Finding it difficult to study, a prefect seeks help

by Holy Diver

It was now the spring of 1980. The senior girls were about to sit their final exams. The prefect, Laura Chapman, was stressing out about her own exams. As such, Laura was even more cranky than usual and prone to dishing out punishments for minor incidents. For instance, Laura gave Sophie Prior a spanking with the slipper for the crime of eating crisps too noisily in the common room when Laura was trying to study. Also, Laura gave Megan Taylor and Karen Hutchison spankings for talking too loudly in the common room. Laura knew she needed help. However, the Head Girl, Jackie Melling, was also too busy and particularly hard to approach, and Laura did not wish to incur Jackie’s wrath. Laura had a wild idea.

One day, Hannah Anderson was relaxing in the common room, listening to Gary Numan on her portable radio. There were a few other girls present. Laura entered the common room and approached Hannah.

“Hi, Hannah. Do me a favour. Turn the music down, I want to talk to you.”

“OK,” replied Hannah.

“On second thoughts,” continued Laura. “I think it would be best if we went somewhere more private.

Hannah immediately noticed that Laura had her slipper on her possession. She was nervous. ‘What had she done?’ wondered Hannah. Hannah felt it was best to follow Laura without complaint.

Laura led Hannah along the corridor. Hannah felt even more apprehensive. They then entered an empty classroom.

“Take a seat,” instructed Laura, curtly.

Laura then noticed the incredibly nervous look on Hannah’s face.

“Now, Hannah. I want you to know right now that you are not in trouble.”

Hannah immediately felt relieved.

“The thing is, Hannah,” continued Laura. “I have been stressing out a lot recently.”

“Yeah, I’ve noticed,” retorted Hannah.

Laura gave Hannah a sharp look.

“Be careful, Hannah, or I will smack your bottom. You know that I don’t tolerate cheek from anyone.”

“Sorry,” replied Hannah, sheepishly.

“Now, we can get down to business. As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted, I’ve been stressing out a lot recently over these exams. You and I both know how important they are. I’m on track to go to university, but I fear I’m losing my concentration when it comes to studying. I need help, but I don’t wish to bother Jackie about it.

Taking the situation in, Hannah looked more serious.

“So, what can I do for you?” she asked.

“The thing is, Hannah, and I know this is a highly unorthodox request, but I want you to give me some motivation.”

Hannah looked puzzled.

“Oh, to hell with it. I’ll get to the point,” continued Laura, abruptly. “I want you to give me a spanking.”

Hannah laughed. “What? Give you a spanking? Are you having a laugh? I’m not your mother.”

“No, I am not having a laugh,” retorted Laura, sounded annoyed. “I’m deadly serious! Either you give me a spanking, or I give you a spanking. It’s your choice.”

Hannah sounded hurt.

“That’s not a favour. That’s blackmail. I mean, if I get caught, I’ll be in so much trouble.”

“It’s a risk I’m willing to take,” replied Laura coldly. “Besides, I thought you would jump at the chance.”

Hannah looked uneasy. Laura noticed this, and took pity on her best friend.

“Look, I’m sorry. I wouldn’t normally dream of doing this, but it’s my only hope. Nobody else is interested in helping me, but if I could get this support from you, it would mean so much to me.”

Hannah considered. Then she agreed.

“Thank you,” replied Laura.

Relishing in her new power, Hannah stood up and brought a chair into the middle room before sitting down again.

“Right, Laura. I want you over my knee.”

Laura dutifully complied. Hannah felt so powerful having a girl over her lap. She lifted Laura’s skirt and pulled down her pants. The experience suddenly dawned on Laura. She was bare-bottomed over her subordinate friend’s knee. In turn, it was an experience for Hannah to have her superior friend over her knee. Hannah took a minute to examine Laura’s bottom. Although a tall but slim girl, Laura still possessed a rather shapely bottom. Hannah caressed Laura’s bare bottom. This was making Laura impatient.

“Come on, start already!” ordered Laura.

Laura’s rude attitude gave Hannah the incentive to give the prefect a taste of her own medicine.

Hannah raised her hand and slapped Laura’s right cheek.

Smack! Smack!

She then proceeded to smack Laura’s left cheek and continue on an equal rhythm on both buttocks.

Initially, Laura did not react too much to the spanking as, in her view, it was too tame. However, she then said: “Oh, put something into it, for God’s sake! It’s supposed to be a spanking not pat-a-cake.”

