Continuing from the earlier story, The Curious Case of Maggie Chapman

By Pat Greenham

Maggie had left Rathenhall Collage and during her summer holidays she received her A level results that were good enough to get into her first choice university in Central London to study Science. Earning money was always important to Maggie, and during her Summer Holiday’s Maggie had worked both in a newsagents in the day and a pub at night. As such she had earned enough to pay for a holiday with her new boyfriend to Greece and have a bit left over to help supplement her grant.

She looked back at her time at Rathenhall with a mixture of feelings, but by far the most powerful memories were the five times she had been caned. Nobody in the sixth-form, boys or girls, had come close to having been caned so many times, but Maggie knew that at least two and probably three of the occasions had been engineered by her to satisfy her curious relationship with the cane.

In truth, the first time she simply did not care what punishment she was awarded, having been extremely rude to a teacher. However when told by the Headmaster that he intended to cane her, she was initially taken aback, even more so when she was told to remove her skirt and bend over his desk.

Having never been even spanked before, the six strokes that followed were unbelievably painful, but it was that night when she reflected on being ordered by a powerful man to partly undress, bend over and then experience the cane that she felt that there was something quite naughty about it all.

Being extremely rude to another teacher had resulted in the same consequence and, although she was not enjoying being caned, the thought of it afterwards had again been arousing. It was the third time that she clearly brought it on herself, knowing that if she was again rude to one of the same teachers she was likely to find herself in front of the Headmaster, a thought that actually excited her but at the same time made her think that she was completely mad.

Her plan worked and again she found herself in the Headmaster’s study getting a massive ‘dressing down’ before being ordered to remove her skirt. Maggie had secretly wondered what it would be like to be caned on the bare and on this occasion the devil in her truly came out as she had omitted to wear any knickers. Six strokes across her bare bottom had certainly made her think, but she had enjoyed the thought of the Headmaster seeing her bottom in the flesh.

Then there was the public caning for bullying in front of the whole sixth-form before her fifth and final caning which she had actually asked for by writing to the Headmaster and the two teachers that she had been previously rude to. She had said she wanted to apologise and to settle her debts and in the most extraordinary circumstances took eighteen strokes, six from each of the three masters. By this stage the Headmaster was under no illusions that Maggie actually liked getting the cane and he was happy to oblige.

As her first term at University proceeded, Maggie often thought about her canings at school and wondered if she would ever again experience something similar. It was like a drug that needed to be fed, but she could not see an obvious way to achieve her goal.

She had tried with a number of boyfriends, telling them that she had been naughty and deserved to put over their knee, but none had been interested. She also had to admit that being spanked by someone of her own age did not hold the magic of being dealt with by an older authoritive man.

It was soon December and time to break-up for Christmas, and Maggie had still not come close to finding a way to satisfy her need and had started to dream about being back at school and being in the Headmasters study. She even considered re-contacting him with some kind of fictional story about wrong-doing and suggesting that he once more deal with her, but discounted the idea as being ridiculous.

The closest she had got was in a conversation with her Tutor in the last week before Christmas when he had asked her how she was getting on and did she have any questions or observations. Maggie told him that she had enjoyed her first term at University but had found the lack of discipline difficult to get used to. In truth Maggie did not know where she was going with the discussion as the Tutor asked her what she meant. She hesitated, knowing what she wanted to say but worried about saying something that might make her look silly. She replied by saying that at school she had become used to very clearly laid down rules and everyone knew the consequences if they were broken which was very different to University where there was much more freedom. The Tutor asked her if she preferred her previous life to which Maggie said: “In some ways, yes.”

At this stage he became slightly more interested in her viewpoint and asked her to give him an example. Again Maggie hesitated before telling him that she had achieved very good A levels because her school was very strict and she was sure her frequent trips to see her old Headmaster had left her in no doubt about what was required, which contrasted with her first experience of University where she did not think she was being pushed.

The Tutor, a man in his mid forties and quite handsome, asked Maggie to tell him about what a trip to the Headmaster had entailed, and Maggie for the first time had her opening. Again hesitating, she said that if you were seriously in trouble any pupil, no matter how senior, would leave the Head’s study with a very sore bottom following a taste of the cane.

The Tutor looked at her with astonishment as he asked: “Are you telling me that your old Headmaster actually caned girls?”

Maggie told him that was exactly what he did, but she never felt ill against him, knowing that on each occasion she had fully deserved her punishment. The Tutor continued to be astonished as he asked her what she meant by ‘on each occasion’, to which Maggie replied that she had been caned several times.

