Continuing the series, Lady Sarah seeks her husband’s attention

By Duncan Wade

As a wet spring turned briefly into a few weeks of cloudless skies and very warm temperatures, things at the country estate Lady Sarah Huntingdon-Ford shared with her MP husband, Simon, were not quite a sunny as the weather.

Simon Huntingdon-Ford had recently been promoted to a cabinet post within the government, and due to some unpopular government spending cuts, he and Lady Sarah had become suddenly very high profile with the newspapers.

Captain Sweeting, the estate’s head of security, had hired more guards and installed more cameras as a precaution, and all the staff had been warned to be cautious about posting anything on social media that could cause embarrassment to Lord and Lady Huntingdon-Ford.

A small but persistent group of photographers were camped outside the new larger security gates at the entrance to the estate, and they furiously snapped away when his lordship came and went in his official government car, so much so that he had arranged to be collected very often by helicopter, leaving his glamorous wife, Sarah, to face the barrage of press men every day, much to her annoyance.

As Lady Sarah sipped her morning coffee alone in her bed after her husband had left that Monday morning, she knew she wasn’t only cross with her husband for bringing this attention literally to their front door, she was also frustrated with him over their intimate life together. Since the heady days of their courtship and honeymoon, their sex life had waned, but now something else was in the equation between them.

For most of the last year, Sarah now had an outlet for her long dormant interest in spanking after discovering her husband’s personal assistant, Lisa Jones, spanking the head groom, Anna Olson.

What unfolded from that chance discovery was a new world to her. Lisa and Anna had an understanding that Lisa could spank Anna on her bare bottom at will for poor performance. Swedish-born Anna had a strict aunt who had given Anna a very sound spanking at a critical time in her life and, reluctantly, Anna realized that although she did not enjoy it, she needed to be disciplined regularly. The arrangement suited both Anna and lesbian Lisa who had a strong dominant edge to her personality.

Lady Sarah’s interest in spanking began in Paris almost 20 years previously when she witnessed a very snooty Parisian wife being spanked on her bare bottom by her very irate husband.

Since the discovery of the arrangement, Lady Sarah had taken a very active part in discovering more about her interest, and she herself had been spanked by Lisa on a number of occasions.

Lisa first took Her Ladyship across her knee in her study in the tied cottage that she lived in on the estate. Lady Sarah wasn’t expecting to have her first spanking experience then, and was there to witness Lisa disciplining Anna, but after Anna had to dash off at short notice to see her sister in London, Lisa pushed her luck and suggested Lady Sarah take her place.

As she stepped into the shower, Sarah recalled the thrill and embarrassment of Lisa raising her skirt that night, the shock of feeling Lisa pulling her knickers down and the cool air of her study on her bottom. With the water pouring down from the large shower head onto Lady Sarah’s gym-toned body, she half smiled as she remembered how quickly her bottom was turned very warm by Lisa’s hand. Lisa then bent her over the side of her desk, raised her long skirt over her back, and gave her four full-blooded licks with a small leather paddle.

Since that first encounter, Lisa had introduced her special riding crop to her Ladyship’s bottom for what was called six of the best. As Sarah dried herself with a very large fluffy white towel, she caught sight of her bottom in the mirrored wall of her bathroom. Looking over her shoulder, she puckered her lips together as she remembered taking her tight white jodhpurs down to the tops of her riding boots along with her knickers. Lisa had then delivered six evenly spaced stripes on her bottom, a badge of honour that stayed with her for more than a few days.

Lady Sarah giggled to herself as she remembered her concern that, as the weekend approached, her husband may have noticed her marked bottom, and her asking Lisa to inspect it after a formal staff meeting in the conference room of the manor house. What a sight it would have been if anyone had walked through the door at that moment. She was bent at the waist with the trousers of her smart grey business suit around her knees together with her laser-cut knickers, while Lisa knelt behind her with the torch function of her mobile phone on, examining very closely her bare bottom.

Lisa had announced, “Unless your husband takes a torch with him to bed, I doubt he will notice anything.”

How they laughed together as she quickly restored her modesty.

