Two new prefects pay the price for poor judgement

By Kenny Walters

“How are you two getting on in your new roles, girls?”

“Oh, fine thanks, Miss Henderson.” Clare Pearson answered as both she and Katie Holmes stopped and looked round to find the youthful and popular History teacher admiring their new prefect’s uniform of black trousers, white blouses and distinctive blue ties with narrow white stripes.

“It makes a nice change having two more academically minded girls promoted to prefects. How are you getting on with Rebecca Somers?”

“No problems so far, miss.” Katie smiled knowingly as she responded to their young teacher.

“Let’s hope it stays that way. Let me know if you have any difficulties.”


The teacher left the two eighteen year olds to continue along the corridor.

“What did she mean?” Katie asked when they were safely out of earshot.

“Mean? About what?”

“About us having problems with the Head Girl.”

“Oh, Rebecca Somers?” Clare nervously brushed her hand over her collar length straight blonde hair. “Only that being one of the athletic faction herself, she might not be too well disposed to a couple of eggheads like us.”

“Well, no, we’ve never been friends with her.” Katie conceded. “But what difference can it make to us being prefects, now we’ve finally made the hallowed ranks?”

“I don’t know. I’ve hardly spoken to her, have you?”

“No. Only when she gave us both the job of looking after the girls in private study. That’s been the only time.”

“That didn’t turn out to be one of our best moments, did it?”

“Not really. Still, Mrs Hodgekins soon came to our rescue so all was well in the end.”

Thinking no more of it, the two newly promoted prefects had a good Mathematics lesson which brought their afternoon more or less to a close. On their way to the prefects’ common room, they passed by the door of the small office provided for the Head girl. Once they would have stopped their conversation in deference as they went by but, with their new found status, they didn’t bother.

“Ah, just the girls I wanted to see. Could you spare me a moment, please?”

Clare and Katie stopped in their tracks.

“Er, yes. Of course, Rebecca.” Clare answered, looked nervously at Katie, and led the way into the small office.

“Sit down, girls.” Rebecca Somers waved the girls into two small chairs placed strategically in front of her desk. “So, how are you getting on with your new roles?”

“Fine, thank you Rebecca.” Clare answered.

“No problems then?”

“No, all’s fine so far.”

Katie nodded her agreement, happy for Clare to do the talking.

“No problems with the job of looking after yesterday morning’s private study group in the refectory then?”

“Not really, no.” Clare responded cautiously, wondering just how much Rebecca Somers knew.

“Only, I heard there was quite a commotion at one stage which meant Mrs Hodgekins had to leave her class and restore order. That’s not true then?”

Clare hesitated, leaving Katie a chance to speak.

“We did have to leave the room for a few moments actually, Rebecca. We told everyone to keep quiet and continue with their work.”

“Oh, I see Katie.” Rebecca tossed her long dark hair and smiled. “You just had to leave them, did you? Both of you at the same time?”

“Well, possibly not really.” Katie, too, found herself in difficulty.

“Can I suggest something, girls?” Rebecca leaned forward with her elbows on her desk. “I’m here to help all the prefects. That’s my job. It might be better to tell me the truth, the whole truth, so that if there to be any repercussions over any failure to perform your duties properly then I can help you avoid, shall we say, more dire consequences.”

Clare and Katie looked at each other, Clare giving Katie the nod.

“Well, in all honesty Rebecca, we were a bit silly.” Katie checked the security of her own wavy blonde hair, roughly tied back into a ponytail.

“Try and sit up straight, Katie. And I don’t think fiddling with your hair is going to help really, is it?”

“No, Rebecca.” Katie sat bolt upright after her chastening.

“Okay. Now, you were telling me what happened.”

“Yes, Rebecca. Well, my boyfriend phoned me on my mobile phone to say he was driving past in a new BMW his boss had let him test drive and he wanted me to see him in it. That’s all.”

“And the refectory being to the side of the building away from the road meant you had to find somewhere else to view this spectacle.” Rebecca stated something they all knew.

“That’s right.” Katie acknowledged. “It was silly really. I know now I shouldn’t have agreed.”

“That explains what you were doing at the critical time, Katie. Where does Clare come into this?”

“I was just curious to see what Katie’s new boyfriend looked like, Rebecca. She’s only known him a few days.” Clare spoke for herself.