The Tutor told her that she must have been exceptionally naughty and he was surprised to hear that the Headmaster had not asked for a female member of staff to administer such punishment. Maggie told him that everyone in the school, as well as all parents, knew the situation and also knew that only the Headmaster had the power to sanction and administer the cane.

What Maggie did not know was that her Tutor had been educated at Eton and had both received a caning as well as given the cane as a House Captain. His one and only caning had been in the era of Anthony Chenevix-Trench who always caned a deserving boy with his trousers and pants removed, a practice that was discontinued when Michael McCrum took over as Head.

As a House Captain he had administered his fair share of canings as well as having taken part in the famous ‘pop’ canings. As such he had become quite interested in the discussion and told Maggie that her story was interesting and that if she ever wanted to continue the discussion she should see him again in January.

Maggie spent the Christmas break fantasizing about how she could take the conversation with her Tutor to a level where he might be prepared to give some old-fashioned discipline, but dismissed the notion as being ridiculous. What she could not get out of her mind was that it had now been six months since she had felt that glorious post-caning feeling of heat radiating through her bottom and the resultant arousal.

As she lay in bed thinking about the various times she had been caned, she forgot about the actual pain which at times had been extreme and focused on the feeling of laying across the desk with her bare bottom on show, remembering how much she enjoyed thinking about the Headmaster looking at her bottom and the anticipation of what was about to happen.

She liked to think about specific canings in quite some detail and often thought about her final session which she had actually requested, and the first six strokes from Chris Jackson, which were the most painful she had ever received. She also liked to recollect the time she had engineered being caned in front of the whole sixth-form. Whilst in these thoughts, Maggie would drift off into a world of her own, often falling asleep and into pleasant dreams.

During the Christmas break her Tutor, Neil Lancaster, had also been thinking about his conversation with Maggie and was intrigued about what she had told him. He asked himself if he believed her story as he had never heard of senior schoolgirls being beaten by male Headmasters and also wondered about her comment that she was not being ‘pushed’ and was finding the freedom of University difficult to get used to. He also wondered if there was another agenda and decided to find a way of talking to her again when everyone was back.

The first two weeks of the New Year passed quickly with neither Maggie nor her Tutor speaking to each other before a notice went up from the Social committee advertising a Burns Night Supper. Maggie decided it sounded fun and put her name down for the dinner, which was quickly noticed by Neil Lancaster who decided to also join the fun thinking there might be an opportunity to engage in conversation with her again.

The Dinner itself had all the traditional elements of a Burns Night, including the Haggis, and finished with a whisky tasting session. By the time Maggie had her third ‘tasting’ glass she was very merry and was happy to accept her Tutor’s invitation to join him for an after dinner drink in the bar. It was not long before their conversation returned to their pre-Christmas chat and Neil wanted to see if he could find out a bit more about Maggie’s experiences at school and in particular about her canings.

Maggie, with the effect of the whisky having loosened her tongue, was in full flow and told him that in three years she had been punished five times which was more than any other pupil, boy or girl. She told him that she had been quite a wild-child, and in her view there was no doubt that her Headmaster’s no nonsense approach had tamed her and made her a better person. What she did not tell him was that she had engineered the caning in front of the sixth-form and had actually requested the final punishment given by Head and two other masters.

The Tutor was finding this conversation extraordinary and was starting to believe her story. He decided to tell her that he had been no stranger to the cane having once been caned by the Headmaster of Eton, which had been a real ‘wake up’ call. Maggie asked him how the caning had been given, to which Neil replied that he had received six-of-the-best touching his toes with his trousers and pants lowered and that at the age of sixteen it had been really shocking. He added that he went onto become a House Captain and was given the authority to cane boys in his house, which he did on a number of occasions but only over their trousers.

Maggie asked him to tell her about how he had beaten boys in his ‘house’, to which the Tutor said that first offenders would receive six medium strokes, but if they ever merited a second dose they received a decent caning with six strokes being given slowly with only their pyjama trousers as protection. He said that the tradition was that House Captains and Senior Prefects caned deserving boys after supper.

For the first time in this alcohol fuelled conversation Maggie hesitated, but also felt that if she didn’t say it now she never would. So she simply said: “Neil, would you think me mad if I felt that I was lagging behind in my studies and that I ask you to give me a private thrashing?”

