The past catches up with one girl

By Capstan

Diana West, Head Girl of St Helen’s Academy, looked at her tear-stained face in the mirror in her room; her eyes were still red, her lightly applied make-up had run, and her normally beautiful chestnut locks were unkempt and damp with her tears. She pondered the contrast in appearance from the immaculately presented young lady who had left the room only thirty minutes before.

With a sniff, Diana turned and raised her smart pleated knee-length skirt above her waist, revealing her elegant ivory-satin French knickers and white hold-up stockings. Also revealed was the evidence of a severe caning. Diana lowered her panties to her stocking tops and was shocked at the eight, parallel, burgundy-coloured raised welts which disfigured her attractive bottom. Picking up the tube of Arnica cream that the headmistress had given her, Diana took the three painful steps necessary to lie face down on her bed. Sighing, she then most gingerly massaged the soothing cream into her bottom.

Despite the severe punishment having been entirely merited for the serious misconduct she had committed, she was still Head Girl, and the headmistress had hugged her when she left the office. The reason for this apparent undue leniency was that the conduct concerned had occurred two years previously, and would not have come to light had Diana herself not owned up that afternoon.

Diana’s mind went back to the ‘O’ level history revision class at the end of May two years before, which had set in train the day’s events. Mrs Erica Southern, the current Headmistress, was at the time Deputy Head and also Head of History, a subject that was one of a number in which Diana excelled, regularly competing with her best friend, Alice, for top spot. Although Diana did not dislike Mrs Southern, and respected her as a teacher, she had, at that point, not warmed to her as she had to her form mistress and head of house, Miss Sandra Dell.

That particular morning, Mrs Southern was in an especially bad mood. She had a severe cold and a splitting head-ache; it was only the fact that there was little revision time left before the exams, and her dedication to her pupils, that had got her out of bed that morning. Erica was consequently in no mood to tolerate any disruption or less than 100% application. She set the girls a different 30-minute mini-essay each to be completed in absolute silence and without notes whilst she marked the homework they had submitted. The twenty girls in the class were also to individually submit a history project to her at the beginning of the following week, which they had been allowed to research in pairs.

Although Diana and Alice were not involved, several girls had, from time to time, whispered between themselves. Erica had finally warned the class that the next girl who did so would be in detention; she also pointedly removed the slipper from the bottom drawer of her desk and placed it on the desktop.

The essays completed and handed in, the homework was then handed back. As usual, Alice and Diana had gained high marks but, for some reason, Mrs Southern chose to highlight to the whole class a minor error that Diana had made in her homework. Then, when she handed back the paper to the girl sitting on the desk to Diana’s right, she congratulated Monica Wright on her efforts and said how much she was looking forward to reading her project.

Diana and Monica did not get on; the latter was not above copying from others to improve her grades, but had never been caught. Diana had actually found her that morning, with a notebook, leafing through the notes that Diana and Alice had produced for their project, which Diana had left on her desk. Monica was also taking a particular interest in a book that Diana had borrowed from the library which covered part of the subject not contained in the standard text book.

The exchange left the pretty redhead frustrated, but worse was to come. Diana, having dropped her pen, bent to pick it up and was turning back to put it on her desk at the same time as two girls seated behind her whispered to each other. Looking up at just the wrong moment, Mrs Southern, her patience exhausted, misread the situation.

“Diana West! Detention! I warned you all about whispering.”

Diana was appalled. In five years, she had a perfect disciplinary record, with no previous detentions or even lines, let alone any form of physical punishment.

“But Miss, I wasn’t, honestly.”

“Don’t lie to me, girl! I know what I saw; one hours’ detention with me here at 4.00 pm this afternoon, and if I hear another peep out of you it will be the slipper.”

Diana was furious at the injustice, and only just prevented herself from continuing to protest; her feelings were not helped by seeing the smirk on Monica’s face.

