After a brief flirtation, Lady Alice is in trouble again. The next in the series.

By Frances Stephenson

Although Lady Alice had been taken to task, quite severely, for her original flirtation with Jeremy Hayes Weston, this affair had not progressed but nonetheless there was a definite tug of attraction between the two of them. It had been many months since they last met but they happened to run across each other in a town which neither of them usually visited and it was in fact some 30 miles away from Mayton Manor.

Alice had been visiting a shop renowned for its stock of exotic foods, spices and the like. She had in mind to organise a full-blown curry evening at the Manor and wanted to buy some of the products that were not readily available locally. It was good to browse around the shops as this usually threw up all sorts of new ideas.

She had completed a number of purchases and made her way to the car park where she put them in the boot of her car.

“Hello Alice,” said a well-remembered voice and her heart gave a leap of surprise and pleasure. She turned to see Jeremy Hayes Weston.

“Jeremy, how lovely to see you again after so many months. I hope all is going well with you.” She noted from the expression in his eyes that she had lost none of the attractions she once had for him. For her part he had lost none of the rakish charm which had so attracted her in the first place. They stayed chatting happily for quite some time before Alice became aware that she should make a move. The couple rather reluctantly said their goodbyes and Alice went on tip-toes to kiss him goodbye.

There had been no arrangement for them to meet up with each other again which Alice accepted with a certain pang of regret. Unbeknown to the couple, who seemed to have eyes only for each other, a young woman used her mobile phone to take a picture of them. Alice would have been devastated to know that this young woman was a friend of her housekeeper, MissRichardson and she had recognised Lady Alice and thought that her friend would be more than interested to see this little scenario.

Events unfolded and reached their inevitable conclusion with a photograph being been received by Miss Richardson whose eyes gleamed when she opened the enclosure from her friend, Margaret Dobson. It clearly showed her mistress smiling and gazing out into the face of this handsome man. There could be no doubt of the pleasure on her face.

Miss Richardson was in no doubt where her duty lay and she would immediately print this photograph and show it to Lord Mayton. She had little doubt what the outcome would be. She thought about this for sometime; a small smile of pleasure on her face.

“Lord Mayton, I thought you should see this photograph which was sent to me by one of my friends.” She showed him a print of the image that had been sent to her.

Lord Mayton’s face darkened with anger.

“Thank you for showing it to me, Miss Richardson. Will you please be available in the drawing room at 11 o’clock tomorrow. Lady Mayton will be present.”

“Yes, of course, Lord Mayton. I will be there.”

Lord Mayton immediately requested that Lady Alice join him in the drawing room and she arrived and immediately perceived something had seriously annoyed him.

“Alice,” he said angrily. “Tell me, have you seen anything of Jeremy Hayes Weston recently? You will recall I expressly forbade you to see him again.”

The question caught Alice completely unawares and she had no time to gather her thoughts. Thus she made the wrong decision in her response.

“No, Anthony, I have not seen him for many months,” she said earnestly.

“Then you will be completely surprised when you see this photograph which has just come into my possession. It shows you and Hayes Weston and you are both looking very pleased with yourselves,” he said with heavy sarcasm. “It was taken only yesterday and I am very annoyed that you lied about seeing him and that you seem to show so much pleasure in his company.

“You will recall that you were well thrashed for flirting with him all those months ago and I thought this had nipped any burgeoning relationship in the bud; It seems I was mistaken, as this photograph shows. I assume you are not going to deny that the meeting took place or, indeed, at the pleasure you seem to be showing.”

Alice paled at the evidence before her showing that it did indeed happen and that there was nothing she could do about it.

“Oh Arthur, I am truly sorry but I bumped into Jeremy purely by accident when I was in Howton yesterday. I met him in the car park and we chatted for, perhaps, 15 minutes and then parted. Please believe me it meant absolutely nothing which is why it slipped my memory. It was not an arranged meeting and we certainly have made no agreement to meet up in the future. I realise the evidence of the photograph makes it look bad for me but I do stress that this was just a chance meeting and will not happen again.”

