(Author’s note: This story was not intended to be a read alone. To have a better understanding and to fully appreciate the plot, references, and characters, please read the previous installment of the series called ‘Signature Required,’ which is available on Over The Desk Spanking Stories.)

By Stinger Sam

The road to college had been a painful experience for Lacy. In her senior year, she had to choose between accepting a six day suspension, three swats with a paddle and three days of suspension, or take six swats with a paddle. After carefully considering her options, Lacy decided to take the six licks. She bent over the desk and presented her round bottom to be spanked by Karen, her principal at the time, in order to avoid any rejection letter by a university due to a suspension being on her record. As if her backside was not already properly punished, Lacy found herself again in Karen’s office for forgery and lying, only this time staring at a more frightful looking paddle that her mother would be using to tenderize her rear end.

Regardless of how bruised and sore her backside got in her senior year, Lacy managed to press on and graduate high school. With help from Karen, she got accepted into a prestigious college and decided to major in education. Her studies were smooth sailing, since she was bright and talented. Before Lacy knew it, she was on the verge of obtaining her degree. The school informed her that for internship, she must work under a highly respectable educator that was approved by the head of the department. Lacy knew no other person that she wanted as a mentor than her close friend and former principal, Karen Mitchell.

As fate would have it, there was a temporary position available as the high school secretary, since Miss Jenkins was on maternity leave.

Lacy went to Karen’s home and was greeted by Karen with a hug and a kiss.

“It is so nice to see you,” Karen said, still hugging Lacy. “Please come in.”

The two ladies entered Karen’s residence and went into the kitchen. Lacy took a seat and Karen poured the two glasses of iced tea.

“So, are you anxious about your internship?” Asked Karen, joining Lacy at the table.

“A little bit,” answered Lacy, sipping on her glass of tea.

“You will be fine,” responded Karen, smiling. “I’m going to show you the ropes. However, I would prefer if you stayed with me during your internship. I don’t want to be with you just for a few hours each day, but rather with you during the entire process. You will learn so much more and have a greater advantage of securing a good job position. It is a very competitive world and I want the best for you.”

“I would love that but I wouldn’t want to intrude,” Lacy responded. “Your daughter might not enjoy my constant presence and taking time away from her mother.”

Karen patted Lacy’s thick right thigh and said: “Don’t worry about Isabella. I have discussed it with your mother and she has agreed to let Isabella stay with her during your internship. Like myself, your mother wants to see you succeed. So what do you say?”

Having a beautiful smile on her face, Lacy exclaimed: “Yes!”

Karen clapped her hands and said: “It is settled! Go home, visit your dear mother, and return with your luggage. In the meantime, I’m going to start packing Isabella’s bags.”

Lacy returned home and joined her mother in the family room. As Lacy was resting, she reflected on her relationship with her mother. She looked over at the left wall that contained family pictures and remembered when her mother busted her bottom with that dreaded belt in front of Karen in her senior year. Even though she was 18 years old during that time, her mother gave her a thrashing that reminded her she was never too big to be spanked, which was confirmed by the words her mother spoke to her the day of her school paddling: “No matter how big you or your butt may get, you will never be too big for me to bend over my lap or take my belt to.”

Lacy’s mother fulfilled that promise to the letter. In addition to the spankings Lacy got living at home, her mother also administered a few, although not quite as severe, spankings during her college career, with the last one occurring the previous semester in her dorm in front of her roommate. Lacy found it embarrassing that the red shade of her butt matched the color of the waistband, leg openings, and ribbon of her white lace panties she was wearing on that day when her mother decided to remove her pants and bend her over her knee for six smacks with her hand.

Tanya looked at the expression on her daughter’s face, sensed she was disturbed, and asked: “Honey, what is the matter?”

“Nothing, just tired,” Lacy answered, staring at the floor.

“Lacy, I know when you are lying,” answered Tanya. “You know how I feel about dishonesty. Do you remember what happened the last time you were dishonest with me?”

Lacy looked up at her mother and said: “Yes, I remember.”

“Do we need to go that route again?” Asked Tanya. “Don’t test me. I love you dearly but I will bust your butt right now with my paddle if you don’t start showing me respect and stop lying.”

Lacy stood up and said: “You want to know what my problem is? It’s you. You have always been hard on me and held me to unrealistic expectations. You have constantly embarrassed me in front of my friends by lecturing me and spanking me in front of them. You refuse to treat me like an adult and therefore stop spanking me. I’m a damn adult; not a little child! I make mistakes but at least I don’t pretend to be a perfect saint and sit in church every Sunday while I have a large purple dildo stashed away that I use to pleasure myself with!”

With her eyes tearing up, Tanya responded: “I was hard on you because I love you and wanted you to succeed. I wanted you to make something of yourself and not end up in prison like your father. I’m sorry if you feel like that. I had the best intentions in mind.”

“Whatever, Tanya,” smarted off Lacy. “You know, I’m glad I’m staying with Karen and not in this hellhole with you. You may think you had the best intentions in mind, but think again. Keep telling yourself that at night if it helps you sleep.”

Having said that, Lacy went to her bedroom and retrieved her luggage. She exited her mother’s house without telling her mother a simple good bye. As she was about to get in her car, Isabella pulled up. Isabella got out of her car and made her way towards Lacy. The last time Lacy saw Isabella was over three years ago when Isabella was 15 years old. She still strongly resembled her mother with her long blonde hair and complexion.

“The hell cat that is inside is all yours,” Lacy announced.

“Geez, thanks,” responded Isabella. “FYI, the other hell cat is yours.”

The two girls shared a laugh together after exchanging those statements. Lacy was surprised; she always thought Isabella and her mother had a great relationship and looked happy together. It was just a few years ago that Lacy was staring at a great picture of Karen and Isabella together as she was in Karen’s office bent over and waiting for spanking.

“Do you think your mom is really that bad?” Inquired Lacy, wanting answers to her lingering questions about what it would be like to be a principal’s daughter.

“My mother can be very strict and punish me without the slightest bit of mercy when she feels I need correction,” responded Isabella.

‘Must be why I didn’t get any mercy or support from her when my mother thoroughly busted my ass in the high school office,’ Lacy thought. ‘I pleaded for mercy with my bloodshot teary eyes and with ear piercing cries but instead had my skirt lifted up again by Karen so my mother could reassume paddling me! Wasn’t it Karen who recommended to my mother to spank me with my mother’s old sorority paddle?’

“I know you have a great relationship with my mother, but let me tell you, I had had my fair share of spankings,” Isabella continued. “Do you think she only spanked other children and not her own daughter?”

“Yeah, I wasn’t for sure if you received the same treatment as the other students. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be a principal’s daughter,” replied Lacy.

“Are you still in doubt?” Asked Isabella, removing her cell phone from her rear pocket. “Have a look at this. This occurred one month ago at school. Me, the principal’s daughter, got my ass paddled by my mother, the principal, just so her secretary could witness my spanking with that stupid grin on her face.”

Lacy took Isabella’s phone and viewed the damage of Isabella’s spanked bottom. Karen had showed no leniency whatsoever; her daughter’s cherry bottom was as red as hers when Karen was finished spanking it.

“This is only one of the many spankings that my mother gave me,” Isabella added. “I am constantly getting spanked by her. I assure you, it was not easy being her daughter.”