After lunch, during a free period, as the two friends resumed working on their project, Diana protested to Alice about how unfair Mrs Southern had been. She explained how embarrassed she felt and how she wanted to get even. Alice warned her not to do anything to make it worse. The two girls then discovered that one page of their notes, fortunately one they had already written up, was missing and also that the library book had gone missing from Diana’s desk. Diana told Alice what she had seen that morning, but her friend told her they had no proof and, anyway, if she went to Mrs Southern, she may well not be believed.

Diana’s mood was not improved to find that, instead of productive revision when she reported for detention, Erica Southern intended she spent the first half hour writing lines, ‘Whispering in class is impolite and will not be tolerated’. The fact that the slipper was prominently displayed on the desk and, unusually, the junior cane, which as deputy head Mrs Southern was authorised to use, was hanging from a coat-hook. Diana was convinced further protest or raising her concerns about Monica were not advisable. By five o’clock, Diana, bristling about the injustice of how she was treated, was definitely looking for revenge.

The following day during a home economics class, which at St Helen’s was more akin to Cordon-Bleu cookery, Diana had an idea. Working with walnut oil, a few drops landed on the floor. Diana accidentally trod on one and her foot slid from under her. Gripping the counter, she just stopped herself falling, then immediately notified the form teacher and obtained corn starch, soap, a sponge, and some blotting paper to clear up the mess.  At the end of the lesson, the little bottle of walnut oil and two sheets of blotting paper found their way into Diana’s bag. That night she told a horrified Alice of her plan but, by the end of the exchange, her friend thought she had successfully dissuaded Diana from doing anything so stupid and potentially dangerous, particularly for Diana’s bottom.

Diana’s thoughts then went to the following Monday when she finally decided to put her plan into action. History was the first lesson after lunch and she made her way to class immediately after she had eaten, without waiting for Alice. Entering the deserted classroom and partially closing the door, she approached the dais on which the teacher’s desk was mounted with the substantial chair to one side. It was a matter of moments for her to rock the chair backwards and apply walnut oil to the feet of the chair using the blotting paper. Unknown to her, a few drops were spilled to one side of the chair. The bottle and paper were soon back in Diana’s bag in a little freezer bag; the bottle then being returned unnoticed during the following Home Economics lesson, and the blotting paper quietly disposed of.

Returning to her desk, Diana saw Monica’s bag was next to her desk and was open, the history project in its soft folder was in the middle and there, in addition to Monica’s history text book, was the missing library book. On top of the bag was a small packet of ink cartridges. On the spur of the moment, she decided on further revenge for the copying and taking of the library book from her desk. Taking a safety pin, which she had in her bag, she pushed in the little metal ball at the top of one of the cartridges; then, placing it in the top of the folder, she used the pin to also make a small hole in the bottom of the cartridge, smiling as the ink began to flow freely onto the pages of the project. Diana then quietly left the classroom, unseen, and caught up with Alice.

The two friends joined half a dozen other girls and entered the classroom together to place their project folders on their desks. Monica entered at almost the last minute with Mrs Southern, intending to hand the teacher her project. Reaching into her bag, there was a cry of horror from Monica as she removed the folder to find the ink had soaked into all 32 pages and had also damaged both the books. She held out the ruined project and tearfully turned to the teacher.

Mrs Southern was not sympathetic, assuming that Monica had been careless. Firstly, she refused to accept the project, at the same time asking Diana to collect those from the other girls and place them on her desk; then she told the tearful Monica that she had until the end of the week to rewrite the work. Noticing the ink-stained text book and library book, Mrs Southern then awarded Monica detention for carelessly damaging them and told her that her parents would be expected to pay for their replacement.