Alice spoke with increasing urgency as she knew that unless she could convince her husband she would be in for a very good hiding indeed.

Lord Mayton continued: “I am still very annoyed that you showed so much pleasure in this man’s company and that you chose to lie about it. I have no doubt whatsoever that in a different set of circumstances it would not take much to rekindle your attraction for each other, which is why I am going to organise a repeat series of punishments for you. You have made the situation immeasurably worse by lying to me and that will be taken very much into account,” he rasped, clearly annoyed at Alice’s behaviour and the fact she had chosen to lie about it.

“In the circumstances I propose to deal with you quite firmly in this matter so please make yourself available at 11 o’clock tomorrow in the drawing room.”

Alice recognised that although her strict husband cared for her deeply he would nonetheless not hold back in instituting a painful punishment regime. She knew there was no way she could persuade him otherwise and therefore resigned herself to accepting a number of painful sessions.

Throughout the next morning, Alice was in a quake realising there was the very real prospect of hard and painful session coming her way. Time seemed to drag until at last 11 o’clock approached and Alice made her way to the drawing room. She found her husband with his hands behind him admiring the beautiful view from the Manor. At exactly 11 o’clock there was a gentle tap on the door and Miss Richardson presented herself.

“Well you are all here,” observed Lord Mayton. “It is some weeks since I last spoke to the pair of you but events have dictated that I reopen the subject of discipline with regard to Lady Mayton.

“I haven’t received evidence that, contrary to my instructions and wishes, Lady Alice has seen Hayes Weston once again and that she seemed to derive considerable pleasure from this meeting. I am also quite sure in my own mind that if the situation had been left to develop it could well very soon have got out of hand over the coming weeks. I therefore propose that the disciplinary regime we imposed upon Lady Alice is restarted but possibly more severe than previously.”

Lady Alice shifted nervously at his comments and trembled slightly but Miss Richardson, for her part, listened with some pleasure to Lord Mayton’s strictures as it now seem probable that she would be once again required to cane her mistress’s pretty bottom. Her eyes gleamed with pleasure at the thought.

“I think we must start off by giving Lady Alice a salutary lesson and to this end I would ask you, Miss Richardson, to resume caning her in the music room at 4 pm on a Wednesday, using your normal cane. In addition, and over the next six weeks, I would ask you to subject her to several additional canings given at random intervals entirely at your own discretion. I would also like you to subject her to a number of spankings over this period, again at your discretion. I have it in mind that Lady Alice should be additionally caned or spanked several times over this six-week period but the frequency I will leave up to you.

“I would ask you, Miss Richardson, to organise these sessions and to carry them out when you think fit, you might also think that Lady Alice would benefit from having her bottom examined to see how she is coping with the punishment and it will also do her good to have to expose herself to you in this way.”

Miss Richardson could hardly believe her ears; not only would she be caning Lady Mayton’s delectable bottom but would be doing so more frequently than the usual once per week! Added to which she would also be spanking Madam’s pretty bottom. She hoped that Lady Alice would be up to the hidings she fully intended to give her and there was the added bonus that she should report to Miss Richardson at intermittent intervals so she could examine her bottom and make sure she was able to take the next round of punishment.

For her part, Alice was horrified that these projected punishments should be so severe and be given so often. But she did realise that in seeing Jeremy albeit briefly, she had embarked on a dangerous course of action and had been found out. She was in no doubt that she would be severely punished and in some strange way this caused her delicious excitement.

Dead on the dot of 4 o’clock, Lady Alice presented herself in the Music Room and, as expected, found Miss Richardson waiting for her.

“I’m very glad to see that you are on time, Madam,” said Miss Richardson. “I don’t think there are any preliminaries to go through and therefore would you please remove your skirt and knickers and face that way; bend right over and touch your toes.”

Alice obeyed these instructions without delay as she did not want to give her housekeeper any excuse to increase the number of strokes she would receive. Alice bent over and presented her pretty pale bottom for what was to come.