“If you don’t mind me asking, does your mother always use a paddle to spank you?” Asked Lacy. “I mean, after all, the paddle is probably the most familiar implement that she is used to.”

Isabella rolled her eyes and said: “If you must know, if I was due for a spanking from my mother she would administer it right before bedtime. After I was dressed for bed wearing a shirt or a robe and my intimates, I had to see her. She usually sat on a bed or the sofa and laid me over her lap so my head rested on a pillow. She would lower my panties and lecture me while caressing my bottom. Once the lecture was finished, she clutched my right thigh, gripped her large paddle, and struck each cheek five times in rotation. Did it hurt? I dare to say that I didn’t easily forget my lesson since I had a continual reminder for several days. Happy?”

“Wow, Isabella. I have a new appreciation for you. Now I know that I didn’t get the raw end of the deal,” responded Lacy.

After the two longtime friends exchanged farewells, Lacy departed and went to Karen’s residence. The next morning, the two ladies went to school and it was within a few hours that Karen asked Lacy to come in her office so she could witness a paddling. The victim that afternoon was a linebacker for the school’s football time. This boy appeared to weigh around 224 pounds. Despite his size and being 19 years old, he was reduced to tears when Karen was done with him. After Karen dismissed him, she exited her office where she saw Lacy going over a stack of papers.

“With corporal punishment, students can avoid suspension and are adequately and swiftly punished. Schools can prevent losing great athletes. Students can avoid having a suspension on their record, and students respect and fear the principal,” Karen said, informing Lacy of the benefits of corporal punishment. “It’s a win–win situation. That is why I have always supported corporal punishment and always will. Am I wrong? Didn’t that licking I gave you in your senior year keep a suspension off your record, which would’ve had a negative impact on you getting accepted at that fine university that you are about to graduate from?”

“Yes, you are right,” answered Lacy. “But I must say, you really tore up my butt with your paddle.”

“That was the point. Did it not cause you to respect me as your principal and make you think twice before violating school policies?” Asked Karen.

Lacy took a deep breath and said: “Yes, it did. After that day, I didn’t want to step foot in your office.”

Karen laughed and said: “See? But in your case, you did return to my office in a matter of a short time and we both know how that turned out.”

Lacy started to blush and said: “Please don’t remind me.”

“Also, many schools require a parent or guardian to sign a corporal punishment notice and the student must return it to school. Once again, you are aware of that,” added Karen.

“How could I forget?” Lacy sarcastically replied.

“Well I don’t think Kylie and Tori forgot either, at least not for a long time,” Karen continued. “Anyways, the use of a corporal punishment notice serves many functions. The parent is informed of the student’s punishment, who administered and witnessed the punishment, and how many swats the student received. In addition, with the parent signing the notice, he or she is acknowledging that the student was spanked at school. And having a signed copy in our possession, we can present it in cases where the parents might raise objections later to the school board, superintendent, the media, or even to law enforcement. You never know what might happen. Besides, most parents would want to know if their child got spanked at school and deal with it in their own way. Wouldn’t you agree, Lacy?”

Lacy glared at Karen with a look of disgust on her face and said: “Yes, I strongly agree.”

“Good,” replied Karen. “Now you know the pros of corporal punishment notices. Let’s go to lunch.”

After living with Isabella for a few weeks, Tanya was growing intolerant of Isabella’s snotty attitude. She had so far refrained from being harsh or punishing Isabella when she deserved it. But as each day went by, it became more challenging for Tanya. She wanted so much to put Isabella over her knee as she looked over and saw that smirk on Isabella’s face as she was talking on her cell phone while reclining in a chair.

“Isabella, can you get off your phone and do the dishes?” Asked Tanya.”

“Hold on a second, Steph,” Isabella said, turning her head and now staring directly into Tanya’s eyes. “Why are you interrupting? Can’t you see I’m busy talking? Yes, I’m back. So what was you saying, Steph?”

Tanya was fuming over Isabella’s lack of disrespect. She grabbed Isabella’s phone from her hand and hung up.

“Excuse me? I wasn’t done talking,” Isabella said, sticking out her hand.

“Oh yes you are finished,” answered Tanya. “I’m tired of your bad attitude. I’m going to do something I should’ve done a long time ago.”

Tanya pulled Isabella up from the chair and sat down. She lowered Isabella over her lap and positioned her butt high in the air. She raised Isabella’s pink mini skirt and lowered her blue panties with black stripes.

“What are doing?” Objected Isabella. “You are not my mother!”

“I may not be your mother, but as long as you are staying under my roof, you will show me respect or I will paint your back end red,” Tanya said.

Isabella started wiggling and tried to free herself. Tanya locked her in place using her legs and left arm. She raised her right hand exceptionally high and slapped Isabella’s left cheek as hard as she could, resulting in sound similar to a fire cracker as her round left cheek jiggled.


“Ouch!” Screamed Isabella, kicking the floor.

Tanya raised her hand high in the sky again and struck Isabella’s right cheek.


Although Isabella was used to getting spanked with implements, her bottom was on fire as Tanya continued punishing it with her solid right palm.


“Stop it!” Screamed Isabella, still trying to twist free.

After several failed attempts to escape from the lock Tanya had her in, Isabella accepted that her backside was going to get spanked until Tanya thought it had been properly punished.


“Have you thought about your behavior?” Asked Tanya, smacking Isabella’s left rosy check with powerful force.


“Yes,” bellowed Isabella, with tears running down her face. “I have treated you badly and I’ve been a brat.”

“Very good, Isabella,” replied Tanya, examining Isabella’s roasted rear end. “I think things are going to drastically start changing for the better. Don’t you?”

“Yes, ma’am,” answered Isabella in agonizing pain.

“So do I,” responded Tanya, striking Isabella’s sore bottom one last time.


Isabella lay over Tanya’s lap and cried like a little girl. Although Tanya unsympathetically reddened the backside of her best friend’s daughter, nevertheless she dearly loved Isabella. She ran her hand through Isabella’s beautiful long blonde hair and kissed her head. She looked over at the results of Isabella’s spanking and the strong red glow from her curvy backside and decided that her bottom had been sufficiently punished and freed her. Tanya raised Isabella’s panties and lowered her skirt. After standing up and rubbing her spanked bottom, Isabella went in the kitchen and did the dishes.

A few weeks later, Lacy’s birthday arrived. Tanya, Karen, and Isabella threw a surprise party for Lacy at Karen’s residence. After they had dinner and cake, Tanya and Isabella returned home. Lacy was tired and went to the guest bedroom and changed into a white chiffon lace baby doll nightie. As she was about to lie down, she heard Karen calling her to come into her bedroom. Lacy walked into the bedroom and saw Karen sitting down at a desk and brushing her striking blonde hair with a black hairbrush. Lacy looked closer at the hairbrush and recognized it as the one that Karen used to spank her daughter’s bottom.

Like Lacy, Karen had changed into something more comfortable. Karen was wearing a red hot sheer mesh lace chemise. Lacy thought Karen was pretty, having wide sea blue eyes, shoulder length blonde hair, and a nice figure. But seeing this side of Karen made her believe that Karen was not just an attractive woman, but rather a very sexy lady. Karen’s milky breasts and broad thighs were made very evident by the attire she was wearing.

“Damn, girl,” Lacy said, causing Karen to turn her head and focus her attention on Lacy. “Look at you. Don’t you look hot tonight?”

