By Joanna Jones

Third in a series of stories where painful experiences, coupled with potentially worse sanctions in the future, lead to girls getting the impetus to give up tobacco.

* * *

Amy and Penny walked back from the staff canteen to their offices. It was raining and the two young sales executives decided to take the short cut through the factory floor. While discouraged, this was within company rules. However, both flush with the success (worked on together) of a large contract that morning, forgot to stub out their cigarettes as they entered and walked through the building chatting happily. With a serious dust explosion risk along with other hazards in various areas of the floor, this in contrast was a serious, dismissible offence.

The floor manager, Gordon Campbell, a sixty year old who had been a former army sergeant in his younger days, was unable to catch up and stop them before they disappeared into the office section, where being the late 1970s smoking was still allowed, much to the disgruntlement of many employees.

No longer any direct risk, he chose not to accost the two foolish girls but instead knocked on the door of Frank Hamley, the Head of Sales.

As soon as Gordon entered the room Frank knew something was amiss. One look at his face told him that, and he asked him to sit down wondering what undeliverable promise a member of his sales team had made this time. However, he found this was not that normal sales and production tension whereby either too tight a specification, or short a delivery time on the one-off items they produced had been given. Instead he felt rising worry as Gordon angrily explained what he had observed. Despite being the youngest, Amy and Penny were not just two of his best sales team members that he had, but the two best.

It was clear Gordon intended to implement the company discipline procedure, and there was only one likely outcome of that.

Choosing his words carefully Frank started. “Gordon, these two girls are both still young, less than two years in the company. Do you think there is any way we could deal with this more informally?”

Gordon Campbell was in no mood to listen. “They are still old enough to understand the company rules and the reasons for them, which were explained in detail at induction as were the consequences. They are new enough that the induction should still be fresh enough in their memory. Sorry, Frank, but they will need to take their chances with the discipline procedure.”

Frank grimaced, “Which we both know will end up with us sacking our two best sales reps. Yes, which is important to me very directly, but also their contracts are keeping around twenty of the other staff employed, and half of that is new business I never expected we’d be able to pull in,” he added quickly as Gordon began to bridle.

Gordon’s response was: “And a fire on the floor, or worse, explosion would do even more damage to all of us.”

“Yes I agree.” Responded Frank honestly. “However, a couple of years ago you had a new guy start who is our best ‘whizz’ on the lathe, and who made a serious safety mistake. I believe you gave him a special Saturday ‘induction’ as you did not want to lose him.”

Gordon flushed. “How did you know about that? The boy was sworn to secrecy!”

Frank smiled. “It was only rumours before you confirmed it to me now. The boy never spoke, but people saw enough to put two and two together, especially as he was not sacked. However, no-one knew for sure. The rumour is the induction ended with a painful reminder to the boy.”

A brief discussion later, Gordon accepted that the two girls were potentially as important to the company as his lathe expert. However he was still not happy. “I can’t treat them in the same way as Tony. You know I strapped his bare backside?”

“I didn’t know that, but why do you not think on that and then let’s see what the girls say. I will act as a witness, or there are a couple of older female staff that we can both think of who will play ball. This means if things hit the fan I am putting my neck on the line, as you did for your boy, Gordon.”

“Okay, you win,” Gordon eventually said, rather unhappily. “Not that it will make any difference. If they are as good as you say, they’ll leave and walk into another post elsewhere.”

Frank smiled again. “I have a plan; you decide what you think is a just level of punishment, while I persuade them to come and see you!”

After he left Frank called the two girls into his office. They both clearly assumed a compliment was due for their recent success as they sat down confidently opposite him.

Frank did indeed start with the compliment telling them that he had been really impressed, yet again, how they had worked together to pull in the big order. He then continued: “Your success makes what I am about to say even more painful for me.”

The two girls’ smiles faltered slightly.

“Mr Campell, Floor Manager and Deputy Head of Production, saw two young ladies take a short cut though the factory after lunch.”

“Yes,” interrupted Penny quickly. “But there is no rule against that, as far as I know!”

“Indeed Penny,” replied Frank. “However, would you care to remind me what the rules for smoking in there are?”

Both faces fell instantly.

Frank pursued his advantage. “Or can either of you remind me what the consequences are?”

Amy shook her head disbelievingly. “No way, you can’t dismiss us!”

