Three girls play a trick on a teacher, but it doesn’t work out like they hoped.

by Andy Nixon

The three girls giggled as they finalised the details of their plan. As usual, Cortney was doing the organising.

“Summer, you bring a can of shaving foam. Erin, toilet paper, and I’ll get the condoms.”

Just the mention of the word condoms set them off again.

The plan was a plan of revenge. They had just come from a boring after-school detention where they had to write the sentence: ‘I must not talk and giggle at the back with my friends during Coach Ellis’s geography class’ a hundred times. They were mad with Coach Ellis for imposing this arduous punishment on them, and they were out to settle a score with him, get even.

Cortney Black, Summer Brennen and Erin Fountain were all in their senior year at Golden Acres High School in Georgia, but when they were together they were still prone to fits of juvenile giggles. They were giggling constantly in the school parking lot the next morning during break time as Summer filled in every window of Coach Ellis’s 4-by-4 Jeep with an opaque mass of shaving foam, Erin wrapped the whole vehicle body in toilet paper and Cortney pushed a condom on to the exhaust, then tied another to each windshield wiper, using the entire packet of three. They were still giggling when they stepped back to admire their handiwork.

“Oh shit!” Gasped Erin, her face suddenly dropping. “Cooper!”

The other two looked where she was looking and saw Officer Cooper, the school resource officer, quickly making his way towards them from the other end of the parking lot.

“Run!” Snapped Cortney, setting off fast in the opposite direction.

Panting for breath, they burst out giggling again as they leaned against the back wall of the school building, other groups of chattering students all around, waiting for morning break to finish.

“Do you think he saw us?” Summer asked, a little anxiously.

“Sure he saw us,” answered their ringleader, making Summer look even more anxious. “But the point is he won’t recognise us dumbass! How many girls are there in this place? We got away long before he had chance to ID us.”

“Sure, yes, you’re right.” Summer breathed a sigh of relief, then joined in the giggling again.

“Good job, my bitches!” Grinned Cortney, showing the photo on her phone of Coach Ellis’s decorated Jeep to her friends, making them giggle yet again.

It was nearly the end of 3rd period when the PA system crackled and a female voice said: “Would Summer Brennen please go to the front desk immediately.”

Summer blushed, not for any particular reason, but she hated being the centre of attention. Quickly she gathered up her things and left the classroom, wondering who wanted her at the front desk. The rest of the class ignored her departure, unlike a call to the discipline office, where everybody showed an interest.

Erin was surprised to see when she got there that Cortney and Erin were already standing by the front desk, giggling as usual. They’d been in different classes, but had obviously had the same summons on the PA that she had received.

“What’s up?” Enquired Erin.

“Dunno, we just got here too,” giggled Summer. “Usually means there’s a visitor when you get called here. Maybe it’s Justin Bieber looking for a bit of action.”

The girls chattered about who it could be, then burst out laughing when they saw, not Justin Bieber, but the middle-aged janitor approaching with two plastic buckets.

“You want these?” He wheezed, putting the heavy buckets full of water down near the girls.

“Not really! They’re not my colour!” Wise-cracked Cortney, making her friends almost cry laughing.

The janitor tutted and muttered something profane under his breath, picking up the heavy water-filled buckets again, and turning on his heels.

“Yes, that’s them! The buckets are for them.”

The girls turned to see who had just spoken from behind them. It was Officer Cooper.

“What about this stuff?” Asked the janitor, pulling sponges, waste sacks and cloths from his large pockets.

“Give them to ‘Ginger’, the other two can have a bucket each.”

Erin and Cortney exploded with laughter at Summer being called ‘Ginger’, as she always referred to her light red hair as strawberry blonde.

“Right ladies, you’ve got some car washing to do.”

Even though it was obvious the game was up, they couldn’t help giggling so much they didn’t comply right away.

“You want us to wash your car, Officer Cooper? What do you pay?” Grinned Cortney, then added, feigning mock embarrassment: “I hope you’re not expecting us to change into bikinis first.”

The other two girls cracked up at the comment, but the two men didn’t seem to find it remotely amusing.

Five minutes later, having reluctantly followed Officer Cooper with their buckets and cleaning items, still making wise ass comments, the small group arrived by Coach Ellis’s Jeep. The girls cracked up again seeing their handiwork.

“Funny is it? We’ll see how funny when you’ve got it all cleaned up,” smiled Cooper grimly.

