle back up before walking back across the room to the door.

“Well, Girls, what have we learned today?” The dean said after Jonathan had closed the door behind him.

All three murmured something about following the rules and being respectful to their teachers.

“Ladies, the rules here are simple. You were all instructed on them when you joined our family. When they are violated we have a special re-instruction lesson. Continued violations call for more in depth methods. As Melissa has been here once before for forgetting the rules, I will discuss her learning issues first.”

Looking at Carrie and Samantha, he added: “I want you two to watch as an extra reminder of what happens to those who cannot learn simple rules.”

“Melissa, where is your purse? You know I always use the girls’ own hairbrushes.”

“I forgot it today, Dean Perkins.”

Melissa, the little snit that she was, thought that if she did not bring her hairbrush, she might get off a bit easier. Silly girl, little did she know. That would cost her more heat in the tail. Melissa also forgot that wearing tiny panties would not help her either.

“Holly, please bring me a few hairbrushes for Melissa to select from.”

Holly brought the shoebox containing several well-sized brushes. Most were nice smooth wooden handled ones with a good heft. One was noticeably smaller than the others.

Holly came back to the room, stopped at the chair and turned it around so it was facing the door, giving a perfect view to the two newer girls. Perkins had specifically selected this chair at a second hand furniture store. A solid wooden chair, with a straight back and no arms, it was just perfect for his needs.  No matter how his girls bounced and danced, this chair would support them both. When not being used to further the needs of Middlesex High, it served very well as a visitors chair, sitting in front of his desk.

Holly then handed the box of hairbrushes to her boss and he offered it to Melissa.

Perkins had been through this routine before with silly girls who thought they were smarter than he. Melissa looked into the box and toyed with picking the smallest hairbrush, but was it a trap? Could Mr Perkins be looking to give extra punishment to anyone who chose the small hairbrush thinking they’d get an easier spanking? Melissa played safe and chose a medium sized hairbrush with a smooth mahogany back.

Perkins said nothing, returned the box to Holly, and walked to the chair and sat down, facing Carrie and Samantha. These two had never been spanked here before, but had heard the stories. They were terribly upset at what was about to occur and Perkins let them stew. He called over Melissa and told her to stand to his right side.

“Holly, tell me what the record shows about Melissa’s history in our office.”

“She was here once before, Sir. Last year, shortly after joining our family,” Holly offered. “She received a hand spanking for being late and tardy with her homework. The record says it was twenty-five spanks, panties up.”

“OK, Melissa, you don’t follow the rules but you know them. This time your infraction is insubordination to your teacher. That is very serious and must be dealt with in a serious manner. As we just witnessed, we graduate the methods each time you return. You will receive thirty spanks with the hairbrush, with your panties down this time.”

Melissa was instructed to lie over her dean’s lap. Even though she knew what to do, her fright took over and she was nailed to the floor. Unable to move, Perkins took her right hand in his left and draped her into position. Her short skirt was whisked up and the next two in line to be spanked could not believe their eyes. Melissa’s bottom was a delight.

Soft, fleshy, round, firm and perfectly shaped. Perkins doubted any man had ever enjoyed them as he was now. Her neck and shoulders turned red with embarrassment. Because she was staring at the floor, he could only assume her face did too.

Melissa, nineteen and well developed, was wearing very pretty, and very small panties. They barely covered the top portion of her ass cheeks. Melissa’s hands were on the floor in front of her, holding the useless hairbrush in one hand, and balancing herself with the other.

Melissa wondered if the dean would actually lower her panties, as there was already plenty of bottom exposed for her spanking. She hoped he kept them up; that is why she wore her skimpiest pair. Panties up or down, though, she was going to get her buns warmed.

“Melissa, even though Holly’s book calls for you to be spanked with panties down, your underwear is so skimpy I’m just going to pull them up until your bottom is truly bare.”

Despite her very undignified position, she felt somewhat relieved. At least her most private area was covered. When the heat began to be generated, as she knew it would, her modesty would take a second place and how much bottom her panties covered would not matter.

