A mother in law advises exactly what her wayward daughter needs.

By Paul S

Richard and Lucy had been married only 6 months, and were happy despite her wild child behaviour and extravagant upper class tendencies. Their friends and family were taking bets at the wedding that it wouldn’t last a year. But, oh what a hot and steamy year, they all said.

Richard and Lucy were passionate about each other, and their displays of affection in public were becoming a bit embarrassing for Richard at times. Notably in front of his ‘stuffy’ and prudish upper class and very wealthy family, who lived on the coast near the yacht club with their own private yacht, and did not approve.

Richard and Lucy were in their late twenties, with Richard being 28 and average build, whilst Lucy was 26 with a generous figure with a womanly 36-26-40. Despite this she insisted on behaving like a spoilt brat in public and always wanted to be the centre of attention.

They lived in a very nice modern 2 bed flat in the city, near work and all their friends. Richard was an IT expert and Lucy worked for a mental health charity.

Richard also found her constant spending on ladies fashion, clothing, handbags and jewellery was becoming tiresome, not to mention stretching their budget to breaking point.

Eventually, Richard tried to reason with his new freewheeling wife, but she just scoffed and dismissed his criticism and left for the gym to keep fit.

Richard tried discussing the matter with his friends, but they just made a joke of it, saying he couldn’t control his wayward new wife.

Of course, when he mentioned it to his family, they just said: “Well, you married her and we tried to warn you, but you wouldn’t listen, would you? Of course, your sister married so much better.”

Richard was really frustrated by this and turned in desperation to Lucy’s mum. She invited him round for a coffee and said: “Now what’s the matter dear? I hope you and Lucy haven’t fallen out already?”

Richard said: “Well, it’s not like that. She just won’t control her wayward spending and does exactly what she pleases. We love each other, but she is slowly driving me up the wall with her antics. What do you suggest, because I have tried to take away her credit cards, tried to ground her but nothing seems to work?”

Lucy’s mum laughed, held Richard’s arm and quietly said: “I know exactly what my misbehaving daughter needs.”

Richard said: “What’s that then?”

Lucy’s mum said: “She is a very headstrong upper class girl and sometimes the message gets lost between her ears as she is so impressionable and demanding. I know I was the exactly same around her age, thinking I was the centre of attention. It wasn’t until I was summoned into the head mistress’s office and read the riot act at age eighteen that I eventually got the message.”

Richard said: “What are you suggesting?”

Lucy’s mum said: “Well, I was bent over for a dozen with the cane, which was a real wake-up call as I couldn’t sit down afterwards. I’m not suggesting that, but perhaps Lucy needs to be brought down to earth a bit with, shall we say, some gradually introduced discipline to curtail her tantrums.”

Richard said: “How do I do that?”

Lucy’s mum was quite shrewd though and told Richard how to go about it. She said: “Lucy has had the riding crop across her jodhpurs on occasions, from Antoine when she misbehaved at the stables. As a well-heeled upper class girl she has been trained to readily accept punishment if she misbehaves, as long as it is not severe. She acts like a wild child, but if no-one directly challenges her behaviour or holds her to account, then she will just carry on acting like that.”

She went on to say: “Before you married Lucy, I quietly said to her you need to honour and obey your future husband, even if you don’t agree with him or if it means being punished occasionally. Take her to see a movie with a few good scenes of girls being disciplined, and she will soon come round.”

Richard went away with that advice and returned home where Lucy had come back from work. They embraced passionately, exchanged kisses and asked each other what they had been doing.

Richard casually said: “Oh, I saw your mum and she was well. How did you get on?”

Lucy said: “I bought some new jumpers and a coat.”

Richard said: “Babe, you can’t keep wasting money like this. Anyway, your mum suggested that we go and see a film. She has recommended ‘The Killer Inside Me’.

Lucy said: “Ok, I haven’t seen that one.”

Lucy slipped off her work clothes and changed into a dress over her black bra and briefs, and Richard changed and freshened up before they left for the cinema.

The film was set in 1930s America, and Casey Affleck played a psychotic corrupt cop, with Kate Hudson as his long suffering girlfriend and Jessica Alba as a girl being investigated by Casey Affleck.