Miss Richardson then proceeded to cane her lovely charge with quite some energy and application. Very soon the lovely bottom was showing many red and painful looking stripes. Alice was finding it increasingly difficult to bear the pain of this ‘harder than usual’ thrashing but nevertheless she did so and maintained her stance whilst calling out the number of strokes in the required manner. Nevertheless, after the fourth stroke she was squealing lustily and Miss Richardson observed Alice’s well striped bottom with satisfaction. The last stroke landed low down on Alice’s bottom and produced the last heartfelt squeal. Lady Alice had fulfilled her part of the instruction and her ordeal was now over, at least for this week.

“The caning is over, Madam,” said Miss Richardson. “You have my permission to get up now and you may get dressed and continue with your day.”

A shaken Alice replaced her clothing and walked stiffly out of the music room and went to her bedroom to undertake some running repairs to her face and hair.

The next day was warm and sunny and Alice was wearing a cut away pink blouse and very closely fitting lightweight pink jeans cut away into very brief shorts. They looked decidedly attractive and moulded themselves snugly around Alice’s bottom. She felt good in them but was still acutely aware that her bottom was still quite sore from the caning she had received from Miss Richardson.

She went about her business and chatted to many of the staff. Miss Richardson was also out and going about her business and she happened to see Lady Mayton and thought she looked very attractive in her pink outfit with her well shaped legs on show. She did note, however, that her Ladyship, normally so supple, was walking around somewhat stiffly. This could mean only one thing and Miss Richardson looked on with approval at this manifestation of her own severity. Her eyes were drawn to her ladyship’s bottom which was well presented in the pink shorts.

‘Hmmm,’ she thought and made her way over.

“Good Morning, Madam,” she said, pleasantly enough. “Seeing you has put me in mind of something that must be done. I think you are due for an inspection and I would like to see you in the music room at 4 pm this afternoon.”

Lady Alice paled slightly and looked nervously at her housekeeper.

“Yes of course, Miss Richardson,” she said meekly. “I will see you at that time.”

Alice arrived at the music room on time and rather timidly entered to find Miss Richardson already waiting for her.

“Now Madam, please remove your shorts as I wish to examine your bottom,” she said.

Alice unfastened the buttons at the front of her shorts and then struggled to take them down as they were very tight and close-fitting. Miss Richardson looks on with some amusement.

“It’s a good job I am not going to give you a hiding, Madam,” she said. “I am sure you would not be able to climb into those tight shorts after a session with me. Your bottom would not only be painful but, of course, swollen as well. You would have to return to your bedroom wearing only your knickers and that could prove very embarrassing for you if you were to meet any of the staff.”

Alice had clearly not thought of this eventuality and resolved that she would always wear a skirt if there was any likelihood of her receiving a hiding at the hands of her housekeeper.

“Now come over here, Madam,” instructed Ms Richardson as she sat on a low comfortable chair. “Turn away from me, open your legs about a foot and take down your knickers to mid thigh.”

Alice nervously complied with this instruction and her naked and vulnerable bottom was soon completely exposed to her housekeeper’s view. Miss Richardson closely examined her mistress’s pretty pale bottom and noted that although she had not used her rattan, madam’s bottom was nevertheless well covered by the fading red stripes of the caning she had received on Wednesday.

“Bend right over, please Madam I want to examine your crease as I am sure I managed to land at least two strokes in this area.”

‘Yes, you certainly did,’ Alice thought. ‘And very painful they were, added to which my knicker legs constantly seem to graze them.’

Miss Richardson noticed these marks with some satisfaction and resolved to try and place further strokes in this sensitive area during future sessions.

“Thank you, Madam, I think that will be all for now. Please replace your shorts. there is nothing else I require you to do today.”

Lady Alice had been in some trepidation during the day, especially as the dreaded 4 o’clock approached, as she was half expecting a summons from Miss Richardson. However nothing materialised and she became more relaxed. Although they were not entertaining guests that evening Lord and Lady Mayton had decided to make something of an occasion of it. The cook had been briefed and an elegant and well chosen meal had been agreed upon.