Both Carrie and Samantha had a front row view of what was in store for them. Receiving a spanking from a man they barely knew was fearful, yet somewhat exciting for them. They watched Melissa’s buns hoping that theirs would be treated more tenderly and fantasized as to how it would feel, although they dreaded him baring their cheeks and warming them.

By this time Perkins had taken the   hairbrush and delivered five smart slaps to Melissa’s cute bottom cheeks. He moved them around, middle and lower cheek, left and right. She tried to maintain her composure, but knew it was futile, as the entire soft bottom of hers began to get warm and prickly. He went side-to-side, nice and slow. First on the hills above, then to the lower curve he also loved so. Left and right, high and low, slow and firm. She answered each one with an “Aaaah,” or an “Ooooh.”

By the time they’d got to fifteen spanks, Melissa was crying: “Owwee, Dean Perkins, this hurts. I understand the rules better now, can’t we stop?”

“Sure we can stop, when I truly believe you have learned your lesson for today. I have never paddled a girl here, but that is always a possibility for those girls who don’t learn in the traditional ways.”

“Whack,” went number seventeen, as her legs kicked out in unison.

“Yowwweee, Dean Perkins, that hurts so! Please don’t paddle me.”

“Spankings are supposed to hurt, Melissa, that’s why we use them in educating our students. Hopefully today’s lesson will never make you ask for the paddle.”

As eighteen, nineteen and twenty fell, all very slowly, Melissa began crying out loud and begged for the spanking to end. Each spank caused a leg to kick up and her body to bounce on his lap.

With twenty medium to firm slaps administered, Perkins thought the time was ripe to graduate to a more proper spanking. First he placed his right leg a bit out to the right, balancing the hapless girl solidly, so her round, yet firm, buns were right below his hand. He then went to the waistband of her skimpy panties and slowly turned it over and drew them down. Melissa shuttered a bit, but lifted her body to help him.

Perkins pulled the panties down slowly, first over the high hillocks at mid cheek, down along the firm thighs and finally to mid thigh, his favorite position for panties. The butt cheeks were pink, below the old panty line, and white above. That would soon change! Running his hand across both cheeks to gauge the heat and condition, the dean announced that the area of interest was just fine, considering what was occurring, and he would now continue with the lesson.

Happy at the brief respite from the hot punishing slaps on her tender buns, the feel of his hand roving all over her young ass cheeks was still unnerving. She did not know what was worse, the fire within or the unwanted exploring above.

Looking at the two awaiting their turns, Perkins asked if they knew why Melissa was getting a spanking.

Barely able to speak, Carrie forced out: “She didn’t listen and was rude.”

“Yes, Dean Perkins, she didn’t mind her teacher.” Samantha added, hoping to show a trip over his lap was not necessary.

“Melissa, are you aware why your bare butt is over my lap being spanked?”

“Yes, Dean Perkins, I didn’t listen to my homeroom teacher.”

“That’s right, Melissa and I will try to correct that deficiency now,” he said, just before planting a good one on her upper right check.

“Yoweeee, Dean Perkins, that was too hard, please go easier.” Too bad she could not see the handiwork on her cute butt, Perkins thought. Her right cheek bore a pink outline of his hand and four outstretched fingers.

Then the left side of that tender pink ass cheek got a healthy swat. “Aaaaah,” she answered as her leg kicked up and a matching pink hand appeared on that side of her lovely, but burning bun. Three more fell smartly, right, left right, nicely spaced at ten seconds apart. Melissa bounced with each one as her legs kicked up and down. As her legs and thighs fought the stings, her cute little bush came into view. Perkins glanced up to see the reaction on the terrified faces of his next two subjects. He was not surprised at their wide-open eyes.

“No more, please Dean Perkins, I am on fire.”

“The fire is good for you, Girl. It should keep you out of here. Let’s hope Miss Peabody does not send you back here again.”

Caressing her very tender ass cheeks, as if looking for a good spot for the next blast, Perkins gave her a very smart swat on the upper right side that brought forth a: “Yowweeeee.”