“It’s always fun to see what someone’s new boyfriend is like, isn’t it?” Rebecca smiled and Clare responded similarly, leaving only Katie slightly perturbed.

“Unfortunately, girls, I can’t see our dear headmistress being terribly amused, being that she’s not exactly into the merits of boyfriends. I’m sure you know what I mean.”

“You don’t mean Miss Noakes knows about this too, do you Rebecca?” Clare quickly lost her friendly grin.

“Not yet, Clare. I’ve managed to block it from her so far. That’s what I meant about trying to be helpful to our prefects.”

“Does she really need to know?”

“That depends, Clare.” Rebecca Somers leaned back in her chair looking suitably concerned.

“I’m sure we’re willing to do anything to make amends, Rebecca.” Clare said as she glanced sideways at Katie.

“Oh, absolutely.” Katie agreed. “Extra duties. Anything.”

Rebecca laughed quietly. “I’m afraid it’s not quite that simple, girls. You really have let the side down, you know.”

“Yes, we realise that Rebecca.” Katie acknowledged. “But we’re eager to learn our lesson.”

“I’m glad to hear that, Katie. But there will have to be punishment. You do understand that, don’t you?”

“Punishment?” Clare looked startled. “Like what, for instance?”

“Hold on, Clare.” Katie interceded before Clare could get them into even more trouble. “Like Rebecca said, we did fail rather miserably on our first real task as prefects. We did wrong, so we have to be prepared to pay the price. It’s only fair. I expect the other prefects will want to be sure we’re not allowed to get away with it just because we’re new.”

“Just so, Katie.” Rebecca agreed.

“Okay. Fair point.” Clare conceded. “So what would you suggest, Rebecca? What would be a fair punishment for us?”

“I’d certainly like to keep this out of the headmistress’s hands if I can, girls.” The Head Girl looked sympathetic.

“As we would too, Rebecca.” Clare continued to look straight across the desk at the dark haired Head Girl.

“How about if I slipper you both here and now? Then it’s all done and dusted and we can move on.” Rebecca looked anxiously for signs of a hostile reaction, causing her to add: “I think you might find it a little kinder to your bottoms than Miss Noakes’ cane.”

“The cane?” Katie exclaimed. “You surely don’t think Miss Noakes would cane us, do you?”

“I suspect the opportunity might be a little hard for her to ignore, Katie.” Rebecca said seriously. “A little too hard to ignore.”

“Rebecca, as you know we’ve come to the role of prefect a little later in our school careers than is usual.” Clare looked seriously at the Head Girl. “We’re eighteen, for Heaven sakes. Don’t you think we’re a little old to be bending over for the Head Girl to dish out a summary slippering?”

“It depends on how you look at it, Clare. Would a week’s litter picking in the school grounds earn you respect from the other girls, or would that allow them merely to poke fun at you? Do you really think the ritual of a caning in Miss Noakes’ study will make the experience any easier for you? At least what I’m offering will be done in private, and I won’t tell anyone if you don’t.”

“It’ll get out, Rebecca. These things always do.”

“I’d still suggest a well taken slippering will earn you more respect than all that litter picking, which would be the only other option save for our dear Miss Noakes’ remedy.” Rebecca thought for a moment. “I suppose a caning from our headmistress does have a certain kudos though.” She said dreamily. “I think it’s the pain I wouldn’t fancy. That and dropping your knickers for Miss Noakes.”

“That’s just a rumour!” Katie exclaimed, surprised to find herself defending the headmistress. “Isn’t it?” She added with a little uncertainty.

Rebecca smiled but said nothing. Clare looked hard at Katie before addressing the Head girl.

“Do we really have much choice, Rebecca?”

“I believe I’m offering you the best deal.”

“What are you intending to do to us?”

Rebecca smiled as she sensed her will prevailing. “I don’t think you’d find six good whacks too demanding, do you?”


“And what?”

“Come along, Rebecca.” Clare sighed.

“Oh, I see. Well, I think as you’re so new to this prefecting game I’ll let you off with just dropping your trousers. You can keep your knickers on.”

“Clare!” Katie objected by addressing her fellow prefect.

“It’s the best offer I’ve heard, Katie. I don’t think this is just going to go away.”

“Very true, girls.” Rebecca added.

