Drinking in the lunch hour gets two office girls into trouble.

By Frances Stephenson

Mannerings is a small Private bank and certainly something of an anachronism in this modern day and age. The structure alone made it stand out as it was run as a Partnership with a Managing Clerk, four senior clerks and the rest of the staff simply being termed as ‘clerks’.

Although the bank had been quite slow to adopt to modern practices and business methods it eventually always did so although sometimes there was a considerable delay. In the old days high sloping desks and high chairs formed the mainstay of their general office and clerks were expected to keep the relevant ledgers well up-to-date in a clear and well formed copperplate handwriting.

Typewriters had been gradually introduced and, over the last few years, computers came to be used albeit with some suspicion. Although computer terminals were in use in the office a lot of the day to day regular work was undertaken in the Computer Room where two girls, both in their 20s, coped with the regular inflow of work in a most satisfactory manner. The girls were both competent and computer literate and it was largely due to their efficiency that the more reluctant members of the senior staff became to rely on this newfangled technology.

The two girls named Jennifer and Janice were both aged 24, married, but with no family. They were an attractive pair and were often seen together at lunchtime where they gained many appreciative glances, especially during the warmer weather when they wore short and close-fitting dresses or skirts. Both had very nice slim legs with more than attractive bottoms which they used to great effect when walking together and they were well aware of the admiring glances and appreciative attention they received.

Mention should be made of the remuneration structure that Mannering’s had adopted for very many years and this consisted of a good basic salary together with mortgage assistance but the main attraction was in its bonus system. This bonus was directly linked to the firm’s profitability and it was a measure of Mannering’s success that the annual bonus was a highlight in many of the staff’s year as payments had always seemed most generous and the envy of staff in much larger rival concerns. The bonus, subject to satisfactory work and behaviour, was paid in the first week in December.

It was during November that both Jen and Jan as they were known had been invited out during the lunchtime and had both consumed far too much of the delicious red wine which was available at the local wine bar. Both girls returned to their office in an intoxicated state and were shrieking with laughter at the slightest provocation.

One of the partners went into the computer room with some enquiry and was quite shocked to find that one of the girls had fallen over and thought that this was a fine joke. He immediately went to his Managing Clerk, a Mr Henderson, where he expressed his concern and irritation at what had just happened. Mr Henderson promised to look into the matter without delay and speak to the two girls about it although, in view of the fact that it seemed a fair amount of alcohol had been consumed, he decided to leave things until the next morning when, hopefully, the two girls would be sober and responsive to what he had to say to them.

The next day he sent his secretary to summon the two girls to his office. They arrived looking fairly sheepish and pale faced. They were really an attractive pair of girls, he thought to himself, but discipline must come first and the other clerks would certainly be aware the girls had misbehaved on the previous day and he would have to make something of an example of them.

“Now Jennifer and Janice,” he said in a cold voice. “Both of you had obviously had far too much to drink during the lunch period of yesterday and were not fit enough to continue to work in the afternoon. This state of affairs was made much worse by the fact that Mr Christopher (four of the partners were directly related and carried the surname of Mannering; in order to differentiate they were known by their Christian names) came into the computer room where it was obvious to him that you had both had far away too much to drink.

“He was extremely annoyed about this and I must tell you that such behaviour could well lead to instant dismissal. You both should remember that we are in November and that dismissal now would mean you forego this year’s bonus payment.”

Both girls paled as their respective finances were already on a bit of a knife edge and they were relying on an expected attractive bonus payment to set themselves up for both Christmas and New Year. Both earned £18,000 per annum and a bonus of £7,500, and quite possibly more, could come their way.

They both knew they were good at their jobs and hoped Mr Henderson would bear this in mind when deciding on an appropriate punishment.

Mr Henderson placed his fingertips together and looked at the girls with a long and piercing glare.

“I have to make a report to the partners on your conduct and tell them what I have done about it,” he said. “You will know that the partners are sticklers for discipline in the office and, as I have said, your conduct would normally warrant instant dismissal. I am mindful of the fact that we are close to bonus time and that your dismissal would preclude you from the payment due in December. You are both, in the normal course of events, good hard-working members of staff’ and therefore I’m inclined to suggest an alternative to you both which I hope will meet with your approval.

