We all know how college students like to party ’til late. One mother decides to do something about it. Based on a true experience, by a new writer to us.

By Sarah G.

Sarah was 18 and, when not at college, lived at home with her mother. One night she went to a friend’s party and that’s when things started to go wrong. She had stayed out until two-thirty on the Friday night (Saturday morning), after telling her mother that she’d be home by midnight, and she didn’t let her know where she was or that she was going to be late, so her mother was really worried. This was also Sarah’s ‘third strike’ in a couple of months, and so she’d had two clear warnings.

When Sarah got home, she intended to go straight up to her bedroom, but as she got to the top of the stairs her mother came out of her room and she immediately knew she was in serious trouble. She had been caught red handed, and the look on her mother’s face told her that she was in no mood to argue.

Her mother simply said: “Go straight to bed. I’ll deal with you in the morning, young lady.”

Sarah did as she was instructed, feeling like a naughty little girl, but fully aware that the words ‘young lady’ meant that she was in serious trouble.

Her mother went to church in the morning, and got home at about eleven-thirty. Sarah was just hanging around the house waiting for her to get home, and wondering what was in store for her. It wasn’t a very pleasant morning.

When her mother got home, she told Sarah to go up to her room and wait for her. This was normal for any telling-off or punishment; they were always given in the privacy of the girl’s bedroom, even though at the time they were alone in the house. Sarah was kept waiting for about fifteen minutes before her mother came upstairs and sat on the edge of Sarah’s bed. Sarah was told to stand in front of her mother, feet together with her hands behind her back.

“You know you’ve been extremely badly behaved, don’t you Sarah?” Her mother asked.

“Yes mum,” the girl replied sheepishly.

“Have you anything you’d like to say for yourself?”

“No excuses,” she said. “But I’m really, really sorry, and promise it won’t ever happen again.”

“Thank you for your apology but, as you know, this is your third offence in two months, and this time I’m going to have to punish you. You’ve been given two very clear warnings, and I told you last time that if it happened again you’d be in serious trouble. Do you remember?”

“Yes mum, I know I deserve to be punished, so what are you going to do to me?”

Sarah expected to be grounded for a long time and have her allowance cut, and to be fair she knew that it would have been deserved. After a short pause mum pronounced sentence.

“Well, because you acted so thoughtlessly, and after two warnings, I’m grounding you for the whole of next weekend.”

Sarah could have cheered with delight. Only one weekend’s grounding? That was certainly a bit of a nuisance, but nothing really.

“Thanks mum,” she said with a smile. But it was short-lived, as her mother’s next words came like a bombshell.

“Also Sarah, I’m going to give you a good spanking right here and now.”

“But mum…” Sarah started to argue, but she knew it was no use if her mum had made her mind up. It had been almost two years since she had last been spanked, and she had assumed that, now she was 18, she was too old and too grown up to be treated like a naughty child, but she was wrong.

“Please don’t make it worse for yourself by arguing.” Her mother confirmed. “My mind is made up. You’ve behaved like an extremely naughty little girl, so that’s how I’m going to treat you. And no, before you say it, you’re certainly not too old or too grown up at 18, so no more argument. Understand?”

“Yes mum.”

It was very obvious that Sarah would have to take whatever was coming. Although she wanted to put a brave face on she could already feel the tears welling up in her eyes. Sarah was wearing her favourite ‘round the house’ rugby style shirt, and a pair of faded blue jeans. The other bits were white socks and slippers, white bra, and a pair of pale blue high cut cotton panties.

“As I just said, you probably think you’re too old to be spanked, but you’re not, and as long as you deliberately disobey the very few rules that I impose, and behave like an inconsiderate spoilt brat, then I shall continue to punish you in this way, and I don’t care if you are 18. Now please take your jeans off and come over here.”

Sarah again tried to argue, but it had no effect, and very shortly her slippers and jeans were in a pile on the floor, and she was standing in front of her mother in her shirt, knickers and socks. Luckily, because the shirt was quite long, it was just like wearing a mini-skirt, so that bit wasn’t too bad.

“Now come over here, please Sarah.”

Sarah slowly stepped across the room, and stood next to her mother waiting for the worst, and feeling quite apprehensive. The thought of being put across her mother’s knee and having her teenage bottom spanked was quite horrific, for her dignity as much as the discomfort to her bottom.

