A woman gets the telephone call she has been dreading.

By Kenny Walters

The telephone rang. Jane Crowther hesitated, but after eight rings she answered.

“Mrs Jane Angela Crowther?”

“Yes.” Jane nervously fiddled with her collar length blond hair.

“It’s Marion Peterson at the Criminal Penalties Office. I believe you’re expecting my call?”

“Oh, yes.” Jane’s voice trembled as she sat on the arm of the sofa she’d just been vacuuming.

“Now let’s see, Jane. May I call you Jane?”

“Um, yes, I suppose so.”

“Good! Call me Marion. No point in being unfriendly, is there?”

“Um, no.”

“Now, Jane, looking at your file, you’ve paid the fine of £250 and you’ve attended the ‘Drink Driving Awareness’ course. Is that correct?”

“Yes, I paid the fine straight after I appeared in court, and attended the Drink Driving Course about ten days ago.” Jane’s voice still quivered slightly, her heart thumped. She dreaded what was coming next.

“Good. So, that just leaves the final part of your sentence. Do you want to come to us, or shall we come to you?”

“Oh, I didn’t realise. Is there a choice?”

“Yes, Jane, it is mentioned in the explanatory booklet you would have been given as you left the court. You can either come into the office here, or we can come to you.”

“Um, I don’t know what would be best. Let me think.”

“It might be more comfortable, doing it in your own home. I believe your husband works and your children are in secondary school?”

“Yes, that’s true.”

“So, the property would be empty, apart from us.”


“Our office is in the basement of the police station. You’re very welcome to come to us, if you prefer.”

“No, no, perhaps it would be better to, you know, have it done here.”

“Okay, that’s fine. Now, let’s see, we could see you tomorrow at eleven. How would that suit?”

“So soon? Um, yes, I could be free then, I suppose.” Jane Crowther’s voice clearly showed her lack of enthusiasm.

“Better to get it over with and get this sorry little mess behind you, Jane. Putting it off won’t make it any easier.”

“No, I suppose not.”

“Now, Jane, do you know how to prepare for our visit tomorrow. Some helpful hints are included in that booklet I mentioned.”

“I’ll have to find it. I’m not sure where it is at the moment.”

“Don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll manage. You need to be wearing just one thin layer of clothing over your bottom, so perhaps thin cotton pyjama trousers or maybe simply your knickers. It’s entirely up to you. Do bear in mind, we will need to check. Don’t want you cheating, do we?” Marion Peterson chuckled.

“No.” Jane answered weakly, not seeing anything amusing about the situation.

“And then,” Marion continued. “Then we just need something for you to bend over. A table, chair, desk, anything will do as long as it’s fairly robust. I’m sure you’ll have something suitable.”

“Yes, yes, of course.”

“Good, so we’ll see you at eleven tomorrow morning, unless you have any questions?”

“No, I think that’s pretty clear. I’ll, um, try and have everything ready.”

“That’s the spirit, Jane. Bye, now.”

*         *          *

By ten to nine the following morning, Jane Crowther had driven her husband to the railway station and completed the school run with her own two children and their neighbour’s daughter. As she pulled into the driveway of their neat semi-detached house, their neighbour leaned over the fence.

“Hey, Jane, thanks for dropping off Jenny at school today. I didn’t want to miss my dental appointment. I had a tooth that’s been plaguing me for days.”

“No problem, Helen.”

“Do you want coffee later, Jane?”

“Sorry, Helen, I’ve got visitors coming. Just legal issues, but I need to keep the morning free.”

“Okay, Jane, maybe later in the afternoon?”


Once inside her house, Jane looked around. The place needed vacuuming and a quick flick around with a duster wouldn’t do any harm, she thought. For a moment, she was going to leave it, but then she thought it would help take her mind off, well, other things.

By ten-thirty, the house was pretty well spotless. A clock on the kitchen wall seemed to be ticking unusually loudly, as though it were warning Jane there was just half an hour to go before her appointment. She dashed up the stairs to her bedroom and took a shower in the en-suite.