“Why should we clean it?” Asked Cortney. “Maybe Coach likes it this way!”

Erin and Summer collapsed in fits of giggles.

“You shouldn’t have sent your friend Brittany the photo with a message saying ‘See what me, Summer and Erin did to Coach’s Jeep! Now we’re even!  KMSL!’”

Summer suddenly turned on her friend. “Did you do that?”

“Yes, she did!” Interrupted Officer Cooper. “Brittany’s teacher heard her cellphone alert, saw her giggling at the message and confiscated her phone. When he saw the picture and your text he phoned Coach Ellis, who phoned me. I saw you run off anyway.”

There was a short silence, then Cortney spoke again. “Okay, okay, It was just a joke, Officer Cooper. Coach has a sense of humour. We’ll just clean it up. It’s no biggie.”

With a sigh the girls set to work cleaning up the Jeep. Officer Cooper folded his arms and watched intently. The girls made a fetching sight as they turned to their chore, Erin being in snug-fitting jeggings, Summer in her skin-tight stretchy yoga pants, and Cortney in gossamer thin leggings which fitted like a second skin.

“No staring at our asses!” Cortney said sassily to Officer Cooper, making her friends start their giggling once again.

What the girls didn’t know, as their asses jiggled involuntarily as they cleaned, was that their friend Brittany’s ass was jiggling and shimmying violently for quite a different reason. Their Principal, Dr Tuck, was, at that very moment, applying his senior paddle firmly to the seat of her skinny jeans. Three times it cracked loudly, three times Brittany yelped, three times she bucked and weaved, before jumping up red-faced, gasping and panting, and clutching back at her burning, stinging behind, to be told by her Principal that if she was caught taking messages on her cellphone in class again it would be five swats next time.

As Brittany walked awkwardly back to class, still ruefully rubbing her throbbing bottom, Coach Ellis, who had witnessed her embarrassing and acutely painful punishment, was walking briskly into the parking lot.

“That’s it Officer Cooper, we’re done here,” announced Cortney, throwing her sponge into a bucket. “We need to get back to class.”

“Oh no you don’t!”

The girls turned to see who was speaking. Coach Ellis was standing there in sweat pants and a white vest, hands on hips, looking decidedly pissed off. Summer and Erin looked worried, but Cortney only took a moment before she was off again.

“Hey Coach! Y’know y’don’t look after this ol’ Jeep. We got it covered for you though. That’ll be five bucks.”

The girls giggled.

“You aren’t done here ladies, not by a long way! You can wash the whole darn thing, top to bottom,” snarled Coach Ellis, not amused by Cortney’s attempt at humour.

Cortney took the lead. “Whoa! No! We cleaned up what we did. We gotta get back to class.”

“Git washin’!!” Barked the fearsome Coach.

The three girls could see he was mad so they decided they’d better do as he instructed, despite the urge to argue or refuse. Reluctantly and sulkily at first, the three attractive seniors set to washing the Jeep from the roof down.

“Hey!” Summer yelled suddenly, after a minute or so. “Watch who you’re splashing!” With that, she flicked water at Erin. Soon water was being flicked and splashed in all directions, and the girls were in fits of giggles once more. Coach Ellis and Officer Cooper watched on, arms folded, unsmiling.

“Right we’re done here Coach!” Cortney announced once more.

“I can see dirt on that wheel, young lady!”

Cortney tutted and bent over to rub the wheel he was pointing to with her wet sponge, her thin leggings tightening dramatically around her shapely behind, and becoming almost translucent.

“NOW we’re done!”

“I still have a condom on my tail-pipe!” Snapped Coach Ellis, making the three seniors collapse in schoolgirlish giggling laughter.

Cortney yanked the offending condom off with a snap and held it up between thumb and forefinger.

“It’s your size Coach; never been used, you might as well put it in your pocket.”

Her friends found that hysterical.

“Can we go back to class now, Coach?” Asked Erin, swallowing her laughter, and trying to stop Cortney from making matters any worse.

“No, you cannot!”

“But we really are done here,” she implored, looking puzzled.

“We’re done here, but now you have an appointment in Dr Tuck’s office.”

It was Summer’s turn to plead, blushing deeply. “Aw Coach, you don’t have to tell Dr Tuck.”

“He already knows. He saw the photo of your dumb little prank during your friend Brittany’s referral in his office for receiving it during class.”

