A sequel to the earlier story ‘Katie’s Humiliation’

By Mr W

Katie’s final term at school that summer seemed to come and go so fast. Her exams, her ‘A’ levels, occupied nearly all of her thoughts and most of her time over Easter and into May and June. She was as well prepared as she could be, but frequently Katie found herself in a state of panic. What if she misread a question? What if her mind just went blank, sitting in that examination hall? What if she couldn’t finish all the questions in time? She went into school frequently during her examination leave, just to speak with her teachers, who all gave her reassurance and encouragement.

Miss Maine squeezed her hand, “Katie, stop worrying!”

Miss Maine was a rock of support. Katie calmed herself by doing more revision, more reading and more study. So eventually it was a huge relief when at last the exams were over and she could do no more. She consoled herself with the thought that, whether she got into Cambridge or not, she had done her upmost best and she couldn’t really have done any more.

It was hard to wind down after June, during these final few days of term when Katie returned to school. There were various social and fund-raising activities going on, concerts, plays, Sports Day, Open Day and the School Summer Fayre. For Open Day, Katie was assigned to take groups of next term’s first year intake around.

The Leavers Assembly on the last day of term was quite overwhelming. Katie couldn’t really take in the knowledge that this whole chapter of her young life was now at an end. She felt a tidal wave of goodwill from all her teachers and classmates, hoping that her ambition for Cambridge would be fulfilled. Three school prizes had been awarded to Katie and she looked forward to the presentation at Prize Day, at the end of September, a few weeks after the exam results would be known.

During that last week of term, Miss Maine pulled Katie aside.

“What are your plans for the summer?” she asked. Katie had a part-time job in her uncle’s sweet shop, but otherwise her time was free.

“I’ve got an idea for you,” Miss Maine went on. “You’ve been highly regarded as a ‘befriender’ this year. You have helped a number of younger pupils with difficulties at school, and acted with maturity and compassion. I believe that you have kept one or two especially away from further trouble; you have kept their trust whilst also acting on your concerns for discipline. There is an opportunity for someone like you to volunteer as a counsellor this summer.”

Miss Maine went on to describe a local authority residential scheme designed to help school leavers from troubled backgrounds. She had been asked by the probation service to consider whether she had any senior pupils, aged over eighteen, who were suitable to volunteer as counsellors. The scheme aimed to encourage participants to stay in further education, to learn life skills and to learn better how to cooperate with others. It was run by full-time staff from the education and probation services; prospective counsellors could gain valuable skills themselves whilst giving their assistance. The scheme was called, ‘Sunrise’.

Katie was interested.

“It will help you too, Katie!” suggested Miss Maine. “It will be excellent experience for you; I’m thinking ahead, should you go eventually into law. Good, too, even if you find yourself just keeping these kids too out of trouble and helping them to read and write!”

Katie agreed to apply, and a week later she attended an interview with two social workers. Miss Maine had written a glowing reference for her. Then a letter arrived at Katie’s home. She had been accepted as a counsellor and the letter gave details of the dates of her attendance over two weeks the following month.

‘Sunrise’ was located in a local authority residential school on the edge of town, and the counsellors were required to support full time staff from Monday to Friday each week, sleeping over four nights at the accommodation. The school was, of course, empty of its pupils during the summer holidays. So, on a Monday in August, Katie travelled by bus to the school, carrying a large suitcase with all the clothes and things she thought that she would require. She was allocated a room to herself in the girls’ wing of the school. One of the few absolute rules to be obeyed was that no boys were allowed to enter the girl’s wing and vice versa.

There were twelve boys and three girls in residence that week, all aged sixteen to eighteen. There were several full time adult staff and at least two were on duty most of the time. Katie was introduced to three other counsellors like herself. They were all eighteen year old school leavers and all boys. Ben and Luke were quite loud and brash, she thought. Big strapping lads, they were both keen rugby players. They were hoping to start science and engineering degrees at red brick universities, and neither of them were slow to boast of their future prospects in well paid jobs. Although they had none of Katie’s modesty, she immediately liked them and drew reassurance from their confident outgoing natures.