As Lady Sarah contemplated what to wear, it looking like being another scorcher of a day, her mind raced back to the previous December when it was a freezing cold day. After a mad gallop across fields of sheep, public roads and a few angry farmers’ lands, Lisa arrived and berated Her Ladyship and Anna for being so reckless. After a brief discussion, Lisa spanked both Anna and Her Ladyship on the tailgate of the Land Rover in the open countryside. Anna had objected to Lady Sarah being able to keep her thermal knickers on, while she was spanked on her bare bottom because she was just wearing a very small thong under her jodhpurs. To make it even, Lisa lowered Lady Sarah’s thermal pants and delivered a very sharp spanking to her bare bottom in the icy cold December air.

There was no chance of any of that happening now, not with large camera lenses pointing at her every time she moved.

Sarah felt even more down as she recalled her thoughts while Lisa’s hand was spanking her bottom. She had closed her eyes and winced with the stinging pain and embarrassment of being spanked in the open air in front of Anna. Sarah knew that she wanted this from her husband, but now, almost half a year later, she had still not been able to tempt him into giving her the marital spanking she craved.

Not feeling in the mood for anything, Lady Sarah decided she would head over to the Equestrian Centre for a chat with Lisa and Anna, and maybe have a ride out on ‘Shades’, her beautiful white horse.

Anna, the Swedish head groom, was as always very upbeat. “Good morning, my Lady,” she beamed as Sarah approached the main stable block. The unwritten rule was that Sarah was always to be addressed formally when there were staff around, but when it was just the three of them together she was just plain Sarah, with Anna pronouncing the ‘s’ as a ‘z’ due to her Scandinavian accent.

“Good morning, Miss Olson,” replied Sarah formally, then she nodded towards the stable office as if to say, ‘A word in private, please.’

Once inside the small office, Lisa Jones stood up as Lady Sarah and Anna came in. Sarah quickly waved for Lisa to sit down, and Anna shut the door behind them.

Lisa broke the ice with, “Did you have a good weekend, Sarah? Was His Lordship OK?”

Lady Sarah just humphed.

Anna quickly made three cappuccino coffees from the machine in the corner of the office and handed them out.

“Do you fancy a ride out, Sarah? Would that improve your mood?”

“I do, but we have got to get past the goons on the gate, and if I ride out like this,” Sarah gestured to her lack of make-up, uncombed hair, denim shorts and T-shirt, “I will be all over the news by lunchtime. I can see the headline now. ‘Lady Sarah Huntingdon- Ford lets herself go as her husband battles with the economy’. Can you imagine it?” replied Sarah, now even more depressed.

Before anyone could answer, Maisie, Lady Sarah’s personal assistant, arrived. In her early twenties, Maisie had quickly made herself irreplaceable by anticipating Lady Sarah’s every desire. Maisie lived in the staff accommodation block next door to Anna, who could easily afford to move out and buy her own place, thanks to a generous trust fund that also paid for her gleaming red Porsche sports car. But Anna just loved being part of the large staff ‘family’ with Lisa and Lady Sarah.

Maisie had also recently got a new car thanks to the generosity of Lady Sarah who purchased a new electric BMW for Maisie after Lisa schemed to give Maisie a spanking for getting drunk one night last year. Lady Sarah crept in to watch her personal assistant’s bottom turn fiery red, and had felt guilty about it ever since, especially when it transpired Maisie’s drink had been spiked.

Maisie, who was carrying a large file of paperwork, gave a quick curtsey as she entered the small office and, without acknowledging Lisa or Anna, addressed Lady Sarah directly.

“Good morning, M’Lady. Can I respectfully remind you that you have a dress fitting in one hour for your attendance at Royal Ascot, which is in two days’ time. I have taken the liberty of preparing your itinerary and emailed it to you.

“Oh no!” groaned Lady Sarah. “I completely forgot about that. I’m really not in the mood to try on dresses in this heat, Maisie. Can you postpone it?”

“Unfortunately not, M’Lady. However, I have arranged for the fitting to be by the outdoor pool area so it will be cool for you,” replied a confident Maisie as she gave Lisa a sour look.

“Better watch out that Captain ‘Pervy’ Sweeting isn’t about,” interjected Anna. “He’d love to get a look at you in your underwear!”