“I am going to suggest that you both accept a good sharp dose of corporal punishment delivered to your deserving bottoms. If you agree, this exercise will be undertaken by Miss Hillman who, as you know, was an ex-sergeant in the army and very well acquainted with disciplinary procedures and the need to enforce Rules and Regulations.

“I have spoken to her and she would be willing to undertake the disciplinary procedures. If you do opt for punishment I would ask each of you to sign a form of acceptance and I think in view of your status your signatures should be supported by your respective husbands.

“I suggest you go away and think about what I have said and give me your decision by 11 o’clock. If you agree I can then arrange for things to go ahead tomorrow which, being Friday, will give you all weekend to recover and also you can arrange for your husbands to support the documents which I could have ready for you before you go home.

“Now, both of you, I would mention that I will instruct Miss Hillman to give you both a good firm session which I hope will be quite painful although not overly so. I will speak to Miss Hillman about what implement she intends to use but I would suspect it would be an American style Spencer paddle which would do the job quite nicely.”

Both girls were looking quite anxious and shifting about as they assimilated this information. He thought they both looked extremely attractive and both were wearing thin dresses which showed a great deal of pale thigh as the weather was now warm enough for them to have shed their tights.

“Now off you go, the pair of you, and I would expect to see you at 11 o’clock to hear your decision. You will probably both want to speak to your husbands on the telephone and you have my permission to do so.”

Both girls made their way to the door and went back to the Computer Room. By the time they had arrived they had both decided that, subject to speaking to their husbands, they would accept the paddlings as outlined to them.

The net result was that the two girls presented themselves to Mr Henderson at 11 o’clock and shyly told him they would accept a good firm paddling as punishment for their drunken behaviour. A smile of satisfaction crossed Mr Henderson’s face and he handed them both a letter which would require both their own and their husband’s signature. It was a simple document and ran as follows:-

‘I, Janice Fairleigh, do admit that I consumed a large amount of wine at lunchtime on 16 November. I freely admit that the amount of wine I had consumed had a great effect on me and that I was unable to do my job properly.

I very much regret that one of the partners saw me in this state and I should like to express my regrets for this. Mr Henderson has suggested that I undergo sharp corrective discipline on my bottom.

I unreservedly agree to this punishment and leave the number of strokes and indeed their severity to him to arrange. I further confirm that I voluntarily accept this punishment and that I am under no duress to do so.

I understand Miss Hillman will use an American paddle on my bottom which will only be protected by a thin pair of knickers in order to protect my modesty. I further understand that Miss Hillman can order me to remove my knickers if they are judged to be too thick.

I understand this punishment will be given at 4 o’clock on Friday, 17th November and that, when once delivered, it will not affect my entitlement to the annual bonus which will be announced in early December.

Signed Janice Fairleigh……………….

Supported by my husband, Stephen Fairleigh………………….


Confirmed by Managing Clerk, Arthur Henderson………………………………


Jennifer Sinclair was handed a similar paper and both girls seemed satisfied and nodded in agreement.

Two distinctly apprehensive girls returned to their department where they completed a small amount of outstanding work before going home to talk to their husbands.

Mr Henderson requested an interview with Miss Hillman to tie up the arrangements for the next day.

“Miss Hillman,” he said. “I have given both Janice and Jennifer forms for them to complete. They will bring these forms with them tomorrow, duly signed. I would add that their respective husbands will also be counter signing each document so there can be no legal comeback, especially as both girls are over the age of 18.

“I have told them to expect a good firm paddling from you. I presume you have thought about this and I would be pleased to hear where you intend the punishment to take place and any finer details.”

“Yes, Mr Henderson, I have indeed given the matter some thought. As I suggested when the subject was first brought up and, as you know, I do have an American Spencer paddle at home which delivers a good sound spanking. I will bring this with me tomorrow and I thought I would take the girls from your office down to the basement filing room where I will make sure that a suitable chair is in place.