Karen laughed and said: “Thank you. You look nice yourself. Have a seat on my bed.”

Lacy walked over to Karen’s bed and sat down. She looked in the floor beside Karen and noticed a gift wrapped box under her desk. Although Lacy didn’t mean to, she caught an eyeful of the black silk panties that covered Karen’s crotch.

“I wanted to tell you how proud I am of you and what a fantastic job you been doing these last couple of weeks. I know how much effort you have been putting in and I really appreciate it,” Karen said.

“Thank you, Karen,” responded Lacy. “I couldn’t do any of this without you. You have been like a mother to me and I want to let you know how much I love you.”

Karen smiled at Lacy and said: “I love you too. I also wanted to give you something, seeing how it is your birthday and all.”

Karen wheeled her chair away from the desk, got up, and bent over to retrieve Lacy’s gift that was under her desk. As she was bent over, Lacy saw the back of Karen’s round bottom that was partially covered by her black panties. Once Karen had the box in her hands, she handed the package to Lacy with joy in her eyes. Karen sat back down and watched Lacy examine the box as she continued to brush her hair.

Lacy opened the box and saw that the contents were dress clothes.

“Karen, you shouldn’t have. Thank you so much.”

“You are welcome,” Karen responded. “I know you will be needing these soon, so I wanted to lend you a hand.”

Lacy walked over to Karen and gave her a kiss on her right cheek and a hug.

“I almost forgot something.” Karen said.

“What is it?” Asked Lacy.

“I still haven’t given you your birthday spanking yet,” answered Karen. “I guess I got so caught up that it almost slipped my mind.”

“Are you going to spank my butt real good, Principal Mitchell?” Jokingly asked Lacy, lifting up the right side of her baby doll and slapping her bottom.

Karen chuckled and answered: “Not unless you deserve it, Miss Hicks. You may be all grown up but I’ll still spank that booty of yours if it needs it.”

Lacy giggled and said: “So where do you want me at?”

“How about on the side of the bed,” responded Karen, walking to the bed where she sat down and laid her hairbrush on the nightstand.

Lacy walked to the side of the bed and stood in front of Karen’s knees. Karen lowered Lacy over her lap and propped up her heart shape backside with her thighs. She grabbed a pillow and set it down in front of Lacy’s head. Lacy laid her head on the pillow and waited for her traditional birthday spanking from Karen.

“Are you ready?” Asked Karen, lifting up Lacy’s baby doll and revealing her underwear.

Lacy laughed and said: “Yes, I’m ready. I know I’ve been a bad girl this year so you should spank my butt extra hard.”

“Actually, I may have to now,” replied Karen in a serious tone.

Lacy became alarmed and asked: “What?”

“Yes, I may have to give that booty of yours a real good whooping,” replied Karen, pulling the back of Lacy’s white silk thong with her thumb and index finger with red painted fingernails and snapping it against her rear end. “You know how your mother feels about thongs.”

“But I’m not at her home.” Objected Lacy.

“I’m sorry, but that is not relevant,” retorted Karen. “When your mother and I discussed your stay with me during your internship, she made me promise that I will apply the same principals that she has taught you. I haven’t lied to your mom and I don’t want to start now.”

When Lacy crawled over Karen’s lap and presented her bottom to her friend and mentor, she was not expecting an actual spanking, but rather a playful birthday spanking. To her surprise, she was getting ready to receive a punishment spanking on her birthday, something new to her. Things were quickly turning sour and Lacy didn’t like it.

“Is my bottom still at least going to get the hand?” Asked Lacy.

“No, the hand is only for birthday spankings so good luck next year,” replied Karen.

“So what you are going to use then?” Asked Lacy.

No sooner than she spit those words out, Lacy remembered the conversation she had with Isabella in which she described in detail how her mother administered spankings at home. Lacy looked over to the nightstand and saw the dreaded large black hairbrush. She knew her backside was in store for a painful licking.

“Since you have chosen to wear a thong, I’ll be using my hairbrush on your bottom this evening,” answered Karen, playing with Lacy’s thong with her fingers. “Before we get to business, I must ask you something. Why do you like wearing thongs so much? I personally don’t have anything against them but they are not for me. I tried wearing them a few times but I didn’t enjoy have a string up my ass. From then on, I knew I was high-cut or bikini panty girl.”

“I’m embarrassed about panty lines,” responded Lacy. “I also think thongs are comfortable and they also make me feel sexy.”

“Well I hate to break it to you, Miss Hicks, but it is going to cost you a red butt for wanting to feel sexy,” replied Karen, closely examining a tattoo that covered a large portion of Lacy’s right jiggly cheek and caressing her bottom with her smooth right hand. “I do like your tattoo though; a pink heart with wings on both sides that has ‘Karen’ written across it with white letters. I can dig that. What made you get that tattoo?”

Lacy blushed and said: “Yeah, I got that tattoo because of my love for you and because you’re a hell of a spanker. That paddling you gave me in high school was the second hardest spanking that I ever got. My poor butt really felt it.”

“I’m flattered by your words. Maybe one day you will have a student compliment you on how hard you paddle. But for now, your backside must be spanked because you have misbehaved,” Karen said, lowering Lacy’s thong and retrieving her hairbrush from the nightstand.

“How many licks am I getting?” Asked Lacy, hoping that it would be few in number.

“How about five on each cheek? That shouldn’t be too bad, right?” Asked Karen, brushing Lacy’s bare bottom with the hairbrush bristles.

Lacy was about to answer but a sharp squeal came out her of her mouth instead as the brush greeted Lacy’s soft bottom.


Karen lifted the brush high in the air and struck Lacy’s left cheek.


“Ouch,” gasped Lacy, surprised by the level of pain from the hairbrush.

Karen rubbed Lacy’s bright red right check before slapping it hard again.


Lacy’s eyes were tearing up fast. She often thought what it would be like to be a principal’s daughter. As she laid across Karen’s lap with a stinging bottom, she now knew first hand.


Lacy let out a shrill scream as she was kicking her legs.

“Stay in position and do not move unless you would like penalty swats,” informed Karen. “I don’t use a leg lock nor do I hold anyone by force because I want them to freely consent to getting spanked by me.”

With her backside already on fire, Lacy ceased kicking and lay in position so Karen could blister her bottom until she felt it had been properly spanked.


Lacy gripped her pillow for dear life and attempted not to cry in front of her mentor and now disciplinarian, High School Principal Karen Mitchell.

Karen clutched the handle of the hairbrush and struck Lacy’s sore red left cheek.


Tears were now pouring down the sides of Lacy’s face. She realized that Karen was not limited to using the paddle but she was a competent spanker who could more easily punish any misbehaving bottom with whatever implement that she wished.


After the seventh swat from Karen’s brush, Lacy could no longer hold her composure. She lay across Karen’s lap and broke down crying.

Karen took her left hand and gently rubbed Lacy’s crimson red right cheek containing the tattoo that bore her name. She was thrilled that Lacy would have a tattoo on her bottom that depicted the great love she had for her but she was now in a position to punish Lacy’s mischievous rear end.


Lacy let out a piercing howl and struggled to remain in position.

“You are doing a great job,” Karen said. “You only have two more swats and your spanking will be over with.”

“Okay,” said a sobbing Lacy, stuttering as her aching bottom awaited more punishment.

