A Sequel to the earlier story, ‘Katie’s Initiation Ceremony’

by Mr W

The next Monday, Katie repeated her journey back to ‘Sunrise’. She was looking forward to week two with none of the slight nervousness and apprehension of seven days ago. Her suitcase was stuffed to the brim and she had two additional bags; she was bringing some board games, sketch pads, books and a huge pile of football programmes from her cousin’s collection. She staggered along the drive until two of the lads ran out to help her. This week, Katie’s suitcase also contained her school games clothes.

Ben had completed his assignment and this week he was replaced by a new counsellor, another eighteen-year-old called Timothy, who Katie already vaguely knew. She spent an hour showing him around and giving him as much information as possible. She made no mention of initiation. Katie then rejoined a group of youngsters for the rest of the morning and their welcome back to her was warm.

Timothy was offered the choice of indoor or outdoor games groups that afternoon, and he opted for indoors. That left Luke to take the rugby group single handed, and Katie was not slow in seizing the opportunity to offer to join him. She had a vague thought that perhaps she could be a ball girl, a timekeeper, or perhaps at least do something to do with rugby. A strange thought had been recurring in her mind all weekend; that she wanted to pull Luke down onto the ground and into all that mud, and she felt a rush of nervous excitement every time the thought came back to her. Now if only she could contrive to have something to do with the boys’ game, then maybe her wish might come true.

“But you can’t play rugby!” Luke objected, crossly. “You’re a girl!”

Katie paused, smiled and looked straight into Luke’s eyes.

“Boy or girl, it makes no difference,” she recited, very slowly. “We’re all in this together, aren’t we?” She paused again as her point sunk in. Then Katie became more businesslike, “No, I’m not going to play rugby with you, but I’ll be around to help you out, so you’re not just there on your own.”

So, after lunch Katie quickly changed in her room into her white polo top, red games skirt and red games knickers. She hadn’t worn these since Miss Griffiths had made her go under the cold shower in them. Katie was glad that she hadn’t thrown them out at the end of term, as first she had intended. Her still nearly new hockey boots felt stiff and uncomfortable. The boys had rugby jerseys and shorts provided from the stores. Everything just got put into the communal laundry afterwards.

The rugby group wandered down through the grounds. Several of the boys struggled to take their eyes off Katie. They were all wondering if she was really about to join their game. Mixed rugby practice would be a lot of fun! But surely not, Luke took it all too seriously to allow that. Then Luke put paid to their daydreams when he said something to Katie, rather curtly, about keeping out of the way, sitting on the bench and just watching.
That weekend had brought heavy prolonged rain. As they crossed the stream, all the boys saw that the rugby pitch was now mostly a lake of flood water. The prospect of the usual all-boys practice suddenly seemed a lot less appealing.

“Oh no,” someone said. “We can’t play in that!”

“We’ll get wet through and freezing cold! I don’t want to stand around all afternoon in the wet.” There was a mutter of general agreement.

Luke looked disappointed. “It’s never too wet for rugby,” he suggested, hopefully.

Katie giggled. “That’s what Miss Griffiths said about hockey,” she remembered.

“No, we can’t play in that,” someone else added. “Let’s do indoor games instead.”

The boys all looked back towards the main house. Then two of the adult staff appeared.

“Is it too wet to play, Luke?” one asked.

Luke hesitated and, before he had replied, the boys all said, “Yes, sir!”

“Good decision, Luke.” The Social Worker concluded. “We thought that it was too wet this morning, but we left you to decide. Well done!”

Katie grinned at Luke and mouthed, “Well done!”

“Now, listen everyone,” the adult social worker continued. “We need to discuss personal improvement plans with you all individually and bring them up to date. Let’s go to the main house and do interviews instead.”
The boys all looked pleased at this; it would be an easy afternoon for them. The staff member turned to Luke and Katie.

“You have both done well,” he said. “Have the afternoon off until five.”

The adults and the boys disappeared back towards the house. Katie and Luke were left together, standing on the edge of the flooded pitch.

“You were all for playing.” Katie remarked, smiling accusingly at Luke. “And then you got the credit for not playing in the wet!”

Luke looked sheepish. “I’d still have played,” he admitted.

“It would be a right mud bath.” Katie giggled. “But I see your point; it would be fun!”

“It’s all part of the game,” Luke replied. “You just want to kick the ball up field and press the opposition into handling errors, when it’s like this.” He picked up the oval ball and confidently drop kicked it through the posts, thirty yards away.

“Good kick!” Katie squealed, as she ran along the touchline, where it was drier, to retrieve the ball.

She approached Luke again, holding the wet ball cautiously away from her.

“See how far you can kick it.” Luke challenged her.

Katie held the ball out in front of her and jabbed at it. The ball flew off the side of her boot and splashed ten yards out onto the pitch. Luke ran confidently after it and Katie tip-toed behind. The puddle was less than half an inch deep but the ground beneath was extremely slippery.

“My socks are getting wet!” Katie giggled.

“It’s never too wet to play rugby!” repeated Luke cheerfully.

