Maggie decides to try a new experience

By Pat Greenham

It was during the early part of Maggie’s third year at University that she posted a letter she had been thinking about for a while. Over the past five years Maggie had become addicted to the cane and could barely go a month without asking Neil Lancaster, a Tutor that she had met in her first year, to give her a thrashing. It had been almost two years before when Maggie had first told Neil about her experiences at school where she had received the cane five times, at least three of which were engineered by Maggie herself. Then at the Burns Night in January where, with a ‘loosened’ tongue, she discovered that Neil had been a House Captain at Eton and had administered canings that she asked him to give her a thrashing.

Neil discovered about a whole new world, never having thought for one moment that some people actually enjoy being spanked and caned, and that there are many more who are very interested in the subject. He had also discovered the delights of caning Maggie’s bottom, so much more pleasurable than any memories of administering the cane at Eton to misbehaving boys.

He and Maggie had developed a close relationship as friends and, despite being frequently completely naked in his presence, nothing had ever happened beyond her bottom being on the receiving end of various instruments. However the one thing that was missing was the feeling of humiliation and Maggie and Neil often talked about how this could be resolved.

Since Neil’s original trip to Soho to buy a cane, they had acquired a small collection of magazines, which they both enjoyed. The picture stories were very good and accompanied by some superb photography and it was clear that some of the models were happy to play out their part of the story by actually taking a caning or strapping as was evidenced by the clear marks on some of their bottoms. She was drawn to the printed request in the magazine for any aspiring models that would like to be part of a photo story suggesting that they should send in a picture, ideally one that was relevant to the theme.

Maggie had fantasised about being one of those models and Neil had encouraged her to send in a couple of pictures. They had taken some Polaroid pictures back in the summer that showed Maggie bending over a table or touching her toes with nothing on below the waist with a suitably marked bottom, and it was two of these that some months later she finally plucked up courage to send to the editor of the UK’s leading CP magazine. Maggie included a short letter saying that she would like to know more about what being a ‘model’ actually involved and almost by return she received a reply suggesting that she phone and make an appointment.

Maggie was both excited and nervous. Excited that she might take her journey to the next stage, but nervous of what she was getting herself into. Neil had been away on a sabbatical for a couple of months, and she had not felt the cane for a while and wondered if this might lead to a caning in very different circumstances as clearly some of the models showed very realistic cane marks. She put off calling him for a couple of days, but after a couple of glasses of wine, she reached for the telephone. Once she was put through to the Editor, he immediately put her mind at rest as he told her that if she took part in a shoot nothing would ever happen that she did not agree to, and after talking for a few minutes they agreed a time to meet at the magazines offices in Soho at 11.30 am the next day.

Maggie had no lectures the following day and made sure she looked her best as she prepared for what was going to be an exciting meeting but she could not help feeling nervous at the same time.

Arriving early, Maggie had a coffee in Patisserie Valerie to steady her nerves before making her way to the address she had been given. She was warmly welcomed and shown into the Editor’s office who was very pleasant and again put her mind at rest. He had the two Polaroid pictures on his desk and told Maggie that she was a very attractive women and he would very much like to use her as a model for one of the planned future issues. He assured her that he would explain everything and that if she wanted to go forward and pose for a Photo Fantasy it would be something she should agree to only if she really wanted to do it, and that there would be no pressure of any kind. Maggie asked him to explain exactly what would happen.

The Editor told her that first they would agree a storyline and find a location, saying that they tended to use one of about four houses that were well known and in easy reach from London. He told her that usually a photo session would last for about half a day and that apart from the photographer, he himself would be present in addition to whoever was going to play the disciplinarian. Concerning fees, the Editor told her that there were a number of levels depending on her willingness to take punishment and the level of nudity she was happy with. He ran through the various levels starting with the basic simulation CP shoot with only her bottom on show, which he told her was the entry level to which the magazine’s fees were one hundred and fifty pounds. If she was prepared to show frontal or full nudity the fees went up to two hundred pounds. Taking a spanking to a level where her bottom was clearly red would take the fees up to two hundred and seventy-five pounds, which would be increased to three hundred and twenty-five pounds if she were prepared to take the strap or paddle. Finally if she was prepared to take a firm caning to create at least six clear cane marks the fee rose to three hundred and seventy-five pounds.

He added that in one of the Polaroid’s it looked as if she was no stranger to the cane. Maggie told him that if she was going to do it, she saw no point unless she took a proper caning and told him that a minimum of six strokes was absolutely no problem.

