A petulant lady tennis player is offered assistance

By Frances Stephenson

Lucy Carlyle had just turned eighteen years old. She was a stunningly pretty girl and all the good fairies must have been queueing up to bestow their favours on her. She was 5 feet 4 inches tall with a lovely body and slim but certainly not overly so.

The palest ivory skin with a matt like quality; her body seemed to hold promise of soft and sensual delight. She moved well and with an inbuilt elegance. Her most startling feature was a mane of stunning red hair, not bright aggressive red, but thick darker red with mahogany undertones as well as a suggestion of coppery flame red; it was slightly curly and just contrived to look both arresting and elegant.

Her eyes were another arresting feature; they were well opened green eyes and looked out on the world in an untroubled way. The overall effect was really quite stunning people just used to smile at her such was the magnetic effect she had on almost everyone she met.

She became well aware of her effect on members of the opposite sex and as she matured became increasingly aware of the interest of older men who always seemed to want to watch her play netball or hockey but especially tennis. In a rather blatant way she rather encouraged this by swirling her short tennis skirt and showing her lovely legs and pert well shaped bottom tightly, encased in white or blue knickers.

Tennis had become an abiding interest and she was fortunate that her parents had enough money to actively encourage their daughter in this expensive and time consuming hobby. Lucy soon showed a real talent for the game and spent many hours practising her serve and ground strokes.

As she grew older, various competitions took her further afield and various doting friends and relations were roped in to act as companions and as chaperones to the lively young girl.

Inevitably there were many incidents of tantrums and childish behaviour; these were dealt with by Lucy’s parents and usually involved a spanking either over her knickers or on her bare bottom. Severity varied with the offence but her father certainly gave her several good hidings which seemed to have the desired effect, at least until the next time! Both parents clamped down quite hard on Lucy as they were both aware that their strong minded girl had a volatile temper and needed to have frequent reminders of the way in which she must conduct herself.

Her parents had purchased a wicked looking rattan cane and hoped that its very presence in the house would remind Lucy what was in store if she misbehaved. The cane was always kept in a corner cupboard and in the few times when it was brought into use, Lucy was required to fetch it and hand it to her father who was a great believer in ritual connected with punishment as he thought that it stayed in the miscreant’s mind for longer and to greater effect. Lucy would then bend over the back of a hip high chair to receive her punishment.

Bearing in mind the fact that his daughter played a lot of tennis, her father took great care to deliver the strokes in an upward motion to cover Lucy’s bottom and to take heed of the fast travelling tip which had the nasty habit of leaving bruises on the right side sometimes below her knicker line. Her mother recognised this problem and had purchased several pairs of trunk style knickers which would effectively hide the evidence of Lucy’s punishment.

On at least two occasions Lucy was thrashed quite hard and she was walking stiffly and found her tennis workouts a bit of a trial, but Lucy was a sensible girl and although she dreaded her punishments she recognised why they were given and that they were due to her own lapses in conduct. She learned to accept the sharply stinging pain as retribution for her behaviour.

Recognising the attraction of her colouring, Lucy took great care in choosing her clothing but no article had more effect than her choice of tennis knickers. Close fitting and of a shade of green which matched her eyes they were an inspired choice, especially with the predominantly white kit still required by many tennis authorities. Green knickers quickly became Lucy’s trade mark.

She then added an Alice band of the same colour to keep her hair away from her face. She was becoming ever more popular and wherever she went the sight of her imperious figure always excited much admiration and loyalty. The crowd invariable took her side in the case of any dispute and their loyalty in a tie break became legendary. Her green knickered bottom became so famous that it soon had its own website and attracted many ‘hits’ indicating that her bottom had become a celebrity in its own right.

She had many boyfriends over the years and many stood slightly in awe of her beauty but she always put them at their ease and enjoyed brief but cheerful relationships.

Peter Delaney arrived on the scene when Lucy was nearing her nineteenth birthday. He was somewhat over six foot with a good athletic figure. He also had a keen interest in tennis and had for some years been a trainer which he combined with owning a successful mail order business. Before long their relationship flourished and Lucy moved out of her parent’s home into her own flat which was not that far away from Peter’s house.

Peter had a calming influence on Lucy. Inevitably there were disagreements but they were quickly resolved. There were a few occasions where a firm hand was obviously required and the first time Peter took his delectable girlfriend across his knee he was aware that she may well end their relationship but, somewhat to his surprise, it seemed to cement their bond. Indeed immediately after the spanking Lucy snuggled up to him and shyly offered him an apology. The spanking had made her bottom very hot and sore but she was delicately flushed with sparking eyes and her lovely lips pursed into a very pretty pout.