“Oh, okay.” Katie cupped her chin on her hand as she leaned forward and propped her elbow on her knee. “Whatever. Can we just get this over with?”

“Looks like you have us where you want us, Rebecca.” Clare conceded.

“Good!” Rebecca, obviously delighted, reached down and opened the bottom drawer of her desk. “I just happen to have something suitable right here.”

“Aren’t we lucky.” Clare commented sarcastically.

“Or do I?” Rebecca made a play of delving further into the drawer. “I might just have to send one of you along to the prefects’ common room for a plimsoll actually. Sorry if it’s going to cause you any embarrassment.”

Clare sighed.

“Oh no, it’s right here after all.” Rebecca brought out a large old white rubber soled plimsoll and held it out for the two girls’ inspection. “That was lucky, wasn’t it?”

“Very lucky, Rebecca.” Clare answered while Katie watched the rejoinder with some distaste.

“Would anyone like to volunteer to go first?” Rebecca asked sweetly as she got to her feet.

“I will.” Clare also stood up, not allowing Katie any say in the matter.

“Perhaps you’d like to bring that chair over here where there’s a little more room for my swing.” Rebecca pointed to a small but clear area of carpet to the right of her desk.

Clare picked up the small chair she’d been sitting on and took it over to where Rebecca was indicating. She placed it down again, the back facing towards where Katie was still sitting.

“Nice tight leggings.” Rebecca commented as she looked down at Clare’s figure-hugging black trousers.

Clare huffed at the comment. “I suppose you still want them down though?”

“Of course.”

“Anything to please.” Clare quickly thumbed the elastic waistband down over her hips and, with a little curtsy, pushed them down to her ankles. Her white blouse was short and did nothing to cover her brief pale blue knickers, but Clare took her time tucking the tail of the blouse right up out of the way and then smoothing her knickers out so that as much of her bottom as possible was covered by her underwear. “Ready when you are.” She called over her shoulder to Rebecca, who had been studying with some fascination Clare’s reparations.

“Okay.” Rebecca took up her position behind and to Clare’s left, then sneaked a brief look at Katie to confirm she, too, was watching every moment of the drama unfold. “Bend over.”

Clare immediately pressed herself down over the back of the small chair, taking hold of the edges of the seat to help support herself. With more than a little exaggeration she pressed her head well down and thrust her bottom out so she presented the perfect target for the Head Girl’s slipper.

“You are entering into this with enthusiasm, aren’t you Clare?” Rebecca told her.

“I just want to get it over with, actually Rebecca.” Clare disappointed her.

“Oh, very well then. Hold tight!”

“Yeeouch!!” Clare exclaimed as the slipper whacked sharply across her tightly stretched brief pale blue underwear.

“Sorry. Was that too soon for you, Clare?”

“Just get on with it, Rebecca.”

“Ooohh!!” Clare tried to keep silent as the next stroke crashed across the seat of her knickers, but failed.

“Uuunnhh!!” She grunted, as the slipper walloped her poorly protected left buttock.

Katie found herself leaning forward in her chair, her face a picture of concentration, as she watched the slippering of her friend. When Rebecca brought the slipper down a fourth time and Clare grunted sharply, Katie flinched almost as much as her bending colleague.

“Oooww!!” Clare cried as the slipper whacked across her right buttock, low down where her panties had ridden up with the punishment.

With the plimsoll held well above her right shoulder, Rebecca took aim and hurled the slipper down with as much force as she could muster. The slipper crashed across the very centre of Clare’s thin knicker clad bottom, and the eighteen year old cried out and arched her back with the intensity of the stroke.

“Thank you Clare. I’ll let you off with that.” Rebecca kept watching, though, as Clare slowly eased herself up from her bending position and delicately explored the damage to her bottom.

“You’re too kind.” Clare amplified her sarcasm with a fake smile before curtseying down again and sorting out the waistband of her black trousers that still cosseted her ankles. She took her time pulling the garment up and easing it back into place around her hips and bottom, then untucking her white blouse where she’d folded it carefully out of the way. Only when satisfied her appearance was neat and tidy did she stand to the side of the chair, opposite to where Rebecca still stood holding the slipper menacingly.

“Dear, sweet Katie.” Rebecca looked down at the anxiously waiting girl. “Time to take your spanking.”