Cortney waded in: “But you don’t have to take us to the office and write us up. Tell him you made us clean your Jeep as a punishment. It was only a stupid joke.”

“Let’s see how funny you find your little joke when you’re standing in front of the Principal! Dr Tuck is expecting us.”

*         *          *

Despite the fact that they were obviously going to be in trouble, the girls were still giggling as they waited outside the Principal’s office, much to the irritation of the admin’ secretary who kept glaring at them. Coach Ellis and Officer Cooper had already gone in to Dr Tuck’s office. Voices could be heard from inside, but not clearly enough to understand what was being said.

“He’s probably telling Tuck about you giving him that condom!” Giggled Erin.

“How cool!” Laughed Cortney. “Being in trouble for condoms, shaving foam and toilet paper! Gangsta or what?!”

“Don’t keep making me laugh!” Giggled Summer. “I won’t be able to keep a straight face when we get in there.”

“Don’t worry. Tuck will most likely see the funny side of it. Just give us a warning,” sniggered Erin.

“Or another pack of condoms!” Giggled Cortney. “It was such a cool prank. We’ll be heroes. Coach will come out of this badly. Like where’s your sense of humour, dude?!”

“Funny if Tuck’s telling Coach and Officer Cooper off for wasting his time!” Giggled Erin.

“That would be so cool!” Shrieked Summer with delight, earning her another severe look from the admin’ secretary.

“Now look here, you two!” Erin said, in a mock severe masculine voice. “Get yourselves a sense of humour and take a detention for keeping these girls out of class!”

Cortney and Summer erupted in fits of giggles once again.

“Cos Tuck don’t give a fuck!” Whispered Cortney, making her friends giggle even more.

Just at that moment, at the height of their hysteria, the Principal’s office door opened and Coach Ellis came out, scowling at their behaviour.

“Can it ladies! And get yourselves in here. The Principal wants to talk to you.”

“Coach is in a mood! Musta got that detention!” Whispered Cortney rather too loudly, setting her friends off yet again, just as they were getting up to go into the office.

*          *          *

The next few minutes went really badly. Far from seeing the joke, Dr Tuck was mad as hell. The trouble was, everything he did or said made the girls giggle, which just made him even madder. By the time he’d shown them the enlarged printed photo of their prank and mentioned condoms a couple of times the girls had got the giggles so badly that they couldn’t control themselves. It was that almost nervous hysterical condition where anything sets you off and nothing can stop the outbursts of now inexplicable hilarity. The girls couldn’t look at one another, or look at any of the men in the room, without explosive giggles erupting, which just put the Principal in a worse rage.

“I’m glad you find it so amusing. Well let me tell you ladies there are going to be consequences here. I take this seriously, even if you don’t. You were in an area where you are not permitted to be at that time of day, and you committed an act of vandalism on Coach Ellis’s vehicle. Serious offences, with serious consequences.”

“Aw come on, Sir, it was just a joke. It was funny.” Cortney managed to splutter.

“You may find it funny. I certainly don’t. And you are to be punished accordingly. You are all three suspended for the rest of the week.”

The girls stopped giggling abruptly and looked up, shocked. Their parents would kill them. It would have an adverse affect on their GPAs, and consequently their chances of going to college.

“You’ve got to be kidding! That’s way harsh!” Whined Erin.

“Please sir, we didn’t mean any harm,” gasped Summer.

“Okay, then I’ll offer you an alternative punishment. You can get all this over here and now if you take a paddlin’.” Dr Tuck sat back to let them take in the choice they faced. Erin’s face had dropped, and Summer was open-mouthed with disbelief.

“Spank that bootay!” Whispered Cortney, making her friends erupt in nervous giggles once more.

“You taking the paddlin’ then, young lady?” The Principal asked, scowling her way.

“No. Wait sir. This is crazy! You can’t do this,” blustered the girls’ ringleader.

“It was just a bit of fun, sir,” pleaded Summer. “And we did clean up.”

“Only because you got caught. You were happy to text photos of your vandalism to your friend.” Dr Tuck held up the incriminating enlargement, making the girls giggle again.

“I’ve just about had enough of this!” Snapped the Principal, angrily slapping the photo back down on to his desk. “I will phone your parents and have them collect you. You are suspended! All three of you.”

Summer looked horrified, her tears of laughter suddenly betraying a completely different emotion. “Oh please sir, I can’t be suspended!”

“Last chance then, young lady. I’m offering you a paddlin’ instead. Is that what you want?”