‘What to wear?’ Jane thought to herself as she sat on the edge of the bed with just a bath towel wrapped around her. It was a warm day, so after drying herself thoroughly she selected a white bra and a pink cotton sleeveless top and put them on.

‘Now, the bottom half,’ Jane mused. White pyjama trousers with a yellow floral pattern caught her eye in the drawer below her underwear drawer. ‘Doesn’t go with my pink top but what the hell?’ A light grey tracksuit caught her eye. She pulled the trousers out.

‘They seem quite thin,’ Jane pondered, pinching the material between thumb and forefinger. ‘They go rather well with the pink top too.’ The tracksuit trousers were thrown onto the bed.

Jane reached into her underwear drawer again, instinctively seeking a pair of panties. Then she remembered. ‘Oops! Naughty girl! No cheating!’

Tracksuit trousers pulled on, loose flip-flops on her feet, Jane checked her outfit in a full-length mirror and hastened back downstairs. In the lounge, she looked around.

‘Back of the sofa or an armchair, perfect!’

Not totally certain why she was being so cooperative, Jane went into the kitchen and replenished the coffee machine. She’d just switched it on when the doorbell rang. Glancing at the clock, Jane saw it was exactly eleven o’clock.

As she nervously approached the front door, she could make out several darkly clad figures through the frosted glass. Jane pulled the door cautiously open and peeked out.

“Marion Peterson!” The first figure, a tallish woman with shoulder length blond hair beamed. She was wearing black trousers and a white blouse.

“You’d better come in,” Jane stood aside to allow her visitors to enter.

“These are my colleagues, Jackie Davis and Sophie Wilshire.”

“Go through into the lounge,” Jane said, her throat feeling quite dry.

“Thanks.” The third member of the party, Sophie Wilshire smiled as she followed her two colleagues. While the first two carried fairly small bags, Sophie had a long sports bag slung over her shoulder.

“Sit down, please,” announced Jane. “Coffee?”

“Yes, please.” All three visitors confirmed.

“Let me help you.” Sophie, a young fresh-faced girl in her early twenties, followed Jane into the kitchen. “I’m new,” she explained as she helped Jane pour four mugs of coffee.

“Oh, right.” Jane, in her forty-first year, wasn’t sure whether she should welcome the presence of the younger member of the team or whether it might be preferable to have just the other two, Jackie Davis being around the same age as Jane and Marion a little older.

“How does it feel?” Sophie continued as they placed the coffee mugs on a tray. “I mean having us all here knowing what we’re going to do to you.”

“Um, awkward?” Jane responded.

“Please don’t feel uneasy, just because I’m young. I’ve been with the Department for almost six months, so got quite a bit of experience, as you can imagine. Remember, we’re here to help you.”

Jane’s eyebrows rose instinctively, but she said nothing.

“Coffee.” Jane announced as they all sat down, Jane in one armchair, Sophie in another and Marion and Jackie on the sofa.

Jane noticed they all wore black trousers, Sophie’s being tight leggings, and white blouses.

“So, have you given any thought to where we should do this?” Marion asked.

“Not greatly,” Jane answered. “I suppose either here or up in the bedroom.”

“Are you likely to have any visitors, Jane?”

“No, my neighbour already knows I’m having visitors this morning, and the neighbours on the other side are away.”

“Then I’d say we should do it here. The back of that armchair you’re sitting in, Sophie, seems to be the right height and it has enough space around it too.”

“Enough space?” Jane queried.

“To get a good swing, Jane.” Jackie Davis answered.

“Oh, of course.” Jane blushed. “Sorry.”

“No need to be sorry, Jane. I’m guessing you’ve never been in this situation before.”

“No, never.”

“What are you going to wear, Jane?” Jackie Davis continued.

“I thought, this?” Jane waved a hand at her pink top and light grey tracksuit trousers.

“Obviously the top’s okay.” Jackie seemed a little concerned. “Not so sure about the trousers, though. Could you stand up and turn around?”

Jane got up and turned her back to Jackie, sitting nearest to her on the sofa. She felt fingers pinching at the seat of her trousers.