Katie had been at a girls school ever since she was eleven. She had few male acquaintances and she was conscious that Ben and Luke both seemed to like her. She was becoming aware that, as a young lady, she did seem to be attractive to them. The other counsellor was Geoffrey. He was a quieter boy, bespectacled and studious looking. He certainly wasn’t sporty, and Katie thought that he was a bit of a weed compared to the other two, but she was very polite and friendly towards him and Geoffrey too seemed to want to share her company more than anyone else’s.

Ben and Luke had already attended ‘Sunrise’ for two weeks and they explained the routine. Mornings were spent in classrooms in small groups, each counsellor working with three or four of the attendees. There was no formal agenda. Katie quickly learned that there was one subject which would keep the boys interested all of the time. That was football. So they talked about football. Even the girls seemed to be interested in football.

Katie wrote down all the names of the teams, players and the football grounds they mentioned. She got the class to copy these, spelling all the proper names correctly. She got them to give crowd attendances and match scores for dozens of imaginary encounters, and before long Katie was astonished by the enthusiasm with which her group calculated aggregate figures and composed league tables. What Miss Maine said was true. What these kids needed was basic education.

At lunchtime, she excused herself, dashed out and caught a bus into town. A quick visit to a book shop equipped her with a huge football encyclopaedia, which would be all she required to make the rest of the week a complete success. It was quickly noticed that Katie had purchased this book at her own expense; the adult staff noted her commitment and enthusiasm. One of them arranged for Katie to be repaid the cost of the book from council funds. Every morning, the small groups were rotated around the different counsellors.

In the afternoons, the boys did sport. Ben and Luke took rugby outside. Katie and Geoffrey played pool and table tennis indoors with the three girls and a couple of the boys who didn’t like rugby. They introduced their charges to games like scrabble. Katie sat and talked with the youngsters for long periods. She heard about their chaotic lives, separated families, difficult new parental relationships, dad in prison, sudden moves, adults coming and going out of their homes, seemingly at random. Katie began to appreciate how fortunate her own circumstances were. They all seemed to be good kids at heart, but they had grown up with the idea that to get anywhere you couldn’t really trust anyone and you had to break all of the rules. Katie learned that the boys and girls had been mostly sent here by juvenile courts, in the hope that their young lives might be turned away from offending.

Adult staff oversaw everything and visited each activity. Everyone sat down together for breakfast, lunch and tea. Ben and Luke explained that the evenings were free for recreation, which was mainly around the television. The adult staff withdrew at 6pm, and the counsellors were left in charge, until the night staff arrived for their twelve hour sleep-in shift at eight-o-clock. The local authority had continuing legal responsibility for everyone throughout the evening, and issued radio pagers to the counsellors with which to summon immediate help, should this be required.

On Tuesday afternoon Katie, Geoffrey and the others wandered outdoors to see what the rugby group were doing. The school had extensive grounds and they walked through lawns and gardens before dropping sharply downhill towards the games field, hidden behind a row of bushes and a stream. The ground underfoot became soft and wet as they went and the first thing they noticed about the rugby field was that it was a total quagmire.

The stream was partially blocked by branches and debris, so a part of it had carved a new route downhill and spilled out over the pitch. The council were engaged in an endless dispute with the neighbouring landowner over the question of liability for the costs of cleaning out the brook. Meanwhile, after heavy rain, the rugby field was left under water, until very slowly it drained.  As a result of this, the school had declared this area out of bounds. But the adults in charge of ‘Sunrise’ imposed no restriction, and the boys were happy to play. The waterlogged pitch made their game of rugby more fun.