“Not really, but sounds like I don’t have much choice.”

Cortney giggled. “You’re takin’ a spankin’?!”

“I guess I’ll do the same, sir.” Erin mumbled reluctantly, not looking up at Dr Tuck.

Cortney looked shocked at her friends’ capitulation for a moment.

“Miss Black? Last chance.”

“This is mad! I don’t believe this,” Cortney started, then realised she didn’t want to seem cowardly, so added with a sullen flounce: “Okay, what ever.”

“You are all taking a paddlin’?”

The three now muted giggling girls didn’t respond, which he took as confirmation of their decision to accept corporal punishment, which he felt was the appropriate punishment under the circumstances. It would give him chance to wipe the disrespectful grins off their faces for a start. Coach Ellis had a look of grim satisfaction, and Officer Cooper could barely hide a smile at these three sassy but hot young ladies getting such an embarrassing comeuppance.

“Right, we’ll get this done right away. Go and wait outside. I’ll call you in one at a time to be dealt with.”

A couple of nervous giggles could still be detected.

“I don’t think you’ll find much to giggle about in a few minutes! Now get out and wait quietly!”

*         *          *

“I figure we should make sex noises every time he spanks us!” Giggled Cortney. “That’ll really freak him out!”

Erin giggled too. “Narr, I’m gonna say ‘Is that all you got?’ and laugh at him.”

The admin’ secretary ‘shushed’ the three girls standing outside the Principal’s door where they had been instructed to wait in silence.

“Hit me baby one more time!” Whispered Cortney, still in fits of nervous giggles.

“How about twerking when we stick our asses out to be spanked?” Erin, too, was still in a state of uncontrollable nervous laughter.

“Don’t joke, he makes it hurt!” Whispered Summer.

“How do you know?” Gasped Cortney, suddenly shocked.

“I took swats for tardies in junior year rather than tell my mom I’d got detention.”

“You never told us!” Cortney said. “He spanked you already! Bad girl!”

Cortney and Erin laughed.

“It wasn’t funny. He swings like a freakin’ baseball hitter!” Summer said. “It stung like fuck! And that was in jeans. I’m virtually bare-assed in a thong and these darned things,” she moaned, tweaking at her thin stretchy yoga pants.

Her two friends stopped giggling for a second.

“Shit!” Cortney whispered, almost to herself, looking down at her leggings.

“It can’t be that bad. He won’t hit girls hard.” Erin ventured, not too convincingly.

“Trust me, he does,” Summer said, grimacing at the memory. “And that was just two swats to get out of a detention for tardies.”

“That’s a point!” Piped up Cortney. “How many are we getting? Did he say?”

“Don’t think he said.” Summer said thoughtfully. “Bound to be at least three or four if it’s instead of a suspension.” The pretty senior shuddered at the thought.

“I still think we should make sex noises.” Cortney grinned. “The more swats he gives the more we moan: Ohhhh! Yes! Ooohh baby! You’re so masterful, can I have another one please?!”

The three girls, despite their situation, erupted in nervous giggles once more.

They were still giggling when the Principal’s door opened.

“Miss Fountain, you’re first up.” It was Coach Ellis at the door beckoning to Erin.

“Bend it over and stick it out bitch!” Whispered Cortney, making her friends giggle all the more. Erin was still unable to stop giggling as she disappeared into the Principal’s office.

“Let’s see who screams the loudest!” Giggled Summer, listening at the door.

“Scream? The only sounds he’s getting out of me are sex moans, heavy breathing and begging for more!” Giggled Cortney. “Can you hear anything?”

“Narr, just a bit of moving around and some talking, but I can’t hear what he’s saying.”

The two girls stifled their still uncontrollable giggling to listen.

After a short while Summer said: “He’s stopped talking, but I can’t hear anything else. Wonder what’s going on in there?”

“My guess is, Erin’s twerking!” Giggled Cortney.

“Shake that booty!” Summer giggled back, listening hard.

The two waiting girls stopped giggling abruptly as three rapid loud cracks rang out, and their friend Erin let out an almighty and alarmingly piercing shriek.

“Shit! Told you he swings fucking hard and makes it hurt!” Summer whispered urgently.

“What a day! Fucking hilarious prank on Coach, followed by a re-enactment of Fifty Shades of Grey with Tuck!”