“They’re nice and tight, but I do think they might be a little thick. What do you think, Marion?”

Marion Peterson got up and also started nipping the seat of Jane’s tracksuit trousers with the tips of her fingers.

“Oh yes, no doubt about it.” Marion pronounced, while Sophie Wilshire also took a turn at examining Jane’s trousers.

“Have I got time to change?” Jane asked nervously.

“I don’t know about that, young lady. I think we ought to just whip your trousers down and tan your bare bottom.” Jackie said with a stern look on her face.

“What! No, oh please, no!” Jane croaked, on the point of tears.”

“She’s kidding!” Marion said. “Yes, of course you can go and change. We’ll get things ready while you’re away.”

“I’ll come with you,” Sophie said, an arm on Jane’s shoulder. “Then we can make sure what you wear is suitable.”

Jane led the way up the stairs and into her bedroom. She quickly stripped off her flip-flops and the unacceptable tracksuit bottoms.

“I wasn’t trying to gain an advantage,” Jane explained as she looked through her lingerie drawers again.



“How about these?” Jane showed Sophie the white pyjama trousers with the yellow floral pattern.

“Put them on. Let’s see how tight they are.”

Jane slipped the pyjama bottoms on. “Do they need to be tight?”

“No, but you’ve got a nice bottom. Why not show it off?” Sophie grinned cheekily. “Yes, they’ll do nicely.”

“You’re treating this very, well, casually.”

“It’s not me getting my bottom smacked.” Sophie responded. “Besides, would it make it any easier for you if we were all deadly serious?”

“No, I suppose not.”

“Ready, then?”

“This is going to be very painful, isn’t it?” Jane suddenly became tearful.

Sophie responded by grabbing the older woman and hugging her tightly. “Come on, it’s not that bad. But yes, I’m afraid it’s pretty painful when you get it. And it will leave you with a very sore bottom. That’s the punishment, I’m afraid. Don’t worry, I’ll be with you all the way.”

“There’s no getting out of it, is there?” Jane asked, still held tightly in the younger girl’s arms.

“No, it has to be done.”

“Even if I refused? What would happen then?”

“We’d have to use force, I’m afraid. That’s why there’s three of us.”

“I can’t imagine a nice friendly girl like you bending me over and holding me down.”

“Oh, I have my moments, don’t you worry. Now, time to go and get your bottom smacked, eh?”

Jane nodded vigorously, so Sophie released her from her tight embrace and placed an arm around the older woman’s shoulder as she led her to the door. As Jane felt herself being propelled towards the stairs, she also felt a gentle pat on the seat of her pyjama trousers.

“Here we are,” Sophie announced as they entered the lounge.

Jane noticed immediately that one armchair had been placed well away from any obstructions, and the back was facing her.

“Jane, we now have to apply twelve strokes of the cane to your backside.” Marion Peterson announced, more formally than their earlier conversations.

Jane nodded anxiously.

“If you cooperate with us, then it will be much easier for you.”

Jane nodded again.

Marion turned away and went to the long sports bag Sophie had brought in. After some fumbling, she withdrew a straight length of rattan cane, almost half an inch in diameter and about two and a half feet long.

“Stand close to the back of this armchair, please.” Marion commanded as she held the cane at both ends and flexed it. It appeared quite supple and springy.

As Jane stepped towards the back of the armchair, Sophie walked with her and they were joined by Jackie Davis.

“Those pyjama trousers are thin enough and the only thing covering Jane’s bottom, are they?”

“Yes, all in order.” Sophie confirmed, but that didn’t stop Jackie Davis pulling the elasticated waistband away and looking down at Jane’s bare bottom.

With everyone satisfied, Marion Peterson moved around and stood behind the other three.

“Right, get her over the back of the chair.”

“Come along, Jane.”

Jackie grabbed Jane’s left arm and placed a hand behind her neck. Jane found herself being forced down over the back of the chair and her arm being folded up behind her back. With Jane’s head pushed down onto the seat of the chair, and Jackie holding tightly onto her right arm that was now forced well up her back, Sophie then smoothed out a few creases from Jane’s tightened trouser seat.