“I will, as you suggest, inspect both girl’s knickers to make sure they are thin and offer no protection at all but are solely to protect each girl’s modesty. I will request each girl to bend over the back of the chair having lifted her skirt well clear of her bottom. She will then clasp the front legs tightly and remain in that position until the punishment has been completed. I think you mentioned that you thought 10 firmly delivered strokes would be adequate in this case and, having thought about it, I think this will be a perfect number. It will probably hurt a great deal but will not be impossible to bear, I assure you.

“One further point which we did mention is that if either or both of the girls are wearing thicker knickers, I will order these to be taken down and the punishment will then be delivered on their bare bottoms.

“I will then escort both of the girls back to your office where the requisite paperwork can be completed. I believe you will request their signature to confirm that punishment has indeed taken place.

“I understand that no formal memorandum regarding this punishment will be posted on the notice boards but nevertheless drunken behaviour should be seen to be noticed and dealt with. The office grapevine would leave the staff in no doubt what has happened to these two young ladies and the fact that they will be led, by me, to your office, and probably be tearstained and walking rather stiffly will add weight to the fact that you have organised an appropriate punishment.”

“Miss Hillman, that is truly excellent,” said very pleased Mr Henderson. “You have thought of every aspect and I am sure I can leave the severity of the spanking to you. I would like it to be hard but not too hard, if you take my meaning.”

“Yes indeed, Mr Henderson, you can safely leave all the details to me.”

Jen and Jan arrive at the office on time the next day. Both girls are looking rather pale and anxious, and Jen holds on to her friend’s hand for comfort. There was obviously no point in donning longer skirts or trousers and they were both dressed very much as they would normally in soft summer dresses which came down to their mid thigh.

Mindful of Mr Henderson’s instructions, they both wore ordinary thin brief white knickers, neither of them wishing to undergo the ultimate indignity of having to take their knickers down for the forthcoming paddling.

The day passed very slowly indeed and neither girl could finish the sandwiches which they had bought for their lunch. They got on with their work in the hopes that this activity would take their mind off what was to come.

At last the clock showed 3.45 and the two girls made their shrinking way to Mr Henderson’s office. On their way they passed two male colleagues, both in their late thirties. The two men looked at the girls with interest and turned to admire their back views. Concentrating on the swing of the girl’s hips as they walked towards Mr Henderson’s office, both men were in ‘the know’ and took some pleasure in imagining the hiding the girls would soon receive.

Both girls were looking rather pale and anxious, and Jen held onto her friend’s hand for comfort. Mr Henderson was waiting for them and nodded approval that they seemed contrite and ready for what was to come. He picked up his phone and dialled Miss Hillman’s number.

“We are ready for you now, so when you are ready would you like to come up to my office?” He said.

Miss Hillman arrived in his office holding a dark wooden paddle about 2 feet in length with large holes drilled in the paddle so that it could easily move through the air and not impede the punishment process in any way. It looked a pretty heavy looking instrument and was about 4 inches wide and half an inch thick. It was not as large or as intimidating as some American paddles but it certainly looked as though it would do the job most satisfactorily.

“Over to you, Miss Hillman,” he said and the quite thickset and purposeful looking woman moved forward.

“Right, you two, you both know what is going to happen so follow me and we will see if we can get it over and done with as soon as possible.”

She moved towards the door and both of the girls followed her. They moved down the corridor and then down the stairs to the ground floor and then down one more level to the basement. Jen and Jan had noticed several of their colleagues on the short journey and it must have been obvious to them what was going to happen, especially as Miss Hillman was carrying the paddle!

Jen blushed beguilingly in her embarrassment; Jan maintained her colour but looked increasingly apprehensive. Miss Hillman led the way from the ground floor to the basement and into the filing room where she ushered the girls in and closed and locked the door.

The Filing Room had no windows and had that dead and silent feel peculiar to all underground rooms. Miss Hillman located the chair which she had placed there that morning and moved it near the centre of the room. Both girls realised they would soon have to bend over the back of this chair and looked at it with absolute horror.

“I need to inspect your knickers,” Miss Hillman told them. “Come over here and bend over.”