The two girls started giggling again as the door opened and Erin came out, red-faced, with her mouth turned involuntarily downwards, looking shocked and in pain. She closed the door then grabbed her butt and bobbed up and down rubbing like crazy, her breasts bouncing.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! That hurt so bad!” She gasped, puffing and blowing.

Cortney burst out giggling at the spectacle her friend was making. Summer couldn’t help joining in, but Erin didn’t see the joke as she continued to breathe hard, desperately trying to rub some of the fire out of her madly stinging butt.

The office door opened behind Erin and Coach was there again, beckoning at the still giggling Summer.

“Miss Brennen, you’re up next.”

“Oh Jeez!” Gasped a suddenly terrified looking Summer.

“Fifty Shades Of Tuck! Go girl!” Whispered Cortney, making her friend look back with a nervous giggle as she made her way into the office, unconsciously passing her right hand over her ill-protected behind, and anxiously tugging the thin material of her stretchy yoga pants from the divide between her clearly defined round butt-cheeks.

The door closed ominously on Summer, but Cortney still had the nervous giggles, watching Erin almost trying to squeeze the burn out of her throbbing buttocks, without success.

“It’s not funny, Cort’. You’ll see.” Panted Erin. “It really fucking hurts!”

“You didn’t say ‘Is that all you got ?’ then?” Giggled her friend.

“I’m glad that’s all he’s got! He really swings at you!”

“At least you’ve got it done. I’ve still got to bend it over, stick it out.” Cortney giggled with nerves.

“I’m not done!”


Cortney’s incredulous question was interrupted by three rapid meaty cracks, and a prolonged shriek of agony from Summer.

“What do you mean you’re not done? You’ve had your swats. Oh Jeez, does he want to have us back in for another boring lecture about expected behaviour from seniors?”

“Dunno about that, but he says I have to go back in after you for more freakin’ swats. I’m not even half way!”

“You’re kidding me!” Blurted Cortney, again being interrupted, this time by the door opening and a red-faced Summer emerging, eyes sparkling with the first traces of tears, her lips pressed together and her hands clamped to her burning backside.

“Miss Black, let’s have you in here.”

Coach Ellis had followed Summer to the door and was already beckoning to Cortney.

The girls’ leader gave Erin a questioning frown, like ‘What the hell??’, and disappeared into the office, leaving Summer squeezing her blazing buns through her thin yoga pants.

Dr Tuck had his jacket off, his right sleeve rolled up, and the paddle already in his hand. It was bigger than Cortney had imagined. Despite the scariness of the situation and the now very real fear of the pain and embarrassment of being paddled, Cortney still had the nervous giggles. She couldn’t help herself as another wave of giggles surfaced just as Principal Tuck got in her face.

“Just like your friends, you are getting three swats for being in a prohibited area during school hours. You will then come back into the office to get a further five swats for vandalism.”

Even though the news was worse than Cortney could have possibly imagined, another nervous giggle erupted. Dr Tuck had seen this kind of uneasy hysteria before and he knew just how to cure it.

“I’ll give them three fast swats, good and hard, as an attention grabber,” he had told Coach Ellis and Officer Cooper. “That will stop this irritating giggling. Then, when they’re a bit more focused, they will get the full benefit of the real punishment!”

“Stand right there, Miss Black, facing the wall.”

Cortney’s legs seemed to turn to jelly as she moved to the clear space where he was pointing with the paddle. All thoughts of twerking and making sex noises had completely abandoned her as the awful reality of the situation hit home. Her palms were clammy suddenly and the rapid beat of her heart was thundering in her ears.

“Feet apart, bend over, hands below your knees,” he instructed, moving to her left. “Keep your legs straight, head up, don’t look round and don’t put your hands back.”

With all those instructions swirling in her head, Cortney felt the paddle touch her butt. The cool feel of the shiny wood made her realise just how thin her leggings were. She let out a little strangulated noise, not quite a giggle, just an involuntary sound.

Dr Tuck did a couple of practise swings, unnerving Cortney all the more, before swinging right back and delivering three hard swats in quick succession on the thinly clad full behind in front of him, making it flatten and bounce at every swat. Her instinctive reaction to straighten up after the first stinging swat was prevented by Coach Ellis placing a firm hand on her shoulder to hold her down and keep her bending over. The restraining hand was taken away as the third fast swat smacked smartly home.

Cortney howled in blazing agony and leapt up after the third agonising swat, clutching back at her suddenly burning bottom, bouncing up and down on her toes, gasping for air.

