A new school secretary learns how to assist with the hand caning of a senior girl.

By Kenny Walters

Belinda Goldfinch pressed the button on her office intercom.

“Yes, Headmistress.” The young female voice answered.

“Could you come into my study for a moment, please Lucy?”

“Certainly, Headmistress.”

Almost immediately, the white painted door opened and an attractive young female entered. Her primrose yellow floral summer dress immediately distinguished her from any of the school’s senior pupils where her young features might have caused confusion. Long blonde, wavy hair flowed around her slim shoulders.

“Ah, Lucy. How are you getting on with those reports?”

“About three-quarters the way through, Headmistress.”

“That’s very good, Lucy.” Miss Goldfinch’s natural owl-like appearance was only exacerbated by thin wire-framed spectacles perched half way down her nose and that, together with her name, earned her the nickname of ‘Birdy’ amongst the girls of St Clementine’s, even though none would dare ever utter the word in their headmistress’s presence. Silver-grey hair combed into a tight bun and fingernails so clean the tips were pure white served to emphasise the headmistress’s high standards.

“Your work during the three weeks you’ve been the school secretary here at St Clementine’s has been exemplary, Lucy.” The headmistress paused, allowing the pretty young woman to beam with satisfaction. “So much so that I think the time has come for you to take on another of the secretary’s responsibilities.”

“Yes, anything, Headmistress.”

“Tell me, Lucy, what is your attitude towards corporal punishment?”

“I’m sorry?”

“Corporal punishment, Lucy. What has been your experience of it?”

“None, Headmistress!” Lucy exclaimed. “No, I’ve never been spanked or anything like that.”

Miss Goldfinch smiled at the younger woman’s hasty denial. “No, Lucy, I was just asking whether you had any strong feelings about the use of corporal punishment.”

“Oh, well, no. None at all, Headmistress.”

“That’s good, Lucy, because unfortunately one of our sixth form girls, Nicola Davies, has got herself into a spot of bother. Have you met Nicola?”

“I think so, Headmistress. Isn’t she the girl who scored five goals in the netball match with St. Mary’s last Wednesday? A tallish girl with long dark hair?”

“That’s correct, Lucy.”

“I had a chat with her afterwards. She seemed very friendly.”

“Did she, Lucy?” Miss Goldfinch responded with a little less enthusiasm for Nicola Davies’ friendliness. “It appears she was also a little friendly with a couple of boys in the village yesterday evening. So much so that she ended up getting back late after ‘Lights Out’. Nicola is generally very well behaved so I’m not going to make a big issue out of it. Nonetheless, I think it very likely I shall be giving her a couple of strokes of the cane. Best to nip these things in the bud, I find.”

“Right, Headmistress.” Lucy replied without enthusiasm, having found Nicola Davies one of the more welcoming of the girls at St Clementine’s.

“That means I shall need you to assist me, Lucy.”

“Assist you, Headmistress?” Lucy’s voice now had a nervous edge to it, almost as though she had been sentenced to the caning herself.

“Yes, Lucy. Obviously I shall give Nicola a fair hearing but, unless she has some very good excuse, I shall then require her to take probably two strokes as her punishment. If that is the case, I’ll buzz you on the intercom to bring me a cane and the school punishment book which you’ll find in the locked cabinet at the back of the stationery cupboard. The key is one of those in the top drawer of your desk.”

“Right, Headmistress.”

“There are four canes in that cabinet. For Nicola, I’d like you to bring me the one that’s second from the right. It’s a springy little thing that will give Nicola a good shock but the effects won’t last too long. No more than a day or two, I’d say.”

“Right, Headmistress.”

“Once you’ve found it, bring it and the punishment book, which you’ll find on the shelf to the left, into me and place them in front of me on my desk. It will do Nicola good to have a good look at the cane with which she is to be chastised.”

“Yes, Headmistress.” Lucy answered, not at all sure Nicola would see it that way.

“I shall then enter the details in the punishment book following which I shall ask you to prepare Nicola for punishment.”

“Prepare her, Headmistress?”

“Yes, Lucy. This is the procedure I would like you to adopt for whenever we have to punish girls, so it would be useful if you could get used to it.”

“Yes, Headmistress.”

“In this case, I’m planning on giving Nicola the strokes on her hand. That means you will need to ask her whether she is left or right handed. I always cane the girls on their non-dominant hand so, for example, if Nicola is right handed then I shall cane her on her left hand. That way she’ll still be able to use a pen comfortably in her lessons tomorrow. Do you see?”