Both girls did as they were told and bent right over with their hands close to their shoes. They then reached back and made sure their skirts were well clear of their knickers.

“That’s perfectly satisfactory, girls,” said Miss Hillman. “I am satisfied they will not offer you any protection whatsoever. Now then, let’s get on. Who would like to go first?”

After some agonised looks it was decided between the girls that Jen should be first and she said in a extremely nervous voice: “Please Miss Hilton, can I go first?”

“Yes Jen, come over here and stand behind the back of this chair, put your feet on either side of the back legs, lift your skirt as high as it will go and bend over the back of the chair and clasp hold of the legs in the front. Your bottom is now correctly positioned for what is to come and I would instruct you to please remain in this position until I have finished your punishment. Do not attempt to get up or to avoid any of my strokes or I will be forced to repeat that stroke and may well add a penalty stroke for your non-compliance.

“Jan, please stand over there by the wall. You may watch Jen being punished and it will give you a view of what will happen to you in a very few minutes time. I hope you have heard all the instructions I had given Jen because it will save me repeating them when it is your turn.”

She then picked up the paddle and prepared herself. Jen’s attractive bottom was ideally presented, nicely round and full, but with out being in any way fat, and certainly able to take the hiding she was about to get. She raised her arm and brought the paddle down in a firm arc and it crashed squarely on to Jen’s bottom with a sharp sounding ‘thwap’ leaving a red blotchy mark on what could be seen of her creamy cheeks. Jen uttered a low cry as the stroke had hurt more than she had expected, the sharply stinging pain spread itself over the area which had been covered by the paddle stroke. She managed to maintain a stance but moved her sweet bottom from side to side whilst preparing herself for the next stroke. This came soon enough as Miss Hillman was keen to maintain a rhythm.

The next three strokes were delivered with much the same severity and Jen came to realise that to survive the 10 strokes was going to be no easy task. By the time the fifth stroke had landed Jen was breathing in a much more agitated fashion and was squealing in her distress.

The punishment continued with Miss Hillman making sure the strokes covered all of the offered target area; certainly the results could now be plainly seen on the exposed portions of Jen’s bottom which now looked very red, sore and blotchy.

Miss Hillman continued with the punishment and did not let up on the severity of the hiding. There was now only one stroke to go and Jen was in some distress and squealing ever more loudly. The final stroke crashed in and Jen’s hands briefly left the chair legs but she immediately reinstated them, fearful of added retribution.

Miss Hillman left her in position for about two minutes and then said: “Right Jen, you may get up now and change places with Jan.”

Jen was holding on to her hot and sore bottom as she made her way stiffly over to the wall where she turned to witness her friend’s punishment. Miss Hillman passed her a box of tissues and she proceeded to mop her tearstained face while she still made mewing noises to indicate her distress. She continued to cherish her hot and sore bottom in the hopes that this would help with the dreadful sting.

In the meantime Jan had bent herself over the chair and had assumed a position almost exactly like that of her friend. Miss Hillman looked on with approval and again paused briefly to admire the very pretty bottom which was now correctly presented for her attention.

She took up position and proceeded to paddle Jan’s appealing bottom using much the same severity as she had used on her friend. After a few strokes it became apparent that Jan seemed unable to absorb the strokes with the same stoicism that her friend had shown.

Indeed after six strokes Miss Hillman doubted whether she would maintain the stance for the full allocated 10 strokes. Sure enough, after the seventh stroke Jan gave a very sharp squeal and her hands left the legs of the chair as she tried to cherish her very sore bottom.

Miss Hillman immediately said: “That will not do, Jan. I have said that if your stance is not maintained throughout the punishment then the last stroke will be repeated and, maybe, a penalty stroke added. I will not add a penalty stroke this time but I am going to repeat that last stroke, so do remember to hold your station or it will become an increasingly painful session for you.”

A clearly distressed Jan managed to get her hands back on to the chair legs but she was crying and squealing softly as she did so. The strokes number eight and nine clearly tested her resolve but she managed to maintain her stance.