Having just placed the project folders on the teacher’s desk, Diana was returning to her own place when Mrs Southern attempted to sit down. With her back to the chair and her hands on the arms, Erica was astonished as the chair slid backwards. She fell onto her bottom with her legs raised, displaying her underwear to the girls in the front row. Diana remarkably kept a straight face, but there were some titters from some of the class. The mood changed as, attempting to stand, Erica’s right ankle collapsed as she stood on the spilled walnut oil. She fell again with a cry of pain, and was subsequently unable to put any weight on her ankle, remaining sitting on the floor until helped to her seat by several girls. Erica dispatched Monica for Matron and, a few minutes later, the teacher was helped into a wheelchair and taken to the sick bay. She was subsequently driven to hospital and was unable to return to work for a week.

It was assumed by Mrs Southern and consequently by the headmistress that this was merely an unfortunate accident and so, although at the end of the class the caretaker came in to clean the floor, no further questions were asked.

Monica worked hard to get her project in by the time Mrs Southern returned, but, without the stolen notes or the helpful library book, only achieved a ‘C’ Grade; she also served her detention. Her parents then paid for the damaged books, the price of which was recovered from Monica’s allowance, with her angry father taking her over his knee, and administering a dozen strokes with his slipper across her panties as soon as she got home at the end of term. Revenge appeared sweet.

Diana’s thoughts then moved to events that morning. It was towards the end of term and exam nerves were beginning to have an effect. The Head Girl was passing a classroom with an open door when there was an argument of some sort. She then clearly saw Dorothy Mayville, an attractive fellow sixth-former, pull the chair from behind her friend Sandra Knox, causing the latter to fall heavily and strike the back of her head against the desk behind. Diana immediately took charge and, taking Dorothy to one side, asked two of the other girls to take Sandra to Matron.

Although Dorothy, shocked that her classmate had been hurt, was very apologetic, Diana felt she had no option but to take the by now tearful girl to see Mrs Southern, the headmistress.

With the events having been explained, and Dorothy admitting what she had done, the tearful teenager, who had just turned eighteen the previous week, was subjected to a severe lecture from a furious head teacher. It was stressed that her silly prank had caused injury to a fellow student, the extent of which was still unknown. The headmistress then talked of how her own accident with a chair had required a visit to hospital and kept her off work for more than a week. She continued that, if Sandra’s fall had been as serious, it could mean her missing valuable pre-exam lessons, possibly impacting on her grades and university chances.

The headmistress told a horrified Dorothy that the potential consequences were therefore so serious that either expulsion or suspension were possible options. Pausing to see the impact of her words on the frightened girl, and relenting slightly, she then continued.

“Dorothy, in view of your impending ‘A’ levels and your near perfect disciplinary record, I have decided that you will instead receive six strokes of the cane, on your bottom, over your panties, for your stupid, thoughtless, juvenile and dangerous prank.”

She then explained that the punishment would take place at 4.00 pm after class and the Head Girl was required as a witness. The two girls were then dismissed to return to class.

On her way, Diana pondered her own situation and the headmistress’s words. She felt guilty about what she had done two years earlier and decided that, once Dorothy had been punished that afternoon, she was going to own up. The Head Girl knew that, as Erica Southern would just have severely caned a fellow sixth former for a less serious offence, her own bottom could expect no mercy, and her appointment as Head Girl was unlikely to survive the day. She hoped, however, that for the same reasons as Dorothy, expulsion or suspension could be avoided. She knew it was the right thing to do.

At exactly 4.00 pm, two very apprehensive young ladies presented themselves outside the Headmistress’s study. Dorothy was surprised to see how nervous the normally confident Head Girl appeared to be, and squeezed her hand gently. Forcing a smile, Diana remarked, “OK, let’s get this over with,” and knocked. Invited to enter, the two girls’ attention was drawn to the black punishment book and the 36” curved rattan cane already on the headmistress’ desk. The grey-haired figure behind the desk indicated that Diana should take a seat and that Dorothy should stand on the carpet in front of the desk. She then repeated the lecture to Dorothy about the stupid and dangerous nature of her actions that morning and the necessity for the resulting punishment. She told a relieved Dorothy that Sandra was none the worse for her experience that morning, had been released from sick bay, and would be back in class the following day. Dorothy then asked if it was OK, after she had been punished, to go and see her to apologise.