“All taken care of, M’Lady, and can I remind you that you have three dresses to choose from, plus some accessories and jewellery to decide on? Shall we say 2.00 pm?”

“Thank you, Maisie. So efficient of you,” beamed Lady Sarah, for the first time that morning feeling able to shrug off the dismal weekend.

Maisie gave Lisa another sour look, and then gave Anna a smile before heading back to the manor house.

“Well,” Lisa smirked. “So, it’s Royal Ascot, M’Lady? Don’t worry, Anna and I will be here holding the fort for you while you are gulping down champagne in the Royal Enclosure,” she added sarcastically as she reached for a bottle of cold water out of the office fridge.

Lady Sarah just rolled her eyes and half smiled at Lisa’s sarcasm.

“Truth be known, I’d rather not go. Simon will probably leave me alone to discuss government business, and I won’t be able to relax for one moment as the press will be there. To cap it all, I’ll have to make small talk with some of the junior civil servants,” she replied,

Before Lisa or Anna could reply, Lady Sarah added, “And if that wasn’t enough, we are going by helicopter. I bloody hate those things, but at least the reporters at the front gate won’t be able to chase us all the way along the motorway.”

“Oh dear, Sarah,” Anna replied in, her usual upbeat fashion. “First world problems! Come on, M’Lady, get into your riding gear and come for a quick canter with me. I’ll get the boys to saddle up Shades for you and meet you outside the main security gate in half an hour.

“Ok,” replied Lady Sarah. “It will cheer me up.”

In no time at all, Lady Sarah, now in tight gleaming white jodhpurs, a fitted shirt and a silk scarf worn like a cravat, sat astride Shades with Anna mounted on another horse, Apache, headed out of the front gates where they were immediately surrounded by baying members of the gutter press all screaming questions about His Lordship’s role in the current economic crisis.

Neither Lady Sarah nor Anna replied, and in the searing heat few of the paparazzi had the will to try to keep up with the now galloping horses.

Anna’s cheerfulness and the ride out on her beloved Shades soon put a smile on Lady Sarah’s face. At a secluded babbling brook the girls dismounted and took their hard hats to chat while Shades and Apache had a well-earned drink from the cold water of the small brook.

Almost every time they were alone together, they discussed the spanking arrangement they seemed to have both fallen into, and both accepted it was unusual but it seemed to work for everyone.

Lady Sarah broached the subject first by asking, “So, have you fallen foul of Lisa recently?”

Anna laughed. “No, I think it’s been too hot for Lisa to even think about disciplining me. We had a bit of a row about the state of the stable block the other evening, but she said we would discuss it when the weather cooled down. How about you? Has she been to visit you in your study with her riding crop?”

“No, definitely not! I told her I was trying to get His Lordship to do the honours. No luck so far, though,” Lady Sarah smiled back as she watched Shades and Apache paddle in the shallow stream.

“Why not do something to really annoy him and then, when you have the inevitable argument, say you are very sorry and that you feel he should take you over his knee?” Anna beamed.

Lady Sarah gave Anna the biggest smile and replied, “’I’ve been thinking of doing that for the last year almost. I’ve been afraid he would think I’m some sort of pervert, but you are right; now’s the time, and I’ve just had a wonderful idea!”

Lady Sarah and Anna replaced their riding hats and mounted their beautiful horses.

At 2.00 pm exactly, Lady Sarah, freshly showered and dressed in a loose grey linen dress, arrived at the pool area to be greeted by Maisie and two members of the fashion department of a large well-known London department store. Mr Grainger and his assistant, Miss Emsy, had set up a few racks of dresses, some boxes of expensive high-heeled shoes, a small table with lingerie sets and some jewellery. Maisie had also had a screen set up in one corner so Lady Sarah could change easily, though it was quite obvious her considerable charms would be wasted on Mr Grainger.

After almost an hour of frantic trying-on of nearly all the dresses and shoes, Lady Sarah finally announced she was settled on a 1950s style dress in pink satin, matching pink court shoes, a very large wide-brimmed hat and over-the-elbow long white gloves. Maisie had her doubts about the outfit and tried to steer Her Ladyship towards a more conservative outfit perhaps more in keeping with the Royal Enclosure’s dress code, but Lady Sarah’s mind was made up. Then, to everyone’s astonishment, she asked for the already fairly short flared skirt to be shortened by two inches. Mr Grainer was flustered, and reminded Her Ladyship that the dress was just within the guidelines for ladies in the presence of royalty, and taking two inches off the length may mean she could be refused entry into the Royal Enclosure.

