The tables start turning

By Frances Stephenson

The two maids at Mayton were relaxing after a busy day. In truth they were not really tired and always seemed to get through their work ‘coasting’. They were good friends and covered for each other. Beverly was nearly twenty-one and Jean about six months younger.

They were both bursting with exuberant youth and robust good health and made a more than attractive pair. It was to be expected that both girls should have many admirers and indeed their company was much sought after at the regular dances and parties organised at the Village Hall.

Although very discreet, the girls had become bolder as the months passed and an interested onlooker would have noticed two men’s bicycles regularly hidden in the laurel bushes thirty yards from the back door. These belonged to Arthur Woods and Jimmy Tiptree, two lusty and adventurous young swains.

The would meet Bev and Jean in the small wood for a good old-fashioned bout of snogging with some enjoyable side dishes. The onset of the colder weather had certainly curtailed these activities and the two girls came up with a solution. They would smuggle the boys into the Hall and into one of the spare bedrooms at the back. These were only used on rare occasions when there was not enough room in the main part of the Hall. The girls would light a fire and bring some food and drink. There was a small annexe of the main bedroom so each girl could be private if she so wished.

Everything went satisfactorily for a few weeks but they were, inevitably, caught. Jameson, the butler, was making a routine inspection of these overspill bedrooms as it seemed possible that a forthcoming shooting party might be larger than was at first thought.

He opened the door of one of the spare bedrooms and was surprised to find both of the maids in the room together with two young men. The fire was going merrily and the remains of a picnic were on the floor.

Both girls were somewhat dishevelled and their skirts had ridden up showing a good portion of their legs. It was quite obvious what had been going on, added to which there were two half full ash trays. There was also a distinct bitter sweet smell indicating that something other than tobacco had been smoked.

Although Jameson was quite fond of the two girls he could not let this go unreported. Two very nervous looking girls waited anxiously. It was a reflection on the severity of their wrongdoings that they had been summoned into the presence of Lady Alice as well as the greatly feared Miss Richardson. Mrs Banks, the cook-general, and Jameson, the Butler, were also in attendance. The gathering seemed to have all the hallmarks of a tribunal rather than a domestic situation requiring a domestic solution.

Lady Alice looked at Miss Richardson with apprehension, which had nothing to do with the current activities regarding the two maids but everything to do with her forthcoming session with her housekeeper which was soon to take place. It seemed very likely that both maids would be caned and she idly wondered whether these thrashings would involve Miss Richardson’s new cane or whether these two girls would have a salutary dose of the rattan. Alice’s own bottom twitched in sympathy.

The two girls were quickly convicted and told they would be caned by the housekeeper. Lady Alice was to be present to oversee the proceedings. Both girls were, in a sense, relieved. The last thing they wanted was to be fired and sent home in disgrace; this would lead to a severe belting, probably more than one, and all the problems of finding new employment.

“There seems no reason not to proceed now.” Said Miss Richardson. “So I think we should go to the Music Room, without delay. Perhaps Madam would be kind enough to escort the maids. I will join you shortly.”

Alice agreed and led the two pale faced and very apprehensive maids to the punishment venue.

“I will give you both some advice,” said Alice. “I suggest you ask Miss Richardson if you may remove your knickers and take your caning on your bare bottoms. Your knickers are thin and will offer little protection from the hiding you will receive and, although Miss Richardson is quite severe, she is not cruel.”

‘Well she can be,’ thought Alice.

“If you keep your knickers on, she will not be able to see with any certainty exactly where her strokes have landed, but if she canes you on your bare bottoms she will be able to see where her strokes have landed, thereby reducing the possibility of a stroke landing on top of a previous one which would, of course, be extra painful.

“The second piece of advice concerns the position you will be required to adopt. You will be told to bend over this chair.” Alice indicated the hip high library chair that had become so familiar to her.

“Please make sure you bend over the back and present your bottoms correctly for punishment. Try and lock yourself into position. If you move or try and avoid a stroke you could well earn a repeat and perhaps a penalty stroke as well, so you see it is in your best interests to really try and follow what I say. Is that clear?”

“Yes Milady, and thank you, Milady,” whispered the two very anxious girls.