The game seemed to mainly involve everyone tumbling and rolling in the mud, and they were clearly having a great time. They were all completely covered in runny muck, their different coloured rugby shirts and shorts being indistinguishable and plastered to their equally filthy bodies. Katie had to look twice to make out who was who and to recognise Ben and Luke, but there they were, in the thick of it. She joined her companions on a couple of benches beside the pitch. When Katie was at school, she would have hated a hockey lesson on a pitch like that. But now she felt a strange regret that she had left her games kit behind. She had this niggling thought that it would be great fun to push Luke into the mud, especially at the start of the game when his kit would be fresh and clean. What a pity that girls didn’t play rugby.

After tea on Tuesday, Katie and Luke were together for a few moments in the corridor.

“I haven’t told you about the initiation, yet!” Luke said to Katie in a quiet voice and with a mischievous look on his face.

“No, you haven’t.” Katie smiled back, instinctively stepping close to him and enjoying his freshly showered look and the scent of his body spray.

“Well, we let the kids do the initiation to us, sometimes, after tea!” Luke added mysteriously. “They get to spank us!”

Katie looked shocked.

Luke continued. “But don’t worry; we’ve put two big out-sized thick woolly socks over the plimsoll, so it doesn’t really hurt. Ben tried it on me last week, as hard as he could, and it was nothing like getting spanked at school.”

“I was spanked once at school,” Katie confided, remembering her encounter with Miss Griffiths in the cold shower. “But I didn’t really feel a thing!”

Luke looked at her in astonishment, thinking that Katie must be a much tougher cookie than he thought.

“Oh well, that’s alright then,” he replied quickly. “And we wear some old clothes, not our best ones.”

Katie giggled; she didn’t want to admit that she really had no idea why Luke was telling her this, as she was assuming this initiation sounded very much like a lads’ prank, and she didn’t think for a moment that it would apply to her. Katie didn’t have any old clothes with her anyway; she had been neatly turned out all week in her old school uniform of cream blouse, beige cardigan and a grey skirt to below the knee. She was wearing tights instead of socks.

They rejoined everyone else around the TV. Luke muttered something to the lad sitting next to him.

“Can we have an initiation again, tomorrow?” the lad immediately asked.

There was a murmur of approval.

“Right, who’s getting nominated for initiation tomorrow?” Luke demanded.

Katie smiled back, unconscious of several pairs of eyes switching towards her.

“Geoffrey!” somebody shouted.

“Yes, Geoffrey!” another voice agreed, followed by unanimous nods and grunts of consent.

Geoffrey looked alarmed.

“Don’t worry!” Luke was laughing as he looked at him. “I’ll tell you all about it!”

On Wednesday night after tea, when the counsellors were left alone with the group, Geoffrey appeared from upstairs. He was looking distinctly uncomfortable and wearing a white t-shirt, black shorts, gym shoes and socks. Everyone broke out in excited chatter as they formed two columns around Geoffrey with Luke and Ben at the head. Luke picked up a plastic bucket containing a long fluffy sock, which was the plimsoll, muffled by its double thick covering. Then they marched out into the grounds, heading down to the games field beyond the stream. Katie followed on behind, curious to know what was going on and feeling a little sorry for poor Geoffrey.

They all arrived at the field. Ben and Luke picked up one of the benches and carried it out onto the sodden grass, carefully placing it on the edge of a huge puddle in what looked like the muddiest and wettest part of all. Little blades of grass poked through the water, glistening brightly in contrast to the grey mud all around. They returned to Geoffrey, touching him on his arms and gesturing that he was to follow. Luke asked him to take off his glasses, which were laid carefully on the other bench. All the youngsters formed a single, orderly queue and followed on behind. Katie kept to the back, stepping carefully over the field so as to avoid the worst bits of mud and water under her feet.

Geoffrey was made to bend right over the bench, with his feet on the ground on one side and his arms hanging into the dirt on the other. His hands squelched as he tried to find a firm hold for them. Ben and Luke stood behind on each side of him. Then, one by one, each person in the queue came up behind Geoffrey. Luke handed the slipper to each in turn and they whacked Geoffrey on the seat of his shorts. He yelped out when the first smack landed, but it was not really clear whether this mostly in surprise or from pain. Some of the lads didn’t really seem to belt him as hard as all that, but others really put an effort into it and the sound of the slipper hitting him was quite dramatic.