Erica Southern smiled. “Of course, my dear, once you feel up to doing so, that would be an excellent idea.” The headmistress realised that Dorothy showing her victim the effects of the punishment the girl had received should quickly repair the relationship between the two friends. Dorothy was then told to remove her skirt and bend over the desk, grasping the far side. Standing, Erica picked up the cane and began to move into position.

Dorothy was an attractive girl about 5’3” tall, with shoulder length ash-blonde hair. Never the sporting type, she was a little plump although by no means fat, with well-rounded breasts and a larger than average bottom, she was self-conscious of her appearance, especially after her only previous punishment. Since her slippering in class the previous year, she had started to wear a longer and looser skirt, which she now unfastened and placed on a chair back. She bent as instructed and her full-cut plain white panties stretched tightly across her ample buttocks.

“OK, Dorothy, six strokes, keep in position and do not rise until I tell you to. This will soon be over.”

The cane tapped gently twice across the very centre of the tightly stretched fabric. Dorothy took a deep breath and lifted her head to focus on the scene outside the headmistress’s window, through a gap in the curtains. She clenched her buttocks. The cane was lifted but Erica waited until Dorothy exhaled and relaxed slightly before swinging in the first stroke which indented the prominently presented curves.

Swish, Thwack! The pretty girl’s face contorted with pain and she gulped in air, stifling a groan. At ten second intervals the next two strokes were applied equidistant above the centre point with equal force. Each stroke brought an even louder gasp and a squeal as Dorothy fought to absorb a level of pain which was greater than she had ever felt in her life. Summoning all her determination to remain in position, she realised she was half way through and hoped that she could cope. She noticed tears had begun to flow and blinked repeatedly. Telling herself that she was a big girl, not a baby, Dorothy tried to take her punishment without blubbing. She almost made it. The fourth stroke, landing an inch below the first, was taken with just a gasp; because Dorothy exhaled hard as she heard the swish, she was left panting. The penultimate stroke, across the sensitive area of the crease where buttock meet thigh, just below her panties, was agony.

“Arrrgghh! Please no!” Her head swung to face the headmistress, her hazel eyes pleading. With a resigned sigh; the lovely young lady then looked front, dropped her head, and closed her eyes.

“Final one, Dorothy, you are doing well,” encouraged the headmistress, before swinging in the rattan even harder for the last stroke. This brought a full-throated scream from the hapless young lady who collapsed forward, sobbing, as tears streamed down her pretty cheeks.

Diana was horrified; she knew her own moment of truth was about to arrive. Fully aware of what was in stall for her, for a moment, Diana was tempted to chicken out and not follow through with her plan to own up to her own misconduct. Under her breath, and remembering her father’s words, she muttered to herself, ‘come on, old girl, you are better than that. You know what is right.’

Diana was brought back to the present as, a couple of minutes after being invited to do so, Dorothy forced herself to her feet and signed the punishment book.

Diana looked on admiringly as Dorothy, through her tears, and frantically rubbing her bottom after having replaced her skirt, turned to the headmistress standing beside her. She heard the softly spoken teenager say very quietly; “Mrs Southern, that was horrible! But I deserved it. Thank you so much for not expelling or suspending me. I will ensure that I don’t let you down again.”

Placing an encouraging hand on her shoulder, the headmistress replied, “I know you won’t, dear. All over now; you will be sore for a couple of days and reminded of what you did every time you sit down, but try and get some dinner tonight and you will feel better in the morning. Now, run along.”

Dorothy left and Erica expected Diana to follow. As the door closed, the headmistress moved to replace the cane in the cupboard and the punishment book on the shelf. She was surprised when her Head Girl spoke.