“The caning will hurt a great deal but will soon be over,” said Alice with all the encouragement she could muster.

At that moment her housekeeper returned. “Right, lets get on. Beverly, you wait outside the door. Jean, come here and remove your skirt.”

Jean did so and revealed a good firm youthful bottom encased in soft but quite thick pants. Too thick for the severe Miss Richardson.

“Take those off as well,” she instructed and Jean shrinkingly obeyed. “Now bend over that chair and hold on tightly.”

Jean did so and felt acutely vulnerable. She tried to control her breathing, aware that her thrashing was seconds away.

Alice was also very anxious on the girl’s behalf. A severe caning by the housekeeper was something to be dreaded, as she well knew from her own experience.

The first stroke whipped in and Alice saw that it was delivered with plenty of shoulder.

‘I bet that stung,’ she thought, and this view was confirmed by a gasping squeal from Jean.

The next stroke landed a bit lower and produced the same reaction.

‘Poor Jean,’ thought Alice.

The girl’s cries grew louder and more heartfelt as the hiding progressed but Alice noted with relief that Jean stayed locked in position. At last it was over and a shaken and damp Jean prised herself up from her cramped position over the chair. She was ordered to stand facing the bookcase while she recovered herself. She looked rather forlorn standing with her back to the room and displaying her well-caned bottom. She tried to ease the pain by gently rubbing the sore looking but still very appealing area.

“You can come in now, Beverly,” ordered Miss Richardson. “Take off your skirt and prepare to bend over that chair.”

After a few moments, Beverly undressed but her eyes were drawn to the sight of her friend standing facing the bookcase, her well thrashed bottom acting as a magnet to her friend’s eyes.

“Please Miss, may I take down my knickers for the caning?” She whispered.

“Very well but do let’s get on.”

Beverly stepped out of her thin black knickers and bent over the back of the chair. Miss Richardson’s eyes gleamed, for Beverly had a splendidly shaped plump bottom, full and round but without any hint of fat.

‘Just made for the cane,’ she thought.

She then started to cane young Beverly’s bottom with quite some energy and a great deal of application. Beverly squealed ever more loudly as her pale creamy bottom was soon well striped with the marks left by Miss Richardson’s rattan.

Alice really felt for the two young girls as she had often been in the same position. She noted the gleam of enjoyment in the housekeeper’s face and the energy in which the whistling cane was applied to the soft pale bottoms.

‘She must look like that when she canes me,’ she thought.

The punishment was now over and the two rather damp maids were dismissed by the housekeeper who told them to rest in their bedrooms for a couple of hours before reporting to Mrs Banks for some supper.

“I am sure she won’t mind if you eat standing up,” she said, meaningfully.

Both Alice and her housekeeper then went to a meeting with Lord Mayton, who remained in overall control of all disciplinary matters.

“I am displeased by this affair. It shows that controls need to be tightened and it seems that things have been allowed to get slack, and this cannot be tolerated,” he said in a cold voice. “Miss Richardson, Lady Alice is due to see you soon for her weekly session. I want her to be reminded of her responsibilities with reference to the maids and would ask you to take this into account when caning her. I don’t want you to use the rattan or to be too severe with her but I leave it to you how you deal with Lady Alice.”

“Yes, my Lord,” responded Miss Richardson. “I understand and will deal with Lady Alice accordingly. “There is , however, my own role in this matter which needs addressing. After all, as your housekeeper the conduct of the staff is my direct responsibility.”

“Yes, I was coming to that very point. I feel that you, Miss Richardson, should have a sharp reminder of your duties and responsibilities. I am, therefore, going to suggest to Lady Alice that she gives you a caning, using the rattan. I will leave the severity and number of strokes to her and would suggest that you two foregather in the Music Room to complete this session.

“It will add a decided dose of piquancy that Lady Alice will cane you this afternoon and she will, in turn, be caned by you on Wednesday. I will need to inspect the results so, Alice, please bring Miss Richardson to me when you have finished. I need hardly remind you that I wish to see proof of a sound caning. If this is not evident she will be subjected to an additional session. Now off you both go.”

“Please come with me, Miss Richardson,” said Lady Alice as she made her way to her own study on the first floor. It was, like all rooms at Mayton, charmingly proportioned and tastefully decorated. Alice sat behind her desk and Miss Richardson stood respectfully before her.