He was always careful to spank her on her cheeks and not stray onto her upper thighs. But just in case Lucy had retained her trunk style knickers. Although he had not used a cane on Lucy’s splendid bottom he had left that option open, at least in his own mind. He still possessed a slim rattan cane which he had used on previous girlfriends so he was by no means inexperienced in caning girl’s bottoms. If it came to it, and he rather thought it might, he would great care to cane Lucy with an upward swing rather than risk the marks of his caning showing especially the fast travelling tip which would leave a painful dark bruise.

He was acutely aware of the media and the hundreds of photographic images that were circulated showing Lucy’s bottom from every conceivable angle and had the distinct impression that a cane mark, if seen, would be transmitted around the world in seconds.

Lucy had maintained a hold on her somewhat volatile temper, but during a major tennis tournament in the UK a whole series of double faults combined with several petulant calls by Alaina Redonski, her youthful Northern European opponent, led Lucy to lose control of her simmering temper.

“You f****** stupid Baltic Bitch, just f****** crawl back home and whine there!” She exploded.

Predictably she was admonished by the Umpire who called in the Match Referee. Lucy was given top level warning before being allowed to continue with the game, but Lucy’s concentration had gone, her promising start came to nothing and she lost the game soon afterwards.

A tight lipped Peter drove her back to his house where he proceeded to give full vent to his feelings and to tell her, in no uncertain terms, that she could well have jeopardised her tennis career as well as acting in a stupid and immature manner.

Lucy was, by now, ashamed of her outburst and became anxious to make amends. Without further ado Peter informed her that retribution for her outburst would be in three parts.

Firstly he would use his cane and give her bottom a sound thrashing. Secondly she must go and visit Alaina and give her a full and unreserved apology. Thirdly she must address a Press Conference and give a full apology for her outburst and also mention that she had been well thrashed for her lapse.

Lucy looked very contrite and also very anxious. “Yes Peter, please would you organise those three parts for me and please may I have my well deserved caning as soon as possible?”

“Very well,” said Peter. “Remove your track suit and your knickers and bend over that chair; prepare yourself, this is going to hurt.”

“Yes Peter,” whispered Lucy, and proceeded to follow his instructions.

In the meantime, Peter went to fetch his cane from the spare room and returned swishing it in a purposeful manner.

“Bend further over, Lucy,” he ordered. “Be prepared for some of my strokes to stripe you low down and may well be visible under your knicker line but that will be all to the good.”

“Yes Peter,” trembled Lucy.

The first stroke arrived dead centre and Lucy squealed in pain; the next slightly higher and the third a bit lower than the first ‘marker’.

Peter aimed the fourth just on her overhang and the fast travelling tip caused Lucy to utter an even louder squeal but she had control and was obviously determined to take her punishment bravely.

The next stroke landed on her crease and provoked a low howl of pain.

Peter put more effort into the sixth stroke which again landed low down on her overhang but the tip whipped in to the very top of her thigh leaving a two inch welt showing red but darkening by the moment. Lucy cried out in anguish.

Peter looked at the sobbing girl’s bottom with some satisfaction; some of the marks and especially the final one would most certainly show beneath her knickers, but this was part of his plan.

A chastened Lucy made her way to the shower and to change her clothes.

Peter set about arranging a meeting with Alaina and to organise the Press Conference for the following morning. Lucy returned, looking very beautiful and fresh dressed all in yellow with lightweight loose fitting cotton trousers. Although Lucy was walking somewhat carefully, this was the only manifestation of her thrashing.

She kissed Peter with some warmth.

It was then time for Peter to drive Lucy to Alaina’s hotel, after a brief stop to buy some flowers. He watched while the young girl made her way, rather stiffly, to her meeting with Alaina.

Everything proceeded as planned and Lucy very prettily made her apology and begged forgiveness. Alaina responded well and the two girls embraced and Lucy presented her with the large bunch of flowers including such blooms as tulips and hyacinth, both emblematic of forgiveness. The two girls parted on very good terms with Lucy’s tantrum now forgotten.

Later her father phoned, having heard of Lucy’s transgressions on the television. He was almost spluttering with rage.

‘Easy to see who I inherited my temper from,’ thought Lucy wryly.

It was the big ‘let down’ tirade. “Let your family down, yourself, your parents, British Tennis, the Country,” he shouted. “I have a good mind to come down to London right now and bring my cane with me and see if I can make you really sorry.”