The last stroke, which in reality was stroke number 11, made her cry out loudly and she again broke station to hold on to her very sore bottom.

In the meantime, Jen was somewhat recovered but was clearly distressed on her friend’s behalf. Miss Hillman remained implacable and stated that the last stroke would have to be repeated but that she did not intend to add a penalty. The last stroke of the session was delivered and Jan again squealed loudly.

Miss Hillman waited for a couple of minutes before telling Jan she could get up. A thankful Jan lost no time in regaining her feet and gently cradled her hot and sore bottom. She moved towards her friend who offered her a box of tissues. Jan wiped her face before her hands returned to, once again, cherish her bottom.

Miss Hillman moved the chair from the middle of the room to the wall and then waited for two or three minutes before saying to the girls: “Well I think we can make a move back to Mr Henderson’s office. Leave your faces as they are. I want anybody who passes us in the corridor to realise what has happened and the fact that you will be walking somewhat stiffly will confirm that you have been satisfactorily dealt with.”

“Oh no, Miss Hillman,” chorused the two girls. “We really want to avoid anyone seeing us like this. It will be really so embarrassing.”

“No, this is how it is going to be, girls. You will do as I say and I will escort you to Mr Henderson’s office. If other members of staff should happen to see you, that is how it will be. I would add that if you refuse in this last exercise I will give you each three more strokes of the paddle to make the point perfectly clear. Now are you both ready to go or do you both want to bend over the chair again?”

Both girls looked absolutely horrified and immediately indicated they would do what Miss Hillman wanted as they both privately thought that further strokes with the painful paddle would be almost more than they could take.

Miss Hillman unlocked the door and ushered the girls into the corridor and up to the ground floor. Both girls were embarrassed to see there were a number of staff on the ground floor who looked at them curiously. They continued to follow Miss Hillman and the interested onlookers noted both girls were walking somewhat stiffly.

They arrived at Mr Henderson’s office and walked up to his desk where they stood waiting, respectfully. Mr Henderson looked up and noted their general demeanour and their tearstained faces.

“Well girls,” he said not unkindly. “I hope you have been soundly paddled and that you have learnt your lesson?”

“Oh yes, sir, we certainly have and Miss Hillman has dealt with us most comprehensively. We are both very sorry for what happened and it will not happen again.”

Miss Hillman interjected and said: “Both girls accepted their punishment without question and there can be no doubt that my ministrations has made both their bottoms sore enough for them to remember the session for some time to come. is that not so, girls?”

“Oh yes indeed, Miss Hillman,” said the two, still anxious, girls.

Mr Henderson smiled and took in the two still nervous looking girls before him. He placed his fingers together and nodded as if agreeing with himself.

“I’m pleased you have both learned your lesson and to tell you that, subject to the partners’ acceptance, the matter is now closed. Please both sign your Punishment Forms confirming the paddling has taken place.”

Both girls signed their names and were pleased they did not have to sit down. Mr Henderson added his own signature to complete the formalities.

“I would suggest you go back to your office and continue with light duties, but you have my permission to make an earlier than normal start for your homes. Good afternoon to you both.”

Both girls gave Mr Henderson a slight smile and removed themselves from his office. Once back in their own domain, they gave each other a brief hug in recognition of the recent experience they had both been through. They both decided to repair to the Ladies where they used the full-length mirrors to examine their bottoms. Both girls made a charming tableau with their knickers around their knees and their skirts raised up to their waists to expose the areas which were giving them most concern. Both bottoms were red and blotchy with darker red areas which were turning blue. Some of the peripheral marks were an even darker shade of blue and both bottoms look tight and very sore.

Having received two strokes extra, Jan’s bottom seemed particularly tender.

Both girls stroked their nether regions in order to soothe them but even this additional activity was painful and caused them both to pout.

“Come on, Jen,” said Jan. “Let’s go back to the office and do a bit of work before we pack up for the day and go home.”

By the time it came for them to go home both girls had substantially recovered but their bottoms were still sore and both knew that they would have to show their respective husbands proof of what they had endured. Both hoped that this show would herald a memorable weekend.

The End

© Frances Stephenson 2014