Karen looked at the blistered red backside of her apprentice and slapped her right cheek as hard as she could.


A penetrating scream passed through Lacy’s luscious lips as she looked up at the dresser mirror and saw Karen’s cleavage as she raised her hand with the hairbrush in it. She kept her beautiful brown eyes fixed on Karen as she received her final lick.


Karen pulled up Lacy’s thong and kissed the back of her head.

“I never enjoy giving you a punishment spanking,” Karen said, running her fingers through Lacy’s long light brown curly hair. “I think of you as my own daughter and would never treat you any different.”

“I know you wouldn’t treat me any different than Isabella,” replied Lacy, reflecting on her recently acquired knowledge of Isabella’s spankings. “And I love you too and I always will.”

“We should probably get to bed because we have a big day tomorrow,” Karen said, lowering Lacy’s baby doll nightie.

Lacy got up and gave Karen a hug and proceeded to walk out of the bedroom while rubbing her red spanked bottom.

“Lacy?” Karen said.

“Yes?” Asked Lacy.

“Change your underwear unless you would like another spanking,” ordered Karen.

Across town, Tanya and Isabella were having a pleasant chat. Isabella’s outlook on Tanya had radically changed since Tanya put Isabella in her place. Isabella no longer treated Tanya with contempt and now respected Tanya, knowing full well that Tanya would chastise her bottom if she stepped out of line. Because of Isabella’s transformation, the two ladies started bonding.

“So, my mother told me you thoroughly reddened her bottom in college. I bet that was fun,” giggled Isabella.

Tanya laughed and said: “It was fun, but not for her, nor for her butt.”

“May I see the paddle that you used on her?” Asked Isabella.

“Sure, hold on a second,” responded Tanya, going to her bedroom.

‘I’ve heard horror stories about this paddle. Surely it can’t be as bad as what mom said,’ Isabella thought.

Isabella gasped when she saw Tanya carrying her sorority paddle in her right hand. Isabella was all too familiar with her mom’s school paddle since she had found herself bent over the desk on a few occasions, but this piece sent shivers down her spine. This legendary paddle was 24 inches long, 4 inches wide, and a 1 inch thick blade with numerous holes in the business end. Beholding its sight caused Isabella to fully understand how a strong woman like her mother was reduced to tears when punished by this paddle.

“Have a closer look,” Tanya said, passing her paddle to Isabella. “Terrifying, I know. I have never had it used on me, but every person I used it on bawled like a baby after they visited with it.”

“It’s badass. Oops, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say that,” responded Isabella.

“I’ll let you slide this once,” Tanya said, winking at Isabella with her right eye. “Here, I want you to have it.”

“Thank you,” replied Isabella, taking new her gift from Tanya. “So, how does it feel? Is it as awful as what I heard it was?”

“It’s pretty ruthless,” answered Tanya. “After seeing the effects it had on your mother’s rear end, I retired it; that was until I used it on Lacy in her senior year.”

Isabella reasoned this paddle would be devastating but wanted to experience it first hand. She desperately wanted Tanya to give her a demonstration on her bottom but was too embarrassed to ask. Seeing that Tanya was not going to ask, Lacy decided to make her move.

“Miss Tanya, umm, would you do the honors and spank my butt with it?” requested Isabella, blushing and shaking.

Tanya, having a look of disbelief, responded: “You want me to spank to you? And with this paddle?”

Isabella staring at the floor and having a flushed face and shaking, responded: “Yes, ma’am.”

“Why?” asked Tanya. “Don’t you know how bad it would hurt? Go to bed, Isabella.”

“Please, I want to know if what I heard was true or an exaggeration,” pleaded Isabella.

“Some things are better left unknown,” replied Tanya. “Trust me on this. I’m going to bed. Have a good night.”

Isabella stood there with her new paddle in her hand as she watched Tanya exit the room. She was angry that Tanya didn’t agree to spank her. She sat down in the chair in disgust and pouted. After an hour passed, she couldn’t take it anymore. She snuck into Tanya’s room and saw her sound asleep. Tanya was sleeping on her right side and was wearing a blue coral print sleeveless nightgown. Lacy noticed the pink panties that were riding up Tanya’s nice round butt as she laid there sound asleep. Isabella went to the kitchen, picked up a plate and threw it in the floor, causing it to shatter into several pieces.

Tanya woke up and went to the kitchen where she saw Isabella holding a fine wine glass in her right hand.

“What are you doing?” Demanded Tanya. “Stop it right now!”

“Isabella looked in Tanya’s direction and, with a smile on her face, she replied: “Sorry, I couldn’t hear you. Can you repeat that?”

After saying that, Isabella threw the wine glass on the floor, breaking it into numerous pieces at the feet of Tanya.

“You want a spanking with that paddle?” Asked Tanya. “Congratulations! You have just earned one. Get in the family room. Now!”

Isabella was pleased she was about to get what she requested. She gladly followed Tanya into the family room. Little did she suspect that her excitement was about to turn into misery.

“Bend over and grab your ankles,” ordered Tanya. “Don’t move during the paddling or you will be getting penalty swats. Understood?”

“Yes, Miss Tanya,” replied Isabella, bending over and presenting her bottom to Tanya, still with a smile on her face.

Tanya lowered Isabella’s dark heather grey sleep pants with white lace trim.

“You nightie is also in the way,” announced Tanya, raising Isabella’s matching nightie, which provided Tanya a clear view of the motto blue boy brief panties with white crochet trim that covered her backside. “There, that is more like it.”

Isabella was used to bending over an object whenever she was paddled. With her grabbing her ankles, her panties stretched tightly across her bottom which was pushed out and raised high in the air as far as it possibly could. She felt the presence of her new paddle on her rear end. Feeling that cold, solid, and unwelcoming presence caused her to question her persistent request to be spanked with it. After Tanya tapped the paddle against her backside two times, Isabella knew she had made a mistake.

“Tanya, I changed my mind. I no longer want to be spanked.”

Tanya rubbed the ghastly paddle across Isabella’s rear end and answered: “Too bad. You should have thought about that before breaking my dishes.”

With her wide brown eyes beginning to tear up, Isabella said: “I’m sorry, Tanya. I…”


A thunderous explosion filled the room before Isabella could finish the sentence. Was the paddle faithful to its reputation? Isabella sure thought so. After the first swat made contact with its target, Isabella broke down crying.

“You have two more swats coming,” informed Tanya, lining up her former paddle with the sore backside of its new owner.


Isabella hollered in excruciating pain. She had faced her mother’s hairbrush and paddle, but nothing compared to the pain that her panty covered bottom was now experiencing.

“Do you still want me to spank you with this paddle?” Asked Tanya, tapping the blade against the palm of her left hand.

“No,” whispered Isabella.

“Are you sure?” Tanya persisted. “I could give you more swats if you would like.”

“No more, please,” whimpered Isabella.

“Just thought I would double check,” replied Tanya, lining up the paddle against Isabella’s burning bottom. “Your mother sure didn’t want third helpings, nor did Lacy want second helpings, but I wasn’t for sure about you. Last lick.”


“Ouch,” screamed Isabella, remaining bent over and sobbing like a well spanked schoolgirl.

Tanya raised Isabella’s sleep pants and lowered her nightie. Isabella got up and looked at Tanya with her bloodshot eyes.