Alice was feeling in a good mood having escaped a possible good hiding by Miss Richardson. She resolved to make the most of the evening with her husband. The weather was still quite warm and she dressed in a close-fitting long silk dress which seemed to be coloured grey but had blue and gunmetal shades which seemed to shimmer when she moved. She wore a pair of grey high-heeled strappy sandals and very brief grey knickers and bra. She felt good in this outfit and was pleased with the way the dress moved about her person when she walked.

They both settled down to their evening meal which they both enjoyed. Lord Mayton seem to be in good form and Alice responded well to him. At about 9.30 the coffee was being served by Jameson and he placed a plate with a small pink envelope on it in front of Alice, without comment.

It seemed such an old thing to happen at this stage of the dinner and Alice’s curiosity was piqued. She opened it and found a small pink card with a brief instruction written on it.

“Please come to the Music Room at once,” it said, with a further instruction: “Bring this card with you.”

Alice felt her heart jump as this instruction could only come from one source and more importantly only mean one thing. In some trepidation she rose elegantly to her feet and walked round to her husband and kissed him, saying: “I have been called away, darling. It seems I have an appointment in the music room and must attend without delay.”

Lord Mayton watched his elegant wife walk away and thought that it was, perhaps, a good time for his wife to undergo further punishment at the hands of Miss Richardson.

Alice entered the music room to find Miss Richardson was already there and looking particularly threatening, dressed in a dark light-weight trouser suit.

“Good evening, Madam. I am pleased to see that you got my note which must have come as a surprise to you,” she smiled in an icy fashion.

“You requested that I bring this pink card with me,” said a very apprehensive Alice as she handed the card to her housekeeper.

“I have decided that you are to have a spanking now and therefore would you please remove your dress?”

Alice was expecting this but it still came as something of a shock, especially as she was wearing next to nothing under her elegant dress, but she reached under her arm and found the zip fastener and gently manoeuvred her way out of the closely fitting dress. She delicately stepped out of it and placed it on the back of a convenient chair. She faced Miss Richardson clad only in her high heels and a skimpy pair of grey, almost see-through, knickers and a brief bra of the same material. Miss Richardson was interested to note that she could clearly see her mistress’s erect rosy nipples through the thin material of her brief bra, indicating Madam’s arousal.

“Knickers off, please Madam. I can see that they would offer only minimal protection but nevertheless please take them off.”

Alice carefully removed them and carefully placed them on top of her dress. Her ladyship was now almost completely naked and Miss Richardson looked in some admiration at her beautiful mistress and the abundance of pale creamy skin which was now on show.

“Come over here, Madam, and please bend over my knee. Let’s make a start on that bottom of yours.”

Alice lowered herself over Miss Richardson’s lap, acutely aware that she was wearing hardly any clothing and that her vulnerable bottom was now correctly presented for the hiding to come. Miss Richardson wasted no time and started to spank her mistress with some energy. She worked her way from the crease and up the right-hand side of Alice’s soft bottom before repeating this on the left. This exercise took up some eight hard strokes and having completed the cycle she promptly repeated it, much to Alice’s growing distress. She started to squeal softly.

“I think another eight, Madam, which should complete this session nicely.” She proceeded to deliver the final eight hard spanks making two dozen in all. Alice’s peachy bottom was now very pink and quite red where Miss Richardson had concentrated her energies. There could be no doubt that Alice had received a good spanking.

“You may get up now, Madam,” said Miss Richardson. “You can go and join Lord Mayton and enjoy the rest of your evening.”

A shaken Alice carefully replaced her knickers and Miss Richardson noted her red and glowing bottom showed clearly through the thin material and that her knickers seemed to have moulded around her hot bottom in a most satisfactory manner. Alice climbed back into her dress and zipped it up.