“Mrs Southern, you may want to leave those where they are, as you may well have need of them after what I am about to say.”

Looking round, Erica was surprised to see that Diana was now standing on the carpet, in front of her desk, with eyes downcast and her hands clasped demurely in front of her.

With a hint of a smile, not expecting that her almost perfect Head Girl could really have done something meriting the cane, Erica replied; “Ok, well you had better tell me then.”

She took her seat behind her desk, folded her hands, and looked up attentively.

Diana paused and took a deep breath; she was now committed to a course of action that was bound to have serious consequences.

“Mrs Southern, this morning you mentioned to Dorothy your accident with a chair a couple of years ago. Well, I am afraid that it was not an accident and I was the one responsible.”

Diana noticed the look of not anger but astonishment on Erica’s face, although the headmistress remained silent.

Diana continued. “I have been feeling guilty about it ever since. This morning’s events brought it back to me and I realised that I could not see Dorothy punished without owning up. I am very sorry for what happened and have no doubt that I will be feeling much more so as a result of the consequences of owning up. May I please tell you the full story?”

Noticing that her normally confident Head Girl was wearing an expression she was more used to seeing on a third former summoned for punishment, the headmistress quietly responded; “Yes, Diana, that would probably be best.”

“Well, I know it does not excuse what happened in any way, but, at the time, I was frustrated and angry. You see, you had just given me detention for whispering in class; it was my first ever detention and you were mistaken, as I really wasn’t whispering. When I tried to explain, you then threatened to slipper me if I said another word. Immediately afterwards, you embarrassed me in front of the whole class over a minor mistake in my essay, whilst praising Monica and saying how much you were looking forward to reading her project which was due to be handed in the following Monday afternoon. Monica found all this very amusing, she had also copied some of our work from the project that Alice and I had prepared; we were using a book from the library that had not been covered in class. I saw her, but we could obviously not prove it, and then Monica took the library book from my desk and put it in her bag.

“I, stupidly, wanted you to be embarrassed like you embarrassed me. I had discovered, when I spilled some during cookery class, that walnut oil made the floor very slippery.  So, I hid a bottle in my bag and came into your classroom over lunchtime. I applied the walnut oil with blotting paper to the feet of your chair, but some must also have spilled onto the area just in front. I only wanted you to slip and be embarrassed, not hurt.

“Then I saw Monica’s bag with the stolen library book. She had a packet of ink cartridges at the top of her bag. I used a safety pin to push in the little ball and prick the base of one cartridge, and left it to drain over her history project. I did not mean to ruin the books.

“Monica came in and went to her bag to take out her project, wanting to hand it to you as soon as you arrived. She found it covered in ink which had also stained the library book and her history text book, burst into tears, and tried to show you. You looked at it briefly and told her to rewrite it by the end of the week, gave her detention for carelessly damaging school property, and said that the bill would be sent to her parents.

“Annoyed at the interruption, you moved to your desk but, when you came to sit down, your chair slid backwards and you fell. At first, I found it funny, as you showed your knickers as you fell backwards, but when you slipped again and hurt your ankle it was no longer funny. You sent Monica to get matron and were helped onto your seat. I was frightened and embarrassed that you were hurt, and was scared of the consequences; I decided not to own up and hoped I would not be discovered, which I wasn’t. Alice knew. She didn’t approve, but she would not tell on me.

“When the incident happened this morning, it brought everything back to me and I knew the right thing to do was to own up, especially knowing how you were going to deal with Dorothy.”

“Diana, I am astonished at what you have just told me. Do you realise that what you did to me constituted assault? Although, of course, we could not prove anything as all we have is your confession. What you did to Monica was undoubtedly bullying, however you choose to justify it. Monica’s parents paid the school for damage that you caused, and I understand also punished her. She also had to do extra work because of what you did. You did not trust me to spot plagiarism and took things into your own hands. At the time you felt your actions were justified because of what you considered an unjust punishment and a comment that you did not like; that was the behaviour of a child, not the young adult you were then, or the fine young lady I believe you to be.