This dig urged Hannah to act harder and smack Laura’s bottom with more severity.

Laura soon found the strength of Hannah’s hand smacking her bare cheeks and the burning sensation in her bottom increase. ‘This is on,’ thought Laura to herself.

A flurry of hard smacks struck Laura’s bare bottom.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

“Ow! Ow! Ow! OW!” responded Laura. She was starting to regret her decision.

Hannah, on the other hand, was now enjoying herself immensely.

After a while, Hannah’s hand was getting sore. She felt it was best to move on to using the slipper soon.

“OK, Laura to finish up, I am now going to give you ten more hard smacks. I want you to count each smack plus I want to hear a number and a ‘Miss’ after each smack.”

This did not sit well with Laura.

“Oh, come on! I’m the prefect here. I’m not calling you ‘Miss’.”

“Do you want this spanking to continue?” replied an annoyed Hannah.

“No, Miss.” Replied Laura sheepishly.

Feeling satisfied, Hannah continued with the last ten smacks.


“One, Miss,” called off Laura. She felt so strange having to call Hannah ‘Miss’, yet Laura knew she had asked for it.


“Two, Miss,” replied Laura. Her bottom was on fire.


“Three, Miss,” counted Laura. Secretly, she was impressed with Hannah’s spanking style, but that didn’t make her predicament any easier.


“Four, Miss,” yelled Laura, tears now in her voice. Hannah was gaining a grim sense of satisfaction.


“Five, Miss,” bawled Laura, tears now streaming down her face. ‘Halfway there, thank God’ Laura thought to herself. This false sense of security caught her off guard with another swat.


“Six, Miss,” cried Laura. ‘Why the hell did I agree to this?’ Laura asked herself, mournfully.


“Seven, Miss,” sobbed Laura. Hannah continued to show no mercy.


“Eight, Miss,” blubbed Laura.


“Nine, Miss,” yelled Laura.

The last smack was the hardest of all.


“Ten, Miss,” screamed Laura. Her face was a mess and her bottom was bright red.

“Stand up,” ordered Hannah.

Laura got up from Hannah’s lap. Hannah thrust a tissue at Laura to dry her eyes.

“That’s only the first part of your requested punishment,” said Hannah. “I now want you to bend over the chair with your bottom still bare. Do not rub your bottom.”

Hannah then inspected her handiwork.

“Ah yes. Your botty is well punished,” announced Hannah, slapping Laura’s sore bottom. “Alas, you’ll be feeling some more.”

Hannah picked up the slipper most commonly used by Laura.

“I am now going to give you six of the best with the slipper,” announced Hannah. “I want you to remain in position at all times. Do not move. This is for your own good.”

Laura, of course, knew this standard lecture off by heart. It was normally Laura that gave this lecture and it felt so weird to be on the receiving end today, even if she asked for it.

“Brace yourself,” advised Hannah.

Hannah took aim.


“One, Miss,” called off Laura, her still damp eyes welling up with fresh tears.


“Two, Miss,” yelled Laura. ‘Damn, the slipper hurts a lot more than Hannah’s dainty hand,’ thought Laura to herself.


“Three, Miss,” bawled Laura. ‘Hannah’s not doing too badly for an amateur,’ thought Laura.

While all this was going on, the tyrannical headmistress of St Anne’s, Mrs Aileen Burke, was patrolling the corridors. She could hear sounds of spanking coming from the disused classroom.

‘That sounds like Laura Chapman being spanked,’ thought Mrs Burke. ‘This is most unusual. I had better investigate.’

Mrs Burke poked her head round the door and was appalled by what she saw.

“WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?” thundered Mrs Burke. “Hannah Anderson! How dare you use a slipper on a prefect? This is highly unacceptable. And Laura Chapman, why are you letting her punish you? Explain yourselves this instant.”

Mrs Burke glared at the two girls. Laura quickly pulled up her pants, even though the damage was done.

“Er, well. Um, you see,” stammered both girls. Neither of them could really talk.

“Follow me to my office,” ordered the Headmistress. “Hopefully that should give you time to loosen your tongues.”

The two girls silently followed Mrs Burke on the dreaded route to the Headmistress’s office. They were having a silent conversation. The look on Hannah’s face pleaded with Laura not to betray her. The look on Laura’s face read, ‘I might need to’.

The End

© Holy Diver 2018