As she prepared to leave, Miss Richardson said in a bright and slightly malevolent way: “Good evening Madam, have a good evening.”

Alice made her way towards the drawing room, pausing briefly only to examine her face in a convenient mirror where she noted her complexion was somewhat heightened and that her eyes were sparkling with unshed tears Her mascara has not yet run but she resolved to check this a bit later.

She was acutely aware of her hot and stinging bottom and also of the fact that she had become somewhat aroused.

Miss Richardson seemed to quite like this innovation of sending her ladyship pink envelopes containing a summons to the music room to receive a good hiding. These missives tended to arrive unexpectedly and sometimes at inconvenient times.

The Manor had opened its grounds to the public for a general party including a band, sideshows, Beer tent and, indeed, a wine tent, as well as numerous other low-key entertainments. A popular event was the judging of various homegrown vegetables, flowers and fruit. Some of these were keenly contested and the prizes awarded conferred some status on the recipients. It was expected that the Lord and Lady Mayton should make an appearance and Lady Mayton would present the prizes.

Alice spent an agreeable afternoon wandering round and talking to numerous people. She was a well liked Lady of the Manor and people responded well to her friendly overtures. The prizes were due to be awarded at 5 o’clock and as there was well over two hours to go Alice set about enjoying the afternoon. This was brought to an abrupt end as Jameson, the butler, sought her out and with a deeply apologetic expression on his face handed her one of the small dreaded pink envelopes.

Although she knew what it contained nevertheless she opened it in the faint hope that she could be mistaken. She was not, the instructions were, as before, clear and plain: ‘Please come to the Music Room, at once’. Her heart gave a lurch and she paled at the thought of what was to come.

“I am so very sorry to bring you this instruction,” said the ever sympathetic Jamieson, who knew the card meant a painful visit to the Housekeeper. “Especially when you were so enjoying yourself.”

Alice threw him a deeply appreciative glance and squeezed his arm in recognition.

“Thank you, Jameson, for your concern, but there is nothing that can be done and I must be on my way or there may be added retribution.” With that she smiled at her butler and quickly disappeared towards the Manor.

She quickly found herself entering the music room where Miss Richardson was awaiting her with her cane in her hand which she was flexing in a menacing manner.

‘At least she is not going to use the rattan,’ Alice thought as she handed over her the pink card and said: “Please, Miss Richardson, not now,” she pleaded. “I have to shortly present the prizes and people will obviously see me and realise that things are not quite as they should be, especially if you have thrashed me beforehand.”

“No, Madam, my mind is made up. You are to have a good hiding now and you will just have to cope with it as best you can and present yourself to your guests in as proper manner, whilst your sore bottom will provide a constant reminder to you. Now, take off your skirt and knickers and prepare yourself.”

With a deep sigh, Alice followed these instructions and removed her clothing before bending over and touching her toes and presenting her lovely bottom for what was to come. She did not have long to wait as Miss Richardson was eager to make a start and the first stroke came whistling down and, as usual, landed on the very centre of Alice’s bottom.

‘Why do these strokes always seem harder than the previous ones?’ Thought Alice. ‘But I must try and cope with this thrashing.’

Miss Richardson continued to cane her lovely mistress and the next well delivered strokes continued to stripe the lovely pale soft bottom. She was impressed in as much as that the strokes she had been delivering were quite hard but her Ladyship showed no sign of having to break from her required stance.

‘I will just have to make it six,’ she thought. ‘There is no sign that her Ladyship is going to earn herself extra or indeed penalties strokes, so I may as well make the last stroke a good and positive one.’

Alice awaited the last stroke with some trepidation as she was fully aware any infringement would result in the strokes being repeated and very probably a penalty stroke added. She was therefore determined to ride out this painful thrashing without giving her mentor the excuse to increase the number of strokes. The last stroke landed and was typically very painful, landing on Alice’s overhang as was Miss Richardson’s usual custom and Alice squealed loudly but maintained her stance.