But this was not all. After receiving each smack, Geoffrey was made to stand up and each person then scooped up a bucketful of mud in the plastic pail and poured it over him. His t-shirt was quickly saturated and covered with streaks of grey slime. Then he bent over again, another spank and another dousing, one down his front, the next down his back. The fluffy socks covering the plimsoll gradually became damp and compacted, the sounds of the whacks got louder and little splashes of dirt flew from Geoffrey’s shorts. In fact, he didn’t feel much pain to begin with, but after four or five blows they really started to sting. His whole body started to shake and he gasped after each strike. After most of those waiting had completed their turn, Geoffrey took his sodden t-shirt off. The last three in the queue were the three girls, they poured their mud over Geoffrey’s hair and were delighted to rub it in and smear it over his face.

To begin with, Katie felt a bit worried for Geoffrey, but as events unfolded she found herself captivated by a strange fascination. She had heard so many stories about spankings and canings at school, but she had never seen someone subjected to chastisement before. Geoffrey was taking his initiation punishment well. She watched closely as he bit his lips and clenched his fists into the mud as the hardest blows landed. He looked so helpless; it was as if he was bound to that bench by a rope. Except that this rope was not made of hemp, but a still stronger binding, that of social obligation and the fear of rejection. Ben and Luke had devised this ordeal after surviving rugby club initiations themselves. And they had been pretty unforgiving experiences.

Katie wondered how he felt. Then, when Geoffrey took his t-shirt off, Katie’s curious fixation increased. She found herself looking at him all of the time; there was something bewitching about this, him standing there in just his filthy shorts. They flapped around his legs each time he got whacked. Katie wished that it had been Luke getting the initiation; now she really would like to see that. She felt quite a tingle inside as she imagined Luke standing there like that, his dirt- streaked skin shining and wet, with just his rugby shorts on.

Initiation over, the bench was returned to the touchline. They all trooped back. Geoffrey looked shaken and he seemed to be struggling to look cheerful and to talk to the others. This would have passed off in the rugby dressing room as harmless horseplay, but Geoffrey was not quite so robust. His bottom was still stinging and burning and an aching feeling was spreading out over him. In the privacy of his room, he saw that his backside was now a mess of red blotches and marks.

Katie was secretly wondering if there would be any more initiations, and if there was, how she could arrange for the others to vote for Luke?

She did not have long to wait. Half an hour later, everyone was back in the TV room. Geoffrey was feeling better, having showered and changed, and the pains in his posterior had subsided. He looked greatly relieved that his initiation was over, but clearly now he was accepted much more as one of the group. Everyone teased him about what had happened and no-one tired of reminding him of the fun they had enjoyed at his expense. Geoffrey grinned and joined in with the banter. He was actually enjoying being at the centre of attention and was starting to feel glad that he had been chosen.

“Who’s getting nominated for initiation tomorrow?” Luke suddenly asked.

There was a pause. Again, several eyes turned towards Katie, but no-one was immediately prepared to blurt out her name. There had not been a girl to choose before and no-one was quite sure if they should.

“Luke!” Katie shouted.

Luke groaned and gave her a dismissive glance. “No, not me!” he replied. “I was initiated last week, and you only get it once. It’s you, Katie, it’s you!”

Katie was genuinely taken aback. The vision of Geoffrey’s pained expression flashed into her mind.

“But you can’t do that to me!” she protested. “I’m a girl. I’m a young lady! You can’t spank a girl!”

“Girl or boy, it makes no difference!” Luke replied breezily. “We’re all in this together, aren’t we?”

There was a chorus of agreement all round.

“It’s nothing to worry about, not as bad as getting spanked at school. You said you hardly felt that. And, you’ve got all day tomorrow to prepare yourself.”

“Katie!” several voices added. “It’s Katie!”

