The next in the series. Now the slipper comes out.

by Holy Diver

It was now moving into autumn of 1979 at St Anne’s. A month before, senior girls Hannah Anderson and Laura Chapman had a massive falling out. This had resulted in both girls receiving a severe punishment from their headmistress for fighting, following which they rekindled their failing friendship. Part of their repaired friendship now involved Hannah agreeing to undergo study sessions with her friend, the prefect Laura.

Hannah was about to sit her first major exam of that year. The subject was maths, which turned out to be her worst subject. Laura had been working hard with Hannah to make sure she was improving her maths skills.

One Wednesday, Hannah went on to sit her maths exam and passed, but with 57%, lower than the expectations in mind by Laura. At their next study session, Laura decided to take Hannah to task. On Thursday, Hannah arrived at the study session at 6pm. Laura greeted Hannah.

“Hi, there. How did you get on with your maths examination?”

“I passed,” said Hannah brightly.

“What was your result?” Enquired Laura.

“57%” Replied Hannah proudly.

Alas, Laura was less than impressed.

“Tut, tut, Hannah,” said Laura in a disapproving tone. “I expected you to do much better than that. I have given up my valuable time to help you improve your marks and this is how you repay me.”

Hannah snorted: “Who cares? Maths is stupid anyway.”

Laura became severe.

“Now, now, Hannah. Remember what happened last time you were rebellious. It didn’t end well.”

Hannah could clearly remember the cane being applied to her bare bottom. Her bottom still hurt just thinking about it.

Since becoming a prefect, Laura had only used her slipper twice. On both occasions, Laura had slippered fellow student Sophie Prior, who had also undertaken study sessions with Laura. Although Laura wished she had dealt with the bad girls gang for getting Hannah into trouble, she was secretly relieved that head girl Jackie Melling had dealt with them instead. After all, deep down, Laura was scared of the gang. Although Jackie gave Laura a lecture and a spanking for failing to have confronted them, Laura’s bottom still tingled thinking about it. Luckily for all, the bad girls had now been expelled for taking drugs. It was down to business.

“I’m afraid I’m going to give you some motivation, Hannah,” announced Laura, fetching her slipper.

Hannah turned pale.

“Oh, God! Not the slipper. Please!”

“I’m sorry, Hannah, but this is for your own good. Stand up please and bend over.”

Hannah did as she was told and bent over the desk, sticking her bottom out. Laura raised Hannah’s skirt exposing her delectable, panty-clad backside.

‘Hannah still has a big bottom.’ Laura thought to herself.

She didn’t wish to provoke Hannah too much. After all, Laura had learned her lesson about making fun of Hannah before their nasty fight. Laura put a hand on Hannah’s shoulder.

“You know I’m doing this because I care about you,” Laura told her friend gently.

“I do,” replied Hannah in a sorrowful tone.

Before starting the punishment, Laura spoke to Hannah.

“You are to receive six smacks with the slipper. During this session, I order you to maintain position. I also want you to count off each stroke and a ‘miss’ as well. Clear?”

“Yes, Miss,” replied Hannah. Hannah felt it was very strange addressing her best friend as ‘Miss’.

“Brace yourself,” advised Laura.

Laura took aim and swatted Hannah’s bottom.


“One, Miss” called off Hannah.

Hannah contemplated her first acquaintance with the slipper. She felt the impact of rubber was much different than the feel of the wooden cane across her bottom. Of course, that did not make it any easier for her.

This was followed by the second swat.


“Two, Miss,” said Hannah.

The third swat came soon after.


“Three, Miss,” yelled Hannah. Her bottom was practically on fire.

Then came the fourth swat.

“Four, Miss,” cried Hannah, tears now streaming down her cheeks.

Not far behind was the fifth swat.


“Five, Miss,” bawled Hannah.

Before administering the final swat, Laura spoke: “I’m now going to give the final swat, Hannah. I warn you that this one will count.”

With an almighty swing, the slipper came down with the hardest ‘Smack’ sound you could imagine.

“Six, Miss,” screamed Hannah, yet she refrained from jumping up or touching her bottom.

Laura, waiting a minute, then spoke: “Now, Hannah. I’m going to check your bottom to make sure you’ve been properly punished.”

Hannah looked mutinous.

“Come on now, Hannah,” continued Laura, sternly. “It’s not like I haven’t seen your bare bottom before now, is it?”

Hannah resigned herself and allowed for her panties to be pulled down by Laura. Laura examined Hannah’s bare buttocks. They were bright red with minor bruising on Hannah’s right cheek as expected. Laura gave each cheek a smack to ensure she was satisfied. Hannah sobbed with the extra pain and humiliation. Laura then allowed Hannah to pull up her pants and lower her skirt.

“Oh, come here,” said Laura giving Hannah a hug. “You know, Hannah, I am proud of you for passing your maths exam. I don’t want to be too hard on you. However, I cannot allow you to be insolent. I see you have a French exam next Wednesday. I trust you will do better in that.”

“I will,” promised Hannah.

The two girls then used the remaining time to get some French revision done before the end of the session. By the end, Laura was satisfied with Hannah’s progress. After all, Hannah had more of an aptitude for French, having been on holiday to France the previous two summers.

Before the girls went to bed, Laura said: “Hannah, I’m pleased with your progress this evening. I’m really sorry I had to spank you, but I hope it will help you to keep on track and that your attitude will continue to improve. Tonight, I shall rub some cold cream on your bottom. After all, I want you to be focused in class tomorrow. I don’t want you sitting on a sore bottom, as I can remember how having been caned really disrupted my learning.”

Back in their dormitory, Hannah lay on her belly while Laura kindly rubbed the cold cream on Hannah’s sore bottom. The other girls came in but did not dare laugh. The stern look on Laura’s face made it clear that any girl who laughed would also face Laura’s slipper. Laura changed into her pyjamas, climbed into bed and wished Hannah good night.

Hannah found it hard to get to sleep that night, but knew that she must try so as to avoid any more wrath from Laura.

The End

© Holy Diver 2017