Katie glanced at his crisp clean kit; his shirt was white with wide maroon stripes and tucked into his tight black shorts. She took a deep breath. This was her chance; a little voice in her head said to her, ‘Go on, just do it!’ and her heart pounded.

“It’s my turn to get you muddy now!” she said, hesitantly and blushing. “Show me how to do tackles.”

“Come on then, try and get the ball off me!” Luke was his usual confident self and didn’t sound the least perturbed by this suggestion. Katie tried to run awkwardly at him, but Luke dodged and twisted aside.

“You can’t get near me!” he taunted, ducking under Katie’s arms and sweeping past her. “Rugby’s a really tough, physical game,” he enthused. “You’ve just got no chance of getting me on the ground. If I tackled you, then you’d be down flat in a second. I won’t though, because you’re only a girl!”

Katie blushed again as Luke tossed the ball to her. She fumbled it in her hands, and it dropped with another little splash next to her feet. Luke stepped forward to pick it up, and with a little squeal of excitement Katie turned behind him and pushed him hard, as he bent over, sending him sprawling face down into the muck below. Katie couldn’t stop gigging as she quickly kicked up waves of watery mud over his back, with her instep.
Luke lay still for a moment.

“Have you quite finished?” he demanded, as Katie’s toe kicked up a final spurt of slurry to settle into the back of his shorts.

Luke picked himself up onto his knees.

“That is not rugby!” he said impatiently. “That is foul play!”

As he climbed back off his hands, Katie pushed him again, this time sending him down backwards right into the water and dirt again.

“I told you that’s not rugby!” Luke protested. “You’re going to pay for that!”

“Have to catch me first!” Katie laughed as she jumped away.

Luke was much steadier on his feet than she was, and he caught her in a couple of strides. His kit was dripping and covered in wet patches and muddy blotches. He took hold of Katie around her waist and held her close and tight, while he remonstrated with her very crossly.

“There was no need for that! No need at all. That was just stupid. That was just foul play. Now, when I go back to the house everyone will think I stayed here myself and played in the mud.”

Katie was quite taken aback by Luke’s dismay and she was suddenly upset that she had made him so angry. She had assumed that he would think nothing of her little joke, because he played in the mud every day. But now this didn’t seem to have been such a good idea after all. She didn’t realise that Luke would take this sort of prank any day of the week from another boy, and give him worse back, but he couldn’t take it so easily from ‘just a girl’.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Luke!” Katie stammered. “I didn’t think you’d mind at all. I just wanted to see you get all muddy. I’m really sorry. I hate it now you’re upset!”

Luke lifted her up with an arm under her legs. He turned her upside down with one arm around her back and the other hooked under her knees. Katie grabbed his legs and screamed as her chest pressed into his soggy shorts. Luke lowered her down a little so her hair hung into the wet. The back of Katie’s gym skirt had turned upside down and Luke found himself confronted by the sight of her bright red gym knickers.

“I can see your knickers!” he said in a sneering voice.

Katie tried to lift her skirt back, but gravity defied her efforts.

“That’s OK, you’re meant to see them, they’re games knickers!” Katie gasped. She was actually quite excited, being held in Luke’s strong arms.

“I’ve a good mind to drag you by the feet through that puddle,” he snarled back. “Face down!”

“Oh, please don’t, I’ve got my nice new bra on!” Katie pleaded. “The mud will soak through my shirt and it’ll get ruined.”

Luke groaned. “This is why girls can’t play rugby,” he concluded. “They have to run around showing everyone their knickers and then they don’t want to get their bras dirty.”

“I don’t go around showing my knickers!” Katie protested, trying to raise her skirt up again. “You’re holding me upside down and I can’t help it!”

“You deserve a proper spanking then!” Luke added, putting her feet over his shoulder, freeing one arm and sending Katie’s hair back down into the watery mess. “You never got a proper spanking last week, but you deserve one now!”

“Alright then.” Katie agreed, hoping that Luke would soon forgive her. If a little spanking would make him feel better, that was OK.

He slapped her sharply on the backside.

“Ouch! That’s sore!” Katie shouted out in surprise, as another four or five firm slaps followed. Luke was going to do this quickly, before his arms tired from holding her. Sharp, stinging pains spread across Katie’s behind.

“You can’t spank a girl that hard!” she whimpered, but there was little conviction in Katie’s voice.

“Girl or boy, it makes no difference!” Luke retorted, as he gave her another three firm slaps on her behind.

Katie blushed a very bright red and made a quiet sobbing sound. Maybe she could earn a little sympathy, if nothing else. Luke was unmoved and gave her one final very hard slap, just about as hard as he could, given the limited range of movement that his free arm was allowed.

Katie started to sob and real tears ran up her forehead, cutting little groves through the grime which had splashed up from the ground.

“Now we’re quits!” said Luke gruffly as he put Katie back on her feet.

Katie rubbed her backside. It was very sore, but in a funny sort of way she didn’t mind. She had deserved her punishment, and almost felt glad that Luke had taken his revenge. Maybe now they could both be friends again. And she had quite liked him holding her so tightly.