Frank stared at Amy. “Yet the official sanction is instant dismissal as the dangers are severe.”

Penny said: “Fine, you know sales people like Amy and I are difficult to find. We’ll walk into new jobs if you sack us.”

Frank shrugged as looked at them. “Very true Penny, losing either of you, let alone both, would be a big loss to us, but the safety of employees has to take precedence. However, for you there is the fact that a disciplinary dismissal means immediately forfeiting the annual commission based Christmas bonus due next month.”

Both ladies were clearly shocked at that news.

Frank gently twisted the knife further as he passed over an envelope to each with the estimated bonus value they’d earned written in a sheet inside.

“That’s most of my annual salary again.” Whispered Amy.

“Same here, I can’t afford to lose that sort of money.” Replied Penny.

For a few brief moments during that conversation it was as if their manager wasn’t there.

It was Amy who looked up first. “So what’s the alternative? I presume the fact that we’re not yet in the process means you might have some sort of a ‘Get out of Jail’ card.”

“Perhaps,” Frank said. “But it is not like the Monopoly card in being free.”

Amy looked shocked. “You’re not bribing us with part of the bonus are you?” She accused.

“No! no!” Said Frank hurriedly. “The only reward I need is to be able to avoid losing my two best performing sales team members.”

The two girls briefly smiled at each other before looking seriously at their boss once again.

Frank looked at them. “It will be up to Mr Campbell to agree something with you. I expect you should consider paying as a naughty schoolgirl might.”

Penny looked nervously at Amy, who looked less worried. She had not yet got the full concept across in her mind.

Amy asked: “You mean like a detention of some sort?”

“Perhaps that would be part of it.” Replied Frank. “However, I think that Mr Campbell might be expecting you to accept a sting in your tail also.”

Penny did not look surprised.

However, Amy was shocked. “You mean like the cane?” She said horrified.

Frank noted that while the two may have shown different levels of surprise, both girls now looked very worried. He chose his words carefully once again. “Look, we are talking about an alternative to a disciplinary dismissal here. I persuaded him to make allowance for the fact that you are both still young and relatively new to the company. If you were older, more senior or experienced then I expect I would already be suspending you with a hearing next week. The floor is really dangerous, and while you are to me key staff, a fire there would do immense damage in losing business in addition to all the risks to people working here.”

“So basically we get fired or get our bottoms caned?” Said Penny starkly.

“The implement and form of the whacking is something for you to discuss with Mr Campbell, but other than that then, at its most basic, yes.” Replied Frank.

“And if we go for this spanking option are there any other conditions?” Penny continued bluntly.

Frank considered their faces. He did indeed have other ideas but was not sure how they would react. He decided to take the plunge. “I am not sure about Gordon, but I propose to give you a first formal warning, for an undefined minor safety breach. The note will stay on your file for six months, and then it will be destroyed. So unless you are stupid enough to break another rule in that time it will have no long term effect. However, that letter allows me to help you give up smoking. You’ve both told me you want to, but can’t find the will power. Well what I propose should help! The warning letter allows me to withhold 50% of your bonus for those six months. I propose to do that, and also for each of you to write a cheque for 25% of the bonus to Cancer Research, dated for six months time. If you give up from now till then, then I give the cheques to you to rip up or do what you want with, if not I send the cheques off.”

“This is so irregular. You could be in serious trouble.” Said Amy.

“Indeed.” Said Frank. “I am going out on a limb to do what I think is best for you and am trusting to the fact that you are both going to appreciate that. Also you know that smoking puts some clients off, so giving up should help improve your performance still further.”

Both young women fell silent.

Frank gave them a minute or so before saying. “Why don’t you talk to Mr Campbell and between yourselves, and then let me know your decision?”

Both Amy and Penny went to the ladies toilets, ensuring it was deserted before discussing their predicament. Neither could believe the options, and eventually they agreed there was little point to discuss further until they knew what Gordon Campbell would accept.

It was a very timid knock that Gordon heard as he worked in his glass fronted office overlooking the floor area.

“Come!” He called.

The two young ladies slunk in and both first apologised profusely for their stupidity.

Gordon then asked: “So what has Frank proposed to you?”

Amy and Penny looked at each other and it was Penny who finally spoke. “Basically he said we needed to agree some punishment with you if we want to avoid dismissal.”