“Yes, of course, Headmistress. That makes sense.”

“Once it’s been established on which hand the strokes will be given, ask Nicola remove her blazer and hand it to you. Then ask her to undo the button on the cuff of her blouse and roll it back two or three turns so her wrist and lower forearm are quite exposed.”

“Oh! Sorry Headmistress, I thought the strokes would be given to her on the palm of her hand.”

“So they will, Lucy. It’s just that I find asking the girl to roll her sleeve up makes her feel more vulnerable and thus adds to the effect of the punishment.”

“Right, Headmistress.”

“Then, if you could move Nicola into the centre of the room with her left side facing my desk. I shall pick up the cane and come across to the two of you.”

“What? About there, Headmistress?” Lucy pointed to a spot on the carpet about eight feet from the desk.

“Yes, anywhere there will be fine, Lucy.” Miss Goldfinch smiled encouragingly.

“I’ll instruct Nicola to hold out her hand and, after making sure her hand is around waist height or just a fraction higher, I’ll administer the first stroke.”

“Right, Headmistress.”

“The cane is extremely painful when given on the hand, so we must expect some reaction from the girl.”

“Yes, Headmistress.”

“I’ll give Nicola a few moments to regain her composure and hold her hand ready for the second stroke. If necessary, I’ll instruct her to do so.”

“Yes, Headmistress.”

“I shall then apply the second stroke. Again, we have to expect some considerable reaction.”

“Yes, Headmistress.”

“After telling Nicola that her punishment is completed I will return to my desk, leaving you to offer a little comfort and support, perhaps even a tissue handkerchief or two. You might also need to do the button up again on her blouse for her and help her on with her blazer. Is that okay?”

Yes of course, Headmistress.”

“When Nicola is dressed again, bring her back to face me at my desk so that I can remind her to behave herself in future. I’m sure you know the sort of thing.”

“Yes, I think so, Headmistress.”

“Good. Now, Nicola is due here in about five minutes time. Perhaps you’d better get back to your desk ready for when she arrives.”

“Yes of course, Headmistress.”

When Lucy returned to her outer office, the reports she had been working on were left in abeyance as the young secretary struggled to remember all that Miss Goldfinch had told her. Even as her mind went over the procedures, Lucy felt a strange mixture of trepidation and excitement as she waited for Nicola to arrive. Although having no ill feelings towards Nicola, Lucy knew somewhere within her that she was actually looking forward to seeing the girl caned.

A gentle tap on the outer door awakened Lucy from her thoughts, the door peeled open and Nicola Davies’ face appeared.

“N… Nicola?” Lucy’s voice stuttered.

“Hello, Lucy.”

The door was pushed open wider and a tall, slim girl wearing light grey trousers below the black uniform blazer of St Clementine’s entered the secretary’s office.

“T… take a seat, Nicola.”

Lucy waved her hand in the direction of several chairs lined up along one wall of the office.

“While I still can, you mean?”

Lucy felt her face reddening, and she felt very hot under the collar.

“You obviously know why I’m here.” The sixth form girl continued.

“Y… yes, well, sort of. I mean, weren’t you a bit late, or something?”

Nicola smiled. “Something like that.” Selecting the chair nearest to Lucy’s desk, the eighteen year old continued: “What sort of a mood is she in?”

“M… Miss Goldfinch? Um. Good. Yes, she’s been very good with me.”

“Hadn’t you better let her know I’m here, Lucy?”

“Oh! Yes. God, I’m sorry, Nicola.”

“Don’t worry, Lucy. I’m not in any particular hurry.”

Nicola leaned back in her chair and took a deep breath. Lucy reached for the button on the intercom.

“Headmistress? I have Nicola Davies to see you.”

“Send her straight in, please Lucy.”

Even though both girls heard the response, Lucy looked across to Nicola and said: “Okay Nicola, you can go in now.”

“Wish me luck.”

Nicola, with another deep breath, stood up and brushed her long dark hair back before gently tapping on the door leading to the headmistress’s study and pushing it open. A moment later, and Lucy was on her own again and struggling to hear anything of the muffled conversation that was being held in the room next door.

As the minutes ticked away on the round wall clock in her office, Lucy was on tenterhooks as she awaited the call from Miss Goldfinch. After fully ten minutes had passed, still with no summons, Lucy was beginning to wonder if the caning had been deferred or cancelled and was half expecting Nicola to emerge unscathed from the headmistress’s study. The buzz on the intercom caught her by complete surprise.

