The next instalment.

By Frances Stephenson

A further disciplinary episode in which a new cane makes its appearance

It was 11.15 am at Mayton Manor and Miss Richardson, the youthful housekeeper at Mayton Hall, had just settled herself into a comfortable armchair preparatory to enjoying her mid-morning cup of coffee. There was a long brown cardboard parcel but she knew what this contained. The initials AJ&BTS confirmed this supposition. The Singh Brothers of Maida Vale in London had sent her two more canes.

Miss Richardson’s eyes gleamed in pleasure as she thought about the purchase and, more importantly, her Mistress’s delectable bottom which would, she hoped, soon make the acquaintance of these new purchases. She would examine the canes later.

She then came across a letter from the ever polite Singh Brothers with whom she had been dealing for the last five years. The letter read:

Dear Miss Richardson,

‘You have honoured us with your custom over the years and we are well aware of the type of implement that give you the most satisfaction. In addition to your order, we have pleasure in enclosing a special cane for your consideration. It is made from the youngest bamboo, very flexible, yet strong and hardwearing. The cane is carefully and slowly hardened by fire by one person to ensure that the finished product is of the very highest quality. It is as firm and whippy as you could wish.

‘We understand from conversations with your goodself that you use these canes on the bottoms of naughty young ladies. We are sure you will find this new cane not only pleasurable to use but please be assured that it will deliver a good and painful session. The young ladies will squeal delightfully but probably louder and with more energy than previously.

‘Please let us know how you are finding it.’

Miss Richardson moistened her lips and paused for a while. She then opened the packet and extracted her purchases. She picked up the new cane and swished it experimentally.

‘Yes,’ she thought. ‘This is really going to sting, more than my usual cane.’

A far-away look came into her eyes as she imagined the caning scene with the lovely Lady Alice bent over and her bottom meekly offered for the coming session. She would have to clear this new cane with his Lordship, but she did not expect any argument from that quarter. Her eyes were alight with expectation.

*     *     *

Lady Alice moved forward to greet her two guests. Lord Donal O’Hara was typical Irish Landed Gentry, good looking, confident and a definite charmer of the old school. His wife, Lady Shannon, and Alice were old school friends and greeted each other as such. Lord Anthony joined them and then the four made their way to the Drawing Room.

Lady Shannon O’Hara was a very attractive young lady. Dark haired, with a short bob hairstyle with both sides curling around her ears before pointing forwards; it gave her a cheeky and mischievous look. She had a nice soft rounded figure which seem to hold promise of many sensual delights and it was not surprising that she was an accomplished flirt. She often used to smile in an enigmatic way whilst peeping sideways through her eyelashes. This was usually sufficient to activate the interest of the red-blooded male to which it was directed.

Her complexion was milky and luminous her smile could contrive to be both demure and yet inviting. She had been in almost perpetual hot water at school. Whatever the problem, Shannon was bound to be involved, drinking, smoking, chasing boys and breaking rules, just because they were rules. She could usually charm her way out of the more serious offences but she became well acquainted with both the slipper and the cane.

Not withstanding her flirtatious personality, Lord Donal O’Hara quickly became besotted with her and, after a short engagement, they were married.

The party had settled down in the Drawing Room and Lady Shannon asked Alice if they had any particular plans.

“A couple of dinner parties, a shooting party, a gymkhana, a point to point; that sort of thing,” responded Alice.

“You remember Jane Templeton,” said Shannon. “She told me about a large party that will be held near Benton, which is where she lives. You and I are invited, of course, what do you think?”

“Benton is rather a long way away,” said Alice.

“No problem,” said the lively Shannon. “She has invited both of us to stay.”

Their respective husbands were informed and expressed the view that each of the young ladies could look after the other.

The two girls left the next day and arrived at Jane Templeton’s in good time for the party. The party was held in a large old rambling country house and Alice realised that it was going to be more raucous and free and easy than she had thought and resolved to be on her guard. There were just too many good looking young men grazing the herd.

A band was busy thundering out music as though their lives depended on it. Couples were not only gyrating to the music in the main room, which served as a dance area, but the music was piped though to several rooms. It seemed as though there was no escape from the thudding primeval beat.