“Melissa, this is good for you. The sting in your tail means you are learning, at least that is what it tells me. Do you agree?”

Before she could answer, the next blast fell on the left twin and caused a similar reaction, kicking legs and sounds from the front end being garbled.

“I did learn, I don’t need anymore,” she cried out as her legs kept up the horizontal dance and she threw her hand behind her. Big mistake.

“Melissa, now we have to administer that one again. You know the rules! Keep your hands on the floor and away from your butt.”

“I couldn’t help it, Dean Perkins, this is terrible, please stop.” She forced the words out between cries.

“We will stop when we are finished. Are you ready to continue?”

Perkins knew that after the repeat of number twenty-seven for the ‘hand violation’, she had three more coming. He felt the warm area where he had just visited her lower left side and smacked it again. She buckled up, riding her red ass almost to his face. “Yoowweee. Oh, oh, oh, no more, no, please, please, please, stop, no more. It hurts tooooo much, Dean Perkins.” Her hands clenched tight but stayed on the floor. She felt the tears run down her upper cheeks as her body convulsed.

Waiting until she received the full benefit of the last spank, Perkins slid his palm over both round globes, exploring for a new area to visit. This caused Melissa a major flinch.

“Just finding the right area, Melissa, not to worry!”

“Tell me when you are ready for number twenty-eight.”

“OK! Can we please get this over with!!”

“Here are your last three.”

Immediately, she heard three very sharp retorts from behind her. A second later, feeling the hot branding iron across both cheeks, she howled and almost flew off his lap.

“Oooooowwwwww, yoooowwweee!!!”

Perkins had to hold her waist tightly as her legs flew up. She sobbed the entire time. He allowed her to remain over his lap, feet and hands at opposite sides. He could almost see the steam rising. With her skirt high on her back, panties now below the knees, and the cute, now almost red, buns staring up at him and twitching, Melissa did not know how pretty she looked.

“Ladies,” Perkins said to Carrie and Samantha. “This is what happens when one of our students is instructed on our rules, and not only fails to follow them, but is re-instructed again. Melissa was here before and that spanking did not work. Today’s spanking was therefore somewhat more intense, as you have seen.

Realizing that Melissa had stopped crying and shaking and was ready to get up, he ran his unwelcomed hand, very slowly, over those perfectly shaped and very red bottom globes. He then ordered her up but had to help her recover from her most undignified position.

“Melissa, please hold up your skirt and show the girls your bottom. Tell them how it feels.”

Melissa’s face turned the shade of her hot buns as she turned her back to the two girls and, while facing the dean, pulled up the back of her skirt, displaying her very sore bottom.

“Bend over a bit for your friends, Melissa. I think they should have a good look.”

He threw a glance at the two waiting their turn and saw they were in awe. They probably did not need their spankings but he knew it wouldn’t hurt for them to have a taste.

After a rather long viewing session, Melissa was asked if she was ready to get up and fix her clothes.

“Yes, Dean Perkins. I have learned my lesson and you will never have to spank me again.”

Melissa started walking out of the dean’s office. After just two steps, she placed both hands behind her.

“It hurts so much, Dean Perkins, I am so sorry I didn’t learn from my last spanking.”

“Holly, take Melissa to your office and put some salve on her. Then return here; we have to deal with these two! Please leave this door open.”

Holly took the still whimpering girl to the outer office and told her to bend over her desk, first making sure the outer door was locked.

“This will help somewhat, Melissa, the dean really laid it on heavy today. I am sorry for you.”

As Melissa bent over, wondering how sorry Holly really was, Holly lifted the short skirt as the two girls watched through the door. She lowered the panties to Melissa’s thighs and squirted her special spanking salve on the bright red cheeks. At first Melissa jumped at the contact, but as Holly rubbed it in, the stinging pain started to slowly go away.

“By the way, Melissa, you should feel this spanking for a few days, but if it still smarts tomorrow, come back for some more salve. You really got a good spanking today.”

Melissa thanked Holly and started walking out of the office.