“My husband will no doubt sort everything out, Mr Grainger. I will leave Maisie to sort out the fine details with you.”

With that, Lady Sarah put her nose in the air and walked out by the pool, through the side gate to the manor house, and across to the footpath that led to Lisa’s cottage. She smiled to herself as her plan was coming together, a plan she was about to share with Lisa and Anna, who would almost certainly be having afternoon tea in Lisa’s spacious kitchen.

As Lady Sarah approached Lisa’s cottage, suddenly out of nowhere there was a very loud clap of thunder so loud she ducked down, thinking for a moment that is was an aircraft in trouble. At the same instant, the sky turned very dark and it began raining. Very hard large cold raindrops splashed all around her, completely soaking her linen dress in an instant.

Lady Sarah ran the last few hundred yards into the garden gate entrance and through the front door into the sitting room where Lisa and Anna were sipping large glasses of rose wine.

“Goodness me!” Lady Sarah exclaimed, holding out her sodden dress and stamping her feet. “Where on earth has this come from? And so suddenly.”

After Lady Sarah had changed into one of Lisa’s track-suits, poured herself a large glass of rose, made an attempt to dry her short blonde hair, she brought Lisa and Anna up to date on her scheme to finally persuade her husband to spank her by wearing her highly unsuitable outfit to Royal Ascot. The press would go into melt-down and His Lordship, who was a keen royalist and dreadful snob, would be forced to defend his wife’s lowly Essex roots publicly. If that didn’t earn her a bare bottom spanking from her husband, nothing would!

Lisa and Anna had their doubts about the plan, and Anna suggested that something a little less public would be less risky, but Sarah’s mind was made up.

Lisa seemed lost for words and deep in thought as she opened another bottle of wine from the large American fridge in her kitchen.

Then she suddenly announced to Lady Sarah and Anna, “Seeing as you are both here, and it looks like we are in for the evening, I want to bring you both up to date with a new toy that I purchased on the internet. Just hold on, and I’ll go and get it.”

With a mock curtsey to Lady Sarah, who was still drying her hair on a large towel, Lisa disappeared upstairs and returned with a small wooden box.

Lady Sarah and Anna waited patiently as Lisa flipped open the lid and took out what looked like a small whip with a bamboo handle.

“It’s called a martinet, but I prefer to call it a French whip,” smiled Lisa.

Lady Sarah and Anna looked at one another but remained silent as a back drop of thunder and lightning made Lisa’s cottage almost shake with sound and flashing light.

“I want to talk about our arrangement,” Lisa said. “Lady Sarah, you are fully aware of how it works, and even experienced it yourself. It bothers me that a marked bottom might give our game away to His Lordship, and we wouldn’t want that, would we ladies? Am I right, your Ladyship?”

Lady Sarah coughed, trying to hide her embarrassment.

Lisa carried on in an almost theatrical style, building the tension in the living room as the rain pounded the patio doors. “So, ladies, I did some research, and it seems our problem is not unique. Others have the same concerns.”

“You mean your concerns,” Anna interjected.

“And what have you discovered?” Lady Sarah asked, seeming quite interested.

“Well,” Lisa smiled. “There is, apparently, a solution from France where it is suddenly gaining popularity in posh Parisian circles. It enables expensive French wives to have their bottoms disciplined by their husbands, but leaves no lasting marks. How does that sound?”

Lisa sat down and took a long drag of wine.

Anna and Sarah looked at one another. Anna was blushing slightly when she spoke first. “I’m not sure it applies to me really. I’m not married and I have always accepted that sometimes my bottom is marked, usually from the cane. I was given six of the best from my wicked Aunt last year and I had a striped bottom for almost a week, I seem to remember.”

“Mm, yes, I remember that,” replied Lisa, remembering Anna’s pale bottom with six separate angry red lines across it as she administered some cold cream.