“Oh God, oh God, oh God!” She panted, screwing her eyes shut and rubbing frantically at the lower curves of her well-developed butt-cheeks.

“Look at me Miss Black.”

A blushing Cortney turned to look at her punisher, her pretty face no longer showing signs of disrespectful mirth, but contorted in pain as the worst of the horrendous burning sting reached its peak, then started to subside.

“Not giggling now, young lady, I see. That’s the first part of your punishment. Go and wait outside for the second part.”

Still puffing and panting, Cortney, just like her two friends before her, briskly made for the door almost as though jet-propelled by the fire in her burning behind, which she was still nursing with both hands.

Erin, who was beginning to recover from the worst of the stinging fire, couldn’t help but giggle a little at the plight of Cortney as she emerged red-faced from the Principal’s office.

“Jeez! My ass is on fire!” Gasped Cortney, rubbing like crazy. “These leggings made it like he was spanking my bare butt!”

“If that was your idea of sex noises you need to soundproof your bedroom!” Erin giggled.

“Fuck off!” Breathed Cortney, kneading her throbbing buttocks.

Erin’s renewed giggles were quickly curtailed by the door opening and Coach Ellis glaring right at her.

“Back in here Miss Fountain,” he growled, beckoning menacingly.

Erin swallowed hard, not giggling any more and followed the beckoning finger.

“I told you he made it hurt!” Summer whispered to Cortney.

“Yes, alright, thanks for being right on that, Miss Smart-ass!”

“Just saying,” Summer sighed sulkily, still absent-mindedly rubbing the seat of her own pants. “Any case, yoga pants are just as bad as leggings.”

“I’m bare ass underneath, just a fucking thong!” Hissed Cortney.

“So am I!” Summer snapped back.

There was a petulant silence broken after a few moments by a loud crack and a high-pitched yelp of agony from their friend.

“Shittt!! That sounded louder. I thought he couldn’t hit any harder than he did!” Gasped Cortney, looking at Summer’s similarly shocked face.

They froze, listening hard for a few seconds. Then another equally loud crack rang out, accompanied by a shriek from Erin. The two girls looked at one another in horror.

“He’s taking his freaking time with these swats, letting them sink in. Oh God, Cort’! I don’t know how I’m going to deal with this.” Summer gasped, clasping her hand to her mouth in despair and terror.

A third almighty crack rang out and this time Erin screamed. The shrill scream was followed by a long heartfelt wailing. “Owww-wow-owwwww!!”

Both Cortney and Summer were looking horrified. Voices could be heard inside the office, but it wasn’t clear who was talking, or what was being said. The two girls strained to hear without success. After quite a few seconds, they both flinched as another explosive crack sounded, accompanied by a shrill shriek and an urgent inhaled groaning sob.

“This ain’t right,” whined Cortney, clasping her hand to her mouth.

Summer looked on the verge of tears as a fifth wickedly sharp crack was heard, followed by a yelp and guttural sobbing. The girls looked briefly at one another, then looked away, neither one of them wanting to articulate her thoughts.

It wasn’t long before the office door opened and Erin stumbled out in a pitiful state. She was crying her eyes out, and had a distraught look etched across her tear-stained red face, her hands pressed firmly to her blazing behind.

“Miss Brennen!” Coach Ellis beckoned from the doorway.

“Oh shit!” Summer whispered to herself as she saw the state her friend was in. Very reluctantly she went back into the office.

As soon as the door was closed Erin started sobbing even more loudly, her face screwed up and contorted. Cortney looked aghast and didn’t know what to do or say, panicking about her own imminent fate, her bottom still ablaze from its first three swats.

It wasn’t long before the first loud crack rang out, followed immediately by a shocked high-pitched shrieked “OWWWWWWWWW!!” from Summer Brennen.

“Jeez!” Gasped Cortney. “I can’t fuckin’ believe it! It sounds like Tuck’s hitting even harder with these ones.”

“It’s not Tuck.” Erin managed to sob.

“What the…?”

Another crack rang out and this time Summer’s shriek of pain was even louder and more desperate.

“It’s Coach.”

“What?? Ellis is paddlin’?” Gasped Cortney, her eyes widening.

“And he ain’t fuckin’ playin’.” Whined Erin with feeling.

A third sharp crack echoed out, followed by a piteous wail from Summer, and the clear sounds of her breaking down in tears.

“Oh shit, this ain’t right.” Cortney hissed, looking round for divine intervention, which of course didn’t come.