Alice became aware of large amounts of acrid, though sweet smelling, smoke almost everywhere. She was experienced enough to know that this was pot and that most of the guest were either high or well on the way to achieving this state. She also noted that many people were giggly and were looking around in a rather unfocussed way.

Shannon came up and pressed a cigarette on her. “Go on,” she said. “It’s only mild and will soon put us in the party mood.”

Alice smoked the cigarette and immediately became more relaxed and started to enjoy herself. After a succession of quite dishy partners she started talking to a dark-haired charmer, he was good fun although he had obviously taken something harder than just pot. He persuaded Alice to further indulge and she did so, her own inhibitions having disappeared some time ago.

The two of them were engaged in a fairly serious snog when, all of a sudden, the light came on and the music stopped. The Police had arrived and were taking the whole drugs scene very seriously indeed. They methodically worked their way through all of the guests and found that most had consumed drugs of some type.

Both Shannon and Alice had tested positive and would have to go to the Police Station and make official statements. Worse still, their names would appear in public. They all went to the Police Station by which time they had become reunited with Jane, who had pleaded guilty.

The Police then made phone calls to their respective homes to spread the news of the partygoer’s transgressions. Both Lord Mayton and Lord O’Hara drove to collect them and to drive Alice’s car back home.

Predictably, their respective Lordships were hopping mad at the girl’s behaviour and, apart from promises of retribution, the journey home was made in icy silence.

Later that day, Alice was making her way towards the servants’ hall when she heard the unmistakable sounds of a punishment taking place. It seemed that Shannon had been summoned to the Music Room for an interview with Miss Richardson. In short time the swishing sound of a cane being energetically applied were heard accompanied by sharp squeals, these got progressively louder until six strokes had been completed.

Fascinated, Alice stopped to listen; it was some time since she had heard a punishment being delivered, in fact nothing since those which she had heard and witnessed at school. The noise got even louder with loud shrieks following each stroke the last two producing veritable howls of anguish before subsiding into muffled sounds of distress as Lady O’Hara coped with the pain. Alice was truly anxious and rather frightened; her turn would come all too soon!

Dinner was a rather subdued affair and conversation rather stilted. Shannon was not present and Alice took the opportunity to have an early night.

The next day unfolded as usual, Shannon had still not made an appearance and Alice busied herself with the many tasks that came her way. Jameson, the kindly butler at Mayton, had, rather diffidently, invited Lady Alice for tea in the butler’s pantry. Mrs Banks, the kindly cook-general at Mayton Hall, was also present. Tea and home made cake and biscuits were served in this modest though cosy room.

“Thank you for inviting me,” said Lady Alice. “I have seldom been below stairs before and never been inside Jameson’s pantry.”

She sat down and the two senior servants followed.

“You will know that I have been very foolish and have got myself into a scrape. I regard you both as old friends and know I can rely on your discretion. I am afraid I am going to receive retribution for my part in this sorry affair. Retribution is not something I am looking forward to, not one little bit!

“You probably heard the sounds of Lady O’Hara being well thrashed yesterday and it will soon be my turn!”

The motherly Mrs Banks had very kind eyes and they softened in sympathy at the forthcoming trials that her charming and youthful mistress would soon undergo.

“Jameson and I are, of course, aware that you are punished at 4.00 pm on a Wednesday afternoon and we make sure that the two maids are engaged in another part of the house, so as to ensure your privacy, Madam. It seems to us that Miss Richardson is too severe with you and we have, on occasions, heard you cry out in pain and distress. There is obviously nothing we can do but we wanted you to know that you have our wholehearted support.

“It may help you to know that Jameson and I have a cup of tea at 4.00 pm on a Wednesday and that we think of you and you being caned.”

Mrs Banks reached over and held her mistress’s hand in a spontaneous gesture of sympathy and support.

“I would like to join with Jameson in my unswerving support for you, My Lady, and if there is anything we can do we would be pleased to help.”

Lady Alice’s eyes fill with tears at this unsolicited gesture of support.

“You mustn’t think too badly of Miss Richardson,” she said. “She is only doing what she has been directed to do by his Lordship. I deserved my thrashings and Miss Richardson delivers them with the minimum of fuss. They do hurt, sometimes very much, but the pain goes but there are few marks. She sometimes uses a proper rattan cane on my poor bottom and the pain is much deeper and long lasting. Sometimes the marks will last for days.