“You have just seen how I dealt with Monica, so how should I now deal with your own conduct? Is this a matter requiring expulsion, suspension, the cane, the slipper or something else? And how do you think this affects your position as Head Girl? I ask you to be perfectly honest with me.”

“Mrs Southern, I am so ashamed and sorry for what happened. To answer your question, a silly and dangerous prank led to you being injured so, whatever the motivation, expulsion or suspension must be a possibility, although I obviously hope that can be avoided. Other than that, I feel nothing short of the cane would be appropriate.

“For the bullying, I feel this in itself merits either the slipper or, possibly, additional strokes of the cane. After I have been punished, I will apologise to Monica. I also intend to write to my father, enclosing a letter to Monica’s father, and will ask him to send Mr Wright a cheque to cover the cost of the books, if you can let me know how much it should be for.

“Finally, I realise the whole matter calls my judgement into question and that you cannot still want me as your Head Girl after this.”

Sadly, Diana removed the cherished badge from her blazer and placed it on the headmistress’s desk.

“Thank you, Diana. I agree with your assessment, except for the last point. Your involvement would never have come to light had you not yourself brought it to my attention. As the conduct did not take place whilst you were a prefect, it can be considered an isolated, albeit serious, instance of misconduct and stupidity which needs to be balanced against your otherwise exemplary record.

“I will therefore proceed as follows: You will neither be expelled nor suspended. You will bend over for six strokes of the slipper over your skirt for the bullying, followed by the maximum eight strokes of the cane on your panties. You will also apologise to Monica and write to both your father and hers as you propose. I remember the sum involved was twenty-five pounds. That being the case, at the end of your punishment I will happily pin your badge back on your blazer myself as I really do want you to continue as Head Girl, a role which you have performed superbly. Finally, unless you insist, I propose to dispense with the requirement for a witness in order to save you further embarrassment.”

“Thank you, Mrs Southern. I do appreciate that. May I, however, ask a favour please?”

“You may of course ask, and I promise to carefully consider it.”

“Can you please assure me that Alice will not be in trouble over this. Although she knew I planned it, Alice tried very hard to talk me out of it, and believed she had succeeded. I wish she had! She didn’t actually lie to anyone, merely allowed everyone else to continue to believe it was an accident. Alice had nothing to do with what I did to Monica’s bag, as it was not pre-planned. Although I admitted it to her afterwards, she was not a prefect at the time and so I don’t think she was obliged to report it. It might have been better if she had. Please don’t punish her for what happened two years ago; it would be most unfair. I promise to tell her everything tonight, as I feel I also let her down.”

“Diana, I was not even thinking of punishing Alice. After this evening, the incident is best forgotten. I agree that it might have been better if you had been punished at the time as it might just have prevented the incident for which Dorothy was caned today, but that is not Alice’s fault. With that resolved, I suggest we get on with the matter in hand.”

“Yes, Mrs Southern, and thank you. Really!”

Erica Southern removed the slipper from the bottom drawer and placed it on her desk.

“Diana, remove your blazer, stand on the carpet, bend over and touch your toes, please.”

The lovely redhead complied and bent as instructed. As soon as she was in position, the headmistress administered six very hard strokes in succession across alternate cheeks of the curvaceous bottom, causing it to wobble slightly at each impact. Using all her determination, Diana remained in position, taking each stroke with little more than a gasp. She was breathing heavily and blinking her eyes rapidly by the end.

“Now, Diana, please rise, remove your skirt and then bend over my desk and grasp the far side.”

Diana rose slowly and, red-faced, removed her skirt to reveal ivory-coloured satin panties. Mrs Southern noticed that in the centre of each buttock the knickers showed faint pink signs of the very red bottom cheeks below.