Then, both Anna and Lisa looked at Lady Sarah, who asked, “What? Why are you looking at me?”

Lisa replied, “It’s a solution to a problem that you have, Sarah. What do you think?”

Anna nodded thoughtfully, then got up to open another bottle of wine.

“Yes, I suppose it might be useful, and in some ways interesting, but…” Lady Sarah stopped in mid-sentence.

“But what?” Lisa and Anna said together.

“How do we know it works?”

“I’m glad you mentioned that, M’Lady,” Lisa grinned as she got up and picked up the martinet. “So far, I’ve been practising on a cushion, but I think we should go for a live test, don’t you think?”

Anna blushed, partly from the wine but also because she realised Lady Sarah was probably about to be whipped with the new martinet.

Lisa went over to the curtains and pulled them quickly as the thunder started to die down. She returned to the middle of the room and held out a hand to help Lady Sarah up from the sofa.

“I think, hands on the low coffee table, please M’Lady.”

Lady Sarah moved slowly over to the glass-topped coffee table and with her back to Lisa said, “I suppose my bottom needs to be bare?”

“Need you ask?” replied Lisa as she tapped the thongs of the martinet against her thigh.

Lady Sarah bent over from the waist and, as she did so, pushed her tracksuit bottoms and white cotton knickers down, revealing her yoga-toned bottom.

Anna settled into an armchair ready to enjoy the show.

As Lisa took aim on Lady Sarah’s bare and very vulnerable bottom, the martinet almost in mid-flight, suddenly and without any warning Lady Sarah grabbed her tracksuit pants and knickers and pulled them up quickly.

“No, no! I’ve just remembered something. I’m seeing my husband in 48 hours!”

“So?” exclaimed Lisa. “It doesn’t mark. That’s the point.”

“So you said, but how do we know for sure? What if it does? It looks pretty vicious and, as I know from bitter experience, the marks from your riding crop were still visible for a week,” gasped Lady Sarah, still trying to get her knickers back into place.

“Yes, I suppose you might have a point,” Lisa conceded.

Then Lady Sarah and Lisa fixed their gaze on Anna.

“Oh no! No way! Not me; it’s your problem, Sarah, not mine. No, no, no!”

Lisa tapped the martinet against the coffee table and distant thunder rumbled away in the background. “Anna, must I remind you that you are due some discipline for leaving the stable block in a mess the other day. I said that I would deal with you when it was a bit cooler. Remember? Well, it’s cooler now.”

“Really? Now?”

Lisa merely nodded and then she pointed to the coffee table space vacated by Lady Sarah, who was now looking embarrassed and a bit sheepish.

Lady Sarah silently mouthed, “Sorry,” as Anna took over her position.

Anna was wearing a pair of 1950s-style high-waisted white shorts, a pink polo shirt and some bright white trainer shoes. Her mass of blonde hair was fashioned into a loose ponytail. Without being asked, Anna reached to her waist and unclipped her shorts before pulling the side zip down and letting the loose-fitting shorts drop to cover her ankles. Bending over from the waist, she pulled her pale pink knickers down to her knees.

Lisa stood back and took aim with her new martinet, announcing, “Right, let’s see if this thing works, Anna.”

Anna didn’t reply, she just peeked over her shoulder, then quickly shut her eyes tightly as she faced front. Lisa let fly with the martinet and a fraction of a second later the wicked leather thongs made contact with Anna’s pale bottom, instantly leaving a mass of red angry lines in all directions.

Surprisingly, Anna just gasped loudly, just managing to draw breath before Lisa let fly again. Her bare bottom was again covered in a number of red angry lines.

This time, Anna let out a long, “Ooohh!”

Lady Sarah flinched as the third woomph of the martinet crashed into Anna’s bottom, and Anna let out a loud, “Aargh!”

Lisa quickly got into a rhythm of delivering a stinging blow, then gathering up the leather thongs of the martinet with one hand and then quickly applying another stroke to Anna’s now bright red bottom.

Anna took the fifth and final to a loud, “Ooouch!”

As Anna slowly stood up and turned round, Lisa said curtly, “Now let that be a lesson to you. Please don’t leave the stables in such a mess in future, Anna.”