“I am made to bend over and touch my toes, just like a naughty schoolgirl! Miss Richardson is remarkably consistent in the severity of her canings, but sometimes she canes me really hard and I am hard put to bear it, but bear it I must or there will be additional strokes and sometimes penalty strokes as well, if I do not. You may well have heard me cry out when one of these extra hard sessions are taking place.”

“Yes Madam, we have indeed and we are so sorry.”

“I expect I will be in for a severe hiding very soon and I can only hope that it will be a ‘one off’ and not repeated; I can, just about, take the regular hidings but the special ones involving the rattan are, indeed, hard to take.”

Lady Alice was looking quite anxious as she realised her next special thrashing was getting ever closer, and there was a good chance that Miss Richardson would be quite severe with her. She took her leave of the two loyal senior members of staff who made many sympathetic comments and gestures of support for their youthful mistress. Alice then made her way into the main body of the Hall to find a woebegone Shannon in the main hall. The two girls engaged in general conversation but the subject soon turned to Shannon’s meeting with Miss Richardson.

“Your Housekeeper can really deliver a hard thrashing,” said Shannon ruefully. “I am still finding it very difficult to sit down this afternoon.”

Alice had noted her friend was walking stiffly and rather carefully and that her pretty features were rather pinched and drawn.

“Donal took me to your Music Room and your housekeeper was waiting for us. I had not realised she was so young! She then told me I was to receive eight good hard strokes with her rattan cane; Donal was to stay and watch because Miss Richardson told me I had been a very naughty girl and should qualify for a further thrashing which would have to be delivered by Donal. She advised him to watch closely so he would be able to replicate the severity of the hiding. You may imagine how dreadfully nervous that made me feel!

“Miss Richardson then ordered me to remove my skirt and then bend over and touch my toes. It is some years since I have had to do that, I can tell you!

“He then proceeded to cane my poor bottom with quite some energy and although I tried really hard I could not maintain my position and that earned me two repeat strokes, making six in all. I was in agony afterwards but Miss Richardson let me recover myself before ordering me to tightly bend over a hip high chair.

“She then delivered four more really hard strokes with that hateful rattan, which really made me howl in anguish before she announced my punishment was at an end. Donal helped me to our bedroom where he left me to recover. My poor bottom was so sore and ached for simply ages. I must tell you, Alice, that it is still very sore.”

“Miss Richardson does cane hard,” admitted Alice. “She sometimes uses that rattan on me and I agree that it is no picnic, she usually thrashes me with a thinner, whippier cane which really stings but is not so intense as the rattan. I have some arnica cream which I can rub into your bottom, if you wish, it does help with the bruising.”

“Yes please, Alice,” said Shannon. “I need something quite soon, we leave tomorrow and the prospect of a four hour car journey with a sore bottom does not exactly fill me with pleasure!”

The two young ladies disappeared in the direction of Alice’s bedroom.

The time had come for Lord and Lady O’Hara to depart; their luggage had been packed away by Jameson. Anthony and Alice were waiting for the departure.

“Please wait a moment!” Miss Richardson appeared carrying a dark yellow rattan. “You forgot this, Madam,” she said, handing the cane to Shannon.

“Thank you, Miss Richardson,” said Shannon, somewhat shakily. “I would not have wanted to leave that behind.”

“No doubt Lord O’Hara will take note of your forgetfulness when he next takes you to task,” ventured the housekeeper. “I see you are still walking quite carefully, I always take care to leave my mark! Perhaps you should break your journey and take some gentle exercise; that should help.”

With that, she moved back and Anthony and Alice took their leave. Anthony called Miss Richardson over. “I shall want to see you and Lady Alice after lunch in the drawing room. We need to discuss Lady Alice’s behaviour at this wretched party.”

“Yes, of course, Lord Mayton,” responded Miss Richardson, a distinct gleam of anticipation in her eyes.

Alice was feeling decidedly anxious, the time of her own punishment was rapidly approaching and Anthony was looking very stern and grim. ‘Oh help,’ she thought.