The next swat didn’t come at the same regularity and there was the sound of a male voice from behind the closed office door, and the faint sounds of Summer’s crying.

“If you thought Tuck was bad, just wait. Coach is way worse.” Sniffed Erin, gingerly exploring the seat of her jeggings. “Shoot! My ass-cheeks are all swollen up. Just what I fuckin’ need. An even bigger ass! How are we supposed to sit down in class after this?”

A fourth crack suddenly rang out, and another yelp of pain from their weeping friend.

“It’s alright for you, I’m in fuckin’ leggings!” Whined Cortney.

Another really loud swat was accompanied by a shrill scream from Summer, and more outbursts of crying.

“It’s not alright for any of us!” Sobbed Erin, angry at her friend’s bellyaching.

The office door burst open and a very red-faced Summer walked stiffly out, clutching her bottom, and crying inconsolably.

“Miss Black!” Coach Ellis was beckoning.

Cortney’s mouth opened and closed, as though she was trying to say something that just wouldn’t come. Absent-mindedly, she tugged at the thin stretchy material covering her still smarting butt and with a disrespectful gasp of despair she went into the office.

Officer Cooper had a self-satisfied half smirk on his face, but the other two men were looking very serious and unforgiving.

“Right, young lady,” Dr Tuck said quietly. “Having dispensed with your silly giggling, you will now be punished for vandalism, which is a very serious infraction. Coach Ellis will give you five swats, and you can expect them to be hard.”

Ellis had already picked up the nasty wooden paddle and was walking towards the now panicking Cortney, who was rooted to the spot by the door.

“Over here to Dr Tuck’s desk.” Coach Ellis said, taking Cortney’s left upper arm firmly and guiding her stumblingly to the designated place of execution, facing the Principal’s empty chair. “These are going to be harder to take, Miss Black, so we’ll make the position a little easier to maintain.”

‘Gee thanks dude!’ Cortney thought, her mind in turmoil.

“Step back from the desk, then bend over and place your forearms on the top.”

The blushing senior darted a pleading look towards her Principal, as though expecting him to commute her sentence and send her on her way.

“Come along Miss Black, let’s get this over.” Dr Tuck said, unsympathetically.

Cortney gasped sassily again, stepped back from the desk edge and dropped on to her elbows petulantly, pushing her well-rounded and virtually unprotected bottom up in the process. It really did make a most inviting target in the senior’s tight leggings.

“These are going to hurt, but try to stay in position.” Coach Ellis said, not very reassuringly, whilst moving to Cortney’s left, patting the paddle against his left hand.

“Take it easy, Coach,” she implored quietly, turning back to face her nemesis. “These leggings make it like I’m as good as bare back there.”

“The consequences of your fashion choices are your problem, not mine, young lady. Face front!” Ellis snapped, making Officer Cooper smile as he moved to get a better look at Cortney’s splendid bottom.

The bending girl called Coach Ellis something really bad under her breath, then shuffled her feet apart and placed her sweaty palms flat on the desk, still acutely conscious of the stinging burn from Dr Tuck’s three swats. She cleared her throat nervously and shuffled her feet again as she felt the paddle rest against her tender butt-cheeks, the awful moment almost upon her.

Ellis patted her bottom a couple of times, making it wobble and ripple, emphasising the lack of covering and protection. Cortney clenched her butt muscles self-consciously. The moment she stopped clenching and relaxed them again, Coach swung right back, bending his knees, then let fly with a real hard swat, full square across her behind, flattening her butt-cheeks for a split second with an ear-splitting crack like a gun shot.

Cortney yelped like a scalded cat and banged the desk in anger and pained frustration.

“Owwww!! Jeez! That’s way too hard!!” She snarled, jumping up, grabbing her butt, and turning to glare at the man who had just reignited the fire in her ass.

“Turn round and assume the position, missy.” Coach said coldly to the red-faced angry senior. “You have four more swats.”

Officer Cooper was finding it hard to hide his amusement at this stand-off.

“Do as he says, Miss Black.” her Principal ordered. “Let’s get this done.”

“Well go a bit easier with that frickin’ thing!” Cortney snapped. With that she snorted, turned round and dropped back down on to the desk.

Coach Ellis got back into position, patted the girl’s sizzling butt a couple of times, then swung again, just as hard, connecting with an equally loud blazing smack. Cortney howled and shot up once more, grabbing back feverishly at her scorching behind.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” She gasped softly to herself, stamping her right foot on the floor angrily, her bottom lip quivering and her mouth turning involuntarily down as the tears started to form in the corners of her prickling eyes.