“H… Headmistress?”

“Would you bring me a cane and the punishment book, please Lucy?”

“Y… yes Headmistress. Right away, Headmistress.”

Now Lucy’s heart was pounding against her chest and for some moments she couldn’t think what she had to do next. She stood up and headed for the stationery cupboard, and the locked cabinet inside. Her hand was almost on the door to the cabinet inside before she remembered she needed the key.

‘Blast!’ She said to herself, and went back to her desk. ‘Which one is it?’ There were a number of keys in the top drawer of her desk and Lucy had to search through nearly all of them before she found one with a brown cardboard tag that had the word ‘punishment cupboard’ written on it in black ink.

Lucy went into the small room that was used as the stationery cupboard and soon located the cabinet at the far end. She inserted the key, turned it and the door pulled open. She was confronted by four canes of varying lengths and thicknesses, all hanging by their crook handles on hooks inside the cabinet.

‘Oh God! Which one did she ask me to bring? Was it the second from the left or the second from the right? I can’t go and ask her. Oh God, Nicola will be waiting and fretting!’

Then Lucy remembered Miss Goldfinch had described the cane she wanted as a springy little thing. The right hand cane of the two candidates was certainly shorter than the other, and looked a little thinner too. Lucy unhooked both of them and tested the smaller one against the palm of her hand.

‘Ouch! That hurt!’ The young secretary exclaimed silently, and decided to test the other cane by swishing it through the air. It felt rather less springy. ‘This must be the one.’ Nicola decided on the smaller cane and soon located a red exercise book that was labelled ‘Punishment Book’ in the same black ink and same handwriting as the tag on the key.

Back in her office, Lucy paused for a moment and then tapped on Miss Goldfinch’s door and went in.

“The cane and the Punishment Book, Headmistress.”

As instructed, Lucy placed the two items on the headmistress’s desk in front of her and stood back. A quick glance towards Nicola Davies showed the sixth former biting her lower lip as she anxiously looked down at the cane.

Miss Goldfinch, meanwhile, opened the Punishment Book and began writing. As she did so, she spoke to the young secretary: “I’m awarding Nicola just two strokes of the cane on this occasion, Lucy.” Then, with a look up at Nicola, the headmistress added: “I shall not be so lenient if she has occasion to appear before me again, however.”

“Yes, Headmistress.” Lucy answered.

Nicola remained silent, still focusing on the cane lying on the desk in front of her.

“Would you prepare Nicola for her punishment, please Lucy?” Miss Goldfinch finished writing in the exercise book and closed it.

“Certainly, Headmistress.”

Conscious that the sixth former was now looking anxiously in her direction, Lucy felt her heart pounding again as she took a step forward and placed a hand on Nicola’s shoulder.

“Could you come over here, please Nicola?”

Lucy gently led the girl into the centre of the room, finding her remarkably compliant, and then found she was facing the wrong way, her back towards Miss Goldfinch’s desk.

“Can you turn and face that way, please?”

Lucy steered the sixth former round so that her left side faced the headmistress’s desk. Nicola turned as instructed, but also cast a pitiful glance at the young secretary, which did little for Lucy’s resolve.

“C… can you fold your cuff…?” Lucy stopped herself mid-sentence. “No, sorry. Can you take your blazer off, please Nicola.”

Nicola unbuttoned the black blazer and Lucy helped her unthread her arms from the garment.

“I’ll hold it for you.” Lucy confirmed, and folded the blazer over her arm. Lucy was now standing behind the sixth former and couldn’t help but cast her eyes slowly downwards, taking in the girl’s clean white blouse and then the light grey trousers that stretched quite tightly across a firm round feminine bottom.

“Undo the button…. No, sorry. Are you left or right handed, Nicola?”

“Right handed.” Nicola murmured gloomily.

“Then, could you undo the button on your left cuff and roll the sleeve back two or three turns please?”

Nicola looked round, as though needing to ascertain the secretary was serious in her request. Lucy said nothing, the expression on her face showing up her own anxieties, then watched as the sixth form girl struggled with the button. Finally, it came free and the cuff was folded back three turns leaving Nicola’s wrist and most of her forearm bare.

“Thank you, Lucy. Well done!” Miss Goldfinch got up from her desk and picked up the small slender cane. Then, with surprising rapidity, the headmistress was standing beside Nicola.

“Hold you hand out, girl!” The command was brusque and demanding.

Nicola hesitated for just a brief second before thrusting her left hand out, palm uppermost.