The lovely young lady then walked stiffly to the desk and bent over as instructed, firmly grasping the far edge with both hands, the target area framed by her pullover above and stockings below. Diana’s thin red roll-neck pullover did not obscure her bottom, but effectively protected her lower back and remained in place. Erica replaced the slipper in the drawer and, picking up the cane, whistled it through the air. Diana took a deep breath, turned her head away and closed her eyes.

Eight strokes were then administered, all within the following minute and a half; biting deeply into the soft fleshy pillows and leaving parallel scarlet marks visible both through the thin fabric and on the areas where they did not completely cover her lovely bottom. Diana somehow maintained her composure, taking the first three with just gasps and the remainder with successively louder yelps. She remained in position, but tears were streaming down her cheeks and she was sobbing gently by the time she was invited to rise and dress.

Diana carefully replaced her skirt and then her blazer, was passed a tissue, and dried her eyes. The headmistress then stepped forward and pinned her Head Girl badge back in place.

“Thank you, Diana, you are a remarkable young lady and I am very fond of you. You took that exceptionally well. Now that justice has been done, the incident is now closed.”

Turning back, she removed a tube of Arnica cream from the first aid kit on the window ledge behind her desk and handed it to the still sniffling young lady. Hugging her tight, she concluded; “You may find this useful later, and you may return to your room. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

With that, Diana left the office and, walking stiffly and using all her will power to avoid rubbing her bottom, looked right ahead and ignored everyone she saw until safely back in her room.

Half an hour later, with both her pillows on her chair, Diana got out her best stationery and wrote to her father, omitting nothing. She then wrote a carefully worded letter to Monica’s father, with the penultimate sentence being the most difficult, leaving just the space for the address. She addressed the envelope to her parent’s, leaving it unsealed. It was now time for dinner but Diana was not hungry. She therefore showered and, after applying the cream, changed.

Apart from sparkling eyes and a slightly stiff walk, there was little outward sign of her ordeal as the Head Girl waited for both Monica and Alice outside the dining hall. Taking first Monica, and then Alice, to one side, she asked them both to come to her room as she had something important to tell them privately.

Puzzled at Monica’s inclusion as, although they both had become closer as they matured, she was not really one of Diana’s inner circle, both accompanied her in silence until they got to her room. Diana closed the door and asked her guests to sit on her bed as she put the kettle on.

Diana then asked Monica for her parents’ address and, having filled in the space, handed her the letter to her father to read, meanwhile passing Alice the letter that Diana intended for her own father. Once both had read the letter they had been given, she asked them to swap and read the other letter.

The letters were read in complete silence, until Diana spoke. “Well, ladies, I am, as you can well believe, very sorry. Monica, I am sorry that my actions resulted in you being punished by both Mrs Southern and by your father. I ask you please to forgive me and hope we can put this behind us. Alice, I am so sorry that I did not listen to you when you were trying, as always, to be a good friend. There is something I need to show you that will make it very clear how seriously Mrs Southern considered the matter.”

With that, Diana turned, lifted her skirt and lowered her panties to reveal her badly marked behind. There were gasps from the two girls on the bed and then, as Diana stood, both were on their feet with their arms around her.

Monica spoke. “Diana, don’t worry. It is all water under the bridge. Of course I forgive you. I am sorry I was such a cow to you. When I tried to tell my father afterwards that I thought the ink cartridge may not have been an accident, and that you might have been responsible, he sat me down with my bottom still stinging and I had to tell him everything. He then told me that, whilst the slippering he had given me might not have been justified for carelessness, it was fully deserved because of my behaviour to you and Alice. That being the case, are you sure you want to leave that last bit in the letter?”

“Thanks, Monica, I appreciate what you say, but that section stands. I want things resolved with both our fathers before the holidays start so we might all meet up.”