A dozen wide-eyed young lads suddenly relished the thought of this spanking. Katie was a very pretty young lady, and just to make it better, they were going to cover her in mud!

Katie was silent. She realised she really had no choice, and she wished that she had not been so foolish as to think that initiation could not apply to her.

“Alright then,” she agreed quietly. “It’s me tomorrow!”

“The first girl ever up for initiation.” Luke observed, somewhat irrelevantly.

Katie thought quickly. She only had a week’s change of her school uniforms with her, but most of them were to be thrown out anyway, except for one best set that she was keeping back for Prize Day. So she wasn’t really bothered about her clothes. And she did have her regulation swimsuit packed with her. She decided what she would do. Tomorrow, after tea, she would put her swimsuit on under her clothes. And the spanking? Well, she would just have to trust everyone, and hope that they would not treat her as roughly as they would a boy.

“I hope you’re going to be gentle with me,” she added, with straightforward honesty. “Or I will probably just burst into tears.”

Thursday was another good, rewarding day in class and in the games room. Katie felt that she was doing something really worthwhile here and all the youngsters seemed to respond to her. She was reminded numerous times during the day of her impending initiation, but Katie laughed it off. She sensed that the lads in particular were quite taken by the idea of spanking her.

“I hope you’re all going to be gentle with me!” she replied.

Well, they were entitled to have a bit of fun. Katie was disappointed it was not going to be Luke taking part. She would really have loved to see Luke getting muddy and soaked.

After tea, Katie disappeared to her room, slipping off all her clothes and changing into her plain, black one-piece swimsuit. It was scooped at the back and fitted just neatly. Katie put her uniform back on, but replaced her tights with a pair of white socks. She wondered what this was going to feel like and she hoped that it would not be too sore. She returned to the group, looking as smart as ever.

Ben and Luke, meanwhile, had a furtive conversation.

“Better take care of Katie,” they agreed. “She’s only a girl, after all!”

So the plimsoll was placed inside an even larger size 12 bedroom slipper, with a soft foam sole, and then covered with fresh socks. Luke brought it down hard on his hand.

“That feels OK!” he concluded. “Shouldn’t cause any bruises!”

“I’ve spoken to everyone,” Ben confirmed. “And everyone knows not to belt her hard!”

The two of them still carried marks from their own initiations the week before, when they had challenged the lads to hit their backsides as hard as they possibly could. It had been as if Ben and Luke were going to show these delinquents that they were tougher than any of them.

“Are you ready for your initiation?” Luke noticed Katie’s impeccable appearance and sounded surprised. “Don’t you want to borrow a rugby top and shorts?”

“Definitely not!” retorted Katie. “My old school things are all ready to get thrown out anyway.”

“Oh, I see,” replied Luke. “That makes sense.”

They all formed a procession down across the grounds, just like the day before, except this time it was Katie who was hemmed in between the two columns, behind Ben and Luke, and it was Geoffrey who was trailing along behind.

The bench was put back into the same place as it had been before. Katie slowly removed her cardigan, her shoes and her socks. Everything was ready. Ben and Luke approached, but Katie backed away, covering her backside with her hands. They each took one of Katie’s arms and led her towards the bench. She obediently bent over. Yuck! The slimy mud felt cold on her hands.

Muttered words passed down the line of lads waiting.

“Go easy on Katie, she’s only a girl!”

“Yes, go easy on her!”

“We can give her plenty of muck though!”

There was a pause and then Katie felt a firm thud on her bottom. She jerked forward, almost losing her balance. But that wasn’t too bad. It was as if someone had given her a push from behind. She stood up and winced as coldness slopped against her neck, sliding down the front of her blouse. Each lad followed in turn; they were not nearly as hard spanking her as they had been with Geoffrey. But it was a great feeling for them, landing the padded slipper on the curves of that shapely bottom of hers, moulded teasingly against the back of her skirt.