After lunch, the three of them met in the Drawing Room, as arranged. Lord Mayton opened the proceedings.

“Alice, you have been subjected to many hidings and it was my fervent hope the pain you suffered would have made you into a good and obedient wife. However, you seem determined to lurch from one scrape into another, each one demanding retribution. I know this last escapade was not initiated by you but you should have been mature enough to have avoided taking the drugs that were on offer.

“Lady O’Hara has been well dealt with by Miss Richardson and will have a further hiding from her husband, but we now have to consider you.

“Miss Richardson, do you have any comments you would care to make?”

“Yes, indeed, Lord Mayton; you are seriously displeased that your name has come under scrutiny because of Lady Alice’s part in this affair and I can only strongly recommend a good thrashing to remind Lady Alice that she must not be involved in activities such as those which were all too available at the party.”

“Just so,” agreed Lord Mayton. “Were you very severe with Lady O’Hara?”

“More severe than with Lady Alice, My Lord,” confirmed Miss Richardson. “I made her touch her toes, as is my custom, and then gave her four quite hard strokes with my rattan, evenly spaced but I know that they hurt her Ladyship. She broke station twice and I repeated both of the strokes; she squealed at each one but got louder as I progressed.

“I then let her have a short rest before ordering her to tightly bend over the back of the hip chair; I then delivered four hard strokes which made her howl in anguish. It took some time before she had recovered sufficiently for Lord Donal to take her to the bedroom where she remained for some time.”

“Thank you, Miss Richardson, you did an excellent job on the minx; I hope that Lord Donal follows your example and thrashes her again, before too much longer. But back to the matter in hand, do you have a suggestion as to how Lady Alice should be disciplined?”

“I think Lady Alice should be subjected to exemplary discipline; I have just received a new slender whippy cane from my loyal suppliers and they inform me that it will make my subjects squeal with greater intensity than with the one I currently use. I am keen to try it out and hope it will have a salutory effect on Lady Alice.

“I could then progress to the rattan and Lady Alice could sample the delight of my hip chair! I would not use my canes with the severity I employed on Lady O’Hara, but Madam would certainly know that she has had a good hiding.”

“That sounds ideal, Miss Richardson.”

“What do you think of the plan, Alice?” He turned and addressed Alice for the first time.

“It certainly sounds very painful,” said Alice with a break in her voice. “I am sure I need taking to task and that Miss Richardson will ably fulfil that need.”

“Good, that’s settled then,” said Lord Mayton. “Alice, you will report to Miss Richardson in the Music Room at 4.00 pm. When you have finished, Miss Richardson, please take Lady Alice to our bedroom and she can stay there and await my inspection.”

“Very good, My Lord. I will report to you in the sitting room and let you know that Lady Alice is awaiting your inspection.”

At 4.00 pm, Lady Alice shrinkingly presented herself to Miss Richardson who was already waiting in the quiet and beautiful room.

“Good afternoon, Madam. I hope you are properly prepared for out little session?”

“Yes, Miss Richardson, I think so.”

“This is my new cane, Madam. I am assured it will make you squeal more than my previous one.”

Alice looked at the cane with increasing apprehension. It did indeed look as though it would deliver a painful thrashing, especially at the hands of the experienced Miss Richardson who was smiling at Alice in a calculating way. She was fond of her mistress who was but three years older but she derived considerable pleasures from caning her pretty bottom. She was certainly looking forward to using her new cane.

She smiled icily at her lovely mistress. “Then remove your skirt and knickers. I am anxious to put it to good use, without delay.”

Alice removed her soft cerise skirt and matching knickers and faced the door. She then bent right over and touched her toes. Her beautiful bottom was now correctly presented for her housekeeper’s ministrations and she waited with considerable trepidation.

Miss Richardson swung her new cane and it landed with a sharp thwick. She was pleased; the cane was wonderfully whippy but with a hardness that became apparent immediately when used properly.

Alice squealed and Miss Richardson smiled. The cane was living up to the reputation the Singh Brothers accorded it, and she made a mental note to write to them.

The second stroke produced more sounds of distress from Alice. It almost seemed to sink in to her soft bottom before springing back. Such was the stinging pain from the third stroke that Alice broke station and was immediately awarded a repeat by the ever vigilant housekeeper. There was no let up and the very sharp pain from the repeat stroke caused Alice to again break station and rub her burning bottom, thereby earning her another repeat.