“Very well.” He said. “First I hope you realise how much you’ve let him down. Behind the scenes he’s been campaigning very hard to get you both promoted to ‘Senior Sales Execs’ despite you being the youngest members of his team. I think you should bear that in mind in considering your options here.”

Both girls squirmed guiltily at the news, but remained silent as Gordon continued.

“My proposal is a detention tomorrow, Saturday. Technically I will be ‘training’ you two and Frank in what the floor is capable of. This means when you become senior staff (and to my mind that is only a matter of time) I won’t, I hope, be coming round too often to fight with you about taking on orders we can’t or will really struggle to meet. I promise you that I will try to make that bit as enjoyable as possible. However, the last hour will be a punishment. I propose to strap you severely over your knickers for your stupidity, and I assure you that I will be endeavouring to make that as unenjoyable as possible. Frank will act as a witness, but if you wish a female staff member present I will arrange it.”

Gordon had the satisfaction of watching the jaws drop at the mention of knickers as well as that of a severe strapping.

Amy was the one who jumped in first. “Over our knickers! Is that really necessary?”

Gordon replied. “I want you to really remember it. If you were men it would be your bare backsides I would insist on strapping. As I said, I will arrange a female witness if you wish. By the way, I expect them to be thin. If you wear thick ones, or two pairs, then you might have them taken down too!”

Both looked nervously at each other before Penny asked: “What do you mean by severe?”

“Enough that you will probably sleep on your stomach for a couple of nights with a black and blue bottom.” He paused and seeing their uncertainty he provided more detail. “Probably around twenty strokes each. If you move there will be extra, of course.”

They both nodded in appalled understanding before briefly lapsing into silence.

Penny said: “And if we take the strapping?”

“Then as far as I am concerned that will be the end of the matter, as long as you also agree with any conditions Frank had.”

After a long pause, Gordon stood and said not unsympathetically: “You both need to agree on what you want to do. I suggest you go find somewhere private, talk it through, and then let Frank know your decision. I will phone him to let him know what I said.”

Rather than return to the office, they both went to the deserted canteen, grabbed a coffee and lit up in a corner.

Neither of them fancied the strapping, but the loss of their bonus they fancied even less. Similarly, neither had any real concept to help the other on how painful it might be. Amy had had little more than a token hand spank on her rear from her parents. In Penny’s case she had had the slipper at school twice, which had stung, but only four smacks on each occasion. Her parents had never spanked her at all. However, her brother had twice had the cane at school, four on each occasion, and she knew he’d been very sore after.

Eventually, after half an hour, they made their choice and went back to Frank.

Penny announced their decision. They would accept the ‘detention’ and strapping, and the deal on smoking, provided that only started after the punishment. They did not need a female witness.

Frank agreed and both girls wrote their post dated cheques before leaving his office.

The following day two young women were waiting outside when Gordon arrived. As requested they were both in old casual clothes, principally jeans, ready for their session on the floor.

Once Frank arrived Gordon started his ‘training session.’ To the girls’ surprise, trying the machines and seeing what their limits were was actually quite fun. Amy in particular found she had a natural aptitude for some of it and produced one or two well made souvenirs. Both developed a healthy respect for the guys who used these daily to make the company’s products.

A pub lunch (Gordon insisted on soft drinks only) paid for by Frank had the two relaxed and smiling as they talked about what they’d made using the tools. The nervousness when they had first arrived was gone, at least temporarily.

It was about three o’clock when the worry returned for them. It was then Gordon became very serious. He took all three to a concrete shed at the end of the site. There he simulated a dust explosion using a remote spark.

Both Amy and Penny were impressed with the care he put into setting up the demonstration, and with the power of the bang it produced.

As they walked back to the main building both started to feel a nervous tingle as they realised the pleasant ‘fun’ part of their day was now over.

Once in his office, Gordon cleared his desk completely and pulled out his strap. Frank watched the two women look pale faced at it. It was thick, being two pieces of leather stitched together, and nearly two feet long. Gordon had been given it when he was young and used it when he felt necessary on his own children. Since then it had seen action twice, both times in this office, the second time being the incident with Tony.

He told the two ladies that he and Frank would go for a cup of tea. When he got back they were to have their jeans off, hands on head with their noses to the back wall. It was half past three. He intimated they must be in position by quarter to four, but they could go to the toilet or whatever beforehand. He warned them if they turned round before he told them to then he would add extra for disobedience.