“I am very sorry to have upset both you and mother,” said Lucy. “Please don’t come down to London I have enough on my plate because of my own stupidity. As for giving me a good hiding, you will be pleased to hear that Peter has already undertaken that duty and my bottom is really painful, I will be making a public apology very soon; I must go now, my love to mother and to yourself.”

Her father sounded somewhat mollified and Lucy mentally ticked off another duty from her list. The Press Conference loomed large and she absent-mindedly stroked her sore bottom, glad that her caning was out of the way.

Peter had called a Press Conference which was well attended with journalists anxious to have further information on Lucy’s lapse in standards. Lucy rose to address the assembled audience and said that she wished to make a Public Apology for her behaviour and for her language.

“I wish to make a public apology to Alaina; I hope she has forgiven me for my outburst of temper. It was both stupid and immature of me. I have been to see Alaina to express my regrets in person and she was kind enough to see me. Peter has instructed me to confront you all and believe me this has not been an easy ten minutes.”

Lucy blushed most becomingly and went on. “I also must tell you that the major part of my punishment was a painful session with Peter’s cane, delivered on my bottom. I requested that Peter gave me what seemed to be a vigorous caning; it has been a painful experience and I have no wish for it to be repeated, so it will, I fervently hope, be an active reminder to me to keep myself under control. I wish to make it unmistakeably clear my caning was undertaken by Peter with my consent but I left the severity and number of strokes to him.”

She squeezed Peter’s hand and lent forward to rest her head, briefly, on his shoulder. There was a brief silence in the room followed by a spontaneous round of applause.

One of the journalists called: “ Did the caning make you cry out, Lucy?”

“It certainly made me squeal,” responded Lucy.

She and Peter then made good their exit in the full and certain knowledge that the consequences of Lucy’s temper tantrum would occupy the media for some time. Indeed the media were out in force the next day when Lucy was playing in the second round of a women’s doubles section of a tournament. She was looking remarkably pretty and relaxed and her fans were pleased to note that she was wearing a pair of her trademark pale green knickers.

Much spectator interest was centred around her bottom, looking for confirmation that the now famous thrashing had indeed taken place. It did not take long for the evidence to present itself. One of Lucy’s trademark serves resulted in a swirl of tennis skirt and a charming picture of her green knicker clad bottom with unmistakeable painful looking cane marks showing just below her knickers which had slightly ridden up with the exertions of the game. There was a loud buzz of interest around the court and the many photographers dropped all pretence of recording the tennis action and concentrated on Lucy herself or, perhaps more accurately, on her bottom.

Throughout the match, brief glimpses of Lucy’s bottom provided the photographers with extra footage and the editors were not hard put to provide original comment to accompany the delicious pictures.


One of the first tabloids to cover the story carried a splendid picture of Lucy’s knicker clad bottom showing two painful looking welts left by Peter’s cane. This was accompanied by a single 2inch high word: ‘OUCH!’

Another tabloid carried a similar picture with the words: ‘I BET THAT STUNG, LUCY!’

All of the UK newspapers covered the story of Lucy’s outburst and the subsequent retribution. Without being in any way judgemental, most seemed to think that, although severe, the caning was well merited and that young Lucy Carlyle had taken her medicine well and had come through the glare of media attention with her reputation not only intact but considerably enhanced.

Peter also had a good Press and received muted congratulations for taking his stunning girlfriend to task in such a positive way.

In the USA, headlines such as: ‘CUTE REDHEAD GETS SORE BUTT FOR ON COURT SWEARING’ acted as an opener to the story.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Lucy start to receive invitations to test for film and TV roles. These often involved sporting parts and sometimes included a strong disciplinary aspect. About a month after the caning incident, she started to receive offers from Hollywood. This was obviously too good an opportunity to miss and Lucy secured a number of minor roles until she secured a major part in a television fantasy epic which proved to be a huge international success. Lucy’s future was secured and she happily continued on her new career.

Lucy had started to withdraw from top flight tennis, finding the strict exercise regime a bit too demanding bearing in mind her new work schedules. She now completed this and announced her full retirement.

Although her numerous tennis fans were disappointed at Lucy’s retirement, they all seemed to accept the inevitable and were supportive of Lucy in her new career and, one assumed, fervent followers of the new fantasy epic.

Her close relationship with Peter continued. There were occasional lapses and temper tantrums but without her short tennis skirt and her green knickers there was never any visual evidence that Lucy’s bottom had been well striped. Interested observers noticed, however, that the stunning Lucy walked somewhat stiffly for a day or so after these lapses had taken place.

The End

© Frances Stephenson 2014