The tea was finally drunk, with Diana standing, after which she asked to be left alone. Putting the letters in the envelope and adding a stamp, Diana descended to post the letter in the school post box where it would be collected the following morning. She then found the student’s callbox free and dialled home.

There followed a most uncomfortable call with her father, who had to call back to complete the call as Diana began to run out of change. ‘Daddy’ eventually put down the receiver, initial anger at past conduct having been replaced by admiration for his darling girl, as he reluctantly agreed to her proposals to finally draw a line under the unfortunate matter.

On the last day of term, the two cars belonging to Monica’s and Diana’s parents were parked side by side in front of the entrance to the main building as the luggage was loaded, greetings completed and introductions made.

As the two mothers stood and chatted together, Diana, dressed in her tennis outfit, turned to Monica, dressed more like the other students in jeans and a summer blouse, and the two fathers and said: “Monica, Daddy, Mr Wright. I think the time has come and we now need to make one final visit to my room; please come with me.”

The foursome was looking unusually serious for an end of term, as the two gentlemen had only reluctantly agreed to go along with Diana’s proposal. Diana opened the door to her room and, standing to one side, ushered the three inside before entering herself and closing the door behind her.

“Mr Wright, please sit on the end of the bed. Daddy, please take the chair by the desk. Monica, please stand by the window.”

As all took up their positions, Diana bent forward and removed her right tennis shoe.

“Thank you all for this. It is really the only way that I will be able to put this behind me and enjoy the summer. As you all know, I behaved very badly two years ago. The school have rightly punished me for what I did to Mrs Summers and for bullying Monica, and the financial consequences have now been properly resolved. There only remains one remaining matter. Mr Wright, you slippered Monica for something that you believed she did but was actually my fault. I now need you to punish the real culprit to exactly the same extent, with Monica watching. Daddy, I then expect you to administer an equivalent or more severe additional punishment for my behaviour. I hope then that you will all be able to tell me that I am forgiven and we can enjoy the rest of the summer.”

Diana then handed the tennis shoe to Mr Wright and, lifting the back of her pleated white tennis skirt, draped herself over his knees to display frilly white tennis knickers.

“I am very sorry, Monica. I’m sorry, Mr Wright. Please slipper me as you did her.”

Diana crossed her ankles and pressed her knees and thighs together, trying at the same time to keep her bottom relaxed. She calmed her breathing and, allowing her head to drop, waited as she felt the slipper rest on her panties.

She did not have long to wait, although she was surprised by the rapidly increasing pain as the tennis shoe impacted hard a dozen times over the lovely curves.

Diana struggled to keep her dignity and composure, emitting increasingly desperate yelps and cries. Finally, it was over and, allowed up, she thanked Monica’s father and received a hug.

“All over now,” he said.

The pretty redhead forced a smile and replied; “Well, not quite yet. Daddy, your turn!”

“Darling, we do not have to do this.”

“Oh, but we do, Daddy. You promised. Please?”

She handed her father the tennis shoe and bent herself over his knees. Diana’s father noted, with concern, the angry red blotches where his daughter’s bottom was not fully covered by her panties, but realised that Diana needed this for closure.

“OK, Diana, twelve of the very best coming up.”

He was as good as his word and Diana was soon regretting not having accepted clemency.

The punishing footwear impacted a further dozen times as Diana, all pretence at dignity lost, gripped her father’s ankle tightly and wriggled, kicked, and yelped her way through her self-imposed ordeal. Eventually able to stand, with tears streaming down her cheeks, and her punished bottom largely covered by her short skirt, she thanked her father. Hugs were exchanged all round and the party left the room for the final time and returned to the cars.

Mrs Southern was surprised to see a tear-stained Diana, walking with some difficulty but smiling broadly, wave cheerfully to her as she got into her father’s car.

The group, and Alice, kept in touch but, other than to collect her excellent ‘A’ level results, the next time Diana would return to St Helen’s Academy for Young Ladies would be as a newly qualified teacher some six years later.

The End

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