“I had not thought to be in this position, Miss Richardson,” said Alice, somewhat reproachfully.

“No, indeed, Madam, I am sorry not to have attended to my duties with more care and attention. I think it perfectly correct that you should thrash me and I want to make it plain that however hard you punish me, I will not cane you any harder than usual at the weekly meetings, except, of course, for this coming Wednesday when His Lordship has indicated that he wants me to punish you a bit harder than usual. Please tell me, Madam, have you ever caned any girls before?”

“Yes, Miss Richardson, twice at School. I was a prefect and caned two girls in my final year. We were given some instruction to land the strokes on the full part of the bottom and to stand to the left of the girl so as not to whip the cane around the right cheek.”

“Good! I am pleased that you are conversant with elementary procedures. You will also have learnt much from being on the receiving end of many of my canings. You will be using the rattan on me. Please may I ask that you order me to bend over the chair? The use of a rattan if one is fully bent over takes an experienced caner to get the full benefit out of each stroke.

“Please thrash me well. I deserve it and make sure I squeal in pain just as I try to make you. If the stroke is not hard enough, I may well ask you to repeat it, but harder. You see, Madam, I am anxious that I will receive my thrashing in full measure and am perfectly willing for you to take me to see Lord Mayton so that he can assess the severity of the punishment.

“If he thinks you have been too lenient he could well send me for a further dose.”

Miss Richardson finished what she had to say and stood quietly with her hands clasped submissively before her. She was slightly flushed and Alice wondered whether her youthful housekeeper was going to get some sort of satisfaction from having her bottom well caned.

“It is now two-thirty. I think your session should be set for 3.00 pm,” said Alice quietly.

“Yes, Madam, I will go to the Music Room and await your coming.”

Miss Richardson turned on her heel and walked out of Alice’s study.

Alice, herself, needed a few moments to gather her thoughts. So many unexpected things had happened that morning. Her emotions were somewhat chaotic and she tried to think about them.

She acknowledge the fact that she quite enjoyed seeing her two maids being vigorously caned on their sweet bottoms. Alice was so used to having her own bottom caned that she developed a delicious empathy with the two maids and had to admit that she became quite ‘turned on’ by these activities. She would now be involved in caning her young housekeeper.

‘This would be a sort of poetic justice,’ thought Alice. She, herself, would be caning the bottom of her young housekeeper in the same way as Alice, herself, was disciplined. Alice was aware she was somewhat flushed and that her breathing had become a little more rapid as she looked forward to the session.

Punctually at 3.00 pm, Alice arrived at the Music Room and, as she had promised, Miss Richardson was already there, standing with her hands clasped in front of her and with a meek and rather apprehensive look on her face.

“Are you all prepared, Miss Richardson?” Asked Alice.

“Yes, Madam, and thank you for asking,” said the penitent sounding housekeeper. “I have cleaned and polished the rattan and it is here, waiting for you to use it on me.”

‘This is indeed a new experience,’ thought Alice, and she noted with approval her housekeeper had removed her tights, revealing slim, pale and delicate legs. She also noted that Miss Richardson was wearing a dark blouse and a charcoal grey skirt.

“Please remove your skirt,” instructed Alice as she swished the rattan whilst watching the skirt being removed. She remembered how the sound of a cane being swished always wound her up and she trusted Miss Richardson would be similarly anxious.

Miss Richardson now stood before Alice in her blouse and flat black shoes, and thin white bikini-style knickers.

Alice was determined to make this a caning that both would long remember.

“Knickers off, please, and bend over this hip chair,” she instructed.

Her housekeeper delicately stepped out of her knickers before bending over the indicated chair. Alice noted an unexpectedly attractive pale bottom correctly offered for her attention. She walked around the chair, ordering little adjustments designed to make the bottom ever more prominent.

“I don’t need to tell you, Miss Richardson, that if you try and avoid any of my strokes or attempt to rise from your present position I will repeat the stroke and may well add a penalty stroke.”

“Yes, Madam, that is perfectly understood,” responded the housekeeper.

Alice lined up the rattan, taking a moment to revel in the springy hardness.