“You may get up now, Madam,” said Miss Richardson. “You took that thrashing very well indeed. Now I will leave you to return to the party and hope your make a good showing when you present the prizes. Good afternoon, Madam.”

Alice replaced her clothing and left the music room as soon as possible. She paused at one of the mirrors in the hall and examined her face. Fortunately she was not wearing mascara and therefore there were no tell-tale smudges around her eyes. She has of course been crying but not enough to show and she used a tissue to remove any tell-tale signs. Apart from this maintenance there was little to show for the hiding she had just received and her somewhat heightened colour only added to her general attraction. She moved out of the Manor to rejoin the party and suppressed the desire to screw up her pretty face by wincing in discomfort. She was very much aware of her sore and throbbing bottom and wondered what her guests would say if they knew that the Lady of the Manor had just had her bottom well thrashed and that her lightweight blue skirt concealed a well striped bottom.

She made her way towards the tent where the judging of the produce was to take place and hoped that nobody noticed that she was walking somewhat stiffly. She arrived at the table where the prizes were laid out waiting to be awarded. The chairman of the event welcomed her, his face showing a broad smile as Alice was a great favourite of his and he was always somewhat overprotective.

“We are due to start very shortly, My Lady. Please would you sit here and I will see if we can get things underway.”

Without thinking, Alice sat down on a hard wooden chair and immediately squealed as she had forgotten, momentarily, about her recent session and the sharp pain made itself felt when sitting down. The hard wooden chair made it all the more difficult to bear.

“Please excuse me, it is nothing really. I’m so sorry to have startled you all.” She said in an effort to excuse her involuntary outburst. These words seem to answer and everybody who had looked most concerned on her behalf seemed placated, everybody that is apart from Jameson who was standing nearby, who knew exactly what had happened and was deeply sympathetic towards his lovely young mistress.

The afternoon dragged on but Alice was determined to carry on as though nothing had happened. It seemed as though she had succeeded apart from the ever loyal Jameson who had naturally told her equally loyal Cook, Mrs Banks. After a while she was reunited with her husband who had been busy elsewhere.

She greeted him as though nothing had happened but he looked at her keenly and said softly: “So you’ve had a meeting with Miss Richardson have you?”

“Yes Arthur, indeed I have,” she responded equally softly. “She said she was going to thrash my bottom at unexpected times, but I can’t say I expected to have such a caning immediately before I gave away the prizes!”

“Well, my dear, it seems to have done you no harm and you are looking nicely flushed and bright eyed and really most attractive.” He glanced behind him and, satisfied that there is nobody watching, slid his hand down to Alice’s delectable bottom which he proceeded to pat and gently caress it in his usual intimate fashion. Alice represses a low moan as even this gentle pressure made itself felt on her sore and oh so sensitive bottom.

“Well my dear, this latest regime seems to be working well and I must remember to congratulate Miss Richardson on her efforts to keep you well disciplined.”

Alice settled down to this new regime although her general awareness was considerably heightened as she was never quite sure when one of the dreaded pink cards would make its appearance.

Part of Alice’s duties was to keep a close eye on expenditure and fortunately for her this seldom caused any problems due in the main to the diligence of her housekeeper. It was only to be expected. However, that there would be an occasional discrepancy and Alice had occasion to reprimand her housekeeper for these lapses but in all truth they happened but rarely.

Alice regularly checked the House Accounts with the relevant bank statements and they were usually extremely accurate. She noted this time that there was a discrepancy and decided that she had better make something of an issue of it and having checked with her husband summoned Miss Richardson to her own drawing room at 10.30 the next morning.

At the appointed time there was tap on her door and Miss Richardson entered looking somewhat apprehensive. Alice wasted no time in informing her of the discrepancy in the household accounts and her housekeeper looked suitably chastened.

“I am extremely sorry, Madam,” she said in a contrite manner. “That was indeed a bad slip on my part and I’m very sorry for it.”

“I do understand that mistakes can happen,” said Lady Alice. “But I really cannot allow mistakes like this to go unrecognised or indeed unpunished.”