Her mother was sitting on the edge of the bed, and she took Sarah’s wrist and gently pulled her down so that she was lying across her knee in the traditional spanking position, the girl’s bottom now ideally placed for the punishment that was soon to come, her hands reaching down to the floor beneath her.
Sarah wasn’t sure exactly what was going to happen next, but very soon found out as her mother pulled her shirt up until it was half way up her back, meaning that from the small of her back to her ankles she was naked apart from her skimpy panties, which were now totally exposed to mum’s maternal gaze, and her hand.

At this stage Sarah actually felt really silly rather than anything else. After all it was her mother, but being in that position, with just her panties to maintain her dignity, she knew inside that she wasn’t as grown up as she thought she was, and that her mother fully realised that.

Sarah waited for the spanking to start, but it didn’t. Instead the unthinkable happened, and her mother pulled down her panties revealing one very bare 18 year old bottom. Sarah couldn’t believe it. Surely she wasn’t going to be spanked ‘on the bare’, but she was. Her mother didn’t pull them right down, just to the top of her legs thus leaving a very exposed, very vulnerable target.

Her mother waited for what seemed like a lifetime, deliberately giving Sarah the opportunity to think about what was happening, and worse, what was going to happen. Sarah hadn’t even considered the possibility that her mother might not let her keep her panties on. She hadn’t been spanked on her bare bottom for some considerable time, and had just assumed that once she entered late teenage she would be allowed the dignity of keeping her panties on.

Then, as promised, her mother spanked her.

She was given a total of 36 very hard hand smacks, alternating on each side of her bare bottom; two for each year of her age, the formula her mother had always used. Clearly she intended to teach the teenager a lesson she would not forget. She succeeded.

The pain and the humiliation very quickly ensured that Sarah was in floods of tears, crying her eyes out, bawling uncontrollably and pleading pathetically for her mother to stop. But she didn’t, and Sarah’s normally lily white bottom was transformed into a stinging, crimson mass.

When eventually her mother finished, she pulled Sarah’s panties back up, and told the girl to stand.
Sarah stood before her mother, one hand rubbing a very sore bottom, and the other trying to wipe away the endless stream of tears.

“Now what have you got to say, Sarah?”

“I’m very, very sorry mummy,” she eventually managed through the sobs. “I promise it won’t happen again.”

And she meant every word of it.

Her mother looked at Sarah and said very quietly: “Well darling, you know what to expect if it does, don’t you?”

“Yes mummy,” Sarah sobbed.

Her mother left the room after telling Sarah to stand in the corner like a naughty child until she returned. Needless to say, she stood there feeling very silly, but not daring to move an inch.

She stood there for about a quarter of an hour, wiping her eyes, and rubbing her bottom.

When her mother came back up to the room, Sarah was no longer crying but her eyes were very red (as was her bottom), and she was still just wearing her shirt and panties.

“Come over here, please Sarah,” her mother instructed.

“Yes mummy,” she replied, and walked back over to where her mother was once again sitting on the bed.
Her mother took Sarah’s hand and gently pulled her down, but this time to sit on her knee, not to be put across it.

She gave her daughter a gentle hug, and whispered in her ear: “I’m really sorry that I had to do that, Sarah, but I’m afraid you did deserve it, and I really couldn’t let you off again. Do you understand?”

“Yes mummy, I know that I was really naughty, and that you had to punish me. I just thought that I was too old to be spanked. But I now know I deserved it, though you could have let me keep my knickers on. You haven’t done it on my bare bottom since I was a little girl.”

“I know, and hopefully I never will again. I just decided to give you a lesson that you won’t easily forget. And as for being 18, Sarah, your granny last gave me a spanking when I was 22, and that was on my bare bottom too, but with the back of her hairbrush. So I do know how it feels.”

She then gave Sarah a big hug, and gently stroked her sore bottom.

“I’m really sorry mummy, and thank you.”

Her mother kissed her forehead, and let her stand up, then she said with a knowing smile: “You can come downstairs when you’re ready and by the way I think that we can forget the grounding.”
Sarah stayed in her room for another half hour.

The End

© Sarah G