Tanya handed the paddle to her and asked: “Was it everything that you heard?”

“”Yes and more,” replied Isabella, rubbing her throbbing bottom with her left hand.

“I tried to warn you,” responded Tanya, walking away. “Now clean the kitchen. And just to let you know, from now on you are on probation. If you misbehave, you will be getting the board again. No more games.”

The next day at school passed by rather quickly for Lacy. Lacy was relived her backside was not as tore up as she anticipated. Later in the afternoon, Isabella got sent to the office which caused Lacy to think she would be called in to witness Isabella’s punishment. After a few minutes, Isabella exited the office and glared at Lacy as she was passing by. Lacy wondered why Isabella gave her such a nasty look but figured she was probably just in a bad mood. The dismissal bell rung and Lacy was looking forward to enjoying the rest of her day.

“Where do you think you’re going,” asked Karen, placing her hand on Lacy’s shoulder as she was exiting office. “Don’t you remember me telling you last night that today was going to be a long day?”

“What else needs to be done?” Asked Lacy.

“Come in my office and let’s have a chat about that,” responded Karen.

They returned to the office and Karen shut the door behind them. As they sat down at the desk, there was a knock on the office door.

“Come in,” shouted Karen. “Thanks for coming, Principal Collins,” she added as the junior high principal, entered her office. “Please have a seat. Lacy, this is the lady that had the pleasure of dealing with Tori. Principal Collins, this is Lacy. As I have already told you, Lacy is here for her internship.”

Principal Collins laughed and said: “Nice to formally meet you. I never had the honor of being your principal, since I started here in your senior year but I feel like I know you since I’ve heard so much about you, especially about your collaboration with Tori and Kylie a few years ago. From what Karen said, your mother really tanned your bottom well. But let me assure you, you were not alone. I gave Tori what she deserved, as Principal Mitchell can tell you. I also witnessed Kylie’s paddling. Boy, did she leave in great remorse! In fact, we punished both girls together in this office with the same paddle. I was glad to hear that you learned your lesson and now I see you have become a fine young lady.”

Lacy didn’t enjoy hearing about Kylie and Tori’s punishment. The two sisters felt betrayed by Lacy and ever since then they held a grudge against her. This pleasant day was now turning bitter for Lacy. She wanted to go home and relax but now she was forced be in the mist of two principals discussing corporal punishment.

Lacy took a deep breath and said: “Let’s cut to the chase. What is going on?”

“As a future educator, you will be administering corporal punishment to misbehaving students,” responded Karen. “Seeing how that is, you should have an adequate knowledge of how it feels to be on the receiving end of a paddling so you won’t use excessive force or give too many swats to a student in one day.”

“Stop right there,” demanded Lacy, sensing that her bottom was in danger. “I know how it feels to be paddled; you and my mother both spanked my butt real good with it. So needless to say, I think we can pass.”

“Those instances were extreme and the opposite of the norm,” retorted Karen. “To be a successful educator, you need to know what a typical paddling feels like. This exercise is solely intended to benefit you.”

Rolling her eyes, Lacy gave in and said: “Fine.”

“Before you administer corporal punishment to a student, you want to fully explain what offense they have committed and the exact number of swats they will receive, which is normally three per an offense. After you have completed those steps, you need to collect a witness, such as I have done with Principal Collins. I know you’re accustomed to ‘the bent over and hands on ankles position’ that your mother enjoys employing with you, but in a school setting it is preferred to have the student to bend over an object such as a chair or a desk. The only time I would consider using ‘the bend over and hands on ankles position’ is if the paddling were to occur in the hallway. So let’s stand up and begin.” Karen said.

The three ladies stood up. Lacy observed Principal Collins scooting back the chairs and clearing a spot on Karen’s desk.

“Did you notice how Principal Collins pushed the chairs against the walls and cleared a spot on my desk?” Asked Karen. “She did this so the principal has enough room to properly swing the paddle and the student has a place to bend over. So what are you waiting for? Get in position. I want you to bend way over and place your elbows on the desk.”

It was just a few years ago that Lacy was last bent over Karen’s desk and was waiting for a spanking. Lacy bent over and rested her voluptuous breasts that were covered by her white sleeveless blouse on Karen’s desk and saw the same picture of Karen and her daughter that she stared at before getting her backside lit on fire.

“Why have you still got the same picture of you and Isabella hanging up?” Asked Lacy.

“I’ve been busy paddling the bottoms of mischievous students such as yourself,” jokingly answered Karen, tapping her paddle against Lacy’s black mini skirt. “On a serious note, I can’t stress enough that you must tell the student to stay in position and to look straight ahead at all times. If a student moves, you could strike the wrong place and cause an injury. That is why the threat of penalty swats is often resorted to.”

“Thanks for informing me, Karan. I thought you were just being mean,” Lacy sarcastically said.

“Keep it up and I’ll give your butt an extra lick,” warned Karen in a playful manner. “Seriously, if the student is offensive during the paddling, you can add extra swats but keep it within reason. Here we go.”

Lacy no longer felt that all too familiar presence on her backside and she braced for impact, fully knowing what to expect from her former principal.


Lacy’s eyes started tearing up when the first swat made a crash landing against her bottom. Lacy reckoned that Karen, or formerly known to her as Principal Mitchell, still had her technique intact and was not rusty one bit. Unlike that fateful day in her senior year, Karen had on a creamy white pantsuit, which brought out her beautiful blonde hair and sea blue eyes. Karen rubbed her paddle on Lacy’s sore bottom and swung hard.


Lacy let out a loud scream and with tears running down her face, she looked over at Principal Collins standing at the door, watching Karen punish her backside.

“Lacy, turn back around or you will be getting a penalty swat,” warned Karen.

Lacy didn’t want any extra swats, especially since her bottom was still sore from receiving the hairbrush the night before. She quickly turned around and presented her bottom to Karen for her to punish accordingly.

Karen rubbed her paddle across the seat of Lacy’s aching backside and said: “I know you will be a great educator, but at this moment, you must face what you will soon be dishing out. Understand?”

Trying not to cry, Lacy responded: “I know.”

“Good, so don’t abuse your power,” replied Karen, striking Lacy’s bottom with intense force.


Lacy almost broke down and cried in front of the two principals. She closed her eyes, clinched her teeth, and remained bent over in an attempt to not crack up.

“Thank you, Principal Collins. You may leave.” Said Karen, putting her paddle behind the file cabinet and taking a seat at her desk.

“Good luck with your internship, Lacy,” responded Principal Collins, exiting the office and closing the door behind her.

Lacy stood up her and placed her hands on her throbbing bottom for a moment and then sat down.

“You are still quite the spanker,” said Lacy, wiping tears from eyes.

Karen giggled and replied: “And you can still take a paddling very well. This time you didn’t crack like you did last time.”

“Well, that last paddling was definitely more severe,” replied Lacy, retrieving her cell phone from her purse. “After you spanked my bottom, there was no way I wanted the belt from my mother. That was why I was willing to do whatever it took for her not to see that damn corporal punishment form. Whether it was enduring high anxiety as I searched her room for check copies to seeking out help from Kylie, I was willing to go the extra mile.”

“But it didn’t pay off, did it?” Karen asked, having a grin on her face.

“No, it didn’t,” answered Lacy. “It only made the situation worse, as you are aware of. By the way, do you remember this?”