“Yes, Madam, I do understand,” said Miss Richardson who had become rather pale.

“Please take yourself off to the music room and wait for me there. I will be along directly.” Instructed Alice.

Her housekeeper turned and made her way towards the music room. After a very few minutes Alice joined an apprehensive looking Miss Richardson and briskly ordered her to remove her skirt and prepare herself for a caning. Her youthful housekeeper obediently removed her skirt and tights revealing her pale and well shaped legs.

“Knickers off, please,” ordered Lady Alice, and her housekeeper lost no time in following this instruction. “Now part your legs slightly and face that wall and bend over, right over please and touch your toes.”

Lady Alice picked up the cane which Miss Richardson had thoughtfully placed on the table nearby and swished it. She was pleased to note that her housekeeper’s bottom gave a twitch of dread in anticipation of what was to come.

Alice wasted no more time and proceeded to deliver a good firm stroke to the waiting bottom and was pleased to see a red stripe appear at the exact aiming point. There was a small grunt and a sharp intake of breath, indicating that the stroke had been well and truly felt. Alice continued to thrash her young housekeeper with good firm well delivered strokes working her way down the appealing bottom and then up again. In no time Miss Richardson was squealing in pain and her bottom was moving urgently from side to side in an effort to cope with the pain. Alice had one stroke to go before completing the designated six and resolved to make it even harder than its five predecessors.

The stroke landed quite low down on the fleshy part of the housekeeper’s bottom and a very sharp cry was heard. She moved her hands away and clutched her sore bottom.

“Now, Miss Richardson, that is not a very satisfactory state of affairs,” admonished Lady Alice. “That last stroke will have to be repeated and although I won’t impose a penalty stroke I will certainly do so if you do it again.”

“Thank you, Madam, oh thank you,” whimpered her housekeeper. Alice landed the repeat stroke in roughly the same place and with the same amount of energy and again a very loud squeal was heard. Although the hands moved away from the toes they were almost immediately replaced.

“That’s your session completed, Miss Richardson,” said a satisfied Lady Alice. “I hope it will be a lesson to you to take great care with the accounts in the future and thus avoid a repetition of the session you have just endured.”

Miss Richardson straightened up and Alice was pleased to see that she had shed tears of pain and that her face was screwed up, reflecting the pain in her nether regions. She replaced her skirt but decided not to put her tights or knickers on at this particular stage, preferring to wait until the pain had subsided somewhat.

Alice left the music room leaving her housekeeper to her own devices.

Miss Richardson did not want to be thought of as a vindictive person so she deliberately did not continue with her disciplinary regime of her ladyship for a few days. This did not, of course, apply to Wednesdays when her regular arrangement to cane her mistress went ahead, at least until a halt was called by Lord Mayton.

Both the Lord and Lady Mayton had been invited to a dinner party which they attended and thoroughly enjoyed themselves before Lord Mayton drove them both home to arrive at about 11 o’clock. They both decided to call it a night and made their way towards the master bedroom where they set about with the preliminaries prior to getting ready for bed.

Shortly after they arrived, there was a knock on the door and Alice opened it to find Miss Richardson who had one of the dreaded pink envelopes in her hand and furthermore was carrying her cane.

“Good evening Madam, and my Lord,” she said, catching sight of Lord Mayton at the other side of the room. “I have this envelope for you, Madam,” she said, handing Alice one of the dreaded pink envelopes. “Please open it now.”

Shaking slightly, a clearly very apprehensive Alice extracted a now familiar pink card from the envelope which bore the instruction: ‘I am here to cane you, in the Master Bedroom, and in front of Lord Mayton’.

Alice gasped at this departure from the normal punishment scenario and it brought home to her that although Lord Mayton had authorised all of her punishments he had never actually seen them being delivered. She was really rather embarrassed about this departure and looked at her husband with a stricken face. For his part, Lord Mayton seemed untroubled by this turn of events and, if the truth be told, looked rather excited by it.