“Tuck your knees into the chair,” Sophie said. “We need the material to really stretch across your bottom.”

“My trousers already feel really tight!” Jane hissed, but did her best to comply.

“Okay, hold still. This is it, Jane.” Marion’s voice halted all other conversation.

“Aaaaaahh!!” Jane screamed as the first stroke whipped loudly across her backside.

“Keep still!” Marion cautioned.

“Aaaaaaahhhh!!!” Jane cried even more loudly, and pushed against Jackie’s restraining hands as the second stroke lashed into her bottom.

Sophie came round and knelt on the arm of the chair alongside Jane’s face. She put one hand on the back of Jane’s head and grabbed Jane’s hand with the other.

“Come on, Jane, keep still and take your punishment. You’re just prolonging things by struggling like this.”

“I’m sorry,” Jane whimpered.

Unseen by Jane, Sophie nodded to Marion, and another stroke cracked across the waiting target.

“Nnnnnnnhhh!!!” Jane tried to snatch her head upwards but the combined presence of Jackie and Sophie holding her down prevented almost all movement.

“Well done, girls. Keep her still and we’ll soon get through this.” Marion Peterson looked down at the taut thin cotton pyjama trousers. Actually, can one of you pull her trousers up a bit and see if you can get them even tighter.”

It was Sophie who made the adjustment by tugging at the elasticated waistband of the white and yellow floral trousers.

“Is that okay?” Sophie asked.

“Yes, perfect.” To confirm, Marion whipped another stroke across the target.


Because Sophie had not yet regained her firm grip on Jane, the restrained woman was able to arch her back in spite of Jackie’s grip. just hold still for a couple of minutes, this could all be over.

“I am trying!” Jane answered, slightly stifled by Sophie’s extra pressure that was forcing her head into the cushion of the armchair. “But it bloody hurts!”

Marion chose that moment to apply another sharp stroke across Jane’s bottom.


Both Jackie and Sophie pressed down, holding Jane in place as she struggled to react with the pain.

“I’m sure it’s not as bad as you’re making out, you know!” Sophie suggested.

“Really? Want to swap places?” Jane snapped, just as another stroke lashed across her bottom. Uuunnnhhh!!”

“You’re so tense!” Jackie spoke. “All your muscles are tensed up. Try and relax a bit more.”

“That’s easy for you to say.” Came the muffled reply.

“Come on,” said Sophie. “Take a deep breath and relax. You’re going to get your punishment one way or another. You might just as well hold your bottom still and let yourself be whacked.”

“Huh!” Jane replied, although she did go some way towards taking the advice. When the next stroke lashed the seat of her pyjama trousers, her reaction was indeed a little more muted.

Marion quickly delivered another stroke, and then another. Both Jackie and Sophie noticed that Jane’s physical reaction was also more constrained.

“There! That’s better, isn’t it?” Sophie suggested.

“It still bloody hurts!” Jane retorted quickly.

Marion administered another stroke across the tightened pyjama trousers, noticed the subdued reaction, and applied another sharp crack. Jane jerked noticeably, but had stopped struggling against Jackie and Sophie’s restraint.

With Jane simply lying across the back of the armchair, bottom nicely presented, Marion whipped the cane down and delivered a sharp stroke diagonally across the target. Jane snatched, but otherwise there was little reaction.

“That concludes your punishment, Jane.” Marion said with a nod towards Jackie and Sophie.

Jane eased herself gently upright, then tottered on shaky legs as they began to take her full weight. Her hands instantly went to the seat of her pyjamam trousers.

“My god!! That was certainly an experience!”

“I’ll sign off the paperwork, Jane, and leave you your copy.” Marion said, as she packed the cane safely away in the long sports bag. “I’m sure you’ll be glad to see the back of us at the Criminal Penalties Office.”

“That’s it, is it?” Jane looked around, over her shoulder.

“I expect you’ll have a sore bottom for a few days,” Sophie said.

“Otherwise, you won’t see us again,” Jackie added. “Unless you re-offend, of course.”

“No fear of that!” Jane exclaimed.

The End

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