“I am not going to award to a penalty stroke, Madam. This is a new cane and I appreciate that it takes some getting used to. You have one to go; do try your hardest to stay in position.”

The last stroke whipped in, causing Alice to squeal loudly. Miss Richardson gave time for the pain to be absorbed before allowing Alice to her feet.

“So how did you find my new cane, Madam?” Asked her housekeeper.

“So very painful,” quavered Alice. “Not as intense as the rattan but it stung dreadfully and has really hurt my poor bottom.”

“You may as well know that it will be my new cane of choice and that I intend to become expert in its use. You can look forward to many sessions with it and I trust it will continue to make you squeal. Now, let us get on, you have four strokes of the rattan to come, so bend over the back of this hip chair and hold on tightly.”

Alice did as she was bid and soon the searing pain of the rattan left its marks on her soft bottom. Three more times the cruel rattan whipped in and Alice squealed loudly at each one. The hiding was over but Alice continued to gasp and mew in her distress.

The housekeeper waited while Lady Alice recovered herself; she then allowed Alice to get up from the cramped position she has forced herself into.

“Come here, Madam and face this bookcase,” she instructed.

Alice tried to concentrate on reading the book titles thinking that it will help take her mind off the dreadful pain in her bottom. The exercise was not wholly successful as the titles kept blurring as she tried to focus through her tears.

Miss Richardson left Lady Alice facing the bookcase for a good ten minutes, after which Alice was less distressed and more in command of herself. True, she still looked as though she had been well caned and her pretty face was tear-stained and blotchy. She also made repeated attempts to cherish her sore and aching bottom but it was just too sore to make any worthwhile difference. She was still gasping and mewing in pain and making constant noises if distress in her throat.

The pain became more manageable and Alice was able to cope; she had made full use of an open packet of tissues placed nearby by the ever attentive Miss Richardson.

“I think you are about ready to go now, Madam. Put on your skirt and bring your knickers and follow me.”

Instead of returning to the Drawing Room, Miss Richardson led her Mistress to the Master Bedroom which was situated on the first floor in a corner of the Hall. It was a beautifully proportioned room with a double aspect and presented the viewer with a stunning panorama. Lady Alice was in no mood to appreciate the scenery and stood quietly while her housekeeper directed her next move.

“Put your knickers on the bed, Madam,” Miss Richardson instructed Lady Alice. “And come over here.”

Alice was made to face an elegant bookshelf. ‘At least I can now read the titles,’ she thought to herself’.

“I will go and inform Lord Mayton, Madam, that you have been well thrashed and are waiting for him to come and inspect the results.”

Alice was now much calmer except for the sharp pain in her bottom, the well delivered strokes of the rattan were still throbbing and continued to do so in spite of her gently rubbing them. Alice wondered whether she would, once again, be subjected to the normal regular weekly caning from the ever enthusiastic Miss Richardson. She hoped that this would be the case as she dreaded a repeat caning in which the formidable rattan would be used. Her thought were interrupted by the arrival of her husband.

“Well, Alice,” he said. “I trust you have had time to reflect on your recent behaviour which I found totally unacceptable. You have thoroughly deserved the caning which you have received from Miss Richardson. Now it is time for me to inspect the effects of her ministrations. Take off your skirt, I see that your knickers have been removed and are already on the bed so you will not have the additional discomfort of removing them.”

Alice removed her short cerise coloured skirt and meekly re assumed her position, facing the bookshelf. Anthony Mayton moved over and stood on her left hand side.

“Your bottom certainly looks sore,” he commented. “Miss Richardson has carried out her instructions with her usual efficiency.”

Lord Mayton rested his hand on Alice’s right hip as he addressed her.

“You are exonerated from being the leader in this ridiculous drug fuelled party. Your friend Shannon was, of course, the leader and you were carried in her wake.”

Anthony’s hand moved down her right buttock and he was hugely impressed by the exquisite soft roundness of Alice’s delectable bottom.

“This is all very well,” continued Lord Mayton. “But the unmistakable result is that you were involved in a party at which drugs were used extensively.”