The Tutor had been right. Maggie did have another agenda, and inside he knew that this was going to turn into something very interesting. He told her that such an arrangement would have to be private and nothing to do with the University, but that if that was what she wanted he would be happy to oblige. Why wouldn’t he?

Maggie told him that she was very grateful and said that she felt that the sooner the better as she needed a ‘short sharp shock’. The conversation was going at quite a pace, and Neil thought about two things; any event would have to take place at his home, which was fine because he was currently single, and what implement would he use as he certainly did not own a cane?

He suggested that, if she wanted, she could come to his house on Saturday, and he also asked her what she wanted in a little more detail, to which she replied mischievously that a thrashing from an ex-Eton House Captain sounded great.

Whilst The Tutor had various things that might work, including a large hair-brush and a wooden meter rule, he thought about where he might find a cane. He was vaguely aware that he might be able to acquire one in Soho and decided that on the following evening that he would go and see what he could find.

After one final drink Maggie said goodbye to her Tutor and returned to her student lodgings, whilst he returned to his home in Islington.

They both woke up the following morning with the previous night’s conversation very much at the front of their minds. Maggie had finally found a solution to her need to feed her strange drug, whilst Neil could not quite believe what had been agreed. He even wondered if she would go through with it. But that night he walked across London to Soho and after visiting a few sex shops was amazed to find one that was entirely devoted to the subject of corporal punishment.

Apart from an impressive selection of implements, there were hundreds of magazines with stories and photographs on the subject. Despite his experiences at Eton twenty-five years earlier, he had no idea that there was so much interest. He spent nearly an hour in the shop looking at some of the magazines before selecting two copies and a 36-inch traditional school cane with a crooked handle very similar to the canes that he remembered using at Eton. He also brought a two-tailed leather strap that he thought might give some variety. With the cane safely in a tube, he returned to Islington to spend an interesting hour or so reading his new magazines.

They briefly saw each other on the Friday and Neil gave her the address and suggested she come round at 10.30 in the morning. On the Saturday morning, Maggie took special care as she got ready, selecting nice underwear and a particularly tight pair of jeans. It was soon time to leave and it took about half an hour to get to Neil’s home. The sense of excitement and anticipation was terrific as she knocked on his door, was shown into his lounge and was immediately impressed to see the cane lying on the coffee table together with an interesting looking strap.

Neil made them both some coffee before asking Maggie how she wanted to proceed. In reply Maggie told him that she would like him to decide on her punishment providing that at some stage she received the cane across her bare bottom. Neil said that she could simply replicate what she had received at school or they could devise a more drawn out set of punishments. As a suggestion, he said that she could start with a strapping across her tight jeans and see where that took them.

Maggie said OK and he suggested that she bend over a tall stool that he had brought in from the kitchen. As Maggie got into position she gave him the most marvellous view of her jean encased bottom invitingly presented for the first stage of her punishment. Maggie did not expect the strap to hurt very much, especially through jeans, but as Neil delivered the first stroke with the eighteen inch two tailed leather strap she was surprised at just how much pain it generated.

Neil gave her five more strokes with the strap before telling her to stand, not wanting to be too severe at the early stage. Maggie told him that having never felt anything other than the cane, the strap was different and more painful than expected but at the same time pleasurable.

Neil suggested that perhaps she would like to try the cane across the seat of her jeans before progressing. Once more Maggie went over the stool and waited in anticipation for the caning to begin. For Neil, this was to bring back memories of his time as an Eton House Captain except that instead of a deserving middle school pupil bent over, he had a delightful female bottom to cane.

He gave her the first stroke to the middle of her bottom, which almost created a line in her jeans and Maggie did not make a sound or move an inch. Maggie knew about the pain of the first stroke across her bare bottom, but with her jeans it was a little less sharp. The Tutor had forgotten nothing about how to use the cane and as he continued working his way up and down Maggie’s bottom, she just stayed over the stool and took her thrashing in complete silence. After the sixth stroke he again told Maggie to stand who thanked him for ‘such a nice caning’, and asked if it was now time to remove her jeans, to which he nodded.

Neil watched with great interest as she undid and slipped her jeans off one leg at a time, revealing a very skimpy pair of knickers. Maggie, being Maggie, said that she was quite hot and also removed her top and now stood before Neil in just her very skimpy underwear. Neil had to admit that she was a stunning young lady with a lovely figure, about 5ft 6, with nice pert medium sized boobs, a trim waist and lovely legs.