The Editor and Maggie warmed to each other; he liked her spirit and she liked his openness. He asked if she wanted to go away and think about it, to which Maggie replied that, no, she had made up her mind and wanted to commit to a shoot, and that she was happy to go for fully nude and take a caning. The Editor was delighted and said that as luck would have it the magazines photographer was actually in the office and asked if it was alright to take some test shots so that he and the photographer could plan the shoot in detail. Maggie had not expected this, but told him that it would ok.

The editor went to the main office and returned with Brian, who was the magazine’s photographer who seemed equally as nice. The Editor told Brian that Maggie had agreed to feature in a forth-coming photo fantasy and had also agreed that she would pose for some test shots whilst in the office. At this stage it wasn’t clear to Maggie what ‘test-shots’ meant but this soon became apparent when Brian went away and returned with a Nikon camera and locked the door. The test shots were going to take place in the office and the Editor turned to Maggie and suggested she remove as many clothes as she felt comfortable.

Obviously the primary interest was her bottom and asked if she took everything off below her waist, would that be OK. The Editor told that would be perfect and Maggie kicked her shoes off, removed her jacket before unzipping her tight skirt and pushing it down her legs to reveal her scanty knickers, which soon followed.

Now naked from the waist down, Brian told her that he would just take roughly six quick pictures and suggested that she stand in the middle of the room with her hands behind her head whilst he took two profile shots, one from the front showing her lovely legs and frontal nudity and another from the back showing her bottom. He asked her whilst turned away from him to bend over and Maggie had no problem touching her toes as Brian snapped away. He then asked her to bend over the Editors desk and reach over to the far side as he continued to take more pictures. The Editor told her that she had a fantastic body and that the readers would absolutely love the result when the photo fantasy was eventually published.

Maggie, having initially been embarrassed to undress in front of two strangers, was now in her element as the exhibitionist side of her came out. She stood up and asked them if they wanted a full nude shot to which the Editor told her that if she was happy it would great. Whipping off her blouse and bra, Maggie was soon completely naked and both men could only appreciate the view as Brian continued shooting away ending up with far more than the six shots he had originally suggested.

Once Maggie had dressed, the Editor suggested that they all go for a drink at The Coach and Horses where they discussed possible themes for the Photo Story. The Editor had started to form a couple of storylines and told her that she could easily get away with playing a naughty sixth-former brought to task by her Headmaster. An alternative which might appeal was a university student in deep trouble with the Dean.

In both stories there would be three parts; the first where she was waiting outside the Dean’s or Headmaster’s office wondering what she would be in for, the second part would be the interview where she was told in no uncertain terms about her dreadful behaviour and the only option now left being a severe caning if she wanted to remain with a pause in the conversation before being told that the caning would be applied to her bare bottom after a period of nude humiliation with the third part being the undressing and the caning itself.

Maggie told him that either sounded great and that perhaps the University Dean might be the way to go as it seemed quite appropriate and asked how many strokes of the cane would be given during the photo session. The Editor told her that the minimum would be six strokes that were hard enough to mark her bottom, but if she was happy to take more, the storyline could be adapted to perhaps twelve of the best. He added, wanting to reassure her, that the man selected to play the part of the Dean would be someone known to the magazine and someone that was highly proficient with the cane. After a couple of drinks they said goodbye to each other with the Editor saying he would be in touch with a couple of suggested dates and a venue.

Two days later Maggie received a letter with a one-page contract and a model release form asking that they both be signed and returned. There was also a proposed date of the Tuesday of the following week and details of the venue, which was a house in South London. Maggie was excited by the prospect although she knew on the day she would also be nervous.

The Tuesday came round very quickly and Maggie took great care in her preparation. She had been told to dress as if she was going to an interview, and she choose a black suit with a classic white blouse over matching sexy underwear with stockings and suspenders.

Maggie had been told to be at the venue by 10am, and she found the house quite easily. The Editor was there to open the door and introduce Maggie to Mr Johnson who was going to play the role of Dean. Brian the photographer was in the back room setting up the lighting. The room was actually the dining room but looked more like an office. Again everyone was very friendly and put Maggie’s mind at ease. In the kitchen the Editor took Maggie through the shot list, which would start with her sitting in the hallway reading the letter that had been sent to her by the Dean’s office with the instruction to report to him at a certain time. They would proceed sequentially exactly as if she was to be caned for real.

