A man’s date feels the cold, but there is a solution

by Paul S

Kristina was a Polish girl, studying fashion in the UK on a sandwich course. As she felt lonely and wanted some company, as her family lived in Poland, she wanted a date. She went along to the dating agency and filled in a form and talked to Elaine, one of the matchmakers at hotseat.com.

Kristina was 25, and a trim 34-26-36. She dressed very sexily with long boots and slinky outfits, including a leather jacket with a fur collar. Elaine put her details into the computer to see if she had any matches for a date.

The computer went ping, and Elaine said they had a result. A chap called Paul, aged 27, seemed to fit the bill. He was 6 foot, 13 stone and had dark hair and hazel eyes. He preferred a European girl, as he was going out with a Latvian girl previously, but it didn’t work out.

Elaine arranged for an initial date for the two of them. They both preferred low key dating, and eating out at mainly European restaurants in central London, which is very cosmopolitan.

However their first date was local to both of them, and involved a trip to their local Italian restaurant.

Paul opened the door for Kristina and gave her a peck on the cheek as she walked in. Both of them were smartly dressed and Paul complimented Kristina on her stylish appearance which drew envious glances from other diners in the restaurant. Kristina was certainly an attractive and stylish young lady.

They sat down, looked at the menu and made their choices before introducing themselves properly, and making small talk about what they did and their experiences to date.

Paul asked Kristina if she had other dates in London. She said she had been going out with a Polish guy briefly, but he had to go back to Poland to work on a stadium contract in Gdansk.

Paul said he was going steady with a Latvian girl. When she met someone else, their relationship ended abruptly.

Despite that, he said he preferred going out with European girls for a number of reasons. He said they were more charming, and slimmer, and tended to be more attractive and blonder than UK girls, which he liked.

He also said they were much more straightforward about relationships, and more pragmatic about nudity or sex, which he also liked.

Kristina said: “That is normal in Europe.” She joked: “I don’t know if I am blonder than UK girls though?”

Their meals then arrived and they ate their main course followed by desserts.

Paul then said: “Do you want to come back to see my flat and have coffee? It has just been refurbished and looks really nice now.”

Kristina said: “OK, why not?”

They went back to his place nearby and sat down. Kristina looked around and noticed Paul’s flat was very modern and stylish with a European theme, and pictures of several different cities on the walls.

However it was the pictures of Shanghai and Vancouver that caught Kristina’s eye.

Kristina said: “Wow! Have you been there?”

Paul said: “Yes, for 2 property deals last year.”

Kristina was very impressed and suddenly her date was looking a whole lot more interesting.

Paul said: “I do property deals for investors all round the world, and very occasionally have to travel to these places to meet the investors. I may have several in Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia soon.”

Kristina said: “Impressive. Have you had any in Poland?”

Paul said: “Yes, we get the odd one now and again. We had a small one in Wroclaw last year.”

They drank their coffees, then Kristina said: “I have to be going as I have to prepare for London fashion week from Monday.”

She gave Paul a lingering kiss and said it was a nice date and would like to see him again.

Elaine rang Kristina on the Monday and asked how the date went.

Kristina said: “Yes, a very nice date, and a nice evening. He does a very interesting job with travel possibilities, which interests me very much, as we could both work internationally based in London in the future.”

Kristina then asked Elaine to set up a second date, at a different restaurant locally specialising in eastern European dishes, to give Paul a flavour of her background.

Paul and Kristina met the following Friday night, as she had to work on the Saturday, modelling at the London Fashion week.

Paul said to Kristina: “You do know you could stop traffic wearing just a dustbin liner?”

Kristina said: “Paul, stop it, you’re embarrassing me.” But she knew she could look stunning when fully made up.

Kristina thanked Paul for being understanding, and said she wanted to give him a taste of eastern Europe, not just Poland.

Paul said: “Yes, I’d like that. I gather the Polish speciality is potatoes and stew?”

Kristina laughed out loud and said: “So you know? It’s not my favourite though.”