Karen took Lacy’s phone and said: “I sure do. It is my handiwork on your backside. How could I forget Melissa posting that picture on social media and the comments that followed? What a mess.”

“I was so ashamed that I deleted my social medial account after her posts and just recently opened a new one. Which reminds me, when did Melissa delete the post on her wall?” Asked Lacy.

“After three paddlings, Melissa finally gave in,” answered Karen. “I was beginning to wonder if she was not going to give in.”

“What did you think about some of the comments there were made on the school’s page about that picture?” Asked Lacy. “I specifically remember one male student commenting that he ‘would bend over for that hottie, Principal Mitchell, and let her spank me any day of the week.’”

“Uneducated and disrespectful,” replied Karen. “It is funny you mentioned that particular comment because I brought Justin to my office a few days later and asked him about what he wrote. I asked if ‘he would like to bend over for me so I could spank him.’ That smile and look of excitement turned into a redden face and fountain of tears when I was finished with him. He never returned to my office ‘to bend over for this hottie.’”

“Well, I got Melissa back,” replied Lacy, taking her phone from Karen and pulling up a video. “Watch this.”

Karen took the phone and watched the video. It displayed Melissa getting ruthlessly paddled by Karen in the hallway as many students witnessed the event.

“You are a naughty girl,” responded Karen. “Did you post this on social media?”

“It was tempting but I declined,” answered Lacy. “I figured if I did, I would be back in your office or worse, in the hallway like she was.”

“You were absolutely right,” responded Karen. “If you would have posted the video and I caught wind of it, you would have faced the same fate as Melissa did. With that said, I do understand why you would have been tempted to make the video go viral but I’m glad you chose to do the right thing. Which brings me to your mother; I know you have been angry with her. What is going on?”

“My mother has always been hard on me,” answered Lacy, crossing her arms. “She has continuously held me to unrealistic expectations and when I failed, she punished me, sometimes even in front of my friends. I hate to break it to her, but she is not a saint either. When I searched her dresser drawer while I was looking for her check copies, I found a big dildo mixed in with her panties. She is a Christian and the last time I checked, they are not supposed to have things like that.”

“Was it dark purple, crystal jelly, and about eight inches long with a suction cup on the end?” Asked Karen.

“How do you know? Hopefully you two didn’t share it,” jokingly asked Lacy, now laughing and smiling.

“Yeah, like I borrowed it last night,” replied Karen, rolling her eyes. “That dildo you found, I actually purchased it for your mother. After your father was sent to prison, your mother had a hard time trusting men. Since she wasn’t ready to date again but still had strong sexual urges, I thought it would be a good ideal to buy her that gift.”

“But she is an ultra conservative Christian and shouldn’t be owning things like that!” Objected Lacy.

“And she is also a woman,” responded Karen. “Now it is you who are holding her to unrealistic expectations. You are assuming that if a person becomes religious that they should not have sexual feelings, and if they do, the urges must be suppressed. Listen to me, even the most religious and right-winged individuals have sexual urges. That is our biology, it is who we are. To suppress those natural desires is not healthy, trust me. Your mother, being a normal woman, enjoyed that gift and thanked me for it. After she used it a few times, she recommended that I should get one since Isabella’s father ‘came out’ and we split up shortly after that. If it makes any difference on how you view your mother, I decided to purchase a similar dildo based on her suggestion except for mine is black so don’t be so judgmental with your mother; we’re all women. If I recall, I remember reading a certain someone’s text messages a few years ago.”

Lacy felt guilty and looked down in shame. She realized she had misjudged her mother and expected too much from her.

“You’re right, Karen,” replied Lacy with tears of sorrow in her eyes. “I was wrong to demand for her to stop being a human being.”

“And about her treatment towards you, she was so afraid that you would end up in prison like your father,” added Karen. “I have known you since you were a baby and even though you are a copy of your mother, in the inside you are just like your father. Your mother knew this and was afraid. She had the best intentions and never did anything out of spite. She loved you and always will. Please do the right thing.”

“Karen, may I use the office phone,” Lacy asked, trying not to cry. “My cell phone is about dead.”

“Yes, you may,” answered Karen with a look of satisfaction across her face.

“Mommy, I’m so sorry for how I have been treating you lately,” Lacy sobbingly said.

That night, Tanya and Isabella decided to play some card games. Isabella recalled her mother told her about Tanya losing a game of a dice to her and was paddled afterwards. She thought it would be interesting to increase the stakes and not to mention capitalize on an opportunity to give back some of the pain and humiliation that she had received at the hands of Tanya.

“Tanya, how about we make things interesting,” asked Isabella, smirking at Tanya.

“What do you have in mind?” Replied Tanya, staring at Isabella in her eyes.

“A game of dice. The best out of three. Loser gets spanked with the sorority paddle.”

Hearing those words reminded Tanya of the paddling she received from Karen for losing at the exact same game. She didn’t want to lose again and certainly didn’t want to be spanked with her horrifying former paddle. However, she also didn’t want to appear as a gutless coward in front of someone young enough to be her daughter.

‘I’m older and wiser than Isabella,’ Tanya thought. ‘This is not college days nor a repeat of events. Surely I will win.’

“You’re on,” answered Tanya, getting up and returning with a pair of dice. “Roll.”

Isabella took a hold of the dice and rolled a six and a four.

“Your turn, mama,” Isabella said with a cocky look on her face.

Tanya grabbed the dice and responded: “After I spank your bottom like a little girl again, you will not want to mess with me. This I promise.”

Tanya rolled the dice and to her dismay, a five and a two appeared.

“One down! I bet your butt is already stinging. I can feel that paddle in my hand right now,” said Isabella, rolling a one and a three. “Crap!”

“What happened?” sarcastically asked Tanya, rolling two sixes. “Almost time for you to come to mommy for your spanking.”

Isabella looked worry. She was not counting on losing and her bottom was still sore from being severely thrashed by Tanya the night before. She grabbed the dice, closed her eyes, and rolled. She opened her eyes and gasped when she saw a three and a two on the table.

“Go fetch me your paddle,” announced Tanya, confident that she would win. “I’m afraid it is going to get hot in here.”

Tanya picked up the dice and rolled. Her jaw dropped when she saw a one and two.

Sneering from knowing that she will be getting revenge, Isabella said: “You, go fetch me the paddle. I think it is time for your spanking, Miss Tanya.”

Tanya couldn’t believe that she lost to Isabella as she also lost to her mother in the same game under the same stipulations. She reluctantly went to the guest bedroom and returned with her former sorority paddle and handed it to its new master so her bottom could get spanked with it.

“When was the last time you got spanked?” Asked Isabella.

“Years ago in college by your mother,” replied Tanya, appearing downcast.

“How did she spank you?”

“Three swats over panties with hands on ankles,” answered Tanya, realizing that she would soon be reliving her college paddling, but now administered by the daughter of the original administrator.

“Since your memory is so fresh, get in position,” ordered Isabella.

Tanya bent over and grabbed her ankles. Her bottom was bulging out of her denim skirt. Isabella raised her skirt and observed the white panties that covered the backside of the woman that had recently been chastising her bottom.