Penny and Amy both headed to the facilities and then outside, into a winter sun that was already close to setting, for a ‘final’ cigarette each. Taking care to stub them out they returned to Mr Campbell’s office, where the leather strap still lay quietly on his desk.

Self consciously they both unzipped their jeans, folded them and placed them on the floor in opposite corners, As they did so they both exhibited the same plain white cotton ‘full briefs’ that they’d purchased the previous evening, taking advantage of the early finishing time on a Friday. The underwear would not provide much protection, but it was both better than nothing and they were significantly less sexy than the sort of underwear their boyfriends would ever see them in. Neither had any desire to ‘stimulate’ the two older men more than was absolutely necessary.

As the factory clock, visible out of the glass panelled office, reached quarter to they faced the back wall, put their hands to their heads and waited.

And waited. Both felt very exposed with the hem of their tops up around the waist of their generously cut underwear.

“What’s keeping them?” Whispered Amy.

“Building up the tension I suspect.” Penny whispered back.

Both controlled their desire to look round for fear of picking up extras before they’d even started.

Frank and Gordon had arrived quietly around five to, but spent five minutes discussing quietly outside on exactly how to do the punishment, with half an eye on the two girls visible though the glass panel.

Despite wearing plain white cotton knickers that were more suited to their mothers’ age, that did little to hide the fact that they had good figures and very shapely legs.

Just after four o’clock they entered the room. Both Amy and Penny started to turn but were reminded to remain facing the wall. Both felt the relief that it was not yet to start coupled with the dread that of course it was merely a delay to the inevitable.

Gordon put two of his meeting chairs back to back before telling the two nervous young women to face him.

They both now looked quite petrified as they stood with their legs lightly crossed and hands clasped in front of them.

“Right,” said Gordon. “This is what is going to happen. I am going to strap you in turn, in doses of six strokes. If you stand up during that dose then I add three to the dose. If you still can’t stay down your friend will hold you, and that dose becomes six more. Understood?”

Penny and Amy, now looking very much like troubled sixth form school girls, muttered acknowledgements and nodded nervously. Any relief that the “about twenty” was now “only eighteen” was lost on them.

Meanwhile Frank had noticed how Penny gave an involuntary shudder as Gordon uttered the word ‘strap’. She was clearly the one at that point most struggling to control her fear.

Gordon continued. “Okay, when I call you across you will put your knees on this chair and bend over, grabbing the front legs of the other as low as you can. When your friend is being strapped you go back to facing the wall over there. Any questions?”

There were none.

“Amy, would you like to go first?” Gordon asked.

Amy certainly did not, but of course the question was rhetorical. As a relieved Penny faced the wall again, she reluctantly made her way over to the chairs, climbed on and adopted the required position. Her long light brown hair cascaded in front of her face as her bottom protruded upwards.

As Gordon picked up the strap, Frank admired the curve of her lower body from the side, the thin white briefs, now tightly stretched across her rather athletic looking rear doing little to break the line. He resisted the temptation to take a position directly behind the target, modest underwear or not.

Gordon ambled across with the strap and laid it gently across the top of her bottom.

Amy gripped tighter and closed her eyes. At her school the strap to the posterior was a possible, though rare sanction. On one occasion she had had a fight with another girl that their friends had broken up just before a teacher found them. The strap was pretty well automatic for fighting and she’d wondered before what would have happened if the teacher had arrived two minutes earlier. That would probably have been six strokes; she was about to find out what a strapping was like with interest.

The strap was now gone. Amy closed her eyes.


That was not too bad she reflected as pain blossomed across the top of her rear.

After a pause another landed, a pause again then another and so it repeated. Each stroke built up the pain. On the fourth she audibly gasped for the first time. The last two brought a more audible squeal as the blow landed.

Frank was impressed as he watched the impact of each stoke briefly distort her buttocks on landing. Gordon certainly was not holding back.

As she dismounted, both Gordon and Frank saw a flushed and pained face. Slowly she made her way to the wall and returned her hands to her head. Redness was clearly visible emanating on either side of her knickers, contrasting starkly with the white cotton above and pale skin below. As she stood there trying not to wriggle she knew she had been close to tears, and that there was still two thirds of this to go.

Meanwhile, at Mr Campbell’s call, Penny reluctantly moved in the other direction. She had a slightly fuller figure than Amy, and the curves that Frank appreciated were slightly more accentuated as she drooped herself over the chair.