Lady Sarah went over to Anna as Lisa topped up their wine glasses. Anna was certainly very sore, and she made a half-hearted attempt to pull her knickers up over her blazing bottom.

Wincing, she made an attempt at smiling as she said to Her Ladyship, “I think I’m better off without these,” as she stepped out of her shorts and knickers.

“How painful was it?” Lady Sarah asked.

“Not too bad at first,” replied Anna, her eyes full of tears. “But from the third one onwards, it was very painful.”

Anna pulled her loose-fitting shorts up over her sore bottom, sat down very carefully, and took a large gulp of wine.

“Just one thing, Lisa,” Anna said. “If your new toy does not mark my bottom at all over the next few days, I will be very surprised. But, if by some miracle it is a solution to Sarah’s problem, can I administer it to Her Ladyship’s bottom, please?”

“With pleasure,” Lisa replied.

Lady Sarah smiled nervously and blushed.

Forty-eight hours later, a gleaming white helicopter landed in the grounds of the Manor House, much to the frustration of the paparazzi camped outside the large gates. As the pilot beckoned to Captain Sweeting that it was safe, Lady Sarah took a deep breath and quickly got on board. Her very short dress was covered up with an oversized rain coat that Maisy had lent her, partly in an attempt to help with the threatening rain, but mostly to cover up Lady Sarah’s long and completely bare legs.

Her husband should have been by her side, but after yet another crisis in Parliament, His Lordship had rung and said that he would meet Sarah at the heliport at Royal Ascot. In some ways, this pleased Lady Sarah as it would be too late for him to insist she change her outfit for something more in keeping with the occasion.

At the moment the helicopter climbed into the grey skies above her palatial home, she felt nervous. Not only did she hate helicopters, she was worried that her elaborate plan to finally get her absent husband to pay some attention to her and give her the spanking she craved would just make her look foolish.

Just then, she received a text on her jewel-encrusted mobile phone. It read:

Have a great time. See attached photo but be careful where you open it.

 Looks like my new toy works.

 Anna and Lisa, xx

Lady Sarah smiled to herself and clicked the screen to download the photo. She blushed as the image appeared on her screen. It was of Anna bending from the waist over a bale of straw with her white jodhpurs and white thong knickers pulled down to the tops of her tall riding boots.

To Sarah’s amazement, Anna’s bottom was as pale as the rest of the Scandinavian groom and completely unmarked. She quickly texted back:

Goodness me! I thought Anna’s bottom would be marked for days. I hope none of the stable hands were about when you took the photo!

 Sarah x

 As the noise of the whirring blades increased, Lady Sarah clipped on her headphones and closed her eyes.

‘What was she doing,’ she thought.

The papers would be all over her outfit and her husband was bound to be very cross.

‘Oh well!’ she smiled to herself. ‘If this doesn’t earn me a trip over Simon’s knee, it looks like Lisa’s martinet will be meeting my bottom soon.’

As the helicopter landed at the race course, Lady Sarah could see her husband waiting for her. She quickly looked at herself in her compact mirror and reapplied some pale pink lipstick. She decided to leave the long raincoat behind. As she stepped down from the helicopter, the downdraft lifted her pink dress even higher up her legs.

Simon’s face was an absolute picture as he stared at his wife walking like a film star across the short landing area, looking him straight in the eye as she did so. He didn’t know what to say, but before Lady Sarah reached him she stopped and posed for the waiting press photographers who were calling out all sorts of things to get her attention.

Lady Sarah pouted and posed like the best of the Hollywood stars. She wanted to make a statement and so far she was successful. She was a huge hit and she was loving it.

The next day, Lady Sarah woke up in the London apartment that was her husband’s base while Parliament was sitting. The previous day had been a whirlwind and she had drunk far too much champagne. She had fallen asleep early and Simon had chosen to sleep in the spare room. He hadn’t said much to her yesterday but, as expected, he had to smooth things over at the Royal Enclosure where questions were asked about Sarah’s daring pink outfit.

As Sarah made her way to the small kitchen to make herself some much needed coffee, she checked her mobile phone. There were 25 text messages, 40 unread emails, and many likes on social media. She had certainly made an impact yesterday.