Anthony’s roving hand encountered a much warmer patch which soon resolved itself into a raised mark where Miss Richardson’s cane had left its painful calling card. Anthony thoughtfully traced his finger along the weal and this was accompanied by a sharp intake of breath from Alice together with a subdued gasp of pain. She flinched slightly at his continued touch.

“You still seem to get into scrape after scrape in spite of retribution in the shape of painful thrashings.”

Alice became tense as Anthony’s hand continued on its downward path until it reaches her sublime overhang. Miss Richardson’s rattan landed on this appealing area twice and two angry looking stroke marks were in evidence. Again Anthony traced them with his finger, resulting in gasps from Alice and some rather violent wriggling as she tried to escape the pain.

Anthony raises his hand and slapped Alice, quite hard, on this oh so sensitive area.

“Behave yourself, Alice. You must allow me to thoroughly inspect your bottom in any way I please; it is part of your punishment. Please remember I could send you back to Miss Richardson here and now, for a top up dose of her cane, maybe even her rattan.”

“Oh no, please Anthony, I could not bear it. My poor bottom is so sore; I have learnt my lesson, honestly I have!”

Alice was clearly anxious about the prospect of a further hiding and was mewing in her distress. Anthony cupped her lovely soft lower bottom and took pleasure in its weight resting on his hand. He then took some of the succulent flesh between his thumb and forefinger and gently rolled it. Alice gasped again as one of the rattan stroke marks got caught up in this exercise.

Anthony gently turned her towards him and used both his hands to cover her crease where the fourth stroke landed. Although Alice gasped out loud in pain she, nevertheless threw her arms around Anthony’s neck and nuzzled him in a gesture of complete submission.

“Alice I have almost decided to send you to Miss Richardson this very evening for a sound and salutary spanking. I think it will be good for you to have a hot and sore bottom on top of the caning you have had to endure. My mind is not quite made up but I thought it only fair to warn you what is in the wind.”

“Yes Anthony, whatever you say Anthony,” whispered Lady Alice. “I am sure you know best and that I deserve a sharp spanking. I will try hard and not let you down if you decide on this course of action.”

In the event, Anthony let Alice off the projected spanking but it remained in the forefront of his mind, perhaps tomorrow. Alice was truly grateful for the postponement and kissed her husband with some enthusiasm.

The next day, Alice greeted Jameson in the Breakfast Room.

“Good Morning, Jameson. A fine and sunny morning.”

“Yes, Madam,” responded Jameson. “How are you today?” He asked, meaningly. He had noted that Lady Alice was walking a bit stiffly, not surprising, he thought, remembering the heart-rending sounds of Her Ladyships distress, which was only yesterday.

Lady Alice glanced behind her to make sure they are alone.

“I am not as sore as I thought I might be,” she said conspiratorially. “Although Miss Richardson did lay it on a bit. Perhaps I might come and see you and Mrs Banks later?”

“Certainly, Madam, we both look forward to that.”

In the meantime, Lord Mayton had arrived and having consumed a light breakfast, requested that Alice join him on the library.

“Well, Alice,” he addressed his young wife. “I have been thinking about your punishment and have come to the conclusion that yesterday’s thrashing is quite sufficient to show you the error of your ways, but I feel that less severe ‘reminders’ are necessary. I propose, therefore, that you report to Miss Richardson on a weekly basis to receive a caning from her. This will be like your previous sessions, not so severe but painful enough to stay in your memory. I will instruct Miss Richardson accordingly.”

“Oh, Anthony, thank you, thank you so very much. I will try my very best to stay out of any scrapes and not to be an embarrassment to you.”

Anthony kissed his wife on the cheek and gently patted her bottom.

Later on, Alice was on her way to see Jameson and Mrs Banks, still very pleased to be avoiding further meetings with the dreaded rattan. She paused as she remembered Miss Richardson had said she would, henceforth, be using her new cane when resuming her regular caning routine.

Alice paled at the thought; she had certainly not forgotten the pain inflicted by the new cane. She was in an apprehensive mood when she met Jameson and Mrs Banks and knew that she would be grateful for their continued support over the coming weeks.

The End

© Frances Stephenson 2014