She put her hands on his shoulders, feeling the sodden fabric of his shirt under her fingers.

“I am really sorry, Luke. Let’s get changed and then have a coffee together.”

Luke did seem to be calmer, and more himself, as they walked back. Katie had stopped crying and her flushed cheeks showed no sign of tears. Her hair was bedraggled, and specks of mud still splattered her forehead.

“We can sneak in the back door; no-one will see us!” Katie suggested.

Her kit was still fairly clean, except for brown stains all over her shirt, where she had been pressing against Luke. He was glad that no-one else did see them return, and so the adult staff never knew that they’d been playing on the wet field after all.

They both got showered and changed. Katie’s backside was as bright a red now as her gym knickers. Before long Luke was enjoying himself again, telling Katie tales of his daring do. The afternoon passed quickly between them.

“It was fun playing there!” Katie whispered to him. “Next time, I’ll not wear my good clothes, and you can drag me through the puddle!”

Luke grinned, “That’s OK, we’re quits now!” He wouldn’t admit it, but he had enjoyed Katie’s punishment a bit too much. It was much more fun than just larking about with the lads. Only afterwards did he stop to think, wow, he had actually spanked an eighteen-year-old girl on her knickers! And she’d let him! Well, she’d snivelled a bit, but after all, she was only a girl!

Katie blushed and drew a deep breath, “Luke,” she paused and breathed in quickly again. “Please don’t laugh, but if you’re not doing anything on Saturday, would you like to come out with me? We could go for a meal and wine together. We’ll be getting our ‘A’ level results on Thursday, so we can either celebrate, or else cheer each other up.”

Luke didn’t laugh. He chuckled in a friendly sort of way. “Well, I’ve got pre-season training on Saturday, but only till five,” he mused, disguising perfectly his delight at receiving this invitation. “Yeah, that would be great. You’re alright you, Katie!”

So, their first date was arranged.

On Wednesday, the social work team director spoke to Katie, expressing appreciation for all her work. Next week was the last of ‘Sunrise’ before the summer project finished. He asked Katie if she would be willing to come again next week as a volunteer.

Katie was delighted and quickly said, “Yes!”

She was busy making dozens of flipchart sheets for her groups, full of football names, league tables, dates and scores.

“I’ve got loads of these still to do!” she explained. “They’re too big to take home on Friday and they’ll get all tatty if I carry them on the bus. Can I pop in on Sunday for an hour, to finish them off here for next week?”

“No problem!” he replied, admiring Katie’s efforts. “There’ll be no-one here at all the weekend, but I’ll arrange for you to get a spare key on Friday.”

Scheming little Katie already envisaged asking Luke along on Sunday afternoon to join her. Maybe they could even enjoy a little more rugby practice together! Perhaps it she got Luke to tackle her and get her absolutely filthy, then she might pull him down too. But she would have to be a lot more careful this time, not to make him cross.

That Thursday, the counsellors were all offered the day off, because of their ‘A’ level results. Katie offered to come into ‘Sunrise’ after lunch. After all, whatever grades you got, life had to go on. She went into school, and at 9 am the results were issued, in individual envelopes to each pupil. Katie looked, breathlessly. Four straight ‘A’s! Two of them with stars! Two of them with merits, and one with a special commendation. That was more than she had ever hoped for.

Miss Maine hugged her.

“That’s the best ‘A’ level results a pupil has had here in two years,” she said as they embraced. Miss Maine phoned the admissions tutor at Katie’s prospective Cambridge College. She was promised a call back by noon.
Katie was an emotional wreck, sitting in Miss Maine’s study and waiting for that call back. She burst into tears. She phoned Luke. He had passed too, with flying colours, but he could not understand why Katie felt so fragile.
“I met a lovely boy while working at ‘Sunrise’,” Katie confided. She was so nervous that she couldn’t stop herself from talking. “He’s called Luke. We’re going out for a steak and wine together on Saturday. He’s lovely!”
Miss Maine wistfully remembered the joys of young love.

“That’s nice, Katie,” she agreed. “Go easy on the wine; remember you’re not used to it.”

“I will.” Katie promised, through her tear-stained face. “I trust Luke, though. I think that he’s a good lad. He plays rugby. It’s rugby, rugby, rugby with Luke!”

Miss Maine couldn’t stop herself from laughing.

“Well, Katie,” she said. “I think you’ll just have to start liking games then.”

Katie failed to see the irony.

“Oh yes, I will, Miss Maine. I will.” She replied.

At twelve noon, the phone rang. The admissions tutor from Cambridge spoke to Katie.

“Congratulations,” he began. “You have been admitted to our College, registration is on October 3rd and full details of admission procedures are being posted to you today.”

Katie struggled to keep her composure.

“Can you speak to my headmistress, please?” she asked. “I want to make sure that this is right.”

Miss Maine took the call and confirmed the great news. They hugged each other. Katie left school. Her life as an adult was beginning. Katie’s meal out with Luke that Saturday would be a night of celebration.

The End

© Mr W 2020