“Right.” Katie murmured, more to herself than anyone else, as she rose from her chair. The few steps over to the other chair, the one with its back towards her, were taken hesitantly and self-consciously. For a moment Katie’s eyes met with Clare’s, and she saw both concern and pain in her friend’s expression.

“Ready for your well-deserved punishment, Katie?” Rebecca drew the girl’s attention back to herself.

“I guess so, Rebecca.” Katie answered, looking down at the top rail of the chair over which she needed to bend.

“Drop your trousers down first, Katie.” Rebecca smiled contentedly as she saw her words cause Katie to blush.

“Oh, yes.” Katie silently cursed her forgetfulness. “Of course.” The eighteen year old fumbled awkwardly with the elastic waistband of her legging style tight black trousers and pushed them down over her hips and bottom as quickly as her nervous fingers would allow. Even then, the trousers seemed reluctant to cooperate as she struggled to get them down her legs to her ankles. Finally, though, the job was done and she stood up straight again with her attention focused on Rebecca.

“How about tucking your top up so we can have a nice view of your lovely bottom, Katie?”

Katie blushed a second time. She was wearing a long white T-shirt under her uniform blouse and the tail was as good as a skirt in keeping her underwear hidden. Yet more scrambling with anxious fingers saw the blouse and T-shirt eventually folded up so that Katie’s brief white panties could be inspected by the Head Girl.

“Very sweet.” Rebecca commented. “Now if I could just ask you to bend over, we can get on.”

Katie duly leaned forward over the back of the chair, but it took Rebecca’s hand on the back of her head pushing down before she was deemed to be sufficiently far enough over the chair for her bottom to protrude and make a good target.

“Oh yes, very nice.” Rebecca admired Katie’s neat round bottom, making the girl blush yet again. “Are you ready?”

“Y..yes, Rebecca.” Katie screwed her eyes tightly closed. “Oooooww!!”

The slipper thwacked across the seat of Katie’s brief white panties with so little delay the girl had scarcely time to brace herself. The sharpness of the pain was also more than she had been anticipating and that, together with a sense of unfairness about the whole thing, brought Katie close to tears.

“Yeeeouch!” Just as Katie felt the effects of the first stroke ebbing from her backside, Rebecca slammed the plimsoll down onto the girl’s right buttock.

“Tut-tut, Katie. Anyone would think you’ve never tasted the slipper before.”

“Actually Rebecca, I haven’t.” Katie gasped her reply, now trying to come to terms with the second stinging whack from the plimsoll.

“Ooooohh!!” Katie gasped as the slipper cracked across her left buttock.

“Long overdue then, if you ask me.” Rebecca told her.

Katie kept quiet, resisting the urge to tell the Head Girl her opinion wasn’t required. As if to punish her silence, the Rebecca swept the plimsoll down and struck the bending girl firmly, right in the centre of her brief white knickers.


If the pain from the slipper wasn’t enough for the eighteen year old to contend with, she now had the indignity of Rebecca gently lifting the edge of her white panties and peeking underneath.

“Oh yes, reddening up nicely.” The Head Girl commented before taking up the slipper again.

Katie again ignored her, and in an instant found the plimsoll walloping her smartly across the lower part of her bottom.


“Getting quite sore now, is it?” Rebecca asked gleefully.

“Y..yes.” Katie gasped.

“Hold still. Last one coming up.” Rebecca told her, before adding: “For now.”

“Oooooooouuuccchhhh!!” Before Katie could respond, the slipper crashed down for the final stroke of her punishment, far harder than any of the previous strokes.

“And that’s you done.” Rebecca announced joyfully before wheeling away and returning to her desk. “Put the chair back where you found it, please.”

Katie slowly got up from bending over the chair and rubbed her bottom tenderly over her brief white panties, then raised her eyes skyward as a signal to Clare. With one hand on the back of the chair to steady herself, Katie reached down and retrieved her black trousers from around her ankles. She, like Clare before her, took her time arranging her trousers back into place, and then pulling down her white top which she tucked back into the trousers.

With an extremely solemn look on her face, Katie then replaced the chair next to the one she’d been sitting on what now seemed an age ago.

“There! A good lesson learned, I think.” Rebecca smiled happily at the two prefects. “Off you go, then.”

The End