The only text message she was interested in was one from her husband. It read:

Morning Sleepyhead. We have an invite to the French Embassy tonight to meet the new ambassador for dinner. You will need a LONG dress! Perhaps we can discuss yesterday at the club. Come for afternoon tea at 3.30.

Simon, x

‘Oh well,’ she said to herself. ‘He doesn’t seem too cross with me. I doubt he is going to say much at his stuffy club.’

On this occasion, though, Lady Sarah was going to be proved very much mistaken!

After some shopping in the West End of London, and being chased down Park Lane by a group of paparazzi, Lady Sarah headed to her husband’s club, a few steps away from Hyde Park. A uniformed doorman rushed to open the taxi door as Lady Sarah swiped her credit card to pay for the short trip.

As the doorman showed Lady Sarah into the reception area, she was surprised to see the place appeared much more business-like than it was the last time she was there. It looked much more like a 5-star hotel than the dusty old place full of leather armchairs and sleeping colonels in tweed suits.

As the doorman took Sarah’s shopping bags behind the reception desk, Simon appeared.

“Hello, darling,” he beamed, and kissed her on the mouth, to Sarah’s complete surprise.

Before Sarah could answer her enthusiastic husband, he added, “I’ve forgotten that you’ve not been here since the renovations. Let me show you round. Then we can have tea after we’ve had our chat.”

Sarah’s senses were alerted to the phrase ‘Our chat’. That normally meant her titled husband was not happy about something.

‘At least I know what it is this time,’ she thought. No doubt she was in for a lecture about etiquette and suchlike before a soggy cucumber sandwich and a boring reception with some dreary civil servants.

Sarah’s mood began to deteriorate so much that she had stopped listening to her husband as he explained the changes. to the 200-year-old club. She quickly tried to catch up.

“This is the new business suite, darling. This is where I hold some meetings when it’s too busy at Parliament. I’m working in this office today. Shall we?”

With that, Simon used a pass key to open the nearest door and led the way into a very modern office complete with desk, and a small seating area with two small sofas facing one another with a coffee table in between.

“Would you like a drink, darling?” Simon asked as his wife took a seat on one of the sofas. Under his breath he said, “Cos I think you are going to need one, my pretty.”

“Oh, yes please, Simon. I’ll have a glass of champagne. I sort of got the taste for it again yesterday,” Sarah replied, smiling.

Without replying Simon picked up the phone on the large leather topped desk and ordered a bottle of champagne and two glasses.

Still without a word, Simon took in how attractive his wife was. As the weather was still changeable Sarah had on a cornflower blue calf-length fine pleated skirt with an oversized white shirt with the collar turned up, and a short blazer style jacket with large gold buttons on it. On her feet, she wore cork-soled wedge sandals. Her short blonde hair was swept back off her face and, as always, she smelt wonderful.

After a few moments of silence there was knock at the door and Simon went over to let a waiter in with the champagne.

“Would you like me to open it, your Lordship?” He asked, setting the ice bucket down on the coffee table.

“No, thanks. I can manage,” nodded the smiling lord.

“Very good, your lordship. Will there be anything else?”

“No, thank you,” replied Simon. “Oh, could you ensure my wife and I are not disturbed for the next half an hour or so, please.”

“Very good, My Lord,” replied the uniformed waiter and, with a bow, he turned and left.

After the champagne was opened with a small pop, the couple toasted one another and again fell into silence.

Sarah knew something was about to happen when her husband walked over to the desk and took from the drawer a pile of newspapers, which he then dropped on the coffee table in front of Lady Sarah.

Her photo was on the front page of all of them. She was quite pleased with how she looked. One newspaper had a photo of her stepping down from the helicopter showing almost everything with the title, ‘Try me for thighs’. Even one of the more upmarket newspapers couldn’t help adding, ‘Lady Sarah Huntingdon-Ford did her best to distract the country from its financial problems with this thigh-skimming outfit at Royal Ascot yesterday’.

Sarah sipped nervously at her champagne, waiting for her husband to finally speak.

“You made quite a show yesterday, darling. You seem to have made all the papers.” His Lordship was not smiling.

Sarah took another gulp of champagne and then gushed, “Yes, everyone seemed to like my outfit, darling.”