Isabella tapped the business hand of the new paddle against her left palm and said: “I must confess something. Ever since I was child, I always thought it would be cool to be the one doing the spanking. The power, the control, I love it. Today, I get to see this dream fulfilled. Yes, you will be getting your ass busted real good, Miss Tanya. Real good. You are going to remember this spanking for a long, long time.”

Tanya gulped upon hearing those words. She was about to respond when Isabella’s paddle interrupted her.


“Oh gosh,” stuttered Tanya, with streams of tears rushing down her face.

“That felt good, damn good, if I may say,” Isabella said, tapping her paddle against the bottom of her active guardian and disciplinarian. “I’m going to enjoy this!”


Tanya’s lips were uncontrollably wiggling. She knew if she peeped out one word that she would shatter to a million pieces, all to the amusement of her best friend’s daughter.

“Does it hurt?” Asked Isabella, having a sadistic look on her face.

Tanya remained bent over and refused to respond because she knew what would follow.

“You should’ve been a good girl and cooperated,” Isabella said, soundly smacking Tanya’s unprotected backside with her malicious paddle.


“Yes, it hurts! Are you happy?” Screamed Tanya, now crying hysterically.

Isabella felt a rush that she had never felt before. She greatly enjoyed the power and the control she had over Tanya.

“This has been a most delightful experience for me,” Isabella said, rubbing her paddle against Tanya’s beaten backside. “I could get used to this quickly. It’s too bad that I can’t do this for a living. Wouldn’t that be the life?”

Tanya no longer felt the vile presence of the paddle rubbing against her red and beaten bottom. She closed her eyes in fear knowing that her final lick was making its way towards her backside.


Tanya felt humiliated since she was a woman twice the age of Isabella and bent over with her white panties riding up her bruised bottom and bawling like a newborn baby after just being spanked by Karen Mitchell’s daughter. Isabella stood behind Tanya and examined her work, having a look of complete satisfaction.

Over at Karen’s residence, Lacy and Karen were sitting at the kitchen table and discussing Lacy’s internship.

“I’m so proud of you,” Karen said, rubbing Lacy’s right thigh. “In a few days your internship will all be finished.”

“Thank you for all of your help, support, and training. I could not have done this without you,” replied Lacy.

“You are welcome,” answered Karen. “But don’t count your eggs before they hatch. There is one more task that needs to be completed, your final examination. Today at school, you received the paddle. Tonight, I want you to give the paddle.”

“What?” Asked Lacy, having a look of disbelief on her face.

“Tomorrow at school, you will be dealing with a student as a stand-in for the principal,” responded Karen. “I will be in the background as an observer and also as the witness.”

“But I didn’t sign up for that. As far as I know, I could just be a teacher and not a principal when I have my degree.” Objected Lacy.

“And as a teacher you will be constantly facing the worst of the crop,” retorted Karen. “All because there is a principal in the picture does not mean a teacher won’t have to handle his or her students. In fact, the teacher will face them more. As a teacher or as a principal, you will need to know how to deal with students.”

“You are right.”

“Also it is worth mentioning that many schools allow faculty members to administer corporal punishment. Have you ever spanked anyone, and if you have, was it with a school standard paddle?” Asked Karen.

“Never in my life,” responded Lacy.

“You better get used to it very quickly. As an educator, I’ve spanked countless students and so will you. Which brings us to tonight’s exercise, you paddling my bottom. Tomorrow you will be administering corporal punishment to an actual student so we need to get you prepared,” Karen said, fetching her school paddle from the front room.

“Take it,” ordered Karen, handing her paddle to Lacy. “I’ll drill you through the procedure. Tonight, my backside is all yours to experiment on, babe.”

Lacy laughed and said: “You mean, I’m going to practice spanking you?”

“That is correct, my dear. Tonight the spanker becomes the spankee. You will be the first person that has spanked my booty in years. I’m probably long over due,” Karen jokingly said, having a smile on her face and slapping her right cheek with her right hand containing red painted fingernails. “Shall we get to training?”

Lacy and Karen stood beside the kitchen table.

“We’re going to pretend this table is my office desk. What do you need to do first,” asked Karen.

“Scoot any chairs against the wall and clear a space for the student to bend over,” answered Lacy, scooting the chair at the end of the table out of the way and transferring her and Karen’s drinks to the kitchen countertop.

“Very good,” Karen said. “How does a student need to position him or herself?”

“Bend way over the desk, elbows on the desk, feet spread apart, and butt sticking way out.” Answered Lacy.

“Great job,” replied Karen, bending way over the table and resting her glistening ample breasts on the table that were bulging against the white long sleeve blouse that covered them, and with her white pants stretching tightly across her round bottom displaying visible panty lines as her backside was lifted high in the air and now ready to be spanked by Lacy.

“Next, you stand to the left of the student and line up the paddle with the student’s bottom. Once you take aim, draw back the paddle and swing like it is a tennis racket. Go ahead and try it.”

Lacy was nervous and didn’t feel comfortable spanking the bottom of her former principal. She approached Karen’s left side and touched Karen’s rear end with the blade of the paddle. As Lacy was measuring Karen’s bottom, the lace trim panties that Karen had on were made apparent to her due to Karen’s white pants slightly sliding down.

“Girl, I know how nervous you are! I was once that way. Take a deep breath and focus. You can do this.” Said Karen.

Lacy closed her eyes and thought: ‘I was spanked many times. Why am I scared? I know how to bust an ass!’

Lacy rubbed the rubbed the paddle against its owner’s bottom in an aggressive manner, causing Karen to become worried.

“Honey, wait just a…”


Instead of finishing that sentence, Karen left her mouth wide opened and panted, having tears foaming in her sea blue eyes.

“You have two more swats coming, informed Lacy. “You better stay in position if you know what’s best.”

Lacy tapped the swollen bottom of Karen Mitchell with the paddle and swung hard.


Karen gasped in pain, once again knowing how it feels to be on the receiving end of a tough school paddling.

“How am I doing?” Lacy asked, feeling an adrenaline rush.

“Great,” responded Karen in a cracking voice. “Are you sure you have not done this before?”

“Positive,” replied Lacy, rubbing Karen’s throbbing backside with the paddle that the high school principal has so often wielded. “I’ve just been on the receiving end of some good paddlings.”

“Well, you are doing a fantastic job,” responded Karen, having streams of tears rushing down her face. “My ass is literally on fire!”

Lacy drew back the paddle and delivered one more devastating blow to Karen Mitchell’s round bottom.


A piercing scream escaped through Karen’s beautiful lips as she began crying in front of her protege.

“I think you’re ready,” announced Karen, whimpering in pain.

The next day, Lacy was sitting at her desk going over some paper work when Karen told her to come in her office.

“Yes?” Asked Lacy, taking a seat.

“In a few minutes your final examination will begin,” Karen said in a stern tone. “I will judge you on your lecture to the student, your instructions in regards to how the student should position him or herself during the paddling, the actual paddling itself, and lastly the presentation of a corporal punishment notice. The final exam is worth half of your grade. If you fail this, you fail the class. Understand?” Asked Karen.

“Yes,” responded Lacy.

“Good,” Karen said in a firm tone. “The student you will be paddling has been in my office several times this year. This particular person has little respect for authority. Normally three swats is the norm but in this particular case, the student will receive six swats because the misconduct committed was a repeated offense, which was bullying. When you discipline this student, I want you to do a fine job. This might be the last time the student will receive any more correction and guidance from the school before entering the real world, so you must make this spanking count. Don’t hold back and don’t let your emotions get involved. Inform the student of the offense and punish the student accordingly. Got it?”