‘This will make her yelp,’ she thought.

“Here it comes,” she said, and the cane whickered in to leave its painful calling card.

‘Good,’ thought Alice. ‘Just where I had aimed and with a nice swing of my shoulder behind it.’

There was a sharp intake of breath from the housekeeper and a bit of urgent hip adjustment.

“One, thank you Madam,” she heard. “Madam, please would you make the next stroke a bit harder.”

“Yes, Miss Richardson, I certainly will!” Responded Alice with enthusiasm.

The next one landed about an inch above the first and Alice was pleased with the severity. The beautiful bottom twitched a bit and a low squeal was heard.

“Two, thank you Madam,” intoned the housekeeper.

The third landed just under the overhang and produced a loud squeal. The hands moved involuntarily towards her punished bottom. “Th, Three Madam,” quavered Miss Richardson.

“Oh no, I am afraid not. I am going to repeat that last stroke but will not be awarding a penalty.”

“Thank you, Madam, thank you,” gasped the girl.

Alice continued to stripe the lovely bottom, much to the increasing distress of her housekeeper. At last it was over and a shaken Miss Richardson rose, carefully, to her feet.

“Thank you, Madam, that was a really good hiding and will serve to remind me of my duties in the future.”

She squirmed a bit in an attempt to dissipate the dreadful pain in her bottom.

“We will go and see His Lordship now. He will want to examine your nether regions to see if you have been satisfactorily thrashed,” said Alice.

“Yes Madam, of course. I do not think his Lordship will have any complaint about the severity of the thrashing. You did very well, Madam, as my bottom will testify.”

The pair made their way to the Drawing Room.

“Here is Miss Richardson, Anthony. I have caned her and she is here and awaits your inspection. Take off your skirt and bend right over and let his Lordship see your bottom.”

Miss Richardson did as she was bad, having first placed her knickers on the back of a convenient chair.

“Very good, Alice. You have done a good job. Miss Richardson will find sitting down rather uncomfortable for a day or so!

“Miss Richardson, I have been giving your conduct some thought and would like you to present yourself to Lady Alice on a regular basis and discuss your conduct with her. Lady Alice may well decide to thrash you for any shortcomings. It all depends on how you go on. I think that is only fair don’t you?”

“Yes, Lord Mayton, I do think it is perfectly fair and I know Lady Alice will be fair and impartial in her judgements. And I will take whatever punishment she deems necessary.

“I would add that, from my own point of view, these canings which I may well receive will have no bearing whatsoever on the punishments I am requested to meter out to Lady Alice.”

Lord Mayton looked very satisfied with the outcome. Indeed he very much liked the idea of his pretty wife being thrashed by his housekeeper and she, in turn, subjecting her to a good caning.

The meeting was now over and Miss Richardson collected her knickers and made her way, quite stiffly, to her room.

Two days had passed and Alice made her way to the Music Room. She would have her bottom well striped and the thought awakened the flock of butterflies in her stomach. She had been promised ‘something extra’ and wondered anxiously what form this would take.

She arrived at the Music Room and was ordered to remove her brief soft, red tartan skirt and white knickers. Miss Richardson was looking stern and flexing her new cane in her hands. The marks of her own recent caning were still very much in evidence, but the pain had, however, largely subsided.

She was now greatly looking forward to caning Lady Alice’s pretty bottom.

“Well, Madam, here we are again. I have to undertake your regular caning but with some addition, as requested by His Lordship. I have to tell you that I have decided you will receive two strokes out of the six allocated, and that they will be will be harder and will land in a sensitive area of your bottom. I am sure you will either get up or otherwise break station thus earning you a repeat stroke and maybe a penalty.

“This little deviation should earn you, perhaps, four extra strokes, assuming you behave yourself and accept these extras without protest. I do, however, expect a fair amount of squealing.”

Alice sighed to herself as she removed her brief skirt and knickers. She thought she would be in for something like this and meekly bent over to touch her toes, her stunning pale creamy bottom offered up for the forthcoming session.

She heard the swish as the painful cane whickered down onto her soft bottom.

So life continued at Mayton even although the punishment dynamic had subtly altered.

The End

© Frances Stephenson 2014