With Holly back in the inner office, Perkins had to deal with his last two problems of the day. The paddling of Jonathan and the spanking of Melissa had worn him out. He usually looked forward to spanking a new young student, but now he needed a breather.

“Holly, I am a bit weathered due to the amount of training we ‘administered’ today. Would you mind giving Carrie her spanking?”

Carrie, now that the time was ripe, knew she would be spanked. But not having it done by the dean was some consolation. Holly, on the other hand, was taken by surprise. She had witnessed many spankings in her boss’s office, and received several there herself, but to administer one personally was a new and thrilling experience.

After Perkins got out of the spanking chair, Holly jumped in.

“OK, Carrie, let’s get in position,” Holly said almost too quickly.

Carrie slowly walked over to the chair and stood besides the secretary. Even though Holly was only a bit her senior, Carrie felt strange about this turn of events. She knew the dean could spank her, that’s why her parents put her in this school, but nobody said anything about secretaries.

“Are you sure this is OK, Dean Perkins?”

“Would you rather I wail into your cute little butt, Carrie?”

“No, that’s OK, Dean Perkins.”

Carrie was told to drop her jeans as Perkins took Holly’s chair. He needed a rest, but still wanted to watch the spanking up close.

Carrie opened her belt and the front button. She then lowered the zipper and tugged at the jeans. As all the girls did, one hand held her panties as the other pulled the jeans down; it was truly a funny sight. Finally the jeans came down and Perkins saw the girl was wearing a thong so she would not have a visible panty line in her jeans.

Holly, having plenty of experience from watching, easily put Carrie in a proper position. Her experience paid off. Hands in front, jeans encased legs at the other end and a cute little bum lying across Holly’s lap. Two round ass cheeks peaked out from the red thong, just begging for attention.

“Holly, what do we usually do to first time offenders?”

“Boss, you usually give then twenty-five, panties up, with your hand. The hairbrush depends upon the offense.”

“Carrie, did you hear that?”

“Yes, Dean Perkins, but please ask Holly to be gentle. I haven’t been spanked since I was very little,” was the answer that floated up from below.

“Carrie, you and Samantha are two lucky girls. What you saw today should impress you with the consequences for irresponsible behavior and therefore we will mitigate your lesson to fifteen spanks, panties up, and your hairbrush can remain in your purse, today!!

Carrie told her dean that she was very happy with his decision.

“Holly, she only gets fifteen, but they must be remembered. A spanking that is not felt for a few days is not a spanking; make it a smart one! Got that, Holly?

“Yes, Boss,” she answered and placed her hand over the young bottom and looked for that perfect place to begin her first spanking. Holly slid Carrie’s blouse up a bit so there would be no interference. Having received many spankings in that position, being on top was a very welcomed change.

Carrie was anxious to see what the spanking would feel like but hoped it wouldn’t hurt too much.

Her question was soon answered when Holly delivered the first spank for both of them.

“Crack,” it went and Carrie’s legs shot out.

“Ooooh, that hurt, Holly.”

“Fourteen more, Sweetie, get ready and hold the floor.”

Learning from her boss, Holly delivered firm spanks, about ten seconds apart. As Perkins had taught her, Holly alternated the crisp spanks so the twin buns colored equally.

Each was answered with an “Oooww” or an “Aaaah.” Soon Carrie’s legs were kicking in response to each loud crack of Holly’s hands. Carrie started a low moan that grew with each spank. As Holly approached the last few, she increased the power in her hand. Carrie now answered each spank with a “Yoowweee,” and occasionally an “Oooowwweeee, that hurts Holly, please don’t spank so hard.” In a futile effort to put out the burning fires in her buns, Carrie scissored her feet as far as the jeans would allow.

“Aren’t you glad we kept your panties up today, Carrie?”

Once Carrie lifted her hand, but promptly replaced it before it got too close to costing her more swats.

With two more to go, Holly began a slow caress of the two pink spheres nicely separated by the thong. Holly observed that, despite Carrie’s position, her cheeks kept their and full, firm, and shapely form; some day her lover would really appreciate them.