Simon leaned back into the sofa and replied, “Yes, everyone except the Lord Privy Seal.”

“Who?” questioned Sarah.

“The Lord Privy Seal is in charge of etiquette, my darling. He was not impressed with your outfit. So much so, he emailed me this morning and asked me to impress upon you that your outfit was wholly inappropriate for the Royal Enclosure. He wants a guarantee that you understand what is required for next year, or indeed next time you are in royal company.”

Simon then fell silent again and waited for his wife to respond.

“So one stuffed shirt didn’t like it. So what? Who is this chap anyway? Why should I care?” Sarah’s eyes were shining and her face was slightly flushed from the champagne and the thought of what might be about to happen.

“I care,” Simon replied, his voice raised.

Again, there was an awkward silence.

Sarah broke it by saying softly, “I’m not going to apologise, if that’s what this is about, Simon.” With a defiant look, she stood up, drained her glass and added, “I think I’ll pass on the soggy sandwiches and the reception tonight and head back to the manor.”

She only got a few steps to the door before her husband took her by the elbow, looked her in the eye and said, “I am not finished yet, Sarah. Not by a long chalk. You broke royal protocol yesterday and you embarrassed me.”

Lady Sarah saw her moment and took it.

“So why don’t you do something about it, instead of boring me to death going on about royal protocol?”

There was a split second of hesitation by Simon, a moment of ‘shall I, shan’t I?’ Then he grabbed Lady Sarah by the hand and quickly marched her over to the sofa.

“OK Sarah, you’ve asked for this, and now you are going to get a damn good hiding! Understood?”

Sarah’s mind was spinning. Was this really happening? Was it going to be harder than Lisa’s spanking? As these thoughts flitted through her mind, her husband pulled her over his lap as he sat down.

Continuing his lecture, Simon got into his stride. “Now, my pretty wife, you are going to learn that it’s not a good idea to go against royal protocol!”

Sarah could only manage a meek, “Understood, darling.”

With that, her husband’s palm came down sharply on her unturned bottom, repeatedly. His hand was certainly harder and heavier than Lisa’s, and larger too

“This used to work when I was at boarding school, darling,” Simon remarked as he continued his rhythmic assault on Sarah’s bottom.

Sarah had put her hands on the floor to support herself and was just beginning to wonder whether this was going to be a short lesson as her bottom was just beginning to tingle.

Before she had time to react, her husband grabbed the hem of her pleated skirt and lifted it up over her back, revealing Sarah’s navy blue knickers. Instantly, he recommenced his regular heavy spanking action.

Much as Sarah had craved this attention from her husband, her bottom was beginning to smart and she was hoping Simon’s first spanking adventure would soon come to an end.

However, Simon was just getting into his stride, and the spanks continued.

“You know, I really don’t know why we haven’t done this before, darling,” Simon added casually as he spanked away.

“Quite so,” replied Sarah, now becoming more vocal as her ordeal continued with no sign that her husband was finished.

Then, suddenly, the spanking stopped and she felt Simon grab the leg of her knickers and pull the material to one side.

“See anything you like?” Sarah asked sarcastically as she looked over her shoulder.

“I don’t think we are quite done yet, darling.”

From her experience with Lisa, Sarah knew what to expect. Sure enough, Simon put his hand in the waistband of her expensive knickers and pulled them all the way down to her knees.

Her bottom was now taking a very sound spanking, and as her husband began increasing the number of spanks, Lady Sarah started to cry. Maybe it wasn’t just the stinging pain inflicted by her husband on her bare bottom that was causing the tears to flow. Maybe it was relief that at last she was getting the attention she had wanted for so long.

After a few more minutes, the spanks stopped and Simon helped his wife to her feet.

“I’m sure you didn’t enjoy that, Sarah, but I hope you understand that I was very cross with you.”

Lady Sarah took a handkerchief from her handbag and dried her eyes. She retrieved her knickers that had fallen round the tops of her cork sandals and pulled them back up carefully over her stinging bottom.

She kissed her worried looking husband and said, “See you back at the flat. I’ve got a few calls to make and I’ll get ready for tonight’s reception. I won’t embarrass you tonight. Don’t worry. I hope it’s standing room only!”

The End

© Duncan Wade 2021