Lacy nodded and asked: “What is the name of the student that I will be spanking?”

“You will find out soon enough,” replied Karen. “Take a fifteen minute break to clear your head and return. When you come back, the student will be waiting for you.”

Lacy went to the restroom and looked at herself in the bathroom mirror. She was petrified about administering corporal punishment to a student. She rehearsed in her mind how the meeting would be played out. She returned to the office and found the door closed. She knocked on the door and was told to come in. Lacy opened the door and gasped when she saw Isabella sitting on the other side of Karen’s desk. Isabella had on a black sleeveless blouse, a light blue denim mini skirt, and tall wine colored dress boots with a chain on the back of the ankles. Isabella didn’t appear happy to be there. She glared at Lacy and didn’t take her eyes off her.

Karen stood up, walked to the door, and said: “Lacy, have a seat at my desk. On the desk is Isabella’s file, with the top notice describing her most recent misbehavior. I will simply be observing this conference as I have instructed both you and Isabella yesterday. It is all you. Good luck.”

Lacy sat down and looked across the desk at an irate Isabella. Lacy opened the folder and silently read the top form.

Lacy took a deep breath and said: “Isabella, you are here today because of bullying. From your record, this is not the first time you have chosen to bully another student. Do you have anything to say?”

Isabella didn’t respond. Her face was brick red. She was steaming mad that her mother would allow Lacy to administer her punishment.

“Nothing?” Asked Lacy. “Usually bullying in punishable by three swats with a paddle; however, seeing that this is your second offense, you will be getting six swats.”

“You must feel so proud of yourself. Do you want to spank my butt? Go right ahead and do it, bitch,” shouted Isabella, hitting the desk with a closed fist.

“Watch your language or you will find yourself back in the office tomorrow and getting another paddling,” threatened Lacy. “This is nothing personal; you have put yourself in this position by disobeying school policy. Now you must take responsibility for your actions. Stand up.”

Isabella stared at Lacy and remained in her seat.

Lacy felt intimidated by having her authority challenged. As a student, Lacy never dreamed of questioning the authority of her teachers or principals in such a way. This was a completely new experience for her.

“Get up!”

“Or what,” replied Isabella, scowling at Lacy.

“I’ll suspend you from school for two weeks for insubordination,” responded Lacy. “Do you want to graduate school and be done with it? Guess again! Two weeks of receiving zeros for all of your assignments and tests will put a large dent in your grades, so much you could find yourself back at school next year. Now, do you want that?”

Isabella stood up slammed her hands on the desk and screamed: “Fine!”

Lacy scooted the chairs against the wall and saw that the desk was already cleared. Knowing all too well where Karen kept her paddle, she retrieved it from its resting place.

“Bend way over the desk and place your elbows on the desk,” ordered Lacy.

Isabella took a hard look at Lacy. Lacy was wearing a white short sleeve blouse, an aqua bliss lace pencil skirt, and gold dress sandals with heels. Isabella was hopping mad and mortified about being spanked by her childhood friend but she didn’t want to return to school next year so she submitted to her mother’s intern and bent over in order to present her lovely round bottom for Lacy to chastise. Lacy stood behind Isabella and examined her posture to determine if she was positioned correctly.

“Ms Mitchell, spread your legs further apart and stick out your butt,” Lacy said.

Isabella did as was commanded without saying one word. Lacy saw that Isabella was now ready to be spanked. Lacy felt relieved it wasn’t her backside that was about to get punished. Instead, it was her friend who was bent over the desk displaying her round bottom with her thrusting breasts relaxing on her mother’s desk as she was waiting for her spanking. Lacy spotted the black see through panties that covered Isabella’s curvy bottom due to the short length of the skirt that Isabella chose to wear that fateful day. Lacy moved to Isabella’s left side and rubbed her rear end with her mother’s paddle.

“For future reference, you may want to invest in longer skirts, if you wish to avoid another paddling,” warned Lacy. “The length of this skirt is contrary to school guidelines. Besides, do you really want people to see your underwear? Because I can. Consider this your warning. Look straight ahead at all times and don’t move.”

Lacy tapped her target a few times and swung the paddle, resulting in an explosion in the office.


Isabella showed no emotion but was desperately trying not to cry. For Isabella, it was humiliating to cry during a spanking. But to cry when it was your friend conducting the punishment was not an option.

Lacy lined up the paddle to Isabella’s stinging backside and swung exceptionally hard.


Isabella had tears flowing down her face. She wanted to cry so badly but she pledged that her mother and her apprentince would not have the satisfaction of watching her cry.


Lacy delivered another perfect swat on Isabella’s upturned bottom. After connection, sniffling was heard again. Lacy, being determined that Isabella would be properly disciplined and perhaps learn a lesson, raised Karen’s paddle to Isabella’s beaten rear end and smacked it as hard as she possibly could.


Isabella couldn’t contain herself any longer. She broke down crying as she lay across her mother’s desk awaiting more punishment. Lacy felt sorry for Isabella and wanted nothing more than to place her arm around her friend to comfort her but she couldn’t because she was on a mission to reprimand Isabella’s bottom with the paddle that was tightly clenched in her right hand.


Isabella bellowed when that vicious swat landed on her sore behind. She turned her head and saw her mother with a look of approval all over her face. Before Isabella could react, she felt the paddle touch her throbbing backside.

“Isabella, face forward or you will be getting a penalty swat,” ordered Lacy. “Your behavior this year has been less than acceptable. I hope for your own good that you will let this spanking benefit you.”

With those words, Lacy drew back the paddle and struck Isabella’s bottom with vigorous force, resulting in Isabella bawling like a spanked little brat.


‘The corporal punishment notice! How could I ever forget that?’ Thought Lacy, returning the paddle to its rightful place.

“Have a seat Isabella,” Lacy said, taking a seat at Karen’s desk and typing on the computer.

‘I’m sure glad it’s not me receiving one of these damn forms today. Oh well, that is behind me and I don’t have to worry about it anymore. Today, it will be Isabella receiving a corporal punishment notice and required to present it to her mother to sign. Better her than me!’

Lacy passed Isabella two copies of the corporal punishment notice and said: “One copy is yours and the other copy needs to be signed by a parent or guardian and returned to school.”

Isabella held out a copy of the notice to Karen and said: “Here, mother.”

Karen shook her head and replied: “Tanya is currently your guardian. You need to have her sign it. And Isabella, I wouldn’t try to have her signature forged. That wouldn’t be in your best interest. Right, Lacy?”

“That’s correct, Principal Mitchell,” responded Lacy. “Mothers have a way to figure out certain things. Trust me, I know from experience.”

“What was that supposed to mean?” Isabella asked, watching her mother and Lacy giggle.

“Oh, nothing,” responded Lacy with a grin on her face. “Just be sure to have my mother sign the corporal punishment notice and return it to school tomorrow. You are done here. Try to enjoy the rest of your day.”

Isabella got up, rubbed her bottom, and exited the office.

Karen sat down across from Lacy and with a proud look in her eyes, she said: “Congratulations! You have aced your test! You will be a fine educator and I’ll be more than happy to assist you in finding a great job!”

The End

© Stinger Sam 2016