Ellie learns a hard lesson to keep her new boyfriend

By Paul S

Matt and Ellie discussed their 3-month relationship at length down the village pub called the Pack of Hounds and decided perhaps they both needed a break from the 24/7 life of being a vet on call and a full-time shepherdess respectively.

Ellie suggested it was time they had a holiday, and Matt agreed that it would be good for them to spend time together in a warmer climate. So, they agreed to book a week in Tenerife, and looked forward to the looming departure date.

Matt picked up Ellie, who had arranged a stand in shepherd whilst she was away. Matt also had a substitute vet on call for the week he was away. Matt dressed sensibly with a light case, whilst Ellie, true to form, wore a blouse, hot pants with bare legs, wedge heels and a jacket. She also packed a large 20 kilo case which Matt said was ridiculous for a week in the sun.

Anyway, they passed through passport control and customs before boarding the plane. Before they knew it, they were supping cocktails and flying into the bright morning sun at 30,000 feet, and then were descending to land at Tenerife.

They were whisked through passport control to a waiting car and taken to their hotel. Matt and Ellie checked in, and were shown to their room around midday, with a view over the pool and glistening sea, with teenagers playing on the beach just beyond.

They unpacked and Matt and Ellie both said: “Wow, its hot in here,” and took off a layer of clothes to cool down.

Matt and Ellie both walked across to the balcony to take in the views. Matt put his arms around Ellie, cuddled her and said: “I really hope this works out.”

Ellie said: “I hope so, but you know what I’m like.”

Matt said: “What? Forgetful, wayward, headstrong and in need of discipline?”

Ellie laughed as she started changing into her orange bikini, taking her top off in the bathroom, whilst Matt changed into his bathing shorts.

Ellie emerged and went to look at the sea and the people playing on the beach.

Matt came up behind her and said: “If you want to be my girl, then you need to be a bit more disciplined and organised, Ellie,” and gave her a firm smack on her bikini bottom.

Ellie said: “ouch!” and grabbed his hand.

Matt then wrestled her onto the bed and they shared a passionate kiss.

Ellie then said: “Is it true you spanked some of your ex-girlfriends?”

Matt said: “Yes, but only 2 of them for persistent misbehaviour. There was Elaine, who was very slinky and I went out with her for 3 months before she announced she was two-timing me at a party. I took her upstairs at that party and sat on the bed while she stood in front of me looking ashamed, with her head staring at the floor.

“She said: ‘I know I‘ve cheated on you and deserve to be punished.’

“I was very lenient with her, though, and she let me lower her panties to her ankles and tuck her skirt in before giving her 6 firm smacks on the bare bottom, which she took without complaint.

“She then kissed me and said: ‘Thank you for dealing with me and being so understanding,’ and then she left with her new boyfriend.

“Then there was Macey, who lived with her parents and was 19. Good figure and nice plump booty, but she was always so late! After 6 months, I was at her parents’ place as they were away, and we were due to go out. She was getting dressed and doing her hair. She said, ‘Won’t be long,’ while wandering around in high heels, suspenders, blouse and knickers.

“I said: ‘Hurry up or we will miss our date.’ Eventually, exasperated, I said: ‘Macey, if you are not down here in five minutes, I’m coming up to give you a good spanking.’

“She laughed, but my patience was exhausted. I climbed the stairs and entered the bedroom, grabbing her hand as she put the hairdryer down. I put her across the bed and lowered her knickers, giving her luscious booty the spanking it so needed.

“She got up, shocked and clutching her seat, saying: ‘Damn you, Matt.’

“However, she bent her knees to try and absorb the sting, but eventually succumbed to the pain and said: ‘Why does it sting so much?’ Then she had to bend right over to rub her sore red seat.

“I said: ‘OK, nice knowing you’, and left after giving her upturned plump bottom one firm slap on the way out, to which she said: ‘Ouch!’

“She is now dating Rob in the village and is never late for fear of a repeat!”

Matt and Ellie decided to get some drinks in and spend most of their days sunbathing, swimming and doing a few tour excursions; one around the island, and one by boat.

During one of their conversations by the pool, Ellie dropped a real clanger when she carelessly admitted she had been out with one of Matt’s friends, Mike, on a secret date.

Matt was shocked and said: “Well, you will have to decide whether you want to be with me or him, but you can’t have both. If you decide to stay with me, then you will need to be punished.”

They went shopping later, and Ellie looked nervous when Matt bought a smooth Italian leather belt, amongst other souvenirs.

They returned to the hotel later and had dinner. Ellie pleaded that she wanted to stay with Matt, and the date with Mike meant nothing.

Matt said: “OK, you can stay, but on condition that you need to pay a penalty for breach of loyalty.”

Ellie agreed quickly to take a penalty to avoid losing Matt.

Ellie was getting very nervous as they went back to their room, whilst other couples were down at the bar. Matt took off his jumper, and Ellie took off her cardigan and dress, and was in her underwear.

Matt said: “Ellie, kneel on the bed.”

She kneeled on the bed wearing high heels, black stockings, bra and panties.

Matt took out his new short smooth Italian leather belt and doubled it up, and then said: “Right, Ellie, I’ll start off gentle and build up until you have learned your lesson, young lady.”

Matt initially applied light belt strokes across Ellie’s upturned bottom, and it didn’t seem so bad at first, causing Ellie some hot tingles which she took in her stride. As the strokes got harder, Ellie started throwing her hair back and uttering ‘Arghs’ and ‘Ughs’ after each stroke.

After ten strokes, Matt said: “I think we will have these down,” and lowered Ellie’s panties, while she protested and put her arm out in vain. The belt strokes continued with Ellie now really feeling each stroke more and more and throwing her head back and bending her knees and thrusting her bottom up each time.

After twenty strokes, Ellie’s bottom was getting very red and she said: “I’m really sorry, I surrender,” but Matt continued although Ellie’s bottom had submitted completely to the belt by now with her face in the counterpane and hands stretched out in complete submission.

Ellie, by this time, was panting heavily and gasping after each stroke, with her knees pushed hard together and her bottom gyrating wildly at the business end of Matt’s belt.

After thirty strokes, Matt eased off and said: “OK, you have paid your penalty, young lady.”

Ellie got off the bed clutched her now crimson bottom, knickers around her thighs.

She kissed Matt and said: “Thank you for giving me my penalty. That was so hot.”

Matt then said: “Are you coming down to the bar?”

Ellie lay on her side on the bed, knickers still down and said: “Perhaps. When my bottom stops stinging.”

Matt ran his hands over Ellie’s upturned bottom and agreed it was too sore to sit on yet.

He then said: “Promise you won’t cheat on me again?”

Ellie said: “I won’t be able to if I can’t even sit down!”

The End

© Paul S 2018