Brian announced he was ready and had set up a chair in the hallway for Maggie to sit on as if she was waiting to be summoned. The shoot was about to start and Brian’s camera angle made the hallway look like an ordinary corridor. With Maggie now in position, the Editor directed her to read the letter that had been prepared and to try and look nervous as if she was really worried. Brian shot a whole roll of film of this initial part of the shoot finishing with a couple of shots of Maggie knocking on the door having supposedly been summoned by The Dean.

The next set of shots had Maggie entering the room and walking the few steps to the desk behind which The Dean was sitting. She was told to stand to attention as The Dean spoke very firmly to her, actually acting out the scene. His attitude had the effect of genuinely making Maggie nervous as if it was real as Brian kept shooting away covering all angles before taking a break for coffee.

The Dean switched back to being Mr Johnson, which she found a little strange as secretly she wanted to get right into the scene and get to the climax as quickly as possible.

After fifteen minutes the Editor suggested they continue and said that the next scene would be where Maggie is shown the cane and told she is to be beaten before undergoing two alternative versions of nude humiliation. Back in position standing in front of the desk The Dean showed her the cane and told her that she could choose between being ‘sent-down’ or taking a severe caning.

The Dean then told her that she was to undergo five minutes of nude humiliation and that she was to first remove her outer clothing. This was now becoming real again as she was told to not look at camera but to occasionally look toward the Dean as she undressed and to try an imagine what she would actually feel like if this was real. She went to a chair in the corner and kicked off her shoes before taking off her jacket. Her shirt was next which she took off to reveal a very sexy bra before unzipping her skirt and stepping out of it. The Editor and Brian had seen her naked before. But Mr Johnson could only look on and admire a very attractive girl who he now told to remove her knickers but to leave her bra, suspender-belt and stockings on. She was told to remain in the corner and face forward with her hands behind her head as Brian carried on shooting away. He was taking full profile shots as well as some close-ups and Maggie was feeling excited being partially nude in front of three older men. The Editor told her to turn round as Brian completed this part of the shoot.

The Dean, following his instructions re the shoot-list, then told her to remove the rest of her clothes and moments later the suspender-belt, stockings and bra were all on the chair. Maggie was told to take the same poses as she had in the first-part of the nude humiliation shots. Everything about Maggie was superb, pretty face, lovely figure with firm C cup breasts, a trim waist, hips with just the right amount of curve and sporty legs all topped off by a triangle of wispy pubic hair. After Brian had taken the necessary shots from the front, Maggie was asked to turn around to give the three men a vision of the sheer beauty of her bottom, which was soon to be the focus of attention in any case.

They then took another break with Maggie being handed a dressing gown. It was soon time for the third part of the shoot, the caning itself, and for Maggie, this was the bit she had looked forward to as she tried to get back into playing the role. In truth Maggie was finding the stop start element of the shoot a little frustrating as she wanted to pretend she was the student and that she was in trouble. The Editor asked Mr Johnson to revert to playing his role as the Dean and asked Maggie to remove the gown.

A stool had been placed in front of the desk, and Maggie was instructed to bend over the stool reaching right over the desk to hold onto the far side. With her legs straight out behind her, Maggie’s bottom was perfectly presented for the shoot to continue. Brian took a number of shots of Maggie’s virgin bottom before The Editor asked her if she wanted the first few strokes to be light before receiving heavier whacks that would cause the marks so important for the photo fantasy. Maggie replied that she was happy to take the more severe strokes from the start and that she was ready.

Mr Johnson, playing the part of the Dean, had caned many girls before and knew precisely what he was doing as he picked up the three-foot cane and lined it up against Maggie’s bottom. Taking the cane back he whipped it in with reasonable force to strike her bottom in the middle. Maggie, having not been caned for a couple of months, was slightly taken back by the severity of the first stroke but didn’t want to show it. Brian meanwhile was shooting away as the first red stripe formed. The Dean lined up the second stroke and delivered a very similar stoke just above the first. Maggie didn’t make a sound or move an inch.

As the Dean continued he was creating a perfect pattern of parallel cane weals and Maggie was in her element enjoying the sensation of being caned and enjoying being bent over naked in front of the three men. After each stroke Brian would take a couple of shots so that he had the perfect record of the six strokes and the resultant marks.

After the sixth stroke the Editor asked Maggie to stand as he asked her how she was getting on with the cane and if the strokes were too hard or not. Maggie told him they were just fine and she was happy to take another six if they wanted and that she could take them slightly harder. She also suggested that, if they wanted, she could take them in a different position and was used and able to take the cane bending over touching her toes. The Editor told her that her suggestion was brilliant and the stool was moved before Maggie bent right over keeping her legs straight and together and had no difficulty touching her toes, Her bottom over the stool and desk had been great, but this view was even better. Brian wanted some shots from different angles with Maggie in the new position as the Editor indicated for the Dean to give Maggie a further six strokes.

