A girl is taken to be caned by her favourite teacher. From the old website.

By Kate Queen

I am Katie. I got up this morning, Friday morning, ready for another day of Maths, French, and so on. I dressed as usual – regulation brown pants, bra, blouse, tie, skirt and socks and shoes. I had breakfast and went for the bus. It would have been alright except there was some messing around on the bus and a prefect reported me. In the early 1970s prefects had a lot of power. I was given a detention. It was my third this term so I knew what was to come.

At the end of the day I went to the room used for detentions. I sat there for an hour writing a boring essay while a prefect paced up and down. At the end of the detention Miss Edwards came in. She held the detention register.

“Now then, just Katie Taylor with three detentions,” she said.

I looked glum.

“Come with me,” she instructed.

I followed the attractive Miss Edwards down the corridor to the Principal’s study and my gaze was fixed on her fine figure and attractive backside. She knocked on the door. A gruff voice told her to: “Come in.”

Mr Brown was sat behind his desk in his gown. He looked at me, then at Miss Edwards.

“Just Katie Taylor today, sir,” she informed him. “Third detention. Being late, being cheeky and finally, today, misbehaviour on the bus.”

Mr Brown looked at me. He gave me a telling off for these crimes. “Three detentions equates to six of the best, girl. I am going to cane you,” he said.

He got up and went to a side table where there were two canes and picked up one of them, a classic rattan cane with a curved handle. Four boys had been in there earlier and all received six of the best on their bottoms but not with this cane in his hand but the other one which was longer. One of those boys was Peter, my boyfriend. What would he say if he knew I was coming round to his house the following day with a bottom marked like his?

Mr Brown indicated where I should stand. Nervously I moved over to the spot.

“Bend over,” he said.

Those famous words were directed to me. I bent over with my legs straight and my hands reaching down to my knees. Miss Edwards lifted my skirt to reveal my brown pants now stretched tight. She stood to one side, no doubt to watch. I was in the classic position that so many others had been in with my rather inadequate pants to protect my bottom and now I was to be caned! Yes, the name of Katie Taylor would be entered in the punishment book as the fifth recipient of corporal punishment from Mr Brown that day!

Mr Brown swished the cane and then placed it against my bottom.

“Six of the best,” he reminded me. “Look straight ahead.”

The cane was lifted from my bottom. It swished down and I felt a stinging line cross my bottom. I yelped. I did the same as the second one marked my bottom and the third. Mr Brown’s fourth was a stinger and so was the fifth, but the sixth was even more so and I bucked my head and yelped again.

“Stand up,” instructed Mr Brown. “Even a single detention during the rest of this term will see you in here again.”

I nodded as tears filled my eyes. I tidied my skirt and clutched my bottom as he wrote the details in the punishment book directly below where Peter’s details had been noted. He sent me out and Miss Edwards followed.

“To my study,” she said.

We went a short distance to her study.

“You certainly deserved that caning and you’ll have the marks for a good few days, but you took it well. Shall I put some cream on those stripes?” She asked.

Miss Edwards was young and attractive but a month earlier, when the Principal had been away for a few days, she had caned me for insolence and missing homework. She may have been just twenty-seven but she knew how to use a cane and that day had decorated my pale cheeks with six neat parallel stripes. When my mum inspected them at bedtime that night she said I deserved a caning and she had been caned and survived so I would too!

I had wondered if Miss Edwards’ attractive backside had ever been caned and now I would find out!

“Yes, miss,” I mumbled.

“Slip those pants down and I’ll apply the cream. I found it helpful when I was caned,” she said.

I stood there with my bare bottom on show with six angry cane stripes across it. Miss Edwards’ touch was magical as she knelt to my side and rubbed a soothing cream all over my bottom as she had done once before. I even noticed that as she rubbed in the cream she studied my pubic bush. Perhaps I could get another detention this term…. Perhaps I could.

The End