“A little further out!”

As Lucy watched over the girl’s shoulder, Nicola pushed her hand a little further forward away from her body. Within moments, Miss Goldfinch had rested the cane across the centre of the Nicola’s palm.

As both Nicola and Lucy nervously held their breath, the headmistress carefully raised the cane until it was practically vertical and quickly snapped it back down so that it cracked across Nicola’s waiting palm.


The sixth form girl snatched her hand away and grabbed her left wrist with her right hand, her face contorted in agony as an angry red line became clearly visible against the white flesh of her palm. Lucy spotted several tears trickling down the side of Nicola’s face.

After a good few moments had passed, Miss Goldfinch spoke quietly but with firm resolve.

“Hand back out, Nicola.”

Nicola flashed an anxious look towards her headmistress, and then reluctantly and hesitantly offered her palm forward to receive the second stroke of her punishment.

This time, Miss Goldfinch allowed the cane to hover just barely half an inch above the waiting palm, raised the cane vertically and flashed it back down with considerable force before Nicola even had a chance to pull her hand away.


Nicola grasped the wrist of her injured hand with even quicker speed and bent down as she tried to deal with the considerable pain the cane had inflicted.

“That concludes your punishment, Nicola.” Miss Goldfinch confirmed, and then nodded towards the young school secretary. “Lucy?”

Lucy took the hint and immediately placed a consoling hand on Nicola’s shoulder. As the sixth form girl continued to writhe in agony, Lucy noticed the tears flowing down the girl’s cheeks and immediately rebuked herself: ‘Damn! Forgot the tissue hankies!’

“Here, use this.” Lucy offered her own handkerchief and it was eagerly accepted.

Miss Goldfinch had by now returned to her desk and allowed Lucy to administer some comfort to Nicola while she sat and watched. After several minutes, though, she decided to bring matters to a conclusion.

“Lucy, could you take the cane and punishment book back, please. I’d like just another couple of words with Nicola.”

Lucy looked round. “Of course, Headmistress.”

Silently, the school secretary picked up the cane and the punishment book and headed for the door. As she left the room, she heard the voice of Miss Goldfinch.

“Now, pull yourself together, Nicola, and listen to….”

Back in her own office, Lucy went straight for the stationery cupboard and returned the cane and the punishment book to their original places in the cabinet and locked the door. As she came out into her own office, she met Nicola exiting the headmistress’s study.

“Oh, Nicola. I’m so sorry.”

“Not your fault.” The dark-haired girl replied sullenly, clutching her left hand in her right. “I was expecting more.”

“More? That looked bad enough.”

“The other girls said I should bend over if I was given the option. Apparently it’s not as bad that way.”

“Were you given a choice?”

Nicola shook her head. “Perhaps I should have asked.”

Before Lucy could respond, the buzzer on the intercom sounded.

“Lucy, could you come into my study, please?”

“Yes, Headmistress.”

“I have to go.” Nicola spoke after Lucy had released the button on the intercom.

“I’ll catch up with you later.” Lucy answered, before tapping on the door and going into Miss Goldfinch’s study.

“Sit down, Lucy.” Miss Goldfinch nodded towards a chair to the side of her desk. “Everything okay?”

“Er, yes, Headmistress.”

“You sound a little doubtful.”

“I suppose I wasn’t expecting Nicola to be quite so upset, that’s all.”

“It was probably because she’d never had it before. Girls get quite worked up when it’s their first time. She’ll soon get over it. Trust me.”

“Yes, Headmistress.”

“Well, you certainly performed your duties admirably, Lucy.” Miss Goldfinch beamed. “Well done!”

“Thank you, Headmistress.”

“Any questions?”

“No, Headmistress.” Lucy hesitated. “Well….”

“Yes? Ask away, Lucy.”

“Nicola did say that some of the other girls had told her to ask if she could be caned on her, er…. backside.”

Miss Goldfinch chuckled. “Did they now? That would be because it’s a little less painful that way.”

“If Nicola had asked.” Lucy continued. “Would you have allowed it?”


“Oh, right.” Lucy reflected on the answer.

“Which brings me to another matter, Lucy. Tomorrow, we have to deal with another girl. Something a bit more serious. And she will not be caned across the hand! Don’t worry though, I’ll go through the procedure with you.”

When Lucy finally returned to her own office and was able to sit down and mull over the events of the past hour or so, she knew she had chosen the right job, and that tomorrow was going to be a very interesting day.

The End