“Go ahead Miss Richardson,” he instructed. “Lady Alice has not received the cane since Wednesday and I am sure she will be able to cope with this additional session.”

“Right, Madam, I think it is time we got started,” said Miss Richardson. “Take off your skirt, and your slip, please.”

Lady Alice removed these garments and revealed herself to be wearing pretty brief dusky pink suspenders holding up sheer black stockings together with very attractive pink knickers which exactly matched the suspenders. The stockings showed off her beautiful legs to great advantage which were admirably tensed by the high heeled shiny black shoes she was wearing. Unbeknown to Lord Mayton, Alice had conceived a plan to vamp him tonight and encourage him to make love to her The pretty suspenders and black stockings were an integral part of this plan.

Miss Richardson saw no reason why he should instruct Lady Alice to remove the suspenders as they would not get in the way of her cane when she was properly bent over and touching her toes.

“Please remove your knickers and your shoes, Madam. I don’t want you to have the added problem of maintaining your balance when I am thrashing you; you will have enough to think about!”

Alice took off her shoes and stood in her stocking feet waiting to be told to assume her punishment position. It soon came and she bent right over to touch her toes and present her peerless bottom for what was to come.

“Please don’t forget to count the strokes, Madam,” reminded Miss Richardson and with that the first stroke whistled and left its scarlet and painful calling card.

“One, thank you Miss,” said Alice.

The strokes were definitely harder and Alice hoped against hope that she would be able to bear them. By the time the fourth stroke had landed she was squealing loudly at each one and her body was moving about in its agitation and desire to escape this painful ordeal.

Lord Mayton, meanwhile, was watching with some fascination as his wife’s beautiful pale bottom received stripe after stripe over its surface. Although it must be dreadfully painful he could not help but think the thrashing materially added to the attraction of his wife’s pretty bottom. This was also enhanced by the suspender belt and her lovely legs encased in the splendid black stockings.

The fifth stroke made Alice break station in pain and grasp her painful bottom whilst squealing but she soon realised what had to be done and made a supreme effort to once again touch her toes.

“You did not count that stroke, Madam,” said the severe Miss Richardson. “That really will not do and I have no alternative but to repeat that stroke and, indeed, add a penalty to it.”

An increasingly distressed Lady Alice was therefore going to have to cope with three more strokes making eight in all. She summoned up all her resolve determined that she would not give Miss Richardson any excuse to repeat or indeed increase the number of strokes. She did not know how she got through the last three strokes but she did so even although she had to either croak or almost shout the last stroke numbers.

At last the session was finished and Miss Richardson told the girl that she could get up, which she did and almost danced in an attempt to cope with the dreadful sting in her bottom. Both Lord Mayton and Miss Richardson watched this in an interested way and, it must be said, with some pleasure.

Alice recovered herself in a surprisingly short time and after some running repairs with a box of tissues was sufficiently recovered to take notice of what was going on around her. She was somewhat embarrassed to realise that she is still dressed in just her stockings and suspenders and blouse and nothing else, but for the moment her thoughts were completely taken up by her madly throbbing bottom.

Miss Richardson picked up her cane and the pink card and said good night to the couple and left to go to her own room. Alice was still shaking from the effects of her thrashing but Lord Mayton thought she looked remarkably attractive with her flushed face, tousled hair and enormous eyes filled with tears. This overall view was heightened by her pink suspenders and black stockings.

He goes over to her and folded her a warm embrace. After some time Alice responded to this embrace and returned it with some interest but squealed when his questing hand reached her hot and sore bottom and squeezed it.

Miss Richardson returned to her room and placed the cane by the door ready for it to be returned to the music room the next day. She then settled at her desk and added the pink card to her collection. She liked to review these cards with a reflective smile on her face as she relived memories of the punishments she has meted out to her Ladyship.

The End

© Frances Stephenson 2014

The Author wishes to state that the characters,events and places referred to in this story are all a work of fiction and any connection to people either living or dead is purely coincidental and is profoundly regretted.