Katie got muddier and messier. Down her sleeves, down her front, down her back; the wetness seeped down her neck and inside her blouse. She felt her swimsuit clinging coldly and damply to her. Each time she stood up, her skirt became heavier and heavier as it absorbed more of the wetness and became caked in mud.

Finally, it was just the three girls left in the queue.

Tap! A gentle smack on Katie’s filthy skirt.

“Can I mess your hair, Katie?” the girl asked with improbable politeness.

Katie giggled at the absurdity of it all and immediately dropped to her knees. The hem of her skirt disappeared into the mud below. Her assailant poured the whole contents of the bucket over Katie’s head. The girl brushed her hands through Katie’s hair, leaving mud and silt sticking to the clumps and strands.

The next two girls did the same, and Katie obligingly knelt down while her very last bits of clean hair gave way.

She could feel wetness running down inside the front of her swimsuit, and Katie knew that she could not get any muddier. Everyone was laughing and cheering. Katie turned towards the huge puddle in front of her and plunged herself forward, sliding first onto her knees before deliberately flopping face-first into three inches of water and slime. There was loud cheer.

“Katie, Katie, Well done, Katie!” everyone shouted in unrestrained excitement.

She pushed herself up onto one hand before rolling over onto her back, lying flat out in the mud, the back of her head sunk down with her filthy hair splayed out around her. Katie finally climbed to her feet; an avalanche of dirt and water fell off her to all sides. Her blouse and skirt looked like thick sheets of sodden mud which hung off her.

Luke gazed at her, awestruck.

“That was the best initiation ever!” someone said.

Katie tried to look at Luke, whilst wiping mud from her eyes. “Phew!” she said.

“You’d better not go inside like that,” Luke suggested, as they all approached the house. “There’s a hose in the storeroom, just wait outside a minute and I’ll hook it up to the sink!”

Katie waited outside the back door, shivering slightly and folding her arms. Luke appeared, holding the hose.

“Don’t worry, it’s on the hot tap!” he announced, as a jet of water splashed at his feet.

“Oh, that’s lovely!” Katie smiled as warm water cascaded over her, and rivers of brown mud flowed away from her feet. Luke worked his way continually around her, systematically working the water from her hair and all over her. The colours of Katie’s uniform began to gradually reappear. She started to unbutton her blouse.

“Hey, don’t get undressed here!” Luke shouted out in alarm, but Katie laughed and smiled at him.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got my swimsuit on!”

Luke’s face broke out into a huge grin. “So you were well prepared, after all!” he laughed.

Katie’s spoiled clothes lay at her feet, ready to go in the bin. Her black costume glistened in the evening sunshine; her bosom heaving against it while Katie ran her hands through her hair, oblivious of the succession of heads which popped up to see through the kitchen window. Luke had the best view of all, which he was not slow to appreciate.

By eight o’clock, Katie had finished her shower upstairs and at last she was thoroughly clean. She never did know that Geoffrey’s backside had been so thoroughly marked, and she would have been alarmed if she had. But Katie’s pale white skin showed no marks and she felt little pain. She rejoined the group just before the night staff appeared. Everyone was in great spirits and there was continual giggling around Katie, sitting with her brown hair still dark and damp.

“Everything alright?” asked Mrs Adams, as she arrived for her shift. She sensed the excitement in the atmosphere. “What’s been going on, no squabbles or fighting, I hope?”

“No, Mrs Adams!” everyone chorused. “We’re just having a good time!”

“Is that right?” Mrs Adams asked of the four counsellors.

“No problems at all,” Luke confirmed to her. “Everyone’s been demonstrating good teamwork and bonding.”

“Well,” Mrs Adams concluded, “You do seem to be a good group. And that is credit due to you counsellors.”

“Yes, Mrs Adams!” one of the lads agreed. “Katie’s been teaching me numbers all this week, and I can use numbers now, I never could before.”

Katie beamed. They were good lads really. And she had just given them a right good time, too.  So the first of her two weeks at ‘Sunrise’ drew towards an end.

The End

© Mr W 2019

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