With Brian now directly behind Maggie, the Dean re-commenced her caning. The Dean took Maggie at her word and increased the severity, but Maggie had no problem as she disappeared into her own world enjoying the pain and converting it into pleasure. With Brian taking shots throughout there were significant time gaps and Maggie actually wished that the caning was more continuous. It was soon time for stoke number twelve which Maggie took without a sound. Again the Editor asked her to stand as he complimented Maggie on her ability to take the cane. He also told that with the exception of a final shot with her once again dressed and leaving the room, the photographic shoot was completed and that it had been brilliant.

Maggie thanked him and said she had really enjoyed herself. She also told Mr Johnson that he was a very good caner and then she astounded the three men by her next request.

She told them that she had really enjoyed the session, but because of the stop-start nature of the shoot she had found it hard to really get into the ‘role-play’ aspect. She really wanted to be the student who was in danger of being sent down. She asked if they thought it stupid if she were to replace her clothes, go out side and wait for five minutes before being summoned into the room and given a real dressing down before being instructed to remove her clothes below the waist and bending over for six-of-the-best. In effect a caning given exactly as if she was actually being punished as opposed to the inevitable stop start nature of a photographic shoot.

Having already taken twelve strokes, the three men were surprised at her request and the Editor told her that they would of course oblige. Maggie quickly dressed and left the room as Brian took the final shots he needed.

They left her outside for five minutes before recalling her to the room. Mr Johnson resumed his role as the Dean and told her to stand to attention as he started his act. He was brilliant as he almost shouted at her talking about her attitude and that she was a disgrace to the University. He went on for some time and Maggie got straight into the role-play as he continued his rant. He then told her she had a choice; either to leave the university with immediate effect or to take a severe thrashing with a cane on her bare bottom. Maggie got so much into the role-play that she was actually frightened as she told him that she would accept a thrashing. The Dean told her to go the chair in the corner, remove her jacket and everything below the waist. This was completely different for Maggie because this was happening in real time and not with constant pauses for photographs from different angles.

Undressing even felt different as now she felt the choice had been taken away from her and she was no longer part of a mutually agreed photographic session. As she removed her skirt and knickers, the Dean told her once more to stand in front of the desk as he continued his tirade. He then told her to take one step back and bend over and touch her toes, and that whilst she is being caned she should think about her attitude and reason for her thrashing.

Picking up the cane the Dean walked round behind Maggie to once more admire her bottom. He told her to expect a stroke every twenty seconds as he lined up the cane and brought it down with even greater severity. Over the next two minutes she received six of the absolute best as she stayed in position and stayed in the role of the disgraced student.

In truth the caning was exceptionally painful, particularly on top of the previous twelve strokes, but this was pain and pleasure just as she wanted it, and she loved being in the role-play of the student being shouted at, ordered about, told to strip below the waist bend over and be severely caned. After the sixth stroke, the Dean told her to remain bent over as he asked her if she felt she had learnt her lesson, for Maggie to reply: “Almost.”

The response was clear as the Dean lined up the cane for two extra strokes given in quick succession to finish her off. Maggie was in a combination of agony and ecstasy as she was told to stand.

The Editor and Brian had witnessed an extraordinary caning and could only admire Maggie’s ability to take the cane. Not only had they got a terrific Photo Fantasy for the magazine, they had met a young women they would remember for a long time.

Maggie, standing still naked below the waist, had enjoyed the whole session very much indeed, but it was the finale that had done it for her. Mr Johnson, or the Dean, had been the fifth man to have caned her bottom, but he had been right up there as one of the best, even giving Neil, her University Tutor, and her old Headmaster a run for their money. It was difficult for Maggie to be certain, but she felt that the final eight strokes were the hardest she had ever taken.

The role-play was over and the Dean was once more Mr Johnson. Maggie told him that she had enjoyed everything and thanked him especially for the finale. The Editor gave her an envelope with her fee and Maggie suggested that the least she could do was to buy everyone a drink. Twenty minutes later in the pub nearby, Maggie was immediately reminded of the damage to her bottom as she sat for the first time!

Neil was due back from his sabbatical in about six weeks and happily it coincided with the publication of the issue with Maggie’s Photo Fantasy as the main feature. To say the least he was very impressed!

The End