“Carrie, there are two more coming, and as Dean Perkins said, if you don’t feel it, you won’t learn from it. Shall we finish up your lesson?”

Holly couldn’t believe she was finally at the top end of a spanking. It was power, sexy and fun. She hoped Dean Perkins would allow her to spank more naughty young bottoms, before fully satisfying her, of course.

“Please go easy, Holly. I didn’t know a spanking could hurt so much,” the young girl sobbed, as she tried to roll out the heat in her sensitive and very bare butt.”

“Be back here again, and the dean will give you a real spanking, Carrie.”

Holly lifted her hand and came down with a very firm swat to the soft globe on Carrie’s left side.


That sweet and small rounded cheek flattened at the hard slap and turned momentarily white, before regaining its full shape. Carrie arched her back and screamed out: “Ooooohhhh, Holly, please.”

Her feet began kicking away the pain and she cried after her scream. Holly caressed that hot cheek until the girl stopped bouncing. When she calmed down, Holly moved to the pretty twin on the right side and began looking for a good place for the last spank. Holly took her time and massaged the pink globe. Even at this age, Carrie had the makings of a nice body and her ass would be a major part of it.

Making Carrie wait about two minutes this time, Holly looked at Perkins for approval. Receiving a smile, she raised her hand high and brought down the last of Carrie’s spanking. It was a doozy.

It bounced high off the right cheek. Carrie bucked her body up and showed everyone her blond little bush. “Ooooh, oh my gosh, that hurts,” was followed by a long: “Yoooowweeeeee,” and a vigorous shake of her bottom, indicated her great discomfort.

Carrie was allowed to cry until the initial sting passed, and then she got up. Perkins wanted to see the state of her bottom globes and asked her to turn her butt his way, taking a rather long and embarrassing period of display.

Thrilled that she did not get anything close to what she witnessed before, Carrie pulled up her pants and thanked Perkins for being so generous. Then, looking at Holly, she said: “Holly, thank you for not spanking me toooo hard, but I’ll still feel this tomorrow.”

Perkins stood up and announced: “As tired as I am, I am still obligated, as dean, to re-instruct Samantha for breaking the rules. “Samantha, you saw a lot today, what did you learn?”

“We must listen to you and if we don’t a very painful reminder will be forthcoming.”

“Quite so, but, as we told Carrie, you must feel the spanking to really want to avoid a repeat later, so let’s get going.”

Perkins returned to the spanking chair and had Samantha lie over his lap. As tired as he was, his energy level returned when he lifted her dress high and saw her full thighs and rounded butt cheeks protruding from her panties. Three quarters of her round and full ass cheeks were visible under her panties. Leaving them in place was not an issue.

Samantha too, would receive fifteen, as did Carrie. Perkins delivered her spanking in a matter of fact way, slow, steady, firm and appropriate for a first timer. She cried out after a few, wriggled her full butt all over his lap and even yelped a few time, but all in all, she took it very well.

Besides the hot slaps falling from above, Samantha, as did the others, had to accept the fact that Holly watched as the dean spanked her bare butt.  Samantha looked up once or twice and saw Carrie sobbing softly. Holly’s grinning face, on the other hand, reflected her enjoyment of the twisting and turning that Samantha did as she flopped around on he dean’s lap. Perkins kept her dress well out of the way with his free hand. There was no mistaking where the target was.

When Perkins finished, Samantha was crying a bit, but thrilled she survived the bottom warming.

Perkins asked: “Are you two ready to go?”

“Yes, Dean Perkins,” Samantha called out, as she slowly lifted herself off his lap. Samantha dropped her dress into place and shook her buns in an effort to cool things off.

“OK, Girls, you may go.”

Both girls walked out slowly, each holding their tender bottoms. Breaking the rules here could be very painful.

After they left, Holly locked the outer door and approached her boss. Seeing the protuberance in the front of his pants, she leaned in close and kissed him.

“Thanks for letting me spank that new girl, Boss. It was nice and she sure has great buns. I doubt she’ll be back.”

The End

© Rickey Smarts 2013