A short story about the traditional American implement.

By Frances Stephenson

My name is Merlin and I am an American lightweight correctional paddle. I reside in a small alcove in the Master’s study. Immediately above me is a small black chalkboard. The significance of this small blackboard will soon become apparent.

I am eighteen inches long by three and a half inches wide and half an inch thick and am made of dark American walnut. The paddle part of me is interspersed with holes, making me easier to deliver a more forceful spanking and guaranteed to make a naughty bottom smart, especially the soft bottoms of errant young ladies.

Apart from my Master there are three persons in the household. All are eligible to be spanked by me and they are the Master’s wife and her two daughters. It may well help to picture the scene if I explain a typical spanking session. They are all roughly similar as the Master is a great believer in a formal ritual where a spanking is concerned.

The miscreant is summoned to the study where she is addressed by the Master who enumerates her faults and then asks her if there is anything she wants to say. If not, she is informed that Merlin will decide on her punishment. She is then sent to change into a short gym skirt and wait outside the study until told to enter.

In the meantime, the Master concentrates and then writes some seemingly random letters and numbers on the chalkboard. I, too, concentrate on the proposed spanking. My thoughts form an instant rapport with those of my Master and therefore my award directly coincides with the figure that the Master writes on the board. Everyone now accepts ‘Merlin’s award’ as just and fair and there has never been a complaint.

For example, ‘6HB’ indicates that the lady will receive 6 Hard strokes on the bare bottom. The Master then calls for the young lady to enter, which she does and goes over to the alcove and collects me whilst noting the number of strokes, their severity, and the covering (or lack of it!) for her bottom.

She then hands me to the Master and bends over a hip high desk chair which has been placed in the middle of the room. Following the instructions written on the blackboard she then (probably!) takes her knickers down and meekly awaits her sentence.

It is now my turn and I confess that I enjoy my short journey ending with a satisfactory sharp smack, the smarting imprint is soon displayed on a charming and soft bottom. This operation continues until the punishment award has been completed.

I am named Merlin because it seems that I can work magic. At least that is the theory, but my sole function is to be the instrument of punishment to be used when the ladies of the house deserve to have their bottoms well and truly warmed. I do enjoy my work and take great pride in completing it to the best of my ability.

Many American paddles are much heavier and more punishing than me. I am quite lightweight, being easy to use one-handed. If necessary I can deliver a good ‘over the knee’ spanking.

My Master can deliver a good spanking which really makes a soft bottom glow and smart for some time afterwards. I have seen both daughters of the house tearfully rubbing their delectable bottoms and taking great care when sitting down.

My Master has a pretty wife aged about thirty-six. She has an attractive soft looking body and I can vouch for her desirable soft bottom which I have ‘kissed’ on numerous occasions. She must have been a cheeky young miss in her teens and one can still see elements of this naughtiness today. When bent over for a good firm spanking she often peeps saucily at my Master over her left shoulder. A good firm spanking makes her beautiful bottom smart and she leaves my Master’s study not only flushed but with her lips puckered into a very attractive pout, perhaps a foretaste of delights to come!

There are no sons, just two daughters, Melanie and Josie. Melanie is nineteen and Josie is a little over a year younger. I have become well acquainted with their bottoms over the last six years. Neither seems to object to my visits too much and I wonder if there is an element of love/hate in their relationship with me, as well, of course, as the decided element of delicious fear.

Their father used to allow them to retain their knickers in order to preserve their modesty, unless, of course, he wanted to give them a really good hiding, when they were ordered to take them down.

All of the ladies accept the punishment awards without question. They all seem to know that I form the most important part of their punishment award; they realise that I am perfectly fair and they always accept my awards without question.

I seemed to have formed some empathy with Josie who regularly visits the study to dust and polish me and keeps the surrounding area neat and tidy. She murmurs endearments to me as she works and indeed I feel a certain warmth to her, sometimes in more ways than one!

Time was passing and although I had plenty of life left in me I was slightly concerned that I may be passed on and end up under-utilised which for a spanking paddle is as bad as a rattan being consigned to a dark cupboard and slowly drying out and becoming brittle.

I did not place much faith in Melanie as I felt she still regarded me with dread rather than a friend who would help her through some difficult times. My hopes were pinned on Josie who would, I was sure, continue to use me in an effective and proper manner. In a short time it seemed as though my hopes were well on the way to being fulfilled. Josie had just become engaged and had brought her young man to meet me.

“This is Merlin,” she said. “I have told you about him; he is quite strict but very fair, my poor bottom can testify that he addresses any shortcomings with determination and leaves me pouting with pain for some time whilst nursing a a hot and stinging bottom. She looked at Jimmy, her fiance, and blushed beguilingly.

Jimmy responded at once. “I am very pleased to have the help of such a trusty implement,” he said. “I will take great pleasure in warming your bottom from time to time and will be pleased to take my direction from Merlin.”

He gently patted Josie’s beautiful bottom as he spoke and she peeped up at him through her eyelashes, an odd little smile playing around her lips.

I felt more than just relaxed and was sure that I would pass into the care of Jimmy and Josie with the prospect of being able to ‘kiss’ Josie’s delectable bottom for some time to come and the prospect of teenage offspring coming into my care in the not too distant future.

Happy Days.

The End

© Frances Stephenson 2013