Penny was relieved that, judging by Amy’s reactions, the punishment did not seem as bad as she feared as she felt the tawse rest briefly on her panties.


Penny gasped audibly, it was a shock. How had Amy borne even one blow in silence?


Both Frank and Gordon heard the desperate yelp from under the black curls screening her face. Frank once again observed with rather detached interest how the blows once again briefly distorted her buttocks as the impact was made.

By the fourth blow the yelps were screams and on the sixth Penny was in tears. As soon as she stood up her hands went to her rear. Gordon slapped them away telling her that was not allowed to touch until he was completely finished with her.

Amy noticed the wetness on the seat as she took her second turn across the two chairs. Desperately she hoped her tears would not be joining them.


The sting that had dulled slightly was reactivated, and by the third was probing untested limits of Amy’s endurance. On the fifth Amy burst into tears; the pain was too much. Desperately she wanted to stand but knew that would only make things worse.

Gordon had to remind her gently to dismount at the end as she clearly had lost count. She shuffled slowly back to the wall with the visible redness now a deep crimson.

Penny fearfully returned to the chairs, and was clearly breathing deeply as she summoned up the courage to get back into position.

Frank, felt sorry for her as she wailed, bawled and pleaded her way though her second six. Her knickers covered slightly less of the lower part of her buttocks and by the end clear splodges of deeper red that would bruise were visible below the leg elastic.

Temptation was gradually getting the better of Frank and he found himself standing more or less directly behind Amy as she took position for the last six. The care with which she had mounted and kept her legs together for the original set was gone. All that mattered was getting though the next minute or two. As a result he could see her womanhood wriggling from side to side encased tightly in white as she tried to get comfortable for the final set.

For the last part Gordon concentrated exclusively on the lowest parts of her rear, not bothering about the odd blow that strayed onto her thighs. He also took care to land half on her nearer left buttock, which brought new volume levels to Amy’s screams. The alluring wriggling and writhing that Frank could observe intensified throughout.

She was bawling uncontrollably as she returned to the wall with her thrashing over.

Although wrapped in her own world of pain, Penny had heard enough to know this last set was going to be the worst. It took Mr Campbell three orders, including the threat of extra before she had finally managed to force her body into the position and submit to the final dose of agony.

With her legs slightly apart and panties tight, once again it left relatively little to Frank’s imagination as he guiltily looked at his top sales exec’s compromising position.

Penny was still snuffling as she recovered from the effects of the second bout and was wailing again as Gordon set to on lower portions of her rear end.

An almighty scream on the third blow brought Penny upright, still kneeling on the chair.

Gordon gave her a minute while she sobbed and massaged her buttocks before ordering her back into position, with the notification that she now still had six to go.


Low and to the top of the left thigh. Despite her best intentions she let go again and this time she could not obey the angry man’s command to get back. Eventually Gordon called Amy across and told her to kneel in the floor in front of the second chair. Penny reluctantly allowed her friend to pull her into position and then take a firm grip around her upper arms.

Penny now had six extra plus the five outstanding to go. Gordon did not abate the punishment. This was the alternative to dismissal after all.

Penny’s screams were heartfelt and Amy was sobbing again in sympathy as she controlled her struggles. The wriggling and writhing was more like desperate bucking of her rear as Frank watched both appalled and mesmerised at the punishment that was being dished out.

Finally it was over.

Both men discretely left the office and gave the girls time to get dressed, and compose themselves.

Meanwhile Penny sobbed into Amy for a few minutes before finally disengaging. Both then slowly struggled to slip their jeans on. Both tried to peel their underwear down to inspect their own damage, but saw more from looking at their friend’s. Penny of course had worse bruises forming, especially down her upper thighs as her bucking had led to a few strokes landing much lower than she would have liked.

It was ten minutes before they were able to shuffle to the toilets, with their hands unashamedly cradling their rears and try to wash their faces, and fifteen minutes more, before they went to Frank Hamley’s office to thank the two men, before leaving to go home.

Neither girl found sitting comfortable for days, and both saw bruises for well over a week.

However, both managed to have the satisfaction of ripping their post dated cheques up as they celebrated six months of abstinence, and also their concurrent dual promotion to senior sales team members as Frank finally won his argument with the board for their promotion.

The End