Neil was going to ask if she wanted some strokes across her knickers, but as she was wearing something that was almost a g-string he asked instead if she now wanted to be thrashed across her bare bottom. Maggie said: “Yes please,” and suggested a re-run with six strokes of the strap followed by six strokes of the cane to finish things off.

Maggie peeled the tiny knickers off and Neil could now admire her completely naked below the waist with her bottom even more lovely than encased in jeans, and a trimmed triangle of wispy golden hair at the junction of her legs as they flared up to her shapely hips.

As she once more got into position, Neil took in the most marvellous view of a bottom red from the strap and with six clear lines from the cane. Taking care to get the strap across the middle of her bottom, he brought it down and gave her a terrific whack, which surprised Maggie by its pain. It wasn’t that it was more painful than the cane – it wasn’t – but that it covered a wider area. The second whack was a little higher and Maggie was fast getting used to this new implement and liking it. Over the next few minutes Neil gave her four further whacks, which caused Maggie’s bottom to deepen in colour.

Neil suggested a break as he went to get them another drink. In his absence, Maggie decided to remove her last item of clothing and took off her bra. She was proud of her boobs and wanted Neil to see them, and also quite fancied being completely nude in his company for the final part of her thrashing. When he returned he certainly appreciated the sight and had to agree with Maggie that she did indeed have very nice boobs.

It was soon time for the finale, and Neil told Maggie to once more get into position over the stool. The strap had a very different effect, much less intense than the cane, but had resulted in her whole bottom tingling and she wondered how the cane was going to feel on top of the previous strokes. As Neil lined up the cane she soon found out as he delivered a very solid stroke to the centre of her red bottom. Maggie gasped as a new layer of pain was added but, during the 60 seconds she had to wait, it spread in the most pleasurable way. She knew that she was about to experience the most dramatic combination of pain and pleasure, with five more to come on top of everything else.

Neil knew that this was not to be hurried as he lined up the next stroke, which was delivered with the same force just above the first stripe. Maggie stayed silent and again absorbed the cane stroke as it spread across her whole bottom. Getting the cane on top of a strapping was giving her a new and welcome experience. The third was lower and Maggie actually almost ‘purred’, now knowing what to expect. With three to go she was in two minds; somewhere between not wanting it to finish having waited since the previous summer for an experience like this and for the thrashing to be finally at an end.

The Tutor had not caned anyone for over twenty-five years, but had not lost his talent and took Maggie right to the edge as he gave her the final three strokes over a full five minute period. The anticipation for Maggie as she waited over the stool for each of the agonizing cane strokes was tremendous but she knew each would provide delayed pleasure. Neil gave her the final stroke after a gap of three minutes without any warning and struck her bottom very close to the first of this last batch and caused Maggie to almost actually come. She stayed over the stool for a while just taking in the pain as her whole body tingled.

Eventually she stood up and her hands went straight to her bottom as she remained completely naked in front of her Tutor. He asked her if she was satisfied to which she told him: “Oh yes, very much so sir!”

But she had an overwhelming need and, whilst still naked, asked to go the bathroom where it took less than fifteen seconds for Maggie to bring herself off to one of the most fantastic orgasms she had ever experienced.

Returning to her Tutor’s lounge still naked, she thanked him for the last hour which she had very much enjoyed. They chatted and eventually Neil suggested that they might go and have an early lunch.

Maggie found sitting on a hard wooden chair in the local Taverna an interesting experience as they talked about the morning. Neil told her that he had had no idea that this world existed, that there were was a complete scene of people into corporal punishment, that there were magazines devoted to the subject, that there were girls such as Maggie that wanted to be thrashed. He told her that the last few weeks had been a complete revelation.

He told her that he had never thought beyond the events at Eton where he himself had been caned, to which he had no fond memories, and had caned boys himself as a House Captain. Those canings he had administered had been given in the tradition of Eton and he had no particular memories of any enjoyment. He added that in contrast he had very much enjoyed giving Maggie a very decent thrashing.

She told him that the morning had been really good and that, whilst she knew he thought it strange, she had enjoyed all of it. Also, that she had enjoyed the strap and wondered what other implements were available. Her Tutor told her about the shop in Soho and that there were many other options including some leather and wooden paddles as well as riding crops.

The following weekend, they went together to the shop in Old Compton Street and purchased a second cane, slightly thicker and straight handled, together with a large leather paddle. After a drink in a wine bar, they returned to Neil’s house to try out the new toys.

Not surprisingly, Maggie became a frequent visitor to her Tutor’s home during the remainder of her time at University!

The End