Paul said: “The King Prawn Linguine is my favourite Baltic dish.”

Kristina said: “I like the Baltic Ocean pie.”

They ordered both dishes, followed by desserts, before sharing the bill and leaving.

Paul said: “Do you want coffee at my place?”

Kristina said: “No, you can come back to mine tonight for coffee, as long as you don’t mind fashion stuff everywhere,” and laughed.

Paul thought she was joking, but they entered her flat which was stuffed full of fashion outfits, displays and accessories. Kristina moved some of the clothes to make somewhere to sit, and said: “Sorry about the mess, but I thought you would like to see what I do.”

There were pictures of Kristina on the walls looking simply fabulous at London shows as a model.

Paul said: “Do you model as well?”

Kristina said: “Sometimes, but it is also about design, fabrication and setting up the shows, which can be demanding.”

Kristina made several Latte coffees from her machine, and said it was a ‘lifesaver’ when she was busy.

They drank their coffees and Kristina said: “I’m sorry, but I have to throw you out earlier than I would like as I have a show to prepare for next week. However, I will make it up to you next time.” She then gave him a long kiss and a tight embrace.

They both provided positive feedback on the date, and agreed to meet up the following week in Covent Garden, at a very busy restaurant indeed. They travelled separately to the restaurant at Covent Garden during the early evening, straight after Kristina’s fashion show finished in Kensington late Saturday afternoon.

Paul met Kristina outside the restaurant and gave her a nice kiss on the lips.

They waited outside the restaurant which was heaving with people as there was a big rugby game on in town, but the waiter said: “All we have left is outside tables.”

So Paul and Kristina agreed to sit outside and order their meal.

Unfortunately the restaurant was so busy, the service was slow and it took over 2 hours to get fully served. In the meantime the temperature outside was dropping like a stone as there was no cloud and a full moon in late autumn.

Paul was wearing a jacket and trousers, but Kristina was wearing just a leather fur collar jacket, leather bodice and a thin, short skirt and G-string, as she had been at the fashion show.

They complained about the service, but didn’t get away until after 10pm and were freezing, as the temperature had dropped from 15 to about a chilly 8 degrees in that time.

Paul said: “Do you want to come back to my place for a coffee and warm up, as you have stuff all over yours?”

Kristina said: “OK then.”

They went back to Paul’s place which was nice and warm after the cold restaurant. They took off their coats. Kristina was wearing just a bodice and G string with long boots.

Paul and Kristina embraced and kissed passionately, and Paul ran his hand down to Kristina’s thighs, and said: “Kristina, your thigh is freezing!”

Kristina ran her hand over her thighs and said ‘you’re right, it is.’

She also ran her hand over her G-stringed bottom and said: “My bottom feels like ice too. We can’t have hot passion with a cold bottom now, can we? It needs warming up.”

Paul said: “You could sit on a radiator, but you may get burns.”

Kristina, being mischievous, said to Paul: “Place your hands on my ass for a few minutes.”

Paul placed his hands on her cheeks for a few minutes.

Kristina said: “Your hands are lovely and warm, but my ass is still like ice. Give it 10 slaps to warm it up.”

Kristina bent over the edge of the bed and Paul gave her 10 slaps across her freezing and almost bare bottom with just a G string to cover her modesty.

Kristina said: “Ah, I can feel it starting to warm up. It’s going to need a lot of warming up though. Try another 20, and a bit harder, and don’t forget the thighs.”

So Paul bent her over and gave her 20 firmer smacks across her G-stringed bottom and thighs.

Kristina then said: “Ah, it’s getting warmer now. Another 10 or so should do it.”

So Paul gave her another 12 smacks and Kristina had a nicely reddened and warmed up bottom and thighs.

Kristina said: “Can you just rub the thighs to warm them up as well? Oooh! That was worth waiting for.”

Kristina gave Paul a kiss and embrace and said: “I know where to come if I need my bottom warmed now!”

Paul just laughed and said: “Kristina, I would just love to warm your bottom up anytime.”

The End

© Paul S 2016