They both sat and watched the film in silence, which featured Jessica Alba assaulting Casey Affleck and was then taken over to the bed, bent over and given a belting for her trouble. Later in the film, Kate Hudson is messing around with boyfriend Casey and gets a playful bare bottom hand spanking while lying on the bed.

The film ended and they returned back to their flat. Lucy just said the ending was very sad. Later that evening they retired to the bedroom, with Richard wearing a T-shirt and boxer shorts and Lucy her baby doll nightie and briefs and silver and black shoes.

Lucy lay on top of Richard who was lying on the bed, and they shared an embrace and kiss. He then asked her what she thought of the spanking scenes in the movie. Lucy was very matter of fact, saying she thought the belting was severe, but Kate Hudson’s hand spanking was too soft.

Richard then suggested: “Would you deserve a hand spanking like that for your constant misbehaviour?”

Lucy laughed and said jokingly: “Don’t be ridiculous. I wouldn’t consider implements, but I probably deserve a thrashing like down at the stables when we messed around.”

Richard said: “OK, let me demonstrate,” bent Lucy gently forwards over the edge of the bed and gave her ten firm spanks across her tight briefs before releasing her.

Lucy got up and said: “I can’t believe you just did that.”

Richard said: “Really, I ought to give you fifty with the hand across that fat bottom of yours.”

Lucy took umbrage and said: “No! It’s not fat! OK, it’s a bit plump and more rounded than I would like,” raising her nightie and viewing her lightly reddened seat in the mirror.

Richard then put his fingers in the waistband of her briefs and pulled them down, fully exposing Lucy’s bottom.

Lucy said: “Richard, no, please! OK, I know I’ve been really naughty but can we talk about this?”

Richard said: “OK then, seventy-five smacks.”

Lucy said: “That’s too many. Twenty-five?”

Richard said: “Sixty.”

Lucy said: “OK, forty then.”

Richard said: “Fifty.”

Lucy gave in and said: “Alright then, fifty. But I want it done properly, not like Kate Hudson!”

With that, Richard told Lucy to bend over and hold his ankles. As she did so, her nightie rode up. She looked back in the wardrobe full length mirror, and could see her husband wearing his T-shirt and boxer shorts standing next to her. Lucy was bent double clutching his ankles and wearing silver and black shoes, her long shapely bare legs terminating in her buxom bared bottom with her briefs half way down her thighs.

Richard began spanking Lucy with a very firm hand and she took her punishment without complaint very well, he thought. However, he was surprised when after twenty smacks he could feel her nails digging into his ankles and Lucy saying: “It needs to be harder!”

Richard responded by giving his new wife her first proper bare bottom thrashing, which she took surprisingly well, but then she had been well trained previously by Antoine at the stables.

When Richard had finished, Lucy got up, rubbed her bottom with one hand and went to read a book. Richard went to the kitchen to get them both drinks. When he came back, Lucy was lying on her side on the bed with her red bottom fully visible in the mirror.

Richard said: “How was that for you?”

Lucy surprisingly said: “Actually it was OK. It’s still hot and tingling but was very stimulating, but hey I’ve had it before.”

They then went about their usual business, but their friends and family noticed a marked change in Lucy’s behaviour, being far more compliant and loving and far less ‘wild child’.

Lucy has even reduced her excessive wayward spending but, as she says: “Not quite enough to avoid a damn good tanning once a month,” as she puts it.

Their sex life has tailed off somewhat since the honeymoon, but Lucy has taken to wearing a long shirt with circular tail barely covering her modesty, which she says makes her feel very naughty when Richard is around.

Richard later met up with Lucy’s mum, who kissed and congratulated him and said: “I see you took my advice then?”

Richard said: “Yes, and it has worked wonders for our relationship.”

Lucy’s mum said: “Really, all Lucy needed is a man with a firm hand who can deal with her properly. Yes, it’s been working well for years. I can speak from personal experience when I say that if the message doesn’t register between a girl’s ears, then eventually it has to be printed in red across her backside, don’t you agree?”

The End

© Paul S 2017