Ellis nodded to Officer Cooper and pointed to Dr Tuck’s chair. Cooper understood immediately and went behind the Principal’s desk to face Cortney.

As the bemused red-faced girl watched him, Coach Ellis caught her off her guard and pushed her back down over the desk. Officer Cooper quickly took hold of the suffering girl’s arms and pulled them towards him as he sat on the Principal’s swivel chair.

“Hey! What the fu…” She squeaked urgently, as the strong security guy slid his hands down to her wrists and pulled her further across the desk, pinning her in position, with her burning bottom now even more vulnerable than ever.


A hard swat smacked full across the seat of her woefully-thin skintight leggings. Cortney howled in agony and despair, and strained against Officer Cooper’s grip, desperately trying to escape and stand again; anything to stop this searing burning smarting pain. Cooper held her wrists tightly, however, staring unsympathetically into the girl’s teary panic-stricken eyes.


A fast follow-up swat flattened the senior girl’s blazing behind, further adding to her distress. Cortney screamed an ear-piercing scream and burst into tears, sobbing loudly, once again bucking and squirming to get away from Officer Cooper’s ever-tightening grip.

Coach Ellis paused as the girl had twisted her hips in such a way that he couldn’t smack the paddle square across both buttocks. He watched her whole body shaking with sobs as she pathetically cried, her knees buckling and bending.

“Last one. Square up please, Miss Black.”

“No, no, no-oooo!” She whined, then with a sob: “P-please, n-no more!”

The coach bent his knees slightly and reared right back to get a full swing. He saw his moment as Cortney twisted back round, her legs straightening and her buttocks clenching tightly, as if to shrink them away from the scalding hot paddle. He struck hard and fast, with a mighty crack that sounded like the hardest swat yet.

Cortney wailed and sobbed, as though her poor heart was about to break, viciously yanking her wrists from Cooper’s sweaty grip so that she could stand and grab back at her sizzling bruised butt-cheeks.

Ellis nodded to the security officer to say it was okay as the three men watched Cortney bouncing up and down, clasping on to her bottom for dear life. The girl was crying her eyes out, and desperately trying to squeeze out some of the sizzling heat from her swollen buttocks. As she bounced, so did her firm young breasts.

After what seemed an age to Cortney, but was actually less than a minute, her wailing sobs subsided and she opened her tear-filled eyes to see Dr Tuck offering her a box of tissues. She snatched one and wiped her red eyes. The senior girl had stopped bouncing up and down now, but she was still clutching her scorching behind, as though she was worried it might fall off if she didn’t. It felt swollen, puffy, hard and very hot.

Cortney barely noticed Coach Ellis going to the office door to get her two friends; she was so wrapped up in her agonising pain and self-pity. Erin and Summer miserably took their places alongside their weeping friend, shocked at how badly their usually cool ringleader had taken her paddling.

The Principal looked at the three woebegone tearful young ladies in front of him and delivered another speech about their unacceptable behaviour, which none of them really heard, as they were too busy massaging their sore bottoms and wondering if the sting would ever go. Their unconscious rubbing entertained Officer Cooper who was standing behind the girls with a half-grin on his face. Coach Ellis also enjoyed their obvious misery and discomfort.

The three girls found walking normally virtually impossible; their butts were so swollen and painful, almost tight and stiff somehow. Cortney, still crying softly, suggested they call in the restroom because there was no way she could even think about sitting down in class just yet. Her friends glumly agreed, and they all limped stiffly into the girls’ washroom.

How they all gasped and whined as they inched down their thin pants and leggings and looked at each other’s shocking looking purple bruises.

“It’s not right!” Wailed Cortney yet again.

They stayed there as long as they dare, but eventually had to face the prospect of going back to class and sitting on hard wooden chairs. At least they had all stopped crying by now, and they had been able to clean themselves up. It still didn’t take a genius, though, to spot from their red eyes and washed-out faces that they had all recently been in floods of tears.

As they unhappily emerged from the restroom, still walking awkwardly and stiffly, they were horrified to see Coach Ellis waiting outside, leaning against the wall with his arms folded.

He had happily waited as long as it took for this satisfying moment.

“Not giggling now ladies?” He asked rhetorically, a grim smile spreading across his face.

The End

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